felt super bad for him when he said this

Keep it a secret from Mommy!

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Artist: Jay Park 

Short scenario: ~690 words

You had to stay over time at work to finish the project that was due midnight, you and your coworkers stayed 4 hours after your work has ended. You called Jay to inform him and told him to pick up the kids since you couldn’t.

You felt bad since you knew he was super busy, but he also knew how hard your boss will be on you if you couldn’t finish the project so he said of course to picking up the kids when you asked him.

Jay picked Parker and Jae-eun up from school which they were so excited to see their daddy pick them up more often now. 

Jay doesn’t know how to cook so he knew they had to buy food to survive the hours without you. They picked up pizza on the way and headed home, Jae-eun couldn’t stop talking about how much she wanted to eat the pizza which reminded Jay of you, since you were hard core a pizza fan.

They settled inside the house after both of them put their school stuff in their bedroom, they also changed, but of course Jae-eun needed some help since she was still too little to change by herself.

Since Mommy wasn’t home, Jay let them eat on the sofa and watch TV, in which they promised they wouldn’t tell you and keep it a secret, they were rebels like their dad.

You had finally finished work and headed home, you missed your babies and Jay, it was a long day and you just wanted to relax with them. You were quiet when you got into the house just so you could see what they were doing and sneak up on them, and you were glad you did.

There was Jay sitting on the sofa with Parker and Jae-eun on each of his side, he had a book in his lap, and he was trying to figure out something, he looked like a kid trying to figure out a math problem.

“Daddy, that’s not how say it” Parker said laughing at Jay. Jay was trying to help Parker with his homework but that seemed to be going not so good.

“Why, I’m saying it just fine” Jay said
“No daddy, your saying it funny”
“Hey, are you making fun of my Korean” he said, and when Parker saw the look on Jays face he knew he was getting attacked with tickles. Parkers was screaming and dying of laugher, and Jae-eun was sitting on the side watching them and laughing too.

Jae-eun then noticed you standing there and went running to you
“Hey princess”
“I missed you” she said and held her hands out so you could carry her, she immediately rapped her hand around your neck

“We’re you having fun with Daddy” you asked her
“Mmm”, she said and Parker then came to you hugging your legs wanting attention too.

“Hey baby” Jay came and greeted you

“Hey” you said and smiled at him and gave him a peck on his lips. 

“What did you guys do when I wasn’t home” 

“Daddy let us eat on the….” Jae-eun popped out and said before Jay covered her mouth 

“Baby, I thought that was a secret” Jay said, Jae-eun quickly covered her mouth with her little hands for forgetting it was a secret, Jay looked back at you and you had questioning eyes for him, and then he just smiled innocently at you. 

You guys settled on the sofa and Parker still needed help with his homework. Jay obtained on helping Jae-eun with her English letters since that was way easier for him and Jae-eun wanted her daddy to help her, she took her notebook and sat in his lap while he looked over it and helped it. You helped Parker with everything else since you were better at korean than Jay.

 You guys all ended up chilling on the big sofa and watching TV after you finished with helping the kids with their homework, Jae-eun cuddled Jay while Parker was cuddling you since he was a momma’s boy. 


Seokjin Scenario: Silent Whispers.

Request: Can I get an imagine when your boyfriend Jin have been really busy and writes you at 3am when is free thinking that you’re asleep but you aren’t, you say you can’t sleep and he offer to put you to sleep and you think he’s joking (you can write that part how you like) so he’ll end in your house. You are a college student who lives alone and you both get nervous ‘cause is your first time sleeping together, please? super fluffy and cute!

Genre: Fluff / Romance

You were the only thing on his mind right now, his fingers moved fast while writing the message. -Manager hyung said we have a few days off, I’m sorry for being so far lately. I miss you jagi, hope you’re having a good sleep. Please write me when you see this.-

Jin felt bad somehow for not spending much time with you lately, the hectic work had been keeping him insanely busy; so even though he knew it was quite late and that you were most probably already asleep, he couldn’t help but write you when he was finally free. So he sent the message hoping for you to see it in the morning.

You were calmly lying in your bed, your eyes fixed on the ceiling and the moonlight peeking through the window was the only source of light inside the bedroom. You had been the same way for the past two hours, after playing with your phone, going through all of your social media and reading things until you gave up in trying to fall asleep. You changed the position of the pillows behind you and at that moment your phone beeped, announcing a new message. After reading it, an instant smile took place on your lips and lighted up your face. It was from your boyfriend, so you answered back.

- I’m not asleep Seokjin, and I miss you too, a lot.- You knew he was busy, and sometimes he would write you at odd hours but you didn’t mind it as long as you could get to talk with him.

You pressed your phone against your chest and didn’t have to wait too long for an answer, but instead of a message, Jin was calling you now.

-It’s past 3am baby girl, you should be sleeping already. Are you home? - he said softly through the phone and you felt so happy to hear his voice.

-Yes. But I’m having trouble to do so, I can’t sleep…-

-I see…- Jin stood silent for a moment before you heard him take a deep breath. –Should I come over and help you sleep?-

Now, you were the silent one processing his words. You felt your heart jumping inside your chest with the thought of Jin staying with you.

- Are you sure you can come here right now? – you asked and he laughed under his breath.

-Yes, if you want me to.- You sat on the mattress quickly, running a hand through your hair.

-For real? – your question was a mere whisper this time. Jin laughed again, he wasn’t playing about it.

-For real jagi. Do you want me to go there? – Jin waited until you spoke again and only then he noticed he was holding his breath.

-Yes – was all you said and that was enough, he smiled and looked at his watch.

-I’ll be there soon Y/N- You smiled and told him you were going to wait for him before ending the call.

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Whenever I'm sad I like to think about Sirius realizing he's gay as hell????

So he’s sitting in the great hall, and James and Peter were next to him. Remus was in the hospital wing after a terrible transformation, and he was worried about him as usual. It was just a regular day, and nothing prepared the two when Sirius just looked straight at them and said

“I’m gay”

He felt so wonderful finally saying it out loud. He’d know he was for the longest time, but didn’t want to say. Now that he said it out loud to his two best mates, it didn’t seem so bad anymore. James was super supportive and liked to joke around about it, and Peter was just an idiot so no one knows what he did. It was probably something stupid.

“Well it’s about time you told us, I knew you and Moony were hooking up every night,” James laughed. Sirius was flabbergasted.

“Prongs- I.. What the hell do you mean?” He couldn’t believe what he just heard.

“Next time, if you don’t want anyone to know, I’d suggest a silencing charm.” He grinned.

March 1st, 2015 = The Best Night Of My Life
I went to the FrnkIero andthe Cellabration concert in Chicago, IL. I had really bad anxiety at certain points, enjoyed Modern Chemistry as I caught their fuckin drummers drumstick w my face and bawled when Derek (The Homeless Gospel Choir) came on bc I connected with so many things he sung/said. Frank started playing and I was super duper close to him. He basically sat on my fucking face when he stage dived during Joyriding.
Then at the end of the night, I was one of the very first people in the merch line, and as you may know, Frank sells his own merch. I felt perfectly fine taking selfies with the other bands but when it came to Frank I was a mess. My voice was super shaky and anxiety ridden. I tried my hardest to make eye contact with him but I kept bending over shaking and crying telling him “im sorry im sorry im such an anxious mess im so sorry”. He told me “its alright take your time, I know what youre goinh through right now.” After calming down enough to speak I blubbered “Your music has helped me through so much and you saved my life multiple times- (insert more crying here)- and I- I love you”. I was grasping my phone super tight when he told me “The feeling is mutual”. My heart stopped then he asked “Do you want to do a picture?”. I remember shaking my head quickly and we snapped this pic. He signed my phone and thanked him the best I could.
I walked to the bathroom after my friends met him to and we all had a big crybaby session.
Best concert, and night of my life, ever.