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THE HOT GUY AT THE CLUB (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Bellamy x reader where reader is friends with Octavia and one night the reader goes to a club and has sex with a really hot guy. The next day she goes to Octavia’s house and Octavia is thrilled because her older brother, whom you have never met, is finally back from college. You realize bellamy is the guy you hooked up with. Smut pls


The music was loud and his body was close. As you danced to the track blaring through the speakers, you felt the stranger’s fingers pressing into your hips from behind. And you loved it. 

You turned around, coming face to face with the boy who said hi at the bar a few minutes ago. He looked down at you and the smile he gave you nearly made you collapse. He was beautiful and the way he started a conversation so easily felt comfortable and natural. 
The hot sweaty bodies dancing around pushed you into his arms and the two of you danced closer under the flickering of the club lights. After getting to his house, everything was a blur of bare bodies and daring touches. 

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so i think i mentioned how my entire junior class got to sit in our auditorium and listen to ruby bridges talk about racism for two hours yesterday, but i didn’t talk about one of the most powerful moments in the presentation?

so we got to the end–like, the last twenty minutes–and she asked for questions. and we had a few standard questions (”how do you feel about people taking their education for granted?” “what would you say to the people who stood outside and protested you going to school if you met them again?”) but there was this kid waiting in the question line fidgeting nervously. and everybody could see it?? when he finally got up to ask his question, he asked her about her opinion on the events on ferguson.

and she mentioned her sons again, who she talked about earlier in the presentation. and then she told us about her son who was murdered. and she talked about the mothers who had their children taken away and how if you took a life unjustly and forsake your role as a keeper of the peace, you should be punished. and then she talked about how everybody chooses a side in this thing; good and evil.

and then she said that racism today is scarier than it was to her when she was growing up.

and the entire junior class was silent.

He Calls Me Kitty (Damian Wayne x Reader)

Where this came from? Good question. It popped into my head last night and I knew I needed to write it. This one is probably going to be a chaptered fic, but I’m not sure if it will be romance or friend ship yet.

Trigger warnings: Violence, mentions of death, really vague mentions of rape, and swearing

Part Two

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Being able to shape shift from one animal to another could be really cool, you learned that from experience. When your parents were still alive you would shift to your (hair color) haired cat. It was a fun party trick which you did only with your loving family. You were treasured for being ‘extraordinary’ and special child. It was a fun relaxing life as a human kitten hybrid.

Being able to shapeshift into a cat could also be very useful, a lesson you learned from a different experience. After your parents perished you needed to fend for yourself, sometimes strangers were more kind to a kitten starved and thin that a little child in tattered clothes begging for food to survive. Other times being a cat meant you could twist around in small spaces and reach hard to get food when you needed it.

Being able to shapeshift into a cat could also really suck, an experience you are learning right now.

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I still don’t understand why someone would waste their time in sending this to an absolutely wonderful, sweet && awesome writer like @divinewarricr . Both me and Maki are Brazilians, our first language isn’t English, but it is Portuguese as you can see in our rules. So our English isn’t going to be perfect or flawless, even native speakers can make mistakes in their writings for time to time, and this is okay and no one has the right to judge anyone for that. Why? Because this isn’t some essay or a book that is going to be published. This whole point of rpc is for fun and if our english is that bad for you, there is a button called unfollow that you can simply click it and be happy. Doesn’t hurt anyone, keeps everybody cool and nice. What is UNACCEPTABLE is someone sending hate, depreciative messages like this. You know what this can do to a writer, dude? It can make us never want to write ever again, it makes us feel like shit like we are not giving our best in this hellsite that is supposed to be cool. Well, guess what: maki is an amazing writer, who work so hard on her characters, characterizations, headcanons and most of all HER ENGLISH DOESN’T SUCK. 

The only thing that sucks here, is you, who thinks that sending hate is a good idea and that having a perfect and shakesperian grammar makes you better than anyone: it doesn’t. This hate only show how much of a awful person you’re, having to put someone else down because of what reason??? D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G. 

Faded(Namjoon AMBW Smut)

{Text From: Pikachu}

Hey are you up?

{Text to: Pikachu} Yeah, I’m up, you know I never sleep late monster, or I try not to.

{Text From: Pikachu} Yeah I know.. I need to drive, down for a ride tonight?

{Text to Pikachu} You know I’m down, come pick me up? I’ll be ready when you be there.

{Text From: Pikachu} Alright princess, I’ll see you soon.

You smiled softly to yourself as you hopped up from your bed throwing your phone down onto the sheets. Moving to start stripping slowly you slipped on a two-piece lingerie set that was a soft purple, the lace texture showing off your nipples and if you looked hard enough your pussy could have been seen though the fabric as well. You gripped at one of Namjoon’s black hoodies that he seemed to leave at your house whenever he crashed for the night and slipped it on your body. Hearing your phone ring you knew he was outside so you put on black thigh high socks not wanting to put on pants and give away the surprise plus if things were going like you planned pants would only get in the way tonight. You moved to the bathroom undoing your hair from the high ponytail you were going to sleep in, letting it fall loose and frame your face you gave yourself a once over and a big smile to pep yourself up before you were grabbing at your phone and keys making your way from your room to the front where you slipped on Nike slides that he brought you and went outside. Namjoon was in a black car, something he always came to pick you up in when he needed to get away. No one besides the members and you knew about this car so it was easier for him to sneak around in it. Smiling at him, you opened the passenger’s door and got in sitting in the seat almost snuggling against the soft seat.

“You look beautiful as always.” Namjoon complimented as you moved to place on your seatbelt causing your face to heat up and you were thankful the light was dying down.

“And you look just handsome and ever so fine.” You commented looking over at him. His brown hair was away from his forehead and styled more on the messy side, his tanned skin glowing as the light faded. He had on gray sweats and a black V-neck showing off his skin and his arms. Teasing him you lightly pinched on his muscles and he chuckled starting to drive off.

“Someone has jokes.” He rolled his eyes and you shrugged looking out of the window.

“Part of the reason you fall for me every time.” You muttered out lifting your feet to rest against the dashboard looking out the window.

“And you know that’s not the only reason why.” He answered back moving his right hand to pat your thigh and grip at the inside of your left thigh as he drove.

You and Namjoon had been involved with each other a little over a year or so now. It started when you bumped into him smoking outside of a convenient store. You had wanted to spazz over him so bad but seeing him tense up as you stood frozen in front of the idol with the brown stick between his lips, you simply smirked and collected yourself walking past him whispering ‘put that out before you get caught’. You didn’t care that he smoked weed, who should it was his life. But knowing that you got to see him, and not react in such a way that he expected made you happy. Thinking you would never see him again you decided to attend a concert that the boys held in Seoul but you didn’t go onstage to meet them, you didn’t want to you only wanted to see him, the dimpled cutie. And from the way he looked at you, it was confirmation he remembered you. He chased you once he spotted your body leaving the venue. A little flustered he tried to get his words out, checking out your body his eyes were eager to roam your frame and your face last. “Want to hang out some time?” Was all it took for him to ask you before the both of you were bonding and getting to know each other. He called you up whenever he was stressed and needed to vent and smoke or just to fuck. And you single and currently working your job to live comfortable and pay bills, needed someone who could help you relieve stress since you weren’t involved with anyone. Namjoon was your best friend if you had to put it in to words. Just a best friend that you fucked until you couldn’t move or vice versa. Some nights there was cuddling too, it wasn’t always sexual between the two of you it was just something that you both loved doing and took advantage of.

Your head swirled around the male beside you, with one hand propped up against your cheek as your elbow pressed slightly against the fogging window you studied him from the corner of your eyes. How he was quiet yet biting on his bottom lip thinking intensely about something. Eyebrows furrowed slightly as his dimpled started to deepen with each nibble to his pink lips that he took. Your nose picked up on the soft smell of his cologne that bounced off the air waves of the car. He was so beautiful when he was quiet and even when he talked, his brown hair just resting there looking so soft like silk and a silent shudder overtook your body becoming littered with goosebumps as your mind wandered south.

“Will you ever stop watching me and just tell me what’s on your mind?” Namjoon asked chuckling softly as he made a few more turns before letting the black car move between a pair of trees that faced part of the Han River. Your face broke from the expressionless state you tried to keep it in. Your lips twitching tilting up in the corners placing a smile on your features. Your eyes focused on the lights that decorated the bridge going across the river before you looked over at the male who was leaning back against the black leather seats watching you.

“I can’t help it, you’re so beautiful Namjoon you know that I will always fawn over you and I rather do it quietly than be like every other fan girl..” You felt a soft pout adorn your features as quick as the smile had been there. Namjoon chuckled moving his hand from your thigh up towards your cheek, cupping it softly he tiled your head so that you watched him.

“I love that you watch me. But when you go quiet on me of course I worry just like you do me. Everything is fine though isn’t it?” He asked softly his deep voice making you feel reassured and calm. You knew he was caring but he was also trying to get out of opening up like always.

“Kim Namjoon. I appreciate your concern but at the moment I’m not going through anything you are now start talking.” You said a bit sternly but you leaned over to press a soft kiss against his pink lips before you pulled back to rest against the seat. Namjoon sighed heavily seeing that he hadn’t won, nodding his head he let you go leaning back against the seat looking out of the window.      

“We don’t have to talk if it’s that bad.” You tried to reassure him a bit, your hand coming up to rub across his shoulder blades and he smiled at you comfortingly finding peace at how slow and gentle you took him. He shook his head stating he would open up, licking on his lips he slowly started to speak.

You sat there and listened to his problems and concerns. Majority of his complaints weren’t that serious, just his thoughts that every person gets but some things made you worry and you had to remind him to always put his best food forward. You knew he was possible of achieving great things and you just needed him to believe it as well. He was afraid of somethings which was understandable and while he talked you made sure to pay attention reassuring him when you really needed to. Letting him have the floor though you made sure to not interrupt him while he vented his heart out. You admired his strength and the way his mind seemed to work about things. You loved a man with brains and beauty just like you were sure all men loved. Namjoon finally finished his long spew looking over at you with heavy eyes and you shrugged giving him your last piece of advice.

“You know what needs to be done. So do it, go for it and chase it. Stop being so afraid to take a chance because well you just won’t know if you don’t try.” You leaned over to give him a soft kiss on the lips and you saw his brown eyes cast downwards towards your lips causing you to smirk.

“Damn, y/n. With you kissing me like that I don’t need the weed.” He chuckled but pulled the stick out of his pocket already rolled up. You fished your hoodie for the lighter, sparking it to life you pressed the fire against the blunt letting the end burn as the smoke started to fill up the car. Namjoon kept the windows rolled up so that the high could come faster. While he worked on taking a few puffs your hands reached for the radio plugging in your phone to turn on Red Bone by Childish Gambino. Namjoon let out a content sigh with your playlist a vibe setting between you two that always seemed to start out like this.

An hour later you two were both stoned, your eyes glossed and tension running high. You crossed your legs one over the other to stop the dampening wetness that was taking a damage on your panties as well as the throbbing and the constant clenching from the need to feel him buried inside of you. Namjoon however just sat there mind reeling about how good it would feel to have your wet lips around his shaft, both pair.  Your head tilted back and you released a soft groan, Now or Never was the next song that blared through the speakers. You felt the heat flood to your face, it was too much and you needed him too bad tonight to play the waiting game.

“Fuck this shit.” You muttered out causing Namjoon to sit up about to question if something was wrong but in no time, you were straddling his lap your hands moving to tangle into his hair as your lips crashed together in a heated kiss. He groaned against your lips his large hands moving to grip at your hips pulling you closer to him. You sucked his bottom lip into your mouth, nibbling on the plump flesh and his tongue interrupted sliding into your mouth dancing against one another. You mewled in pleasure letting his tongue explore your wet canvas and flick over every ounce of space, your hips rolled down against his causing a shiver to trail down your spine at how good the friction felt. The lace panties you had on were very thin and you were feeling the outline of his hardened shaft pressing against your folds. He let you take the pace, knowing how to control his urge he let you dry hump him, loving how needy you were and how your body moved against his. He loved feeling like you were just needy for him. He loved how you couldn’t stop rocking your hips against his wanting more of him, the soft whimpers that passed from your lips to his. How your hands gripped at his hair to tug on the silk locks causing a grunt to leave his lips. One of his hands moved up to grip at your breast, fondling you through your bra and over the hoodie he felt for your nipple teasing you with soft touches. His free hand slipping under the hoodie, gripping at the panties he pulled on them until they were sliding between your ass cheeks. He moved both his hands back down, gripping at both of your ass cheeks he slapped them once before planting his feet down against the floor of the car properly grinding up against your heat. He moved his lips down to your jaw grazing it with his teeth before he moved to suck on your neck, creating blistering dark purple hickeys on your brown skin. Bruises that would stay on your skin for a while after this. He was a bit possessive of you and though no one outside of the members knew what lives you had mixed into each other, he took pride knowing when you went to work they all knew that someone was pounding your pussy the right way. Namjoon gripped at your ass cheeks tighter lightly bouncing you on his lap until he was shifting his hips lightly to press his outline against your clit, pressing your hips down hard against his he was able to rock upwards and rub against your clit the stimulation causing your head to tilt back as you cried out, your pussy clenching tightly as your toes curled in the socks, it didn’t take you long before you were cumming, ruining your panties and become a flustered mess on his lap. Namjoon chuckled helping you grind your hips until your high was passed.

“You always cum so easily for me on that first round. I love it.” He moved back to press a sweet kiss against your forehead.

“Fuck you.” You muttered pulling back from him to get in the space between his legs.

“That’s what you’re going to do in a bit yes.” He teased and you rolled your eyes, hands moving to grip at his shorts and you slipped them down his legs not surprised by the fact that he didn’t have on boxers. You moved to grip at his shaft, pumping it a few times before you licked up the salty sweet precum, your tongue swirling and rubbing against the sensitive slit. Namjoon cursed silently trying to keep his hips from bucking but it was hard with how you teased him and how he remembered your mouth feeling. You continued to pump him for a few strokes until your mouth was opening wider to take him down your throat. You started to suck on the head of his shaft harshly like it was a lollipop before you were sliding more of him into the warmth of your canvas. Sucking eagerly on his shaft you looked up at him with your wide eyes taking in the sight before you. He moved a hand to grip at your hair dictating the movements of your head. He watched you with lust blown eyes biting on those gorgeous lips as he concentrated on watching you suck his dick. Your tongue swirled around him searching for the spots to press against that you knew would make his toes curl. Your tongue lapped at him, slurping noises were falling form your lips as you slurped up the excess spit, feeling some drip from your lips to your chin but you didn’t care. Your free hand moved to grip at his balls fondling and playing with them. You felt them tighten as his cock throbbed and you pulled back with a wet pop shaking your head left to right.

“You’re not cumming without me.”

“Because you haven’t already?” He snarled back slightly jerking you into his lap which you loved for him to do. He gripped at the hems of the hoodie mumbling a ‘take this shit off’ as he stripped you and threw the hoodie into the back seat becoming speechless as he looked at the set you had on. You felt a surge of pride through your system, moving to situate yourself but before you could Namjoon ripped the panties from one side of your body enough to free your pussy just enough for him to slam up into you causing a cry to ripple from your throat. Your hands moved to grip at his shirt as he started to pound into you with his hands on your hips. Slamming you down he bucked his hips up, the slapping noises being heard over the blare of the music in the car which was still kind of hazy. Namjoon was sometime impatient and right now you knew he wanted you to cum just as much as he wanted to chase his own orgasm. He leaned close biting on your nipples through your bra, sucking on the flesh until it was damp he circled his hips up snapping against yours. The car was rocking you were sure of it, and the thrill of anyone coming and catching you both in the act made it feel more arousing. Your pussy dripped with wetness the tight walls sucking in his dick deep into your walls, your hand moved to press against the fogged-up window as the other hand gripped at his hair. You cried out everything that you could think of but your mind was going blank, all that you knew was that it was nice to feel Namjoon giving you everything you missed while he was gone. One of his arms locked around your waist from behind as he brought the other hand to rub at your clit, tapping against the puckered wet pebble he looked up at you giving you a sloppy kiss as your teeth clashed together as well as your tongues.

“Joon-“ You croaked out with whatever strength you had left and he got the hint nodding his head he dropped you down in his lap smirking up at you.

“Finish yourself off.” He demanded as he leaned back watching you. His erection still pressing against your insides against your spot. You whined softly hating when he was like this. Moving to slide your arms out of the bra straps to free your breast, you let your hands move to grip his knees behind you. Slowly you lifted yourself up and dropped yourself back down, repeating the motions over again until you were getting faster. Fucking yourself on his dick and he watched as you slid his dick deep into your wet pussy the tight suction causing his mind to become muddied as well. He didn’t say too much just watch you, his hands moving to pinch at your nipples fondling them some more. You could feel the familiar knotting in your stomach, the whines that bubbled from your lips didn’t mask the high pitch needy cry that ripped from your throat as you came on his shaft, bouncing with as much strength as you could, your legs starting to slightly shake as your arms slowly gave out. Namjoon moved his hands up to grip at your hips continuing to pound up into you until he was pulling out of you sliding you down on his lap. You got the hint, pressing your wet pussy lips against him you ground your hips back and forth until he was cumming on the crack of your plush ass and onto his legs. The cum running down his angry shaft, you waited a minute before you moved to get back on your knees licking him clean and smiling sheepishly.

Once you were done, Namjoon held you in his lap you both naked and just basking in the quiet city, your highs both dying down within each other.

“Come back to my house for round two?” you asked him softly and he nodded his head kissing your lips.

“I’m in the mood for a bubble bath fuck session.”    

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my favourite friendship to learn about from the revolution was nathan hale and benjamin tallmadge. have you got any interesting, lesser known facts about them?

  • Nathan Hale and Benjamin Tallmadge first met Yale and they soon become VERY close boyfriends. 
  • They both got into trouble a lot and accumulated many fines for breaking bottles, windows and getting drunk. 
  • Hale and Tallmadge both led many debates in favor of women’s rights and education. They led debates also in question of the ethics of slavery. Apparently Hale was the better speaker. 
  • I felt like adding this in but Nathan Hale was six foot and two inches taller than Ben. 
  • Damon & Pythias were friends from Greek Legend who were willing to die for one another. They were also the pen names that Benjamin Tallmadge and Nathan Hale used when they wrote to one another. 
  • Other ways that Tallmadge addressed Hale in their letters was as “Friend Nathan”, “Brother Nathan”.
  • Benjamin and Nathan participated in theater of the Greeks and Romans and dressed up in ladies wigs and dresses as well as makeup. Apparently Nathan was a terrible actor. 
  • They both become teachers in Connecticut after they graduated. 
  • Tallmadge and Hale used to visit one another at each other’s homes over the summer. 
  • It was Tallmadge who convinced Nathan in a letter to join the American Continentals. 
  • Ben probably blamed himself for the death of Nathan Hale because he convinced him to join the army. 
  • It was the death of Nathan Hale that Tallmadge realized how crucial it was to create the Culper spy ring. 
  • According to Alexander Hamilton, one night in the company of John Andre and Benjamin Tallmadge, they were all discussing the consequences of spying. Tallmadge suddenly got silent and pretended to look out the window. Andre turned to Hamilton and asked him if Tallmadge was thinking of Hale again, Hamilton nodded mentioning that Tallmadge never mentions Hale because it is too painful. 
  • Ben thought it was too painful to mention Nathan. 
Riren/Rivaere Fic Reclist

1. Wrong Number (18k )-  Eren gets a wrong number, but ends up with something more than he anticipated.

2. A Matter of Perspective (Incomplete, 226k)-  Eren hates being an omega and is determined to defy his orientation and join the Survey Corps.  With every bit of his humanity and dignity stripped away, Eren’s world is turned upside down. Can Eren still be the hero he always wished to be while trying to deal with the changes occurring within himself?

3. The Thug (134k)-  Eren Yeager is on an errand when he comes across a girl in the underground city who is being held captive by two men. Putting his life at risk, Eren does anything to save her, relying on nothing but his determination and unwillingness to see her hurt. As they’re backed into a corner, they are suddenly saved by none other than Levi Ackerman, the strongest thug in the underground. Eren can’t help but feel drawn to him, but will his feelings for this famous criminal wind up getting him hurt?

4. The Raven’s Nightingale (47k, ongoing)- “Levi Ackerman, this jury finds you guilty of twelve counts of murder in the first degree and hereby sentences you to the maximum penalty equal to that of your crimes in the form of twelve consecutive life sentences to be served in a maximum security penitentiary without the possibility of parole,” a woman’s voice spoke through the speakers. Eren felt his heart clench.“Eren,” said a voice from behind him. Armin had come to visit once again. He felt a hand press onto his shoulder from where he sat, trying to garner attention away from his Raven. “Eren… This is unhealthy. You need to eat… You need to sleep… I need you to take care of yourself, please,” Armin said with a hoarse voice, choked by the state of his best friend.“No,” Eren said, shrugging off his hand. “What I need to do is be here for Levi when he needs me.”

5. Your Love Is A Menace (90k)-  Eren Jaeger begins to work as a 911 dispatcher to complete his community hours, but the job he likes soon becomes dangerous when the most notorious serial killer takes an interest in him and doesn’t seem like he would stop till he makes Eren his.

6. Dark Waters (169k)-  Eren, a young mermaid, meets his dark and intriguing mate, Levi, for the first time by the edge of a large lake in the middle of the wetland forests. Hanji and her team of biologists hide nearby to document the elusive merfolk and their interactions.

7. Officially Screwed (9k)-  Eren is stuck in a company meeting. Typical office horrors. But hiding under the desk, with your boss’s crotch in front of his face? Eren is absolutely petrified.

8. Butterflies Fly Away (108k)- Levi is less than thrilled when he finds out his uncle has decided they’re moving in with his girlfriend and her nephew. He’s never met the kid, but based on the fact that Eren is a cheerleader over at the omega High School, he’s pretty sure that living with him is going to be painful - with the younger teen being a manifestation of everything he finds obnoxious in the world.However, there’s a lot more to the beautiful omega than glitter and pom poms. Enough to leave Levi’s head spinning and wondering just what he’s going to do with the boy he can’t get his mind off of living under the same roof.

9. Breaking Down Walls (255k)-  In the Kingdom of Maria, in the small village of Shiganshina, a rare male Omega was born. 16 years later, he has learned to refuse his fate of being possessed. But what will happen when he meets a strange Alpha at a ball meant for a Prince?

10. Just Mpreg Things (308k)-  Corporal Levi has been able to handle every situation up until now. Will he continue to maintain that ability as humanity’s strongest after certain, shocking news? And what about his not all too secret love, Eren!?

11. Renovate My Heart (192k)-  Levi Ackerman is an Alpha and a contractor with commitment issues. Eren Jäeger is an unbonded and infertile Omega who has just moved to a new town and bought a new house. He hires Levi to landscape his yard and both are immediately struck with intense and potent attraction, highly compatible in ways neither of them have ever experienced before. Levi’s not like other Alphas Eren’s been involved with and Eren makes Levi feel in ways he shouldn’t. What happens when casual becomes complicated and lust evolves into so much more? Follow them as they redefine what it means to fall in love and learn what it really means to be bonded.

12. Shattered Facade (41k)-  After being disowned by his homophobic father during his senior year of high school, Eren’s only option was to move in with his boyfriend, Reiner. But Reiner soon became possessive and controlling of Eren, and it turned into an abusive relationship. Five years later, Reiner’s control over Eren is complete, until one night they meet a detective who will shatter Eren’s happy façade.

13. A Place For Hearts To Rest (169k)- Levi is Eren’s captain, and Eren assumed it would always be that way. Captain and subordinate, the way it was meant to be. But, when Eren’s heat hits and the two can’t resist each other, will the change be for the better, or the worse? Especially with the extraordinary circumstances that follow. There were orders they were meant to follow, rules that were not meant to be broken, and repercussions that would be dire, but no one can withstand the battering of wild instincts indefinitely and even taciturn captains sometimes have slip ups.Only with the help of their friends are they able to come to terms with the sticky situation they’d managed to get themselves into. But, will it be enough to save them?

14. An Exercise in Self-Restraint (10k)- Levi moves away from the only town he’s ever known, off to university and away from his two friends, Isabel and Farlan. Having roommates is a new experience, one that he thinks will be totally unpleasant, but when the last person to turn up is a gorgeous male omega, his perspective changes.Unfortunately for him, it’s bad practice to fuck your flatmate. Levi has a tough year ahead.

15. Weapon (Incomplete, 43k)-  Eren Jeager was fresh out of high school and running seriously low on cash, debating the merits of minimum wage work and higher education when he was invited to participate in a top secret and covert government project that his father had apparently been involved in before his disappearance. Interest peaked, the youth accepted the offer, after all, how hard could it be to keep an “angel” company? Eren doesn’t believe in angels anyway, but he’s not about to complain when all his expenses will be paid by the government.

16. Mark Me As Your Own (3k)-  When Eren goes into heat before his normal time, he rushes to find somewhere safe to hide out. Little does he know, he’s locked himself in Levi’s room. What happens when Levi comes back to find a half naked Omega in his bed?

17. A Walking Travesty (123k)-  Standing in front of a mirror now, he can’t piece it together – why can’t he do it? Why can’t he lose weight? He starves himself for days on end, and yet, here he is, his white cotton sweater straining against his beer gut. He doesn’t even drink beer. He doesn’t drink anything but water.


Pairing - Daveed x Reader

Word Count - 3541

Prompt - From @followingnaturespath -  Oh my god if its not too much trouble could you do gymnophoria with Daveed and reader? Or something of the sort? I hope it’s not too much of a bother! -💜

Warnings - SMUT. 

Tags - @serkewen12 @mysterywriter36 @hamilton-gaygod @daveedish @itsgarbagecannotgarbagecannot @crazypurplebananas @getupoffathathang @iluvnialljameshoran @hamilfamdd @drugsdiggs @daveeddiggsit @imagineham @fragmentofmymind @manuelmiranduh @americanrevelation @hamiltonwrotetheother51 @darling-danger @h3dgehogjohn @hamilton-canyouimagine @angryflowerengineer @raesof-sunshine @authorrjcity @satisfiedstoryoftonight @a-schuylerr @imaginebeinghamiltrash @diggs4life @cupofkauffie @spilledkauffie @authorrjcity

I’m redoing my forever tag list, so shoot me an ask if you wanna be on it! 

Gymnophoria - The sensation that someone is undressing you with their eyes.

This was it. The big day. The day you’d been looking forward to ever since you’d found out about it.

Was it your wedding day? No. You weren’t even engaged.

Birthday? No.

It was the day you finally got to see your boyfriend after he’d been on tour with his band for the past month.

Clipping. was finally coming within driving distance, and you couldn’t be more excited. You loved to see Daveed perform, be it when you first started dating while he was in Hamilton, or now when he was on tour with his group, or anything he decided to take part in. He poured his heart and soul into every performance, and you loved it. You loved his intensity, his passion, the way he dropped his shy demeanor and took charge of the stage with utmost confidence. It was magnetic, drawing you to him that much more, and, if you were honest with yourself, it turned you on. You couldn’t always get him alone after a show, but when you did, the adrenaline from his performance made things absolutely electric. He usually left you with bruises or hickeys on your neck and chest, and when things were really intense, you were sore the next day. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t hoping that that happened tonight.

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request:  Omg I need a part 3 of Lie 😍😍 i’m really loving it, and your writing is amazing!! 💕💕💕

hello loves! this is the final part of ‘Lie’! i’ll do two more requests then i will post the final part to ‘Sorry’! keep sending in requests! hope you enjoy!

Harry was not raised to treat women as if they were dirt. He was raised in a female dominant household, meaning that the tow ladies always made sure that he was respectful, encouraging, and made sure he didn’t see himself as superior. And he never was, no matter how the media portrayed him. He was always respectful of the female gender, which is why everyone wanted to work with him, along with his talents. No one would have thought that he was capable of treating someone as bad as he treated Y/N. Harry didn’t even know he was capable of treating someone that badly.

He didn’t know why he did it, there was no logic to it. He could try and say it was because he liked her, but that didn’t make much sense either. You weren’t supposed to treat someone you cared about like they were the scum on the bottom of your shoes. You were supposed to try and win them over, with quick antidotes or flirty winks, not with the rolling of the eyes or quip remarks. He wanted to desperately know what made him want to do that, even though he had a slight inkling of why, but his reasoning still sounded ridiculous. 

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His Name Was Sebastian

Sebastian Stan x Fanfiction 

Warnings: Language, Smut

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“Hold still I am almost finished!”

My words ran together with no pause because I had a paintbrush angled vertically between my teeth. I carefully tried to balance my chin up so that the rose colored paint on the bristles wouldn’t fall on Sebastian’s white t-shirt, that I wore practically like a dress. We had been up for  three hours now, though stuck in this position for about only two. I could already sense my muse anxiously growing impatient, as he sat on the short wooden stool across from me. 

“You said that….twenty minutes ago.” Sebastian said holding up his wrist looking at the non existent watch on his arm. 

“Don’t move!” I exclaimed. 

It was a time sensitive project that I was working on and it was very critical  that he remained still as a statue. Though I also found it very cute that it was impossible for him to stay completely motionless.  He returned back to his seating position so that I could careful capture every detail. Though in all honesty I didn’t need Sebastian’s patience for me to continue my portrait. I had already memorized every little feature about him, even the ones I didn’t know existed. Often times when he caught me longingly staring at him, he would always ask me why I always looked at him like it would be the last. Every time my answer is the same as it is simple- “You are a work of art that deserves to be admired.” Which in return he gives me a quizzically confusing look and reaffirms me that I only say such things because I am an artist. 

Which is a ridiculous sentiment I couldn’t have been the only one who noticed the acute  amount of freckles on the various parts of his body. Or the way the way his face looks like it is always being  kissed by the sun. As I look at him now my eyes magnetically fall to the details on his cheek and around his mouth. Even though clear as day he was in front of me his image appeared in more high definition the more I look at him. I swear it was possible  that I could count the tiny hairs on his face that made a slight beard. And without the risk of sounding too unfathomably dramatic, the light that peered in around him from out of the window he sat in front of caused the light to burn so brightly inside. Making him radiate with a magnificent glow. Fuck, he was right I am an artist.   

“And-” I removed  the paintbrush from between my teeth like I was pulling it slowly like a lit cigarette. I left my words dragging out on the tip of my tongue. “ I am done.” I said quietly, but satisfied as I looked down at my finished work. Sebastian quickly stands up and walks towards me in a slow pace. By the faces he made he looked stiff and maybe even numb from sitting down so long. His legs moved like they had weights around his ankles.  

“No no!” I swiftly picked up the canvas carefully making sure it didn’t touch me. 

“What? Come on after that hell you put me through.” He smiled extending out his hands trying to grab ahold of the painting. I shake my head to say no like a disobedient toddler not wanting to give in and comply to his request. 

“It’s hideous isn’t it?” Sebastian’s gracious smile turned into a pity stare. I opened my mouth wide, furrowing my eyebrows at his comment.

“Okay, okay! You actually painted me as a stick figure riding a bike and I’m frowning because I can’t pedal because I have no type of muscle mass in my leg.” Sebastian guessed. 

“That was shittiest and most bland scenario. Was that the best your imagination could come up with?” I was caught off guard and started to laugh. 

“Babe,” He paused for a moment.“ Just flip it around I am sure it is terrific." 

I held onto the canvas with it still inches away facing me. I brought it up higher to my  face even though it started to become heavier than my arms could bare. I peeked at him over it covering my face with it so he could only see my eyes. "You can’t see it.” I had a nervous yet stern base in my tone. 

“Alright.” He said, easy as that letting it go. 

After I found the perfect hiding spot for it to sit while the paint dried. I was a little curious as to why Sebastian caved in so easily. The relaxed background noise of cars whizzing by and the occasional dinging sounds bells made that came so often out of the blue, was mixed with the music coming out of my phone blasting out Bloodstream by Stateless played on the speakers. It felt like a serene Sunday morning , until it all stopped. 

The music had quit playing and the humming noise from the air conditioner shut off. The lights that where on flickered till they also went out. I could hear footsteps rushing down the hall in the form of a march. Sebastian reemerge entering the space again.

“What the hell just happened.” He asked. He held up his hands holding onto a red toothbrush in one hand. Turning that same hand over wiping the toothpaste away from the corners of his mouth.  

I walked up to the window Sebastian previously sat near, and pulled down the blinds.  But the light was still strikingly bright. Having the same idea I had, he turned the corner and went out the front door. I came up close behind him, placing my hands on his shoulders we synchronized our steps so I could use his frame to cover my bare legs , because I wore nothing but a t-shirt and underwear that you could see if I moved the wrong way. From what I did see surveying the area I noticed a truck at the end of the street. It was marked with an official logo and there was a man hoisted up, which I am guessing fixing or fucking something up.

“Well there goes our day binge watching Supernatural.” I said with a bummed out expression as he backed in closing the door. 

Sebastian scrunched his nose up and rocked his head back then breathed out. “The twilight zone." 

Time slowly ticked by eventually turning into hours passing. Sebastian sat on the floor with his back pressed against the wall. His hair laid wild and flat on top of his head. The black stringed necklace I had made for him hung down in the inside of his shirt, clinging on to his skin so intensely. His lips were delicately parted open as he inhaled deeply through his nose, and exhaling through his mouth. Is it possible to be in pain from being so hot? In his case figuratively and literally. 

I held in my hand a makeshift fan solely made from cardstock. It didn’t make much of a difference considering it just blew warm air back into my face. We had already eaten the last of the food that could potentially melt, though that still did not suffice.
"We could get a hotel till it is fixed.”  Sebastian suggested, taking his hands to wipe his face. 

“Any minute now it will come back on.” I said reassuringly only half believe myself. 

“Love the positive thinking, I really do. But our phones are dead ,we will eventually need to cook, and we just might pass out from how hot it is in here.” Sebastian looked at me directly, trying to persuade me to give in.

I swung my legs back and forth from the stool. “Who needs to get in touch with us today? We will have food we just have to get creative and it’s not like we can’t drive. Lastly we can open windows.” I smiled through the telling of my optimistic plan. Sebastian who looked exasperated stayed quiet. 

“Why don’t you want to leave?” His voice was raspy and he looked at me though as if I was hiding something. 

“ I just-” I kicked my head back groaning from defeat. “You leave tomorrow and I just wanted the two of us stuck in our humid bubble. I like the idea knowing I have you all to myself.”  

We just look at each other like it was our way of communicating without having to say a word. 
“You are covered in paint.” Sebastian said at random. I pulled the shirt that I wore out closer to get it in my view. With the exception of the paint smudges on my hand I was clean. 

“I am not.” I said with a satisfactory expression on my face.

“Yes you are.” He said so convincingly I had to check again. He got up from the floor that creaked when you moved. Sebastian was on all fours when he got to where I was sitting. He sat upward, but still navigated on the floor with his knees. The palm of his hand rested underneath my right leg taking me by surprise. 

“Right here.” He pointed to a smear of black paint that was so tiny I had to lean up to see where it was. 

“Still not covered.” I said. 

“I’m not finished.” Sebastian continued looking down at me, moving his body closer in between my legs. He traced the side of my leg to show me that in fact there was orange paint there. Slowly he moved his hand upward further than my knee , a streak of blue paint was on the center that I hadn’t noticed before.

“You just put that there." 

"My hands are clean.” He answered. Looking down at him I watched as he tuned his attention to my other leg. He pushed the fabric of the shirt up revealing even more of my skin. The feeling of his hands tracing my skin sent a fine frenzy of chills down my back. I couldn’t sit still, I gripped the sides of the stool firmly. He finally stopped his search when he pressed his lips on top of my thigh. Sebastian had already released my legs from his grip, because I could already feel his hands circle around my hips.

I could feel the rough texture of his beard on my skin burning it at an exquisitely slow pace. He doesn’t stop, Sebastian continues to kiss my leg but this time continuing up north of my body. His hands aren’t so patient moving up my waist till his hand was finally underneath my shirt.

Sebastian eased back slowly letting his hands smoothly fall down my breast. Not once did his eyes meet mine. Without warning he pulled the stool I was sitting on closer to him. Pulling down at the band of my my underwear. I heard a noise almost like a flicker of a switch. The humming sound of the air came on, and the power was back on. Making the atmosphere more electrifying than ever.

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Bts Maknae Line + Rapmon Reaction to You Kissing them after they Win at BBMA


After all of the adrenaline and happiness of winning, I don’t think he would be too embarrassed. Instead, it would just be icing on the cake. After they came off stage as they were walking back through the crowd, you’d run up to kiss him, catching him a little off guard. He’d smile into the kiss and put his hands on your waist, pulling you back in for a quick congratulatory hug. It’d add just a little more pride to the occasion, but he’d be too overjoyed to be smug. That would come later when watching clips of the event, or when talking about it.


Jimin would be all happy and pumped from the win, and your kisses would just add giggly to the mix of moods and emotions going on. He’d respond immediately, putting a hand on your cheek and leaning back in to give you another tiny peck on the lips and one or two on the cheek as you congratulated him. It might make him a little shy, but he’d be too happy and excited to be worried about it.


Tae would have been keeping a lot of his excitement in while they were going up on stage, but getting off, he’d feel the urge to let it out, and when you ran up and kissed him, he’d get positively giddy. He’d smile into the kiss and once you pulled away, he’d cup your face in his hands and leave little baby pecks all over your forehead and cheeks and the tip of your nose briefly before continuing on with the rest of the group.


Rapmon would be very greatful for it, it would make him proud and he’d feel confident. As the leader and the only fluent English speaker, he felt the pressure of carrying the groups image and making the speech. When you ran up to give him a kiss and show your support, it would help him to feel confident and sure of himself. He’d put his hands on your hips and return the kiss before you congratulated him. He’d say thank you and hold your hand briefly, giving it a gentle squeeze.

like i can respect anyone’s opinion if they explain it in a calm and logical way.  like if i know what train of thought led to your conclusions about the world, it helps me better understand who you are and why and then i can take the opinion into consideration.  anyone who just yells their opinion at me, regardless if its something i believe in or not, i just can’t respect their words because they aren’t having a conversation about a belief, they’re telling you that’s how things work and you need to accept that and it just doesn’t sit well with me or really anyone for that matter.  

so like tl;dr on my high rambling post:

if you wanna make your point and get people to consider your position, you should learn to explain why you feel the way you do about the thing you’re discussing.  if the person you explain this to seems to not listen or easily brush your ideas off, they’re not worth talking to and there is no use continuing a useless conversation

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Hank Green, Vlogbrothers/VidCon - XOXO Festival (2014) You said "fuck your dreams". How could you say that knowing you have younger viewers? Sure, it's not on your main channel, but I am sure some still see it.

1. I was giving a talk at a conference and, as a speaker, I felt that I had a responsibility to not consider other audiences aside from my primary audience. 

2. I am not the kind of person who is worried about children knowing that I say “fuck.” It’s a thing adults do…like drinking beer or driving a car. Cursing is a responsibility that is granted to you as you get older, and there’s no reason to pretend like adults don’t do it, only to ensure that young people know that taboo words are not part of every-day language so that they don’t get themselves into uncomfortable situations because they aren’t aware of cultural taboos.

I also just got an ask about this talk giving someone anxiety about not knowing whether your dreams will always be your dreams, and whether that means that, if they can’t accomplish them now, maybe they never will because their mind will change. Again, this is mostly a function of this talk being for a different audience. 

I would never have given that speech to a bunch of recent college graduates because, like, your dreams are the fuel of your life car. 

But I was talking to a bunch of 35 year old creative professionals who were largely disillusioned with the vacuous promises of the technology industry. The reason why that was a talk and not a Vlogbrothers video is because it had a specific audience…much more specific than the Vlogbrothers audience, which can be nice because it lets you go different places and talk about different things.

I’m not saying that talk wouldn’t be helpful to people at various stages of their lives, but my #1 rule of creation is understanding the community who is consuming the creation and crafting the content for them. The Vlogbrothers audience is VERY diverse and that can be limiting sometimes. Other times it can be amazingly inspiring…like, knowing that there is a topic that I can discuss that will be equally appealing to 12 year olds and 30 year olds is pretty amazing, especially when that content is actually getting a little bit at the root of who we are as humans. That feels really good, and I’m really proud and excited to keep making that kind of content. 

But just like I don’t tend to say fuck when there’s a 9 year old around, there are somethings that I would never say (or phrase differently) to a 20 year old that I would definitely say to a 30 year old…not because I don’t think it’s true, but because I don’t think we’re supposed to be the same person our whole lives. And the part of our lives we’re in does matter to how we conceive and interact with the world, and what drives us as individuals. 

There are some lessons that we’re not supposed to learn until we learn them. 

Remember Me - Chapter 8

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: After (Y/N) memory gets wiped by Hydra, Bucky and the others have to figure out how to get it back. Will they succeed or is it lost forever?
Warning: Kidnapping, shooting,


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August 29, 1917 - Conscription Comes to Canada

Pictured - Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden addresses Canadian troops in England. Passage of the Military Service Act of 1917 allowed for conscription to find new recruits for Canada’s army when volunteers had dried up.

On August 29 Canada’s Parliament passed the Military Service Act of 1917, authorizing conscription of Canadian men. Over 300,000 Canadian troops volunteered for service at the beginning of the war, but by 1917 the volunteers had dried up, and Canada’s expeditionary forces had been chewed down in tough battles, including the hard fight at Ypres they were engaged in at the present. After a visit to France in the spring, Canadian Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden declared that compulsory service was necessary to refresh the army.

This decision was met with fearsome protest by many Canadians, especially in the French-speaking province of Quebec. The debate actually divided Canada visibly on language, as English-speakers backed conscription, while French-speakers, who felt little connection to the British empire, chastened at being forced to serve. Trade unionists, farmers, pacifists, and foreign immigrants also opposed the act.

Borden managed to push the act through Parliament. For the rest of the war, all male citizens between 20 and 45 were eligible to be called up. The decision would make the general election that December a bitter contest over the issue, and although Borden’s union government of Liberals and Conservatives did well, Canadian conscription actually reaped few benefits for the army. Only just over 20,000 Canadian conscripts ever made it overseas to the army in France.

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I had this idea for a Wolfstar story, like "I'm a teacher and you are the librarian in the school I work at, and you keep sending me these terrible books and random stuff like empty folders or trash cans with my students. What the heck, dude?" It's just an idea, but it would be pretty cool if you wrote something with it.

Sirius loved his job as the art teach of a primary school. He usually enjoyed the job anyway because he got to help little kids discover art and introduce them to the best rock and punk rock bands of all time, which he often had playing in the studio while they drew.

But his job was especially awesome because his Godson, Harry had just started at the school. Sirius loved Harry and getting to hang out with him every day was such a treat. 

His job was also pretty sweet at the moment because they’d just hired on a hot new librarian. Sirius didn’t really go out for reading all that much, but he could appreciate the librarian, Mr. Lupin, because he was painfully attractive and clearly had no idea.

Sirius had Born To Be Wild playing through the speakers at the tiny sprogs shuffled into his classroom. Harry waved at Sirius enthusiastically and took his usual seat right by Sirius’ desk. “Hey Uncle Sirius,” Harry said, handing over a folder. “Mr. Lupin asked me to bring this to you.” 

“Oh, thanks Harry,” Sirius said, taking the garish bright yellow folder and feeling his stomach fill with butterflies as he opened it.

He was immediately let down when he found it empty. “Hey Harry, did you drop what was meant to be in here?” Sirius asked, flipping the empty folder around, looking for anything written on it. 

“No, I promise I didn’t,” Harry said, crossing his heart. “Mr. Lupin requested that you put something in it for him.” 

Sirius blinked for a moment and then wrinkled his nose. What kind of horseshit was this? What was he meant to put in there? 

He had all the kids draw a picture of their favorite animal while Sirius considered what to put inside the folder for Mr. Lupin. They’d only met a few times in the teacher’s lounge and flirted a bit over coffee. 

Making up his mind, Sirius drew a picture of two cups of coffee with steam rising from the top. For the moment it was the best thing he could think of. He shoved it into the folder and handed it back to Harry. “Give this to Mr. Lupin when you see him.” 

“Sure!” Harry said, taking the folder and filing out with the rest of his classmates.


The next time Harry came in for art class, Sirius looked at him expectantly. Instead of another primary coloured folder, Harry placed a book on Sirius’ desk. Sirius picked it up and made a face. “Mr. Lupin asked you to give me this?” 

Harry nodded and took his seat.

Sirius stared at the book, “If you give a Dog a Doughnut,” and wondered just what Remus had meant by giving him this. Was it meant to go along with the coffee drawing Sirius had done? Doughnuts and coffee? 

Perplexed, Sirius began to read the book, hoping for some kind of clue as to what Remus was trying to tell him. Deciding he was never going to figure it out, he settled for drawing himself as a big black dog with a doughnut in his mouth. He actually quite liked the drawing. 

He carefully folded it up and gave it to Harry to give to Remus. 


The next time Harry came into the room, Sirius didn’t even have to ask what Remus had given him. Harry was struggling to carry a rubbish bin into the classroom. He set it down next to Sirius, huffing and puffing from the excursion. 

“Mr. Lupin said -” 

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Sirius said, waving him towards his seat. He cocked his head and studied the rubbish bin. Was this some kind of crack about his art? Or maybe a joke about him being a dog so he must eat our of the rubbish bin? 

Sirius decided that Remus Lupin was the most confusing person he had ever met. 

Sitting down, Sirius began to sketch, his hand flying over the paper as Somebody To Love blasted over the speakers. It felt appropriate. 

When he was done, he didn’t give it to Harry. Instead he slipped it into his own pocket and made his way to the library once his class was finished. He found Mr. Lupin sitting behind his desk and Sirius dropped the rubbish bin loudly by his feet. “I believe this is yours?” Sirius said with a quirked eyebrow.

Remus laughed. “I was wondering what I was going to have to do to get you to come visit me,” he teased, sitting back in his chair.

“Oh,” Sirius said, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “So it wasn’t a joke about me being a dog?” 

Remus grinned. “It wasn’t meant to be, although I’m sure you’d make a wonderful dog. It was just the weirdest thing I could think of to send with little Harry.”

Sirius reached into his pocket and pulled out the picture he had drawn, unfolding it and placing it down in front of Remus. “I thought it might be appropriate for our first date.” 

“Our first date?” Remus echoed, lifting up the picture and studying it for a moment. “Is this meant to be your and me picking apples?” 

“Yeah,” Sirius said with a lopsided smile. “You know, like in the story you sent me. There’s an apple orchard about two hours north of here. I thought we could go, pick some apples, have a nice time. Two hours getting to know each other, some good tunes, good company. What do you say, Lupin?”

Remus bit his bottom lip and then smiled. “I think it sounds lovely,” he said, looking up at Sirius. “And about damn time.” 

Smoke, Fog, and Haze

Originally posted by hxnnxh-bxkxr

* This is my first imagine so it’s not the best! I will be writing imagines for characters in shows that I love but unfortunately don’t see enough of! Shoot me a request if you have one. This particular imagine will be part of a series of imagines dedicated to Y/N’s love life with the beautiful Jeff Atkins until the unfortunate end.*

-not my gif. credits goes to the creator- 

Also not positive on their ages so I just made it up. OKAY ON WITH THE STORY

Jeff Atkins Series

How they met:

*        Smoke, fog, and haze = write about not being able to see ahead of you

Freshman Year: First weekend of the school year

“I can’t believe you’re actually going to this party,” Clay complained from his position on my bed, his eyes still glued to the tv screen where The Lord of the Rings was playing yet again. I was stood in front of my closet, focused on searching through my clothes when he spoke, making me jump a bit. I groaned and rubbed my eyes as I turned to look at him, a bowl of popcorn on his lap and an annoyed look on his face. “I’m in high school now Clay, isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?” I asked with a laugh, “You’ll go to a party too when you’re older.” “Ha ha,” Clay laughed mockingly as he threw a pillow in my direction, nearly hitting my face, “I’m one year younger than you. And yeah I guess you should go to parties but do you have to do it on Lord of the Rings night?” “Would you rather I go next week during Star Trek night?” “Shut your mouth.” I laughed out loud at my best friend. He was a year younger and while I was enjoying the new freedom of High School, Clay was stuck in 8th grade with our friend Tony. I turned back to my closet, deep in thought once again. “What do girls even wear to high school parties?” “According to the movies, not much,” Clay answered, once again sucked into the movie as if the two of us hadn’t been watching it on repeat every day after school.

Eventually I gave up and undressed before I pulled on some jeans and a cropped sweatshirt, pulled my hair into a ponytail, and slipped on some sneakers before turning back to Clay. “Okay how’s this?” I asked nervously, playing with my sleeves. Clay glanced at me quickly, scanned me and returned to watching the tv, “You look nice.” I giggled at the sight of his pout and sat on the edge of my bed next to him, kind of wishing I was back in my pjs and lounging on my bed as well. “I’m really scared Clay. You and Tony are my only friends and you’re not in school with me anymore. I went this whole week thinking that High School was gonna be this magical place where I found myself and made friends with a clique just like me and that together we’d dance and sing our way through the next four years” I began, making Clay snort, “But the only person who’s talked to me all week was Justin Foley when he knocked me over during P.E..  Like, I’m going to a party alone. That’s kind of embarrassing right?” I admitted with a strained smile, butterflies in my stomach at the thought of going somewhere on my own. Clay sighed as he paused the movie and sat up next to me, our legs dangling off the edge of my bed. “It’s not embarrassing to go to a party by yourself. I mean, the whole point is to make friends right? Look, as bummed as I am that you’re missing movie night, I do want you to go to this party. You’re my best friend, you’re a great person, and any one would be lucky to have you even say two words to them. Just go and have a good time and tell me all about it when you get back, okay? Tony should be here by then.” “You invited Tony to a sleepover at MY house?” “I think we’ve been friends long enough to consider it OUR house. Now get out there and make some friends.” I laughed and placed an annoyingly sloppy kiss on Clay’s forehead before reminding him of the pizza money my mom had left us and grabbing my cell phone. I then made my way to my bedroom door. “OH, and be careful out there. ‘ It’s a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to’ “ Clay quoted making me laugh and roll my eyes. “You’re a huge dork for quoting that Jensen!” I yelled over my shoulder as I made my way to the stairs. “You’re a bigger dork for knowing what I was quoting!” he yelled back as I laughed and made my way out the door and down the street.

I stood in front of the large house just a couple blocks away from my own. The music inside was loud and I could hear the laughs and shouts of the teens just behind the front door. I took a deep breath and pushed open the door, being greeted instantly by the smell of alcohol and sweat. I glanced around the room full of dancing teens and made my way to the back where I opened up the back door and walked into the back yard that was just as busy but a bit more bearable due to the fresh air. In this area the teens were just as drunk but beer pong and swimming was involved. When I didn’t notice any familiar faces I seriously considered walking back out the front door and to my house but when I turned back to the house a hand reached out and grabbed my elbow. “Y/N! Leaving so soon? You just walked through the door!” I turned back around, my heart jumping knowing that someone had actually noticed my presence, and came face to face with Justin Foley. “Oh, hey Justin. Yeah I didn’t see anyone I knew,” I answered, pushing some fly away hairs behind my ear. I may have been nervous, but I had gone all through the awkward stages of middle school as confident as possible, and that wasn’t about to change.

“Well now you’ve seen me! So stick around,” Justin replied with a grin, running his hand from my elbow down to my wrist where he tugged slightly and led me over to a group of people I recognized from middle school. “You remember Zach, Bryce and Kat right?” he asked as the three turned and waved to me. “Oh thank god a familiar face” Kat practically yelled as she desperately hugged me, “I barely saw a single person I knew this week. I thought I was alone here!” A huge weight floated off of my shoulders when I realized that the lost feeling I was experiencing was happening to each of us. “Okay good, it wasn’t just me,” I replied and we both giggled as the three boys rolled their eyes. The five of us caught up and shared a few stories about the summer before Bryce suggested we step into his pool house. Bryce had just missed the cut for kindergarten, making him a few months older than us, him already being 15 while we were just 14.  However those few months made all the  difference as he carried himself proudly as if he had years on us. He led us into the pool house and he and Zach busied themselves over by the bar while Kat, Justin an I got comfortable on the couch; the music outside was so loud that it felt as though the speaker was directly next to me. Soon enough Bryce and Zach were joining us once again, lighting up joints and taking deep puffs, exhaling thick white smoke. I bit my lip and watched, not sure how to respond as I’d never seen someone smoke weed before. Zach and I made eye contact and he grinned as he lazily held out his hand to me, the joint tucked between his pointer and middle finger, “Want a hit Y/N?” he asked and I weighed my options. I could deny the drug and watch my new group of friends as they had fun without me, I could leave the party and head on home to Clay and Tony and spend another night watching sci fi movies, or I could take a hit and see how it goes. Finally I reached out and shakily took the joint, holding it to my lips but stopping as I noticed everyone watching with lazy smiles. Then I took a deep hit from the joint, holding the smoke and releasing it with a choking cough making the others cheer and pat my back. I laughed and tried again and soon we were in a circle, passing the joints around and laughing as we shared stupid stories.

I stood up from the couch with Zach’s help and laughed loudly at absolutely nothing. After an hour cooped up in the pool house, Bryce figured he should make sure his house was still in one piece. When I was standing straight, I stumbled to the front door and pushed it open, watching as the smoke that had once occupied the pool house, poured out the door blocking my view of the back yard. “Whoa dude, it’s so foggy out here,” Zach pointed out making Kat laugh as she slapped his chest and yelled, “It’s smoke not fog you dumbass!” Zach laughed and lightly pushed her away as I waved my hand in front of my face, pushing the smoke away from my eyes and watching as it floated up to the stars. And as I looked foreword once again I watched how the haze lifted and my eyes locked with a pair of unfamiliar sleepy blue ones. The boy ahead of me was playing beer pong and seemed to be focused on our little staring contest as he didn’t notice how the boy in front of him successfully tossed his ball into his final cup.

The boy quickly turned back to the game when he heard the cheering and smiled before tossing back the cup of beer that was in front of him. “He’s cute,” Kat giggled in my ear as she threw an arm over my shoulder and pushed her head close to mine, pushing her weight onto me as well. I assumed it was the weed that was causing me to giggle along with her as I wrapped my arm around her waist, because I had never laughed so much at absolutely nothing before. “Yeah he is,” I agreed as the boy looked at me one more time with a small smile. “You should kiss him.” Kat stated seriously as she dragged me away from the pool house and toward the actual house. My eyes widened, well as much as they could, and I stopped abruptly before she continued dragging me like a toddler being dragged through the supermarket by their angry mother. “I cannot kiss him. He’s too cute and I don’t even know him.” I differed. Kat gave me a dangerous smile as we stopped in the packed living room. I knew instantly that she had a bad idea. “SUCK AND BLOW!” she screamed at the top of her lungs and quickly people were entering or leaving the living room, a large circle forming, the cute boy sitting next to Kat on the couch. Well he was sitting next to her, until she conveniently stood to stretch and sat on the other side of me, pushing me closer to him.

A playing card was produced by Bryce and soon the small piece of blended plastic and paper was in motion. I couldn’t help but drum my fingers nervously on my thigh as I watched the card make its rounds around the very large circle. “You nervous?” the boy next to me asked. And I was thankful for the drugs in my system because I oh so easily turned to look at him with a lazy grin and what I assumed were hazy red eyes. He bit his lip as his eyes scanned my face and he laughed. “What gave it away?” I asked. “The restless fingers,” he answered, reaching out and pressing his hand against mine to stop its nervous movements. I looked down at his hand over mine, and thought that when he noticed it he’d pull it away; but he didn’t, and I didn’t want him to. “I’m Y/N,” I introduced myself loudly over the still pumping music. “Jeff!” he yelled back with a smile, “I think you’re in my art of film class! You’re the girl who fought with the teacher about how the Matrix movie is a cinematic masterpiece, right? He said you were wrong and you called him a mouth breather.” A heavy blush spread across my face and chest and I quickly turned away from the boy who introduced himself as Jeff. “Wait no, I didn’t mean that like in a bad way. It was actually super adorable how defensive you got,” Jeff added as he nudged my arm with his, “quit ignoring me!” I giggled a bit as I turned back toward him, meeting his dark blue eyes. “I’m embarrassed.” I spoke quietly, secretly loving how he leaned in close to hear me. “Embarrassed that you’re passionate about something?” “Embarrassed that I looked like a huge dork in front of a really cute boy.” I corrected, watching as Jeff leaned back slightly while biting the corner of his lip, his teeth grazing it as he slowly released it as he smiled. Before he could respond to me a hand was tugging at my chin and my head was being turned to Kat as she leaned in and pressed her card covered lips to mine. And I suddenly remembered that we were in a group of teens playing a game. I pursed my lips and sucked, the card sticking to my lips before I turned back to Jeff. I tilted my head up and pushed myself up to be closer to his face and Jeff pressed the palm of his hand against the back of my head before leaning down toward me. His eyes looked from my eyes to the card and back before he pulled my head close to his and pressed his lips against the card. I placed my hand on his shoulder and didn’t bother to blow the card away, and I noticed that he hadn’t bothered to suck. So when his face pulled a centimeter away from mine, the card fluttered to my lap before he leaned back in and his lips connected to mine.

The group of teens cheered loudly at the sight of a kiss (despite not being positive on whether the kiss meant a win or a loss) due to the fast paced game, which the pace of Jeff’s kiss completely opposed. His was gentle as he pressed a few sweet kisses to my lips, before my stupid smile made him smile as well and we couldn’t kiss anymore. Jeff looked up at the ceiling to hide his slight blush and I looked down at my lap in an attempt to do the same. I then pressed down on the home screen of my phone and saw the bold numbers reading 2am. “Holy shit,” I exclaimed. It had already been 3 hours, but it felt like it had only been 3 minutes. I stood up slowly and Jeff stood up with me. “Got a curfew?” he asked me and I felt Kat lightly smacking my leg in excitement that I was holding a steady conversation with him. “Yeah … well no, not a curfew. Just an antsy best friend who I really want to be watching Lord of the Rings with and that totally didn’t help my efforts to convince you that I’m not a dork.” I rambled. Jeff laughed and pushed his hands into his pockets nervously before bumping his shoulder against mine, “I can walk you home? If you’re cool with that I mean. No pressure or anything. It’s just really late and I think you’re a little too high to be walking around alone.” “Yeah I’d like that.”

Before Jeff could lead me to the front door I turned back to Kat and hugged her tightly, and glanced over her shoulder to see Zach and Justin giving me thumbs up. “I’ll see you at school on Monday right?” I asked hesitantly, praying that I wouldn’t go back to wandering the halls alone. “Obviously!” Kat yelled as she lightly shoved me with a laugh. I smiled at her and waved at the boys before making my way to the door, Jeff following as he said goodbye to his own friends. Together we made our way down the street and I welcomed the cool air, a complete contrast to Bryce’s stuffy house. We walked the two blocks home in a comfortable silence before Jeff helped me up my front stairs, chuckling as the door swung open revealing Tony and Clay. Their stern father looks were well practiced and they’re arms were crossed as they took in the sight of Jeff. “You guys are still here!” I yelled as I threw myself at them, trying to squeeze them both into a group hug. “She’s really high.” Jeff announced making Tony groan and pull me off lightly. “I’ll go make some food before the munchies hit,” he announced before disappearing into the house, Clay following him, but leaving the door open for me. I turned back to Jeff, who somehow looked even cuter under the unflattering porch light. “I’ll see you on Monday right?” he asked sweetly holding his hand out to me. “Of course. I’ll save you a seat in Film class,” I replied, taking his hand and squealing when he pulled me into a hug. He then pulled away and jogged down the stairs and down my front yard before disappearing down the street and I couldn’t help but let out another squeal as I turned and ran into my house and into the kitchen. “I take it you made some friends?” Clay asked with a smile as Tony put some left over pizza into the toaster oven. “I made friends and I kissed a cute boy and I’m really happy … and this is so good,” I announced as I pulled a handful of stale popcorn from the bowl on the counter and shoved it into my mouth. “Ew you kissed that guy?” “Yes Clay, and it was glorious.” “He was cute. Nicely done.” Tony replied ignoring Clay’s playful disgust. “Maybe I can actually survive my one year of high school without you guys after all.” “We never doubted you.”

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Hey this is my submission for the polycoolkids angst prompt thing! (I’m sorry I’m on mobile so idk if I’m doing this right)
Its totally late, but for the polyam cool kids angst prompt I did the aftermath of the episode Drop Beat Dad. Sorry for the daddy issues SC :(
Sour Cream fell onto his bed with a thud. He face-planted onto his dark blue sheets and let out a muffled sigh that shook through his exhausted body. Can you really blame him? His day had been a little crazy. Maybe even more than that.

He felt a comforting hand begin to gently rub circles on his lower back, and sighed again, this time with relief.

“Jenny,” he began, “have I ever told you how much I love you?”

She laughed. “Hm. Probably gonna need to hear it again. Especially after you forced me to drink your nasty guacamole soda.”

Sour Cream quickly shot up, nearly bumping into Buck who sat on his left side, tracing drawings with his finger into the crumpled sheets.
“Ugh! Don’t remind me,” he groaned. He still couldn’t believe the events that had transpired in the last 24 hours. It’s almost like his life was some dramatic sitcom, probably titled Everybody Hates SC, where his life just continued being some wild shitshow filled with catastrophes.
Okay, well, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but he sure did feel bad about it all.

Buck patted his head. “Hey now. Calm down baby, it’ll be alright,” he said softly, holding onto Sour Cream’s hand and rubbing his palm with his thumb. “Just tell us what happened, okay?”

He felt his pale cheeks redden a little, heat bouncing off of them in small little bursts of flame. It always made him happy, if not just a tad embarrassed, when Buck called him baby. It was their special word, one Buck only reserved for Jenny and SC on special occasions. He supposed being lied to and heartbroken by his father qualified as one of these moments. At least every cloud has a silver lining, he supposed.

Jenny, not one to be left out, grabbed onto his other hand, holding it tight within her own fierce grip. Yet, there was a softness to her grasp, as if he could feel her love and adoration for him flowing through his arm and into his heart. God, he sure was getting sappy. This was some next-level romance movie type shit he was thinking here. But, now wasn’t the time to think about how hopelessly in love he was with his best friends, for now, it was about his semi-annual DJ rave thing incident. He was still working on a title.

Trying to keep his usual calm demeanor, and not-so subtly failing, SC cleared his throat and told them everything. He told them about little roadie Steven, and Mr. Universe’s bathroom, and Yellowtail, and how he had looked his dad in the eyes and yelled at him, cursing him out as he ruined his show. He even felt a few tears prick in his eyes when he told them his dad didn’t care, doesn’t care, and never has cared.

“I thought I could finally make him proud, you know? A part of me thought, like maybe, just maybe, my dad would finally stay if I could do this one thing,” he admitted. “He’s never been around, but it’s not like I really minded. When he did it was just always so exciting, like hey, this is where I come from. This guy makes it work in the music world and he isn’t trapped in this dead end beach town surrounded by fishing boats and doughnut shops. Made me feel like I could be somethin’. I don’t know, it’s dumb guys, I’m sorry-”

“Hey now, let me stop you right there sweetheart,” Jenny said. “He’s your dad, baby. Of course you wanted this, we know you did. It’s not dumb, it’s natural. Hell, sometimes I wanna yell and scream at my daddy for being, well, him, but I still want him to be proud of me, we all do.”

Then pointing to Buck she said, “Even Mr. Mayor’s Son over there will agree with me, won’t you Bucky-baby?”

Buck suppressed a groan. “It’s just natural, man. Don’t feel bad about how you feel, just let it run it’s course. And hey, we’ll always be proud of you.”

With those few little words, SC finally let himself break down. The day’s exhaustion wore on him as his endorphins came down from the rush of his show and the bass booming behind the blasting speakers. He felt all of the remaining energy leave his body, and the rush of his anger subsided to a gentle, whispering hum. He let in his sadness, letting it fill every corner and crevice as he finally let out what he had been holding in for years.

Holding onto Buck and Jenny for dear life he cried. He sobbed, and cried, and bawled; tears rolling down his face and slickly plopping onto his shirt. He held onto them, and they held onto him.

“There, there baby, let it all out. Just let it out,” Buck soothed, wiping fat tears from SC’s face. He kissed his boyfriend’s cheek, tasting the salty tears on his lips.

Jenny ran her fingers through his hair. “It’ll all be alright, darling. It’ll all be okay.”

And hey, maybe it would be. Maybe it didn’t matter how his dad felt about him, maybe it didn’t matter that he had left him and his mom alone for all of these years. Maybe it didn’t matter that he had hated Yellowtail for years for taking away his mom, for taking away the spot he so desperately wished his real dad would fill, for taking away the life he knew. Maybe it didn’t matter that life was hard and guacamole soda is disgusting. It just didn’t matter. All that mattered to him right then and there was that moment. That moment where he sat next to the two people he loves more than anything and finally let himself be free of everything that was holding him back. They were all that mattered to him, they were his life, they were what kept him afloat during nights when he went to bed feeling like he wanted to scream, they kept him going when he felt his dreams being crushed, they were there for him through it all. And he loved them. He loved them, and loved them, and loved them. Not even his dad could take that away from him.

“I really love you guys. I love you both more than anything.”

“We love you too.”