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a latina's opinion on the term "latinx"

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what really annoys me is when people who don’t know that much about the actual Spanish-language talk about what Latinx means because in reality there are many words in Spanish that when used in their plural form they are exactly the same as the plural male form. I don’t know if you understand what I mean because if you don’t study Spanish that would be pretty hard but let’s use for example “Niño”. niño means boy. “Niña” means girl but when you talk about children you use “Niños” and it is a non-gendered term and it can apply to a group of girls a group of boys or even a group of girls and boys maybe even a group of female aliens as long as there’s more than one children. it has a male articles when you use it which is “los”. now, the fact that this is a male article does not mean that the things it describes are male and this is what happens with latinos. it includes everyone already: people who are non-conforming, Women, men, trans people… everyone! it doesn’t make a distinction it’s just people and you use a specific gender article because when you use for example an adjective it needs to have agree with the gender of the subject. if you want to describe something you need to use an adjective with a specific gender that agrees with the one given to the noun. this sounds so weird but for example Latino has a male article so if I want to say Latinos are beautiful I could use the Spanish word “bellos” which means which can also be used as “bellas” if you are talking about a female subject. in this case you will use “bellos” but that doesnt mean it has a specific gender!! they assign genders to pencils (“el lapiz” the pencil(male)) and chairs (“la silla” the chair (female)) and maybe Tumblr doesn’t like it but those are the rules with this language and I love it just the way it is it is so beautiful and I am so happy that it is my first language and you shouldn’t change it just to be PC. like if that term makes u feel good use it for urself but don’t make me use it.

Happy Ending*

Authors Note: Since I am studying for it, why the heck not use it and make a one shot about it?

You never thought you would say it, but you missed University. Six months ago, your boyfriend beaming at you while sitting by your applauding parents as you walked off the stage with a degree in your hand.

And God, you missed University. You only had your degree for a couple of days, enjoying your time off with Harry in LA when companies started to sent you mails, almost begging for joining their company.

It almost felt like it was too much to ask to have a carefreeness lunch with your boyfriend, who was sitting across you in Café Habana. The place was peaceful, almost to peaceful, filled with green plants that made you feel closer to the nature, jazz music leaving the speakers. You felt at peace, enjoying every moment with Harry who was scrolling through his phone.

You admired him, always thankful to have such an amazing boyfriend. Ray-Ban sunglasses resting on his nose, arms relaxed while take a bite of his food, eyes glued to his phone.

You wanted to send your mother a mail, filled with nice pictures from Malibu - the place you were visiting that day when it all stated. You opened the app, when all the notifications started filling in, making embarrassing sounds. Letting people look up, including Harry.

You graduated your study because it was your passion, you loved learning it and it interested you, you loved talking about and you loved sharing it. It was your study choice before you met Harry and still was after Harry.

You could say you were disappointed, people always wanting the same. Companies asking to promote their tea on your Insta, sending you clothes - so hopefully paparazzi would catch you, wearing it.

It was so tiring, not enjoying the attention one bit. Hard to believe that even companies, where you should work for tried to ask - you on a interview and not the other way for that one little thing: “success”. You still didn’t get it, you weren’t the famous one, you were one’s girlfriend.

So after you little trip to America, you started searching for a company, who didn’t reach out to you and started going to interviews to the companies who didn’t begged for an interview, explaining who you were - not Harry Styles’ girlfriend, who could promote their company and getting even bigger because of you. You explained why you studied this and why they should chose you. And not for some stupid title. And they did, they chose you - because you were you, and you wanted it that way.

After your first day at your new workplace, Harry waited impatiently at your little studio enjoying his coffee. He just came home himself, his hair freshly-cut which you took a liking to, but still needing to adjust. A following part of his newest photoshoot for the magazine, Another Man.

Harry knew that he needed to relax but he couldn’t help himself, enjoying a break couldn’t without it being a little bit hectics. A movie to film, A photoshoot with Another Man and a couple more projects, he wasn’t allowed to tell yet were on his planning and you knew that. But he was there, after your first day at work. Opening the door of your studio, seeing your boyfriend leaning at the kitchen counter, smirking at you.

“And?” You sighed, Harry face immediately fell. Taking off you coat silently, putting your purse with your contract on the table. You rise your head up, meeting his eyes who looked worried which let your mouth corners curl up, quitting the act in a instant.

“I love it! My co-workers are s’nice, there is this girl.. Stella and she’s so lovely. We’re grabbing coffee next Thursday..-” You were babbling happily, moving your hands enthusiast letting Harry’s stomach flutter with butterflies in his stomach. Eyes lighting up.

You loved your new job, his girl was loving her new job. Waling towards him, giving him a peck, making yourself at home. Before continuing “My hours are pretty damn good, I work every Tuesday at home, so I can clean, cook, helping a lil’ bit in the household between my working hours-” Your eyes stood happily, and he was lovin’ every second of it. His baby was happy.

Harry let you speak, with a lot of hand gestures - him sipping his coffee empty while looking at you under his eyelashes. You looked so happy.

You started to miss University a couple weeks later.

It all started going downhill when Harry went his way to Dunkirk, filming his movie-debut. You were happy for him, really were, even went to a couple of his clothing-fittings. But the studio was empty and when you came from a good long day at work, you didn’t had someone to talk to, to search your work stories with, about your crazy co-worker being… well.. crazy and you just missed Harry.

Of course you could call your best friend, your mom or even Gemma but they weren’t your lovely boyfriend, who snuggled closely to you when even you liked your work - you had a tough day or made your favourite meal when you were too tired to cook as he had a rough day himself, being followed by paparazzi and fans, going to meetings.. You just missed your boyfriend..

At University, you didn’t had time to miss him- you had evening-classes, assignments to write and tests to study for. So you missed somewhat University.

It was Stella who suggested it, after listening or better said whining that you missed Harry cause he was once again away - now to Urk, somewhere in the Netherlands,- you had your degree from University,  but still sucked at Geography.

“I follow this massage class, it’s Monday and Wednesday evening. It’s very relaxing. You should join us, Ada wouldn’t mind!” Stella was very convincing.

So a couple days later you were laying in a massage chair, Stella kneading your shoulders while Ada started explaining everything what this lesson would include. You already had a liking towards Ada, she was a woman, around her forties, wrinkles around her eyes, with thin lips sharing her passion.

Her thin lips formed a smug smile when you applied for the course. Already having every supplies with you to achieve a good giving-massage.

“Everyone s’ welcome ‘ere!” And you felt that way. Ada explained everything in details, not forgetting one move, how to hold your fingers to add more pressure till the kneading in the sides of your back.

You hummed content as Stella added pressure in your lowly back, slowing going upwards never loosen the strength.

“Harry’ gonna be surprised when he’ll be home.” Stella giggled, while kneading the sides of your back.. Rolling the skin between her fingers. “Yeh told him nothing. S’ gonna be a surprise when he’ll be back from filming the movie.”

Both deep in thoughts while Stella finished the massage. You squeezing your legs more together by the thought of massaging Harry’s full body, laying vulnerable in bed, enjoying your hands kneading his body-

Harry come home on a Monday afternoon. Tired as usual. It didn’t matter if he came from tour, a interview, a photoshoot or the ending of filming a movie. Harry was always tired after work.

Strong arms around your waist, twirling you around. Face nuzzled in your neck, taking your perfume in. He had missed you, every little piece of you.

He had missed the mornings when he woke up and saw laying on your stomach, cheeks pressed in the mattress, lips slightly open, eyelids closed while your nose was shoved in the side of his back. He loved morning with you.

He loved waking you up, his voice all raspy , hands stroking your back, giving you soft kisses on your face, seeing you mouth corners curl ups slowly, - waking up.

He loved spending his days with you, having lunch in your favourite little restaurant in the centre of London, visiting his parents or yours when they were in town.

He just loved you.

He hated himself for leaving you behind, when he had another task to do,seeing you face crumble with teary-eyes at home or at the airport leaving you once again.

And every time when he came home to you after such a crazy day, week and sometimes even months he was glad to have his best friend back in his arms.

Harry hummed content, already planning a nice evening by only the two of you when your phone started beeping, disturbing you. Harry moaned, nuzzling even more into your neck, giving you forceful pecks, nibbling on your flesh, sucking on that one peculiarity spot.

“Harry.. Can’t- Need to be somewhere..” You moaned, feeling the blood get sucked towards your skin.

When the words left your mouth, you felt him stop, lifting his head from your neck. “Wha’.. M’just back?”

Guilt couldn’t even describe how you felt as your eyes wandered around his face. Face fallen, disappointment in his eyes, lips thin. He was pissed.

He just had left you for two months! “Were yeh going’ goin?” Every scenario flashed through his mind. What could possibility be more important then him coming home? “Baby.. I.”

Clapping your hands on both sides of his face, kissing the crease between his eyebrows, hoping it would fade away, not that it was really helping. “Yeh leaving me? F’wha? A get-together with your colleagues? ‘F you don’t see them enough.” Harry took your hands off his way, storming to your couch in your little studio.

“Harry..” You whined, looking at the clock on your phone- screaming to you to leave-

“Wha’ s’more important than me at t’moment?” You rolled your eyes, hovering over a grumpy boyfriend who’s ego was busting. “You’ll understand.. very soon.” Lips lightly touching his, Harry’s hands instant flaring up to the back of your neck, trying to deepen the kiss. You declined, trying to get yourself together, needing to leave.

“Not that harsh!” Stella shrieked when you pressure was too hard. Watching you with big pupils. ”Sorry!”

“Harry’s home.” You explained. “He’s grumpy that I left. I bet he thinks I’m cheating.” You continued, while kneading her legs.

Sadly Harry did. He already called his sister, asking what he should do, trying to get the scenario out of his head but couldn’t. He was scared that he didn’t know about some handsome co-worker that started working at your company while he was away.

Luckily Gemma knew about your evening classes- you told her a couple weeks ago when you two went for lunch. Gemma tried to reassure him, that he worrying about nothing.

“Y’don’t know tha’ for sure! Bet she wouldn’t tell tha’ especially her boyfriend’s sista.” Harry snapped, getting irritated by Gemma. He was trying to focus on an episode of Family Guy when he called her.

Gemma ignored the snapping, still trying to sooth him till Harry could hear the front door opening. “Gotta go. See ya!” He interrupted, ending the phone call without waiting on a response.

“Hi, sweet!” You mumbled when you walked in the living room, looking relaxed and tired. Stella did wonders this evening when she felt your tense muscles. Letting you fall next to him, in the couch. Your head on his shoulder. “Hi, love.”

You hummed content at the sight. A good looking boyfriend, naked torso trying to watch Family Guy,- something you’ll never get since it’s wasn’t that funny;

There was a silence between you, only Stewie voice filing the room. Harry was slightly pouting, arms crossed, trying to concentrate. Something harder than he imagined since you’ve been watching him the moment you stumbled next to him. You started to get impatient, wanting to touch him, making love to-

“I missed you.” You whispered, getting closer to him, while your hand followed the lines of his leaf tattoos when you spare hand found his way to the back of his neck, massaging it, giving little squeezes.

Harry moaned content, Family Guy all forgotten, instead watching you intense. You were looking at him with big pupils, biting your lips.

Something has changed, even when you were so good at massaging his scalp before. Your touch was different, your fingers tip have gotten more fierce, while your palm pushed his skin upwards.

Harry liked the passion in your fingertips.

“I’ve been taking classes. S’way I was away..” Only thing Harry could do was moan, mouth slightly open, eyes closed while you kept massaging his scalp.  

“I need to practice on someone. Wanna be me’ model?” You whispered in his ear, tongue ticking his earlobe, after nibbling on it. Harry could only nod.

Leading him towards your bedroom, demanding him to take his clothes off while you run into your bathroom, searching for the almond oil, deep down in the cabinet.

You smiled smugly when you saw him laying on his stomach, only in his briefs. His cheeks pressed in the mattress. Green eyes following every move. Only in his shirt and red lace-panties.

He got goosebumps only from that view, you didn’t even started and he felt his cock already stiffen’ up.

“The bed is too low to stand, So guess I’ll sit on your cute bum.” You hummed while straddling him, taking the bottle of oil with you. “Fine by meh.”

Pumping oil in your hand, rubbing it together to get it warm. You were excited to touch him in such a sensual way and that’s what you did, you hands touching his warm body, starting to spread the oil on his body.

It gave Harry shivers all over his body, he wanted to blame the oil to be too cold but when you pressed your hands in his lower back, going slowly upwards, your whole body going with your hands he knew you were good.

Your were really that good.

Kneading his neck and he could feel your warm breath in his ear. “Missed you babe, take this as your ‘Welcome back’ gift.” Harry moaned when you started to give him kisses in the crook of his neck while kneading the back of his neck, slowly going backwards to his back.

And you did it again.

Hands on his lower back, going upwards, kneading his neck. “How was Urk?” You giggled, only getting moans in response. “Guess it went alright? Your muscles are really tense, babe.”

His eyes still closed, enjoying the feeling of your soft, little hands on his back- while your palms added more pressure in his shoulders, your front putting automatically more pressure into his bum.

Drawing circles around his vertebras, kneading his sides, letting the skin roll between your fingers, pressing your fingers and palm harder, trying to release the tensed muscles. God, Harry loved your hands on him.

Only one thing started to tense more.

Sliding of his bum, letting Harry protest loudly. “No’ babe- keep goin’.” Wanting you right there, where you were before.

“No, M’gonna put my hands on your cute, little butt!” You explained, pulling his briefs harshly down. Him shrieking. “Wha’!?”

He thought he wouldn’t like it till you started kneading it and squeezing it. Making your hand in a fist, while your wrist started twirling, your other hand following flatly with, stroking it.

Harry moaning. He adjusted his body so he could take a better look at you. His eyes were now wide open, green eyes never leaving you, he noticed your hair falling out of your bun and his shirt hanging nicely on your body. You were perfect, you were concentrated, doing every movement Ada thought you, not even noticing his staring-

When you putted his briefs up again, he was protesting once again.

He shut his mouth immediately when you fingers slid to his legs, between his thighs. That’s when you started to tease him, kneading a little bit closer upfront than necessary. “Pet..” He tried to warn you, looking at you with narrowed eyes.

But you acted like you didn’t notice the warning, you massaged his legs, trying to keep your smile limited by the reactions you received. Your breathing started to get heavier, both did.

You felt the need to start to massaging his front, seeing his mouth open, and hearing his moans more clearly while you massaged his arms and stomach.

“Turn around, babe.” It was barely hearable, just above a whisper but still he heard you. Harry did what you asked him do. Eyes on you, while you grounded your hips against his crotch. Combined moans filling your small bedroom.

“Fuck.. Pet.” Harry couldn’t even finish his sentence before another moan left his mouth, shifting a little so your centre was directly on his. “I..-”

You started spreading oil on his arms, face close to his, your noses almost touching. You smelled the sweet sent of mint coming out of his mouth, breath on your face, lips hovering yours.

You started to thrust yourself on his painful erection while your hands were stroking his arms, trying to still massage them. “Please..” Harry’s head fell on the hard mattress, looking at the ceiling, biting on his button lip to neglect another moan when you thrust your hips faster and harder to add friction.

Oily hands found their way to his neck, while you lips collided, little soft pecks were given. You could feel your underwear getting soaked and the outline of his dick through his briefs.

Harry’s lips found their way to your collarbone, leaving soft kisses on them, tongue poking out a couple times, while sucking. You moaned in pleasure.

You had missed him so much and you couldn’t wait anymore to touch him, kiss him, feel him. You just wanted him.

The massage all forgotten.

You started crawling backwards, and kneeled between his legs, sliding the black briefs slowly down his legs. It only took a couple second before his erection stood free. A sigh leaving his mouth, finally feeling released.

No warning, you took him all in your mouth. Harry hand gripping the sheet next to him, his spare one on the back of your neck, buckle his hips up, letting you gag “Fuck.. I.. -Give meh a warning first.”

You pulled your mouth slowly back, letting your tongue twirl around the top. Harry breathing fasten while your started sucking at the head, tasting the salt from his pre-come coming out his cock. A whisper leaving his mouth.. “God.”

You continued to bob your head, while stroking the rest of him, not forgetting his balls. Harry licked his lips, moaning once again by the sight. Round ass up, your breasts showing thanks to the wide collar from his shirt, nipples hard and you were taking him, inch by inch, locking eyes with him.

Unaware had Harry pushed you all the way down on himself, causing your eyes to water and feel as if you were choking. “Babe- ”

You jolted up. Harry protesting wanting your mouth back were it belonged.

In no time, you discarded your lace thongs. Harry gazing. He just couldn’t keep his eyes off you. You hips were hovering over his, your centre slightly touching his shaft. Throwing your head back as you felt his erection.

Harry reached out for his dick, slowly moving his tip at your centre. You knees almost gave in, by the feeling. “Harry.. Please..”

So that’s what Harry did. He adjusted himself at your centre and let push yourself down. Both leaving moans when you reached the base of his cock. Ha

You were full, full of him and you felt your stomach tense up. You started to ride him, pulling yourself up to let you afterwards sunk yourself back down.

Fingers were entangled while Harry started moving, him wanting you even deeper and you shallowing hard while bouncing on his length.

“Fuck..” Slapping of skin, you whispering, moaning his name in a beautiful melody.

“I know..” You let out a cry from pleasure, feeling your eyes watering. Lifting your hips, Harry bucking them up, while you dropped back down. Thrusts meeting each other.

You were grinning even harder, groans leaving each other mouths in unison. Hips moving in synch. Sweat was dripping of your forehead, and you felt yourself clench around him.

Trying to get a better grip on Harry’s hand, you gave a couple more thrusts. Harry’s groaning mixed with your whispers and you both knew you almost were there.  “M’close.. M’close…” You panted, while trying to get yourself up, failing miserably, knees giving in.

Harry tried to support you with his elbows, trying to give you more strength but feeling your walls clench around him, made him weak. “Just do it’ pet..”

“C’mon..” His hands were on your hips, helping to steady yourself while you sunk yourself once again down, your petite hands on his shoulders. Whispers leaving your mouth.

The climax was close, thrusts got faster, but sloppier. Harry’s head fell back, eyes rolling backwards while you rode him, feeling himself close to the edge. Your lips attaching into his neck, leaving moans against his flesh.

You were closing and loosing in a rapid speed around him, trying to get a couple more thrust done, before reaching your orgasm.

Crying out his name, hands tighten and a hard thrust was what got you over the edge. A lump was formed in your mouth, sight blurry while Harry keept bucking his hips up, trying to reach his.

Not that much later feeling his cum lashing inside you, letting you whisper from the warm feeling. Arms giving in, letting your collapse above him, both breathless. “That was amazing.”

You hummed in response, lifting your now - very, heavy head up. Harry’ head close to yours, your lips touching, instantly opening your mouth to deepen the kiss.

You ended the kiss. Harry pulling himself out, already missing the warmth around him as you rolled off him, nuzzling to his side.

You really missed him. You really had missed the affection between the two of you.

Arms were wrapped around you waist, trying to get you as close as possible. Soft kisses on your shoulders letting you smile in content. This was the kind of happy ending you liked.

Stupid way to end the one shot, I know and I’m so sorry about but yeah..  I am not a expert on writing smut (or writing in general), but bare with me. English is not my first language, so be nice.

If you have an request or wanna have a chat, you can always contact me HERE, Feedback is as usual welcome.

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So, I went to see Musical Touken Ranbyu today and..Holy shit it was awesome!

Just really, loved the story, loves the cast, loved the songs. The only complaint I have would be the technical issue where I felt that the sound speakers weren’t able to handle the loudness of the music and messed up the awesomeness of the songs sometimes, which I felt was honestly a shame, because they did really well on the singing. (Also, I think the music was a little too loud sometimes, as you could barely hear the actors sing.)

Until I picked up my tickets at the theater I had no clue where I’d be seated, so I feared the worst, but… I had some really nice seat. 15th row, 18th seat. Which not too far from the stage, and right in the middle of the theater at the aisle! 

More impressions and a short summery under the cut… 
(Read at your own risk! May contain spoilers! I’ll try to keep it cryptic though.)

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close your eyes and think of the world
it’s a dark place
yes. can you see any light?
only the fire in my heart
is it bright?
not bright enough
are you sure? look again
there’s a hand reaching out of the dark
will you take it? you have nothing to lose
nothing but life
what is life without living? take his hand
(the world is dark because your eyes are closed,
so open them; see life like it was meant to be seen
and become who you were meant to be)
—  take his hand // l.s.
A Little Roughness

Originally posted by hongshiyoung

A Little Roughness

Rated: M (smut)

You sank yourself deeper into the bathtub, until your chin hit the steaming water. Unconsciously, you let out a blissful sigh, feeling your tight and stressed muscles begin to relax under all the warmth. Time was lost on you, all that mattered right now was that you were no longer dealing with angry clients at work or being dumbfounded by your class assignment. The peace was swiftly interrupted when your cell phone suddenly began to ring. You groaned. You reached your hand out towards the sink, stretching as much as you can, too stubborn to completely leave the comfort of the water.

“H-hello?” You stammered, sinking back into the tub.

“…Jagi.” You heard Namjoon smooth voice flow from the speaker, you felt your body relax even more. “Are you home right now?”

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For @blessedirwin‘s 5sos + flowers blurb night

Ashton never thought he’d be sitting in the front for a dance recital. The front row for a school talent show? Sure. The front row of a battle of the bands contest? Hell yeah! But a dance show? No.

And yet, there he sat in a black button down shirt with his hands drumming mindlessly to the song playing through the speakers. He felt like he’d been waiting forever, his nerves for his little girl growing with every passing dance. He knew she was coming up soon, he just didn’t know when. Finally, he saw her dance teacher escorting a row of rambunctious four years olds in tap shoes onto the stage – Ashton’s little girl, Gracie, front and center like the star he knew her to be.

Ashton watched in awe as his Gracie, who barely talked to Luke when he first arrived at the house, command the stage. Her smile making the dimples on her cheeks prominent, just like her daddy’s. She knew all the moves without having to watch her teacher and when one of the girls taps shoes flew off she was the only one not to laugh.

She was a born star, just not in the style Ashton had planned for.

“You did so good out there munchkin,” Ashton said, scooping her into his arms after the recital. “So good that daddy got you a surprise.”

“I like surprises,” Gracie smiled, wiggling out of his grip. She took Ashton’s hand as they walked across the parking lot. Once they reached the car Ashton told her to close her eyes, opening the trunk of the car to reveal ten beautiful bouquets, each containing a different flower combination in vibrant colors. “Flowers!” she squealed.

“Only the best flowers for my favorite dancer.”

Ashton hoisted her into the trunk of the car before handing her the two smaller bouquets. He helped her situated the reaming bouquets around her before snapping a few pictures. Gracie smiled for the first few before she grew bored of the impromptu photo shoot. And when she saw one of her dance friends walking towards her, without no flowers and only her granddad in tow,  she lost all interest.

Gracie motioned for Ashton to come closer to her. “Daddy,” she whispered. “I don’t think my friends has flowers.” Ashton followed her gaze to the little girl who was dressed in the same leotard as Gracie. Sure enough, the girl was flower less.

“Do you want to give her one of your flowers, princess?”

Gracie nodded her hand as she fumbled through the flowers. She picked a bouquet of yellow roses before Ashton helped her out of the car and escorted her over to where the girl was.

“Hi Abby,” Gracie mumbled. “I wanted you to have these.”

Ashton watched in amazement as his shy, little Gracie handed the flowers to Abby. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched the face of Abby and her granddad break out into a smile — clearly thankful for the kind gesture.

“That was really nice of you,” Ashton said, later when Gracie and him had arrived home. They were in the middle of situating all the flowers into vases, scattering them around their small apartment so that no corner was left flowerless. “I’m very proud of you Gray.”

“I’m proud of you too, daddy,” Gracie said, kissing Ashton’s cheek. “Can we get ice cream tomorrow?”

Ashton laughed, nodding his head in response.

“Anything for my Gracie.”