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Joker x Harley Quinn  (fanfic I’ll never finish)

-Joker and Harley fight. Harley leaves. Henchmen bring her back. Henchmen leave and Joker talks to Harley.

*****FLASHBACK - to the fight that made Harley leave **** 

“You’re so weak! Why do I even keep you around? All you do is mess things up for me!”

Joker yelled, stalking towards her and backhanded her across the cheek.

Anger blinded Harley’s rational thoughts and before she knew it, her open hand had hit him across the face right back. As soon as her slap hit him, all anger disappeared. Like the sound of skin hitting skin had flipped a switch in her mind and her anger was gone, and replacing it was guilt.

“Puddin,” Her mouth dropped open in shock, “I’m so sorry.” Tears filled her eyes and regret filled her stomach.

For a second, Joker eyes seemed almost as shocked as she was and then he blinked, his eyes flashed and fury was the only emotion Harley saw. She kept apologizing as he advanced towards her, his hands grasping onto her neck and cutting off her air supply. He shook her as she cried.

“How dare you!” Joker’s voice was so guttural, so furious, “You mess up my business deal, cheat me out of millions, and then strike me like it’s my fault?”

The tears flooded down Harley’s face as he slammed her head into the wall and stars rose in her vision. Joker pushed her up against the wall, caging her with his body, his arms shook with rage around her neck. His growls were enough to make a lion tremble.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Harley kept repeating her voice horse from the lack of air. But still she repeated her apology, for her slap for her stupidity, she kept apologizing until all her air was gone and she was just mouthing the words. Still she apologized, black spots appeared in her vision and just as she was about to pass out, Joker let her go.

Gasping for air she didn’t deserve, Harley fell to the floor at his feet. The black in her vision started to clear. Now the only object obscuring her vision was her tears as she continued to cry. Out of the corner of her eye, Harley saw Joker disappear out of the bedroom door. Gunshots sounding in the hallway as his fury raged on. She heard the front door slam a few moments after that.

Harley followed the Joker’s path out of the bedroom door, she almost tripped over a body laying facedown on the floor. A dead henchmen, his blood staining the carpets. Harley bent down, pushing the dead henchmen’s body over and grabbing his large abandoned gun. She held the gun in her hands and walked towards the door. She didn’t deserve to be in this house, didn’t deserve Mr. J. He was right it was her fault, her fault, her fault. Harley reached the front door and tore it open.

“Ms. Quinn,” One of the nameless henchmen spoke, “Remember, Mr. J doesn’t like it when you leave like-“

Harley fired off the weapon behind her, not even looking to see if she hit her target. She opened the front door and ran out of it. The pouring rain cleared her thoughts, woke her up, she walked right into the street. Shooting a driver as they sped towards her and stole their car.

Then, she drove.


Harley started to cry again at her memory. Now, she was now seated on the floor of a motel. She didn’t know exactly where she was, somewhere outside of Gotham she supposed. Harley also wasn’t sure how long she had been sitting in the motel room, only that the daylight outside had turned dark. She had driven with blurry vision until she happened upon this motel on the side of the road, bodies littered the floor in the lobby and hallways until Harley had found an empty room. My fault.

Every time they fought, Joker left to get the rest of his anger out by killing everyone he came in contact with. Then he would come back to their bed and hold Harley close to him all night long, in his own way of apologizing. But it wasn’t he who needed to apologize now.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Harley perked up as she heard people running, from how much sound they were making, Harley assumed it was men. And there were a lot of them. From sound alone, Harley figured there were more than ten. Maybe more than twenty. The cops?  The sound of running grew louder and louder, doors now started to slam open. They were in the hallway Harley was in. Harley check the bullets in her gun, she gripped the gun and pointed it at the door.

She heard doors being opened slowly now, she could imagine the police opening the doors as if a wild lion was behind them. Slow, careful not to disrupt the lion. What they didn’t know was this lion was already disturbed. This lion was prepared to pounce.

The feet were finally at Harley’s door, she readied her finger on the trigger of the gun and waited. Maybe this will make me feel better. The door knob turned slowly and the door opened even slower. Suddenly, Harley had a gun pointed at her too. Until the person on the others side of the door realized who they were pointing a gun at.

“Frosty?” Harley felt like smiling. He was in a tux, like always, with a bullet proof vest over it. Behind him were masked henchmen, in weird funny masked that could only be from Mr. J’s mind. Harley’s heart broke. My fault.

“Ms. Quinn, I need you to come back with us. Mr. J is expecting you.” Frost let out a sigh of relief, almost like his life was on the line. Harley’s giggle was hysterical, it probably was.

Harley walked out of the door of her motel room and towards the exit. She climbed into the front seat of a expensive black escalade. Frost and a few henchmen joined her, not looking or talking to her much. Like they were told not too. Frost was making a phone call.

“Boss?” Harley could hear Mr. J’s grumbled reply on the other side, “We got her. Driving back now. Do you want to talk to her?”  

Harley was hopeful for a moment, staring at the phone in Frost’s hand. Trying to hear what was said on the other side. Frost hung up the phone, he started the car, and turned onto the highway as if the phone call had never happened. More tears sprang to her eyes, she turned towards the window of the car so the henchmen couldn’t see.  My fault. My fault. My fault.


“Ms. Quinn?” Frost asked, his eyes down, “Boss wants to talk to you.”

Harley grasped the phone like a lifeline, she wished the henchmen weren’t in the car. One glance at them and they all turned their heads, all but plugged their ears. Frost started the car and turned onto the highway.

“Puddin?” Harley asked in an innocent tone, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to-“

“Come straight to my office when you get home.” He hung up.

The car ride was silent except for Harley’s quick crying breaths.

Harley walked toward Joker’s office with only Frost in front of her. Frost opened the door to Mr. J after knocking twice. He walked through the door and she followed him in. Mr. J was seated at his desk, his chair was turned away from the door. As they entered, he turned around. A

“Sit down.” Joker pointed at the seat across from his desk. His anger radiated off of him.

“Puddin, I missed you-“

He stopped her with a hand and pointed at the seat again. Harley sighed and walked to sit in the seat. Joker took a deep breath in and out before he started speaking, his eyes hadn’t left her face. She hadn’t even seen him blink yet.

“Would you like to explain why you didn’t come home?”

“You made an oath to me.” Joker placed his hands on either armrest of her chair, caging her in. “You belong to me.”

“If you leave again-“ Joker’s lips were an inch away from her.

Harley shook her head immediately, “I won’t.”

“If you do,” His hands clasped around the top of her arms tightly, “this will end very differently.”


“You belong to me.” Joker said clearly, deadly, “Don’t you remember your oath?”

“Yes, of course I do.” Harley’s eyes stayed locked on his, “I live for you. That’s been true since I met you, it will always be true.”

“Are you still mine?” Joker leaned towards her.

“I’ll always be yours.” Harley answered … “You know that, Mr. J.”

Joker ran a hand through his hair and walked around the desk until he was stood in front of Harley.

“Now, since daddy is so forgiving. I’m gonna let you sleep on the couch tonight and not the bench outside.” Joker said, leaning close and placing his hands on the armrests of her chair.

“No, puddin.” Harley cried, quickly cupping his face with her hands, “I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. It’s so cold on the couch.”

He tried to twist out of her hands but she held on, running her thumbs over his cheeks softly.

“Get a blanket.” Joker snapped, “Harley, I don’t like to punish you but I can’t just let you walk out like that.”

“I’m so sorry, Mr. J.” Harley brought her face close to his, “I won’t do it again, I promise I won’t. Please, J.” Her lips were a breath against his she moved her arms to wrap around his shoulders, holding him close to her.  

Joker wasn’t backing down, “Enough.” He tore his body out of her hands and slicked back his hair again, “If you don’t stop now, I’m going to make your punishment more severe.”

Harley stood up out of her chair and ran her hands down his chest, “How severe, daddy?” She put on her most innocent voice.

“Harley.” He grabbed her hands in a tight grip. “You’re on thin ice. Go away or you’ll be sleeping on the bench outside with one hand missing.”

Harley lowered her eyes in defeat…

She slowly wrapped her arms around his chest, resting her cheek against his heart, hugging him tightly. His arms stayed at his sides.

“I missed you so much.”

Harley sat down beside him silently, he didn’t move. His head still in his hands. Harley moved to wrap her arms around his shoulders and he pushed her away.

“Harley,” He growled, “Don’t test my patience.”

“Puddin,” She whispered, “I’m sorry. Please.” She hesitantly wrapped her arm around his shoulder. “It will never happen again, I promise.” She whispered, slowly gently pushing his head onto her shoulder… Harley stroked her fingers through his hair softly, helping him to relax against her.

… He growled into her skin, his head twitched back and forth a few times, and then finally he relaxed. He took a deep breath and let her hold him.

After a long while, … She didn’t know how long they sat like that. Her holding him and apologizing softly. Joker purring and growling against her neck… like his head and his body were at war with one another.

A long time later… Joker pushed off her shoulder and quick as lightning, had her chin in between two of his fingers.

“If you ever leave again,” Joker growled, bringing his face close so she heard every syllable of his threat, “this will end very differently.”

“I won’t.” Harley shook her head as best she could with him holding her face OR Harley’s eyes stayed locked with his, the finality in her promise clear.

Joker took a deep breath. In, out. Then rested his forehead against hers.


Joker stared at her unblinking until the answer in her eyes became clear (???).

“You belong to me.” Joker’s lips brushed her as he talked.

“Forever.” Harley promised.

Harley’s eyes stayed locked with his, the finality in her promise clear.

“I’m sorry, J.” Harley whispered in her most innocent tone, “It won’t ever happen again. I’m so sorry.”

Joker stared at her for a while longer. …

“You’re lucky I’m so forgiving.” He said finally.

Harley smiled, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and hugging him tightly.

“I missed you so much.” She felt tears hit her eyes again.

Harley tears had finally ceased around three in the morning. She was curled up on the couch unable to sleep without Joker next to her. …

(???) Even with her eyes closed, she saw a light turn on and a door open.  … She opened her eyes and saw Joker’s silhouette in the light of the open door. He looked at her and seemed to find that her eyes were open.

He snapped his head back and forth, growled, and then rose two fingers and motioned her towards him. Harley was immediately on her feet and running towards him. She stopped in front of him. … Joker cupped a hand underneath her chin and forced her to look at him in the eyes.

“Don’t ever leave again.” Joker demanded slowly so she heard every word … and the threat behind them.

“Never again. I promise, puddin.” She promised desperate for his forgiveness.

“Harley,” He clinched and unclenched his free hand, “I will not tell you this again. This is my final warning. If you walk out-“ He cut himself off squeezing his hand under her chin, closing off her air supply.

Harley couldn’t help the desire that rose in her lower stomach.

“It won’t happen again.” Harley … declared.

Joker held her eyes for one second more and then let her go.

“Get in bed.” He said finally.

“Thank you, puddin.” Harley smiled, walking into the bedroom and climbing in. Joker shut the door, bathing them both in darkness.

They both lay still for a moment, Harley knew he was still angry at her. That he wasn’t in the mood to forgive her yet. But she was back in their bed, so that was a good sign. She tried to disguise moving closer to him as trying to find a comfortable spot, she ended up rolled up her side about an inch away from him. Not touching. Harley’s body burned, she wanted to touch him so badly.

… Harley looked up at his face in the darkness… she knew he wasn’t asleep. Usually the only way he could was when she massaged his scalp and body. …

Harley hesitantly, bravely, placed her head on his chest over his heart.

Immediately the Joker pushed her away from him.

“Don’t test me, Harley.” He said, “I’m still mad at you.”

“Yes, sir.” Harley decided to play good, wanting so badly to be back on his good(???) side. She scooted away from him.

A few more minutes passed of silence, Harley didn’t move. She tried to hold back her tears… Joker’s head was snapping back and forth. His growl like an angry lion who hadn’t been fed in days. … Suddenly, his arm grabbed her wrist and pulled her against him.


Kevin Day & Matthew Donovan Boyd

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anonymous asked:

Hello Fjorn! I have watched the tv show; Vikings, and wondered if you could tell us more about the vikings' rite of passage into adulthood. There don't seem to be much information available regarding this, and I'm curious of for example if they did give their children armrings like Bjorn and the other boys are given in the tv show. Was this a male-only ritual? Did the girls wear armrings, or oath-rings too? Could you write a little about those types of rings?Thank you in advance!

Velkomin(n), vinur minn,
(Welcome, my friend,)

From my experience, which is quite meager in the grand scheme of things, I have not yet come across any widely-practiced social rite involving arm-rings as gifts for coming-of-age ceremonies. I have a fair amount (hardly) of information that I could give you about children in the Viking Age and medieval Iceland, but nothing about arm-rings and coming-of-age ceremonies, it seems. To reassure you that I have at least given the search some effort, I have looked through several books for a direct reference (both primary and secondary), but to no avail. If you are interested in those, see the endnotes at the bottom of this post.(1)

I can say that arm-rings undoubtably held social weight, often demonstrating one’s wealth and prestige, but they could have various roles within society. As for women, they most definitely could wear arm-rings, among other types of jewelry. Our sagas may not mention it often, for those often have a very masculine lens through which they view their world, but other evidence suggests it to be so, such as burials (especially the Oseburg burial). Women often wore various types of jewelry, for it clearly demonstrated their rank to others within society.

In short, there are no direct examples (at least that I am able to locate) of this arm-ring giving scene. Yet, that does not mean that there are no places worth digging around. There are a few traditions that were quite similar, and gift-giving was a very important part of Viking Age society.


SINCE YOU HAVE ASKED about a scene from Vikings, which is loosely based on Ragnars saga Loðbrókar (The Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok (or Lothbrok)), that seemed to be a suitable place to investigate, at least in regards to primary sources. There are two versions of this saga, one that is not complete from AM 147 4to, and the most complete version from NkS 1824b 4to; my copy has been translated from the latter. Yet, perhaps without much surprise, there is no scene of Bjorn being given an arm-ring for reaching manhood. In fact, in this version, Bjorn is the son of Ragnar and a woman named Kraka (crow) and very little is said about his childhood, which is actually quite common for much of saga literature.(2) Nonetheless, all in the same chapter, Bjorn goes from being born to raiding with his brothers.(3)

There was, however, something rather similar to a rite of passage, which involved sprinkling a newborn baby with water (vatni ausinn), naming that baby (nafnfestr), and then giving that baby gifts. This process meant that the child had been properly brought into society.(4) An example of nafnfestr is actually found in The Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok, but later on when Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye is born. Here is the passage:

“When he (Ragnar) saw the boy, he was asked how he would name him. He spoke a verse:

The child shall be called Sigurd,
he’ll hold court in battles;
much like his own mother’s
mighty father shall he be.
Of all Odin’s kindred
he’ll be accounted the best.
Showing a snake in his eye,
he’ll be the slayer of many.

Now he took a gold ring off his own hand and gave it to the boy as a name-gift.”(5)

That scene, although similar, does not involve an arm-ring nor a passage into adulthood. In fact, this gift does not even have to be a ring at all. In Völsunga saga (The Saga of the Volsungs), a similar situation occurs, but this child is given three gifts. It goes as follows:

“And when Helgi was born, Norns came to set his destiny, saying that he would become the most famous of all kings. Sigmund had returned from battle and went with a leek to meet his son. He gave the boy the name Helgi, and as gifts for this name-fastening he granted Hringstead, Solfell, and a sword. He bid the child to advance himself well and to take after the race of the Volsungs.”(6)

Young Helgi is given land and a sword upon his name-fastening (nafnfestr), yet nothing is told about any ritual that he must go through before becoming an adult. As we saw before with Bjorn, the saga quickly ages Helgi into adulthood with very little transition.


CHILDREN IN THE VIKING AGE, especially those of a bœndr (land-owner), were frequently sent away from their original homes to be fostered by another family.(7) This is something that does not happen in the show Vikings, although Ragnar was a bœndr himself (in the beginning). The system was rather complex, and, since you did not ask, I will not go into too much detail about it. The point in bringing this up is to mention that everyone in society had to be attached to a household, and that children were often not even directly attached to their paternal household.(8) Men above the age of sixteen and single women above the age of twenty could choose their own household arrangements, though.(9)

I would also like to bring up another aspect of that scene in Vikings. Bjorn is not only given the arm-ring to signify that he is an adult, but also to swear his allegiance to the chieftain. In reality, only the head of the household was required to be “in Thing” with a chieftain, meaning that that person (and their household) was to be a part of that chieftain’s assembly.(10) In other words, Bjorn would not have had to prove himself loyal unless he was formally taking on the role as the head of the household (and not just temporarily acting as the head of household whenever Ragnar goes abroad). It was possible to join and leave an “in Thing” attachment with a chieftain, at least in Iceland.(11) Was this true in Viking Age Norway? Perhaps not, but our sources for that are more limited or come from Icelandic authors (nor am I particularly well-versed in Norwegian sources).

Nonetheless, it seems that the ages for ‘adulthood’ varied based on gender, but not substantially. A male was considered an adult when he reached the age of twelve (which was also the same age in which he could became a target in feuds),(12) but he was not allowed to receive his inheritance until the age of sixteen.(13) The sagas suggest that women could marry as early as the age of thirteen, which perhaps indicates that as being the beginning of their adulthood (likely whenever they had their first period), yet they were unable to receive an inheritance until the age of twenty, and only then if they were unmarried.(14) Again, there does not seem to be any clear indication of any ceremonies involved with coming-of-age.

It seems that adulthood was not determined by a ceremony, but rather by the social situations that one was entering. At the age of twelve, a man would be able to prosecute in courts, sit as a judge, and take over their own chieftaincy.(15) Unfortunately, the sagas seem to suggest that a woman only began their adulthood through marriage, and, if not married, by the age of twenty. There may have been ceremonies imbedded into these ‘accomplishments’, but our written materials do not seem to have recorded them very well. Even if there was a rite of passage that took place, I do not believe that it would have necessarily been centered around the gift of an arm-ring, especially for the children of poorer families.


ALTHOUGH NOT INTEGRAL TO ADULTHOOD, arm-rings still held an important role within the minds of the Norse, yet this could also be said about various other types of crafts. Rings worn on the finger, for example, have often played important roles in Norse legends.(16) In the end, arm-rings could play various roles within society. Although I do not have any examples of them being used for a coming-of-age ceremony, I have found examples of them being used to bribe men in legal cases and to symbolize the formation of special bonds between king and follower.

This first example is a bit more relevant to the type of function that you originally sought, although not quite. In Egil’s Saga, Egil travels to England and serves under King Athelstan for a bit, which is quite a common practice for prominent Icelanders traveling abroad. After quite a bit of battling, Egil proves himself, having fought well and having been a devout follower. Upon returning from the battle, they enjoy a feast, but Egil is troubled, although he had been given the high seat that faced the king (a prestigious position in the hall). A disgruntled Egil and King Athelstan engage in a sort of respectful stare-off, and this is what follows:

“King Athelstan was sitting in the high seat, with his sword laid across his knees too. And after they had been sitting there like that for awhile, the king unsheathed his sword, took a fine, large ring from his arm and slipped it over the point of the sword, then stood up and walked across the floor and handed it over the fire to Egil. Egil stood up, drew his sword and walk out on to the floor. He put his sword through the ring and pulled it towards him, then went back to his place. The king sat down in his high seat. When Egil sat down, he drew the ring on to his arm, and his brow went back to normal. He put down his sword and helmet and took the drinking-horn that was served to him, and finished it.”(17)

Egil had proven himself in battle and yet felt that he had not been honored well enough for doing so. As a result, he was in an agitated state while in the hall until King Athelstan offered him the arm-ring. Later Egil is offered even more treasure, but it is clear that the arm-ring had a much more significant impact. This is much more about honor and recognition, though, than it would be any sort of transition into a new stage of life. Egil was honored, and his position with King Athelstan had improved along with that gesture, but he was still an adult and a follower in the end (although he could leave whenever he pleased).

Arm-rings did not only have a role among kings and the battle-hardened, though, for they could even find themselves as being tools for bribery in legal cases. In Njal’s Saga, a man named Eyjolf Bolverksson is bribed by a man named Flosi Thordarson for support in a legal case through the gift of an arm-ring. This case in particular was a high-risk case against Flosi, for he had set fire to Njal’s home, killing him and his family. Flosi originally tried to flattery Eyjolf, but once Eyjolf learned of what Flosi was after (his legal support), he quickly came to anger and rejected his request, for Flosi had done something very shameful, and this case would be hard to win (let alone trying to support someone whom the community already viewed so negatively). Yet, with the gift of an arm-ring, translated here as ‘bracelet’, Eyjolf has a change of mind:

“Flosi took a gold bracelet from his arm and spoke: ‘I want to give you this bracelet, Eyjolf, for your friendship and support and to show you that I have no wish to deceive you. You had best accept this bracelet for there’s no man here at the Thing to whom I have given such a gift.’

The bracelet was so large and so well made that it was worth twelve hundred ells of striped homespun. Hallbjorn pulled it up Eyjolf’s arm.

Eyjolf spoke: ‘It seems quite proper to accept the bracelet now that you are being so kind. And you can count on me to take over your defense and do whatever is necessary.’”(18)

There are a few examples of rings (not necessarily arm-rings, though) being given to children, but not for the purpose of that child having become an adult. In two cases in Njal’s Saga alone, children are given rings, but each for a different purpose (that is, not for adulthood). Early in the saga, two boys and a girl are acting as the adults in a game, pretending to act out the legal case that had just unfolded. They end up mocking the adults in doing so, and a man named Hoskuld gets agitated about it, striking one of the boys. Hrut, Hoskuld’s brother, called over the boy and does this:

“Hrut took a gold ring from his finger and gave it to him and said, ‘Go away, and don’t ever give offense again.’ The boy went away and said, ‘I shall always remember your decency.’”(19)

This ring did not act as a symbol of passage, but it did have an impact on the boy’s life. This generous gift from Hrut taught the child to act with kindness instead of with violence, as his brother Hoskuld demonstrated earlier in contrast. The other example is fairly similar, and so I will not quote it here to save us from the redundancy. In the end, as these examples have demonstrated, arm-rings, along with other symbols of wealth (often rings), often have various social functions. Arm-rings were used to bestow great honor, as we saw with Egil, or they could be used to bribe someone into assisting with a legal case. Rings, and perhaps arm-rings as well, could also be used to impact a child’s development, although this could have been entirely for literary purposes. Such a claim would require much more digging, but the possibility is still within reason.

I HOPE THIS INFORMATION has satisfied the needs of your question. Although I could not find any information about arm-rings actually being used for coming-of-age ceremonies, they did have a role in society that is worth mentioning (and investigating further), which we have discussed. I most definitely could have missed some useful or insightful material. My personal library is rather small, and I am still a young academic (only just now wrapping up my undergraduate stage). I would like to revisit this topic one day, but I have more reading and learning to do before I could tackle it properly.

Nonetheless, there are various other things we could discuss with more detail, such as the social practices of gift-giving in general, which could very well have included arm-rings even if they are not always explicitly mentioned. Still, such a discussion would not have fulfilled your question any more so than our current one has. If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to send them my way. I would be more than happy to continue this discussion.

Með vinsemd og virðingu,
(With friendliness and respect,)

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  • Noctis: This is a veggie burger! I'm not the type to be played with! Give me food!
  • ~
  • Noctis: I don't understand why anyone would hate themselves to eat a salad.
  • ~
  • Prompto: If I stare at this picture of a salad while eating these chicken tenders, than it's the same thing
  • ~
  • Prompto: They learned my name, and know my order, can't go back for a bit.
  • ~
  • Ignis: *making food* If I put enough seasoning on it, he won't be aware this started as a vegetable.
  • ~
  • Ignis: The fact no one has died yet makes me believe I'm a pretty decent chef
  • ~
  • Gladiolus: Any pizza's a personal pizza if you believe in yourself, I also got a 2 liter of soda, and a milkshake.
  • ~
  • Gladiolus: I once ate 80% of a family chicken meal, felt like I was gonna die, when to the bathroom burped for 40 seconds, came back and finished it like a champ!

Finally felt bold enough to send them a full message about the newbie catering. I skipped like two lines near the end in the photo, but those just finished one sentence, then explained I’d made a post on insta and the comments I got were attached. Last image is the photo of the comments that I attached to it.

Do you guys think this got the point across?

All That’s Dead, and Gone, and Passed

Summary: One-shot. They’ve reached the end of the book and gotten their happy ending, but Emma doesn’t know how to not worry about losing it. Fluffy, feelsy, future fic inspired by the song “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars.

Word Count: 1639

Rated: T

A/N: I was watching The Voice the other day and one of the contestants performed “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars and I was reminded what a beautiful song it is. So, naturally I listened to it on repeat a few times and ended up getting Captain Swan/end of the book (seriously was anyone prepared for that Isaac/Henry scene at the end of the episode?) feels. 

While this isn’t the first fic I’ve written, it is the first I’ve felt brave enough to post! I would love feedback! Thanks for reading!


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anonymous asked:

What other lines are you really proud of from umfb&mha and obs&bh? :D I'm so curious to know if they're lines we the readers appreciated enough and also felt just as strongly about lol. I personally loved the ones about eating Russian, make me remember you when I do, and Yuuri falling but Viktor being there to catch him <3

Here’s two posts I made about my favourite lines of dialogue and prose in umfb&mha 



As for obs&bh, I’ll probably be able to pick my favourites when I’m finished but I’m very proud of almost everything that Chris says and my favourite lines so far is probably:

“A single moment like a pebble dropped into a pond, one tiny thing that created ripples reaching out further than the eye could see, ripples that became waves that became tsunamis.”

Matt Jackson - Payback's a bitch.

Matt Jackson - Fluffy and Angsty imagine where reader and Matt are in a relationship and they get into a big fight before a match together with Nick against The Motor City Machine Guns and Taeler Hendrix. Throughout the match Matt acts like an ass, but the reader gets hurt and he feels bad and tries to make it up to her. 

Request for - @thegabby5sos

Warnings - Fluff and Angst, some swearing.

Word Count - 1643 words.

Originally posted by tapemachinesarerolling


Although yours and Matt’s relationship was fairly new; 6 months to be exact, arguments were extremely rare between the two of you. Even during your three year friendship as members of The Bullet Club and as The Young Bucks valet, anyways even when you did have a fight it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be solved over a pizza, a bottle vodka and a good movie. 

But this time, it was oh so different - the incredulous argument leading to the fight was; to put it plainly, absolutely pathetic. It all arose when you were offered a singles career by the several promotions The Young Bucks were signed at, instead of just being their ‘occasionally involved’ valet. Straight after hearing the news you instantly ran to your boyfriend to share the amazing news, you were ecstatic that companies were finally recognising your singles talent and you were sure your boyfriend would share your enthusiasm.

As soon as the words ‘independent career’ left your mouth his face dropped and the once light atmosphere of the room morphed into a much heavier one, thick with tension. You instantaneously sensed the change in Matt’s mood and questioned him on what was wrong, upon doing so it only changed his expression from one of hurt to one of anger. 

Matt had screamed in your facing and accused you of not giving a shit about The Young Bucks as a unit; not caring about yours and his friendship or relationship. He branded you selfish claiming that the only person you ever really cared about was yourself, amidst the argument you were about to interject him in order to defend yourself when he hit you with his final words to you, ’You’re a heartless bitch! All you ever did was use me for you own gain’ and with that he slammed the door of your hotel room. 

Those words had hit you like a ten tonne of bricks, you instantly became aware of the rapid beating of your heart and the taste of venomous bile in your mouth had made you sick to your stomach. You were in complete bewilderment at your ‘sweetheart’ boyfriend. The words he spoke were undoubtedly the cruellest words you had ever heard leave his mouth…and they were aimed at his own girlfriend.

*A few hours later*

You were sat on a storage crate in a solitary corner of the packed out arena fiddling around with the tassels adorning the sleeves of your signature leather jacket, just a mere ten minutes before your match against The Motor City Machine Guns and Taeler Hendrix. 

You weren’t paying much attention to anything happening around you, more just wallowing in your thoughts, dwelling on the incident between you and Matt. At this point you could barely stomach the thought of him, let alone work cooperatively with him in a match and continue a facade of the ‘IT’ couple when in your mind you weren’t even sure if you were a couple at all. Suddenly, a deep voice broke you out of your trance.

“Hey Y/N, how ya holdin’ up? Matt told me what happened” Nick questioned, a sympathetic tone lacing his voice and a comforting hand resting upon your shoulder. You looked up at him and scoffed shrugging his hand off your shoulder, continuing to twirl the jacket tassels between your fingers whilst looking off into space -  tears brimming in your eyes, threatening to ruin your make up. You promptly realised that you had no reason to treat Nick like shit because of his brother’s childish actions.

“I’m sorry Nick, i didn’t mean to be so rude” you muttered, rapidly blinking the tears from your eyes before looking up to him.

“No need to be sorry kid, Matt was way out of order. But hey, lets get this match over with and then hopefully Matt will have stopped being a dick and he’ll be on his knees beggin’ ya for forgiveness” he chuckled lightly at the end of his words. Your maroon lips cracked into a broad smile for the first time since your initially good news earlier the same day. You hoped off the crate and stood beside Nick.

“Lets go beat up some bitches” you shouted clapping your hands together, your obnoxious laugh filling the once quiet corner. You happily strode in front of Nick with confidence and pre-match adrenaline radiating from you, but deep down you were already dreading having to face Matt when you got to the gorilla. 

*Match time*

Whilst waiting for your entrance music you and Matt didn’t speak, in fact he didn’t even look in your direction. He instead opted to just talk to Nick - who was frequently shooting you apologetic looks. 

As soon as your theme played you and Matt headed towards the ramp, Nick behind - you two laced your hands together and were all over each other on the way down to the ring. After the pair had finished the signature poses and taunts at The Motor City Machine Guns and Taeler Hendrix, you place a passionate kiss on Matt’s lips; ensuring the crowd were still encapsulated in the ‘IT’ couple, before stepping through the ropes with Nick allowing Matt to start the match up against Chris Sabin.

In your eyes and how you were reading the crowd reaction, the match was going well, that was until you realised that Matt was purposefully stopping you being tagged in. When he came to your corner he would only tag in Nick even when he was still fighting fatigue on the apron and when Nick game over to tag Matt would slap Nick’s arm before he could reach you. So the next time you saw Matt stumbling across the ring you savvied up to his tactics and tagged yourself into the match up before he could even recognise it had happened.

You were currently precariously balanced in a suplex set up on so called, ‘high rent district’ with Taeler when you began to hear Matt stamping his feet on steel stairs and chanting - now for some competitors having team members make chants focused them, but for you it distracted you and broke your mindset, and Matt knew it. Just as you turned your head to shoot Matt and evil look Taeler suplexed you both off of the ropes, the way your head was positioned caused you to hit your head devastatingly hard at an awkward angle. As soon as you landed you knew something was wrong; your ears began to ring, you felt dizzy - your vision fading to black and an excruciating pain thrumming through the back of your head. You barely stayed conscious long enough to roll to your corner, where Nick tagged him self in and finished off the match, pinning Alex Shelly for the win. 

*post match*

Immediately after match had ended you were carried backstage by several officials with a deathly worried Matt trailing behind shouting questions and demanding answers. The medics immediately began assessing your physical state, while Nick calmed an extremely anxious Matt whilst dragging him from the medical room.

After the medics had decided you didn’t need to go to the hospital; you just need a lot of rest and roughly 2-3 weeks off, they invited both Matt and Nick back into the medical room. As soon as Matt walked into the room you could see his eyes were slightly red and puffy, along with an apologetic look plastered on his face.

“Y/N, baby I am so fucking sorry! I didn’t think it’d knock your concentration - and I’m sorry - I was a huge dick. I know I fucked up big time. Baby please forgive me.” he rambled on, almost incoherently. Tears beginning to well up in his eyes. You raised an unimpressed looking eyebrow at him, still annoyed at him. His expression became even more sorrowful as he realised you were still pissed off.

“I take back everything I said, baby. You having a singles career would be incredible, I know you never used me. You’re amazing in your own right. Fuck! I’m so sorry” he sputtered, his normally cocky demeanour completely diminished.

Both you and Nick tried to keep a straight face as Matt continued to ramble on and on, apologising profusely; when abruptly a smirk cracked onto both of your faces.

“What did I tell ya!” Nick shouted enthusiastically, referencing his prediction of Matt coming grovelling back to you. You smirked and beckoned Matt over to your seat.

“I forgave you the minute I saw the look on your face” you whispered into his ear, placing a feather light kiss on the lobe. Matt pulled away from you to reveal an unimpressed, relieved and amused expression all melded together. He then finally cracked a smile.

“Jesus Christ, you scared me! I thought you were going to break up with me” he chuckled whilst sighing in relief; leaning down to place a gentle kiss on your temple and then your lips. All whilst embracing you in a massive bear hug, enveloping you completely and making you feel safe.

“I was going to…but then i realised that: one, you have to treat me like a princess for the next few weeks - that entails taking me to my favourite restaurant and going clothes shopping and two, the next movie night is my pick - and i pick ‘Titanic’” you smirk hearing his groan of disapproval knowing he despises it. “Oh and I guess I love you” you added with a cheeky giggle and a wink.

“Payback’s a bitch man.” Nick cackled shoving Matt’s shoulder as Matt rolled his eyes; helping you up from the seat you’d been sat in.

“I guess i deserve it” Matt murmured in defeat as they helped you to the car, where your weeks of princess treatment were already set to begin.

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first imagine for this blog and much like Nikkii said earlier, it may not be up to scratch as this is only my first imagine for this blog. I also apologise if any information isn’t accurate as I’m not very educated on The Young Bucks! But i hope you all enjoy it! ~ Moxxii xo

An Unexpected Surprise- Sehun One-shot

Request: Can I get a sehun one shot where you’re in med school and sehun just came back from his tour and decided to surprise you in your apartment then you get really shy & insecure bc you look stressed af 😂😂😂

You looked at the damned page for what seemed like the thousandth time without really reading it. “Med school is really going to be the end of me” you thought to yourself as you dragged your hair into a messy bun in an attempt to somehow kick start your brain again. You stared at the page trying to absorb the information you’re supposed to understand before groan loudly when you were interrupted by a low growling from your stomach. “Screw Med School” you state out-loud, “I’m making ramen.”, dragging your tired body up and plodding over into your small kitchen to put the kettle on. 

While you waited for the water to boil you changed into some comfortable leggings and Sehun’s old shirt he left behind for you. Burying your face into the shirt momentarily, you breath in his musky cologne and sigh, remembering the last time you saw your boyfriend. Two months ago he had brought you to a little dog cafe, treating you to bubble tea and making you chuckle into his shoulder when he compared all the dog’s to Vivi. It was your favourite date in all honesty, seeing him so relaxed and affectionate with you as puppies tried to climb onto his lap while he exclaimed Vivi would know he was cheating.

 Hearing the whistle of the kettle brought you back to sad reality. The reality where you’d been neglecting skincare and maybe even a touch of make up to maximise your study time. Where you were desperately trying to ignore how badly you wanted Sehun to just hold you while you worked like he used to before he went on tour. You sigh softly and walk back the kitchen, pouring water into your ramen cup when you heard the door click open. Putting the ramen down you peek into the living room to see Sehun setting down his suitcase. Forgetting everything you run immediately up to him, throwing yourself into his arms as he smiled his sweet grin at you, his arm around your waist almost lifting you up off the floor to press his pink lips to yours, cupping your face with his hand as you both clung to each other. 

And then you realised how you must look to him. The messy hair, dark circles from late nights of studying and restless sleep and you pulled back from his kiss suddenly. Covering your face slightly with your hands, nervously murmuring “Sehunnie, you surprised me… I wish you’d have texted so I could at least make myself…presentable.”. Sehun laughed softly and used his hands on your waist to pull you closer, pecking your nose lovingly and replying “That defeats the point of a surprise! And you’re beautiful like this, in my shirt and in my arms again”. Clenching your hands softly, lowering your head so he couldn’t see your face you mumbled, “I can’t be, I look like I’ve been sitting in the same spot studying for days…which is pretty much true.”  to which Sehun lifted your chin up with his slender finger. His tender eyes locking with yours as he began to pepper butterfly kisses over your face, pausing to reply “You are beautiful to me, you look tired yes, but your eyes are still bright and I find you breathtaking, right now you look cosy and in need of a long hug. Now jagiya, give me that kiss”. 

Feeling shyer at his compliment you let yourself feel the warmth of his return in your stomach. Lifting your hands to trace along his familiar angular jawline while you leaned forward to re-connect your lips. You felt his smile under your kiss as his hands settled on your hips, humming in contentment while he parted your lips making you sigh as you revel in the feel of him, of the taste of him again. Pulling away with a soft gasp of air, you glanced up to see his kiss plumped lips curved in a grin, slightly breathlessly saying “Now do you believe me? After a kiss like that I hope you do or will I need to prove it again?”. Smiling playfully you tug him into a hug, not quite believing he was actually here in your apartment before replying teasingly “I’m still not completely convinced NoodleBoy~” Your eyes crinkling at his lightly chuckled promise to spend the entire afternoon by your side making sure you felt beautiful.


Admin C- I hope this is fluffy enough for all you stressed out there! I was gonna post it tomorrow but I have no self control after I finished it…anyway enjoy! Feel free to request more.

✨I actually still cant believe how good he looks its been several days and im still sh00k.✨

(Why did i make him look like the russian lesbian from yuri on ice oOOPS)

(ALSO ill probably draw Arthur to go w/ this soon enough, most likely when school is finished lol)

Tyler Hoechlin Imagine

It felt like you were lying to Tyler but in reality you were. You had been sneaking off in the mornings before he woke up and got back just before he woke up. You’ve been doing that for the past month. Going to the gym was all you did but it felt like something worse. When you and Tyler started dating everything was just perfect and still is, but soon the comments came in. Comments from his fans saying you weren’t good enough. Not everyone said that, but the ones that said, the few made you feel so bad about yourself. Making rude comments about your looks it just made you hate yourself and fear of losing him, lucky for you he hadn’t noticed…yet.

This morning was the same as the past ones. You finished your workout and came back and took a shower. As you walked out you felt your legs shaking, the last few workouts you’ve been going hard at the gym, just as more rude people commented on the posts you made. When you were all done, you expected to get back in bed next to Tyler and act like nothing happened, like your body didn’t hurt. Just as you walked out Tyler was already up, he was sat up with his back to the wall, he looked up at you with angry eyes. At first you jumped, not expecting for him to be up this early.

“Morning. You had a bad dream?” you tried to talk about anything just to make him think nothing was wrong.

“Where were you?” but he wasn’t having it.

“No where. Took a shower, I couldn’t sleep” lies.

“That’s not true” his words made you stop in your track. “When I woke up you weren’t in the house. I checked. I called you, but you didn’t answer.” you still didn’t look at him. There was anger filling the room. It all was coming from Tyler.

“I went for a walk before I took a shower, like I said I couldn’t sleep” you tried to walk out of the room but what he said didn’t let you just walk out.

“Are you cheating on me?” you never thought Tyler would ever say or think that. You would never think of doing that.

“What? No” you looked at him shocked, but he didn’t change his anger or the look he was giving you. “How can you think that?” He leaned forward even more angry then before.

“Because you have been sneaking out like this for a long time. I’ve woken up a lot of mornings and you weren’t there. When I ask you, you always make up some lie that at the end of they doesn’t check out. Like last week you said you had an early breakfast with your mom, but when saw her she said that she was out of town. So what is it?” there was no getting out of it. You had two choices: tell him the truth about how hurt and broken you are and how you’ve been starving yourself or let him think you are cheating on him and break up.

“It’s not what you think” you weren’t ready to talk about it but you had to, or you would lose someone you love dearly. “I’ve been going to the gym every morning for 2  hours” while you were talking, you took your phone and gave it to him “Because of this”

You watched as Tyler’s face turned to sadness from pure anger. Tyler was reading all the rude comments you had received, everything. A tear came down your cheek as Tyler got up from the bed and pulled you in a hug. Suddenly all the tears you had been holding in were coming out. All the pain.

“I’m so sorry. It’s my fault” he said with a cracked voice.

“No, it’s not. You didn’t write it.” you pulled away from Tyler and saw his own tears.

“I should have seen it, I should have stopped it. Listen to me (Y/N). I love you , the way you are. I love you. If you really want to work out we can do it together. But let me tell them to back off, those people aren’t my fans if they do this to you. But remember I love you, just the way you are. You are just perfect to me” his words made you smile and feel much better about everything.

After this there were no more lies. You and Tyler worked out together and he even talked to his fans about all that and all of a sudden a wave of positive posts came your way. They all pushed the negative away.

Mystic Messenger Drama Teaser

Wow, this has taken me weeks. I kept finishing than starting over cause I didn’t like the flow of it. The video used to be longer but I shortened it into a trailer instead of a full-length intro (I’ll begin working on that soon.) You’ll notice some cast differences than in my original post some I felt were a better to fit the character and others simply because there wasn’t enough footage of them. I hope you all enjoy.

Little Fox

Happy 850 and happy Easter~! ( @musikat18 )

Originally posted by ncc1701-imagines

You’d first met Pavel Chekov at the Academy Marathon. You’d been training for months, determined to take the Marathon off your bucket list. As you’d run through campus and across into the parkland to the west of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, you’d seen the young cadet enough that he was familiar to you. So when he crossed the finish line first on race day, you felt a swell of pride for him, like you already knew him. When he approached you to congratulate you on your completion of the race at the post-race party, you became fast friends.

You were on a training cruise in the Laurentians when the Narada incident occurred, and heard that Pav had acquitted himself well. You thought fondly on him often as you finished your studies, hoping your paths would meet again. You were astonished to received your duty assignment to the Enterprise on graduation, and excitedly commed Pavel to let him know.

“великолепный! I look forward to having a running partner on the ship!” He replied with excitement. You laughed and shook your head.

“My marathon days are done, Pasha, short distance is my thing now,” you replied.

“Short distance is what I do on the ship, Y/N,” Pavel smiled. “I will see you soon!”

The look on his face when you reported to bridge to hand your duty assignment to the captain was enough to make your heart warm.

“лисичка!” He leapt up from the helmsman station and threw his arms around you. “Captain! This is my good friend, Y/N. She completed the Academy Marathon with me. She had never run before, and started training shortly before the race. She finished 11th in the women!”

“And is she any good at her job?” Captain Kirk asked him, a look of indulgent bemusement on his face.

“She was top in her class. And has a better record in simulations than I do,” Pavel nodded. “She’s a good addition to this crew, Captain.”

“I’m pleased to have your endorsement, Chekov,” Kirk laughed. “Welcome aboard, Ensign.”

Father, May I?

At three years old, you barely came up to Varric’s chest and when he saw you, cheeks red and eyes shining with tears, he felt a pang in his heart.

When Solas lifted you up to the rift and you cried out in fear and pain, his heart shattered.

He never considered himself religious. He wasn’t dwarf enough for the Stone and his Ancestors and he wasn’t human enough for the Maker and His Bride.

Yet, when you looked up at him, amazed at the splendor that was Orlais, he couldn’t help but find himself believing in you. Maybe it wasn’t fair, young as you were, but even now, despite everything from the Breach to the assholes of the Chantry, you managed to keep that joy and that innocence and that smile.

If that wasn’t worth being held sacred, then he didn’t know what did.

Cassandra wasn’t sure what to think when she caught sight of you.

Your eyes had been impossibly big as you huddled beneath the thick blanket, one of the guards must’ve draped over you, and your long ears poked through your messy hair.

You looked so scared that the scowl on her lips morphed into something softer. Not quiet a smile but it was enough for you to let the blanket fall from your head.

Leliana was better with children and she let her take over, watching impassively as she crouched down to speak to you softly. The chains on your wrists, skinny like the bones of a bird, rattled as you crawled forward and a gentle hand was placed on your head.

“Can you tell us what happened, little one?” Your bottom lip jutted out and Cassandra could see the tears welling up in your eyes, but you pushed on; hiccuping on every third word.

“Keeper Deshanna said that me and mamae needed to go to your shem temple and, and, and ‘see what becomes of the mage and templ'r strife’.”

“I see,” Leliana hummed as she got back to her feet, “and what happened when you came to the temple?”

The chains rattled again as you made a grab for the redhead’s hand. Pity welled up in the Seeker’s chest at the sight. She’d been like that once when she was young, desperately holding onto any scrap of affection that came her way. A part of her wondered if it was the need of a woman’s comfort or if you were so touch starved that you were want to let it go.

“We got to the temple and mamae took me to the kitchen. Said we were to stay there cause no one messes with the cooks. They were nice, let me have sweet buns fresh out of the oven while mamae went to go serve the ‘shemlen lords’.

“I got sleepy and when I woke up mamae was gone, so I went to look for her.” Here, Cassandra leaned forward. A midnight stroll to go searching for your missing mother? A good time to run into someone suspicious.

“I met a real nice lady wearing a funny hat and she told me that she’d help me find mamae, but first she need to go to her room and get her cane. Some'ing ‘bout her knees I think she said. When we got there though, people were shouting and I heard my mamae’s voice and then, and then, and then…”

You trailed off and frustration shot through her. You’d been so close and she stalked forward; hand naturally falling to the pommel of her sword.

“You met the Divine and then what?”


I know I haven’t posted any update pics of this piece in a while, and that’s mostly because I haven’t been able to work on it a whole lot. Both my wrist and shoulder injuries have been flaring up and giving me problems lately and most days it’s all I can do to get through work, let alone do housework or work on this. Today was the first day I felt well enough to do anything. But at least now I have the upper corner finished and I can move on to another section. Yay me! Fingers crossed that I can use my arm tomorrow :)

30 day reboot misc

I should have recapped yesterday for my own accountability but i felt I’d posted enough already. 🙄
Yesterday was a bit of “finishing up” leftover sweets. Oy vey. But, BUT: grocery store run and i did not buy cookies/ice cream/etc. I had my hand on the Voortmans and i thought, “you will NOT be able to portion control yourself, it WILL be a Cookie Monster situation, not pretty, HO DON’T DO IT” and i did not. I count that as a win.
Mum and Dad get here this evening so my day’s plans are to continue to clean house and such.
I have no reason not to follow reboot healthy habits while my parents are here; they eat very healthy and have really good attitudes because of their diabetes. Dad is Type 1 since his early 60s which is so fucked but anyway. Mum is Type 2 which she has managed so well she’s off one med and reduced another. 26 years since she was diagnosed.
So that’s where it’s at. 🙄 30 day reboot goals: water, no sweets, some activity.

Why I think Galuna Island was ALMOST a useless arc

Rush to the Finish: 3 Days before Fairy Tail Officially Ends

So, over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting negative responses over my Opinion I’ll Probably get Stoned for #142. Surprisingly enough, this kind of thing hasn’t happened to me often. The last time I felt the need to explain in full detail why I posted one of these was all the way back when I did my second one more than two years ago. 

I get that we’re all entitled to our opinions and these kinds of opinions will make fans angry, hence the name of the series, so normally I’d ignore this kind of thing if it was just one person who didn’t agree with me. But considering the fact that my first explanation of this thought process wasn’t enough for people and the actual vitriol behind some of these comments, I figured I should just go on and make one of my trademark long posts explaining why I have the view that I have. 

Mostly because I’m tired of making responses to these guys and I’m not sure I want other people to do, either.

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anonymous asked:

HELP i'm running out of motivation to study.... I literally did nothing for the past 2 weeks of the june hols omg die :"( how do u stay motivated

okay this is the second time i’m typing this out because i was like “pffff never mind i’ll just type it on the answer space below cause what are the chances that i’d be an idiot and accidentally delete it” and guess what, i accidentally pressed backspace AS I WAS FINISHING THE POST AND NOW EVERYTHING IS GONE KMN

also a little note excuse my extra banner/header thing i just felt i was cool enough to make one 

back to answering your question —

i. identify the problem you’re facing

is it because you’ve so much to do and you don’t know where to start (aka me), or you have no reason to continue studying, or maybe you’re burnt out? whatever it is, it’s important to figure out why you’re running out of motivation in order to stop procrastinating and find a solution.

ii. now that you’ve somewhat identified the problem, what next?

if you don’t know where to start, you might wanna start by taking a piece of paper or a page from your planner/bujo and list down all your homework, followed by revision that you need to complete (eg. finish history notes, or finish math tys) and lastly, any other commitments/housework (eg. clean out wardrobe, dust shelves, pack luggage). this gives you a pretty clear idea of what you need to get done, and cause you to freak out because there’s so much to do, and potentially convince you into being productive – here’s a useful way of sorting your schedule out 

if you have no reason to continue studying, or you’re just damn sian (or tired, in english) of studying, google your dream school (college, university, jc, poly, whatever) or dream job (??) and have a lil scroll through their website, and tell yourself that you are studying to earn your place in that school and that you’re studying to one day, get that job and save lives, fight for someone’s freedom whatnot idk. if all else fails, print out a damn picture of your dream school/job and stick it infront of your desk to motivate you! or have a little scroll through instagram tags (eg. for singaporeans, #whyhc #whyac #whysji) and admire their cool uniform and all (aka me @ sji sobssss). lastly, print out some cool motivational quotes (some examples mentioned in kou’s motivational masterpost – might wna check it out and give kou some love because she deserves it)

if you’re burnt out, take some time off and appreciate the beauty that’s in life itself!

iii. and as you all know, i’m not good at giving advice, but others are, so here are some cool masterposts that might help!

@studyign has many helpful masterposts: how to be productive // stress relief // motivation

@asazora has a rad motivational masterpost

@studylou has various masterposts: how to start studying // how to be less prickly when stressed 

hope this kinda helped! i’m deffo not the best at giving advice + i’m not the most motivated person around here but if you have any other questions or you just wna rant, my ask box is always open! have a productive holiday (or, what’s left of it) (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑