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Forgotten (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by two anons: “could you do a imagine/fic about grayson being really busy with youtube and work and his girlfriend being hurt about him not having time to hang out but also feeling conflicted about being mad at him since its his job and he loves what he does?” and “could you make an imagine about Grayson forgetting a date because he was out with his friends or something?”
Word Count: 1,347
Warnings: None.
A/N: I felt like these two requests could go together, so anons, I hope you enjoy this xx

Lately it had been weird between you and Grayson. You had been busy with school and he had been busy working on creating bigger and better things with Ethan. At first it was fine, you had seen each other maybe two, three times a week, spending every spare moment together. But when you graduated, you began feeling like you had to see more of him.

He had been getting busier, which resulted in you seeing each other once a week, and if you were really lucky, twice a week. You never expressed your thoughts to him though, because it was after all his job and he loved what he was doing. You never wanted to be the one who put a stop to that, you loved him too much.

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Tomco fanfic idea: remember how marco did that high kick during a fight one time, that takes slight pratice so that means Marcos flexible, can tom come over when marcos doing yoga And be like GOOOOOD DAMN THAT BOI IS FLEXIBLE AS SHIT

OMG! This was so much fun to write about! I really really really loved it! It was so cute and I made up a bunch of poses just as an excuse to get my boys close together! I hope you enjoy!

“Okay so hold me by the waist like this.” Marco showed Tom. Tom blushed when Marco moved against him and smiled. “And make sure to hold me tight or I’ll fall, and I lean back.” Marco explained. Tom gulped and nodded, being this close to the human boy was doing SOMETHING weird to him. Maybe he was allergic to humans. His skin felt hot and it was becoming difficult to breath.

When Marco leaned Back Tom felt his heart flutter. It was like they were dancing and he was dipping the human down n a romantic motion. When Marco reached up and wrapped his arms around Tom’s shoulders that did it. Tom felt himself choke up and he dropped Marco, jumping away.

“Ow!” Marco cried. “What was that for? You dropped me on purpose!” Marco accused. Tom felt his heartbeat quicken and he cleared his throat.

“Y-yeah!” Tom snapped, trying to sound sassy. “I dropped you because you’re annoying.” He mumbled, looking away. His face was turning redder. Marco grumbled and got up.

“Come on! You promised me you’d help.” Marco reminded. Tom threw his arms up.

“Fine! Fine!” Tom groaned. Marco pulled him close and Tom felt that same blasted feeling swell up in his chest! He growled a little and Marco intertwined their arms. “What sort of stupid thing is this?” Tom asked.

“I lean forward and you support me.” Marco explained. Tom’s eyes widened when Marco leaned over close. Their faces were so close; Tom could lean in less than an inch and kiss the human.

Tom shook his head and snapped out of his thoughts. This was stupid! Why was he thinking about KISSING Marco? Marco was the worst! Tom looked over and he choked when Marco smiled a little bit. He felt his knees go weak and Tom literally fell backwards. Marco gasped and fell on top of the demon.

Tom opened his eyes and gasped when he saw Marco was on him looking down, concerned. “Tom! Are you okay? You fell, did I hurt your knee or something?” Marco asked. Tom felt his face heat up more and more.

“I’m… f-f-fine.” He coughed. Marco sighed in relief.

“Oh good.” He smiled then went back to that annoyed face. “Then why did you drop me AGAIN?” Marco asked. Tom snapped out of it and pushed Marco off of him, he crossed his arms and turned away.

“I dropped you because you’re stupid body is so boney and wiggly you slid right out of my hands!” Tom made this up. “You’re so dumb.” He jabbed. Marco rolled his eyes and stood up. Tom turned around to see Marco was holding his hand out for Tom to take it.

“Well, a we get finished?” Marco asked. Tom took Marco’s hand and felt his heart race at the warmth. Marco offered Tom a warm smile and the demon practically melted. He couldn’t do this anymore. All these new feelings were so weird! Tom ripped his hands away and looked down so Marco wouldn’t see how red he was becoming.

“I-I gotta go!” Tom exclaimed.

“I thought you said you were free today?” Marco asked. Tom bit his lip.

“N-no… I um… I lied! Bye!” Tom practically yelled and ran out of the house, tripping over everything on his way out. He knocked over the coat rack and then slammed the door behind him. Marco sighed and watched Tom go.

“That boy ain’t right.”


I’ve been thinking about making a new persona that’s more agender… it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while cause I’ve never really felt 100% into representing myself as a girl and i haven’t felt completely confortable representing myself as a guy either so idk. Would it be ok if I made a new sona like that?

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Do you have any advice for someone that wants to start a simblr? 😊

Do what you love to do! Not a single Simblr you follow started out with thousands of followers, no matter how big they may be now! I know some people may roll their eyes at the standard advice I am going to give you, but remember to have fun and create/do what you want to create.

Before the new year, I had a period where I felt like I HAD to do every request and suggestion I received, that I somehow had to fulfill the wishes of everyone that asked me to make/do something, because they trusted me to execute it well. Having this attitude sucks the fun out of the game. The truth is that we are all different people that like different types of aesthetics, like to play their game differently (or not play the actual game at all, just play around in CAS and build mode like I did/do) and that come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Start simple! Make a blog (I’d advice you to make a new Tumblr account as opposed to making a sideblog. This is one of my biggest regrets making this blog - since it’s tied to my main blog, I can’t reply to replies or send people asks), pick a theme you like and customize it the way you want to. If you’d like, you can make a Sim or even a Simself for your avatar. Then just start posting! Do you want to post gameplay pictures? Go for it! Want to make your own CC? Do it! There’s thousands of people browsing for new CC every day (including me), with very different tastes and games. There’s bound to be a following for you out there and the CC you want to create. <3

Also, I can not stress this enough: be nice. Even if it is a scary grayface sending you an ask: chances are, it’s a human on the other side of the computer. If you particularely like a piece of CC or a gameplay picture someone posted, let the person know by reblogging it and adding a comment (in the tags if you’re shy!), and reach out to people. I met so many wonderful people on this website just because I sent them a message telling how much I loved their work and the stuff they did, and people have done the same to me. I know the community seems like an absolutely awful place sometimes, but for every bit of foulness there is a whole lot of love, creativity and friendships to be had.

Some more specific tips on how to get noticed as a Simblr I wrote here a while back!

I hope that helps ♥ Good luck with making your Simblr! You can totally send me the link once you do, I will check it out <3

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Hey man I really like your stuff.. I do voice acting too, maybe we should collab sometime.

Maybe I’m a weird person for holding this belief, but the words “we should collab sometime” mean the same thing to me as when strangers say “we should hang sometime” - i.e. that nothing’s really going to happen anytime soon, if ever.

I’ve always felt like collaborations should happen because the people involved want to share or accomplish something together, not just doing something for the sake of saying they did it together. Something like “I found this comic and think you’d do really well as ____” or “Did you want to help me out with this skit” is much more direct and has a distinct deadline versus a vague suggestion to ‘do something’ in the variable future.

I apologize if that comes off as brash, but I treat it the same way I treat making ‘dates’ with my friends; I won’t tell them “let’s go see a movie sometime” if I actually want to see a movie, I’ll text them and say “Are you free this Saturday to go see Logan or something”?


On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder, that the stars peeked in to see you” happy birthday @amazingphil ! 

All my life I’ve heard about that spark, that electricity, that something you feel when you finally touch the person you are meant to be with. I’d never really believed in it, till I felt it on my skin. I wouldn’t described it as electricity, I would rather tell that is more like this magnetic force that pulls you -all of you, your skin, your flesh, your bones, even your soul- towards that someone. It is kind of incredible, how a person -just like you- can make you feel all this things. But the moment he touched my hand, I swear to God, it felt so good. And then the first time we hugged I think I heard fireworks. And it feels so so good, it is like a drug. You just want to keep feeling it. You want to be tied to that person forever because something as simple as their skin on your skin can make you feel like the world its a better place and that everything will be okay. So yeah, now I believe in the spark between lovers hands.
—  Submitted by derp-princess
The reason for why we haven’t seen “Welcome to The Madness“ in the anime

As you may or may not know, the official soundtrack (or, the Skate Song Collection, as it was also called) to Yuri on Ice featured the song titled “Welcome to The Madness“ with the little description calling it “Yuri Plisetsky’s exhibition piece”.

“But wait!” you cry. “We didn’t see Yurio’s exhibition/gala program!” you insist. And you are right - we didn’t, we only got to see Yuuri (and Victor’s) performance in the gala.

Which brings me to one conclusion: episode 12 of Yuri on Ice was originally meant to look differently.

Which would make sense to me, at least, because as far as I‘ve noticed most of us felt like something wasn’t quite right about episode 12. Like it was inconsistent with the rest of the anime, disjointed in some way.

The lack of Welcome To The Madness would be good proof of the idea that the creators originally planned a different ending (probably a more conclusive one, one which wouldn’t allow for a season 2), then noticed how popular the anime was and realized that ending the series here would be a terrible idea.

Because why in the world would they create an entire music piece and even give it a use (in Yurio’s exhibition) if they never intended to show it to us? The best explanation is that they decided to change the final episode which resulted in cutting Yuio’s exhibition out of it, but it was too late to remove it from the soundtrack and thus we are left with exhibition music without an actual exhibition performance.

This is the only logical explanation I can think of, and it certainly leaves me curious about what the creators had originally planned for the last episode.