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New Beginnings (Stiles Stilinski imagine)

Summary: You move to Beacon Hills and quickly make some new friends. (I’m so bad at summaries istg but just know that this ends with fluff and it’s cute)

Word Count: 3.2k

A/N: This is the first Stiles/non-smut piece I’ve created for the Teen Wolf fandom and I’m actually really nervous to see if it goes down well omg…I really like how it turned out - I hope you do too! :)

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Beacon Hills was different to what you’d expected.

It was your mum securing a new job in the town that prompted the relocation during the summer before your senior year. You had to move hours away from your old town, leaving behind all the connections and roots you’d spread. It was an understatement to say you were far from pleased.

Before moving there, you only knew snippets about the mysterious town - little bits and pieces you’d gathered from the internet and stories retold by your parents. You were expecting a quaint, country town, whereas you arrived to discover that the reality was completely different.

To say you’d been annoyed at the move, your first day at Beacon Hills High School proved that things weren’t all bad.

You were sitting at the back of history class, having arrived early to snag a desk near the rear of the classroom. You reckoned that at this point - three years into high school - most of your peers would be in their own social groups and it’d be better for you to try and blend in than stick out as the new girl.

 You waited for the class to fill up, absentmindedly doodling over the front of your notepad as the voices around you grew louder. You focused solely on the strokes of your pen, finding a little comfort in the gentle circles you traced across the paper.

“You’re new,” a voice, brash and loud, came cutting through the air. You startled, jerking up to see a boy sitting at the desk beside you. Noticing your surprise, he fumbled, a slightly embarrassed blush working its way across his cheeks. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

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Worth the Pain

// Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission // Take the Lead // Worth the Pain // Wings of Butterflies

The earth’s actually flat and Harry must have fallen off of it. He was quite clumsy—you had scars from the countless occasions he couldn’t navigate around his own feet and brought you down with him—so him managing to fall off the edge of the earth wasn’t a stretch of the imagination.

At least he better be floating through deep space, otherwise there was no reason your texts and calls should have gone unanswered the last three days. No other reason you would accept, anyway.

When you’d woken up, brain foggy and mouth dry, you couldn’t remember how you’d gotten home, let alone anything that had actually happened. It wasn’t until you reached for your phone—after growing accustomed the dull ache in your skull—and saw the Bukowski poem that you remembered what happened. And you’d laid in bed for a while, trying to figure out how to move forward. Should you text Harry? Call him? Read into the fact that his last poem was much less explicit than the previous and maybe it meant he was trying to tell you something?

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All For Show Part Four

Pair : Steve Rogers x Reader8. You ask your best friend to pretend to be your boyfriend for your sisters couples dinner party. Requested by anon. Warning : Language?

Word Count : 1,059

A/N : Next few parts are going to be a little roller coaster and yes, I might be basing off Steve and the Reader on Danny x Riley/Archie x Betty 

Catch Up Here ; 1  2  3

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You sat at your favorite booth in the corner of Buds Restaurant. It was one of your favorites in town, and a place you would go to meet him.

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Saturdays (pt 1)

Genre: Fluff/Smut (in pt 2)

Member: Jungkook

Warnings: None 

Word Count: 4484

Summary: After three months of loneliness and insecurities while on tour, Jungkook comes home to you.

Part 2

This is just pure fluff tbh. But Part 2 will much more explicit (and will be posted within the next two or three days at most). Enjoy!

You weren’t sure exactly how long you’d been sitting on the window seat with your knees pulled into your chest, the cool wall leaching all the warmth from your spine through the thick material of your hoodie. All day you’d been lounging in the comfort of your apartment, basking in the calming serenity of the pouring rain pattering against the wide window. The view of the Seoul skyline piercing the gray swirling clouds above was beautiful in the most hazy and sleepy way, almost as if the entirety of South Korea had just woken up from a Saturday-afternoon nap and hadn’t yet wiped the sleep from its eyes.

Saturdays were one of your favorite days, mainly because you didn’t have to worry about your usual responsibilities of college and work. You preferred to spend most of your Saturdays at home to recharge before having to finish up any assignments you’d been procrastinating over on Sunday, and you often found yourself devoting Saturdays to pampering yourself. Eating whatever you wanted, messily slathering on a face mask, taking a long steaming bath to relax your tense muscles, the works. At that point in the day, you’d already cooked yourself chocolate chip pancakes (You woke up around 11:30am, but who’s to say pancakes have to be reserved solely for breakfast time?) while your favorite moisturizing mask was caked on your skin. You stuffed the fluffy, sweet deliciousness in your face ravenously as you binge-watched YouTube videos, the only worry you had being that you may not have enough syrup.

Now you sat, four hours later, curled up by the window, still sucked into the void that is YouTube and enjoying the melancholy rainfall that was baptizing the streets of Seoul.

As much as you loved Saturdays, you couldn’t help but feel sad that you’d spent so many without your boyfriend around to participate in the self-care. The two of you had made it a tradition to spend Saturdays together and bond over cartoons and unhealthy snacks. Even though he basically lived with you when he wasn’t forced to stay at the dorms or travel for a tour, Jungkook was insistent on coming over and talking about each of your weeks through mouthfuls of pizza.

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Rest of Our Lives

Characters: Y/N (reader), Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: stressed reader, douche ex, crappy friend, bad boss, “kidnapping” - the cute kind though. Mainly just fluff though.  

Word Count: 1400ish

A/N: This is is my entry for the lovely @splendidcas’ birthday challenge. Shannon thank you for giving me an always welcome excuse to write more Misha.

My prompt for this challenge was: “I don’t kidnap, I just temporarily borrow a person” - And I love this prompt so so much, so thank you for this opportunity Shan :D

Thanks to the brilliant and sweet @chaos-and-the-calm67 for betaing this for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Opening a coffee shop was stressful, especially when the person opening it was you. You wanted everything to be perfect. This had been you dream for at long as you could remember and taking the leap and finally realizing it had not been one you had taken lightly.

It had taken years working as a waitress in a restaurant for a horrible boss and finding your cheating boyfriend in bed with your best friend. It had taken days spend in bed crying your eyes out, before you had forced yourself to get back on your feet. You were not going to let screaming bosses, bad friends or cheating exes knock you down. You were going to take this as a sign that you needed at change. You had remembered your dream then and realized it was time to realize it.

That had been almost a year ago. You had started creating a business plan and you had worked hard on getting approved for the loans you had needed. Six months ago today you had gotten them approved and the same day you had bought this building. It was also six month ago today, you had met him.

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‘Stupid Malfoy and his stupid single-eyebrow-raising talent’.

Harry was in front of the mirror trying to sneer and lift his right brow just like Malfoy did but wasn’t getting far at all, he only managed to lift both looking like a dazzled deer. Was it, like, a special thing you were born with?

“Whatcha doing, mate?”

Harry almost jumped to the roof like a scared cat.

Bloody hell, Ron. I almost shat in my pants. Fucking knock, will you?” His face felt so hot you could fry an egg on it.

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Well, it’s officially been a year since I posted my first series on this blog. I never thought that The City would be the starting point of this journey. And even though the past few months have been extremely difficult, I am so glad to still be here at the end of the day.

It’s hard to fathom that there are now almost 10k of you reading my work or not (many of you just like me as a person and I think that’s great!). I know I probably sound like a broken record at this point but I would not be here without you all. It’s because of you that I am still writing. It’s because of you that I keep finding ways to break your heart (and let’s face it mine) over and over again through my work.

Honestly, I am shocked that y’all are still around after everything I have put my readers through. There have been so many ups and downs in my real life and in my words that I feel like a completely different person than I was a year ago. If I could personally thank each and everyone of you for the love and support you give me, I would. I went through some of the hardest times of my life this past year but you all stuck by me and gave me so much love and support.

This blog may be evolving into something new this year. I know many of you are scared of change, and I am too. But I will always be the same Ramsey. I will always be the same person regardless of what group I am writing for. My love for BTS will never change and nor will I ever stop writing for them.

Thank you for embracing this next chapter. Thank you for one of the best years of my life. Thank you for everything you have given me. I hope I can somehow in some small way give you the same amount of love back,

I would never trade the community we have built together. Because this space is just as much yours as it is mine.

There are some people I want to thank, but I know I will probably be leaving someone out and I am so sorry if I do.

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Fish out of Water pt3

Humans are weird, and when you get the chance to get to know one and understand them better, you take it. But there are rules about interfering with human affairs, and breaking them might come at a higher price than you were willing to pay.

Part 1, 2

Reader x Yoongi

Mermaid Au

Fluff, humor, maybe some angst? Not much though.

It had been one of those nights that Yoongi couldn’t take a moment to collect his thoughts, just had to keep working until the bar closed. It was packed all night, and by the time it cleared out he was exhausted and his feet hurt. But he wasn’t in a bad mood, unlike some other nights that this happened. He was looking forward to buying ice cream and meeting you under the pier.

“Alright, I’m out.” He said to Jimin when he was done cleaning up.

“Not yet, you’re not.” Jimin said. “There’s some girl here to see you.”

Yoongi frowned at Jimin. He didn’t remember anyone telling him they were going to stop by his work, and couldn’t think of a reason for them to.

“What girl?” He asked, and Jimin shrugged.

“No idea, but she’s been staring at her feet the whole time. I tried to ask her why she was here, but she just said she was here to see you.” Jimin gestured toward the front of the restaurant. “She’s over there.”

Yoongi sighed. “What kind of person wouldn’t even give you a name—“ He stopped talking as he walked closer. You were sitting, staring at your toes—something you definitely did not have last night—wiggling them in wonder.

“Do you know her?” Jimin asked quietly, putting a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Yeah, I just—I don’t know what she’s doing here. Give us a minute, okay?”

Jimin nodded, and Yoongi made his way over to you. You noticed him approaching, and smiled brightly at him.

“Yoongi! I was so worried that maybe you weren’t here tonight, or that you didn’t want to talk to me, or—don’t faint.”

Yoongi must have looked dizzy—he felt dizzy—and he sat on the bench next to you.

“But you’re…You’re not…You have feet.” Yoongi had just come to terms with you being a mermaid, and now he finds out that you aren’t one? It was all a little disconcerting.

“I know, isn’t it horrible?” Your smile had faded.

“What?” Yoongi really didn’t understand what was happening.

“My father found out about me talking to you.” You sighed.

“The sea king?” Yoongi clarified.

“One of them.” You corrected. “We got in a fight, and he took my tail away.”

“That… Doesn’t make sense.” Yoongi said weakly.

“Do anyone’s parents make sense?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. “I think he’ll let me return to the sea soon, but I don’t know what to do until then. I was hoping you could help me?”

Other people might have accused you of lying about being a mermaid in the first place, that perhaps this was all a scam. But Yoongi knew deep down that wasn’t the case. He had seen the complete wonder in your eyes as he talked about living on land, had even touched your tail. There was always something so genuine about you that he didn’t question it.

“Of course. What can I do?”

“I just need somewhere to sleep, I won’t bother you for anything else.” You assured him, and Yoongi frowned down at your feet.

“You can stay with me. I live in a group house, so there’ll be other people around, but it’s safe. I’ll sleep on the couch, I don’t mind. You’ll need shoes. And some actual clothes. This—“ He pulled the sleeve of the bathing suit cover. “Wouldn’t work even if it did fit you.”

You shook your head. “I hate to ask all of this from you, Yoongi. I’ll pay you back, somehow. I promise. Also, what’s a couch?”

“I’ll explain, but first—why don’t we get you some shoes.”

You decided that you didn’t particularly care for the strange things humans wore on their feet called “flip-flops.” Not only were they difficult to walk in, they kept falling off.

“Sorry, I have a moped but I walked today… It would have saved your feet some trouble.”

“Is that a kind of shoe?” You asked, slipping your foot into the flip-flop for what felt like the millionth time that night.

Yoongi laughed slightly. “No, it’s a motorized scooter…” When you stared blankly at Yoongi, he tried a different explanation. “You know what a bike is, right?” You nodded, noticing something shiny on the ground and picking it up to study it.

“Yep, I see those a lot along the beach all the time.”

“It’s kind of similar to that, in a way. But you don’t have to pedal it, and the seat is different.”

“That sounds strange.” You said, flipping over the shiny thing. “What is this?” You asked, holding it out to Yoongi.

“A quarter. You can use it to buy things.”

“What kind of things?” You asked, walking ahead of him. You had no idea where you were going, so Yoongi didn’t know how you were so confident in the direction you were walking in.

“Clothes, shoes, food… Most things.”

You nodded thoughtfully as Yoongi caught up to you, then you reached over and took his hand. You turned it palm-up and placed the quarter in his hand, closing his fingers around it.

“For the flip-flops, and letting me stay with you.” You said, giving him a smile.

Yoongi shook his head, trying to return the coin to you. “You should keep it, you found it.”

“And now I’m giving it to you.” You said, shaking your head. “I have to pay you something, right?”

Yoongi couldn’t help his laugh. “You really don’t. But okay, if that’s what you want. Thank you.” He pocketed the quarter. “This is where I live, by the way.” He pointed to a tall house, painted a dark blue. It looked fairly well taken care of, but old, and there were patches on the roof.

“I like it.” You said happily, following him up the stairs and through the front door.

Yoongi had hoped that everyone would have already gone to bed, but Seokjin and Jungkook were playing a video game, elbowing and shoving each other on the couch occasionally.

“There’s food in the fridge if you’re hungry.” Seokjin said, not looking up.

“I’m surprised you’re back so early, I thought you had a date…” Jungkook stopped when he saw you, which made Seokjin look up as well. “Oh.”

“Don’t make too much noise, Taehyung has work first thing tomorrow morning.” Seokjin said, and Yoongi’s eyes widened.

“No, it’s not like that—she just needs somewhere to stay for tonight. Which means I’m going to need the couch.”

Jungkook tried to brush some chip crumbs (and who knows what else) as Seokjin nodded in understanding.

“Well in that case, welcome.” He stood, walking over to you with his hand outstretched. “My name is Seokjin, that’s Jungkook, and I can introduce you to everyone else in the morning. There’s food in the fridge if you’d like some, and let me know if you need anything.”

You leaned sideways toward Yoongi’s ear. “What’s a fridge?” You half-whispered.

“It’s a box that keeps things cold.” He replied, just as quietly. When Seokjin raised an eyebrow at him, he nodded his head to the side, indicating for the two of them to step away from you and Jungkook. “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Yoongi, who is this girl?” Seokjin asked, watching as you walked over to the tv and tapped the screen.

“Someone I owe a lot to. Is it okay if she stays here for a few days?”

Seokjin glanced from you and back to Yoongi. “Did I hear her ask what a fridge was?”

Yoongi sighed. “She’s not… From here.”

“Yoongi? Why are there small people stuck in a box?” You asked, and Seokjin gave Yoongi a look.

“Not from here? Where is she from then?”

“Please, Seokjin. It’ll only be for a few days, I promise.” Yoongi said, avoiding the question. Seokjin was the owner of the house’s nephew, and had complete power to kick out anyone he wished.

“We’re already pretty full, Yoongi. Seven people in one house is a lot, and you want to add another?” At Yoongi’s silence, Seokjin sighed. “She doesn’t have anywhere else to stay?”

Yoongi shook his head. “I’m the only person she knows here. I can’t just leave her on the street.”

Seokjin sighed, looked up at the ceiling, and then back at Yoongi. “Okay. A few days. But then she either has to start paying rent, or move somewhere else.”

“Thanks Seokjin, I owe you.” Yoongi looked over to where you were now sitting with Jungkook happily eating Doritos. He caught you eye and smiled. “Come on, I’ll show you to where you’ll be staying.”

Yoongi found some of his clothes for you to wear, laying them on the bed as you wandered around the room.

“Being up this high doesn’t bother you?” You asked, looking out his window. It was only on the second floor, and heights had never particularly bothered Yoongi.

“I guess I never thought about it.” He said, glancing up as you stepped away from the window. “I’ll step out while you change, okay?” You agreed as he stepped out, pulling the door shut behind him. 

Yoongi waited for what felt like forever in the hall, and was about to knock on the door and ask you if you were okay when he heard you scream. 

“Are you okay? What happened?” Yoongi asked, opening the door and hurrying in. You walked out of the adjoining bathroom to look at him, your eyes wide. You were wearing his jeans and a hoodie, which already looked a bit strange because they didn’t fit. But you were also wet, as though you had been standing in the rain. 

“Is everything alright?” Seokjin asked, peaking into the room, concern on his face.

“You have a waterfall in your house.” You said in wonder, pointing to the shower that was still running. Yoongi hurried past you to turn the water off, and sighed when he saw Seokjin’s face. 

“Everything’s fine.” He said, walking back over to shut the door on the older man. “Good night, Seokjin.”

Yoongi only hoped that he could either think of a reasonable excuse for you in the morning, or that you would be gone soon. He guessed that too many questions probably weren’t the best idea for a once-mermaid-now-human who was trying to appear normal, and he was determined to help you. It was the least he could do after you saved his life. It was just going to be a bit complicated, that was all.

A/N Yay I updated finally! I was thinking about updating Disposable, but then I decided to update this instead. I only semi-proofread this, so I’ll check it again in the morning if I get the chance. Thank you for reading, I really appreciate all the positive feedback I’ve gotten! You all mean so much to me. <3 As always, let me know your thoughts and feelings on this! Reader might have a hard time fitting in, as well as convincing her father to let her return to the sea! <3 <3 <3

Our Song pt 2

Sooooo Our Song (pt 1) was a hit, and I’m so grateful! Thank you guys so much for reading, and sending such AMAZING feedback! I’m gonna try to write some smut in as promised, and requested, but I’ve never written smut so maybe it’ll get better as more parts to this come out, so bear with me. I hope you enjoy :) xx

Jungkook x Reader, fluff, smut :0!!


Summary: School playboy, and jock Jungkook is the last person you’d expect to be a soulful musician, but everybody has their secrets

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Dick Grayson/ Nightwing X Reader X Jason Todd/Red Hood- Love Toxin (Part 2)

I am on a roll! Since it’s Spring Break for me, I’m planning on writing at least one fic per day, so I might be able to open my requests soon!! YAY!!

Part 1

You cringed at the smell of over intoxicating plants that littered the streets of Gotham.  Obviously you were dealing with the one and only Poison Ivy, who was currently making plants swing at you.  Dick and Jason were right behind you taking care of all the civilians and plants while you were attempting to deal with Ivy.  It had only been a few weeks since your leg had healed and you could join the family on patrol again, but you still held a grudge against Poison Ivy for making the boys act like lovesick puppies when you still had time to recover from your broken leg.  You still wanted to test out your new taser on Killer Croc for making you go through that.

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Eleven Minutes || Allurance

For Allurance Week Day 1: AU

Summary: A Soumate AU where a timer on your wrist counts down until the moment you meet your soulmate. 

Lance doesn’t even notice that his hit zero, until eleven minutes later.

A/N: Okay, I feel like this might be a little rushed or something, but I’m honestly proud of it. I just really wanted to get something posted before I went to bed, so here you go.

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ShanceFluffWeek Day 8: Like I'm 14 Again

The brick dug harshly into his back and shoulder blades yet Shiro found himself too distracted to care. How could he when Lance’s lithe body was pressed so tightly against his? It was cute- Lance was cute. He was taller then most yet a good two inches shorter then him so he stood on his tippy toes, arms looped around his neck just pressed so so close.

Shiro wrapped his around his little waist and shivered when Lance took his pouty little bottom lip in between his lips a bit. Shiro found himself licking his own lips in return.

Lance grinned.

“What’s wrong? We’re finally here- alone. So do it. I know you want to. Kiss Me, Shiro. Kiss me”

Shiro’s cheeks flushed and he leaned down. It seemed like time went forever until his lips just brushed Lance’s- and then suddenly the back door slammed open, startling them apart.

It was Pidge, drunk off their ass throwing up everything they had just consumed for their 21st birthday. Shiro grimaced and reluctantly let go of Lance.

Immediately all their friends filled out to aid Pidge and Shiro sighed and stared at Lance longingly.

There’d always be next time.


There was not a next time.

Well, there was but it seemed the world hated Shiro and did not want him to ever place his lips upon Lance’s perfectly pink ones.

They had a moment alone again. This time Shiro was on the bed- half on at least. Torso in the bed while his legs hanged off, with Lance draped over him.

Their friends- thankfully- gone. At least for a goof thirty minutes. He and Lance weren’t dating but that didn’t really deter how he felt or how Lance felt. They were just trying to get that kiss in to finally just make everything- them- click.

Shiro was gonna take the initiative this time. One hand shying just of grabbing Lance’s perky peach ass and the other curling possessively around the nape of his neck. Shiro bit his lip and let his eyes flicker to Lance’s crystal blue ones to his pouty lips. They were slick and shiny with lip gloss, smelling vaguely like peaches and creams and Shiro felt his stomach flip flop and twist with excitement.

“Come on Shiro. Hurry up before they come back” Lance urged. Voice whiny and high. One of his hands where fisted into his black shirt and the other tangled in his white forelock and Shiro swallowed, Adams apple bobbing thickly.

Fuck he was gonna really do this.

He want for it, once again tasting the barest hint of Lance’s lip gloss before the front door slammed open and Allura screamed for Lance to come and help set up snacks.

Shiro groaned angrily while Lance growled.

Fuck. Interrupted again.


They were alone. Again. For the third time and Shiro was more then wary. Lance fitted his slender form in Shiro’s lap this time. Chest to chest so close that Shiro could feel Lance’s heart beating in its confines. It beat fast but steady, showing Shiro that the younger man was just as nervous as he was and for that Shiro was thankful.

No more tip toeing, no more interruptions, no more anything. Just Shiro and Lance. Alone. About to have their first kiss (between the two of them) and suddenly Shiro felt sick. Raw with nerves that made him want to vomit and Shiro felt 14 all over again instead of 25, having his first kiss with the cute but geeky, Matt Holt.

He felt sick.

He stared at Lance who was also starring at him wide-eyed.

“Okay, um I know we’ve been thirsty to kiss each other for weeks now, and I really hope this isn’t just me- but like, are you hella nervous right now too? Like oh god I think I’m gonna vomit I’m not as ready as I thought I was- ready to vomit???” Came his anxious reply and Shiro let out a panicked breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“Fuck, no-yeah, its totally me too. To be honest I feel like I’m gonna be sick. And not cause your ugly or anything and I don’t wanna kiss you! Because like I do, I really really do! I just- I don’t think I’m ready yet?”

Lance nodded as if he knew exactly what Shiro was saying and Shiro let out another breath. Lance picked up Shiro’s hand and started to play with his fingers making him smile gently.

“I feel like I’m 14 again,” Shiro admitted. “Too scared to kiss the boy I like- but like, really wanting to kiss him too”

Lance laughed, but it was more like a pretty mixture of giggles and a snort. It made him give Lance heart eyes.

“Yeah, I totally know what you mean but like, we don’t have to kiss now. No matter what age, there’s nothing wrong with taking things slow” Lance said and Shiro nodded agreeing.

“Do you wanna just cuddle and watch horror movies with me so I have an excuse to hold you tighter every time you get scared?” Shiro asked softly and Lance blushed. Cheeks dappling an endearing pinkish color.

“Well I’d be offended if you didn’t, My dear sir” Lance teased, looping his arm with Shiro’s and Shiro grinned.

“Of course my good man. Right this way”