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Must watch on Netflix : You Me Her

Okay last week I was very bored so i took a look on Netflix and in the trending part stood this serie : You Me Her, A story about a married couple who get in an affair with a 25 years old escort. 

First thought : I thought it was not me thing, getting in a relationship with an escort, pfff no. but I was down for gayness and I wanted to give it a try, I watched the first episode and after that I wanted more, I was totally wrong about my first thought, I felt in love with the 3 of them like how they did with each other, I have watched the whole season in 2 days haha. 

Great lesbian / bisexual scenes : Emma (the wife) And Izzy ( The escort ) have many chemistry and a lot romantic sexual scenes, it is so good filmed, so if you want to see a cute lesbian couple watch it! It is so different for what I had already seen. 

Polyamory: It is also interested for people who are poly, it is great to see something like this on tv, that it get more attention, the same as the subjects , bisexual and how to deal with the outside world reacting on it. 

Funny but also a little drama: It is great to see how the 3 of them try to fix things it is so beautiful written, I watched the whole serie with a smile on me face.

Final words: Im obsessed with it, more with Emma and Izzy but when the 3 are together I like it too.

Also it is soo gay sometimes !! 

I’m almost done rewatching season three of ATLA and I keep finding these little moments where I can just tell without a doubt Bryke wrote them, because they feel so out of place and out of character. 

For example: in Sozin’s Comet pt. 1, Zuko and Toph are walking the length of the beach trying to find Aang, and since Toph sees this as her ‘life changing field trip’, she opens up to him about the abuse she felt with her parents, confessing that she never felt loved by them. Zuko ignores her and finally groans in frustration, turns to her, and asks her to stop talking. Zuko, the boy who has bonded with Toph and feels a deep kinship with. Zuko, the boy who would be there in an instant to support his friends, no matter the danger. Zuko, the boy who also suffered severe emotional abuse from a parental figure and knows more than anyone what it feels like not to be loved by their father. 

Don’t try to tell me Zuko would’ve done that. Please, Sozin’s Comet and Aang’s disappearance be damned. The moment Toph told him about her issues with her parents you KNOW Zuko would’ve dropped everything and gone to the Earth Kingdom right then and there and yelled at them. 

Lmao for all the character development he received in the show and season three, Bryke was still trying to demonize Zuko to the very end. 


all of my stumbling phrases
never amounted to anything worth
this feeling.

愛 (side a): a fanmix dedicated to katsuki yuuri
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Sometimes you just gotta drop everything and draw the ot3. You just gotta.

andrew getting overwhelmed by how much he loves neil…like…before he Never saw this feeling coming he thought it was just his mind making up things while he was on his meds. he’s long since accepted that this is real neil is real but sometimes it hits him so hard, that he can have this. he wasn’t able to have cass the way he wanted because of drake ruining it, ruining him…but now he has neil, and he is able to keep having him. 

neil, who loves andrew unconditionally for who he is. neil, who accepts all of his sharp edges and dark thoughts. neil, who knows when to back away and when to stay close. neil, who wants to be with him and feels just the same as he does. neil, who can see the good in him when everyone else couldn’t. this all hits andrew like a wave crashing onto the shore and he feels like he’s drowning, but it’s a welcomed feeling. because it’s safety, and it feels like home. neil is home and before, he had this twisted, broken view of what “love” is from all those traumatic experiences that still eat away at him, both of them did, but this is new and different from anything else and too much and sometimes andrew wonders if he is really worthy of this, of what neil gives him and makes him feel. 

and there are still passing fearful thoughts that what if he loses him, but waking up to fluttering eyelashes against cheeks and the way the morning sunlight rests against his skin while he’s in a peaceful sleep, seeing those looks neil sends his way, full of adoration and warmth, late night trips to the grocery store together wearing eachother’s hoodies and sweats and picking up andrew’s fave sweets to dull the nightmares he just had and is still feeling in trembling fingers and a rapid heartbeat— 

it all makes their forever click into place and andrew knows that this is it. neil is it for him and it will always be that way

The sad thing about losing someone is that it’s not the pain that hurts the most, it’s the fear that the pain will pass. That sooner or later, you’ll pull yourself together and move on. That’s the killing blow. Knowing that someday, no matter how hard you try, you will forget how it felt to love them.
—  LA // excerpt from a book I’ll never write

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Tbh I wasn’t going to try and fit everyone in, I was only going to do the more prominent kids but I love them all that I felt so bad I almost cried but then I cried anyways cause this took me so long LMAO


Thank you guys so much for this amazing year with you! I’m so proud to see how far you’ve come and proud to call myself an IF! I hope to always see you happy, you mean so so so much to me, I wish you all the best! Here’s to many more years with you, I LOVE YOU ♡ #1yearwithimfact

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