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You can hate the Disney sequels all you like

But I will defend the sequel characters with my life.

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Here's a thought for you, when Shiro comes back from wherever he vanished to, for him it's only been like an hour but for everyone else it's been like five years or maybe even a decade?

:3   I like a decade.

Immediately after stepping out of the Black Lion, something felt wrong.

Something was different.

Shiro stood in place, helmet on his lip until it clicked.  The hangar was rearranged.

Not that it had a lot of things in it already, but there was some equipment on the walls and shelving, and it was either switched out or moved around.

An odd thing to do, while he was flying around Zarkon.  Shiro found himself a little irritated at the idea - he was the one who used those tools most, after all, and someone else messing with it made him antsy.  But he shook that off.  It wasn’t like Shiro owned any of it, and Allura and Coran had every right to move it around as they pleased.

That settled, Shiro walked back out, head tilted.  Was he the first one back, somehow?  He didn’t remember anything after passing out during that battle until he woke up in the Black Lion, hungry and cold but otherwise intact.  Maybe Black had flown him back and he had just woken quickly?  

Shiro put his helmet back on, listening for the inevitable post-battle chatter, at least from Allura and Coran.


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Alright so I’m doing another lyricstuck, for Percy Jackson this time, starring Luke! I just started tonight so it’ll honestly take forever (I’m talking months maybe) since I have school and everything but I wanted to share the first two pics with you guys :D

and I definitely wont post anymore till I’m done because I do this all the time I just need to be patient and not spoil the entire thing 


My son :’)

i love sickfics okay i am forcing this upon you

“Lance!” Shiro’s stern voice sounded muffled as Lance took a breath. He was having trouble concentrating, and it felt like he was fading in and out of consciousness. He felt beads of sweat on his forehead and hastily wiped them away, trying to focus on piloting Blue.

“Lance, we need to separate to distract them,” Shiro prompted, his voice sounding muffled still. Lance swallowed and blinked away the dizziness before responding.

“Roger that,” Lance managed, hoping his voice didn’t sound too awful. He had little energy to speak, and he used all he had to make sure he sounded normal.

“Lance, go to the right, I’ll go to the left, Keith go in front, Pidge go above, and Hunk, you just fly around them in circles,” Shiro ordered.

“Are you sure that’ll work?” Hunk questioned doubtfully. Lance suppressed a sneeze.

“It’ll have to. Let’s move!” Shiro demanded. Lance blearily watched the paladins fly into their places, and slowly followed suit and piloted Blue to the right.

Lance felt his heart race and sweat dripped down onto his nose. His breathing was faster than he wanted it to be, and he took off his helmet to wipe the sweat away. It was no use, he was already drenched in it.

Lance was sure that he was sick. He felt subpar the other day, but he thought it was just from stress and being tired, so he slept it off. He was dead wrong.

Lance was shivering, but sweating at the same time. His face felt hot and he couldn’t stop coughing.

Lance’s mind has been so foggy, he hasn’t even been moving Blue very much. He’s been flying to the right, and almost ended up out of range since he wasn’t focusing.

Lance felt his lion sway in circles, and quickly but lethargically lunged to the controls, trying to gain control of Blue. It only made it worse, and Lance realized that Blue was flying fine.

Before Lance could think of anything else that could’ve been wrong, he passed out and fell to the floor of his lion. Blue shifted into autopilot and landed them somewhere safe and hidden, making sure that nothing got to the ill blue paladin.

“Where’d Lance go? He’s out of range,” Pidge questioned, flying her lion down to attract the Galra fleet’s attention before springing up again.

“He’s supposed to be distracting them with us,” Keith muttered, flying towards the fleet from the front and then sharply turning away when they fired a shot towards the red lion.

“Wait a second,” Shiro mumbled, looking at the map his lion was showing him. The blue dot that represented Lance was blinking and stationary.

“Lance isn’t moving, and his lion’s sending out some kind of distress signal,” Shiro pointed out.

“Keith, go find Lance,” Shiro ordered suddenly, gripping his lion’s controls to distract the Galra fleet.

“Are you sure you can make do without me?” Keith questioned worriedly.

“Someone has to make sure Lance’s okay,” Shiro pointed out. Keith sighed reluctantly, and grabbed Red’s controls, flying his lion to where Blue was.

“Alright Lance, where are you,” Keith muttered, eyeing the map every few seconds to make sure he was headed in the right direction. The red lion flew into the cave where Blue was, landing and ejecting Keith.

Keith dusted off his paladin armor and huffed, looking at the blue lion. Blue seemed to be in great shape, so why did she have an emergency landing and use her distress signal?

“Lance?” Keith called, entering the helm of the blue lion. He gasped when he saw that Lance was unconscious and on the floor. Keith gently moved his body so Lance’s back was rested against the wall.

“Oh no,” Keith muttered, studying the blue paladin. His skin was pale, and he was sweating and shivering. Keith placed the back of his hand on Lance’s forehead to discover he had a raging fever.

“Guys?” Keith called into the intercom.

“What’s going on?” Shiro questioned, sounding distracted.

“Lance is shaking, sweating, unconscious, and he has a raging fever,” Keith replied, trying to think of ways to rouse him from unconsciousness.

“Oh no, that’s not good,” Shiro replied. Keith sighed, searching Blue for a water bottle or something.

“We’ll be there soon, we’ve almost got this covered,” Shiro addressed. Keith muttered a response before taking off his helmet. Keith rummaged around Blue until he found a water bottle. It was small, but it would do the job.

Keith found a cleaning rag in the corner and grabbed it, drenching it in cold water. He wrung out the rag and draped it across Lance’s forehead. Just moments later, Lance opened his eyes and coughed.

“Oh thank God,” Keith sighed heavily in relief. Lance coughed again, his tired body doubling over. He groaned and leaned back against the wall, sniffling.

“What happened?” Lance muttered, looking around Blue and realizing that he was no longer in the air, he was on the floor and in a cave somewhere.

“You must’ve passed out. Blue shifted into autopilot and landed you guys in here,” Keith explained, grabbing the damp rag from Lance’s forehead and pouring more water over it before wringing it out again. Keith draped it back over Lance’s forehead, and Lance sighed at its cool touch.

“You’re in rough shape,” Keith muttered, looking the blue paladin up and down. Lance scoffed bitterly but was interrupted by a harsh cough.

“Thanks,” Lance replied, his voice scratchy.

“Keith?” Shiro’s quiet voice sounded from Keith’s helmet which was set off to the side. Keith picked it up and swiftly placed it over his head, pressing the intercom button on the side.

“Yeah? What’s going on?” Keith questioned.

“We’re on our way to your location, stay put,” Shiro ordered before going offline. Keith sighed in relief. Lance looked confused, but before he could ask what was going on, another harsh cough wracked his body.

“Everyone’s on their way, Allura and Coran have been alerted and they’re on their way as well,” Keith assured.

“Is the mission over?” Lance asked, his sick voice low and quiet.

“For now, you need to get better before we do anything else,” Keith pointed out. There was a moment of silence before Keith looked at Lance with sudden hostility.

“Why didn’t you tell us you weren’t feeling well?” Keith questioned, his voice angry.

“I did,” Lance replied defensively.

“Oh, pffftt, when?” Keith questioned hotly in reply.

“This morning?” Lance replied, his statement sounding more like a question to get his point across. Keith raised an eyebrow, urging Lance to explain.

“‘Hey guys, I don’t feel very good, I’m gonna take it easy today,’ is what I said,” Lance added. Keith raised both eyebrows to indicate he still had no idea where this was going.

“Does ‘C’mon Lance, we’re all tired. Suck it up, let’s go’ ring a bell?” Lance questioned, attitude clear in his tone, despite sounding sick and tired. Keith immediately looked guilty and his eyes shot down to the floor.

“Yeah,” He muttered, pouting. Lance coughed harshly again for about 10 seconds, his face turning red before he could stop to take a breath.

“To be fair, I didn’t feel as bad this morning as I do now,” Lance replied. Keith was about to say something, but he heard the castle outside and saw the other lions waiting for them.

“Can you fly Blue?” Keith questioned, helping Lance up. Lance wobbled and coughed, leaning onto the pilot chair for support when his world spun again.

“I could try,” Lance responded, swallowing as he sat down in the pilot chair. Keith nodded briskly before leaving and going into the red lion. Lance sighed and his shaky hands fumbled with the controls, taking a minute before finally exiting the cave and flying into his hangar in the castle.

The other paladins, Coran, and Allura were waiting for Lance to exit his lion. Lance huffed as he slowly stood up, quickly throwing his arms to the pilot chair to catch himself when he grew dizzy. He wobbled out of the blue lion, and everyone’s faces fell when they saw Lance.

“Oh my God, you look awful,” Pidge pointed out, her eyebrows high. Lance sniffled and a harsh cough wracked his body for the thousandth time that day, almost knocking him over.

“I think I’m gonna go in my room for now,” Lance muttered.

“You do that,” Shiro replied, patting Lance’s shoulder gently as to not knock him off balance as he wobbled slowly down the hallway. His tired body slumped as he opened his bedroom door.

Lance slept a lot the next few days, and whenever he came out of his room to grab a snack or a meal, everyone apologized profusely for not listening when he said he felt under the weather. Lance accepted their apologies, assuring them that it was okay.

Keith spoiled Lance endlessly with soup, water, and medicine, he made a swift recovery after a few days. Lance thanked Keith for taking care of him, to which Keith just said, “You’d do the same for me” in reply.

After that, whenever Lance said he wasn’t feeling up to something, he was bombarded with questions like, “Are you sick?” or “Are you okay?” “Do you have a fever?” “Do you need medical attention?” Lance would just chuckle and say he was tired, and then he laughed again when everyone sighed in relief.

Lance was glad that his fellow paladins cared for him so much. He knew that if he ever felt under the weather again, he would be in good hands.

SUNMOON POKEDDEX CHALLENGE DAY 23 - Favourite Legendary: Solgaleo

I love both title legendaries of Sun and Moon but for me Solgaleo is the one that really just has that special feel to it. One of the reasons is the design. You look at it and you think “Oh, a lion, cool!” but when you look at it more closely it is so much more. At least for me.

That is why I took a completely different turn with this design. This Solgaleo isn’t based on a regular lion for various reasons but instead it is based on an extinct thylacoleo. I personally felt like thylacoleo (marsupial lion) has qualities that feel more fitting to Solgaleo than a regular African lion, one being the feeling of alieness. Both Lunala and Solgaleo are very alien creatures so I thought it would be more fitting for their origin and nature to go for something unusual. Thylacoleo was also a terrifying beast with incredibly powerful bite and deadly claws.

Another reason to go for thylacoleo was that it felt more stocky and sturdy than a regular lion. Solgaleo appears to have armor as well which I did not want to portray as patterned skin/fur. I wanted to do something more interesting. And for me thylacoleo gave a chance to mix in some other qualities. I went with rhino armor. It’s sturdy, allows movement and it also gave me the motif I needed for Solgaleo’s mane.

For the most part the mane feels more solid than fluffy and furry so I applied the rhino armor there as well to represent the more solid looking parts. I didn’t want to go with overly fluffy and recoloured mane either because that again feels like is lacking the feeling of alieness. Besides, I have done a recoloured lion version already so about time I got more serious about it and stopped with the shortcuts and the obvious choices. There are a ton of cool creatures out there but it can be a real chore to find the most fitting ones.

Overall I am very pleased with how this design came out and I feel like I could explore it even further at some point!

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Penny for your thoughts…this might make the narrative too short, but what if, in the space mall episode, Shiro and Black had defeated/killed Zarkon (who then, apparently, would be dead in the real world)? What would the eventual how-has-your-day-gone exchange look like? (An even more ludicrous contrast in tone? Other paladins: Soooo, while we were out, we seem to have maybe ended up with a cow. Shiro: Soooo, while you were out, I seem to have maybe ended Zarkon…)

“And this is why you have this…. cow.”  Allura drew the word out slowly like she was tasting it and not sure she liked it.  Her gaze drew back over to the cow in question, who continued to wander the control room, likely in search of grass.

Shrugging, Pidge nodded.  “Yep.  And this!”  She held up her video game console above her head, letting out an excited whoop.  “Forget the cow, we have video games, now!”

Lance let out a yelp and trotted over to the cow, covering her ears.  “Don’t talk about Kaltenecker that way!”  Unbothered by Lance’s attempts to preserve her self-esteem, the cow wandered off.  Lance continued to chase her, which at least didn’t seem to bother the creature.

“Compared to that, I didn’t do too badly,” Hunk reported.

Keith eyed him.  “Yeah, you only got shackled to a food court stand.”

“I got out, and people really liked my food.”  Shrugging, Hunk gave a little smile.  “Uh, there might be a small bounty on me.  A little one.  By the stall owner.  He didn’t want me to leave after.  I’m sure there’s bigger ones for us.”

For a moment there was silence, as Allura stared at all four, then looked at Coran.  He shrugged and grinned at her, still shuffling the lenses in his hands.

Visibly giving up, Allura turned to look at Shiro.  “How did bonding go?”

Shiro had stayed quiet for his team’s stories.  Normally he’d have questions - many questions - but today he couldn’t manage.  Steeping his fingers in his hands, Shiro slowly tracked his eyes to up to meet Allura’s.  “Um.  Zarkon might be dead.”

There was dead silence.

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Genyatta Disney aus tho :3cc




Son of Haggar part 10

Haggar stared at Lavi’s original memories, of his insecurities, his abandonment, his loneliness, his pain. She even saw his point of view of her leaving him in her blue lion. Haggar felt tears come down her eyes, she never didn’t cry after at moment. But here she was crying silently to his child cried for her to come back.

Haggar sometimes wishes she did go back for him, she still does. She added the memories hoping to erase the all the pain he felt. So he won’t felt those insecurities, the abandonment, the loneliness, the painful moments in his life.

But was calm to her retaliation, she was killing him. She was killing her son slowly and most painfully. Haggar added memories with his original, it was too much that he could handle. It broke her heart. It will kill him slowly and painfully.

Yet those memories Lavi had were so similar to her own past life, when she was known as Farla.

One memory show his compassion for all life, and the most painful one of all.

Lavi was protecting a mother cat with her new born kittens from older boys. The boys beat him so much, he had so many bruises. Sadly the boys won and had killed the mother cat by burning her alive. Lavi cried out in angst begging them to not hurt the kittens. That’s when the Lavi snapped and beat the boys, than he grabbed all four kittens and ran as fast as her could. Though only one survived, the rested gotten sick. Lavi tried to pay these vets hoping if he paid them, they’ll save the kittens, it did nothing. The one that survive was a black and grey tabby who adore Lavi and she became Lavi’s only friend.

Who knew this trait of Lavi’s would make him become the Blue Paladin.

His compassion for life, Haggar had that once.




“How much do you love Lance?” As her golden eyes change into her blue ocean eyes.

Silence filled the room, Lotor knew what Haggar was gonna do.

The lioness was letting her cub go to be his true mate.

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YES! YES! YOU'RE DOING PROMPTS THANK GOD! Okay, okay since this scenario just wouldn't leave my head all day due that a previous ask, my prompt is for your take on Shiro finding out that Lance has been leading team Voltron instead of Keith while he was away. Perhaps with a bit of supportive Klance on the side?xP

Thank you!! I hope you enjoy it :D Thank you for being so amazingly supportive of my writing, you’re the absolute best <3

          “Why are you piloting the Black Lion?”

           The words echoed endlessly around Lance’s head, his grin suddenly frozen into place on his face, a rictus, a mockery of the joy that had spread across his face a moment before. Shiro’s look of utter disbelief would have been comical if it hadn’t cut him straight to the core. Insecurities tumbled through his chest, a thousand whispers that he blocked out with a pillow in order to sleep. Why do you think you can lead them? What if you make the wrong decisions? You could get them all killed. You can’t handle this. You don’t deserve this. You’re just the dumb flirt. Why would anyone ever follow you? Why are you piloting the Black Lion?

           He licked his lips slowly, choking on the responses he wanted to give, and something in his face must have given away his feelings, because Shiro rubbed a hand across his eyes. “I’m sorry,” he said. “That came out wrong. But… I had told Keith—”

           “Keith didn’t want to do it,” Lance blurted out. He bit the inside of his cheek. He was doing this all wrong. Shiro frowned.

           “But the Black Lion let him pilot her before—”

           “Look, Shiro—” His voice cracked on his old idol’s name and he breathed deeply, trying to calm his heart, which felt like it was thudding into his stomach. “After you were gone, it was chaos. Zarkon was out of commission, at least for a while, but Haggar was on a warpath, and this other guy named Lotor turned up, and all this time we couldn’t form Voltron because we kept playing musical lions but nothing seemed to work. Keith tried, Allura tried, Hunk tried, Coran was in Green and Pidge was in Blue and I ended up in Yellow one day somehow, but we were running scared because nothing was working. I… I didn’t really expect it either. But we had crashed on Kip’zin and we were scattered and I was just trying to get everyone back together while this ARMY of Robeasts was marching up the hill towards us and… Black came and rescued me. And I tried to pilot her, and that was the first time since you had disappeared that we actually managed to work as a team. So… look you can have her back. I miss Blue, I miss her so much, you’re still our leader, I just—”

           “Lance.” Lance broke off, realizing he had been rambling, and snapped his mouth shut. Shiro had dropped a hand on his shoulder. The weight seemed to press into Lance heavier than anything he had ever carried.

           “It’s alright. I’m not angry. I’m just… I’m just surprised.” Lance bit his lip and looked away.

           “I know it’s not what you expected,” he mumbled. Shiro sighed, scratching at the back of his neck. The bags under his eyes told Lance he hadn’t slept properly in weeks, and probably longer.

           “I have no right to expect anything after being gone for six months,” he said. “How did it go over with Allura, you taking on the Black Lion?” Lance felt his stomach plummet again, hearing the expectation in Shiro’s words. Before he could respond, though, they were interrupted by the whoosh of the door.

           Keith crashed into the room in a red blur, throwing his arms around Shiro, an uncontrollable gasp of relief rising from his chest. “Thank God you’re okay,” he said. Shiro, nearly knocked over by Keith’s furious embrace, stumbled a bit and then returned the hug briefly. Keith stepped back, peering at Shiro’s face, taking in the new thin scar along his jawline and the exhaustion in his eyes. “The castle wasn’t the same without you,” he said. Shiro smiled wearily.

           “Things certainly seem to be… different,” he said. Lance felt his neck go hot as Shiro glanced at him. Keith, looking between them, got a panicked crease between his eyebrows.

           “Look, Shiro, I’m sorry I didn’t take over Black like you wanted, but… it really wasn’t going to work. That became clear really, really fast.” He stepped back and snaked his arm around Lance’s waist. Lance pressed against him, feeling his heart rate slow slightly at Keith’s comforting heat and weight by his side. “Lance has done a better job than any of the rest of us could have.” Shiro looked between them blearily.

           “You two seem to be getting along much better,” he said flatly. The heat in Lance’s neck crept up to his cheeks. He and Keith glanced sideways at each other.

           “We should… probably mention,” Lance said. “We’re kind of dating.”

           Shiro’s expression was almost worth every moment of panicked insecurity Lance had ever felt.

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Have you noticed Lance piloting Red the second time they show him on the chair? *^*

Yes ;___; 

Maybe it’s me … but I don’t want it? I want Shiro being there and piloting his black lion and Keith in red and lance in blue.

I mean they only have their outfits on because Shiro vanished with his. at least I assume that this is the reason.

And I liked that Keith had to build trust with red. I mean of course it gives all Klance shipper (including me) a awesome feel that red is accepting lance, probably, real quick. (What is amazing cause we all know that keith on the other hand felt lance’s lion on earth :D)

BUT the lions have a special bond with their own paladin. I mean lance is all water and having him in a fire lion is kind of strange…

and allura is probably then in the blue lion and I want that lance is in blue, because he was the first paladin finding his lion… AND I REALLY LOVE THOSE SPECIAL BONDS ;U; </3

but we will see how things turn. I guess at the end, when the season is airing, I will love it. Cause I MOSTLY love everything I started with a :/ feel. ^^

Best example Roxas from Kingdom Hearts but that is another story

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i didnt like how his hair was a portal to lion that felt like an easy way out of the situation they put steven in :<<<<


Shiro x reader part 1

They all knew it was a dangerous mission. Yet here they were, preparing to risk their lives for the greater good of the universe. After all they were the defenders of the universe. Though there was one paladin, specifically the black paladin, who didn’t want someone to go. That someone was you. He didn’t want anything to happen to you, and it was your first mission after all. The thought of you getting hurt made his whole body hurt. (feels, that’s what feels, feel like)

  Shiro sighed. He knew that this was your first mission with them. And he knew there was the possibility of you getting hurt. But that’s what you trained for everyday. To get stronger, and don’t get him wrong, he knows you’re strong. You sparred with him and landed several hits on him, most of them hurt. He just didn’t know if you were strong enough to fight a galra soldier.

  Shiro stood and walked from his room to your room, which was right across the hall. He wanted you to stay, to make sure you don’t get hurt. It was pretty obvious he loved you. So he would be willing to do anything, anything to make sure you don’t get hurt.

  Before Shiro could knock the door opened and our you came with your hair in a low ponytail. “Hmm? Oh! Hey Shiro!” You smiled enthusiastically which made butterflies in his stomach. Your smile sort of lit up the whole room. Shiro cleared his throat before speaking. “Hey (y-y/n). I need to talk to you.” You nodded and moved to the side so he can pass. He entered your room and noted how everything was either on your selves or the floor. You weren’t the most organized one. Maybe that was why you never let Coran in your room, he would freak!

  Shiro smiled a bit. You waved your hand in front of him to get him out of his daydream. He blinked and grabbed your hand. Shiro then remembered the reason he was here, this brought his smile to a frown. Which made you frown. “Hey, Shiro? You o-”

  “You can’t go on the mission with us.” He inturrupted you. You looked at him with a questioning face. But that sooned turned into a look aof disbelief. “W-what? Why? Did I do some-something wrong?” You could feel your eyes prickling with tears. And Shiro was sure his heart broke.

  ‘because I don’t want you to get hurt.’ Shiro thought, but he couldn’t bring himself to say that. Instead he said something that he regretted immediately. “Because, you’re weak and I don’t want the team to get hurt. You’re better off here.” Crack. That was all you could feel. Your heart cracked and was at a shattering point. 'I didn’t mean that.’ Shiro thought he said out loud. “I just don’t want anyone important to me to get hurt.” That part was said out loud.

  “I’m not important to you?” You asked quietly. Almost like a whisper. Shiro barely heared it, and he mistook it for something else. He heared “I’m important to you too?” Because he misheard. He answered the wrong thing. “Yes.”

   And at that moment, your whole life shattered. Tears fell, and a sob crept up your throat. “G-get out.” You said quietly. Shiro leaned closer because he couldn’t hear. “Excuse me?” Anger built up in you. “Get! Out! I want you out of here! Leave me alone! I hate you Shiro! Get out!” You didn’t realize what you were saying, but man, did it hurt Shiro. You pushed him out, although it was hard considering he was so tall and strong. He stumbled out of your room and looked back and saw you, tears streaming down, eyes squinted and arms strained. “Now leave.” With that you entered your room and locked the door behind you.

   Shiro felt heartbroken. Sad, anger and regret. He really should have just told you from the beginning. That he loved you and didn’t want you to get hurt. Instead he was an idiot, very unlike him. And he lost the most important thing in the world- no the universe. You.

  You weren’t so good either. The man you looked up to, admired and so dearly loved, broke your heart. You knew you shouldn’t have lashed out at him, but you couldn’t help it. He hurt you. Nobody liked being hurt. Especially by their loved one. (unless you’re the type to love angst! I know I do!) So imagine the pain you felt, and the betrayl and-and the anger! Shiro just came and told you, you weren’t even close to being important to him. You would have to show him! You will show him.


   Sneaking into Lance’s lion was easier than you thought. You just artived a couple seconds earlier and hid behind some sort of control panel. You sat as far away from that as to make sure you didn’t touch anything. You moved your head to the side and felt that your hair was stuck. Yanking it away you had to surpress a grunt. About 1 minute later you heared the lion roar to life. It excited you. This was your first time in a lion, though you hoped your first time would have been with Shiro.

  You shook your head of any thoughts of Shiro. He wasn’t important right now. (lies! Lies I tell you!) You sat in your corner until you felt the lion slow down and lower. Then it sped up and did loopty loops and swirls and alot of stuff. You almost threw up. After about 3 minutes of spinning and twirling it stopped and the lion was safely perched (chirp chirp motherchirpers!) onto the landing pad. You heared the door open and close. Assuming Lance left, you stood and walked up to the pilot seat. You looked through the windows and saw Lance and Keith arguing (sexual tension *cough*) with each other. Hunk was sweatdropping and Shiro managed to say something to separate them. Pidge held out a device and pointed to the right. The others nodded and followed them. Once you were sure they were out of sight you opened the door and jumped out. Landing rather harshley you looked around for anyone. Nothing, good.

  You ran to the oppisite direction, fixing your comm. You only brought it to hear what the others are saying. It was on mute so they couldn’t hear you. Back ti the mission! 'if I remember correctly. They were supposed to disable the main control panel and run out. Maybe that was what Pidge’s thingy was for.’ You were lost in thought, you failed to notice the wall in front of you. Only the wall seemed to have arms. It reached out and grabbed you by the neck holding you up. It shook you and the comm fell to the floor, cracking the speaker in the process. Of all the things to break, why the only thing that speaks to them?

  The thing, you soon found out was possibly the boss soldier, slammed you to the ground. You could barely hear the comm before you blacked out. “Guys…to leave…go!”


  The 5 paladins all cheered in delight. They had escaped without harm. And even though they failed the mission they were happy to be alive. What they didn’t know was that Allura had spent the past 30 minutes trying to contact them.

   When they arrived they were greeted by a frantic Coran. “Allura needs to see you all in the main room! Now” The paladins plus Coran all ran to where Allura was. She was pacing back in forth. Mumbling something in a foriegn language. When she saw the paladins she ran to them. “Finally! Do you know how long i’ve been trying to contact you?! Nevermind that! Look at this!” She ran back to her 'pilot thingy’ and projected a video. It was one of you, getting beat by the soldier boss before being dragged away. Apparently the comms have a mini camera you didn’t know about.

   All of them watched in fear as you were dragged farther and farther. Shiro was the first one to react, he fell to his knees. Lance was the second one, he ran to the screen and started calling out your name. Hoping you would hear him and wake up. Hunk looked like he was about to break. You were a sister like figure to him so why wouldn’t he. And Pidge. Oh poor Pidge. It was as if she had lost her brother and father again, bit it was with her sister.

   Allura waved her hand and the projection dissapeared. “Paladins, now is not the time to mope. Train, we will get (y/n) back.” Allura was handling it well. No, she was breaking. You were her little sister after all. Your capsule was discovered a bit later than theirs. When Coran was cleaning your old room. He saw you in the bed in a sleep state, same as Allura and him. Although he freaked out because the room was hella messy.

  “Now. We must prepare.” Allura walked off without another word. Shiro stood up and glared at Allura. “How could you be this calm about your little sister getting kidnapped!? By the Ga-”

  Allura inturupted Shiro with a side glare. If you looked close enough, you could see streams of tears rolling down her cheek. “Shut up.” And with that she went to her room. (my baby. I’m sorry Allura)

  The paladins looked at each other and nodded. They would train everyday! You were imprtant to them. Familly! So they would do anything to get you back.

   Allura was having the same thoughts. She was going to kill every galra soldier. Every Galra allie. And she was going to make Zarkon pay.

   Dark. That was all you could see. You had no idea where you were, or how long. You remembered clearly of how you got here. You foolishly snuck onto Lance’s lion and tried to pull off the mission yourself. But you were captured and the paladins left. It wasn’t their fault though, you sbuck into Lance’s lion, and you snuck out. And honestly you were regretting it.

  The door opened and in came a galra soldier. “Get up. Hagaar has plans for you.” (I don’t know if that’s how you spell her name) You shivered but knew better than to oppose. Standing up you walked next to the soldier and he shoved you the way you were supposed to go. You walked until you came to a door it was big and dark.

  The door opened and there stood the witch. Smilling sinisterly. She pointed to the bed in front of her and you had to obey. You laid on it. No more than 5 minutes later you felt a pain in your head and arm before you felt pain in your leg. All the pain forced you to go unconcious.

   When you woke up, you weren’t yourself.

A/n: I came up with this a while ago. It’s on my wattpad. I know it sucked but there needs to be more angsty shiro stuff.

Shance Fluff Week: Prompt #3

(I can do something a little different today. ^^;)

Stepping back onto Terran soil was significantly harder than Shiro thought it would be. Even getting one foot out of his Lion felt like walking into a field of land mines; one step and it would be over.

He hadn’t been to Earth in years. He hadn’t spoken to his family in years. The last time he’d been here, he’d been strapped to a table and treated like some bizarre, other-worldly specimen, living proof that everything was different, that he was different. What if this world no longer had a place for him?

The others seemed to have no problem jumping right back onto their home planet, all chattering excitedly to each other, making plans, sharing hugs and tears. Shiro felts oddly separate from it all, as though he were still on some other planet.

He didn’t realize how long he’d been staring at his feet until he felt a hand in his, fingers threading through his own even when he flinched in surprise. He looked up to see Lance smiling at him.

“Hey. Come on. We’re home.”

In that instant, Shiro felt like he could breathe again, and he tightened his hold on Lance’s hand. As if by instinct he followed, his feet hitting the dirt without an ounce of hesitation as Lance leads him towards their friends.

Before they take another step, Shiro pulls Lance to him and holds him close in an overwhelming burst of affection.

“We’re home,” he agrees.