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“I was sitting next to this girl on the plane the other day, a Latin orator. She was like, ‘What are the band called?’ It was really hard to tell her. They’re two words that really fucking should not be together” -Alex

  • Me: Anime guys are too good to be real
  • Me: *sudden realisation* that’s why they are not

Ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few?


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Tomorrow Day || Audelion

As always, Rion woke early, but this time his heart was pounding in his chest. There was someone else in the bed with him and that just did not happen. Ever. End of.

It was only as a familiar scent drifted in through his nostrils that he dared to open his eyes and only then did he recognise the person lying in front of him. At least it wasn’t a complete disaster.

He pressed a gentle kiss to the back of Audelia’s shoulder and when she didn’t stir he thought she was still asleep. Good, she needs it. Rolling over to the edge of the bed he slipped out quietly as he didn’t want to go back to sleep but also knew that he couldn’t simply lie in bed with Audelia. Getting on to the floor, he began to work out and it was only when the thin film of sweat began to form on his body that he decided to stop and check his watch.

Seeing that the time was getting close to when he knew that they really should get back to their dorms before people started to wonder where they had been he was still reluctant to rouse her. Crossing over to her side of the bed he knelt down in front of her face and shook her gently whilst he softly said, “Princess? It’s time to wake up now.”