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Kate and Gerald killing each other felt oddly appropriate but I was kind of hoping that Chris would do it. Poor guy though, all of his family is dead and his father and sister killed each other. I'm headcanoning that Chris finds a new family with the McCall and Scott is best man at his and Melissa's wedding.

Saaaame I thought Chris going to kill him

“Why do you care? We’re not even friends.”

For: anon, @kjs-s, and @not-my-yacht (Popular one!)
Pairing: Mike Dodds/Reader
Warnings: None
Word Count: 396

You swallowed hard as you looked up at the white door. You shouldn’t have come.

Yet, when he’d been held hostage all day and you’d had to stand outside, hands shoved in pockets as you thought through every lame pick-up line, quick cup of coffee, or late night Chinese dinner, you couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with inexplicable emotions. He couldn’t leave you.

Mike Dodds was your sergeant, and even though you fought back against his authority at any chance, part of you couldn’t keep your eyes off of him.

You regretted avoiding the squad after his exit from the home where he’d had to talk his way out of being murdered. You’d mumbled something about paperwork and needing food for an unstable blood sugar. But really, you’d been trying to hide the tears that filled your eyes at the relief that the man you looked up to was still alive.

Somewhere between grabbing a chicken salad sandwich and returning the precinct, you realized it was so much more than admiration. You’d become more than just colleagues. You wanted Mike in your life, no matter the cost.

A slow breath escaped your lips as you raised your fist, knocking on the door four times rather forcefully. It dropped to your side as you debated running. The classic ding-dong ditch felt oddly appropriate at the moment. Yet, before your feet could carry you down the hall and out of sight, the door opened and Mike stared back at you, head tilted to the side.


“I, uh,” you stammered awkwardly. “I wanted to make sure you were okay.” You held up the brown paper bag that was clutched in your other hand. “I brought macaroons?”

“Why do you care?” He asked, voice heavy and dark. “We’re not even friends. You ran away before I could see you outside.”

You licked you lips, shrugging. There weren’t good answers for your actions. “I’ve always cared,” you sighed. “I just didn’t want to be the love-sick new kid.”

“Love-sick, huh?” Mike smirked, clearly not expecting the answer, but pleased with your description. You watched with intrigued eyes as he stepped to the side, inviting you in. “C'mon, I could use the company.”

You nodded, smiling softly as you stepped across the threshold to a night of conversations and laughter. And no talk of the horrors that haunted your day jobs.

I’ve been predominately photographing things for work or for freelance projects these past few days, weeks and months. Each day, I try to take a few photographs for myself as I’m going from one thing to the next. These are never well composed and I’m never particularly happy with these images at first. 

Perhaps it’s a sentimental impulse but over time I do start to like them. This was taken on the last day of my previous job and the moment felt oddly appropriate. 

- Sandy Noto

Shacking up (Raquel)

Kaldur had spent the last few months living in the base. He could have moved into an apartment but living at their new base felt oddly appropriate. He was responsible for the destruction of Mt. Justice, and their old base was home to a few of his teammates. Although he was used to more space for a time they had to deal with living in a shed and sleeping on cots. He could tough it out for a while.

However, he found himself spending more and more time at Raquel’s and she had continually brought up the idea of him moving in. Even worse, she’d gotten Amistad on her team, and there was no telling him no. He wouldn’t understand anything except that for some reason his Papa Kal didn’t want to live with him. But besides that Kaldur was ready to take the next step and propose, and well, the base was not at all the sort of space where one would try to start a familly life. Once they were married Kaldur would think about buying a new house, for now it would be more important for them to start learning how to live together.

Packing his things was easy, except for his books he didn’t have much. Moving in was going to be difficult. For some reason a line of camera men were hiding in the bushes out side of Raquel’s apartment.