felt like doing a preview thing

Love & Marriage: Part one PREVIEW #2

                                             LOVE & MARRIAGE


After years of following in the footsteps of their relationship shadow, Bucky and his wife offer Steve a small getaway to the cold mountains. Getting to know the the new woman in his life, they realize a change in their own lives . Come to find, it dawns on the married couple just how much time and marriage has changed their once passionate relationship - How will they react to a now new hot couple taking their place on the mantle?

Notes: Had to do this one. Smutty Preview on BOTH ends. ;)

Just a warning, Bucky and his wife - its comedic smut, and incredibly awkward - but I laughed while writing it. 

posting tomorrow if its well liked by everyone! want to write something good for you guys. :)

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Person of Interest SDCC 2014 Sneak Preview

anonymous asked:

I just saw the preview thing and I swear to god when it panned down to the blood and brains I actually felt like I was going to be sick because i honestly am scared it's going to be Glenn

I am in a don’t think about it kind of train of thought.  No matter who ends up dying for now in my mind Glenn is alive and well.  Normally I am so excited for a premiere and although I do want to see it I am also very nervous.  I just want Glenn to survive and be okay but I’m also scared that he won’t be.  

anonymous asked:

Well, that sneak peek from the premiere ep was, um, something. The only thing I liked was Stiles saying "Helium?" and Scott actually asking for permission to do the claw thing, which is a first for him so he's finally learning from his mistakes YAY. Layden are still irrelevant af, I don't care. That car scene dragged on for far too long. And the first makeout is 90 seconds in, like are you kidding me? The ghost riders look like cowboy cosplayers on an Anonymous march tbh.

Hmm it seemed more like sheriff felt the need to ask for permission for the claw thing. It didn’t seem like that was up to Scott. 

But, agreed, that car scene lasted forever. The whole preview was less than 8 minutes long, but I felt like I was watching it for 30 and it’s because that car scene was never-ending. I can’t believe that shit made it to the screen and didn’t end up on the cutting room floor. 

And the ghost riders are awful lmao. All I can think about is the headless horseman and then I feel disappointed because that would be a more interesting story than the ghost riders.