felt the need to make a psa


   Please keep in mind that, however hard my muse may argue something or however confidently they make a statement, they can be wrong. It’s my muse’s opinion, and my muse talking, and their perception is skewed.
              Do not feel like everything out of my character’s mouth is the truth, or that I’m godmodding. 

PSA about women walking alone at night

Hey, everyone! I was walking home late last night and I just felt like I needed to say some stuff. Yes, it is inspired by true events.

Dudes, let me give you some advice on how to interact with women walking alone late at night. This advice is intended to help you make them feel comfortable and safe from…yeah, you. And also for you to avoid getting your dick kicked into your chest cavity. My females, I’m putting out some tips that I learned from my daddy (who was a cop) that have helped make me feel safer while walking home. (Obviously subject to editing if people have some reliable source they’d like to share that contradicts what I’ve said. It’s about being safe, after all).

My dudes…

If you see a woman walking alone late at night, don’t walk behind her. If you’re going the same way as her, try crossing to the other side of the street, or making it really clear you are not paying any attention to her. If she looks back at you, politely say that you are keeping your distance and wish her a good night. If she stops to let you walk by her, it’s not an insult. It’s for her safety, because she has been trained not to trust men late at night. She is protecting her six, and if you’re a decent guy, you will let her. Don’t ask a woman you see walking late at night for a cigarette, a dollar, or to use her phone. Don’t say shit to her unless it’s to tell her to have a good night and be safe. If you see a woman being harassed, loudly offer to call the police, or just go ahead and do so. Don’t offer to walk her home, because that’s a familiar line and will put her instantly on the defensive. Instead, ask her if you can call her a taxi or contact a friend. If a woman gives you a dirty look when she’s walking home at 2 AM, please don’t call her a bitch. She’s protecting herself, and if you think she has that right, then just take it with an understanding nod, instead of acting like a fucking baby. If you’re a professional driver, don’t follow beside her slowly, like you’re casing her. If she needs a cab, she will make that obvious. If you’re a bouncer, and she is leaving your protection, give her advice on the safest ways to walk. If a woman asks for your help, and you consent to giving it to her, please be respectful of boundaries and make it clear you are not helping her for any reason other than to make sure she is safe.


Firstly, I know how fucking obnoxious it is to have to tailor your entire life to the sexual urges of predators. I know you just want to say “Screw this” sometimes and go out for a walk because why should you have to stay cooped up? I also know that sometimes, you can’t help it. Sometimes your ride ditches you and you don’t have cab fare. i am not going to lecture you, because you know what you’re doing.

So maybe instead I can give you some things you maybe haven’t thought of before.

1) Take off your high heels. If that grosses you out and you don’t want to carry spare shoes, carry a pair of socks in your purse (or your bra. Come on, they make great hoists) and wear them over your bare feet. I’ve seen those little rubber shoe things too, that look like flats…those are dope.

2) Avoid dark places. Even if it means you have to walk a little out of the way. You need to be able to see everything around your for at least a hundred feet, because a man can clear 100 feet at a dead run, very quickly.

3) Always look around, constantly. Predators want an easy mark, and if you’re paying attention, you cannot be an easy mark.

4) Pass by as many ATM’s as possible and look directly at them. They have continual activity on their cameras, so if you are snatched, the police can document your movements.

5) Only carry cards. If the place you’re going only takes cash, then have a specific amount and no more than that. The idea is to minimize incentives to rob you. If a man approaches you to rob you, and you have nothing to give him, he will likely leave at once, because he is usually nervous and doesn’t want to be identified, so be prepared to empty that bag out on the road and show him you have no valuables.

6) Should you have a weapon? Only if you know how to use them and are willing to do so, otherwise they end up being taken from you and used on you. Long range weapons like pepper spray are better.

7) Don’t talk on your cellphone in the standard way. I know you think that it’s a good idea, but the fact is, it distracts you and holding it can block your line of sight. A man can grab you and smash it and no one can track you. Instead, put it on speaker, tuck it in a pocket, and give constant location updates, if you feel threatened. Or prearrange a text appointment with someone who can call authorities if you don’t reply.

8) No music. Do not be that girl, walking in the dark, with her phone on a loud song to take her mind off the scariness of it. Music draws attention to you and distracts you. It can also mask noises of a confrontation.

9) If a man walks behind you, you have two options. You can put your back to a wall and allow him to pass by you, or you can cross the street. If he follows, find a public place immediately. If this isn’t possible, the fact is, he’s a threat. If it were me, I’d look him right in the eye and make sure he can see that I’m willing to kill. Don’t ignore a threat, and ladies, walking alone at 2 am means every man is a potential threat. Run, if you feel threatened. Who the fuck cares if he isn’t “actually a bad guy” or thinks it’s weird? Just ask yourself, “What if he is a bad guy?”

10) Be willing to drop everything in your hands. If there’s something you don’t want to leave in the street, shove it in your bra or your pocket.

11) There’s a lot of debate about how to deal with an attacker if it does happen. Some say to do what you’re told, and some say to fight like hell. I can’t make that decision for you, but you have to be aware, and try and understand the attacker. Ask questions. If you think they aren’t listening…it’s up to you. Personally, a guy better not try to put his dick in my mouth, because I will bite it the fuck off and see what happens, but thats me. Don’t go with him. If he has a weapon, then he is willing to kill you. So make the choice. If you go with him, you stand a much higher risk of never coming back, because in solitude, with no threat of discovery, he can do whatever he wants. If he wants you to leave where you are, it means that place is safer, so stay in that place.

12) Do learn self defense. If a man can hit you once, he can win. Learn how not to get hit. Learn how to get out of suppression holds. Learn what to do if grabbed from behind.

13) Minimize physical risk. Take off all jewelry, Ponytails are just convenient handles. (I had a friend get grabbed from behind by her ponytail and lifted off the ground, with a knife to her throat. She couldn’t get free because he had all her hair in one hand. Hair is VERY strong. So take your hair down, because if he can only get a handful, you can usually tear free, but if he has all of it, you can’t go anywhere.) Same with loose clothing or clothes with strings. Keys are weapons, rings are weapons. High heeled shoes can kill a man.

14) The cops will not be angry with you if you call them because you feel threatened, and it turns out nothing is wrong. They just won’t. In fact, I can think of at least ten famous cases where a woman called the cops because she was being followed and it turned out the guy was like some horrible rapist or murderer they finally caught.

15) You have the right to defend yourself. Better to be alive and dealing with assault charges than dead in a gutter.

One time I flipped a jogger upside down because he came up behind me really fast while I was walking home from work at midnight. He laid on his back looking up at me like “WTF DID I DO” and I just said to him, “Hey man, I am really sorry, but you scared the shit outta me.” And helped him up. 

And you know what? He was totally cool about it. Said he completely understood and asked me what martial art that was. I told him it was Aikido and then offered to pay his cleaning or medical later if he needed it. He shook his head and goes, “No, ma’am, we’re good.” and jogged on. 

I’m not telling you that so that you kick every man you see at night in the balls. Men have to walk home at night sometimes, same as us. I’m telling you that because women have been taught they have no right to be fierce. And they absolutely do. It’s better to defend yourself first and ask questions later, to run first and feel silly later, to strip down or button up first and let loose later.

Be safe. Women, be smart. And dudes…don’t take this personally. If you agree that women should be equals, then treat them with respect.

       go where YOU want to go; if you have more than one blog try not to stress about how many drafts you have. It may seem like the end of the world if you haven’t replied in a few days, but the truth is the world is still spinning. You should go where you want to go! if you’re not feeling a certain blog then log out and go onto one you’re feeling, or log off and do something else! don’t force yourself to be somewhere just out of obligation. RP is supposed to be a hobby, it’s supposed to be fun and if you’re not enjoying being on a blog then maybe you need a break. You do you, don’t worry about anybody else! your blogs are yours and nobody else’s and nobody can tell you where to be. Taking a break from one blog to spend time on another doesn’t make you a bad person and i think that we as muns and people need to realise that.

on harley’s fighting abilities

gentle reminder that even though Harley Quinn is just an ordinary human, she can still hold her own in fights against people much stronger / more powerful than she is (for a while, at least)

gentle reminder that while she does have slightly enhanced endurance and reflexes from some injections Ivy gave her, the majority of her own ability comes from trial by fire as part of the Joker’s gang

gentle reminder that Harley Quinn is an inexperienced itty bitty woman who’s probably worth three regular men in a fight, and is not liable to hold back on you because she knows she has to make up for not being as strong / powerful as all the superhumans and trained martial artists she goes up against

Enough is ENOUGH

// listen I’ve tried to keep the peace but this person has gone out of their way to get many others involved, and constantly try to initiate unwanted contact, so you know what?


Why? For failure to respect my wishes and constantly trying to bother me after I’ve disclosed many times I wish to be left alone. I’ve had enough.

How did it all start? It began with him shipping me and my friend during a game

Lots of people were in that match, lots of people saw. It was VERY dangerous for myself because my parents often watch me play games, they know who I talk to online and they are homophobic. To imply my friend and I were a couple would be detrimental, but that’s its own issue. Lav did apologize for this, but because of how dangerous and insensitive his actions were, me and my friend wanted to minimize and stop contact with him respectively but instead of respecting our wishes, Lav began harassing and instigating us.

I got messages from several people over the course of some months that where the beginning of a disturbing pattern.

At the time it was shown that he “didn’t know what he was doing” or “didn’t understand” despite constant warnings. It’s no excuse. 

I’ve colour coded separate people so you know they’re different..

I appreciate friends wanting to come to help others in need, but the full story was not given.  Our conversations where private and between adults, but Lav has continued to bring others into this and spreading misinformation to make himself seem like a victim.

He has convinced mutual and non-mutual friends to reach out to us on his behalf instead of just leaving us alone. He claims to be distressed by our presence but instead of blocking us and moving on he continues instigating.  

In January of this year this happened… He tried to claim a fraudulent purchase report on a donation he had given to my friend back in August of last year. At the time my friend was going through a financial crisis and asking for donations, but this donation was also given after he’d been blocked. 

How do I know this report was malicious and not a normal refund request? I have the following screen shot of a conversation where he says he’s doing this to specifically cause trouble for my friend.

I don’t understand where this whole court thing is coming from, let alone why he feels its even necessary. If he’s having trouble because the people who he is harassing told him to A) cease and desist, B) Leave them alone, or C) Go enjoy the splatoon community elsewhere and stop harassing people who clearly do not want involvement in his affairs then there’s an obvious solution; Stop.

To bring it all back. I’m not saying inkling-lavender can’t have fun and enjoy splatoon, I’m not saying he should leave tumblr,. What I’m saying is I’ve seen this shit and SO MANY OTHERS have too and people are distancing themselves for a reason. He’s trying to make himself look like a victim and abusing his friends kindness by having them harass others on his behalf, telling them only parts of what happened and leaving out that we’ve politely and impolitely asked him to stop trying to contact us for over half a year.

What I am doing, is asking that he LEAVES US ALONE. And that he leaves others out of this because its none of their business. We can co-exist without interaction.

And to readers, please be aware of this because I’m sure he’ll try to make himself look like the victim again, but the only reason I felt the need to make this post was because he has not stopped. Even now he’s still harassing me and my friends. Even after being told to back off, being told to leave us alone and being blocked.

We’ve had him blocked on all platforms for months and he has continued to try and pester us through these tactics. We want it to stop.

I’m sorry this is so long, I don’t want any hard feelings but I’ve had it.

Don’t abuse my trust again.

a psa on yoi merch

Hi! I dont make posts like these often, but I’ve felt the need to address this. I’ve been seeing a lot of users on here wanting buy Yuri on Ice items from Hot Topic (t-shirts, lanyards, etc). As both an avid merch collector and supporter of this show, I can say with confidence that buying those things is just about the WORST thing you can do for the show and the people who worked so hard on it.

Let me explain. Hot Topic is known for skirting around copyright laws for official products and even flat-out stealing fanart to put on their t-shirts. To make matters worse, none of the Yuri on Ice shirts you’re buying are officially liscensed merchandise, meaning none of the money Hot Topic makes from the sales of those shirts goes back to Studio Mappa or Avex Pictures, and can actively prevent the sales of officially liscensed merch.

So rather than waste twenty bucks a tacky, low resolution, bordeline-but-not-quite-illegal Yuri On Ice shirt from Hot Topic, consider investing in official merch of the show (which you can find on websites like Mandarake, Amiami or CDJapan) to support its production!!

I’ve been thinking for a while and I felt the need to make a quick little PSA for people who participate in fandoms and idolize artists and such–

I’ve noticed over the past 2 years certain people who have others practically throwing themselves at their feet when they’re not… good people. 

I just want to say that yes, you can like someone’s work, but please try not to get caught up in the idea that being a fan of theirs or trying to appeal to them will accomplish something for you on a deeper or wider level. I guess that’s how I can word it?
If you see someone doing horrible things, treating people badly, generally having a shit attitude… and just–the stances they take on serious subjects? Just because they’re someone with followers doesn’t make them right. It doesn’t mean you have to settle and agree with them, especially if it conflicts with your morality.

Just please be cautious when participating in fandoms, because the last thing I want to see more of is bad behavior being rewarded because fans feel that they have to feel that way rather than standing up against something blatantly wrong.
Your voice does matter, even if you feel like it doesn’t.

Adding onto this–I know I’m not the best person in the entire world. I know I have my own issues and my brain works in a way that I approach things that other people think is outlandish or weird. 
I don’t want any of you here if it means that you feel like you have to be here–I want you here because you’re comfortable being here, it’s why I try my hardest to both be inclusive and considerate with the subjects I speak about on this blog.

In simple terms: I’m not an extremist SJW but I AM an SJW at heart, and stars forbid I want people to feel validated and want to treat them as equals and have them feel comfortable and safe in my space.

(Also, that feeling when you have to explain that last bit because people will just hate you for being a coughSJWcough because of the horrible stigma surrounding the shitty ones. It’s why I put extremist in there, because extremist ANYTHINGS are bad news no matter what the cause is.)

anonymous asked:

What kind of s/o Itachi and Kakashi would like please (personality, hobbies and looks, but not 'attractiveness' more long hair or short hair, tall or short, and stuff like that. Thx

Thank you so much for requesting, I hope you enjoy! I put the “keep reading” thing up because this ended up being really long in my opinion and felt that it would be better with it there. But this is completely SFW

Keep reading


In light of recent events, we at Planar Productions have felt the need to speak out. We are aware that some of our members have been associated with and engaged in some RP activities that were aggressive, violent, and could even be considered toxic. Let it be known that Planar Productions does not, in any way, condone these kinds of behaviors. Those among our members that had been associated with those RPs have expressed their regrets and are doing their best to make amends for their effects on those of the community that these actions have negatively impacted. Again, we at Planar Productions do not stand for toxicity or wanton violence in this community. We hope that those who have engaged in these behaviors that are not among the members of Planar Productions see this and are compelled to think long and hard about their actions in regards to future RPs. Thank you all for your time.


I know previously i couldnt afford to turn down commissions, but now ive worked non stop on commisisons for 2 weeks.. Ive probably finished around 20 so far, but I’m getting a little tired so I might need to slow it down and take a little break once a day.
I’ve also closed down my patreon because I felt so guilty for not uploading there too often.
Theres a new Overwatch event comming today I think, so I need to make fan art of that too, and probably a time lapse video as well since I havent uploaded anything in a while.
Anyway I’m stressed and sorry for not replying to all the emails quickly like I used to, I dont think I can bring myself to cancel any of the commissions but it might take a little longer to get to you. SORRY!!!

Alternatives to Giving Pets as Surprise Presents

Pets should never be surprise presents, and they should especially not be given to folks around any holiday season because the business and stress will detract from the initial bonding and adjustment to having a new animal in our lives.

As someone who has had help with the initial purchase of some of my animals, I know full well how joyous and grateful people can be when you help them achieve their goal and get a companion they want. I know that the start-up costs can be staggering and people helping with that are amazing folks in my opinion. However, I would have been mortified if anyone ever tried to just give me a random bird, cat or dog. I wouldn’t want that, even if I was saving money to be able to get one myself. 

But this person has wanted a puppy forever? They have done a lot of research into the training, raising and development of dogs?

Wonderful! You still shouldn’t get them a puppy as a surprise present.

The person may have reasons they haven’t gotten that puppy-of-their-dreams yet. They may really want one and have done the research, but can’t afford to maintain the cost of the animal in the long run, or their lives are too busy to think about trying to care for a new critter in the house.  Or they could just not be prepared yet.

If you really want to get the person a pet as a present you have options.

-Talk about it with them prior to getting / giving the gift of a critter companion.

Presents don’t have to be surprises. If you know the person has wanted the animal for a long time and you really want to help them get that animal, talk with them about it. Explain you want to help with the initial purchase of the animal and thought it would make a good holiday gift.

You can arrange to get them the animal after the holiday season so there isn’t the stress of a new animal right at that time of year.

You can be responsible and help make sure your loved one is ready and take care of the animal before foisting it on them.

And I don’t mean talk vaguely about the possibility, I mean tell them directly what your plan is.

-Get them a plushie version or a picture or something of the animal they want with a note promising to help them find the right match and help with the initial purchase of the animal.

It may not be the exact effect you were going for, but what it may lack in shock and awe it can make up for in moments of bonding while helping your loved one find the right companion for them. This way it can be “surprise! I’m helping you financially with that goal you’ve wanted, but it’s not the right time to physically get you that animal AND THIS WAY you can pick out whichever one you like best/likes you best instead of me guessing which one!” 

-Buy some of the start-up supplies or get them a gift card to a pet store they can use when they get their animal

Toys, carriers, beds, leashes… there are a lot of things that pet owners need to get in order to be prepared for an animal. Often, the start up cost is staggering even compared to the cost of maintenance. For example, when getting birds you typically only have to buy cages once or twice in the bird’s lifetime but quality cages can cost hundreds of dollars. Saving enough to buy the cage and all supplies, toys, the animal itself and everything can be a staggering amount of money and can be really hard to do.

Think of it like a baby shower! People usually give useful gifts like diapers, toys and baby clothing to the expecting parents so that the burden of the start-up cost isn’t as staggering and to show that you care for them and their new family member. You can do the same for expect pet parents by getting them supplies that they will need.

If the person says they can’t get a critter right now for whatever reason respect that and don’t get them the animal.

It can hurt when you thought you thought of the perfect gift for someone but to have that idea dashed. But that’s okay! A live creature to care for is not something that should be taken lightly and if your loved-one isn’t prepared you’d only be making their lives worse instead of better. Best to respect your loved one and give a gift that they will enjoy instead of one that can be a potential burden on their lives.

If you are thinking about getting a pet as a present for a child the above also applies.

Even if you are the parent and will be the one taking ultimate responsibility of the animal in question.

Children need to learn that animals cannot be impulse things or gifts that are sprung on them. They need to learn that pet guardianship is a serious responsibility and they need to do research before they care for an animal. They need to know that this isn’t a sudden thing you can do on a whim.

I know the sheer surprise on the child’s face coming downstairs in the morning to a new animal with a bow on is something that a lot of people long to see. It’s something that has a really pure kind of shock and joy that is hard not to love giving to people. However, that moment comes regardless of whether it’s a complete surprise or if they are seeing *their own* animal for the first time, the one they chose or who chose them. There really isn’t a need to surprise a child with an animal out of the blue and they need to learn it’s a serious commitment and animals aren’t toys anyway, so why not start from the start?

Really the bottom line here is:

You can still contribute! Just don’t make it a surprise and let the flurry of holiday stress pass before getting the animal itself. Promises to help them find the perfect companion and following through on that is much more satisfying in the long run for everyone than a surprise.
just a friendly psa about jealousy

hey y’all i don’t wanna be upsetting anyone or making anyone feel bad but it’s been really worrying to me to see the glorification of jealousy in this fandom???? i think y’all are so great and i love how fast content is being churned out and how passionate everyone is - as a disclaimer, i certainly don’t want to be telling people how they should be writing the content that they make for free in their spare time. you are all amazing and i love you!

but i felt the need to make this post bc i know how young a lot of this fandom is and i know when i was a teenager i thought jealousy was romantic too. i’m seeing a lot of requests for jealous richie and the behavior that richie is given in these fics/hcs is very real and accurate to how jealous partners can be, but the toll it takes on the other partner is not taken into account and it’s kind of written off as the behavior being sweet.

jealousy is not a healthy or a romantic thing and i know this is fiction but i just hate to see the idea of it being romantic and sweet being spread around and normalized. i have been in a relationship with a jealous partner and it is fucking scary. they want to know where you’ve been, they want to know who you’re with, they get angry with you whenever you make a new friend that they feel threatened by and start making accusations that you have feelings for that person or that you’ve been cheating on them with that person, it can even culminate in sexual abuse. but it all starts with the ‘seemingly innocent’ things like your partner just being aggressive with PDA and glaring down anyone who comes near you.

it’s dangerous.

i know that all of the writing happening around this topic is all meant in good fun and is probably not being written with the intention of brushing aside the topic of partner abuse (because while jealousy isn’t always partner abuse, it very easily can become partner abuse). i know that y’all are just trying to have fun in this fandom - that’s what i want too and i want us all to have fun and ship these characters and just have a grand old time!

i just don’t want anyone to be reading this stuff and thinking that that’s what healthy relationships look like.

i’m not saying you can’t write jealous richie/jealous anyone! i can see why people hc richie as jealous, considering his home life and the neglect from his family. the thing is that abuse does beget abuse, so it makes sense. when i was in a relationship with a jealous partner, my partner had been in a relationship previously where they were abused, cheated on, and manipulated, so i understand WHY they were jealous. but that doesn’t make it okay for them to take that jealousy and manipulate and emotionally abuse me.

anyway - i guess i’m basically just asking you to think about this maybe next time you are writing/get a request for this! maybe use it as chance to write about dealing with jealousy in a healthy manner! maybe i’ll write a fic about it, idk. anyway.

thank you for reading this, if you did. ♡ i know it was long, and i’m sorry about that, but i feel like it’s important that it be said.

also, if you are in a relationship where you are being manipulated or abused, and you don’t know who to talk to, feel free to message me if you want to. i’m not a professional or anything, but i’ve been there and i’m happy to listen or offer advice if i can/you want me to.

in closing, i love this fandom, i love you guys - let’s keep making awesome content and having a good time!!

This has maybe been said before, but I feel the need to reiterate. Just because you disagree with a person’s portrayal or their interpretation of a character, does not mean they are incorrect. It is fine to have a difference in a opinion. In fact, that’s what makes humans so incredible. However, it is not okay to offer condescending “help” to someone every time you see them post headcanons or meta. This sort of thing can end up eroding someone’s confidence in their ability to write whatever character or worse yet they just decide to stop writing that character altogether. Especially, if they aren’t already confident. And NO I am not talking about constructive criticism or saying people should stop offering constructive criticism. Don’t be stupid. What I’m talking about is not constructive because it is less ( or not at all ) about helping a person further develop their character and more about molding someone’s unique portrayal into what you believe is the “correct” portrayal. STOP trying to force people into boxes you deem appropriate. Not every portrayal will be the same or something you personally agree with and that is perfectly okay! This is one of the beautiful things about rp. If you don’t like someone’s portrayal unfollow them and/or find another that you do like if you can. But don’t harass people about their interpretations! It just kind of makes you look like an asshole.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Bi/Pansexual PSA

  • Our sexual preference has no bearing on our faithfulness, re. I’m not more likely to want to be with someone other than my partner just because I’m Pansexual.
  • No, it wasn’t easier dating because we had ‘more options’. I was extremely confused and ashamed of myself which made genuine romantic connections difficult.
  • When I am in a relationship my eyes don’t wander toward anyone because I’m fully committed to the person I am with.
  • We are not an easy lay.
  • We do not need to 'prove’ our sexuality to anyone.
  • We can have a heterosexual relationship without betraying our queerness.
  • The doubt we receive comes from queer and cis alike.
  • So long as our relationships are loving and satisfying for everyone involved, we don’t feel like we’re 'missing out’ because we’re with one particular gender and not another.
  • Literally nothing about how we ACT in a relationship or how we TREAT our significant others had anything to do with our sexuality.

I obviously don’t speak for everyone but I felt the need to make this list.

@tall girls - ur beautiful keep doing u

Quick PSA;;

Ok so as always, this isn’t against anyone and doesn’t mean I’m upset about these topics being brought up but they have been mentioned for more than one person in the past days and I felt the need to make this post before putting it on a link in my blog.


If your plot idea for our muses to interact is your muse ’complaining’ to Adonai about how he doesn’t do anything to ’help’ humans and how horrible the world is, please don’t.
Adonai does not control humans in any way, he created them and put them on earth the same way you buy a hamster and put it in it’s cage. You look at it because it’s interesting/amusing to watch what it gonna do but you can’t actually dictate how it moves or where it goes.
Adonai gave humans FREE WILL something that celestial beings don’t have, so he can’t be blamed for what humans do because he’s not the one giving them the ideas the same way Lucifer isn’t a little devil on their shoulders whispering them to cheat on a test.
The idea of God ‘having a plan’ doesn’t mean he has everyone’s life written on sticky notes around his house and that your fate is sealed and you don’t have an option. It means his story has a beggining and an end which involves the end of the world but what happens in the middle isn’t really his business.
If your muse comes here whining about how unfair life is and about how God should go down to earth and fix things, I’m going to ignore the thread/ask or whatever thing because it’s pointless.
Now looking at it as the mun, I can’t find a way that makes sense on how God would react. If someone is complaining about him doing things WRONG or not doing ANYTHING of course he would do something just to prove them wrong and to prove he can do whatever he wants. But I can’t just write how the world where your muse lives is now perfect and everyone loves everyone and all the horrible in life disappeared because it just…it’s not realistic fam, it would be boring in the end; and I can’t write Adonai not caring beause of course he cares!
So that plot is off the table because it would practically force me to god mod and I don’t want that.


Adonai is aware of what his angels and other celestial beings do with other beings, call it humans, demons, sins, other angels, other gods, witches, werewolves, vampires or whatever but he is not going to stop them from doing whatever thing they’re doing with them, NOT without me and the other mun(s) talking about it first.
Because IC Adonai would never allow it, he would destroy them both or just take his angel back to heaven but OOC I CAN’T DO THAT, because it’s not my place, it’s not my thread, not my relationship, not my verse and sometimes not even my partner.
The only reason why Adonai isn’t acting about it is because me, the mun, can’t go around throwing my muse at others just because he “wouldn’t allow it” so he ignores those situations.
That’s not him being soft, that’s not Adonai not caring about the situation or possible consequences. That’s ME not wanting to be a dick and force shit on other roleplayers because that’s just a shitty thing to do.
Neverthless, if the mun or muns involved in the “forbidden relationship”  ( i don’t love the term but idk what else to call it ) or whatever other thing their muse is doing that would involve a punishmend from God approaches me to plot or involves Adonai in their verse/plot then I have no problem with unleashing him.
If someone is like ’ hey Adrian, I’d love to know what Adonai thinks about this or that or my muse doing it ’ then I would gladly tell them and if everyone is comfortable and chill with it, we can maybe put in on a thread or something but with EVERYONE being ok and accepting that there’s a 98% chance that Adonai won’t be happy, won’t allow it or will act against it.


Adonai has no gender, no race, no settled sexuality and no face.
Adonai is a very powerful being, creator and destroyer. He is a whole, doesn’t need and doesn’t have a counterpart. He is alpha and omega, he is his own dark and his own light.
The fact that he prefers male pronouns and has choosen the face he has right now has nothing to do with anything but again an OOC choice and the fact that I find difficult to write more stereotipical female muses.

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All the Daddy kink playlist.

I’ll make it a big one. Psa a lot of these are most definitely on the verge of creepy.

off to the races, you can be the boss, 1949, put me in a movie, pretty baby, lolita, cola - lana del rey
rocket - beyonce
I’m on fire - bruce springsteen
young girl - gary puckett
he hit me (and it felt like a kiss) - nicole dollanganger
barely legal - the strokes
funny face - red hot chili peppers
my heart belongs to daddy, every baby needs a da da daddy - marilyn monroe
good morning little schoolgirl - johnny lang
whatever lola wants - sara vaughan
you’re sixteen - ringo starr
girl you’ll be a woman soon - neil diamond

PSA: About OCs..

At some point, no matter how hard you work on the muse, no matter how hard you fight for it to be respected and recognized in this fandom, you’ll always be a simple OC. 
I am pretty tired of being put on a side, of being ignored or seeing people’s indifference regarding the open starters that I try to write. 
I’m pretty stubborn because there’s this voice always telling me to stop trying, that no one will reblog one, and yet, I still do it because I have faith and I’m way too naive to think that through my followers, someone would reblog it. 

I am tired of feeling like if I don’t format my posts, I’m not considered as quality. Sometimes, I admit it, I don’t format or use small sized texts because I’m too lazy. That’s so lame of myself, right ? Being way too lazy in formatting my threads because all my energy has been spent in thinking about how to turn this blog even better than before. 

Don’t forget that OCs need as much work as canons. We need to think about the muse (and yes, sometimes it doesn’t work as a first attempt but still), think about headcanons, about backgrounds, about how to interact with canon characters. We are people like others, we are here to have fun and not end ignored like worthless shits. I do know that lately, all I’ve been doing is complaining. But at some point, I’m sick and tired of not being able to receive the same treatment than any other person around. I’m nice, I’m caring. I instantly jump into people’s ask boxes whenever they feel sad and in the need of a friend around. Why then ending ignored ?

Believe me, to me, just like to all the other OCs of this fandom, a simple message, a simple compliment or encouragement means T H E  E N T I R E  W O R L D. 

For those who complain that they don’t have anything in their asks boxes, or too many messages or whatever reason makes them state about the lack of interactions: try to be tolerent to OCs who want to interact with you. We may not be the canon character you’ve been wishing to interact with, but we are nice people who are worth the try.

DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. This work for OCs too. Don’t judge us without having at least tried more than 3 notes, 3 reblogs, with our muses. It takes time to develop a true relationship between character so 3 times a thread isn’t enough at all. Chemistry is the key ingredient to make a thread work perfectly. And sometimes, we aren’t only here for ships (even though I blame myself because of the lack of romantic feelings my muse’s been through, she sometimes loves everybody). 

We are here to have fun. Just like canon characters. Please don’t make this fandom turn into a crappy one. Tolkien used to be a friendly and welcoming world on Tumblr. 

I’m conscious about the fact that this post will make people roll their eyes or probably send burns in all these newly blogs. They can send burns about me, I’m used to hate. I just don’t tolerate it nor post it. But at least I would’ve taken a weight out of my heart tonight, and pointed out that the situation towards some of AMAZING OCs (and I’m not including myself in this term), deserve all the love and the respect. 

We are here to have fun. Don’t forget it. 

JUST KIDDING. heyo some reminders that weren’t caused by anything i just felt a weird impulsive need to remind people: 1) i am only like 16 as of two months ago and jared in main verse is only like 17 we are both kids even if jared says gross shit sometimes. 2) duplicates make me really freaking uncomfy to write with and there is only one exception tbh but i will let ry interact w/ the disc. bros on k!k bc, that doesnt make me uncomfy for some weird reason. 3) i have urls blacklisted so please please please tag your interactions and mentions of other blogs !!