sometimes my mother tells me she loves me and i don’t want to say it back / i say it anyway. she taught me long ago that what i want is not as important as what other people need.

i am still trying to untangle that lie.

sometimes my father hugs me like i am all he has left in this world. i want nothing more than to leave. i stay because i carry his heart on my shoulders and my shoulders are already shaking. if i move it will fall.

i refuse to break hearts if i can help it / i cannot always help it.

yesterday i fell in love with an idea, with a floating cloud of dust / half-invisible / choking on air, on the particles of you.

tomorrow i will try to remind myself to look at the stars. i will forget to stare at the sky but this is fine / this is fine / i can find them in your eyes just as easy. next week i will try to remind myself to hold your hand. i will forget.

i am too busy staring at andromeda / the chained maiden. love never lasts and this is how i navigate home.

l.s. | HIRAETH © 2017

Because @pokemon-professor-grey tagged me (literally) & it’s the only selfie I have rn…

Today he woke up to the heaviest pour. He never really liked the sound of the pouring rain. But it all slowly faded away, as he turned to the small figure curled up next to him. Gently, with a finger, he brushed a few long strands of hair away from her delicate face. He watched her sleeping face with his head resting on his right hand, his right elbow on the pillow he slept on. And with a smile he thought, rainy days never felt so good.
—  Lukas W. // Rainy days with her

hey if you’re questioning your sexuality, i just wanted to say that i support you! it seems scary now, but you’ll figure it out eventually… i believe in you!


30.11.16 / Wed

the past few days have just been me trying to find the motivation to start revising amath since I have a paper on 19th dec. motivation has been slow-going but is now picking up speed!! my friend and I went shopping for a file and cute stickers to keep all our amath notes which helped lots + DIY-ed my own phone case which turned out super cute so I’m in a really happy mood now ✨✨

My fitness story

A lot of people can probably related but throughout high school I gradually became more lean and felt confident and good about my body. I played soccer, workout most days, and was overall always active throughout the day. Once I got to college the first 2 months of freshman year I was about my lowest weight. But then I stopped caring about what I ate, never worked out, and partied a lot. And you think its the “freshman 15″ but for me sadly it was more like the “freshman 40″ I also had a few other factors that made me gain weight (birth control) BUT NOW IM A SOPHOMORE, and honestly have never felt worse about my body. So now I’m getting back into the swing of things like when I was in high school. I’ve realized I’m a lot more happy and relaxed when I eat healthy and workout everyday. So hopefully Ill start showing significant results soon :)

Zayn is so strong, so determined, so unstoppable. I’m in absolute awe of this boy, no matter how hard and rocky his path to happiness is, there is nothing that could stop him from reaching his goals. Like, he works his butt off to overcome his struggles, to be able to do what he loves, to be where he wants to be.
His determination in so inspiring. He does so fucking much for his fans, for other people, by being so unapologetically himself, and its so eye opening, seeing someone with your struggles making it. He is my brave brave duck and I am so fucking proud of him.