felt or straw

Better. The answer Kai was prepared to give to everyone who asked how he was. He was still prescribed to the anxiety medication to turn him away from hallucinogenics, having not touched the stuff since he departed the Capitol last. A new tattoo reminiscent of Wonderland was more for his own healing than that of a public statement. It was a permanent, physical mark to accompany the permanent emotional scars he carried. All this along with a newly granted title as godfather of his now 1-month old cousin Caspian helped the man hold his head higher than he had in a long while. 

Not eager to socialize, Kai sat and people watched at a table close the center of the room. It didn’t feel as weird being back as it had the year before, but weird it still felt. He stirred the straw of his neon green drink, giggling to himself about how the bubbles reminded him of his new cousin’s drooling problem.