felt crafting

Finally, finally, FINALLY I should be back on twitch for tonight’s stream! I know that I’ve historically been wrong when I announced that I was going to finish a piece during stream, but this time I’m sure of it. This little guy will be done tonight! Come see the rest of the design work and the addition of those cute little ears. I’ll be live on Twitch Creative in about 15 minutes.

I’m happy to chat and answer any questions you might have, or you can just hang out and watch.

Come join me at http://myarmcanfly.tumblr.com/twitch
I’ll be live from 5:30-7:30 eastern!

Soft Bills for sale? Soft Bills for sale!

Hello! As some of you may know, I have to move out in a month. Before that I need to get rid of my furniture and raise some cash money to buy new ones. I want to invest in a new bed frame and mattress instead of buying them used, so I thought I’d fund this necessary purchase by doing some craftwork to sell :>

So to get down to business, here’s your chance to support your local Foo and get yourself a smol felted Bill for just 10€ / $12. The price includes worldwide shipping, since these weigh practically nothing and are super cheap to mail.

As you can see, these four Bills are still a work in progress (it only takes me a couple of hours to finish one once I have the triangular base down), so you can request your expression of choice - a happy Bill, an angry Bill, a cutesy Bill, a smug Bill, you name it! I plan to do four of them for starters, but if there’s a lot of demand, I can always make a few more, since they’re fairly easy and quick to make and I happen to be all stocked up on yellow wool. ^^

Here’s an example pic of a Bill I’ve made in the past to give you an idea of the size and what they look like finished:

If needed, I can add a little loop on his hat so you can use him as a charm, keychain etc! I can also give him wired little arms and legs, but for that I’d charge 2€ / $3 more.

Contact me via IM or send me an ask for details, shipping address, my PayPal and so on!

Please reblog to help me reach potential customers ♡ Thank you!


I needle-felted a Spinosaurus! He’s a gift for one of my lecturers. He took around a week to make over the course of two or three months. I used a wire armature, so you can move him pretty much any way you want! I’m definitely thinking of taking commissions/setting up a shop once the academic year’s over.

When the weather improves, I’ll take him outside for a more naturalistic photo shoot.


Plaidypus!  (needle-felt)

I still really really want to make a full-size plush plaidypus.  But I suddenly realized, “oh, I could needle-felt that”.  (I have a weekly meet-up with friends for needle-felting, and sometimes other crafts. We’ve been doing it for about a year and a half.)

So here’s a prototype.  Sort of was feeling my way through this.  Would like to try a more complicated plaid pattern next time perhaps.  Shown in hand for scale.  Took about 7 hours, I think?

If all goes well, am planning to leave this one in the treasure box at Confusion Hill.


Believe it or not, this is needlefelting. Not painting. I’m super astonished how unreal this looks. But this is ACTUALLY a felted doll.
Anyways. This buddy is my test model to check out what I can do to him in the progress of the stopmotion animation, what colours go best and so on. That’s why one of his feet is slightly darker orange than the rest. Previously I used another turquoise shade, which is still visible on his belly.

Check out the final animation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5_x0Ir816A

Anyone wanna draw him for me? ;__;