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Yuri on Ice interview translation - Pash! 2016/12 (p14)

This is a translation of Mitsurou Kubo’s detailed commentary on episodes 1-6 (plus some about ep.8) that appeared on the Dec. 2016 Pash! issue. I wish I could’ve posted it yesterday, but I was too tired to double-check it… It’s very interesting and there’s lots of “behind-the-scenes”, so have fun reading while we wait for episode 9 (can’t wait already)!

Some notes:
In the magazine, some parts of the commentary are written in bold font and some in even bolder font. I recreated it with italic for the first and bold for the latter. (So yeah those are not highlighted by me, I’m just recreating how the actual article is.) The episode titles are left in Japanese because I’m not watching any sub/dub so not sure what to use as an “official” translation. As for character lines, for the same reason I’m not using the translations appeared in the sub/dub so they might be worded differently than what you are used to hear.

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Mitsurou Kubo complete commentary!
Mitsurou Kubo-san is in charge of creating the original plan for the screenplay, in the form of a manga storyboard. We have asked her to comment on the story so far!

Episode 1 “Nan no Pirozhki!! Namida no Grand Prix Final”

-Looking back, this episode doesn’t have many gag parts compared to the others. We see Yuuri’s past, and since it was getting gloomy we tried lots of ways not to make it go too much into that direction.

-I completed the storyboard for this episode last year and it’s been quite some time since it left my side, so I was able to watch it forgetting that I’m the one who created it. That’s one of the reasons when people watch episode 1 and tell me “”YOI” is interesting” I reply “I think the same”, even though it sounds like self-praise. But indeed, I think I’m the only one that can draw this kind of story…

-The “pirozhki” in the title actually doesn’t appear in the episode (LOL), but it will come up later on.

-In the recording test for the scene where Yuuri gives his glasses to Yuuko and tells her “please watch”, Toyonaga-san played him really cool and made my heart throb (LOL). However, in the actual episode we used a version that sounds weaker. It’s no good if Yuuri starts being cool from the first episode (LOL), so I asked Toyonaga-san to make it something gradual. As the story progresses, Yuuri also becomes stronger!

-The recording of this episode is the only one I’ve been able to go to so far. I didn’t think about the voice actors at all when writing the storyboard, which resulted in Phichit’s voice actor Kenshou (Ono)-san coming to the recording even though his only line was “hahaha!”. This happened shortly after I went to see the “KuroBas” musical (where Ono-san is also starring), so I felt especially sorry for him… (LOL)

-One of the things I was going to do no matter what is to show asses in the hot springs (LOL). Though in fact, until that point I had never really drawn a guy’s ass in my manga. When I saw the finished footage I was like “this is so direct…!!” (LOL). But seriously, skaters have such a wonderful body!

Episode 2 “Futari no Yuri!? Yutopia no Ran”

-Some people realized from the preview at the end of episode 1 that Victor was going to become a coach, and I also spotted comments like “I don’t want him to quit competing!”, but that’s a hasty judgment (LOL). It was never said that he’s retiring!

-For weekly serialized manga the reader poll* is very important, and I remember one of the things I was told by my editor is that “manga whose 2nd chapter receives more praise in the poll than the 1st one tend to continue longer and become more popular”. So my hope for this episode 2 was that it would receive more praise than episode 1. And I think this actually happened.
[*translator note: Usually magazines come with a postcard where readers can choose which manga they liked the most and write comments. This actually influences the order in which manga appear in the magazine and can lead less popular ones to be canceled]

-When I wrote this episode I was still drawing freely, without thinking too much about the “30 minutes time slot” of an anime. I was told that “cutting a long story is easier than trying to expand a short story”, but when I found that just reading all lines aloud would take longer than 20 minutes, I realized that I needed to think more about the time too. Still, until episode 4 I wasn’t able to calculate time correctly.

-I’m careful not to make it look like Victor is completely guiding Yuuri with his advices, and that it shows that Yuuri is actually a person that can think about what he wants to do, that wants to create a new image for himself, and that he can come up with ideas that go slightly ahead of what Victor is thinking. As the story progresses, it should become more and more clear why Yuuri needs to be the protagonist.

-What I needed to do first of all is make it so that viewers will want to cheer for these three, and that they will never get tired of watching them talk together. Therefore, to write this episode I gathered all the skills and experience I have gained so far as an author and did my very best.

Episode 3 “Boku ga Eros de Eros ga Boku de!? Kessen! Onsen on ICE”

-The episode where eros is compared to katsudon. The original idea came to me when I heard that the choreographer Kenji (Miyamoto)-sensei, when he teaches young children how to do sensual movements, tells them to imagine “having honey on your hands”. I thought that in that case, if you absolutely cannot come up with an image for eros, you could just try to substitute it with food. Plus I also heard that foreigners like katsudon. And there’s a “katsu” in “Yuuri Katsuki” as well. I also thought it would be cool if someone felt like eating katsudon the next day, influenced by the anime… However, I actually never asked Kenji-sensei to base the choreography on katsudon (LOL). I just tried to associate katsudon to the finished choreography myself.

-Yuuri is actually quite cold-hearted. He’s someone that doesn’t really try to get into other people’s hearts, but in this episode, through the confrontation with Yurio, he became aware of a side of himself he had never experienced before.

-Figure skaters, even if they’re rivals on the ice, can be quite friendly with each other off the ice. I wanted viewers to remember “Hasetsu” as a place where Yuuri and Yurio could spend some carefree time. I added this match because it would have been sad not to see them confront each other until the GP series.

Episode 4 “Jibun wo Suki ni Natte… Kansei!! Free Program”

-I came up with this part because I didn’t want Yuuri to just dance on a FS prepared by Victor, I wanted the two of them to create it together. I wanted to show that Yuuri is not someone that just waits for others to give him everything, he becomes more active and does something creative on his own too. It’s something to which I can relate too because it’s also what I feel when creating my works, so it was easy to put my feelings into it. This is also the last episode where they are training in Hasetsu, and I wanted to make this one of the precious days Yuuri spent with Victor.

-Regarding the “hair whorl” scene, in a manga it’s something that would be explained with words, but since this is an anime I wanted to draw something that cannot be explained with words, a moment when the wall between the two falls. As sometimes Yuuri acts rudely even toward the person he admires, can’t completely open up his heart, tends to get a bit hesitant about creating something new etc, I wanted to show this somewhat irrational side of him. Wouldn’t anybody want to poke Victor’s hair!? I had the feeling that if you poked it something would change. It’s like Victor “came down to the human world”.

-We made Yuuri’s theme “love”, but actually in the beginning the concept of “skating for love” was never in my or director Yamamoto’s mind (LOL). Then we heard actual figure skaters say that “they can work hard for love”. If we hadn’t heard that we probably wouldn’t have done it because it would have looked like something forced by the creators, but if the show wasn’t about figure skating I’m sure we would never have discussed seriously about love or portrayed it anyway, and with the director we just got all hyped up about love and decided to make it the theme. The portrayal of love is a key point in this anime, and I’m glad that we could convey it clearly in this episode.

-It seems to happen especially with young Russian athletes that some of them go well when they’re young but then suddenly start getting worse results above 16-17 years old, so considering this too Yurio probably feels the flow of time in a completely different way than Yuuri.

-I like the scene where Yuuri writes “YURI ON ICE” on the CD and it connects to the title of the series. It’s actually true that you have to bring a CD to the tournaments. Kenji-sensei also used to write titles on the CDs, so I took inspiration from that. I really like episode 4.

Episode 5 “Kao Makka!! Shosen Da yo! Chuu-shikoku-kyuushuu Senshuken Taikai”

-It’s a stupid title, isn’t it (LOL). I originally put “kao makka” (bright red face) in the title referring to Yuuri feeling embarrassed when he skates Eros for the first time, but in the end he collides with a wall and his face physically becomes red, so it sounds like it refers to that.

-This is the only tournament that takes place in Japan. I wanted to show how, like Yuuri admires Victor, there are also Japanese athletes who admire Yuuri, and this is where Minami-kun shows up. But seriously, Yuuri Katsuki mostly has a cold attitude toward athletes who admire him (LOL). He doesn’t really behave like someone who is the target of admiration, and that’s why Victor scolds him. After that he finally learns to encourage his junior. This is something where Yuuri needs to grow.

-Meanwhile Victor also grows when he needs to decide how to deal with a pupil that isn’t as good as he had pictured… I’m surprised we could fit all this in one episode.

-For the first time Yuuri skates in a public tournament in front of an audience, and I had to decide from who’s point of view to write the monologues. Since in the real world you cannot hear what athletes think when skating, I thought it would be interesting to have the monologues come from Yuuri, so I chose him for the first point of view. The second part is from Victor’s point of view.

-At the time I wrote this episode I wanted to draw the storyboard properly, so I did my best to ink it as neatly as possible. I really really wanted for the production staff to see, to understand that Yuuri Katsuki is strong.

-We actually went to the Chu-Shikoku-Kyushu Regional Tournament to collect data. It’s possible to watch the tournament from right behind where athletes enter the rink and also very close to the rink, so we pricked up our ears to listen to what people actually say. We saw an athlete coming back from the rink saying “I’m sorry, I know! I know!”. I believe they wanted to show their coach that they understood what they did wrong before the coach themselves said it. There were also athletes who pulled up their zippers with shocking speed. Some of the things we saw and heard there were actually included in the anime.

Episode 6 “Grand Prix Series Kaimaku! Yacchaina Chuugoku Taikai!”

-All the athletes participating in the China tournament show up. This is the episode I was most scared it wouldn’t fit within the allowed time slot.

-One of the things I absolutely wanted to draw is the characters eating “Shanghai mitten crab” (LOL). I’m sure we and everyone else would want to eat it, and I know that athletes sometimes eat it too after the matches, so yeah. I’m glad that we included that scene, because it was an entertaining way to show that the characters have gone abroad from the start of the episode, in a part that is not directly related to the tournament. Beside that, when we went there to collect data, outside the hotel there was a food stall selling something like Taiwanese senbei (rice crackers), and we spotted the Chinese skater Yan Han eating them, so we based the scene with Guang-Hong on that.

-The players that participate in the China Tournament are all sociable, so there’s lots of chatting. Many of the songs are also catchy. On the contrary, the Russia Tournament is suddently savage (LOL). I didn’t want viewers to find the tournament scenes boring or to be unable to understand the characters, so I did my best to make it so that you could grasp a character’s personality through their skating.

-Regarding the scene where Yuuri licks his lips, in the world of figure skating athletes actually do need to show a provocative attitude toward judges. The director and I always discuss about “what would be the most unusual erotic thing Yuuri Katsuki would do?”, and that’s how I decided to draw him licking his lips.

-I created Popovich as a very artistic character, but he’s amusing (LOL). It’s also common for Russian athletes to use very loud songs or songs with sound effects.

-In my storyboard, Giacometti is skating fully naked. The director told me that the recording for this episode was awesome (LOL).

-I was very straightforward when I wrote Yuuri’s line “I’m the only one who knows Victor’s love”… (LOL). But I think that using more lukewarm expressions would just not be good for the story, so I’m determined to go all-out.

Episode 7~
-In episode 8 J.J. is shocking (LOL). We’re not planning to create chara songs for this anime, but his SP is basically like a chara song (LOL). Of course it’s not sung by (Mamoru) Miyano-san, but he skates to a song that he requested to write for himself, and the lyrics are just the best (LOL). There are also some visual expressions that normally would be impossible to see, however it’s J.J. so it’s possible… I wanted to make him the most thoroughly strong rival character. I was the one who thought his final pose, and I hope it trends after the episode is aired… Another big highlight is Yurio’s serious agape after he becomes more refined. We had a female skater perform Yurio’s program, her hair was the same length as his and she brushed it up while skating. It would be amazing to see the same in the anime too. Another point to look forward to is the song used by Seung-Gil, who’s already popular in Korea!!

[Translator’s note: She actually doesn’t mention episode 7 at all, she just skips right to episode 8. I guess she didn’t want to make any spoiler and everything she wanted to say about it is spoiler? Well I can kind of understand… I am sure we will get comments on episode 7 too in magazines issued at a later time]


Pairing - Hoseok x Reader

Genre - Murder AU

Word Count - 3k

Part 4/?

Synopsis - When y/n’s husband is accused of murder she’s sure he’s innocent. But as detectives find clues that point to him as the perpetrator, will she stand for her husband or against him?

A/n - Idunno if anyone reads this but if you do enjoy (:

Preview Part One Part Two Part Three



a feeling or thought that something is possible, likely, or true.

Trust is one of the most important things you can have in a relationship. Without it, it is impossible to have a healthy relationship.

I wish I could say that things got better when Hoseok picked me up but it didnt. At least I was able to sleep, as soon as we arrived back to our house I passed out. I was drained and my bed never felt so comfortable. In the morning Hoseok woke me up, letting me know that he had the maid run me some warm bath water and breakfast was being made for me. The bath was relaxing, I was able to clear my mind even if just for a second before Hoseok came into the bathroom with a cup of coffee in hand.

“How are you feeling this morning?” He asked handing me a mug full of the black liquid and sitting in the love seat I had in my bathroom. His eyes furrowed a bit as if he was worried but also upset.

“I’m fine just a little headache.” I answered taking a sip of the coffee. It was bitter and disgusting, I hated black coffee and my husband knew that. I wasn’t sure if he was punishing me for getting so drunk or if he just wanted me to sober up. Maybe both.

“I’m so sorry that my actions caused you to feel the need to get so drunk. Ive never seen you like this before.” He said. He seemed extremely apologetic and my heart hurt a little.

“I just, I just thought I was over what you did to me. But now it feels like I’m reliving it, and I thought I could trust you but I can’t.”

“I’ll do whatever I need to do to regain your trust. I may have not been honest about how many times I was with her, but I want to be honest about everyting moving forward.” He said.

I wanted so badly to believe him, to put all of my faith in him and never think about the situation again. But we had tried that. I thought that I knew the whole truth and was blissfully unaware that I was in fact, being decieved.

“Okay. What else do you want to tell me?” I asked.

“Well I wasn’t completely honest about where I was the night Mina died.”

“Where were you Hoseok?” I asked sternly.

“I went to meet her.” He said.

“You cant be serious?” I said rubbing my head. I thought that my headache was fading but it had only gotten worst. The pain was a pulsating ache and everytime I would look Hoseok in the eye my head would throb.

“Im serious. She sent me a text saying that she needed to talk to me about something important. I went to meet her at a location she sent me but she never showed up.” He stated.

“Hoseok why would you try to go and meet the woman that you cheated on me with?” I was really trying to understand his logic at this point. I never asked him to stay away from her. He was the one who told me he wanted to stay away. So why would he feel the need to sneak around and meet her. Was he seeing her again?

“I know it was stupid. I was worried because she never called me, she never even talked to me. We both agreed we wouldn’t talk to one another after the affair and I worried that something was wrong if she was suddenly requesting to meet me.”

I thought about it for a while. That’s why he was running late to meet up with me the night of the charity event, because he went to meet her.
What else could he be hiding? I wondered.

“What else are you hiding from me??” I demanded an answer.

“Jagi, that’s everything. I swear.” He said grabbing a hold of my hand. “I’ll never hurt you again.”

I closed my eyes taking in a deep breath. I wished I could believe him, that everything could just go back to how it was a few days ago but I couldnt, we couldn’t.

“I just need time.”

“Okay, I understand that.” He said.

After exiting the bath, Hoseok finally went to work and I had the house to myself, with the exception of our housemaid. I went to look for her, I wanted to apologize for all the craziness that’s been going on with the police coming over and what not. Our home usually wasn’t this chaotic.

I saw her as I entered the kitchen, and she noticed me as well greeting me with her warm smile.

“Feeling better Mrs. Jung?” She asked. I wondered if I still looked like hell, considering how drunk I had gotten last night I was sure that I did.

“A bit, Mari how is everything going?” I asked sitting down at the kitchen bar as she continued to clean and then pausing to answer the question.

“I’m okay, Mrs. Jung. How is everything?”

“It’s a little hetic right now but Im managing. I just wanted to let you know that we have officers coming over again later today. I wanted to warn you ahead of time so that you weren’t alarmed.”

“It’s no problem, I knew that they cops would have to interrogate Mr. Jung after everything.” She stated and her sentence caught me off guard.

“Everything?” I wondered what all she knew about this entire situation.

“Yes well since you and Mr. Jung were really close to Mrs. Kim.” Close? I’m not sure if I would use that word to describe Mina and I’s relationship, especially after the affair.

“I guess you could say we were kind of close to her. It’s just so unfortunate that this happened to her.” Even after finding out that her and Hoseok had seen eachother on a regular basis I still felt geninuely bad about the gruesome way in which she died.

“Yes it is, do you know how Mr. Jung is going to be prosecuted?” She questioned causing me to look at her as if she had lost her mind.

“Prosecuted? Why would Hoseok be prosecuted.”

“I just thought, I thought that… ” She started. But stopped as if she was afriad to speak. Any thoughts I had that Mari didn’t have an clue about the situation were quickly cast out of my mind. She knew something, possibly more than I and I needed to find out what.

“Mari, I’m getting the feeling that you know more than I do. Please tell me everything that you know.” I begged.

“But Mr. Jung instructed me not to tell you.” She said. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. There was some type of secret that my husband had instructed our housemaid to keep?

“He did what? Listen Mari, I promise he won’t find out about this conversation. But now you need to tell me everything.”

“Okay.” She stated sitting down next to me.

“It all started a couple of months ago. Mina would come over often and Im sure you are already aware of what they would do. But lately they would aruge a lot, I overheard Mrs. Kim say that she didnt want to be involved anymore because she loved her husband. But Mr. Jung was very upset and he told her she had no choice but to continue seeing him.”

My heart was hurting and I was struggling to keep up with what Mari was saying without changing my demeanor and expression because I honestly was hurting and disgusted all at the same time. Mari noticed and stopped talking.

“Im fine, please continue.” I spoke.

“The last time it became violent. I believe you were out taking care of business when she came over. I tried not to easedrop but I heard Mina crying. She was saying that she was sure she was pregnant and knew that It had to be Mr. Jung’s child. He become so upset, I could hear them shouting from the living room. He told her that she needed to get rid of the child or else he would.”

“Oh god, no.” I breathed out in total distress.

“Mrs. Jung please don’t tell Mr. Jung. That night when he had seen that I was in the kitchen and had heard everything he warned me against telling anyone. He said that he would let me go and I can’t afford to lose this job. I have a family to provide for.” She reasoned.

“Don’t worry.” I said softly taking slow and steady breathes to calm down, you aren’t going to be fired. I really appreciate you letting me know all of this Mari.“ I said forcing a smile to reassure her.

I let Mari go home for the night, she usually stayed in home with us but her husband and children lived on their own so she would occasionally go visit so I decided that it would be best for her to do that. When she was gone I took out my phone to call the detectives who were assigned to Mina’s case and they told me they would be over shortly.

The time I waited seemed to go on for forever. And while I waited for them I thought over and over again about Hoseok. Was he really capable of killing someone? I believed he was the most warm hearted and caring person on the planet. He hardly ever raised his voice and was so mild tempered. The person that Mari described to me when she went over his conversation with Mina was not the Hoseok I knew. He seemed harsh and aggressive and I didnt know what to think.

A year ago I would have said that there was absolutely no way my husband would be capable of hurting anyone. But lie after lie he was breaking my heart and losing my trust and I didn’t know what to do or how to feel.

The more I thought the more I wondered if I was making the right decision in acting so fast to reach out to the officers. I didn’t know what I was doing or if I was making the right decision. The doorbell ran interrupting me mid thought and I knew that there was no more time for pondering. I needed be an adult and handle this situation so I calmed myself and went to answer the door.

I filled the officers in on every unpleasant detail that the maid had shared with me. I hated to do this to my husband but Mina was pregnant and her murder was gruesome. Whomever was responsible for that, may it be Hoseok or whomever else needed to be held accountable.

After hearing everything that I had to say the detectives said that they needed to do a search of our house so I waited anxiously until they were finished. Namjoon returned with something that was in a plastic bag. I could not tell what It was from a distance but as he got nearer I realized that It was a hammer and my eyes widened.

"Mrs. Jung, are you familiar with this?” He asked giving me a closer look and as I inspected it I saw very visible blood on it and my heart rate started to increase.

“I um - I think that could be ours. Where was that?”

“It was in hidden in your fireplace. We believe that this could be our murder weapon and based on this and your statement today we are going to preceded with an arrest.”

My hand quickly covered my mouth and a stumbled back, Namjoon reached out to help me. “You are going to arrest him?”

“We have the murder weapon and plausible cause. We are going to get a warrant and we should be back shortly.”

This was all happening so fast and before I knew it the detectives were leaving, and I was staring out of my dining room window waiting for my husband to arrive home. His car pulled up moments later and he entered the house taking off his shoes and heading towards my direction

“There you are baby. I’ve been trying to call you to see if you had eaten. I picked up take out.” I heard him place something on the table but I didnt turn around I couldn’t bring myself to look at him.

“Are you still upset?” He said approaching me from behind and wrapping his arms around my waist. I finally spun around to face him my eyes were watering and I knew that he could tell something was up.

“Y/n, are you crying? Baby I know you are upset with me. But please don’t cry. He said wipling away at my tears.

"Did you - do it?” I finally managed to say.

“Did I do what?” He asked genuinely concered.

“Did you kill her Hoseok?” I asked.

“What?” Hoseok said as if I was telling some sort of joke and he couldn’t understand the punchline. “You aren’t serious are you?”

“You cant lie to me anymore, you have to be honest now.” I said through tears.

“I didn’t kill Mina!!” He yelled and I immediately shut myself off. I didn’t want to hear the lies I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I remained silent fixing my gaze back on the window.

“Look at me y/n. You have to talk to me.” He said but I continued to ignore him.

“Turn around and talk to me.” Hoseok demanded as I looked out of the window. I didn’t want to look at him, if I did I knew that I would be moved by his soft features, the face that I had fallen in love with.

“What have I done to you? What could I have done to make you believe that I could be capable of doing something this horrible?”

“Look at me!!” Hoseok yelled as he hit the dinning room table causing a glass to fall and shatter on the floor. I jumped in fear from his actions. In the entire time I had known him I had never been so afraid.

I felt a wave of relief but also nervousness as I heard police cars in the distance. The cars approached our mansion and I saw that the gates were opened and they were coming  in. Moments later they entered the room.

“Jung Hoseok you are under arrest for the murder of Kim Mina.“ Namjoon said.

"What the hell is going on?” Hoseok yelled.

“You have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.”

“Did you do this?” Hoseok asked as the officers started to secure handcuffs on him.

The look that he gave me wasn’t one of anger. I think that I could have handled that a bit more. The look that he gave me was one of pure hurt, it was as If I had taken a knife to his abdomen. I felt absolutely horrible and refused to look at him.

“Y/n please look at me.” He said as he was being dragged out of our house by Taehyung and another officer.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at him and I could only look out of the window. I watched as they dragged him to the car and before they put him in the back seat he looked at me and I that’s when the tears I held in started to pour down my face.

I let out a loud sob breaking down and Namjoon just stared at me as if he wasn’t quite sure what to do. He finally walked closer to me and after what seemed like minutes of uncertainty he pulled me into his arms allowing me to sob on his chest.

We stayed like that for a while before I calmed down a bit and was able to sit on the sofa.

"I’m sorry that you have to go through this, but regardless of what happens you are a very brave person y/n.” Namjoon stated.

“Brave? All I did was turn in my husband.”

“You are seeing that Mrs. Jung’s family gets justice for her murder even if that means that your husband is taken away from you. That’s bravery y/n.”

“Well thank you.”

“If you need anything, anything at all.” Namjoon said placing his hand on my shoulder. “Don’t hesitate to give me a call.”

Namjoon left and I was alone. Being alone is the worst possible thing to he when you have so many thoughts in your heard. Because you have no one to distract you from everything you were thinking. I tried to turn on the Tv just to have some sort of Distraction but I just stared at it blankly as I pondered my current situation.

Was Hoseok going to be convicted for Mina’s murder? If so how long would he be in prison? Did I need to call a lawyer to get divorce papers? And how is Jin going to feel when he finds out that his best friend possibly murdered his wife?

So many questions, so many thoughts. It was all too much and I wanted nothing more than to run away but I couldn’t. I couldn’t change anything about my current situation and it left me to wonder

Is life going to get any better?


When we placed Coming in to Land on the stage in rehearsal, you could see a fault line running right through it. It still offered a good evening’s entertainment, and I had great fun as a customs official toying with Maggie Smith’s Polish would-be-immigrant, but almost everyone who saw it commented on the incredulity of a wealthy yuppie bothering to assist an older, down-and-out Polish women to enter the country illegally, by marrying her. This was disappointing because on paper it had looked like a work of genius. Maggie Smith seemed slightly down through rehearsals, sensing maybe that the play was not what we had hoped. Through the technicals and previews, her tension increased. She was demanding, living on a knife edge of danger, and, more than anyone I have ever worked with, she had an ability to keep things alive. We did 50 sell-out performances of the play, and the last one felt as fresh as the first. Maggie did not seem to be acting. I felt as though she was making it up; and I was learning again. - Tim Pigott-Smith, Do You Know Who I Am?

Let’s Talk.

So today I saw this post by @edens-star. And if you haven’t read it yet, please do. I wanted to reblog it but I didn’t want to make this post any longer than it’s going to be already. When I read her post, it really struck a chord with me. Not many people besides my friends know about the struggles I had lately and I think that now that I’m finally happy with my blog, it’s important to shed light on those things. 

Even if you don’t read past this line, just please know that you aren’t the only person that falls into a rut or a hard place with your art, story, blog, etc. And there are so many people around you, including myself, that are here for you. Anyone can come to me about anything, even if I haven’t met you yet. Just remember that.

Now about my journey, I’ve been making CC and running a simblr for almost two years now and man have I seen my content grow and evolve. I myself, had not. Two years later I was still my own worst critic. And honestly, it made me dislike what I do. Making content was one of the things I enjoyed most but becasue of my mentality, it became more of a chore. I like doing it because it’s a great creative outlet, but more often then not, I’d quit my projects or fall into a rut and take ages to finish them. And I couldn’t really figure out why. Until I took a much needed break. I think it was about two months ago, I took a break from creating, even downloading CC and made a new blog. It was so refreshing just starting over. And even though I only have a fraction of my old followers, I’m MUCH happier. And this break even made me realize how good Sims 4 actually looks. I still have a lot of alpha stuff in my game but I find myself almost never using it and finding a whole new appreciation for maxis match content.

I’m a perfectionist. My own worst critic. That’s just who I am. But what you might not know is that I show every single thing that I touch to my friends. They are my judge and jury. They give great input and inspiration when I need it. They also help motivate me to keep doing what I do. And I often show them a thing I am dissatisfied with and almost 95% of the time, the thing I dislike either doesn’t bother them or they just don’t care about the small imperfections that bother me so much. I feel like if the things I make aren’t perfectly perfect then the time and care I pour into them won’t be recognized. But that’s not true. Even if others don’t see it, me and my friends do and they are so proud of me for it. They tell me all the time how much they love the things I make and how much time and effort I put into them and I could never thank them enough for what they do for me. 

I’m so much happier with my content and myself now. I don’t bog myself down with impossible standards or giant projects. If there’s something wrong with something I’m working on, I used to get mad and just stop working on stuff altogether. But that isn’t productive. Now, I just save it and work on something easier and go back to it later while I still have inspiration. I used to upload on a schedule of “when I get it done” but because it took me so long to finish things, it would take ages for me to actually upload them. But now, I use Mondays to work on CC. I’ll knock out a few projects and finish them up to upload when I feel ready. I almost have enough stuff waiting to be uploaded that I could upload twice a week if I wanted for a little while but still have enough content backlogged where I wouldn’t feel pressured to work on stuff if I didn’t feel like it. Some aspects of CC making that I used to avoid are now my favorite parts. Like previews for example, but I’ve found a way to make it less of a pain. Before, I’d hate having to load up my game just to try out one piece of CC, but now I wait until I’ve done a chunk of stuff and test/do previews all at the same time. 

The other thing I struggled with was my style. I felt like I didn’t have one. Every preview I made was different because I couldn’t settle on a style. So I took a step back and simplified things. I’ve simplified the way I take previews. And how I edit them. They’re less cluttered and look much smoother to me now. I just go about doing things differently now and it’s all for the better. I now put out higher quality CC, with better previews, less heartache and less time, and there’s absolutely no change in the time and effort I put into things. This time around I think it shows even more. I’ve learned to finally appreciate myself and my work. I don’t drive myself crazy over tiny little details and I don’t neglect my followers with dry spells. I feel like I have a style I can stick to now. I love the way my previews look. And I feel like with time, someone will be able to look at them and go “That’s one of faerieflower’s previews” and that makes me so happy. I finally found my identity here I think. Or I’m getting there at least. 

If you take anything away from this let it be this:

  • Take breaks. Even if you don’t think you need one. Time can shed so much light on things and give you a new perspective.
  • Don’t be scared to try new things. You don’t know unless you try.
  • Don’t push yourself. Inspiration is a fickle thing, if you force it, it leaves you.
  • Go where your inspiration takes you. And run it dry. Keep creating while you’re in the mood but don’t neglect yourself and take breaks when you feel like you need one. 
  • And most importantly, don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re more likely to give up or ruin something you’re working on than anything else. Don’t let yourself do it. Take a step back and get input from others or look at it from a way that isn’t your own. If you’re too hard on yourself, nothing will ever be good enough to you even though it’s perfect to others.

Sorry for the gigantic post today. I just had a lot to share. Thank you all so much for who you are and everything you do. Please message me anytime. <3

white noise - castironbaku - Tokyo Ghoul [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: white noise
Pairing: hidekane
Rating: T (will go up)
Warning: major character death
Summary: In this final stage of the war, Kaneki leads the ghouls and Hide leads the humans. Plans are made together, meals are shared, and peaceful dreams are difficult to come by. It’s not supposed to be this hard to trust each other. Yet the wounds run so much deeper than they expect. Maybe bridges are best left burnt. Maybe not everyone deserves a happily ever after.

Chapter 5 preview

“What will I do,” Kaneki said into his hands, “if I lose you?”

Hide’s stomach sank like a ball of lead. It hadn’t happened in so long, he’d almost forgotten what Kaneki was like when he was on the verge of giving up on everything. He’d been so focused on trying to balance on his own tightrope, that he’d barely spared a glance for Kaneki on his.

“You’re all I have left. You’re my only reason to keep going.”

He felt like crying. But the tears wouldn’t come. He was sorry for Kaneki, and he was sorry that things had come to this. Both of them were shattered vases clumsily glued back together. They wouldn’t hold out for long. Hide knelt and hesitantly put his arms around Kaneki. He felt stiff, like he was doing something that he wasn’t built to do. Kaneki raised his head and Hide felt his lips move against his ear.

“Without you, I wouldn’t care what happened to the rest of humanity,” he said softly. “But to save you, I have to save them too. If I hadn’t become this fucking fool playing at a king that I am now… maybe you and I would still be the same as we used to be.”

He was wrong. Hide knew it and he knew that Kaneki knew it. Nothing would have changed. They would still end up here, at this impasse where neither of them could make a move without gambling the fate of an entire world. Kaneki was lying to himself, blatantly and openly. He would still save mankind even if Hide died.

He would play at a king for as long as it took. Because Hide would make sure of it. Because Hide, without hesitation, would chain Kaneki to the throne if it meant saving him.

Low Battery Blues

destiel fic; PG; 4k
Prompt: Imagine that person A decides to send person B a picture of themselves next to a funny statue/really weird stuffed animal/the world’s most beautiful chocolate cake/whatever else with the caption “im leaving you i found someone else” thinking person B would find it hilarious, except they send the caption before the picture and the signal is bad so person B doesn’t see the picture, just the caption, and they start crying.

A/N: This is for an anon prompt that I received. Special thanks go to Shannon and @totumd97 for beta reading

AO3 link

“Hurry up, Sammy, I’m starting to feel like a douche standing next to this guy,” Dean said as he struggled to keep his ridiculously cheesy pose.

“I’m trying to, Dean, but your phone keeps giving me a ‘battery low’ warning that gets in the way,” Sam grumbled. “Ah, wait. Okay…got it!”

Dean relaxed from his pose, stepping away from the large sculpture of Apollo and holding his hand out to get his cell phone back from Sam.

“Quick, I wanna send this picture to Cas before my battery dies.”

Sam handed the phone to him with a teasing smile on his face. “You know you two are really gross, right?”

Dean went into the messaging system he always used with Cas and started typing. “You know we only do that to annoy you, right? We’re not nearly as into PDA when you’re not around.”

He snickered at the offended look on Sam’s face at the bald-faced lie. They’d only been dating for a few months, and were still firmly in the ‘can’t keep my hands off you for more than a minute’ honeymoon period of their relationship.

Dean had met Cas in his second year psychology class, which was mandatory, even though Dean was an engineering student, and he was pretty sure cars didn’t need therapy. But he couldn’t begrudge having to take the class since it led him to Cas. Castiel Novak, theology major, youngest of five brothers and sisters, and – if you asked Dean – probably the primary reason the sun rose in the morning. Okay, he would never say that out loud, but he was head over heels for the guy and he was pretty sure the feeling was mutual.

They’d become friends after they were assigned a project together, discovering that they actually had some mutual friends such as Charlie Bradbury, CompSci major, and Kevin Tran, pre-med student. For a little while, they’d danced around each other, unsure about the other’s feelings. But with a little help from their mutual friends and Cas’s most infuriating brother Gabriel, who’d somehow all figured out that Dean and Cas liked each other even before they realized it themselves, they ended up being tricked into going a date. By the end of the evening, they were making out on Dean’s dorm room couch, and from that moment on they’d been inseparable.

This trip actually marked the first time they’d been apart from each other for more than a weekend, and Dean was experiencing Cas Withdrawal SyndromeTM already. But he’d promised Sam years ago that he would take him on a trip with just the two of them as a high school graduation present, and he was actually enjoying it a lot. Just Sam and him and his baby, spending three weeks together in the Midwest going from motel to motel and doing whatever they felt like doing.

Today was a good example of the total randomness of their activities. They’d been driving through a small town in Utah when Sam had noticed the Greco-Roman museum that was inexplicably situated between the town library and a flower shop. Sam had dragged Dean inside, and they’d soon discovered that the museum was basically a collection of replicas, which made sense. It wasn’t like a museum in Smalltown, USA would have actual genuine Greco-Roman artefacts lying around. Still, the replicas were of a fairly good quality, and Sam seemed happy enough, so Dean just let him have his fun.

But then he’d noticed the pièce de résistance of the entire collection - a large statue of a naked Apollo sporting an impressive set of abs – and a plan had immediately formed in his head. He hadn’t messaged or called Cas in the last two days and he was in a teasing mood.

And now, his plan was put into action.

Me: Hey, it’s been fun these past few months, but I’m leaving you. I’ve met someone who’s absolutely divine.

Just as Dean hit send, his screen started to dim, and the ‘battery low’ warning flashed on his screen. He had 1% left. He quickly hurried to attach the picture of him standing next to the sculpture to a follow-up message. A second after he hit send, his screen went black as his battery gave up the ghost.

Sure that the message had reached its destination, Dean pocketed his phone and went to stand behind Sam, who was admiring a decorative vase, ruffling his hair and earning a “Hey! Jerk,” as a result.

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Can’t sleep!

Pairing: Yatori (Yato x Hiyori) 

Rating: k+//PG-13 (Fluff! And one minor swear word)

Summary: Hiyori interrupted. “Hey, Yato?” The God looked annoyed and replied, “Yes?” She raised a brow, “Do you want to watch a horror movie?" 

• Being scared is one thing, but being terrified is another. Yukine being afraid of the dark wasn’t all too bad until he’d ask if he could cuddle with Hiyori so he could feel safe. But today was different. Very different. Yato got scared. A god got scared!

Yukine had already gone to sleep which left Yato and Hiyori in the living room just to blabber on about what ever Yato finds interesting. Even though she giggled at Yato’s outrageous stories and adorable hand gestures, Hiyori interrupted. "Hey, Yato?” The God looked annoyed and replied, “Yes?” She raised a brow, “Do you want to watch a horror movie?" 

Yato’s eyes almost seemed to pop out of his skull, "I-I don’t think that’s a very good idea!” She jumped towards him, gripping his jersey, “Please Yato! You’re a god who actually has to deal with scary things! These are just evil things made up by people so they’re not real! Pleeeease!” After what felt like an hour of begging, Yato finally agreed and Hiyori sprung to her feet. She put in the dvd and let the previews of upcoming movies play while she made popcorn.

“Want any butter on the popcorn?” Hiyori said from the kitchen. “Oh yeah, that’s fine.” Yato replied. After the popcorn was done, Hiyori took her place on the couch next to the god, pulling the light blanket over them. Yato was amazed how she didn’t seem to have one ounce of scared emotions in her body. Him on the other hand..Well he wasn’t doing so well.


Hiyori slowly got up from the couch with a drousy expression. “Okay, well I’m going to bed. You may sleep on the couch tonight if you like.” Yato was practically pissing himself he was so terrified. “U-Um y-yeah okay. Ni-ight.” Hiyori giggled and slowly made her way up the stairs and into her room where she found a sleepless Yukine sitting on her bed. 

“I can’t sleep again, Hiyori. Can you please cuddle with me?” With a small nod she agreed, sat on her bed with her back against the head rest and watched Yukine cuddle up beside her. She ran her fingers through his hair, almost like a mother would and started asking him how his day was. Hiyori and Yato made a promise to be like a mother and father to Yukine since he didn’t exactly have a family. 

“..Goodnight, Hiyori.” Yukine sleepily said before falling dozing off into his dreams. “Goodnight, Yukine.” Hiyori softly said. She still ran her fingers through his hair just because it was so soft. She found herself slowly drifting into sleep herself before a knock on the door was heard. Hiyori’s eyes slowly opened to find a shaky Yato by her door. 

“I..can’t fall asleep.” He whispered, a light pink painting his cheeks. He started to rub one of his arms and looked away to hide his embarrassment. “Can you cuddle with me?” He shyly said, finally finding the courage to look at her. His smile was soft, almost sincere. Hiyori’s eyes shot open due to the weird suggestion. She’d never thought of cuddling with Yato nor sleeping with him! Okay, maybe she has but still!  

She started to speak “I kind of have Yuk-"…"Please?” Her mouth which was formed into a small ‘o’, shaped into a soft smile, “Fine. Come here.” She opened one of her arms which Yato hurried under quickly. His head was rested on her chest and she couldn’t help but blush. She started to run her fingers through his hair and she spoke, “Why couldn’t you sleep?" 

He positioned his face so his vibrant blue eyes met her pink ones.

"Don’t tell anyone this, but I’m terrified of horror movies!" 


Okay. This is probably terrible compared to some of the Yatori fanfictions. Sorry!But, I love writing surprisingly. I just know I’m not very good at it. So if you find some stuff in here that you thought was just "Eh…” then please tell me!  I really hope this is good because I enjoyed writing this. Thank you for reading!

Loof loof~


Lil fic preview: the trifecta!!!

this thing has gotten so out of hand i s2g

I am literally this close to writing the smutty smuts (wow Sam that’s a weird way of saying that) that’s gonna close chapter two of once you’re gone (kinda like it did in damned) but I had a v long day and I’ll probably finish it over the weekend. There’s some surprises in store for you guys, but in the meantime here’s a lil bit more!!!

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butterfly butts

There were about 8 other things I could and should have been doing other than writing this but eyyyy.

I’ll think of a title later but it’s RinRei and there’s no significant warnings here except maybe angry!Haru and that’s all you need to know.


They grappled around like that for another moment, Rin forgetting he even had Iwatobi-chan in his hand.

Until he felt a snap and froze.

“Oh. Crap.”

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Part 3 can found here.

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May 3rd (3/5)

2 months…It has been 2 months since I last saw Nate. Yet, it seems like an eternity. I was so used to seeing Nate everyday. Now that I don’t see him, it’s weird.

It’s been a while but I still feel the same. I felt hurt. I felt betrayed. I felt like nothing. That’s what I was to Nate. I was nothing; what we had was nothing.

A loud banging against my front door distracted me from the show I was watching.

“Coming!” I yelled as the banging got louder. I opened the door to see an angry looking Nate.  

“Where is he?” He asked inviting himself in and frantically looked around.

“Who are you talking about?“ I asked closing the door. I crossed my arms, not wanting to deal with this.

"Don’t bullshit me. Where is he?” He asked again, clenching and unclenching his fist.

“Nate, you need to calm down. Ok?” I walked towards him. I took his hands in mine.

“Don’t look at me like that, (Y/N).”  He pulled his hands away from me. He walked into my kitchen and rested his hands on the counter.

“Nate…what are you actually doing here? Because I know you didn’t come here for Peter.”

“So that’s his name,huh? He did look like a Peter. Well, from what I remember.” He lowly chuckled to himself.

“He’s not here anyway. He’s gone.”

“Gone as in out of your life or gone as in he’s not here but he’ll be back?”

“What’s it to you? What I do with my life doesn’t concern you. Is that it because I have stuff to do. How did you even find my house anyway?” I leaned against the door way to the kitchen.

Nate slammed his fist against the counter making me jump.

“Why are you like this?! Why do you keep pushing me away?!” He yelled.

I walked away from the door way to the island he was standing by.

“I’m pushing you away?! I did nothing but support you before. I was there for you every step of the way. I stood by you when you were a nobody and I stood by you when you became somebody. I was there. I never pushed you away! You shoved me away. You went out and did what you did. You pushed me away from you.” I emphasized the word ‘you’ so that he understood.

“Did you think I intentionally wanted to hurt you?!” He yelled,staring right at me. If he wanted to yell in my house, he didn’t know what was coming for him.

“It doesn’t matter if you didn’t want to because you did!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“That was never my intention.” Nate’s voice was soft and he hung his head. “I never wanted to hurt you.”

“But that’s what you did,Nate.”

“I wish I could take it back.”

“But you can’t.”

“I wake up every day and wish I didn’t do what I did. I don’t have an explanation as to why I did it but I did. I can’t take it back. I want to, believe me. I lost my way back then. But losing myself wasn’t as painful as losing you. I never wanted that to happen.”  He walked towards me and took me into his arms. “I’m lost without you, (Y/N). I need you.” He sobbed into my neck. I wrapped my arms around him bringing him closer to me.

Seeing Nate like this made me hurt. All I felt these days was hurt. But seeing Nate like this made me hurt more.

“Nate. You…” My words got stuck in my throat. Tears filled my eyes. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to push them away. “You…you can't…”

“Just hold me.” Nate held me closer to him. He lifted me up and set me down in the island. I wrapped my arms and legs around him. “I missed this. I missed you holding me like this. I miss you loving me like this.”

“I still love you.” I blurted out. When I caught myself, I put my hand over my mouth.

Nate moved away from me, keeping me at arms length. “What?”

“I still love you. I never stopped. I loved you and just because we broke up doesn’t mean I could just turn it off like that. I just can’t stop loving you. That wasn’t an option. I tried getting over it. But it wasn’t possible. I still love you,Nate. I think I always will.”

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you to say that.” Nate grabbed my face and kissed me.

Without hesitation I kissed him back.

Kissing Nate is like second nature. It’s as easy as breathing. Just something I want to do for the rest of my life. Something I need to do to survive.

Yet, It felt wrong now. Knowing that he did what he did. Nate had obviously kissed and had sex with girls before me. But that was when we didn’t know we would be together. That was before we met. It’s just that now things won’t be the same. I was always have to little voice in my head telling me if he could do it once, he could do it again.

Nate brought my body closer to his, grabbing on to my shirt. I clung onto the sides of his face desperately trying to touch whatever I could. He held me like he was scared as I was gonna just vanish. That this was all just a dream to him. I held onto him like he really was the same Nate I once loved because he was that Nate once upon a time.

We pulled away and just touched foreheads for a couple of seconds, trying to catch our breaths and come down from cloud 9.

“Nate, I-”

Nate interrupted me with a peck. “Shhh…don’t say anything. It’ll ruin the moment.”

He moved his forehead from mine, looking into my eyes.

“There you go with that look again.” He moved away from me quickly like I was some toxic materials. Like I had suddenly become flammable and he was a burning flame.

“I’m sorry Nate. I just can’t.”

“What do I have to do show you that I’m  the same Nate?” He asked coming back to where I was sitting. The tone in his voice was desperate. He stood in between my legs, wrapping his hands around my waist again. He rubbed his hands up and down, relaxing me a little.

“Prove it.”


“Prove that you’re the same Nate. Prove that you still love me like you did before.”

Nate kissed me again. This is with much more passion and force as before. He grabbed my thighs and wrapped my legs around his hips. He picked me up and walked me into my room. He laid us down on the bed.

“You sure you want to do this?” He asked.

“Shut up and kiss me before I change my mind.”


I woke up the next morning to light fingertips on my back. They were drawing mindless shapes on it. After a while I felt the word 'mine’ on my back. I  smiled to myself knowing that I was his no matter what.

“Good morning,sunshine. I know you’re awake.” Nate chuckled before turning me to face him.

“How did you know?” I asked pulling the blanket closer to my naked body.

“(Y/N), we’ve been together for over 4 years. I know when you wake up.”

The fact that Nate used present tense instead of past puzzled me. Did he think we were back together?

My guess was that he had caught the face I made because he quickly tried to recover his statement.

“I mean we were together for that long so I mean…”

He let his words linger in the air and suddenly it seemed like my room has shrunk in size.

“(Y/N), say something please. I hope I didn’t ruin whatever. I’m sorry.” Nate begged.

“No, you didn’t.” I peppered kisses on his tattooed chest and sat up. “I want to be with you. Everyday. Like this. No more of that bullshit. Just me and you No one else.”

“Not even a baby?” Nate asked jokingly.

“Well…maybe except for a baby.”

“Or two. Or three.”

“Let’s just get settled down first, buddy.”

Nate and I lightly laughed to ourselves.

I got my Nate back. He was mine. Not hers. Not anyone’s. Now the reason why Nate and I were up till 3:05 in the morning was to take care of our little baby.

A/N: 3:05 is officially done! I was gonna make a part 5 but I felt like I was just dragging it on. But I might be doing a fanfic. Let me know if you want like a preview maybe? Xoxo Sam💋

P.S: Sorry for the lack of imagines and such. I started online school last week and things are going a little hectic right now. I’m trying to adjust and stuff but once I’ve gotten a schedule down, I will be back to uploading(also the reason why requests are closed! But if you have an idea you can put it in my ask. It’s just not a guarantee that I will do them ASAP. Just whenever I have the time).

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Love & Marriage: Part one PREVIEW #2

                                             LOVE & MARRIAGE


After years of following in the footsteps of their relationship shadow, Bucky and his wife offer Steve a small getaway to the cold mountains. Getting to know the the new woman in his life, they realize a change in their own lives . Come to find, it dawns on the married couple just how much time and marriage has changed their once passionate relationship - How will they react to a now new hot couple taking their place on the mantle?

Notes: Had to do this one. Smutty Preview on BOTH ends. ;)

Just a warning, Bucky and his wife - its comedic smut, and incredibly awkward - but I laughed while writing it. 

posting tomorrow if its well liked by everyone! want to write something good for you guys. :)

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Something Rotten is on Broadway and you should see it

Recently there has been a hue and cry about the lack of original musicals on Broadway. They are now based on movies or books that are well known in some circles. There are very few surprises because the viewer has seen or read it before. Where are the original works? Where is the Broadway that surprises and entertains without the audience knowing the whole story before they enter?

I can tell you that it is currently in the St. James Theater and it is brilliant to behold.

Honestly the first time I heard about this play was when it showed up in my facebook feed. I liked it and saw all kinds of things they were posting. A lot of these things made me smile or laugh. But I still didn’t really have any idea what the play was about really except it was billed as a new musical of the first musical.

Peter and I decided on a whim to go see it during previews and got really nice seats for a really good price. We sat down and looked at the Playbill.

“What’s this play about?” Peter asked.

“I honestly have very little idea but they don’t like Shakespeare,” I replied.

“How do you know that?”

I pointed to the song title ‘I hate Shakespeare’.

The curtain went up, the show began, and I haven’t laughed that hard in an age.

Imagine Shakespeare as a rock god, imagine how the other playwrights felt about Mr. Rock god. Imagine a struggled theater company trying to come up with the next big thing before Shakespeare does. Add Nostradamus (kind of) to the mix and you get Something Rotten. Oh and there are Puritans threating the theater for good measure and a rather nice subplot.

It is a slick production that both makes fun of the musical form and expands upon it. It starts one way and then turns another and then another turn.

The songs are great. There is a show stopper in act one that had everyone on their feet after it was done.

Directing is solid.

And the actors do know all their lines as promised in the promotional material. Side note that three of the four male leads were all in the TV series Smash.

I really don’t want to give more of the plot away than what little bits I have because I want the audience to go in as clueless as I was and walk out with a smile as big as mine was mulling over what I just saw.

So put it on your list of Broadway shows to see for it is the first MUST SEE in my book in quite a long time.

I am grateful that we just happened into Something Rotten.

Carmilla Week 9 (part 2)

WELP haveearswilltravel​ we called that eh. Baron is evil. And is still hunting vampires.

Let’s get to it.


I guess when you’re throwing yourself headfirst into an investigation and going through a breakup, you tend to overlook the obvious. The farce of a debate kicks off with a question to Mattie about the whole livers issue.

Are you sure you didn’t mean “excavate” there, Mattie? You probably meant excavate.

Laura, do you need someone to beat you over the head with the Baron himself while yelling “HE IS SHADY AS ALL FUCK AND DO NOT TRUST HIM” before you realize that this is probably the worst thing you could do? I think you do. Danny, you’re big, get on that.

The Anglerfish is called The Deep One and that sounds like it’s some deep-thinking philosofish, like the Philosoraptor. (There’s some fan art i’d love to see). The Dean wanted it sold but Mattie wants to bury it alive. Is this a family trend? The Dean did it with Carmilla and now Mattie wants to do it to the fish. You guys need to expand on your ways of handling situations.

AHAHAHA Silas Ethereal-Net. Well done. Nice to see the creepy others too.

Let me just play Devil’s Advocate here for a second. So Mattie works for Corvae as a consultant. But that doesn’t make her evil or bad or whatever. If anything, you’d WANT THAT. You’d want someone on the inside to give you info and you’d want her to help you out. Laura’s been after the wrong person since the get-go and now she’s ruined one hell of a chance for help (unless Mattie comes back. And I hope she does. Because Mattie is awesome).

Ok that’s a liiiiiittle bit shifty BUT THE BARON IS WORSE. And if the Board members are anywhere near as powerful as Mattie, I’d also be keeping files on how to destroy them, just in case. It’s practical.



WELL ISN’T THAT AN INTERESTING PHRASE. Know what a rook is? Not just a chess piece. A rook is a crow-like bird, the Latin name means “food gathering’ and they’re in the Corvidae family. In chess, a rook moves vertically or horizontally through open squares and can do a special move called castling with a king. To go super deep and nerdy with this, if Mattie is the rook, maybe she can make a deal with someone else who has power to take down the Baron. A bishop in chess has no restrictions on movement but is stuck on one path - diagonally. So they’re literally on one track. A parallel is that the Baron is still on his vampire hunter quest and that’ll be a) a concern and b) something he’ll be focusing on while the crew tries to fix this giant fuckup. Also, this means that Laura and the gang are pawns perhaps? Pawns aren’t super useful but can occasionally come in handy when used correctly in a game.
Mattie tells Laura she’s made a terrible mistake and yeah, she has.

BECAUSE THERE IT IS. THERE IT IS. WHAT DID HE DO? THE CHUCKED THE CANE DOWN. I said here that he’s probably the OB and that the old and decrepit thing was an act.

Duh. Also fabulous exit, Mattie. 10/10, would love to see it again. The dance was hilarious though I felt for Carmilla sitting in the back with her head in her hands. I was pretty much doing the same thing while saying “you fucked up kids”.

Has anyone with younger and better eyes than mine deciphered what Laura’s saying in the preview? And is that the owl sweater? If we’re going with that theory of no animal print shirts = breakup and animal print = Hollstein, are they nearer to patching things up? (At least it wasn’t the Giraffe Shirt of Doom). And what is she holding? It looks like it’s leather - is it something of Carmilla’s?

Haven’t seen a ton of Perry recently, and nothing sketch has happened to her. Is the Baron maybe supposed to tie in with her possible possession storyline?