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Felony Flats - Braxton

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Felony Flats - Wake Sleep

anonymous asked:

Do you see Kurt Cobain as an inspiration to this generation? If so then how?

I do.    Kurt Cobain came from a relatively small town,  little opportunity or jobs,

he came from , as they call it….”felony flats” in aberdeen.  not the best end of town.  

he had ambition, drive.   he practiced writing, and guitar.   he worked hard to get where he got to.

however, he’s also a prime example of ‘be careful what you ask for, you just might get it”.     he wanted fame, and money.   what he didn’t bargain for was

the insanity of NIRVANA.

also, he’s a good example of a great person who needed help.  and never sought it.   

if anyone was an example of someone who never should have gotten into drugs, kurt was it.