Felony Flats - An Intricate Roof Scene

While it may be customary to let our site kind of take a breather whenever we drop a compilation or list, this could not wait until tomorrow. Felony Flats a young albeit enigmatic night thumper, hailing from Serbia, has made a nice little name for himself in terms of the bass community by dropping a wide variety of dark, brooding bumps. Take for instance, “An Intricate Roof Scene.” This gritty beast of a track invites you in with some exceptionally raw low ends, which seem to shake the listeners’ very soul.  Although the track may be off putting to some, the ominous emotion expressed throughout this arrangement act’s as both the tracks motivation and appeal. Get lower with the sounds of Felony Flats on his Soundcloud.


My friend Naxo Fiol notified me that he programmed my short entitled La Muerte No Esconde Sus Bragas in a a cultural festival in Barcelona. He played it alongside his own short Posicion Violacion and the crowd flipped out. In Naxo’s words, “Man, all the audience was deeply offended with our movies… they gave shouts of disapproval. It was amazing. I was very proud of you and me and our movies.” Beautiful! Thank you, Naxo!


Video from HappyNoviSad B-Day party!
Crazy night!
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FELONY FLATS @ Portland Underground Film Festival

photo by Greg Hamilton

The Portland Underground Film Festival’s screening of my latest picture FELONY FLATS was fantastic! It looked and sounded great up on the big Clinton Street Theater screen. Jason Cox’s soul searing “music” sounded crisp and cut to the heart of the matter. I was utterly shocked at the awesomeness of the picture qualty. All shot on a Kodak Zi8. Sorry, but I don’t need a damn Red Cam. I’ll leave that to the “professionals.” Everyone wants to be John Holmes. I’m happy with what I have. And these tiny cams come in handy in a tight shooting situation!

photo by Greg Hamilton

Before the screening, there was a Hitler meme, put together by Clinton Street Theater owner and P.U.F.F. curator Seth Sonstein, which was brilliant and hilarious. He rants and raves about the denizens of Portland noodling away at their “vanity projects” rather than coming out to P.U.F.F. He goes on about what a great movie FELONY FLATS is and how it’s about a mentally ill man “fucking around Foster Road” and waving around his “huge cock.” He extols the virtues of riding around on 20 foot bikes and wishes wistfully for a bong rip. It was a great set-up for my picture. Also, Chadwick was there as an emcee this year and his comedy lent the event a nice vibe, even though some jerk in the crowd kept yelling out his punchlines.

I think Greg took this one, too

I was surprised at how well FELONY FLATS was received by the audience. I did my spiel at the beginning and I talked about how my movies are a lot like those camps where they drop teens off in the forest and they have to learn to fend for themselves. Maybe that helped connect the dots a little bit. The crowd was light, but super enthusiastic. With the way the world works in these evil empire times, it’s a pretty amazing thing that thirty people come out for an underground film screening. I applaud their willingness to absorb entertainment without Brad Pitt or robots or explosions, even though I, too, enjoy a good robot explosion from time to time.

It was also great that I didn’t know everyone there. Finding new fans is the big thing for me and I think I found some. A lot of people came up to me and told me how much they enjoyed the movie, which doesn’t always happen. When it does, it tells you you’re doing something right - hitting on some sort of nerve, which I was definitely trying to do with FELONY FLATS. It comes from a very real place in my soul and people responded to it. I was talking to a couple with awesome fashion sense in the lobby and they were telling me how they watch all movies in fast forward because they have no attention span. Every time they wanted to get up and leave the screening, something beautiful would happen and it kept them in their seats. That was a great thing to hear.

The after party at the Aalto Loung was fun. The sponsors gave us free vodka and I’m not a very big drinker so things got a little crazy. It was great getting a chance to talk to friends and fellow underground movie fans. A fine finish to a lovely evening.

I think Nicola Sonstein took this

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Felony Flats - Wake Sleep