Compassionate Texas Conservative Wants To Deny Ex-Felons SNAP Aid
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A program designed to help ex-felons who served time for drug offenses went into effect September 1st in Texas.

Texas soon will allow tens of thousands of residents convicted of drug crimes to receive food assistance from the federal government, joining almost every other state in ending a ban that once covered the entire nation.

Legislation approved during this year’s legislative session will make Texas the 44th state to opt out of the ban, which former U.S. Sen. Phil Gramm, R-Texas, inserted into President Bill Clinton’s 1996 welfare reform package.

The change could help many of the 56,860 Texas residents currently on Community Supervision for drug offenses, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and many more who already have cycled out of parole.

Morning fearmongerer, Brian Kilmeade presented the story with the intro,

‘Hey, thousands of felons are receiving food stamps ON YOUR DIME.’

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Not Every Human Problem Needs A Felony Classification

The Washington Times reports that a Manhattan man is facing 3 years in prison for defending himself with an unlicensed handgun when a burglar entered his home:

A Manhattan millionaire faces three years in jail for drawing an unlicensed gun on a burglar inside his home.

George Bardwil, who owns linen company Bardwil Home, was in his E Street apartment when an intruder came into his home in January, The Daily Mail reports.

Mr. Bardwil, 60, threatened the intruder with a loaded .40 cal Sig Sauer. The man fled and Mr. Bardwil called the police.

After showing the cops footage from his home surveillance cameras, they arrested him under suspicions of owning an illegal firearm.

The businessman’s lawyer, Michael Bachner, told the New York Post that the gun is legally registered to the defendant’s bodyguard.

“There’s no dispute that George was being burglarized,” Mr. Bachner said. “George had been the victim of multiple burglaries, and the DA’s office concedes that it was used in self defense.”

This is a case in which Gun Control advocates ought to side with the homeowner.  There are ways to control handguns without sending unlicensed owners to prison for three years, and turning them into convicted felons—with all the consequences that entails.

George Bardwil’s arrest is in many ways a poster child for the follies of Retributivism.  There are four classical justifications for criminal punishment: Deterrence, Retribution, Rehabilitation, and Incapacitation.  Of these, Retributivism—the idea that people should be punished according to what they “deserve,"—consistently distorts our criminal justice system by relying on inherently subjective ethical judgments to determine the punishment of convicted persons.  It consistently leads to disproportionate sentencing regimes and perverse incentives for police and prosecutors to seek ever-more-severe punishments for criminal defendants.

There is no reason that we need to send George Bardwil to prison.  It is crazy to remove an otherwise productive citizen from his family and community for having the audacity to defend himself in his own home with an unlicensed firearm.  Civil penalties, forfeiture, and perhaps a small jail sentence would be at least as effective at deterring Mr. Bardwil from obtaining another unlicensed handgun in the future.  And the civil penalties could be theoretically applied to some good cause.  Instead, the state of New York will attempt to put a successful business owner in prison for three years for defending himself with an unlicensed handgun from a home invader.  

These types of situations are eminently avoidable.  America needs to learn to stop using the criminal justice system to control everything that they don’t like.  We don’t need to threaten people with incarceration to manage every social ill.  Not every human problem needs a felony classification.

Derek Hale

Can we talk about the reason that Derek bit Erica, Issac and Boyd. All three were outsiders, never really talked to anyone, didn’t have friends and had personal issues.

Derek is not a dumb guy. He could’ve easily went for Danny, Jackson or any other person with a large amount of strength in the town but he didn’t.

He went for three people who needed the help, three people who needed the confidence, needed someone to depend on and this speaks volumes for his character. Everyone saw him as this selfish felon and yet when he had the chance to truly become powerful, truly become evil he choose three people who he wanted to help not three people he could use for his selfish needs.

Uber Should Keep Employing Drivers With Criminal Backgrounds
Uber can keep customers safe without fingerprinting all applicants or adopting excessively putative policies toward people who committed crimes long ago.

Uber has come under public fire lately for perceived failure to adequately screen drivers. Los Angeles and San Francisco prosecutors recently amended a consumer protection lawsuitthey brought against Uber last year, alleging Uber misled customers about the ride service’s safety, including the stringency of its driver background checks. The amended civil complaint details the criminal histories of 25 California Uber drivers between the two cities whom prosecutors believe should have been screened out. Among those profiled were one driver convicted of “kidnapping for ransom with a firearm” in 1994, some individuals on the state sex-offender registry, and several convicted of driving under the influence or welfare fraud.

“According to the amended lawsuit complaint, one driver was convicted of second-degree murder in Los Angeles and spent 26 years in prison,” the Los Angeles Times reports:

He gave a different name when he applied to drive for Uber, and a background report said he had no known aliases and no criminal history, the complaint said. The driver gave 1,168 rides over seven months, according to the prosecutors’ court filing.

Note that nothing happened to suggest that this driver was unfit to safely transport Uber customers. The California prosecutors’ concerns are not that Uber drivers with criminal backgrounds have been misbehaving, but merely that they are able to work as drivers at all. (We prefer our formerly-incarcerated to live in aimless poverty until we can lock them back up for parole violations…)

To Those of “Hereafter”

Dear Lady Sylrissa Ravenmourn,

I am addressing this letter to you in regards of my residency within your House. Some weeks in the past I have been offered work as an archivist and accountant amongst many other duties I specialize in by Jaidyn Summerstar for his Trading Company. I recently learnt that surprisingly, the offer still stands and I’ve taken it into thought for a time. Given as how things are now I feel that my services and skills are strongly needed to support this. However it means that my title and duties as a member of your Council and Head Magister must come to an end. Though my work will be elsewhere I offer my abilities should you require them from time to time.

I humbly request that you give my best regards to those that I’ve been acquainted with during my time in your service. Even though I suspect news of my departure would be celebratory to some, if not all. Do also inform them that my skills as a magister or mechanic are at their hand should they require my aid, I am generous after all. I’ve tended to some things before my leave of course; given the lack of organization all your members consistently seem to have. I have also earned your House a reputable notice, you will see what I mean when you speak to the guild vendor. I figured it would serve as an appropriate farewell gift to all of you… Though I understand Calebbe’s reluctance to magic, I’m certain he’ll find the idea of making a new friend enticing. But now that I think of it, I am uncertain what his standing is with dragonkin as it isn’t a wild animal…

In any case, I’ve also decided to keep the ‘Comm’ as a method to remain in touch with you all, knowing well that my help would be needed shortly after my departure… Probably something relating to needing something of vanity conjured or some machine fixed… Though I will only offer my abilities in serious or dire matters, I can at least maintain connection with the ‘Comm’ to extend my impressive, vast archive of knowledge at your or your household’s expense, simply out of favour. It certainly was…. interesting to work under a woman’s command, but I’m certain it wouldn’t be something I would do again if I could help it.

Extend my farewell to everyone and that it was both irritating yet pleasant to have made their acquaintance.


Thaeldren Edel’tharion

P.S. - I may have only vaguely mentioned it, but my trade as an engineer will also apply with my offer of skills. Also inform Isendre that I am still willing to train her in the ways of the Arcane as best I can. She should expect ‘homework’ to be mailed to her sometime in the future.

It was an interesting experience interacting with you all.


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