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Rick Deckard: I like this song. We could keep at this, or we could get a drink.
K: I’ll take the drink.
- Blade Runner 2049


“Although the vodka tasted like rubbing alcohol and a bitter distrust had molded itself around her veins, she couldn’t help but see the warmth in Taehyung that should have never been there. Taehyung should have never been here.”
Gang AU: Where Taehyung moves in next door to the runaway heir of his rivals, and she seems more distraught about it than him.
Rated M/Warnings: violent themes/slight gore, sexual themes, dacryphilia, overstimulation, intoxicated sex, slight mention of alcohol, princess!kink
Word Count:13,443

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sterek + “I just kissed your forehead, chill.”? <3


“I just kissed your forehead, chill,” Stiles said, rolling his eyes as he plopped down in the comfy armchair by the other end of the couch, folding his legs to set his ankle on his knee. He picked his biochemistry book up from where he had set it on the floor, resting it on his thigh as he cracked it open, flipping through the pages until he found his desired page.

But Derek could not chill. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Because Stiles had just kissed him.

Yeah, sure, Stiles had a point, he had just kissed him on the forehead, but still! It was still a kiss! Regardless of where exactly it was!

The important part was that Stiles had just kissed him! How could he be expected to chill after that? It just wasn’t feasible.

He had been ass over elbows for the hyperactive, unbelievably intelligent, too-curious-for-his-own-good teen since the first time he had met him. At least, he had been unconsciously. It had taken him a little while to realize it and once he had, he immediately launched into a vigorous campaign of self-loathing and self-denial, reminding himself at every turn why his feelings were stupid and wrong and irrefutably unrequited.

For quite some time, a few years, in fact, Derek had downright hated himself for his attraction to Stiles, having sworn off love and romance and attraction years ago, once after Paige’s untimely death and again after the fire that had claimed the lives of almost his entire family. But then Stiles had waltzed into his life, trespassing in more than one way, and tossed all of his plans to live the rest of his miserable life alone right out the window

Over years of working together, even before they were officially pack members or even friends, and regularly saving each other’s lives, the initial spark of Derek’s interest had been stoked into a slow, constantly burning fire that resided somewhere deep in his heart. Now, every time he so much as saw Stiles — or heard his voice, or received a text from even, or even just remembered something about him ― a warmth radiated through his body that felt like a ray of sunshine coursing through every fiber of his being, rushing through every vein and capillary in his body.

Derek was pretty sure he was in love with him.

He loved the way Stiles never held back with anything he did in life, thrusting himself into whatever he chose to do, whether it be researching the most recent supernatural threat, or ferreting out as much information as he could about reports of hunters, to diving headfirst into his college courses or learning how to make all sorts of healthy foods to keep his dad’s heart healthy. He loved Stiles’ razor sharp wit, never at a loss for a snappy rejoinder or sarcastic remark, in spite of whether or not it was appropriate to be making such sardonic comments, or perhaps because of it.

He loved Stiles’ selflessness, at time disturbingly willing to lay down his life for those he cared about, leaping into harm’s way more times than Derek could, or at least more than he cared to, count. He loved the way that Stiles wasn’t afraid one bit to be himself, never paying any mind to those who sought to discourage him or put him down, growing more and more confident with each and every passing day.

Hell, it was useless to list everything he loved about Stiles because he loved everything about him.

Every nuance of his facial expressions ― the way he furrowed his brows when he was concentrating, the way his lips twisted up at the corner when he smirked, the way his temple twitched when he was angry. Every behavioral quirk ― the way he dotted his i’s, the way he chewed on the drawstrings of his hoodies and the sleeves of his obnoxious flannels, the way he hummed under his breath when he did the dishes or folded his laundry.

The only problem was that he didn’t love Derek.

Derek had, quite foolishly, convinced himself that he might actually have a chance with him when Stiles had officially made the announcement that he was bisexual, but the newly out teenager had never made any indication whatsoever that he had interest in him. That had been over a year and Derek had since given up all hope that Stiles might ever harbor any romantic feelings for him, resigning himself to a life of unrequited pining, sure that Stiles would never show him any ounce of affection that wasn’t purely platonic.

And then he went and kissed Derek like it was no big deal. Granted, it was only on the forehead and he had a valid, non-romantic, strictly platonic reason to do it.

With the moon tucked away in the shadow of the earth during a late autumn lunar eclipse, Derek was just about as human as Stiles was, leaving him vulnerable to all sorts of things like regular bullets without the wolfsbane and other types of weapons. Apparently, it also meant that he was able to contract human illnesses. Like the common cold.

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 Original or requested: Original

 Pairing: Paul x Reader

 Word count: 730

 “You’ve lost your mind.” You feel so nervous that a laugh escapes your mouth. “He’s my friend! He’s just a friend! Is that so hard to understand? ”

 “Yes, because he loves you!”

 “He doesn’t love me, Paul! I’ve known him since forever.” You sit on the couch, closing your eyes for a few seconds to try to calm down.

 Paul freaked out when you told him you spend the day with Dean, an old friend. He came from Canada to see you since it’s been two years you’re living here in Forks.

 “You’re naive. You’ve always been naive and you can’t see what I can!” Paul is shaking, just like he’s just about to shift. You’re not scared. You were never scared of his temper.

 “I am smart enough to understand these things, Paul.”

 “I don’t think so since you’re apparently on his side.”

 “I won’t stop talking to him just because you’re jealous.” Picking up your phone, you text your friend Marilyn. She’s the only one who can help you with this kind of problems.

 “Don’t.” Paul takes the phone from your hands, throwing it at the wall. Shocked by his action, you gasp, trying not to punch him and break your arm. “You won’t text him.”

 “I WAS TEXTING MARILYN!” You yell, running to your bedroom. You start to pack your things while Paul tries to make you stop and the rest of the pack who’s home watching from the door frame. When you accepted to move in with the pack or your own safety, you used to complain about all those eyes on your relationship, but now you don’t care. “I’m done. If you don’t trust me then there’s no reason for me to stay. I love Dean like a friend and I love you because you’re the love of my life. Not my fault you can’t understand it.”

 “(Y/N), I’m still talking. Be rational and finish this conversation like an adult. ” The tone of his voice is rude and it breaks your heart.

 “I’m still leaving.”

 “I need you to stop crying and explain to me what happened.” Marilyn gives you some ice cream so you can eat something while you cry your heart out.

 “I told him I wanted he to think about us. But he told me he didn’t need to think. Then I told him I needed to think. Do you really think I would break up with him?”

 “I’m still confused.” Always honest, Marilyn takes a deep breath.

 “It’s about Dean!” You shout, making your friend jump on the couch.

 “Oh. Got it. But Paul loves you so much and I can understand him. He’s scared to lose you.”

 “He’s the love of my life. I already told him that a million times!”

 “I’m sure you did, but how would you act if he spent a whole day with a woman? Even if she’s just a friend of his? A whole day alone with her while you stay home.”

 You put the ice cream down to think. Well, to rethink. Maybe, just maybe, this is kinda your fault. Paul wouldn’t freak out if he went with you. And no, you wouldn’t like him to spend all that time with a friend.


 “Yes, shit. I’m not saying you have to apologize, but I do can imagine how he felt.”

 “I love him, Mary. So much.” You whisper, tears still rolling down your cheeks.

 “Call him.”

 And that’s what you do. Fearing that he may be rude to you like he did earlier, you patiently wait for him to answer the phone. When he finally answers, you both keep silent. Hearing his breath is enough to make you want to be with him again and this feeling takes your breath away. You barely feel it, this weird pain in your chest, since you’re always together, but you just can’t take it.


 “(Y/N), you have no idea how it hurts. Being away from you is… too painful.”

 “I know, Paul, I… I’m sorry. I love you. No one but you.” With a smile on your lips, you help Marilyn to pack up your things again. “I’m sorry if I hurt you. Whenever I want to see Dean you can come. I didn’t know how much it hurt you.”

 “I’m coming to bring you home. I love you.”

 “I love you too.”

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i’m like… so mentally healthy right now like it’s wild. i’ll still feel sad and stuff but in a completely healthy way. 

when i was really bad mentally i never thought i’d be okay again and it would just piss me off when people told me i’d be okay one day, i mean it took a long ass time i got really bad in 2012, 2013 was hell year i literally blocked the whole twelve months out, ask me a thing about 2013 i will not fucking know it, and then i finally started feeling somewhat okay in early 2015 and then i still felt a bit off until like this time last year but since i’ve been like really really really good mentally like i’m not saying my life’s been fantastic w/ no bad shit happening but my mental health has maintained despite the bad stuff that comes w/ life in general… this is a completely pointless post but it’s somewhat therapeutic to write this down 

Just Roommates (Part 2)

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Summary: Dean and reader are at odds with each other as they attempt to rescue Sam…

Part 1

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 3,000ish

Warnings: lots of language

A/N: Flangst, definite flangst incoming…

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RFA finding out MC was raped? sorry if it's too much for you..

It is not, my angsty friend. It is not.

Alright, buckle up my guy this is going to be a long one.

~~Sensitive material pls don’t read if this will trigger you!~~


  • Feels legitimately sick
  • Starts crying and holds you close
  • “How can this world…be so cruel?”
  • You’ve never seen him get this angry before, but he throws his gaming mouse and it smashes to pieces against the wall.
  • Throws his hoodie on and heads out the door. He realizes he’s frightened you and he needs to take a walk to calm down.
  • He feels like punching every man he see’s into a pulp. Any one of them could be…
  • Throws up in the nearest trash can at the thought
  • Right now he hates the world
  • He knows it happened before you met, but he hates himself for not being there to protect you.
  • Finds himself sitting alone at the park, crying.
  • He’s glad you’re not there to see him like this
  • Oh, right…
  • “I’m being kind of a selfish douche right now, aren’t I?”
  • He realizes, admitting it out loud to himself
  • You have to be feeling 100 times worse than him, and he left because he couldn’t control his emotions…
  • Show back up at apartment, a giant bouquet of roses in hand
  • “MC, I’m so sorry. There’s…no excuse for my actions! I’m here for you now. And I’ll protect you from now on. For the rest of our lives. No one will ever touch you again. I swear it.”


  • Jumin Han.
  • Is.
  • Pissed.
  • If you had x-ray vision you would literally see his blood boiling
  • But this guy has subtlety down to a fucking science
  • He seems so calm and collected and listens to you tell him everything that happened with a straight face
  • His hands are gently placed on your own and his eyes don’t stray from your gaze
  • The next few days he is extra caring, extra gentle, extra kind.
  • You feel so relieved to have told him
  • And his warmth, his soft response towards you after learning the truth was all you needed
  • But Jumin Han does not forget.
  • Jumin Han does not forgive.
  • Not what this prick has done to you.
  • Behind your back, he reaches out to someone.
    • “Saeyoung, I need your help.”
    • “Oookay?…With what? It’s got to be interesting if someone with your resources is coming to me.”
    • “I need you to be 707 again. Just for one more job. And I need it to be strictly between us. You’ll understand after I explain everything.”
  • With his money and Saeyoungs help it didn’t take long to locate them and put the plan in place
  • ‘707′ located a small, uninhabited and remote island far at sea
  • All Jumin needed to do was give the men his order
  • Less than a week went by before his phone buzzed in his hand
  • “Hm?”
  • An unknown contact
  • A photo of a man; battered and bruised, lying on the shore with sand in his wounds. The hands that had touched you had been burned.
  • Jumin smiled
    • “What is it, Jumin? A cat photo?! Let me see!”
    • “No, MC. Just something for work,” he glanced up from his screen. “Oh no no…this won’t do. Those heels are all wrong for that dress. They aren’t elegant enough for your legs. Let’s go buy you some new ones that are more fitting.”
  • He glanced at the phone once more
  • [DELETE]

◉ Zen

  • He wanted to drink and smoke until he was numb
  • He wanted to throw you on his bike behind him and ride away to somewhere remote and safe
  • He wished he could travel in time. Lock you in some distant tower like the princess you were, and protect you with his life
  • But life was not like a fairy tale and reality never hit him so hard
  • He felt your smooth touch on the back on his hand and looking down, realized his knuckles were white from the clenching of his fists.
  • He wanted so badly to kick the shit out of that asshole…whoever they were.
  • But that might mean the end of his career, maybe even jail time? And how would he protect you then?
  • His head was swimming with thoughts
  • That whole night, and for the next few days he was stuck to you like glue.
  • He looked like hell
  • He couldn’t sleep
  • He lay awake clutching at your frame and listening to your breathing
  • He told his agent he was sick in order to get some time off to watch over you
  • He never felt so small and helpless before
  • Looking over his piles of fan letters, he tried to regain some sense of self when he realized
  • He wasn’t powerless
  • All of these people looked up to him
  • They watched what he did, bought what he advertised.
  • If he couldn’t turn back time and keep this from happening to you…well maybe he could use his fame to keep this from happening to other people
  • He dialed his agent at once to put a plan in place
  • Hyun Ryu would be the face and spokesperson for a new campaign against sexual assault.

◉ Jaehee

  • She tried to control herself but you could see the coffee cup in her hand shaking
  • She had a lump in her throat
  • “Thank you for telling me, MC. I…I don’t know what to say.”
  • It was hard for her to organize her thoughts. How could anyone have hurt this person. The person she loved so much, who brought so much light and peace to her life.
  • As much as she tried to suppress it, she felt the tears welling in her eyes and quickly wiped them away
  • She didn’t want to be a mess in front of you
  •  Jaehee cleared her throat, placed her coffee cup on the table, and grabbed your hands into hers.
  • “Can we take this to court? Can we take some legal action against this person? I don’t care what it takes, but they won’t get away with this damn it.”


  • He thought his stomach would drop through the floor
  • He felt like every nerve ending had been set on fire
  • You were laying on his chest on the bed that night, fast asleep.
  • Saeyoung ran his long fingers through your fragrant hair until the dawn poured through the window. His sleeve was soaked with the tears he quietly shed in the night as he looked at your peaceful sleeping face
  • Days went by
  • And an anger that began as a small match in his heart now felt like a raging fire which consumed him
  • Every chance he got, he was researching and researching
  • Why hadn’t you just told him who did this to you?
  • Well, he knew why
  • But why…
  • Maybe it was for the best
  • He had his own way of finding out
  • It took longer than he’d like to admit
  • He was rusty as hell
  • He searched police reports and newspapers, searched social media profiles
  • Finally he found them
  • “MC, I’ll be leaving in 2 days…another toy convention for the shop. I wish I didn’t have to leave you.”
  • He kissed your forehead
  • He used his special agent skills to locate the targets house and figure out when they would be alone
  • When they answered the door they were greeted by a powerful fist colliding with their nose full force
  • “That’s for MC, you fucking son of a bitch”
  • He grabbed them by their collar and lifted them up off the ground, raising his fist once more 
  • “And these next ones are for every year, every second she’s had to live with the thought of your disgusting hands on her. You’re lucky I don’t break every one of your fingers.”
  • He made a point to spit on the limp body before walking away, his phone buzzing in his pocket
  • “MC…”
  • He needed to come up with an excuse for his bruised knuckles before coming home…
maybe. just maybe.

requested: nope

warnings: mentions of insecurity and overall sadness. language as well

pairings: tom holland x reader

type: hc list

summary: you and tom liked each other, but paranoia sets in, and it messes things up for the both of you.

a/n: this one is a mixture of sad and happy. the start of it is happy, but it quickly turns sour. it’s also inspired by this song.

i wanted to write something that was sad, because sometimes, things don’t always have a happily ever after ending.

also, if you are on my taglist, PLEASE don’t feel obligated to read this just because you’re on the taglist. if you would like to only be added to happy things, please let me know, and i will make sure to make a note of it!!

  • you knew tom for awhile, maybe ten months give or take.
    • you two met when you were an extra for infinity war
    • you actually made the first move and told him you loved what he was doing with the new spider-man
    • which made him incredibly giddy
    • the day you left is the day he asked for your number
    • it just went on from there
  • it was obvious that tom flirted with you
    • at the start, it was subtle. some texts saying “your last instagram pic was really good.”
    • then you’d be like “good? like the quality?”
    • and he’d be like “no, like, it was cute”
    • which would make u feel so good!!!!
    • but later in the flirting stage, it’d be more straightforward
    • “you looked really beautiful on facetime”
    • “why didn’t you tell me that on facetime”
    • a call would be made just so it could be said on facetime
  • everyone started to catch on
  • mainly because tom would leave comments on your pictures almost instantaneously
    • and you’d do the same
  • and everything was going smoothly for a long time
  • you weren’t a big movie star (you literally only wanted to be an extra because of tom lmao) but you understood the fact that he couldn’t always be with you every single day, good or bad
  • and you were fine with that for the most part, until it became a bad day
    • you would just sit by your phone, and wait for his name to pop up. just waiting for his kind words to help make your day a little less shitty
    • but you wouldn’t get anything until you’d fall asleep, unfortunately
  • with tom’s new schedule, it was hard to communicate
    • but you wanted the best for your more than just a friend. this was his dream, and you weren’t trying to varnish it in the least bit
  • with the difficult communication, came the dry texting due to him being busy
    • his semi-long paragraph texts would turn into a couple of words, which meant he barely had a second to even glance at his phone  
  • of course, you kept telling yourself that this is his job.
  • and that you two weren’t even official, so this needed to calm down before you got seriously damaged by this
  • but that was kind of too late.
  • with everything you would say to yourself, it just piled up to the point where you felt alone
    • “he’s just busy” which is true, but you couldn’t help but think
    • “he’ll text back soon” which eventually happened, but not to the extent you were hoping for
  • your whole demeanor would change towards him
  • you felt so guilty for being so upset over this, but you couldn’t help it
  • because you truly felt lonely
  • but that’s when you decided to try and distance yourself for god knows what reason
    • you would wait hours to respond, which was different. you’d usually answer instantaneously, hoping he would still have his phone in sight
    • not answering calls, and claiming you were busy
      • but really you were just trying to show him what it was like
    • returning dry messages with one or two word replies of your own
  • eventually, contact just kinda vanished.
    • you didn’t respond to him one day, and he didn’t really attempt to get back into contact
      • which would leave you to tears some nights, because he was supposed to be your love. you two were supposed to make it. hollywood wasn’t supposed to end this.
  • everything was starting to feel normal. no communication was starting to be the only thing you could register.
  • until he had a break.
    • he posted on his instagram about having a while off due to having some of his wisdom teeth cut out
      • you seen it two days after he posted it.
    • next thing you know, you just sat in your bed with tears brimming, because if you had continued talking to him, he would be with you right now. you would be helping harrison and the twins take care of him
      • but you weren’t.
      • you were sat in your bed with one of his stupid old shirts thrown beside your bed in clear view.
  • a day had passed, and nothing but regret filled your mind.
  • but you didn’t know that he felt the exact same way.
    • while you were in your bed late at night, thinking about what you actually had, he would be doing the same.
    • it hit him hard when he was alone after getting his wisdom teeth taken out.
    • because, damn; you were supposed to be there with him. calling him cute little names and making fun of him, all while playing songs from alvin and the chipmunks and singing to him.
    • but instead, there was silence and heartbreak.
  • out of his mind, he tweeted about a song you had suggested to him a long time ago.
    • it was a song you listened to when you felt everything at once.
  • several of your friends texted you with links and screenshots of what he said, almost immediately after he posted it.
    • @TomHolland1996: Promise by Ben Howard always makes me think about the things I once knew.”
  • at this point, you didn’t know if this was about you, or if he was just enjoying the song.
  • until a local friend sent you a screenshot of a picture he just uploaded to instagram
    • @tomholland2013: Maybe, just maybe I’ll come home.”
  • it was a picture of a park in your town.
    • more specifically, the park tom would always make you go to because he thought it had a lovely, aesthetic feel.
    • his home screen for the longest time was actually a picture of you laughing while sitting next to him on a bench
  • now, you knew. he was thinking about you. he was talking about you in that tweet.
  • you knew you shouldn’t, but your heart couldn’t take anymore of this tomfoolery. you texted him.
    • “hey. what’s with those posts?”
  • it took him approximately three minutes to respond.
    • “What do you think?”
  • you sat still, looking at his response, not knowing what to even say. luckily, he did that part for you a couple of minutes after.
    • “Listen, i don’t know exactly what I did in order to make you not speak to me, but it fucking hurts.”
    • “I know I didnt try to talk to you either but thats because i thought you didn’t care enough to answer.”
    • “And I know that I didn’t talk to you a whole lot in the first place, but that’s because I was busy. You know that”
  • you finally stepped in with his last comment.
    • “i knew that perfectly well, tom. i’m not an idiot. i knew your job had consequences for us. i was prepared for that, for the most part. but what i wasn’t prepared for, was literally being isolated. i felt like SHIT because of the little half assed responses i’d get from you. like i said, i knew about the whole distance thing, but i didn’t think it would be this fucking awful.”
    • read at 5:28 PM
    • “and quite frankly, it broke my god damn heart whenever i’d get a notification that you had posted something, but there were unread texts from me sitting in your conversations.”
    • “all of this just made me feel so alone, and so clingy, that it messed with my brain. there were days when i wouldn’t even turn on my phone because i just fucking knew that there wasn’t anything to see.”
    • “i’m sorry if this was a lot to take in, but this was a lot for me to take in too.”
    • read at 5:44 PM
  • by now, you had let everything go. you didn’t care if you cried, or who heard you. you finally revealed everything you kept hidden for so long.
  • roughly thirty minutes had passed. no messages, no posts, no nothing.
  • you were about to head off to bed after a couple of hours of staring at the ceiling with newly dried tears staining your cheeks.
  • you kept your phone on, just in case he wanted to contact you.
  • after you had changed into your pajamas, and laid your head down, the vibration of your phone filled the room. you sighed, and turned over to see tom’s name on your screen.
    • “Im sorry i took to fcking long to reply. I didnt know what to say to you. But I guess I know now. Im sorry for being the absolute worst. I didnt know you felt like that. But while Im sorry, I dont think it would be healthy for us to go forward with anything. At least not rightnow. I don t want to hurt you anymore than i already have. Thanks for being there for the timet hat you were Y/n” 
  • you didn’t even finish reading the text, partly because you couldn’t see much through your tears. but still, you frantically went into twitter, and typed his user into the search bar, and then typed in your name after it. no results were found. reluctantly, you reopened instagram to see the damage. and sure enough, he had archived, or deleted every picture that was related to you. except for his most recent one, but he did change the caption.
    • “Maybe, just maybe you’ll come home.”
  • with that, you messaged him back with a simple response before turning off your phone.
    • “maybe. just maybe.”


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I’m so emotional because Rhysand had to take his mate into the court of nightmares, had her sit on his lap and “make out” with her, all the while knowing that she had no idea about the mating bond and probably still felt shitty for leaving her former boyfriend on their wedding day. He was already so in love with Feyre and obviously attracted to her and he had to pretend that he didn’t care….while having a steamy session with her?

Like, wouldn’t that fuck you up? You have your mate in your arms, she and you are literally arousing each other and it’s everything you’ve always dreamt of, but it’s not real and a whole crowd is watching you and you know that she’s not aware you are mates?!?! So in addition to all that shit you’re feeling extremely guilty??

What. The fuck? How did Rhysand even live through that? 

And then afterwards he apologized to Feyre?!?!?! 

“I shouldn’t have let you go. Let you see that part of us. Of me.” 

Like. Rhysand??? I feel so sorry for you??? None should experience something like that??

Originally posted by begavet

“Look, I like being around you. I like it when you’re happy. I... I like you.”

Note: This is my first Solangelo fic that i have published. Hope you guys like it :)

It was a Thursday, around 2:32 in the afternoon, when WIll came to the conclusion that Nico di Angelo was a fucking idiot.

And he was in love with said idiot.

“Cecil, why in Hades did you think it was a good idea to walk through the beginning archery class with a blindfold.”, Will was having a long day. “It helped the kids to learn about distractions.”, Cecil shrugged, wincing because of the new stitches on his shoulder.

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Far too young to die Part II

Request by @mr-robot-x : How would Jeff react when the reader dies in the accident instead of him. Clay and Justin support him.

A/N: Okay so a lot of people were asking for a part 2 of this and i know i took really long with this. i apologise, it’s just that senior year is kicking my ass more than i thought. I promise to get all my other requests out, i just ask that you be patient with me please

Originally posted by bluerangerpower

Jeff’s POV

What does Sheri have to do with y/n dying that night? What the hell did Hannah say? I know what happened that night, I’m the reason she died.

Justin’s POV

“Sheri, hey wait up”

“Justin, hi”

“You have to tell Jeff”

“What! no i can’t, I’m not ready”

“Sheri he lost it out there on the field and you’re here thinking about yourself’

“Justin this is the worst thing i have ever done in my life”

“He needs closure, he still blames himself for that night, he still thinks he killed the love of his life”

“Okay, I-I’ll give it to him tomorrow”

Jeff’s POV

I messed up at the game on Friday, I thought I was doing okay, I thought things were getting better. I feel like I can’t even talk to Clay after what just happened with Hannah. I knew he loved her and now he also lost the love of his life. Justin asked me to sit with them in the cafeteria, he was probably just feeling sympathetic after i froze out on the field during the game. I still couldn’t stop thinking about what he said to me about talking to Sheri because apparently something happened between her and Hannah but i don’t understand what i have to do with it.

”Hi Jeff”

“Hi Sheri, how are you?”

“Good as can be expected, uh-do you have a second to talk?”

   I couldn’t help but feel like all eyes were on me and i stood correct when i turned back to the table and Justin, Marcus, Alex, Zach and Jessica were looking at me but averted their gaze when i caught them staring. 

“Yeah, this won’t take long though right? because i have a history quiz next period”

“No, I just need to give you something”, She said nervously as she handed me a USB.

“A USB?”

“Yeah you won’t understand right now but after you listen to it you will. I just ask that after you listen to it please don’t look at me differently because i would do anything to take it back. You need to know that this is the worst I’ve ever done in my entire life.”

 She looked like she was about to cry and i didn’t really know what to do so i just placed my hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner, “hey listen, it’s okay”

“Jeff just please listen to it when you get home”

“I will, i promise. Are you gonna be okay?” i asked concerned. She just ran off without answering me, i don’t think I’ve ever seen her that way.

“Everything good with Sheri?”, Zach asked.

“uh-yeah i think so. She just gave me something and said that i need to listen to it.” Zach’s whole body language changed and i felt like he knew something I didn’t but then again maybe i was just overthinking everything.

The first thing i did when i got home was go up to my room and listen to whatever was on this USB. It has been consuming my mind the whole day. Was I ready for whatever was on here? No. But i have to know what’s so bad that Sheri was on the verge of tears. And play…

“Hey it’s Hannah-” holy shit, is this some kind of sick joke?

“-Sheri if you’re listening to this then it means you’ve already heard your tape-” Tape? what tape?

“It also means that others know what you did that night. You’re probably wondering why you received this right? Well this is for you to hold onto until you’re ready. And no, this isn’t something that has been passed on, neither will it be passed on to anyone after this. There is only one person in particular that you will give this to when you’re ready or when you know that person will need to hear the truth. And you know who that person is….. Jeff.”

“So Jeff this part is for you, if you’re listening to this. Hi! You have to understand that what I’m about to tell you could change everything, it may change the way you look at Sheri or even myself. I don’t really know where to start with this. I guess i want to firstly thank you for always making Clay go to any social event because if it wasn’t for you, Clay and i wouldn’t have had the moments we had. But this isn’t about Clay and I, it’s about the night of Jessica’s party, the night y/n died in the accident. I was pretty drunk that night and my phone was dead and Sheri was leaving so she offered to take me home. As she drove I told her that I was really drunk and that my parents would be really angry if i got home in the state i was in. So she suggested i call home and tell my parents that i was staying over at her house. And as i mentioned before, my phone was dead so as she was driving, Sheri was looking for her phone and we both had our eyes off the road and then we knocked something. We both got out of the car and saw that it was a stop sign. I tried telling her to call the police but she refused because she didn’t want her dad to know so she drove off leaving me alone with a knocked down stop sign and a dead phone. So I ran to Blue Spot Liquor to call the police and when they said that someone had already reported it, i thought it was Sheri. That was until that morning when i heard what happened and i tried talking to Sheri to say something and i even called y/n’s home and when it went to voicemail I didn’t know what to say so i ended the call and i walked pass her house so many times but i couldn’t bring myself to knock on their door and say something. Then when i tried telling Clay he just blocked me out. Jeff I’m so sorry about what happened, if i had maybe just stood there until somebody drove by I could’ve called the police and y/n would still be alive. I’m sorry I left you to blame yourself for what happened to y/n. I hope this brought you some closure.” 

*the next day*

“Sheri! can we talk?”

“uh-Jeff hi! yeah sure”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Jeff you have to understand-”

“No, there’s nothing more to understand, Hannah was pretty clear on what happened that night”


“I’m not done, you didn’t do anything Sheri, you just continued with your life and watched as my life fell apart without y/n. You did nothing as i blamed myself for losing the best thing that ever happened to me.” By now I was crying and I couldn’t care less what everyone thought.     

 “Jeff this was the worst thing I have ever done, if I knew the consequences of what i did that night, I would have done everything differently.” She was crying now.

“That’s just the thing Sheri, you don’t see this kind of stuff coming, That’s why it’s unforeseen. You couldn’t have possibly known that you were going to be the reason y/n died. But you could have done something that night. You could have just called the police and told them what you did and she would still be here every morning waiting for me at my locker and flashing me that innocent smile of hers and going on about another crazy dream that she had.”

“Jeff I’ll do anything. What can i do to make you forgive me even a little bit?”

“They deserve the truth, y/n’s parents deserve to know what happened that night.”

“Jeff her parents will never look at me the same again.”

“They need just as much closure as i did, you need to explain why you did what you did and you know it’s the right thing to do.”

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reunion // part one of fwb

The moment Harry entered your place, using the key you had left him, he was met with the sight of you in his black mesh see-through shirt that he had left at your place a couple of months back, your bum peeking out from underneath it and he silently growled from the fact that you were wearing his favourite red lace underwear.

You turned around at the sound of the door opening and you greeted him with a bright toothy grin, one that looked so innocent and sweet, one that contradicted heavily with what you were wearing. He cursed under his breath when he found his shirt unbuttoned, your sternum and part of your chest out on display. He approached you slowly and slid his hand under your shirt and around your waist, his lips pressing to your cheek and then very quickly letting go.

“Nice outfit.” Harry smirked down at you, stepping away and taking off his boots, leaving them neatly by the door.

“Thanks. I know.” you chuckled slightly, amused at his greeting.

You both stalked to the kitchen and he sat at one of the stools, his phone in his hands, typing away.

“So, how have you been? I haven’t seen you in a bit.” you broke the silence, preparing him and yourself some coffee.

“V’ been good. Great, actually. You know I’ve been busy with the album and promo and what not. But it’s a good time.”

The last time you saw Harry was about a month or two ago, and you two had spent the morning sprawled between the sheets savouring your time together.

“Well glad to know the rockstar cut some time out of his very busy schedule to come hang out with me. I’m honoured, really.” 

“Will always have time for you, petal, you know that.”  

You smiled at his sweet tone. You handed him his cup and climbed up the kitchen island to sit close to him, your feet dangling and occasionally touching his thigh.

“You know petal? Spending these past two months without you made me realize how much I miss having you around.” He grabbed your ankles and pulled you closer to him so that your knees would be surrounding his figure.

“Hm. Don’t you go soft on me, Styles.” You raised an eyebrow at his behaviour. You weren’t complaining, it was just odd. You usually spent your time teasing each other or making snarky comments. So, him being all sweet and nice was something you still weren’t sure what to think of.

“Oh, and I also missed fucking your tits.” He added, with a straight face, his head coming to lay on your chest. You laughed loudly at his comment, your hand weaving through his hair and massaging his head.

“There you go, I thought I lost you for a second in the midst of all that lovey dovey shit.” 

“But I really did miss you though,” he mumbled against your chest.

You lifted up his chin and locked eyes. “I’ve missed you too.”

When you leaned in to kiss his nose, his eyes fluttered shut. He felt frightened by the way that simple little action made his heart beat faster, and ignited a flame in his whole body.

You pulled away and jumped off the counter too quickly for his liking and he pouted at you.

“Listen, I’m gonna go take a shower really quickly, and then I’m going to give you all my time for the rest of the day, okay rockstar?”

“Can I join you?” 

“No, I said it was going to be quick, and we both know you and I have very different interpretations of the word ‘quick’.”

“Fine.” He huffed out, getting up from his spot and moving to the couch.

“Won’t be gone for too long.” You assured him again and headed to the bathroom, closing the door behind you.

As he sat on the couch, Harry let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. He had missed you. A lot. Not just the time you spent together fucking each others’ brains out. But, your post-sex cuddles, your useless and silly conversations, all the inside jokes that you’ve accumulated throughout your time of knowing each other, the way you looked sleeping next to him, your blushing cheeks whenever he pinched your bum whilst cuddling, the way you would sometimes pinch his as payback, and your laugh. Fuck, he loved your laugh.

He was stunned by his own thoughts. He wanted to tell you everything he thought of you, but he was certain that you would undoubtedly end the agreement you two had set up, and he would probably never see you again. That would kill him. So, for now, he would just keep his mouth shut.


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Got7 Reaction When You Sleep With Them In A Bed For The First Time

Anonymous said: Hey I’m the anon who requested for the GOT7 being clingy and wanting to cuddle. OMG I LOVED IT A LITTLE TOO MUCH! Especially Mark & Yugyeom’s reaction gahhh!! I need more hehe thank you for your hard work can you please do a GOT7 reaction when you sleep with them in a bed for the first time (like just lay down in each other’s arms and fall asleep). Hehe thank you so much~


Mark made you stay at the dorm as it was pouring down outside. It was already really late and he didn’t want you to drive home as the roads were very slippery. The two of you had only been dating for two months, you got really nervous about sleeping in the same bed as Mark, but Mark was very sweet about it. He even offered to sleep on a mattress on the floor, but you convinced him that you were fine. You borrowed one of his t-shirts and some gym shorts. The shorts were unnecessary as the shirt went to about the middle of your thigh. At first, it was kinda awkward as the both of you were laying at the very edge of the bed but you slowly scooted closer and rested your head on his shoulder. It was an uncomfortable position, but you kinda wanted him to know that you didn’t mind cuddling, and he got the message and turned around so he could wrap his arms around you. It made you relax almost right away, and within minutes you were sleeping like a baby.

“She’s so cute!”

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You were feeling horrible. You had gotten the flu and it was bad enough for you to pass out. You wished it had stayed that way because you felt like shit. You were lucky enough to pass out as you were leaving the dorm, so Jaebum had lifted you into his bed and he had been caring for you the whole day. He had cooked for you, gotten your medicine for you, and given you an electric blanket when you were cold, and setting up the fan for you when you were hot. He was being the perfect boyfriend, and you were laying on the bed looking like a mess and sleeping all the time. You fell asleep shortly after you ate dinner, and you slept until Jaebum decided to go to bed. When he walked into the cold room, he felt your forehead to check your temperature, and you were burning up. When he got into the bed, you started thrashing around in your fever dreams, and Jaebum slowly took you into his arms to calm you. You snuggled into his chest as your body was shaking. Jaebum assumed you were cold, even though you were burning up, so he turned on the electric blanket as he closed his eyes with a soft smile.

“I hope she feels better tomorrow.”

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It all started out as the monthly movie night when BamBam suggested watching a horror movie instead of the comedy or action movie you usually watched. Jackson protested loudly but as everyone else including you agreed you decided to watch The Ring. Jackson hid his face every time the girl appeared on the screen, and when the movie reached its most exciting point he just hid under the blanket while clinging onto you for dear life, there was still a not so manly scream from him once in a while, when he heard what was happening in the movie. When the movie finally came to an end, Jackson refused to let you go home. You had to protect him the entire night since you were the one who suggested the movie. So when you both climbed into bed, he clung onto you for dear life and he didn’t move the entire night. You were quite impressed, even though you had a hard time breathing when he woke up and hugged you tightly, to get a sense of security. You were squeezed nearly to death, but it was just too funny to see Jackson so scared, that you didn’t really mind it.

“I’m convinced the phone is going to ring and tell me that I only have 7 days. Don’t laugh, I’m serious…”

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Jinyoung tried to unlock the door to the dorm, but he kept missing the keyhole, which made him giggle loudly. You gently took the key and unlocked the door. You guided him into the living room, where you sat him down on the couch. The two of you had gone clubbing with some friends, and Jinyoung ended up getting really drunk, so when he missed the chair and fell to the floor you had decided that it was time for him to go home. You grabbed him a glass of water, which he happily drank. You helped him remove his makeup, and brush his teeth, and give him some clothes he could change into. When you finally guided him into his bed, he plopped down, right away and fell asleep. You weren’t sober enough to drive home so you decided to sleep on the couch, as you were about to leave the room as Jinyoung whined loudly and stretched his arms towards you. “Don’t leave me all alone,” he pouted, and you, of course, couldn’t resist and climbed into the bed with him. He wrapped his arms around you and nuzzled his face into your neck as you both fell into a heavy, drunk sleep.

“Don’t leave me all alone~”

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You slowly opened the door to Youngjae’s bedroom. You had a horrible nightmare, where he had broken up with you, and you wanted nothing more than to cuddle him. You were staying at a friends house, and you were supposed to sleep in the same bed for the first time, but you had stayed up late and talked to your friends, and you didn’t want to wake Youngjae up so you decided to sleep in one of the spare rooms. But when you woke up with tears running down your cheeks, and your heart racing you told yourself it was okay to walk into Youngjae’s room. The heavy door made a loud noise as you opened it and Youngjae sat up in bed in an instant. He looked at you with wide eyes, they became normal size for a moment but then he saw your tear strained face, and he was by your side in seconds. “What’s wrong?” He asked, in a low voice as you sat down on the bed. You told him about your dream, and he promised you that he didn’t have any plan of leaving you so you didn’t have to worry. Youngjae cuddled you in an attempt to calm you down, and you fell asleep right away.

”Awwww, babe, it’s okay I won’t leave you”

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You and your best friend BamBam were going to a trip to your home country, and you were very excited! That was until you got to the hotel room and saw it was a double bed instead of two single beds. Your face heated up as you apologized to him and tried to head to the lobby to explain that you needed two single beds. BamBam stopped you and assured you that he was fine, and he didn’t mind sleeping in the bed with you. That made your face heat up even more as you nodded and started to settle into the room. You and BamBam had an amazing day. You went to the local restaurants and you showed him the area where you grew up. The day ended with you sitting by a park where you had spend a lot of time as a kid. BamBam were looking at your lips as you told about your childhood, and you couldn’t help but fall silent as he distracted you. He suddenly leaned in and kissed you, it was as if time had stopped, as the only sound you were able to hear was the sound of your own racing heartbeat. BamBam, pulled away and then he started talking as if nothing happened. The two of you went back to the hotel and the double bed was a very welcome sight as the two of you got ready for bed and for the first time you fell asleep in BamBam’s warm embrace, and you wouldn’t change it for the world.

“Trust me Y/N! The double bed is no problem!”

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The first time you and Yugyeom slept together came pretty naturally. You were horrified for Yugyeom to spend the night as you were nervous that he tried to do something, and since the two of you hadn’t been dating for long you didn’t feel quite ready for that. All night you had tried to avoid going to bed, with watching movies in the living room and drinking tea on the small balcony in your apartment. Around midnight Yugyeom suggested that the two of you went to sleep, and you became nervous again. Yugyeom changed his clothes first, and when you were done changing you walked into the bedroom, where Yugyeom was laying in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. He was watching How I Met Your Mother on the TV you had in your bedroom. He smiled at you, and opened his arms, inviting you to come and cuddle. You quickly laid down beside him and he wrapped his arms around you. Before long, the both of you fell asleep while watching TV, and it was the best sleep you had for a long time.

“Come cuddle!”

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Perfect (Tom Holland X Reader)

Summary: Songfic of Perfect by Ed Sheeran

A/N: This was inspired from a clip from Harrison’s livestream. You know. That part. I’m not sure if this has been done, but I really wanted to make something out of this.

Warnings: Light cursing, a bit of angst

Pronouns: she/her I would have made it gender neutral if the song used they/them. Sorry :(

Word Count: 1,270

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7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 10.3

Wow, this was such a slow update. I genuinely thought I would have been finished quicker but I’ve been spending my time studying for exams but I hope you guys enjoy this part.

I have a killer headache right now omg

In other news Dean is coming to London Akaksksnesksoo I’m so happy. We don’t really get that many Korean artists down here so I’m excited.

I guess this may be the end of the date series so I hope you guys enjoyed the break from the drama (although I think I’m still going to keep it all to a minimum… we’ll see how it goes.)

To the beautiful anons who suggested making homemade ice cream and a study date (even though they were both short) thank youuu <3

Anyways, I love you guys and thanks for reading. <3

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You were currently home alone, your mother having to take your sister to her weekly judo classes. However, since your sisters birthday was coming up, she had given you the task of making homemade ice cream.

Who even makes homemade ice cream anymore? Your family sure as hell didn’t.

Sighing, you searched online for a suitable recipe to use.

“Vanilla pods, caster sugar, eggs, milk and double cream? Seems simple enough…” Searching your house cabinets turned out to be useless since you were still lacking the vanilla pods. The only solution was to take a walk to the nearby supermarket and hope they had what you were looking for. Grabbing the money your mother had left you, you slipped on your shoes and left your house, making sure to lock the door behind you.

Ten minutes later you found yourself standing before an aisle in the shop, searching the shelves for vanilla pods. For some reason, vanilla pods were just not as easy to find as one would think.

“Where the heck are these vanilla pods?” A warm breath suddenly brushed against your earlobe, making you all but jump out of your skin.

“Maybe if you had bothered to look at the top, you would have found them.” A glare spread across your face as you folded your arms and turned towards the direction of the voice. There stood Jungkook, a hand in his pocket and the other holding his phone.

“I don’t appreciate that tone of voice.” He in turn, locked his phone and shoved it into his jacket pocket before he stretched his arm out to the top shelf, grabbing the vanilla pods.

“Y/N, you’ve literally been standing there for five minutes mumbling to yourself. Not once did you bother to look up so sorry for just stating the obvious.” Had you really been staring at the same shelf for five minutes? You doubted that.

“Sure… anyway thanks Kookie.”

Taking the pods from him, you turned on your heel and walked towards checkout as he fell into step beside you.

“Why do you need vanilla pods anyway? You don’t cook or bake.”

“Okay, that’s a lie.”

“Scratch that. You’re not good at cooking or baking.”

Ouch. You were pretty good at making egg and toast. That deserved some sort of reward, right?

And mixing the right amount of water and undiluted juice counted for something. Wait, that’s not cooking.

You decided to push the painfully dense thoughts out of your head.

“I’m going to pretend that that didn’t offend me, jerk.”

A deep chuckle resonated throughout his body and you were reminded about how much you enjoyed hearing him laugh.

“It’s true though. Listen, whatever you’re doing I’ll help. You can’t get through it without my skills.”

You found yourself rolling your eyes at his egotistical comment. Surprisingly, he’s been more vain recently. Normally he wouldn’t even boast about getting a good score on a test. You chose to believe it was all to impress you.

“One day your ‘skills’ aren’t going to do you justice and when that happens just remember I’ll be there recording to show the others.”

Silence ensued and you finished paying for your item.

“So what are we making?”

“…Ice cream.”


Keeping to his word, Jungkook followed you home to help with your task of making ice cream. You may have seemed unenthusiastic about his appearance but you were sincerely grateful he turned up out of nowhere to keep you company. You didn’t even mind that he wasn’t actually doing anything except from getting the equipment and ingredients needed out.

“I already put a tub in the freezer so I guess that’s step one done.” Checking the instructions on your phone, you followed the next step which consisted of cutting a vanilla pod and scraping the seeds out into a pan with milk, cream and the leftover pod. Turning on the heat, you left the pan to boil and turned to find Jungkook sitting on the kitchens island, staring right back at you.

“Can I help you?” The corners of his lips tugged up into a smile and he rubbed at his eyes.

“I was just thinking about the future. You almost look like a mum.” Your eyes bulged out and you tried to fight the blush that was growing on your cheeks. Sending a dirty look his way, you turned back towards the pan, taking it off the heat and leaving the ingredients to infuse.

“I’d rather not be thinking about being a mother. I find it awkward.” You were too engrossed with the pan of ingredients in front of you to notice Jungkook hop of the island and bee line straight towards you. He wrapped his arms around you and placed his chin on your shoulder whilst you poured sugar into a bowl and mixed it with the egg yolks.

“Why? You find it awkward to think that far ahead with me?” Whilst his words left him, he took the whisk out of your hand and began to whisk the egg and sugar together. You shrugged your shoulders, watching the ingredients fuse together.

“I’m thinking so far ahead that it counts for the both of us.” You elbowed him in the stomach which immediately caused him to wheeze out a dry chuckle. You were definitely not going to let him know that it actually hurt when you made contact with his hard stomach.

“Whatever, Jungkook. If that’s what makes you happy.” You felt him press his cheek against yours and he stopped whisking.

“If you only care about if it makes me happy, why’d you elbow me? Don’t tell me you like the idea? You do, don’t you?” You could feel the smirk that was present on his face right at that moment.

“Just shut up and continue mixing. You ask too many questions.” He obeyed you but not before he gave you a sweet peck on the cheek. When the sugar and egg had taken on a fluffy texture, you ducked underneath Jungkook’s arms and reheated the vanilla cream for a few minutes, stopping just before it began to boil. Taking the bowl from Jungkook, you slowly added the vanilla cream to the egg yolk and sugar, whisking until it was completely mixed.

“Jungkook, can you get a small bowl and put it inside a bigger bowl of ice water please?” He did as he was told and you poured the custard mix back into a pan, heating it up once again. You made Jungkook mix the heated custard for ten minutes before you turned the heat off and transferred it into the small bowl in the ice water. Allowing it to cool, you slapped Jungkook’s hand when he went to taste the result of your hard work. Well, both of your hard work.

“That’s for my sister, idiot.”

Instead of listening to you, he stuck his finger in once again and licked the custard off, grinning at your vexed face.

“Your sister won’t mind, she loves me.”  That certainly wasn’t a lie. She practically worshipped him.

“I don’t care if she loves you, stop being greedy.”

Holding your stare, the room went silent and he dipped his finger in the bowl again without breaking eye contact. Just as you opened your mouth to reprimand him again, he shoved his finger into your mouth, allowing the sweet taste of custard to fill your taste buds. You blinked a couple of times, not fully understanding what had just happened. He flashed his rabbit-like teeth at you in a smile, his finger still in your mouth.

You bit it. Hard.

Yelling out in pain, he pulled his finger out of your mouth and inspected the damage you had dealt.

“Ow! Why’d you do that? Wait… I’m not dating a cannibal am I?”

Smacking him upside the head, you then grabbed the flesh of his cheek and lightly tugged on it. He stuck the finger you had bitten into his mouth, trying to ease the pain.

“Do I look like a cannibal to you?”

Jungkook’s eyebrows drew together and he actually seemed like he had to think about your question.

“Well, I don’t know.”

You could only sigh as you let go of his cheek and grabbed the container you had stored in the freezer. Taking the cooled finished product, your poured it into the container and placed it back in the freezer.

“We’re all done.”

“Finally! I was getting so tired…”

Glaring at him, you began to wash the dishes that had accumulated in the sink.

“You’re acting like you can even cook.”

You missed the offended look shot at your turned figure.

“I can.”

“That’s not what Hoseok told me. He said the last time you tried to make something it stuck to the plate like it had been superglued down. He even said you turned the whole thing over and it didn’t budge.”

Scoffing, he began to play with his ear piercings.

“Hoseok is full of shit.”

“Apparently so was your food that day.”

Jungkook remained silent and you mentally praised yourself for your comeback. Suddenly, you felt a hand connect with your bottom and a resounding slap echoed throughout the room. You turned your head quick enough to catch Jungkook partially crouching with his hand held high in the air, confirming that he had indeed slapped your bottom. It wasn’t hard enough to be considered painful but you still narrowed your eyes at him.

“I’m going to shove the whisk up your ass when I’m done with these.”

The ice cream better be worth having to put up with Jungkook’s antics.


Your plan had been to spend the next few hours studying for the test coming up on the first week back to school but Jungkook didn’t seem like he was going to leave anytime soon.

“What are you doing now?”

“Well, I was going to study but your still here and you’re someone who apparently needs to be entertained twenty four seven.” He smiled at your attempt to jab him with an insult and slung an arm around your shoulders.

“Don’t worry, i’ll study with you.” You highly doubted that but it was always worth a try. Heading up to your room, you sat down at the desk beside your bed whilst Jungkook seated himself on your bed. You pulled out your revision notes and spread them across the desk for Jungkook to use as well.

“Your handwriting is cute.” Raising an eyebrow and allowing a smile to spread across your face, you thanked him for his compliment.

Jungkook managed to spend an hour and a half studying with no distractions which was a complete surprise. However, it was short lived as you noticed he stood from his position on your bed and moved out of your sight. Not bothering to turn around, you continued working on the question in front of you, struggling to make sense of it.

Sometimes you wondered if they gave questions like this on purpose to see who can come up with the dumbest answer. It was making zero sense to you right now.

A tap on your shoulder brought you out of your thoughts and you craned your neck to find Jungkook standing behind you with sunglasses on his face.

“It’s your first time with bangtan right?”

He then took hold of the sunglasses and whipped them off his face to reveal your black swimming goggles pulling the top half of his face down.

What kind of drugs was this boy on?

“Why are you like this? What did I do to deserve this?” You tried your hardest to keep a straight face but his unmoving expression soon broke your resolve and you burst out in laughter. He seemed satisfied with the reaction he had received and pulled the goggles of his head, placing them down on your desk. When you had recovered, Jungkook was peering over your shoulder at the question you had been struggling to decipher for the past ten minutes.

“The answer is three million six hundred and twenty eight thousand eight hundred.” It took a few seconds to comprehend that Jungkook had solved the question you had been debating for ten minutes in less than thirty seconds.

“Wait what?” When you questioned him, he began to explain how he had achieved the answer and taught you the technique needed to solve similar questions in the future.

In the end you had grasped how to conquer said question and spent the next hour studying more with Jungkook before you closed your text book.

“That was very productive, even more so with you around. Thanks for helping me.” He ruffled your hair and grinned before stretching his limbs out, falling back on your bed.

“Anything for my cute girl.” Beaming at Jungkook, you laid beside him and wrapped your arms around his body, briefly hugging him before letting go and looking up towards your ceiling.

You were grateful that you happened to bump into Jungkook at the supermarket.

Only he knew that you hadn’t coincidentally been at the same place at the same time. He was planning to spend the day with you when he spotted you leaving your house and decided to leg behind to see where you were going.

But you didn’t need to know that.

Asking why

People often ask me why do I stan or even like loki the way I do.

Simple, the man has been true real fucking shit all his life. Imagine that your whole life has been a lie. He already felt out the family even thought he didn’t knew the whole truth. How you feel when all your life your father has been neglecting you and at the end the day he was lying to you all your life. And to end it all you were lied of your on race and we’re taught to fear and hate your true self.

Idk about you, but I wouldn’t handle it. In my opinion Odin does deserve the shit he went tru and what he is going tru this new movie. And loki handle it quite well if you ask me, even what he been tru, he still wanted to have the love and attention of his “father” and went on and killed his true father. What Odin did. YELLED AT HIM AND FUCKING CHOICED THOR SIDE.

Yell at me, hate me, but that’s the fucking truth.

I love you

I love you

You looked like an idiot wearing that overgrown straw hat, really. I still can’t fathom what went through your mind when you decided to wear it, let alone wear it outside where other people could see you. But you still wore the damn thing, head held high, a huge grin nearly splitting your face. You looked like a complete and utter idiot wearing that damn hat. But you were my idiot.

I love you

Did you know that you snort in your sleep? Not the cute almost inaudible way like they show in the movies, where two lovers have cute arguments about it, no sir. You snort like a hog, and I can’t tell you how many nights I sat up watching you, reminding myself that if I smothered you in your sleep, I wouldn’t get to see you tomorrow.

I love you

It’s strange how certain things just fit, you know? Like how your hands fit so perfectly in mine. I know them like my own, every crick in your palm, every vein in your wrist. I know you think that I’m being romantic when I grab your hand when we’re out, but I’ll let you in on a secret; It’s really just the most effective way to keep you out of trouble.

I love you

You can’t cook. I just need to get that out there. You have many gifts, many virtues, but cooking is not one of them. Don’t think for a second that I’ve forgotten that time you accidentally managed to burn water, or that we had to throw that pot out. I eat the food you cook simply because the only thing that hurts more than the potential food poisoning is the potential frying pan in my face.

I love you

You have never been as beautiful as you were that day by the lake. Don’t mistake me, you looked like a drowned cat as you wobbled out of the water, and the whole business with your nose running didn’t exactly improve things, but that shy smile. God, I live for that smile. Just a barely there twist of your lips, looking up at me like I held the stars in my hands. I don’t think anyone has ever looked at me like that before.

I love you

You idiot. You fucking idiot.

I love you

Why the hell did you leave me alone? I’m not good at this, at being alone, not anymore. You took that away from me, coming into my life as a freaking tornado, ripping everything I thought I knew apart, ripping apart the foundation that my life was built on. I never wanted this, you know. Never wanted to know what it felt like to wake up next to someone day after day. Fuck. Why did you leave me alone?

I love you

I wish I told you every day, every minute, every second, how much you meant to me. I wish I told you everything. Fuck. How come I never told you that you looked amazing in that shirt, or that your smile lightened up my whole day, or that you were right - I should have read that book sooner.

I love you

Why did you have to die?

I loved you

[shaky off-tune kazoo version of the jaws theme playing in the distance]

Hello, everyone.

First of all, I’m so incredibly sorry for just vanishing for more than half a year, especially because I realized my last post was about a hospital stay (which I did mention was harmless, but probably still looks pretty ominous as a last post.)
I feel terrible for making people worry, especially since there’s already enough upsetting stuff happening :c 

To be honest I’m a little nervous writing this post right now after being gone for so long, but I really wanted to give a life sign! This weekend I finally checked my inbox, and I was incredibly touched by all the sweet messages. I can’t get back to everyone so let me just thank all of you who sent messages or replies, or even just thought about me! I cannot put into words how much it means to me ;-; It made my heart hurt in a good way, and I hope good things happen to you!

(Personal stuff behind the cut)

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Creepypasta Headcanon

《Creepypasta x male Headcanon》 When you have to wake him up

Jeff the killer:

“Should we get up now?” You mumbled to jeff still drowsy from sleep, “Nah” He replied turning over and pulling you close. When you were half asleep you heard someone say “Get up you two” and then jeff say “f*** off”, you smirked and buried your head in jeff’s chest.

Eyeless jack:

“No way am I waking him up!” You whisper-shouted at the other pastas as they pushed you towards EJ’s room, “Your the only one he probably won’t kill!” Jeff replied as Ben pushed you into his room and closed the door. You didn’t risk shouting or banging on the door as jack stirred for a bit but luckily didn’t wake up, carefully creeping towards him you whisperd his name gently while shaking his shoulder. When he stirred and made some growling noises you stopped breathing and booked it for the door.


Your such a heavy sleeper you accidentally slept through the whole day, you slowly woke up and checked the time. “What the What?” You shrieked jumping out of bed and landing on the floor, you hurried into your clothes while knocking objects onto the floor. “Ow shit!” You whisperd as you smacked your side on the sharp edge of your draws, you cursed under your breath while holding your injured side which felt like it was burning. As you curled up on the floor hoodie walked in your room, “Oh your up” He stated placing a cup of coffee on your bed side cabinet. You furrowed your eyebrows “Why didn’t you wake me up” You sighed managing to stand up, “You looked so peaceful” He said chuckling at your reddened face.


Masky was already up so he woke you up instead, “Y/N get up” He said shaking your shoulder. “Noooo” You groaned pulling the covers over your head, he let out a frustrated sigh and pulled the covers off you. When you didn’t move or open your eyes he grabbed your ankles and tried to wrestle you off the bed, however you sat up and pulled him on the bed while wrapping your arms around him. You nuzzled your head in his clothes and tightened your hold as he struggled to get free, you wined sadly but inhaled his familiar scent once he relaxed.


“Toby wake up~” You whisperd in his ear then you nuzzled into his shoulder kissing his neck softly, he stirred in his sleep but didn’t wake up. You pouted while poking his shoulder repeatedly, “Toby” You wined while resting your head on his chest. You rolled off him and onto the space next to him on the bed, but there was no space next to him he was laying on the edge so you fell of the bed. You landed on your back hitting your head on the floor, you groaned in pain but stayed on the floor until your head stopped hurting. Your eyes shot open once you felt two arms wrap around you and pull you back on the bed, “At least you awake” You mumbled chuckling softly.

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