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Just Anime Con Things

-being hit in the face by someone’s wings in the dealer’s room

-having to move out of the hallway so that an unsuspecting child can take pictures with a group of furries

-buying anime merchandise for $45 dollars that you know you saw online for $20

-trying to compare the prices of pocky and hi-chew at every booth before you make your purchase

-seeing at least (1) person who does not look like they belong there in the slightest. and yet

-twelve flower crown hinatas

-people dressed in perfectly normal clothes + one attack on titan jacket

-entire booths in the artist’s alley dedicated to felt toys of food with “kawaii” eyes

-barefoot kaneki

-people changing their entire cosplays in the bathroom

-a congregation of kiritos 

-someone doing a sexy version of a pokemon

-”wow, that’s a lot of bill cypher”

-you can always recognize welcome to nightvale, even without canon designs for the characters

-vic marinara is there


8 reasons why we love Regina Mills (insp)

happy birthday @freifraufischer​!

How to make a bad impression on a mother, self-insert-version:

Went to McDonald’s to grab me one of those ice creams I love so much. In front of me was a mother with her little girl – around, four, five years old, minimum – and they were grabbing a Happy Meal for the little one, and the girl was already squeaking in joy of the toy she would get.

Now, I don’t know if it’s always like that, but here in our country, girls get the more “girlish” toy with their happy meal and boys the more “boyish” toy.  

And that little girl wouldn’t have that.

“Mommy, they gave me the wrong toy!” Already having ripped open the package to her meal to see what toy was in there. Looked like something from the Nerf-toys, in a crazy pink color. Like, BRIGHT pink.

“No, sweetie, they didn’t, that’s the toy for girls.”

“But I wanted the other one! The blue one!”

“That one is for boys, sweetie.”

And I, being a complete menace sometimes, throw in loudly, “You know, I also like blue a bit better than pink.”

There was a pause as the mother stopped counting her money and turned to me, already looking as if she wanted to yell at me, but her girl was faster, beaming up at me, “Blue is my favorite color!”

“Really?” I played along, as if I didn’t see that every bit of her clothes had at least a tiny bit blue in it. “Mine, too. Pink is cool, but blue just beats pink for me.”

“For me, too!”

And now the saleslady chimed in, looking just as amused as I felt. “If it’s just about the color, we have the same thing in blue. I can get it for you.”


“But that one is for boys,” the mother insisted, looking insecure by now.

And the saleslady looks at her, completely deadpan, and goes in a voice that says Are you kidding me “It’s the exact same toy.”

“Yes,” a guy behind me said, joining in. “But it’s blue. That’s so much better.

And then the girl started chanting, “Blue toy, blue toy,” and the guy behind me and I laughed, and the saleslady went to exchange the pink toy with the blue toy.

Left the McDonalds with only a little bit of anxiety after being in the center of attention, a feeling of victory and a sulking mother sitting in a corner with her happily babbling little girl who was aiming with her blue toy and waved after me and I think that’s all completely worth the hate of one weird mother.

This anon’s second request for the expression challenge!

The Package.

Pairing : Sam x Reader
Word count : 2,550
Author : Mel (Now @fictionalabyss )
Warnings : Knotting, Smut, Dom/Sub, A/B/O Roleplay, pinch of praise kink, mention of breeding kink
Square filled : Knotting
Written for @spnkinkbingo


“Hey, Y/N?” Your door opened and you panicked, slamming the laptop shut. “.. What are you up to?”

“Nothing.” You were quick to answer. Maybe too quick.

His eyes moved down to your lap, his eyebrow raising, and a smirk beginning to show. “Your hand says otherwise.” His eyes went back up to meet yours as you quickly pulled your hand out of your pants.

Your cheeks went bright red. “W-what do you need?”

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Newborn monsters!
For when you want a little monster pal of your own but you don’t want to have to choose.

The Mystery Monster listing lets you get a totally surprise monster in the mail! 
You can give me some basic specifications like colors you hate/love, any expression you’d prefer, but for the most part it’ll be a complete surprise what you receive!

Raven Eclipse - One of  Kind Commission

My latest commission is finished in all of his feathery glory! This smiling troublemaker was a really cool request, and is completely one of a kind. He was made without any molds or patterns, using hand painted epoxy sculpt and glass eyes for the face, layered felt for the feathers, and needle felted wool with a wire armature for the body. He sits 8" tall and is about 11" long with that big fluffy tail upright. He’s also equipped with several super strong magnets that allow this little familiar to sit securely on his keeper’s shoulder and explore the wider world!

This doll was made on commission and is not available for sale. There are still a few other dolls in the shop, as well as magnets and postcard prints!

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just a head’s up that I’m sick so I won’t be able to make much of anything new- I’ll try really hard to update TPoH on time but please forgive me if it’s late ;__;

anyway here’s a concept sketch from the Sorceress’s Apprentice when I was brain storming- in this version Magica had a secret library carved out of the volcano underneath her hut which she shows Gladstone when he finishes tidying/shows an interest in studying. Cut the idea because it was derailing the story and felt like I was toying with the canon too much :S