felt the need to make


all of my stumbling phrases
never amounted to anything worth
this feeling.

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Arashi talked about the dash from NHK to Tokyo Dome for Countdown during the MC on the last day of the AYH tour.

It almost became a broadcasting incident since they really weren’t sure they could make it or not at the time. Previously, Fuji TV staff (broadcaster of Countdown) had rehearsed the route from NHK hall to Tokyo Dome over and over and they made it in plenty of time, so they were confident that the journey’s possible. They even told Arashi to leave the outfits at the Dome but since Arashi are worrywarts they asked to leave the outfit in the car (the two tweets differ on whether they actually got to bring it on the car with them or not) But when Arashi tried the route that night, they got stuck about 2 traffic lights before Tokyo Dome. Nino: ‘There was some sort of lane inspection or something’. The staff told them that TOKIO has already started Sorafune which is part of the medley Arashi will be singing in. They were also told that it’ll take another 3 minutes to get there. And they were like, ‘no way, there’s still two traffic lights to go through’. So Matsujun shouted: ‘We’re getting down!’ and the rest of Arashi: ‘Roger!’ . They got down and did a 400m dash to Tokyo Dome wearing Aiba’s blouson. People on the streets and fans waiting outside the Dome saw them, and went ‘It’s Arashi!’, ‘Good luck!’. Sho: ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!’. No fans nor security guards tried to stop them and they made it just in time. So if you ever feel like watching Countdown again, they weren’t kidding when they said they made it.

So yeah, this is Arashi come New Year’s Eve. All to make us (or maybe Johnny’s execs) happy.


under the cut are 74 gif icons of the handsome as hell, skam actor,  herman tømmeraas  as requested by me. none of these gifs belong to me, so all of the credits go to the original gif owners. however, i did edit and resize them all ( do NOT steal ). please like or reblog if you use !!

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Vox Machina: Death Count

How many time will they die?

Grog: 2 (K’Varn fight, soul sucked out by Craven Edge)

Vex: 2 (Deathwalker’s Ward trap, Raishan fight)

Percy: 2 (Ripley x2, one immediately reversed by Pike’s necklace)

Pike: 1 (Glabrezu, pre-stream)

Scanlan: 1 (Raishan fight)

Tiberius: 1 (Vorugal, permanent, off-stream)

Vax: 0 (How in the hell, lucky bastard)

Keyleth: 0 (Let’s keep it that way)


Behind bars

5x20 / 2x09

Requested by @itsrainingdisney

This parallel is too amazing because it is both a parallel and an anti parallel at the same time. On one hand, Hook is the one that is putting the bars between him and Emma in both cases, while she is the one that is against it, but while on 2x09 it was all about putting himself first because of the betrayal he felt, in 5x20 it was all about putting her needs first, making sure that she will, this time, go back to her family, to her son (a thing he prevented from her in 2x09).

What’s also very different is that this time around it was him who was “left behind”, he put bars between them to leave himself inside “the prison”, which was the underworld, while she was literally sent up by him, to the world of the livings. 

When I first saw the scene on 5x20 I didn’t quite get why they chose to do the ILY and the kiss while the bars were already between them, but this parallel just emphasizes more the power of this script choice (and it was script, I checked back then in the script that Adam gave us of the scene), because while the bars in 2x09 showed their strong separation, not only physically but also emotionally, in 5x20 they showed how nothing can come between them, how they are united even when there is something keeping them physically apart.