Aziraphale was sitting on the table in his back room enjoying an owl-sized teacup of tea (held by the handle with his right foot) and reading (for the fifth time since returning him) Ezra’s book.  Occasionally a page would turn seemingly on his own as he sipped his tea.

Ezra's Valentine's Scheme (Among Other Things)

The day started early for Adam, but comfortably. Dog was curled at the foot of Adam’s single bed pushed into the corner of his little bedsit flat and perked up when Adam stretched upward, smiling a little. Valentine’s was usually just another day for him but this one meant a signing. And while they were nervewracking and he felt a little narcissistic admitting it, he loved signings. They meant he could drag everyone into his little world for an hour or so and they’d go willingly, happily.

Adam dropped Dog with his upstairs neighbors, an old couple who loved the dog and who said they’d only be out a few hours in the evening and could drop him in Adam’s flat before they did. He just didnt want the terrier alone all day. Then he drove himself and a box of pre-signed books (a box from which he’d plucked Anthony’s copy, although that one had a special note scrawled in it reading “Thank you for everything, I just bought an aloe plant. Something simple to start with, you should drop in and see it sometime. Have a nice evening, yours,” and then the signature) up to London, listening to classical music the whole way, trying to calm his nerves as they swelled while he got closer to London. But he was smiling by the time he got to the signing (and early too, he was always punctual to these things). He fussed over his appearance in the rearview for a good fifteen minutes, straightening his suit (a work suit spruced up with a red and pink tie for the occasion, a striking contrast to his usual battered t-shirt and falling apart trainers) and hair and making sure everything was in place. And then he went in, beaming and giddy nerves.

((Hey Ezra and Anthony’s muns (you guys should give me names so I can stop referring to you like that) when are we going to do the Valentine’s thread? I think I’m busy valentine’s evening unless I’m cancelled on (which is common with my mother) but do we want to start it before or after? I don’t have a lot of time tonight, seeing as I have to get off in an hourish but it’s all up to you two? And I’ll happily start it if you’d like but I just want to know when))