felted desk toys


Little Demon Kitty~ An idea sketched by Reiki

It took me about a day to finish this little guy. There are rooms for improvement but I think he’s too busy with world domination to come in for an appointment.
This little dude is already on the shelf making an army of nicknacks.

He was made with three colored felts: white, black, and gray.
there is a wire in his tail so it can move about.

I stabbed myself about 5 times in the making. no needles were broken.


Recently I was turned onto oven bake clays and this was my first attempt. I didn’t have any drawings to work on. All I did was look up some spine and skull references.

The clay I used is called FIMO. once it was baked I gave the creature a wired body and then felted around it. This was the first time doing felting, clay and wire all together so the wiring is a bit… wonky. Then I gave him some jewelry, made from bras and one bead. It’s neck is moveable and it’s arms can be put in a few places.

All I can say it was a good learning experience and now I’m working on my next project.

Still debating whether or not to sell this and for what price.

HERE you can see the clay before I did anything.