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So I'm not american, and I've been living in the USA for 3 years now. I have a pretty strong accent and I can't pronounce some sounds right no matter how hard I fucking try. I joke about if, my friends joke about it (i say "three trees" as "tree trees" etc) and it's fine. But yesterday I met an internet friend and holy fucking shit. Every sentence I said was interrupted by him YELLING the words I said wrong back at me and then throwing his head back and cackling. I felt like fucking shit.

Lord that’s awful. I hope he’s no longer an internet “friend”.

Especially annoying because English is one of the least prescriptivist languages out there. Like there are dialects of English that I have trouble understanding, but they’re entirely valid dialects. A lot of Brits think American accents sound very nasal-y (they’re right, we nasalize a ton of sounds). I know Southerners who are embarassed about their accents. Linguistic and accent diversity is a good thing.

Close your eyes

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by:

“Can I have 39. Close your eyes now baby. Where the reader was taken hostage by someone bad guys trying to get Jason. When Jason find the reader tied to a chair and beat up he tells her to close her eyes why’ll he fights the bad guys. […]
Just something really sad and fluffy!! […]”

Warnings: violence, angst


You thought it was possible to separate your and Jason’s relationship from him being some sort of anti hero at night.
It seemed possible. No one knew who he was under the helmet, right? Wrong.

Another fist hit your face, making the chair you were tied to fall over.
Your (Y/H/C) hair was sticking to your cheeks, because of the tears that fell from your eyes and the blood running down from the wound over your eyebrow.
The chair and you were picked up once again and Black Mask grabbed your chin tightly, pulling the tape off your mouth.

“You think she will like it?” Jason looked at Roy as they left the travel agency with flight tickets to London. “She has never left Gotham.”

“Don’t worry, Jaybird. You’re gonna be boyfriend of the year,” Roy patted his friend’s shoulder. “And friend of the year if you bring me one of those waving Queens.”

“Sure,” Jason rolled his eyes and gave Roy the envelope, because his phone rang. “It’s her,” he smiled. Roy had never seen Jason smile as often as he did since he met you before. “Hey, baby,” he answered the call.

You were looking up at Black Mask who was holding the phone which was on speaker.
He told you to say hello before he dialled Jason’s number, but there was nothing leaving your lips.

Black Mask growled and slapped you, “‘baby’ doesn’t want to talk.”

Jason’s muscles tensed. His heart beat faster as ever.

“Before my men beat her up she was such a pretty thing.
I might just keep her after I killed you.”

Jason could hear you sobbing in the background and it broke his heart like nothing ever did. “I swear to God, Black Mask, if–”

“Nah, nah, nah! I think you’re not in the position to threaten.
And now find us so I can put a bullet between your eyes. And the longer you need, the more fun I will have with (Y/N),” he demanded before he hang up and left the room.

“Jason, what happened?” Roy frowned. “Hey, breath!” He laid his hands on both of Jason’s shoulder as he seemed to forget how breathing worked. “Don’t panic!”

“Black Mask has (Y/N),” the former Robin whispered. He felt sick, like throwing up.
This was his fault, only his fault.

“Shit,” Roy’s eyes widened. They started to run back to their house. Roy located your phone while Jason armed up.
His hands were shaking the whole time.
This was his fault.

“A warehouse near the harbour. I think we should ask Dick or Tim or even Batman for help, man.”

“I got this,” Jason hissed. “My fault. I need to save her,” he jumped onto his motorcycle and drove to the locations Roy gave him.
Jason should have thought about a better plan, an actual plan, but right now he was ruled by irrational emotions.
He got into the building, trying to stay unnoticed as he searched for you.
His mind was facing.
What did they do to you? Were you still conscious? Would you hate him because of this?
Was he strong enough to see what they did to you?

He opened the door to a room and there you sat tied to a chair, your head hang low.
There were no guards. It was a trap, but Jason’s shaking legs were already carrying him forward.

You flinched as you heard footsteps coming towards you, but as soon as the familiar sound of his helmet falling to the ground hit your ears you relaxed.
He kneeled down in front of you, cupping your cheeks, stroking your hair out of your face.
Tears shot into your eyes as you looked at his.

“I’m… I… I’m here now, baby,” he whispered, stroking over your cheeks with his thumbs.
The pain he was feeling by just looking at you all beaten up was unbearable. He pulled the tape carefully from your lips.

“Jason,” your voice was empty, barely there. You sobbed.

“Shh,” he laid his forehead against yours, trying to stop you from losing it complete. “I’m here now, (Y/N).”

A gun clicked. “This is so heart warming. Get up!” Black Mask ordered.

Jason’s hands rested on your cheeks, his thumbs tenderly rubbing your temples, “close your eyes now, baby. I don’t want you to see this.”

You were staring at him for a moment then did as he said, trusting him like nobody else. Your nails dug into the wood of your chair, your heart raced and your eyes were squeezed shut.

You winced as guns were fired and the sound of fighting filled the room. Screams, groans, running.
You were too scared to open your eyes. What if Jason laid right at your feet in a pile of blood? That would be the worst possible thing to happen.
You jumped as the sound of a blade being pulled rang in your ear, but as soon as you felt strong hands pick you up you relaxed and opened your eyes.

Jason kissed the top of your head as he carried you outside, stepping over lifeless bodys, “this is my fault.”

You shook your head.

“I… I will never let something like this happen to you again. I… I love you, (Y/N), so much… l.. I’m so sorry.”

As you looked up at him you saw tears running down his cheeks.

Summer Nights~

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 827

He sighed to himself and rested his head against the cool metal of the locker while he waited outside of the classroom. He probably should have been in class himself hearing what tonight’s homework assignment was but he knew he wouldn’t have even done the damn thing anyway so he left early. Jungkook began getting impatient as he waited for the door to swing open signaling the start of the weekend. He just really needed to see you, at least attempt to say sorry even if you chose to ignore him or not accept his apology. He felt like shit for throwing you to the side like that earlier like you were just another one of the girls that hung on his arm.

Everyone in town knew who Jungkook was, even those that didn’t //want// to know him, and they were well aware of his reputation. Your typical greaser punk, doesn’t pay attention in class, talks back to teachers, hangs out with his friends in the restricted parts of the school; hell, he was even caught smoking once or twice on the grounds. You knew it was all bullshit though, Jungkook would secretly write down assignments and complete them when his pals weren’t with him, when he smoked behind the school with his friends he was glad he got caught because any longer he would’ve visibly gagged at the taste, he would even make up excuses to spend time with you.

Contrary to his public persona, Jungkook was actually one of the sweetest people you’d ever met. It just irritated you that he bought into his own façade.

The loud ringing of the bell caused him to straighten up as the door opened, a frenzy of students burst through in an attempt to hurry and leave the confinements of the building faster to enjoy their weekend. He caught sight of you and quickly reached to grab your arm, this startled you and caused you to yank away from his grip. “Babe it’s just me.” He says in a reassuring tone, if only you felt better about seeing his face. “What do you want?” You respond in a cold tone. Jungkook sighs and takes a step closer to you.

“Look, I’m sorry okay? I know I shouldn’t have said any of those things. I was just showing off for them-“

“You seem to be showing off a lot lately.” You interrupted him as you tried to walk away, but soon his grip was on your arm again. “Babe please give me a chance I promise you I’m gonna be better!” He pleaded making eye-contact. You tried to look at anything but him, you finally setting your sight on the floor, knowing that if you stood into those brown eyes that you’d break. You knew you loved him, that’s one of the main reasons you’re still angry, but you were getting tired of being put under the radar as to not tarnish his image. “Look, babe,” He said placing a finger under your chin, forcing you to look at him. “Let me make it up to you, how about a date at the diner down the street? You’ve been wanting me to go with you for a while right?”

You slightly pouted, did he seriously think a date would automatically make things better? Is he once again feeding into his “I’m so great everyone wants me” persona? He noticed the look on your face and smiled, now obviously wasn’t the time for him to realize how cute you looked but he couldn’t help it. “I know it isn’t much but, it’s a start, right?” He said in response to your silence. You were a bit uneasy, you wanted to tell him no and see the look on his face as you turned to walk away, but another part of you desperately wanted to work things out with him. You always tried your best to remember he’s just under peer pressure, but if he cared about you as much as he said he did then why couldn’t he just listen to your advice for once and realize everyone will still like him regardless?

“Babe you’re over thinking it,” He slightly whined breaking you away from your train of thought, “Just say yes, I promise you that if I ever hurt you again you have every right to dump me.”

“That’s what you said the last time.”

“Okay well I mean it this time.”

“You said that the last time too.”

He groaned at your response and sighed, “Please just say yes or no, I don’t wanna lose you without trying first.” You hesitated and began chewing on your bottom lip, your eyes scanning the empty hallways. After much contemplating, you slowly nodded causing Jungkook to smile and bring you into a hug, “I’ll pick you up at 8.” He dashed out of the building leaving you standing in the hall by yourself wondering if you had just made another mistake.

(Possible part 2???? ~Admin Gray)

Sick! Keith x Reader

Title: Sick! Keith x Reader
Author: Admin Miraculous
Word Count: 1455// Character Count: 8040
Notes: as you can see, I love keith. I also wanted Chinese takeout as I wrote this. tbh theres really no happy ending to this bc Keith leaves with the other to find voltron anyways lmao. this was originally meant for the 100 follower special, but we’re approaching 300 really fast ;;

“I’m telling you, I’m not sick!”
“Oh shut up, Keith, you’re sick and I’m coming over. Just sit tight.”

Keith groaned and turned off his phone before leaning back into his bed. Sure, he felt like absolute shit and was on the verge of throwing up, but he wasn’t sick! He didn’t feel like worrying you, but when you had called him to chat about how terrible the Galaxy Garrison was, you had immediately figured out he was sick

How you did was beyond him. But he wasn’t worried about his health, he was worried about the Garrison discovering that you left… again. At this rate, you’d be kicked out just like him.

Hopefully, you’d leave undetected, as you had been caught one too many times already.

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Walking over to my bed I dropped down on it and screamed into my pillow. I didn’t know if I should be scared, happy, upset, excited, I was just confused all together because this shit came out of left field. I don’t know how I’m supposed to tell my mother this, or how I’m supposed to even tell Cameron’s dumb ass about this. I had half of mind to not even say anything at all but that would be stupid and irritating. I didn’t get myself into this situation by myself, so I’ll be damned if I’m the only one stressing over this shit.

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So I had to buy some stuff, mainly pads because I’m on my period (ugh). The cashier was a guy but I didn’t really pay attention. He glanced at the pads then turned back to me and said with a sympathetic look:

“I hope your suffering ends soon” and he gave me a bar of chocolate.

You, random cashier guy, I love you.

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Could write tuckington law vs order au?

Thank you so much for your patience, Anon! I have had a horrible case of writers block, so I hope that this is okay. Something short. Not super Tuckington, but it’d be the start of something beautiful.

I do believe the Law vs Order AU belongs to @lawvsorder :)

Tucker must have been wearing a shit-eating grin because when Agent Washington looked towards him, Tucker could see the exaggerated eye roll.

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clearing up the post before.

some kids were throwing shit at me that felt like hard rocks and stones whilst i was just eating my sandwich. they were laughing and then starting debating whether i was a girl or a boy so that they could use the correct pronouns whilst making fun of me. i just kept on eating my sandwich and it fucking hurt, mentally and physically. i just wanted to kill myself and i still do really. also my ex’s brother was with his friends and i was waiting near my class for recess to end, and then he has the fucking nerve to shout out to his friends, “hey look, there’s a loner!” because i always sit alone, and they started laughing at me and then walked away. i don’t recall doing a damn thing to anyone. i just want to live my life peacefully. and i’m scared to talk to a teacher because if i can’t even identify their names then it’ll just seem fake and like i’m attention-seeking. i don’t want to go back to school, especially that one. i’m scared and i’m so fucking depressed and suicidal and i just can’t take it anymore. but at the same time, i want to stay there. i love my classes and i always feel accepted in class now. sometimes. although i’m still always alone. i just want to fix my life up. i want to look different. talk different. be entirely different. i hate myself and so does everybody else - i just feel discouraged and so fucking broken. why does it have to be like this?? why can’t i live my life??? i hate being left out. i hate being picked on for things i can’t control. i hate always being the one that people can just feel free to use up and break. i’m so done. i want to die. i can’t keep living life like this, and i can’t change anything about it. everybody’s against me. the world is even against me. i’m lost. i miss when i had friends, now i’m exposed. i’m not worthy of a good life. even my family would agree about that. i want to kill myself right now but i’ll just be leaving kiyoko and i don’t want to do that. she’s my world and i love her. i’m just too broken to fix now.

conflict. [johanbeck]

claras-wintersoldier said: If you’re still accepting Johanbeck prompts how about their first real fight? Like slam the door and have to leave the room fight.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this. A lot. And I just couldn’t pull together an authentic, believable scenario in which either of them would be fighters – yelling, door-slamming fighters. I feel like they definitely know how to push each other’s buttons, but at the end of the day, the ‘life is too short for this’ mentality keeps them from losing their cool. That being said, I really wanted to delve into their biggest sources of conflict and explore how those arguments would pan out. I’m actually really happy with this, and I hope you guys like it.


On the Hermes, they were insulated from the outside world, from things like bills and relatives and schedules. Beth and Chris recognized that – they knew their weird life situation granted them a certain level of protection from some normal disagreements. But they were also in a close, confined space with one another for over two years. And about a third of the way through that, their close, confined space became even smaller, in the form of a single bunk. How could they not get under each other’s skin every now and then?

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A Beautiful Lie

SONG-FIC: ‘A Beautiful Lie’- 30 Seconds to Mars

Fandom: Avengers
Warning/s: Lots and lots of angst (but happy ending and also lots and lots of fluff! :))
Rating: Teen+
Pairing/s: Pietro x Reader
Requestor: the-corrupter

Summary: SONG-FIC- You found out that you were pregnant just over two months ago and now you had approached and passed your first trimester. Thing is? You still haven’t told Pietro. Not even when he’s the father. Sometimes its like living an entire lie and you wish you could find the courage to tell him. But the closer you get to telling him, the closer he gets to finding out by himself.
But which will happen first?

Words: 7,892 (wow, I’m impressed with myself!)

“Are you alright, Y/N?” Steve asked you, concerned when you stumbled into the kitchen flushed and nauseated. “You don’t look all that great.”

At his comment, Pietro looked up and frowned.

“I’m fine,” you answered, soothing the both of them down. There was no way you were going to tell them that you’d finally stopped throwing up with your morning sickness. Urgh, you felt like shit. ‘Glowing pregnancy’ looked a lot easier in the movies.

Unconvinced, you felt a brief breeze before Pietro was by your side and placing the back of his hand against your forehead. “Are you sure?” he asked in his thick accent, “You do look a little flushed.”

Brushing him off and pulling a packet of Monster Munch from the cupboard- then rethinking it and taking two- you trudged wearily into the lounge area and settled on the sofa to munch on them, telling him, “Yes, I’m sure. Its a– it’s a girl thing.”

Well, it wasn’t an outright lie.

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Yo why you talking shit about code geass?

Because it was bad?

Like don’t get me wrong it was enjoyable (or at least some parts of it were). One thing that stands out is how well the mech fights were. Though technically that’s due to it being Sunrise and not really the how the fights tie into the story.

Originally posted by kozuuki

I won’t lie it has been a while since I’ve seen this show so sorry if I missed anything else I hated. The main problem I had with Code Geass is that I could not take it seriously by the end of it. It had so much potential but ended up as total garbage. No, seriously they ruined it.

Code Geass sets itself up as this gritty sci-fi action anime with all these political keikakus and shit and I was all “hell yeah! this is gonna be good!” And it was. I was actually liking the story. But then motherfucking fanservice happened. 

Originally posted by tanzmitlaibach

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with fanservice in anime AS LONG AS IT FITS  WELL INTO THE STORY. If a girl is going to the beach then yeah, it’s totally fine for her to be in a bikini. Hell fanservice can even give us characterization if done properly. Except that’s not what Code Geass does. It fucking shoves fanservice down your throat. PEOPLE WERE DYING AND BEING MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD AND THEN KALLEN WAS ALL “LEMME HOP IN MY MECH REALLY QUICK” THEN BOOM! ASS SHOT.

Like compare Code Geass’s fanservice to that of Gurren Lagann. The fanservice in that anime fucking worked and actually enhanced the story. None of the serious moments were ruined by an extreme closeup of ass and all the fanservice was executed in such away that it didn’t cut the flow. I would go on but I don’t want to make this post too long. Maybe some other time.

Also the fucking plot got ridiculous and not in a well constructed and coherent way. I felt like the writers just started to throw shit in there to have the characters go in these crazy scenarios without even caring if it made any fucking sense.

Originally posted by geassgreen

You know what Mecha anime didn’t make an ounce of sense but ended up being enjoyable as fuck?

Valvrave the Liberator

Originally posted by mecha-gifs

Not once did it try to market itself as a serious anime and honestly it never did end up serious since this show’s plot was a clusterfuck to the end. But they stayed true to the end and even if you didn’t like it the show didn’t change genres. 

Hopefully I didn’t leave anything out as to why Code Geass gave me a bitter taste in my mouth. If you have any questions or comments as to why I’m wrong just message me. Sorry for the long post.

The consequences of being social (fem!Nico, jasico sort of)

Prompt: Nico accidentally gets turned into a girl, everyone is blown away by how attractive he is especially Jason.
Rating: PG-13, boobies and mild sexies had.
Characters because I don’t have word count and I’m lazy: 10k approx.
Authors note: I used the male pronouns all the way through this piece because while his sex changes, his gender does not. That’s pretty much it. I like writing sexy ladies, I always write gay fics but maybe ill try my hand at hetero/lesbian/solo lady.

Light streamed through the small window at the back of the hades cabin. Nico groaned into his pillow, he’d forgotten how bright the world was outside the underworld. His head was pounding and his mouth was dry, he knew drinking was a bad idea. How much did he even drink?

He remembered holding a full bottle of Jack Daniels, and then throwing an empty bottle of Jack Daniels into the camp woods.. Why did he do that? Oh that’s right. Annabeth had teased him saying he would throw like a girl and he felt the need to prove himself.

Shit. Oh, shit. Throwing like a girl. He remembered now. He bolted upright and sort of rolled out of bed, getting caught in his sheets. He sat on the floor to untangle himself and panicked when he saw his feet. They were atleast 4 sizes smaller, and much smoother. His slim ankles led up to shapely calves, still muscular from his years of training and combat but noticeably curvier.

He started hyperventilating, his vision clouding over. He pushed himself to his feet and stumbled over to the polished black obsidion mirror. The first thing he noticed was his hair, it hung just above his waist, beautifully styled, curling in slightly around his pointed chin. His lips were fuller, his cheekbones higher and more defined. He gathered his hair in one hand and brought it over one shoulder, watching as it hugged his breast.

His breasts. He had breasts. He ripped the tshirt he’d been wearing last night over his head and gazed at his newly acquired assets.

He found them fascinating. The pale, smooth lumps sat like water balloons, he could actually feel the weight of them and realised he was leaning slightly. His little rosebud nipples sat erect, pointing upward. He tentatively pinched one and felt a shock run down his body to between his legs. He swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. Its not that he was disgusted by the female form, he could see the girl staring back at him was beautiful, he just wasn’t attracted to her at all. He didn’t even want to look under his now too baggy boxers.

In that moment he hated his friends. He never should have agreed to attend their “party”, it was just sitting around drinking, and doing stupid dares. Out of them all he particularly hated Leo, Hazel and Piper right then.

Leo had been teasing Nico about how long his hair had gotten, it brushed his jaw in loose curls. Piper sniggered and said he might as well *be* a girl. Hazel had become quite accomplished in performing magic since their quest and after a bottle of Smirnoff Ice found herself steaming drunk, performing some kind of spell on the son of hades.

They’d all had a good laugh, Leo had tried to hit on Nico, piper cut his hair and applied make up beautifully. She’d picked up some tips from her half brothers and sisters, and obviously had some kind of genetic flair. Annabeth teased him, daring him to throw his empty bottle as far as he could, which apparently was hilarious.

The problem he faced now was how long this would last. He tugged on his shirt and found his skinny jeans next to the bed.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” he didn’t realise how much his body had changed, while his legs remained slim his hips had widened noticeably. He looked around his cabin and found some track shorts to pull on. He’d have to remain barefoot for now until he could find some shoes that fit. He left his cabin and stormed over to the large hotel style building meant to house Romans on their visits. Finding Hazels room he began pounding on the door.

“What?” Frank opened the door rubbing his eyes. He looked like shit, he had whiskers and a kitten nose drawn on his face. When he managed to open his eyes and saw Nico stood in front of him his jaw dropped. He blushed a deep shade of red and moved to hide the lower half of his body behind the door. He was being so obvious about avoiding looking at Nicos chest.

“uh, Hazel?” he called, “I think you need to come here!”

Hazel shuffled to the door in a full length night gown, her wild curly hair completely flattened on one side and sticking out in all directions on the other.

“Can I help you?” her brow furrowed before recognition filled her face, she clamped a hand over her mouth to keep from giggling, “Nico? Oh Nico I’m so sorry!”

The raven haired girl glared back at his half sister, blowing a strand of hair out of his face and crossing his arms over his chest.

“I can’t believe you did this. How long is this going to last? And don’t you dare say forever,” Nico grumbled. He was so angry but looking at Hazels sweet little face it all just melted away.

“I, uh, I’m not sure,” Hazel admitted but quickly back tracked after seeing Nicos expression, “No, no don’t worry I’m pretty sure its not permanent. It should be like a week. Or a month. A year tops.”

Nico’s arms dropped to his sides, his mouth hung open incredulous.

“A year?!” he exclaimed.

This was gonna be rough.


Nico tugged at the hem of his skirt, it felt too airy between his legs, he was too exposed. He understood why Hazel didn’t own any trousers, they came from a time where girls only wore skirts and dresses, but it didn’t make him feel any better about the situation. Atleast he could wear his trademark skull shirt and aviator jacket, and thankfully the shoes he borrowed fitted.

“Don’t worry, Nico, you look great! Right Frank?” she elbowed her boyfriend in the ribs

“Uh right, you look really great. Well not really great, not Hazel great. But great. The appropriate amount of great.” Hazel frowned at his poor attempt to conceal his admiration.

The trio trekked over the green in the middle of the cabins to the Poseidon cabin where they knew they’d find the others. Opening the door they found the remains of what looked like a great night.

Percy and Annabeth were laying in just their pants on his bed, the former drooling all over the pillow and the latter muttering equations in her sleep.

Jason was spooning Piper, both fully dressed in the corner of the room on a blanket, his hand resting on her breast.

Leo was passed out star-fish style underneath the vomit filled spring at the back of the cabin. Poseidon wasn’t going to like that.

The room was a complete mess, empty glass bottles littered the floor, the beds were set at an askewed angle. Pillows were in small piles dotted around the room and various undergarments hung from the light fittings.

“Ahem,” Hazel cleared her throat.

The sleeping demigods slowly came to; rubbing eyes, yawning, and in Leos case, vomiting. Annabeth was the first to notice Nico stood by the door.

“Holy shit, that wasn’t a dream,” she gawped at Nicos legs, “Nico you make a seriously hot girl! Jeez I’m jealous!”

Nico blushed deeply and crossed his arms, staring at the ground. He muttered his thanks. Everyone seemed pretty complimentary of him. Percy licked his lips and cleared his throat. His eyes travelled down Nicos body, lingering on his breasts before nodding in approval.

“Yeah, uh, its good. Very good, I like your face. You had a good man face but I like your girl face too.”

Nico shot him a sarcastic look.

“You really are a seaweed brain. Annie why do you let him talk?”

She laughed at Percys pouty face, poking him in the ribs before they rolled over to go back to sleep.

Leo and Piper high fived eachother for their excellent team work. Piper mostly complimented her skills rather than Nicos appearance, saying how great his hair looks and that the mascara really opened up his eyes.

Oddly enough, Leo seemed the least interested. It was no secret that he was into Nico as a guy, and considering his track record of obsessing over women it would be assumed that this would be an improvement. He merely stated that he was glad his eyes stayed the same, and admittedly he had a “banging rack”. Nico wasn’t looking forwards to the life of a woman, he was a pretty hardcore feminist and knew how bad it was gonna get. He’d have to buy some baggy trousers, Jasons eyes hadn’t left his legs since they got here.

“Nico, do we still call you Nico? Okay, Nico, can I talk to you outside for a minute?” he never looked the son of hades in the dye, he was too focused on the long legs presented in front of him, but Nico assumed it was he who Jason was addressing. They stepped outside and moved around the side of the cabin.

Almost as soon as they were out of sight Jason kissed Nicos full, beckoning lips. He placed his hands on Nicos small waist to bring them closer together. Nico moaned into the blonds mouth before realising what was happening and pushing him off.

“What the Hell?!” he rubbed his mouth with the back of his hand, “Piper is like 10 feet away!”

“Please, Piper? The daughter of Aphrodite? Patron of love in all its forms including free love?” he smirked.

“After you left last night it was practically an orgy, don’t over think this. You’re just so sexy now,” he ran a hand down Nicos side and around to squeeze his shapely butt, “what, don’t tell me you like girls now?”

Nico shook his head with a wrinkled nose. Jason moved in to kiss the other demigod once again, and this time wasn’t stopped. He lifted Nico up to wrap his legs around Jasons waist and pressed the small girl against the side of the cabin. The son of Jupiters hand crept underneath the dress to brush against the borrowed panties.

“Oh!” Nico gasped, he broke the kiss and pushed Jason off, he put his hands on his knees and tried to regain his breath.

“Fuck, Jason, I only just got this thing I don’t even know how it works yet.”

“Another time then?” the hero winked.

Nico played with his long hair and pursed his lips before nodding. Jason grinned widely and slapped the blushing girl on the butt before sauntering back inside the cabin.

Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, Nico thought.

If Oliver had said it was Laurel who he got pregnant in that flashback I bet Moira woulda been like 

[She’s just left Slughorn’s office after being called in for a meeting about the article. Any other professor and she wouldn’t be nearly as confident that it would be written off as nothing more than gossip, but she’d worked her name in her favor and he’d let her leave with a chuckle about being young. Regardless, she’s very much not in the mood when someone grabs her shoulder]

Do you like that arm attached to your body?

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“You look like you’re about to pass out.” (To whichever Dave you want to play)

dave did feel like he might pass out. holy shit he felt like he was going to throw up. nodding, “yeah i am doing well” dave mumbled holding on to the nearest thing, karkat, “sorry” dave muttered 

27# You're a doctor on night shift (Part 2)

Yes I used googled with this one too, so I don’t really know if this is how it goes! Haha ;) x

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Calum: (Neurology)

“Please let it be no brain bleed… Please let it be no-” You whispered quietly to yourself as the scans appeared on the screen. Your eyes quickly scanned the two scans. When you saw the result, you felt like throwing the computer all over the hospital. “Shit. It’s a hematoma. Damn it.” You cursed and closed your eyes. “Let’s hurry and book an OR.” You nodded to yourself and turned to Dr.Schmidt. “We have to hurry.” You frowned, not really melting the newly facts that you’ve gotten. You shook your head quickly and took a deep breath, before you rushed out of the room and sprinted to the board where the hospital wrote down the surgeries. You quickly grabbed a white board pen and scribbled your name, and Dr.Schmidt’s name down on OR 3, and added Subgaleal hemorrhage. You put the pen down and rushed to the preparing team, and told them to hurry up, since it was an emergency. You stopped for a second and took a couple of deep breaths. “He’s fine… It’s just a bleeding… I’ve fixed it dozens of times..” You told yourself, and tried to calm down, which in fact was pretty hard when your man were hurt, and he was the one you were performing the surgery on. You didn’t care that you weren’t allowed to perform it, since he was family, you only cared about the fact that you were the only one that was able to perform the surgery and that Calum was going to be okay. You washed your hands and rubbed them repeatedly with soap. When you were finished you grabbed a towel and dried your hands. You let out a deep, calming sigh, picturing Calum smiling, which gave you courage. “Here you go…” A women said and helped you on with your blue doctors coat, and your plastic gloves. “Let’s save him.” You said loudly to the staff and Dr. Schmidt. “Let’s do this.” You spoke with a determined voice, convincing yourself.

Michael: (General surgery.)

You sprinted back to Ashton and Michael and looked at him carefully. “Michael, we’re going to have to get you into surgery. You have a bleeding in your stomach…” “What?!” He burst out, but stopped instantly and made a face, clutching his stomach. “How?” Ashton asked quickly, pacing about. “I don’t know, he must have swallowed something sharp. It’s really serious, so I’m taking you know, okay? And me and one of my residents are going to heal you.” You smiled at your boyfriend, trying to lighten his mood. “You can call the other boys and tell them to come here, if Michael would like to, but I gotta hurry away with him, now.” You smiled a little at Ashton. “Make him as new [Y/N].” Ashton told you nervously, chewing on his lip. “I promise I will.” You nodded and pulled on Michael’s cart, rolling him away from Ash. “Call the boys and his parents!” You shouted after you and hurried away down the corridor to the OR.

“Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep." "Normal pulse this far.” The anesthesiologist said and checked Michael’s pulse, heart beat per minute, heart rhythm and temperature. “He’s a little cold though.” He told you, and you looked up at him. “It’s from his blood loss.” You nodded, determined that it had to be from that. “I can feel it!” Dr. Warren said quickly and you saw his eyes turning to you. “The bleeding is just below the abdominal artery.” He told you and you nodded, relieved that you knew where the bleeding was. “Clamp.” You said and reached your hand out for it, waiting for the equipment lady to give it to you. “He’s crashing!” The anesthesiologist suddenly burst out and your eyes widened. “Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep.”

Luke: (Cardiology)

You saw the familiar car pull up in a free parking spot and you saw how Ashton and Calum helped Luke walk over to you. You spotted Michael jogging up after them, with a worried expression. You jogged up to them quickly, and started walking backwards while talking to them. “What were you doing when he started to feel the pains?” You rushed out hurriedly. “We were just watching TV!” Calum cried out and you saw his pained expression, as if it was his fault. “Hey, I’m going to fix him. He’ll be alright, maybe even better. I swear.” You nodded and opened the door and they entered quickly. “Anna!” You shouted quickly and saw her turn around, facing you. “I need you to scrub in with me on a bypass surgery. It’s be quite quick. Tell the staff to prepare OR 4.” You spoke loudly, while turning towards the boys. “Ash and Mike, you can sit in the waiting room, okay? Calum, you’ll have to help me get Luke to the OR.” You smiled a little and took Luke’s arm over your shoulders. “It’s this way.” You pointed towards a hallway and you quickly hurried there, with Calum’s help steadying Luke.

“You’ll make him alright, right?” Calum asked innocently, eyeing his best friend on the table. “Yes I will. Whatever what it takes, I will.” You smiled at him and kissed his cheek in a friendly way. “Now Calum, you better go wait in the waiting area with Ash and Michael. The surgery won’t take even take an hour, so I’ll be out there soon, telling you how it went.” You smiled and went into the washing room and washed your hands, really carefully and then went into the OR. “Let’s do the bypass.” You nodded and got the blue surgery coat on and your plastic gloves. You didn’t let anyone notice, but you were frightened. What if something would happen? What if something went wrong. “Starting bypass.”

Anonymous requested: Meeting Luke at a M&G.

It wasn’t a huge secret that you liked 5 Seconds of Summer. Your friends knew it, your family knew it, even some people you’d never met knew it. You’d been standing in line for over an hour now, waiting to be let into the room that held the Meet & Greet. This was the day you’d been waiting for months for - you were about to meet your favourite band.

You were calm enough on the outside. On the inside, however, your stomach was full of butterflies and if you’d actually been able to eat anything that morning you probably would have felt like throwing up. Small mercies.


Shit. That was you. Taking a deep breath didn’t seem to be helping this time, but you braved your nerves and stepped as confidently as you possibly could inside the room the band was in. And there they were. Three metres in front of you. One step. Two steps. Three steps. Almost there.

“Hi, how are you?”

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(Text msg’s)
Jack j:Hey are you coming over for movie night
Y/N: Always
Jack j: alright cool, don’t be late like last time
Y/N: chill I won’t

-At the guys house
Nate’s POV
“is y/n coming”-Nate
“yeah I was just texting her about it, why do you ask?”-Jack J
“just wanted to know”-Nate
“does Nate have a little crush on our friend y/n”-Jack J
I had more than a crush on her, the dreams I kept having were driving me crazy her body was insane
“come on man stop it”-Nate
“ya know I think he does, should we meddle.”-Sammy
“I swear Sam if you say anything”-Nate
“what is there to say since it’s not true right. ”-Sammy
Nate didn’t say anything avoiding eye contact with either of the guys
“oh my god it is true!!!”-Jack J
“can you guys just shut the fuck up.. I mean I’m not gonna lie she’s hot”-Nate
-The door bell rang it was y/n all the guys ran to open it

“hey y/n you look cute”- Jack J said as he hugged her looking at Nate the whole time

“Awww thanks jack I love your jacket red is totally your thing, hey Nate”- y/n

“Hey y/n” I said lifting her up as her legs wrapped around my hips I spun around with her, fuck she looked so good I just wanted to rip her clothes off

“Alright.. other people wanna hug her too”.-Sammy
“Sammy!”- y/n screamed clinging onto Sammy
All the guys were finding a spot on the couch I sat next to Nate like always
“Hey are you gonna sleep over”-Nate whispered into my ear
“Uhh yeah I think so why”- Y/N
“Cause I want you to sleep with me..I mean like sleep in my room”- Nate
“Haha ok I will”- I covered my laughter with my blanket and just cuddled up to Nate
-After the movie I headed upstairs to take a shower before bed
“Hey guys I’m gonna be in the shower” I yelled running up the stairs

Nate’s POV
Damn her ass looked so good going up those stairs I just wanted to run up behind her and grab it

“Nate I’m pretty sure you can’t touch it with your eyes”- Jack J
“Touch what”- I said immediately looking away
“Come on man your eyes almost fell out of your head looking at y/n’s ass”- Sammy
“Hahaha alright I was looking”- I said with my hands in the air
“So you do like her”- Jack J
“I’m going to sleep”- I said going up stairs
“I’m taking that as a yes!”- Jack J yelled going into the kitchen
I stopped in front of the the bathroom door and debated weather I should do this, I couldn’t resist her any longer

I heard the door open “hello” I said with my eyes still closed and I didn’t get a response back maybe I was just hearing things so I continued to rinse the soap off my hair when I suddenly got the feeling that someone was looking at me and I opened the shower curtain a bit and saw Nate dropping his last item of clothing on the floor completely naked, he grabbed my face and kissed me hard making me take a few steps back hitting my back on the cold shower wall
“God I’ve been waiting to fuck you for a long time”- he said putting his hands all over my body he barely even let me breathe
“Na-” I tried saying his name but he covered my mouth with his hand
“Shhh babygirl you wouldn’t want the guys to hear us”
I shook my head in agreement but I couldn’t help it he started drawing circles on my clit making me let out a moan
“Holy Fuck”- I said looking into Nate’s eyes
“Bend over for me”- he said then he ran his hands down my back and stopped them on my hips and spanked me really hard making me jump I tried covering my mouth to try and stay quiet. He slid it inside and started off slow and then picked up the pace I couldn’t contain myself anymore I felt like screaming
“Shit”- Nate said throwing his head back out of breathe he was leaving his hand prints on my hips from how tight he was holding me, my ass was red af not that I was complaining..I had about every mark possible on my body (bites, scratches etc)

“I’ll let you finish up here see you in a bit”- he said giving me a kiss on my forehead and waited for me in his room
When I was done with my shower I noticed he left me one of his shirts on the counter, I put it on and went straight to his room. I stood in the doorway with a smirk on my face
“My clothes looks better on you lil mama” Nate said tugging on the shirt I was wearing, he picked me up and pinned me on his bed “I wish I could kiss you forever”
“Me too”-I said he closed the door and turned off the lights he let out a deep breathe and wrapped his arms around me I had my face buried in his chest..this felt so perfect almost like a puzzle piece
-The Next Morning
Nate squeezed me when he woke up
“Morning”- Nate
“Ow! Don’t do that”- I said trying to move slowing because everything hurt
“Why what’s wrong”- Nate
“Holy shit my body hurts so bad, do I have anything on my back or anywhere else”- I said turning around completely so Nate could check my whole body. I saw him put his hands up to his mouth and raise his eyebrows like he was in shock “what”
“Oh..my..god y/n you have bruises everywhere and your ass is pink” I ran into the bathroom to look for myself
“Look that’s where I bit you”-Nate
“This is not a time for bragging ok”- I said
“Who’s biting who”- Jack J said coming in to hang up his towel
“Nobody”-I almost yelled at him
“Whoa calm down haha”- Jack J
I went back to Nate’s room and got dressed making sure I was completely covered up then I went downstairs, Sam was making pancakes
“You hungry, I’m making your favorite chocolate chip pancakes.”-Sammy
“Yay chocolate chip thanks Sam”- I said
“No problem haha hey can u get down some plates or are you too small you know since you’re like 2 feet tall”-Sammy
“I am 5'2 I’ll have you know and I can most definitely reach those plates”- as I reached higher my shirt went up
“Whoa! What happened to your back”
I immediately pulled my shirt down and acted like I didn’t know I had bruises
“What are you talking about”- I said
“You don’t feel that”- Sam said turning me around and lifting my shirt “it looks like someone slapped you
"I probably just bumped into something”
“No it looks almost like a hand, you can tell me if someone hit you”- Sammy
I started laughing because it was getting awkward for me “oh my god Sam no one is hurting me”
“Why are you laughing I’m serious”
“I know, I’m sorry haha I can stand up for myself ok no one is ever gonna hurt me you have nothing to worry about”
“I know but i just wanna make sure that you know it’s safe here, pancakes are ready by the way”- Sammy
Nate and the jacks came in the kitchen and started serving themselves
“Thanks man”
“Sammy boy cookin up the goods”
“Yeah thanks bro”
Everyone sat down at the table and began to eat
“So did you sleep well last night”- Jack G asked me
“Yeah did you”
“Kinda..I kept hearing thumping coming from the bathroom” - he said keeping his eyes on me the whole time
“Do you know anything about that”
Nate almost choked and had to drink water
“You alright man”- Sammy said hitting Nate on the back
Fuck.. I felt like all eyes were on me I wanted to run back up stairs and hide but with a straight face I said “No”
“Hmm must have just been me then”- Gilinsky said with a suspicious tone it’s like he knew what we did
“Yeah you’re probably right”- I said smiling
“Hey are we still going to the beach later”
-Jack J
“I didn’t even know we were going”-I said
“Oh I was talking about it with Sam yesterday while you were in the shower”
“If you guys are down”- Sammy
“Yeah we’re down”- Nate
“Hey I have to get going I told my brother I would help him with something”- I said
Bye to everyone giving them each a kiss on the cheek “thanks again Sam, see you guys later” I yelled heading towards the door
I met the boys at the beach I brought some girlfriends along so I wouldn’t be the only girl
“I see you brought some very lovely company”- Sammy said
“Sam.. This is Bailey, Liz and Emerson”
“Nice to me you ladies”- Sammy said kissing their hands
“This is Jack you can call him Johnson, Nate, you guys already met Sam over there and this is the other Jack you can call him Gilinsky”- I said introducing everyone, they all seemed to get along well. Nate and I were playing with each other’s hands and laughing
“What’s going on here, huh”- Jack J
“Are you guys like together now or what”
Nate looked at Johnson and said “maybe”
I buried my face in his chest laughing with everyone
“Oh ho ho whaaat are you serious”
-Jack G
“Why not I mean look at this face”- Nate said squishing my face
“Stop haha”- I said pushing Nate’s hand away
“In all seriousness though…”- Nate held my hand and said “y/n will you do me the honor of being my girl”
I kissed him and said absolutely