fells art

Care Package (of SIVA)  


((A very fast doodle inspired by the small thread with @the-siva-plague linked at the title x)

The Cluster instead is a tribute to @carina-hellebore http://carina-hellebore.tumblr.com/post/151447933790/in-case-you-cant-read-1-draw-siva-2-color , only her can make Clusters cuter than they actually are xD

This is not how care packages works SIVA—))

skullythepirate2  asked:

(Grips fell sentrys head because of how much bigger skully is his hand nearly covers fells entire skull) hears how's this is going to go you let him go and I won't crush your skull like an egg capesh?

((this is actually almost godmodding and i wont accept it again but i will this one time . Just this once!))

[ He looks strained. ]

“Apart” 2/19/2017

Some fan art for @kazliin‘s amazing YOI story Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches. More specifically, it was inspired by this paragraph in chapter 12:

“Yuuri knew that it was how it had always been between them, brief moments of time together and then long periods apart, they lives, their worlds, separated by more than just distance. And he had accepted that, he had been content with that before. But now everything was different.”


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