Crimped and Colorful Felt Witch Hats By HandiCraft Kate

Handicraft Kate caters to whims and wishes with an enchanting collection of felt witch hats, in a variety of colors. Curled comically at the tip, with a bright colors ranging from every shade of the rainbow, the witch hats are dark and mysterious at the edges and turn into delightful Halloween accessories. While mysterious and malevolent characters from fairytales are often associated in a negative role, the artist’s joyful interpretation of the costume attribute positive qualities to the role of witches. 

In the light, witches are magical being concocting the spells and potions of white magic and the earthy tones of wool and texture it lends make the hats becomes less of a comical accessory and quirky fashion statement to woo the trick or treating masses. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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Remember that time I said I probably wouldn’t do requests, ha. Though they are only lazy ass portraits because I am lazy. (And yes obviously Erwin picked that suit for Levi, since he apparently has the habit of doing so…) Now I really wish to know who you are, anon !~