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The Perks of being Jason Todd

Relationship: Jason/Tim
It’s way too easy to convince Jason to pick Dick’s drunk brother up from a party. Which may or may not have to do with his stupid crush. 

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Jason dreaded what Dick would say the moment he picked up the phone. So he stared at the device before reclining back in his chair and finally giving in.


“I got good news and bad news.”

“Don’t you always?” He twirled his pencil in the hand not holding the phone. His thesis was due in two months and he really had wanted to work on it today – but Dick Grayson was a man on a mission and Jason knew not to stand in his way. Mostly because it ended up advantageous for him, too.

“The dean agreed to listen to your proposal about female hygiene products in the bathrooms.”

“Fuck yes. Just give them some pads, at least, dammit, it’s not that hard.”

Dick chuckled mirthlessly. “He’s going to listen, Jay, no one said anything about him agreeing with you. You remember the last time you asked him to give out free stuff to the student body?”

“Pretty sure HE won’t forget it either. - So what’s the deal? When can I talk to him? In fact, I got some time right now.” Jason turned the page on his notepad.

“Not before next Friday?”

“Next Friday, huh.” He jotted down the date and underlined it twice. Jason liked to be prepared for this kind of stuff and he would make sure to let Donna do most of the talking this time. Nobody could refuse her; she was a goddess and she knew it.

“Jay,” Dick said, his voice low enough to be little more than a hiss through the phone. “About the bad news.”

Of course. There was always a catch. “What is it? Does he want a public apology?”

“Actually, it’s a favor.”

“Geeze, what does he want?” Slapping his hand on the desk, he stood, starting to pace through his room.

“It’s for me actually.” Jason stopped dead in his tracks. Dick Grayson, the golden boy himself, needed a favor from the one student who just couldn’t keep his mouth shut and study nicely like all the other students on campus?

“Can you pick up my little brother?”

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Yo got any angsty Tim headcanons/fics? I'm in that kind of mood. Thnx Ily

-when he “died” all of his waking thoughts were about how his family would find him, they haven’t given up. He had started losing faith as time went on and it became a sort of bitter, hopeless mantra as he realised they probably weren’t coming

-Tim has nightmares when he falls asleep; they’re usually ones that he can’t remember upon waking up, but the ones he can remember are lonely and full of disapproval and rejection from his loved ones (his parents, Bruce, his brothers and sisters)

-Tim doesn’t really have a favourite holiday because as a kid he always had to celebrate them alone and even when his parents were there, they were cold and emotionless affairs. After being adopted he’s started to like holidays a bit more as he actually has people to be with, people who actually care

-Tim partially blames himself for why Jason and Bruce aren’t on the best terms because if he had never become Robin then Jason wouldn’t have felt replaced and he wouldn’t have been quite so mad with Bruce’s actions

-Tim constantly over works himself in an attempt to reach some sort of goal he set for himself that he thinks will make people proud of him, make them realise his potential. But as he works he constantly second guesses himself, thinking it’s not enough, it will never be enough

-Tim is resigned to believe that he’ll always end up alone, that he can only count on abandonment. After his parents deaths, Stephanie’s “death”, Dick giving Damian the role of Robin, Dick’s death, it seems like that’s the only certainty in his life

-When Dick died (on live television mind you) Tim felt like he was to blame; he was supposed to be the smart one, he should have come up with a plan to save him, he should have stopped it but instead he failed and Dick is gone

-Tim has frequent panic attacks that he hides from the rest of his friends and family. He doesn’t want them to think he’s weak or that he can’t handle this lifestyle so he doesn’t let it show and most of the time people don’t notice

-Tim is so used to being ignored that he tries to make himself think of it as nothing, that it’s fine. But inside it’s tearing him apart because what if he’s just forgotten one day? What if people just stop caring and realise that he never was that great in the first place?

Sorry if those weren’t that great; I’ve never actually done any angsty headcanons before (plus I’m a fan of fluff, not angsty feelings hell like some people I know) Thanks for the request!

Title: Ball Drop

Rating: PG fluff

Pairing: BruDick

Summary: Was there something on Bruce’s mind? Dick didn’t have long to ponder the question.  It was almost time to make his move - it was time-sensitive, after all.  There were traditions involved. You couldn’t waffle and come back five minutes later asking to do it again.

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