Millinery 101
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WhatIWore: If you’ve read What I Wore for even a little while, you’ve probably noticed that I wear a lot of hats, many of them marked self made. My first experience in hat making was a two week section of a costuming class (which also covered gloves, corsets and tutus) back in college. Then my book club read this memoire in January of 2013 and I was inspired to get back into millinery.

I hacked my way through it. I bought new and vintage blocks (wooden hat forms). I watched YouTube videos. I used a lot of trial and error. While the end results were good enough, I didn't really know what I was doing.

And last Thursday, I made a step towards changing that.

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Draped for fall!

This week we will be completing our transition into fall, moving over to cozy, delicious felts. Working with felt is such a pleasure, and as we transition we have gone just crazy about draping.

When felt is hot and wet it molds just like clay, with a wooden headform underneath we stretch, pull and fold the fabric into the shape we desire and when it dries, the shape is set.

The best thing (and the worst thing) about draping is that every one comes out different. While we love that each one is unique, it makes it hard to make them to order. So the drapes you see on the website are examples, and the best way to pick one is to come in and try them all on!

We are confident you will find one that will make you fall in love!