felt like eminem

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are you a feminist? Cause I am and I've been getting into eminems music lately and I really love him but I feel guilty bc he's obviously very misogynistic idk what to do.....

yes! and shouldn’t we all be? 

the thing with eminem, people are always ready to jump on the hate train when it comes to an eminem song, and i feel like a lot of people love to hate him. 

i’ve always felt like what eminem does is very similar to what an actor does, they’re both telling a story, the only difference is that people love to praise the actor’s work. i get that you can hear a song a million times on the radio while a movie you watch it once? twice? three times if you like it a lot and then that’s it, but to me is just a story in a movie, the character the actor is playing doesnt make the actor a bad person, much like the story eminem is telling doesn’t make him a bad person. is not like he’s actually gonna go and kill someone, it’s just a story he’s telling.

i personally think he is a really good person, every now and then we hear about these things he did, good things he did for other people and the reason that’s not in the media is because he’s not an attention seeker and so some people like to focus on the “bad”

he has plenty of songs with positive messages, or songs that can be very empowering but again some people just don’t care about the real deep meaning of some of his songs

not all eminem songs are like that, not all eminem songs are about hate and killing someone, it’s just a story to me me and some people need to stop taking everything he says so seriously, you know? 

i feel like whatever song you don’t like, or has a message you don’t like, or he’s telling a story that you just don’t agree with, then skip it and focus on the good, cause there are plenty of those.