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Pluto thru the Houses

1st house - these people are very intense. It may seem like they’re looking straight through you sometimes, probably because they are. Someone with pluto in the 1st house individuals view life as a series of struggles with many traumatic ups and downs, and the occasional drastic change to their overall self. These people are not looking for the superficial; they want to know the how, what, where, why, who, and probably more. They want to understand the world and the people in it. Typically, you’d find that someone with pluto in the 1st house may have experienced trauma at birth, or the mother did during birth. These people do not back down, if something is in their path they simply move it out of the way and make room for more possibilities. They have very destructive powers and can be somewhat masterminds at using it onto others; they are great manipulators. They can probably convince you to do a lot of things you could not see yourself ever doing, but because they’re saying to do it, it doesn’t seem so bad. However these people are always on guard and looking out for themselves, they see life as survival of the fittest. They tend to experience a lot of personal growth through their life and are usually very wise even only in their 20′s, it seems like they’ve experienced and felt everything life has to offer. Their eyes are keen and penetrating. Their suppressed emotions can erupt sometimes, rising to the surface, causing them to act in extremes. They are the epitome of intense. They may not trust the world as a whole. Pluto in the 1st house people may have experienced life or death situations, or extreme trauma in their lives, usually making them very strong people with thick skin. They present themselves in a very secretive and covert way to others. A lot of people find themselves very attracted to these people, with no explanation as to why. 

2nd house - the 2nd house rules money, pluto rules obsessions, so it’s an obvious and superficial answer to say that people with pluto here will be obsessed with money - although it can be true. However, someone with this placement may hold secret and hidden talents/ways of making money that could change the world. These people may be hoarders, with money or materials. Some may see money and possessions as a symbol of power and superiority; some may see it as being closer to God. Their income is likely to come from pluto-like professions/careers: psychology, therapy, medical fields, detective, undercover jobs, or healing professions. 

3rd house - mixing pluto with the house of thinking and communication adds a very deep, penetrating and scorpionic flavor to someone’s brain. The goal for these people is to transcend and penetrate through the superficial or typical trains of thought or ideas and dive so much deeper into the grain. These people are great at studying, researching, investigating, etc. The 3rd house also rules siblings and who we grew up with. Pluto in the 3rd house individuals may feel as if they had to fend for themselves growing up, resulting in becoming very defensive over themselves and always trying to put themselves first to avoid manipulation and/or abuse. These people are also very intuitive, and it seems as if when they think about something or mention something, it happens the next day. Which can be scary sometimes. It may have been difficult for these people to open up in their childhood due to the feeling of keeping everything inside to avoid vulnerability and/or manipulation. 

4th house - having such a powerful planet on one of the angles in the chart (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th houses) is not something to not take lightly. Pluto in the 4th house individuals may of had to deal with a mother that was plutonic herself. She may have taken her emotions out on her children, been very restrictive, possessive, domineering, obsessive, or there could have been something to cause all of this in her - a death in the family, mostly, because pluto rules death. Death can mean a lot of things though. Divorce, actual death, the endings to things can all mean death. The childhood may have been very complex, dark and twisty, and many traumas may have been felt or occurred in the childhood (by the mother, probably). These individuals with pluto residing in the 4th house may have had to grow up fast, and became wise at a very young age, feeling as if they’ve felt the world’s pain just inside their own household. 

5th house - someone with pluto in the 5th house takes the pleasures and leisurely themes of the 5th house to high extremes. It can be very hard for these people to loosen up or just let go and have fun for once. They can have a tendency to take life very seriously. They make become self destructive in these areas of the 5th house too, like through casual sex; these people are not the type for that. They may also attract scorpio/pluto types in relationships, even stalkers at times. The person with pluto in the 5th house may feel like some kind of tortured artist; having so much inspiration, creativity and desire but just cannot get any of it out. They must learn valuable lessons in life of pleasure and creativity and to stop being their own worst enemy/critic, and to just let it pour out of themselves. These people, as children, may have been told “no” a lot, for having different or “dark” interests. They may love dark themed art, movies, photography, etc, and take part in it themselves. They may be fascinated with scorpionic topics that are taboo, but they don’t see it as taboo. They see it as, “why don’t more people know about this? Why is this kept such a secret?” thus resulting in societal-based inappropriate expressions of feelings, such as loss and death. They can have addiction problems as well and it would be wise of them to avoid gambling, drinking, drugs, etc, as best as they possibly could. 

6th house - pluto in the house of daily routine, jobs, and service can result in obsessive tendencies in all of these the 6th house as to offer. Someone with pluto here may have obsessive daily activities, whether it’s as simple as needing to walk the dog every single day at 7 o’clock or drink/do drugs, etc. It is just the fact that it’s obsessive and nearly compulsive. They may be subject to being hypochondriacs as well, being obsessed with their own health to an unhealthy point. Eating disorders may be something pluto in the 6th house has to struggle with in their life. Basic everyday activities turn into compulsive rituals with pluto in the 6th, getting dressed in the morning may be the biggest event of all to them.  

7th house - the 7th house represents who we attract, what we are attracted to (in some cases), what we project onto others, and what we can be projected as. With pluto here, relationships are not taken lightly. The individual with pluto in the 7th house may attract plutonic people themselves - obsessive, possessive, controlling, manipulative, etc. Though those are just the negative qualities of pluto, they may also attract the lighter side of pluto and experience the true transformation desired through relationships. The person with pluto here experiences relationships as a type of awakening. There may be power struggles present in the person’s relationships, where one may desire more control over the other - and most commonly, it is not the person with pluto in the 7th house. They may give in to manipulation and take this sort of abuse from their partner. The person with pluto in the 7th house definitely feels like relationships are catalysts for self transformation and rebuilding. There could be a reoccurring theme of suffocation in relationships; ones that are too smothering, too over-protective. Interactions between others for the person with pluto here are addictive and sometimes dependent. They can become addicted to relationships and the feeling of enhancement it brings them. 

8th house - in pluto’s ruling house, it feels very at home. Pluto in the 8th house individuals can experience major life changes, or most commonly the individual will experience one major life transformation that completely marks them forever. They will be very attracted to 8th house themes: sex, death, transformation, power/survival, and money (other people’s). Intimate relationships are felt with every fiber of the person’s soul; they mostly result in major changes in both people involved. Sex can be consuming for the person with pluto in the 8th house; the sex drive is likely high, because of the personal connection and how much they feel they resonate with it. These people are very probing and will more than likely be interested in the occult and 8th house surrounding themes. They may have some kind of hidden death wish. 

9th house - pluto in the 9th house individuals may have gotten so obsessed and even involved with their beliefs from a traumatic or high pressured situations. Those moments where you’re praying to god that nothing bad will happen, and that you will be singled out and saved by some supernatural force or higher power. Those moments convinced the pluto in the 9th house individual that “this is real, this is what’s going to save me, and I must do what I can to pay them back.” These people can feel some kind of obligation and obsession with their belief systems. There can obviously be a fascination with occult, philosophy, archaeology, or alchemy. They can search intensely for the meaning of life, and are strong believers in the phrase “Knowledge is power”. They believe what you know will save you. Pluto in the 9th house individuals can feel greatly impacted by their higher education opportunities and feel that it is or was the most influential factor in their life. They are fiercely stubborn in their beliefs as well. 

10th house - the 10th house, or midheaven, is the highest point on the natal chart. The 10th house is what other’s see, your reputation, how others are perceiving you to be. With pluto here, it may take a while for the public or others in your career field to like you as a person. You seem like a powerful and intimidating force. Many of the world’s most famous (and infamous) leaders have pluto in the 10th, or harshly aspecting the 10th house, like Vladimir Putin for a good example (pluto square the midheaven). Those with pluto in the 10th house experience self transformation through their career. The individual’s ambition is highly developed, and there is a drive where nothing can stop you from reaching your end goal. The career will be found within plutonian fields: psychology, detective, healer, investigating, or something involved in business. The person with pluto in the 10th house will usually take their career and lead it onto a completely new path; addressing the things that no one will talk about or make an effort to change or acknowledge. Eminem has this placement, and it’s easy to see that. They challenge and change society, and that usually becomes what they are known for. 

11th house - the 11th house rules groups, social circles and dreams/aspirations. When pluto is found in this house, it can usually result in the individual experiencing intense and life-changing relationships with those involved in their social life - so, friends. Friends play a huge role on this person because they are the most influential and powerful force in their life. The individual with pluto in the 11th house may attract “powerful” friends in their life - those well known, for good or bad. Pluto here can give someone extreme anxiety or paranoia when it comes to crowds or being surrounded by new people (strangers may scare them). The need to control or dominate their friend group, or any kind of group, may become a real problem in their lives. Common effects of pluto are jealousy and mistrust, and this can occur as well in their social circle - the individual with pluto in the 11th must learn to not be so mistrustful of those they call their friends but they feel they cannot help it at times. They believe they have a reason to feel that way. The positive side however, is the bond of very powerful, long lasting and reliable friendships. 

12th house - the 12th house is the most unconscious, self-unaware house - it is almost impossible to fully understand, because it is the part of ourselves that we most commonly reject. With such a powerful planet in this house, there is definitely an ultimate fear of losing control, and may result in self destructive tendencies that can occur unconsciously. People with this placement are usually somewhat masochistic - not even always sexually but emotionally. They tend to take on a lot of weight and pain from others onto yourself which can hurt them a lot at times. This is usually a placement representing some kind of abuse or trauma, (TW) usually sexual. With pluto working behind the scenes of the chart, you have someone that’s very spiritually and intuitively gifted though. They’d make a detective probably. This placement can be very difficult though because it can feel like you’re being faced with your demons a lot. Pluto in the 12th can experience a lot of emotional turmoil. It’s an intense planet in an intense house. You could have really raw and intense (maybe violent) desires (sexually) (that you could feel ashamed of, probably, because of the nature of the planet & house). It’s really important for people with pluto here to have some kind of emotional outlet to let out distress because self destructive tendencies are likely.

Oh Captain! // Steve Rogers x Reader (P1)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x POC Reader, Nat x Bucky (WinterWidow)
Word Count: 2k+
Warning: Language, Fluff, Smut, ‘Captain’ kink. This is a bit of a slow burn. I’m not sorry. 

Summary: How is Steve supposed to resist you when you call him Captain like that? How is anyone supposed to resist those god-forsakenly beautiful thighs? Naturally you both have to fuck it out; your only choice really. WinterWidow makes a brief appearance. Bonus: Tony Stark’s seal of approval.

A/N: Idk why my fics keep starting in the gym, maybe it’s a sneaky way of telling myself I need to work out more. Lmao, ignore me. I’m so sorry. This was supposed to me a short 500 or so word one shot but I’m a goddamn wordy ass ho with no self-control and a shitty understanding of the word ‘short’. Happy New Year everyone 

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This Isn’t Happening- Chapter 1

She was absolutely certain that Jared freaking Leto was staring at her. Then she shook her head and pinched herself because of course he wasn’t. Was he? No. That’s ridiculous. Just stop. Was he pointing in her direction? She turned her head slowly, trying to see what he was pointing towards, but there was nothing behind her but empty space. The guy he was talking to laughed and Jared lightly punched his arm. Jennifer kept walking down the path, eyes down, focusing on the packed dirt beneath her feet. The fangirl side of her brain was obviously giving her delusions.

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If you want, we could be together?

I’ve gotten so many positive reactions I just had to write more! I did do a bit of editing on the original, and then added some.

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“If you want, we could be together?”

The question caught Marinette off-guard for a variety of reasons. First off, the fact that Adrien was the one asking her was causing her brain to short circuit in all manner of ways. Second, the whole situation was so bizarre she was having trouble wrapping her head around it. She had a stalker. Not Nathaniel-I-have-a-schoolboy-crush-on-you kind of stalker. A bone fide life-threatening stalker. And just in time for Valentine’s Day too.

She opened her mouth and began to stutter, not quite sure what to say or how to respond.

“That’s perfect! Even if having a boyfriend alone isn’t enough to deter him having Adrien Agreste as your boyfriend will have to be more than enough!”

Marinette turned to glare at Alya who was triumphantly looking between the two of them. Her friend’s phone was out, suspiciously upright in a way that it wasn’t when she was just texting.

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Dorms #2

Hello,  Love bugs.

Dan X Reader

Warnings- Smut 

Dorms sequal?-anon

 This picks up three weeks after Dan has left uni. Here is Part 1 but it’s totally not necessary to read.

It had been 3 weeks since Dan dropped out of school. It was now the second semester and you we’re dying without your study buddy. He was always there to hang out with to study or to watch some trash movie to get your mind off of things. You were mostly upset about how things we’re left off with Dan. You had both felt a magnetic pull to each other. That was before he ditched you. Now when you walk past Dan’s room you don’t feel butterflies thinking about Dan. Now all you can think is how you miss him. The both of you text each other almost every day but you haven’t seen him since the day he took his last box over to Phil’s. The last night that Dan was in the dorms the both of you had finally gone all of the way. The both of you had become cuddle makeout buddies pretty quick into meeting each other but you had to keep telling yourself that it was just a platonic thing. Well, at least that was before the last night in the dorms. You had actually stayed back in the dorms an extra day instead of going home to be with him. The sex for you was amazing. You were pretty sure Dan was into it to as the both of you had been sexting over text and pictures. He was the only person in the whole world that you would ever trust to do that with. That being said it was really fucking annoying that you hadn’t seen him in person for so long. It was a Saturday night that was beyond boring. You had possibly had a few drinks of liquid courage. You and Dan had been talking all evening and you could tell he was trying to sext you. Since you had nothing to lose you decided to call him. You clicked on the little photo of Dan in your contacts before hearing the ringing coming through the phone. Just as you were about to lose your courage you heard Dan’s voice coming from the phone.

“Hey! It’s been awhile since I had talked to you. How are you?” Fuck. Okay, liquor help me out.

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soon - Joji

Request in which you’re a ballerina/dancer and Joji watches you without you knowing.


6 PM.

Same hour, same place.

He always finds you there.

Joji’s tired from countless hours working on his new album, cooped up in that cramped studio—not as if he doesn’t enjoy creating music, but after a while, it can get pretty exhausting. So he knows what he has to do when the clock strikes 6, the hour of fateful encounters. It’s not the first time he’s done it, but today something in the air felt special. He was impatient and he couldn’t focus, tapping his foot constantly—many a times he lost track of what was going on. His eyes kept glancing towards the clock on the wall, his heart beating in anticipation.

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I just want to take a few minutes to say something. I just finished watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. I read the book, not log after it came out, and it influenced me. A lot. And yes, it is completely coincidental that my name is Hannah too.

I spent a lot of time in high school being bullied, just like Hannah Baker in the story. I’ve had a stalker, I’ve seen the aftermath of my friends, the people I spent all my time with in high school and afterwards, be raped, I’ve felt the pain and the heartbreak with knowing that there is nothing I could do to truly help them. I had someone I considered my best friend, try and rape me in fourth grade. In that instance, I was lucky. My little brother walked back in, and to this day, I consider him one of my heroes. I had a guy that I was dating try and rape me next to the lake where I lived my freshman year of high school, and nobody said anything, nobody did anything. I felt invisible until I heard the words that were spoken about me at school, and to me. High school was one of the hardest times for me.

In the story, Hannah has all these people that are around her, but she sees only what she deems as wrong with them, and she doesn’t think her life is worthwhile. I am here to tell you, right here, right now, that every person on this planet deserves to be here. Every person on earth deserves a chance to live a life that can prove to everyone around them, but also most importantly, prove to themselves, that they are strong, good, and that they just plain deserve to be here. They deserve to see the impact that the loss of them would have on the people around them. They deserve the chance to live, to grow, to thrive and be whoever they want to be. To grow up and be the person they, and their parents have always believed they could be.

I got lucky. The people I kept around me, showed me that I deserve better than the way I was being treated. They showed me that they valued me. And sometimes, people aren’t going to know how to tell others that. Even the people that are close to them. My parents, my family, had no idea how depressed I was, had no idea that I attempted suicide, they had no idea of anything going on in my mind. Because I didn’t tell them. But, I found out a year or so ago, that they knew something was wrong, they could see that I was depressed, they just didn’t have the words to tell me that. They didn’t know what to say, they didn’t know how to ask, they didn’t know what to expect, or how to bring it up. And I was afraid to talk to them. I was afraid that they’d think I was crazy, or think that I wasn’t strong, wasn’t enough, to handle life on my own. As a teenager, I was terrified that if I told my parents, told my older sisters, or my little brother, that I would be judged. I was afraid that I’d be the black sheep of the family, that they would hate me for not feeling like I was needed, or wanted, on earth or in their lives. I was just afraid.

This, this is me trying to share my story, although if you have questions you may feel free to ask me them. I’m saying, reach out. Talk to someone. Even if you don’t know them. Open up. Share what’s on your heart. Share your burdens. Someone cares. I care. Even if you can’t see it right now through your tunnel vision of darkness, there are people in this world who want to help. There are people on this earth who care, even if they don’t know who you are.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, talk to someone. Write. Indulge in something you’re passionate about. But most of all, PLEASE TALK TO SOMEONE.

If ANYONE, literally anyone, EVER needs to talk to someone, I’m here. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re stuck in the darkness. I know what it’s like to feel like there is no way out. And I know what it’s like to drag myself out of the darkness just to get a glimpse of the light, and little by little, there is more darkness than light. Some people suck, yes. But there are more people who love and care light it’s going out of style. Find one. Reach out to someone.


Picture Perfect - Chapter 13

It’s up!  The new chapter of Picture Perfect was posted this morning - GO READ IT.  

You can read the full chapter on AO3 or on FF.net.

Also, ignore me as I shamelessly promote my own fic. :-)  

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Chapter 13 Excerpt:

Felicity couldn’t help but worry about where they’d left their conversation, but she didn’t know what to do about it. Oliver had seemed almost jealous of her and Bruce, but that was crazy, right? Mr. “Can’t Be With Someone I Could Care About” couldn’t possibly be jealous of her relationship with Bruce Wayne. Her entirely platonic relationship, by the way. True, she’d hid the extent of their relationship from Oliver initially, but that was more about keeping Bruce’s secret identity a secret, and keeping her extracurricular nighttime activities quiet, not because she thought Oliver would care about her friendship with Bruce.

Okay, maybe that was a bit of a lie. She knew Oliver disliked Bruce, but she didn’t know why. She knew they weren’t aware, but they were basically the same person. Both men were billionaires. Both had disappeared for a length of time after one or both of their parents died. Both had some mad fighting skills as a result of whatever happened during their disappearance. Both had turned to vigilantism to save their respective cities. Both used the ditzy playboy routine to skirt suspicion. Seriously, pot and kettle, those two. They should be besties; exchanging weaponry tips, comparing the sizes of their…underground bunkers.

But instead, Oliver had a seemingly intense aversion to Bruce Wayne, and Bruce seemed to enjoy doing anything possible to get a rise out of Oliver. Boys.

Although, to be fair, neither knew of the other’s vigilante-ing ways. You’d think with their similarities, at least one of them would’ve figured it out by now, but, Felicity supposed, it’s not like her boys were all that bright when it came to the obvious sometimes.

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Someone to Watch Over You

Pairing: Demon!Dean x reader (female, though I think you can easily switch the pronouns in your head to work for male)
Rating: 14+
Warnings: Implied Smut

He never told Sam about her. Not once. Not in all the time they lived at the bunker. She was his secret. They met years ago when Dean was out picking up some groceries. They were both at the bakery, and it was clear Dean was having some sort of crisis about what to choose. She was behind him on line. The shop has been empty when he walked in. He had no idea anyone was behind him. She waited quietly, with a small smile on her face as she watched the handsome stranger hem and haw over pies. It was his explanation regarding the superiority of pecan pie over strawberry-rhubarb to the clerk that made her giggle. And it was that giggle that ingrained her in his mind forever. And when she slyly suggested, “Get them both”, he did exactly that, then asked for her number.

He told her he was a hunter, of sorts. He allowed her to assume he was a bounty hunter. It explained his traveling and occasional injuries. She never questioned it. Never once asked. He knew she suspected he wasn’t being totally honest. She told him she knew he would tell her everything if he needed to and that she believed what he didn’t tell her was for her protection. It was what he appreciated most about her. More than anything else, he loved that she outright trusted him. He always told her when he’d be away and for approximately how long, and she always accepted it. Any time he showed up at her door, with or without letting her know, she’d welcome him with open arms. She’d feed him a home-cooked meal and then they would love each other all night. He once told her he was more himself with her than he was with anyone else. She accepted everything about him - from his Hoover-like ability to eat an entire pie to his addiction to telenovellas to his over-protectiveness to the stupid wordplay puns that always made her giggle, no matter how angry she might be at him.

She was the only thing he hadn’t touched after he turned. He had no idea why he continued to keep tabs on her. It’s not like he cared about her anymore. He didn’t actually care about anyone anymore, so it confused him as to why he checked up on her. He’d been playing Sam and Castiel for weeks, but he always made time to come back to see her. He would watch her as she went about her day. Sometimes she would go out with friends, other times she would stay in. If he were honest with himself, he’d have acknowledged the fact that he wanted to make sure she was still single. That she was still his. Sometimes, he would sneak into her house at night and watch her sleep. Had he been in his right mind, he’d have known this was stalker-like behavior and not done it. But demons don’t care about such things, so Dean didn’t bother worrying about how his actions would seem. In truth, Dean felt himself being honorable. No one could guess the sheer willpower it took not to take her every time he was in her bedroom. And here he was… again.

It was strange to him that he hadn’t yet done anything with her or to her. Didn’t call. Didn’t meet her. Didn’t vaguely threaten or tease the way he did with Sam. Didn’t even send a text. This was the longest they’d ever gone between any sort of contact. He had a feeling she was beginning to doubt she’d ever see him again. A part of him, buried deep, was greatly bothered that she should think this. He ignored it. His desire to have her grew every time he time he snuck into her bedroom, and he wasn’t sure he could leave without taking her this time. He fought it. He lost. He took off all his clothes and climbed into her bed.

As he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back to his chest, she stirred. Not wanting to scare her, he whispered in her ear, “It’s me. I’ve got you.” She murmured his name and turned to face him. She buried her face in his neck, as he gently rubbed her sides and back. There was no way he would ever admit how much he enjoyed just laying with her, snuggling. But that calm didn’t last very long. He took her several times that night, always hiding his blackened eyes from her when he came. There was no gentleness in any of it; though Dean made sure she was pleasured over and over. He had no intention or desire to hurt her. He just wanted to claim her - to make sure she knew exactly who belonged in her bed. The sleepy grin on her face before she dozed off was proof she enjoyed every minute with him.

He slipped out of her bed at sunrise and left without a second glance. He knew she’d understand. But unlike the other times he’d snuck into her room, he had a feeling he’d be back sooner than usual.

Struck (Part Four)

EXO Fanfiction: Fantasy AU
Main pairing - Female Reader x Kim Jongdae/Chen
A mysterious group move into your apartment building and you find yourself drawn to them, one in particular… but is it safe? Who are they really?

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He stood at the side of the roof top, staring at the city sprawling below him. He sighed, and let his frustration brim over. In the sky, the clouds of his mood began to boil on the horizon.

He thought this trip was meant to be liberating, but why did he feel more trapped?

He grit his teeth, trying not to let out a yell. Closing his eyes with a shaky breath, he felt a bolt of lightening rip out in the sky. He sighed, unclenching his fists, but just as he was about to turn to leave, a giggle pierced its way into his ears. He froze.

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Trans Headcanons for Harry Potter

It’s apparently National Coming Out day (ps am gay), so here’s some trans headcanons for Harry Potter. From a conversation with @buttcheek2 , who is great.

Hermione: She’s black, of course, which makes Malfoy’s anti-muggleborn racism more poignant, and she’s also trans.
Picture a little 11-year-old trans girl staring down the wrong puberty. She’s done the research, she’s read how hard it is to get puberty blockers and hormones, she’s learned about surgeries and discrimination, she knows how hard it’s going to be for her. Then she gets a letter that says “Magic exists and you can do it. You can fix this with a wave of a wand.”

No friggin’ wonder she read all her textbooks six months in advance. No one else’s very identity is dependent on being top of the class.

(P.S. we see her doing permanent body modification with magic, and didn’t it always seem like she was a little *too* into making the Polyjuice Potion? It wasn’t a great plan, and it was super difficult, dangerous, and against the rules, but she always seemed *really* excited about getting to transform into that cis girl…)

Ginny: Molly Weasley thought she had seven sons and resigned herself to a life surrounded by testosterone. Imagine her joy when she learned she had a daughter.

And imagine how much her brothers teased her about “now you’re a girl, I guess you can’t play us in Quidditch” until she shut them up.

Snape: Snape’s story always felt like it was missing something; he was supposed to be Forlorn Eternal Love, but he wound up as Creepy Stalker. But consider, from his perspective:
Young trans boy likes a girl, but she can’t see past his body. He learns how to make potions to change his body, but it’s a slow process. Before he perfects it, this other boy comes along, and just because he was lucky enough to be born in the right body, the girl falls in love with him! He spends the rest of his life convinced that if he’d been assigned male at birth, he could have gotten her.

This takes Snape from “friendzoned =(” to “trans boy frustrated he can’t get a straight girl to see past his body”. Lily becomes his motivation to transition (inverse of Hermione, whose transition is partial motivation for her academic excellence). This also explains his extreeeeeeme hatred of James and the other marauders, and his specific anger at Harry’s privilege, at the advantages he gets simply because of some accidents of birth. It means also that James’ magical pantsing prank goes from bullying to hate crime (and that Harry seeing that memory in the pensieve effectively outed Snape), so it makes a little more sense for Snape to hold a grudge for decades.

It also explains part of why he’s such a horrible asshole in classes, not just to Harry but also to Hermione, Neville, and others. It isn’t that he hates everyone: he hates amab people. He hates anyone who had the privilege he lacked. He *especially* hates Hermione, who had that and then gave it up.

Course, he also gives special treatment to Malfoy…

Malfoy: Draco gives Snape a chance to fix his mistakes, to live vicariously through someone else. When fellow death eater Lucius mentions that his daughter is saying silly things about herself, Snape stops him and demands to see the child. He gives Draco the potions he spent so long devising so that this boy doesn’t have to live the same pain that he did.

Since Snape sees Malfoy as a younger version of himself, he wants to protect him, to make sure he does well in school and doesn’t get hurt, especially by the Potter boy. When Narcissa needs to find someone to protect her son, she chooses someone who isn’t just his teacher or head of house, but a man devoted to protecting him, even at the cost of his own life.

None of this makes Malfoy particularly more interesting, but that’s alright; not every trans character is defined by their gender. Malfoy comes from a rich, socially high-ranking family, and transitions at a young age. He remains extremely privileged one way or the other and highlights how important that privilege is to a trans person.

McGonagall: The transfiguration master, a woman who’s devoted her magical career to learning how to transform her body. It would be kinda symbolically inappropriate for her *not* to be trans.

Going into her deeper backstory outside of the books, McGonagall’s story revolves around a mother forced to hide her identity, a girl proud of herself and who she is, and a decision to live proudly and openly, even if it means she doesn’t marry. Honestly, the trans metaphor is pretty obvious.

She also excelled academically at school, like another trans girl we know, and specifically focused her efforts on learning how to transform her body. As an animagus, it also makes complete symbolic sense for her to be genderfluid, changing between two distinct forms rather than permanently transforming herself.

Moaning Myrtle: She spent all her time in the girls’ bathroom, locked in a stall; even as the other girls made fun of her for how she looked, it was the only place she felt like herself. When she died, she stayed in one of the only gendered spaces on campus.

What was the unfinished business that kept her on this plane? Finding transphobes and making fun of *their* genitals and telling *them* they can’t use this bathroom. The bathroom was abandoned because she made it a trans-only space by haunting the shit out of any cis girl who came in. Hermione and Ginny were okay, of course. She lets Harry and Ron in because she assumes they’re closet trans (why would a boy want to go into the girl’s bathroom?), and she sympathizes with Malfoy in his sixth year since he actually is trans (albeit he’s never been bullied for it like she was).

Remus: once a month something happens to his body that’s beyond his control and he feels like a horrible monster even though his friends assure him it’s okay, until he starts taking a potion (made by Snape) that keeps it under control. Also he’s a werewolf.

This makes his standing by while his cis friends abused another trans boy more poignant, and also explains why Snape would ever do anything nice for him ever.

Tonks: if you don’t think that’s the perfect magic power for a genderfluid person, I dunno what to tell you. Tonks also decided not to go by a clearly feminine first name and was quite happy to assume male forms.

Tom Riddle: Tom is not a trans man but a closeted trans woman. He (that is the pronoun he uses for himself) spends his whole life fighting his urges. It would have been very hard to transition in an orphanage, where he is bullied for any feminine traits he displays and lashes out with magic.

In school, as he goes through puberty, he tries hard to be as masculine as he can, gathering a group of all male friends and making himself their leader, even taking on the title “Lord”. He focused on his magical ability, seeking something to fix himself, rather than accepting and loving himself (as Dumbledore always preached). One day, while ashamedly visiting the girls’ bathroom, he discovers the entrance to the chamber of secrets. The person he kills is Myrtle Warren: even though she doesn’t pass and she cries all the time and her life is miserable, she still has the courage to be out and proud. Riddle can’t stand this reminder of his own weakness and kills her. He never returns to the Chamber of Secrets again, because to do so he would need to enter the girls’ bathroom.

Riddle pushes his studies toward magic that will allow him to live even if he destroys or mangles his body, which he sees as the cause of his problems by not being masculine enough.

When reopening the Chamber of Secrets, he chooses a female student (likely to his great shame, unable to resist the urge to do so). When he returns fully, he decides to make his new body of materials drawn from three different men, hoping it would finally let him be at peace with himself, but to no avail. So he seeks out the most powerful wand in the world - surely, with that, he could finally fix himself.

Voldemort trusts Snape despite everything because he sees in him someone else who understands what it’s like to “choose” to be a man. He likely takes Snape’s masculinizing potion, as well. For his symbol, he chooses a snake, an animal which not only represents his ancestry, but is also extremely phallic, symbolizing his maleness. Ironically, the snake he makes his familiar is female: like him, a female mind in a masculine body.

Finally, he seeks out the elder wand, a symbol of ultimate maleness: besides its shape (it is the mightiest phallus in wizarding history), it is passed down through bloodshed, competition, combat: all things coded as male, making it a powerful symbol of masculine strength. However, even this betrays him, and he dies by his own hand after putting all of his faith into an identity that was never his.

Live life golden Part 5

Jungkook x reader

Warnings: strong language


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He was a graduate of the elite class, inherited billions from his father, and lived the life of an international playboy. (y/n) came into his life and made him question it all.

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Staying Awake

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Words: 1230

Summary: You’re an agent of SHIELD and during a longer mission you asked Tony if he could look after your apartment. But now he randomly shows up at your place even if you aren’t at home or just sleeping. But someday he suddenly stops and come one night to your house looking like a complete mess and your comforting him. Based on this imagines 1&2

Just to mention: I’m not a native English speaker, so I’m already sorry for grammar mistakes xd

You: “Tony what your doing here at such a time!?”

Tony: “I’m reading, isn’t that obvious?”

You: “I can see, but why are you in my apartment in the middle of the night??”

Tony: “Ehm … Wanted to visit you?”

You just starred at him, not sure if he’s joking or just high or what else.

You: “Get out!”

Tony: “I will make breakfast tomorrow, I promise.”

You: “That’s not the point! … ehh what ever I’m to tired to deal with this right now.”

You just shook your head and left and went back to your bedroom and fell asleep again.

It was 3 month ago; as you were away on a mission as an agent of Shield for a longer period of time, so you asked Tony if he could look after your apartment, check the mailbox and such things. All of the others you could have possibly asked seemed to be to busy with their own stuff. Looking back he was the worst person you could have asked, to your surprising he didn’t destroy your apartment or something like that but he randomly comes to visit you now, for no reason.

The next day you woke up and went out of your bedroom to look if Tony would still be there, but he was already gone but left a not:

Tony: “Have to work. Made coffee.”

A Coffee Cup was standing besides it, already cold. You were wondering what was up with this guy. Maybe you should force him to give you your second keys back but you kinda liked it when he appeared for no reason. Sometimes just for a few minutes and sometimes like yesterday, he comes and stayed, reading your books and you don’t even notice him at all.

Anyway you dressed up and went to work. Today you had to do paper work, which you were avoiding for so long and now it was really much to do at once. After lunch you decided to let the work rest a little bit and went home. You couldn’t any longer see these forms and files without getting insane. Paper work wasn’t one of your favourite things. On your way home a car stopped by you and the window went down. Tony sat in the car presenting two cups of coffee and smiled at you.

Tony: “I got coffee.”

You: “Hope this one isn’t cold already?”

Tony: “Fresh and hot. I drive you home.”

You jumped in the car and grabbing one of the coffee-to-go’s.

You: “Shouldn’t you work or something?”

Tony: “Shouldn’t you too?”

You: “Paper work. Not my favourite part of the job.”

Tony: “Science Problem. Have to get my mind clear.”

You: “And the best way to is buying coffee?”

Tony: “No, but it helps at least a little bit.”

You: “Wait … were you on the way to my apartment again?”

Tony: “That would be totally crazy!”

You: “Tony, you were!”

Tony: “Maybe”

You: “You really have to give me my second keys back soon.”

Tony: “You stay quite calm for a woman with a crazy stalker.”

You laughed and continued:

You: “I don’t consider you as a crazy stalker, more like a crazy friend.”

Tony: “Still quite unordinary.”

You: “I like hanging around with you so I don’t mind, that’s all … but you should really send a sms or something before coming to my apartment in the middle of the night! I thought you were a robber!”

Tony: “Copy that. Next time I will send a sms.”

You: “Good.”

As you arrived at your apartment you felt really tired and told Tony that you will take a nap, he should just do what ever he was going to do anyway. The nap became more of a deep sleep and as you woke up 4 hours later. You thought Tony would probably have left already but to your surprising he was still there. He was lying on the couch and worked on something by drawing some weird sketches on paper and calculating. You went over to the kitchen to get some water as you asked:

You: “Why you still here?”

Tony: “I’m working.”

You: “But why here? You have a huge office and lap and everything.”

Tony stopped and putted his work to the side, turned around and looked over to you.

Tony: “I can get my mind free here, I guess.”

You: “Really? Does my furniture calm you down or what?”

Tony: “I don’t know. It’s just … I like it here.”

You smiled at him and walked over.

You: “If that’s the case, you can keep the keys if you want to. Feel free to come over every time you need a free mind.”

Tony: “I have to admit, I’ve already made a copy of the keys and returned your ones back.”

You: “I did see that coming, that was so obvious.” You said in a sarcastic way.

This strange kind of living condition with the random visits of Tony continued as one day Tony didn’t come anymore. You thought he must be very busy and decided to let him work without you interrupting him with calls. But one night Tony came and seemed different. He opened the door as you were watching TV and stopped in the doorway, looking like a complete mess. You looked over to him and at first joked about his appearance:

You: “What’s up Tony? Just coming from a battlefield?”

Tony seemed to be very confused and exhausted, so you stood up and got closer.

You: “Hey, Tony. Are you ok?”

He just shook his head and you realized that something bad must have happened. You hugged him tight and he rested his head on your shoulder. No words were needed to explain that he needed someone to be there for him right now. You closed the door behind, leaded him over to the couch sitting next to him and holding his hand.

You: “What happened Tony?”

Tony: “I’m … I guess I’m awake for more that 3 days now.”

You: “Do you have sleep problems?”

Tony: “Yes … really bad ones.”

You: “Why can’t you sleep?”

Tony: “Don’t know … there’s to many thoughts running around in my head.”

You: “You can sleep here if that would help. You always said that helps clear your mind being at my apartment.”

Tony: “That’s not the point.”

You: “So what then? What keeps you from sleeping?”

Tony: “I … I just can’t …”

You: “Tell me Tony. Maybe I can help.”

Tony: “But you’re the … problem.”

You: “The problem … is me?”

Tony: “I didn’t want to bother you anymore.”

You: “But you didn’t at all if it’s that what you think! I really enjoyed your random visits. After all it’s always better to have company.”

Tony pulled his hand away, laying an arm around your wrist to pull you closer.

Tony: “That wasn’t the only reason (Y/N)!”

You: “Tony, what you trying to tell me?”

Tony: “I tried to turn my thought away from you by working day and night … I just wanted to see you again but …”

You: “Tony … what …”

Tony: “I guess I love you (Y/N) …”

You and Tony were now so close that you could feel his breath on your lips as he pulled you even closer leading to a kiss.

Tony: “I really like you (Y/N) …”

You: “I feel the same Tony, but you should really get some sleep now.”

Tony: “But just if you join me.”


Hope you liked it ^-^ Feel free to send me mails or requests all the time (: 

HWTR to meeting you, their YouTube crush, at a convention




He’s rather anxious at first but the moment he spots you, he instantly calms himself down. And he knows exactly what he has to do: get rid of his friends and approach you on his own. He didn’t want to get embarrassed by them in front of you, his esteemed YouTube crush. Joji just can’t believe his luck—he didn’t take long to spot you in the crowd (because he was rather hyped and actually couldn’t stay still). And he wasn’t going to admit that he wandered around the convention centre in search for you specifically. His crush was mostly hidden or at least, the intensity of it; he kept cool on the surface whenever your name was mention and never acted as a fan boy. That was reserved only for his private time. He didn’t want for Max and Ian to continuously make fun of him with his crush, even if he doesn’t particularly mind. It’ll still bother him to some degree. He was pretty chill about it, despite the fact that this was more than just a crush. He fell in love with you the first few seconds of the video his friends showed him. You were so natural and kind and had a rather gross sense of humour in spite of your rather pristine appearance. And you were subscribed to him! He felt so lucky for an angel like you to like his shitty content. At least he felt he had a chance.

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Suddenly I want a fanfic in which Arthur have a stalker.

Like, a REAL CREEPY STALKER (that is not Alfred or Ivan PLEASE) that won’t leave him alone, would follow him, harass him and even threat him just because this stalker believe that they were made for each other and that Arthur MUST be his and his alone.

I want Arthur freaking out. I want him taking EVERY precaution to avoid this stalker and EVERY time they met, Arthur would act as agressive as possible to defend himself (the stalker would see that as ‘being cute and playing hard to get’). I want to see Arthur scared and edgy, looking over his shoulder every moment, but at the same time I want him being afraid of taking real actions against this stalker (like calling the cops) because he is afraid that the stalker will atack him and hurt him.

Cue to a VERY charming Frenchman to enter Arthur’s life, and, for the very first time since the stalking started, Arthur felt safe. He feels good around this Frenchman, around Francis, and he wants to start a real relationship with him. But Arthur feels like he is to blame for the stalking, that he don’t deserve to have a health relationship. But Francis want the relationship too, and he tries (in a non-stalker way) and tries to make Arthur at least agree on them being friends. I want to Francis (bless his soul) to FEEL that there is something wrong in Arthur’s life and that he needs a friend (NOT A KNIGHT IN A SHINNING ARMOR, a friend).

I want to Arthur to tell Francis about the stalking. I want to see Arthur being all insecure and to blame himself, only to Francis tell him that he would help all the way he can (and he helps Arthur to hide, to seek mental help, to cope with all that situation, etc). And I want them to fall in love and to their love to grown and grown.

HOWEVER the stalker threat Francis life and that is the final straw to Arthur armor up and FINALLY make his stalker face the consequences. In the end, I want Arthur to save himself from the stalker (and maybe rescue the Frenchman in distress).

Finally, I want the couple coping with all this situation. I want to see their hurt (Arthur for suffering the stalking, Francis for seeing his lover suffer/being atacked by the stalker), but mostly I want to see that they love eachother and that they have a very hopeful future with a healthy relationship.

Yeah, I REALLY want that.


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in which the sun loved the moon so much that it died every night just to let it breathe. 

genre: angst

― taehyung x reader [reincarnation au]

a/n: this was inspired by some post on instagram and loosely based off of eleven and clara’s story from doctor who. also, idk man, i’ve been so into angst for no reason. enjoy my lovelies ♡

     YOU WERE BORN TO SAVE KIM TAEHYUNG. Why? You weren’t quite sure of that either, though you did know one thing: whatever deities that existed in this terrible world sure liked messing with you. You’ve been around too long to even remember why you deserved this ill-fated life. All you knew was that you lived and died for Kim Taehyung. Repeatedly. 

He was the reason you even existed. The gods must’ve liked him a lot to create you just to protect him. They favored him and hated you. Ironic, no? And to make it even better, they would make you fall in love with him every time just for kicks and giggles. You’ve spent eternity silently loving him as you waited for the moment when your life would end for him. 

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A Walk in the Garden

Anonymous asked: Hello! hope you enjoyed the play! I’d like to request a Sandor x reader where shes staying in the red keep & people have noticed Sandor looking at her & joffery/ceresi mention it to her thinking itll scare her but shes just like is he? Kinda confused about it all. She goes for a walk in the garden & the royals sent him after her to watch her. She trips, he catches her and walks her back. As they walk she tells him what they said…Fluffy Sandor as you write fluff and Sandor so well please!!

Here is your one-shot, lovely!! My apologies for the wait. I do not own Cersei, Joffrey or Sandor. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: Um…not sure other than fluff

Pairings: Sandor Clegane x fem!reader, Cersei, Joffrey

Originally posted by mystery-fan99

Your whole life, people called you oblivious when it came to matters of the heart and the day you discovered Sandor Clegane loved you was no different. You hadn’t even noticed the attention he’d been giving you. He spent a good bit of his time staring at you whenever you were in the same room. Still, you didn’t notice. Someone else did. Actually, everyone else did. Joffrey and Cersei  certainly noticed and they made sure to tell you so.

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Prompt:  “I’m trying to take a stalker picture of you to explain how attractive you are to my friend but oh shit I didn’t realize that flash was on!???!!”

(from @abeautifullanguage)

“Oh my god,” you murmured as your eyes followed a tall frame of a man as he walked past the table you were sitting at. When you realised that your mouth was open, you quickly clamped it shut and averted you eyes from him. 

You had never seen him before and you knew every face on campus. It may be a creepy special talent, but you used it to your advantage. 

Even though you appeared to be intently reading whatever was on the screen of you laptop, your eyes were watching the man just over the rim of your laptop. He sat down a couple of feet away from you, took out his own laptop and waited until it started up. 

A waitress approached him, asked him what he wanted to eat or drink and was gone in just a couple of seconds. Whatever he was doing here, he had everything planned out. His moves were like they were rehearsed. Or maybe, he’d just been in college cafeteria’s for too many times?

Whatever it was, one thing you were sure of: that man was smoking! And you needed to let your best friend, who happened to be late, know what she was missing. Slowly, you took your phone out of your bag and held the lens out, facing him. Without watching the screen, your finger tapped the button to take a quick pic. 

The whole cafeteria lit up with a flash, catching the man’s attention.Your eyes widened and your cheeks turned bright pink. Quickly, you lowered your phone and turned back to your laptop, pretending to be typing like you were running out of time. 

You hoped to god he hadn’t seen that it was your phone that flashed when you decided to be a stalker and take a sneaky pic of a total stranger. Sure, he was a hot stranger, but still.Suddenly, you felt a presense next to you. 

Oh hell no.

“Hi,” slowly, you turned to look up at the man who was now sitting next to you. His hazel eyes shone with amusement, his lips pressed together in a smile. You opened your mouth to say something, but only a sigh came out,

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know my flash was on. Screw that, I shouldn’t have taken a picture of you in the first place! I mean, how creepy is that? Like, I wouldn’t blame you if you decided to sue me for invasion of privacy or something. I don’t know, I’m not a law student,” you smiled awkwardly and threw your hair over your shoulder. You could feel your cheeks burning, so you looked down at the ground.

“It’s alright,” the man laughed quietly, making you look up with wide eyes, 

“I’m Sam,” he held his hand out for you. Slowly, you took it, 

“I’m Y/n, a history major,” you laughed and he soon joined in.

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Angry makeup sex with Richard

You and Richie had gotten into another fight, he came home drunk with rum on his breath refusing to tell you where he’d been saying it was “none of your fucking business”. In the heat of the moment you broke up with him, kicking him out of the house. A couple days passed and Richie called so many times you couldn’t count, leaving messages saying how sorry he was.
You got woken up by banging on the front door, going downstairs and opening it you saw Richard standing there before you, with clenched fist and a sneer on his face, he pushed passed you before you got a word out. “What do you think your doing” you asked. “I think I’m here to get you back weither you like it or not”, he practically growled. “Well your wasting your time”. “Don’t lie”, he started walking around you like a predator surrounding its prey, “we both know you want me back, you need me”. “No I do-” before you could finish the sentence Richard already had you pushed up against the wall, fingers digging into your hips. “don’t fucking lie” bringing his head down to your neck he biting at the skin and sucking it into his mouth, marking you as his. “You know you love me” he said grinding against you. “No I don't” when the words left your lips you felt his grip get tighter like a vice, fingers embedded into your skin, trying to to pull away “stop your hurting me”. Richie looked down at you with a smirk “I’m hurting you, huh". He grabbed your arms and pushed you into the floor, crawling on top of you “I’ll show you hurting” he leaned down and took your lips in his, shoving his tongue in your mouth you could taste his warm saliva, cigarettes, he always tasted like cigarettes. Hands roamed down and ripped your shirt down the middle leaving it in shreds, his hands squeezing your breast before he brought his mouth down scraping his teeth along your nipple. Sliding your hand down his chest till you got down and put your hand down his pants grabbing his cock. Richard moaned out before pulling your hand away and pinning them above your head “I’m fucking in control”, he slid your jeans down, then pushed his own pants down just enough to reveal his hard cock swollen at the tip and dripping with precum. With his free hand he stroked himself, then teased you by rubbing his tip up and down against you before he forced himself all the way in his hip bones digging into you. Pulling out he fucked into you hard, feeling his cock in your stomach, he released your hands instantly bringing them to his back you purposely dug your nails into his skin, and you heard him let out a small wince “ fucking bitch, you know you love me”. Richie gripped a handful of hair forcing your head back leaving as many marks possible on your neck. His cock was still relentless and you could feel your tummy tightening, you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction but you couldn’t help it it felt so good. When Richie came he wrapped his arms around you forcing you against him as he moaned out and continued thrusting till he finally fell against you. Both breathing heavy and bodies sore Richie was the one to break the silence “if you don’t take me back after that your a real fucking bitch”. You couldn’t help but giggle.

It’s a little long but I hope you like it, thank you for requesting sweet bby 💕


*Requested* Imagine confronting your former stalker with Vincent, after you spotted him in town. 

(This is Part 2 to: Imagine where the reader is mysterious and avoids the supernatural . Of course a certain Mikaelson isn´t far from the action either. I might write a part 3 but it´s not really necessary. However if you have any ideas let me know. I hope you enjoy and happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Reader, Vincent, Kol, vampire stalker

Story Title: “Stalker”

Word count: 1366

Your name: submit What is this?

Vincent: “I´m so sick of this blood sucking infants in this town!!”

He flips the table over and the candles on it create a mess on the floor. He places his finger against his mouth like he always does when he´s desperately trying to figure out what to do. After minutes of pacing up and down the tomb he finally speaks again.

Vincent: “I´m sorry, Y/N. I thought the cloaking spell I casted back then would keep you hidden.”

Y/N: “No it´s not your fault. Maybe Finn did something to the spell when he inhabited you.”

Vincent: “Why would Finn want to reverse the cloaking spell?”

As always Vince asks the right questions.

Y/N: “I don´t know. I don´t have the best luck with vampires, remember?”

Vincent: “Speaking of; What are gonna do? I know something simple ain´t your style, so what do you have in mind?”

He knows you all to well. Upside of growing up together, right?

Y/N: “I don´t know, you´re the witch/warlock. Whatever.”

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