Bryan, on my Facebook Spider Outreach Group did not believe me when I explained to him that Hobo Spiders are harmless.  So, he sarcastically challenged me to put one on my face….well, little did he know that it is a challenge right up my alley!  I’ve even been known to put spiders with medically significant venom on my face (here’s Julia, my black widow, on my nose), so a harmless spider with just a bunch of internet hoopla based on old anecdotal evidence that has since been scientifically proven to be false???  Game on. 

I’m in SoCal, so I reached out to other members in the Pacific Northwest to send me their Hobos!   One handsome little fellow arrived today (thanks, Jessica!).  

Another myth squished (no pun intended). Bryan was a good sport and admitted defeat.    We still never did figure out what injured his foot though….



In light of tragic events…

I’ve been rather M.I.A for a while but I had been working on a birthday party for Micah’s 2nd birthday for a few months now. These are just test shots I took during the decorating process. Sadly my computer crapped out on me this morning and I’m having to wipe out my whole drive and start from new…so this party is likely not going to happen as I’ve lost all the cc I created.

I’m glad I took these pictures. At least you guys get to see how it was coming along,

  • Someone:talk dirty to me
  • Me:instead, as muffled screams of ‘Panic!, Panic!’ escape through the backstage walls an hour before show-time, Urie and Ross crack up as they slow-dance together through the heaving dressing room, belting out 'All These Things That I’ve Done’ by fellow Las Vegas quartet The Killers as they glide through the crowd.
SURVEY: No Mercy

I am one of the leaders for a tabletop gaming club at my school, and we’re setting up a series of death match, one shot, dungeon crawls called “The Gauntlet”. Players choose one of their favorite PCs and submit them to this crucible of adventures, with a chance to win gold, XP, magic items, and glory a thousand fold if they survive. However, The Gauntlet is not for the faint of HP, those who enter should beware of the dangers, and know that once you die in the Gauntlet, your character is destroyed forever (EVEN IN YOUR OWN GAMES!!!)

We’d like to here from YOU, fellow Dungeon Masters! What are your most cruel, unforgiving, terrible DMing tricks that you use to give players the most challenging encounters, brutal combats, and lingering effects that will forever scar their PCs!

COMMENT BELOW with your most dastardly and devious DMing traps, monsters, and curses!


Everyone should feel beautiful in their own skin. But I get my hair and make up done professionally. For a job. That’s not beauty. That’s make up it’s a curling iron and hairspray. What’s beautiful is inside you. It’s your creativity. It’s your intelligence. Your empathy and your kindness to your fellow man. I could care less about being “pretty” or “perfect” and we should all ask ourselves why in our society that is the “highest” and most common compliment we are paying to our female friends.

Hello my fellow simblrs!

@saudade-sims4 requested that I recolor the Azure Living chair and love seat by Severinka in my color palette. Being my best friend and all, I couldn’t refuse her. Plus they really are gorgeous! Saudade also was kind enough to take the preview picture for me, so a big thank you to her for it!


You NEED THE MESH for these to show up in game, so go download it ;)


Gold Medalist Caster Semenya Displays Grace Under Pressure
In a press conference with the medalists in the 800-meter race, journalists tried to focus the conversation on testosterone levels. The out South African runner pushed back.

South African gold medalist Caster Semenya continues to be the epitome of athleticism and class. Today, during a press conference with the other 800-meter medalists, the out athlete deflected invasive questions about both her and her fellow medalists’ genders. A reporter at the press conference asked all three women if they had been encouraged by the International Association of Athletics Federation, track and field’s governing body, to take medications that would reduce their testosterone levels. All three 800-meter medalists have been the object of much speculation about the possibility that they have a medical condition called hyperandrogenism, which means a higher-than-average level of testosterone.

After silver medalist Margaret Wambui responded to the question with an attempt to recenter the conversation on the race, Semenya spoke up and pushed back on the invasive inquiry, saying, 

“Excuse me, my friend. Tonight is all about performance. We are not here to talk about IAAF and speculations. Tonight is all about performance. This press conference is all about the 800-meter we ran today. So, thank you.”

Semenya came under intense scrutiny in 2009 after a number of stunning wins at the World Championships, and was subjected to “gender tests” by the IAAF. She was ultimately cleared to complete and won silver at the London Olympics in 2012. After Semenya’s stunning gold medal finish, British runner Lynsey Sharp complained that the IAAF’s new rules that no longer require hyperandrogenic women to take drugs to suppress their testosterone levels below certain levels gave Semenya an unfair advantage. Sharp finished sixth in the 800-meter race. There is currently no clear evidence than hyperandrogenic women have an athletic advantage.

During the press conference, Semenya also discussed the ways in which sport can unite people, saying:

“It is not about discriminating people and looking at people in terms of how they look, how they speak, and how they have run. It’s not about being masculine. It’s about sports. When you leave your apartment you don’t want to look at what you look like. You just want to do better. The message to people out there is to have fun and see what you can achieve. That’s what I want to say.”



New photos of Alex in Nacka, Sweden (August 24, 2016).

Sounds like Alex has a new project in the works - to be announced soon!

“Today we got to work with one of our favourite guys #alexander skarsgard on a beautiful late summer day! Stay tuned for the result. #photo #andrewolff #rockson #rocksonsthlm #selfie by alex.”

-rocksonsthlm instagram

Is that Alex (pic #3)? Captioned “Shooting in Sweeden,” it was shared on the instagram of Katie Glass (katieelectricg instagram), a journalist for The Sunday Times.

Other photo sources:

1. daniodanie instagram

2. “Me and #Tarzan deep down in the swedish jungle, Alexander the Great Skarsgård #alexander skarsgard #nackanaturreservat #hellasgården #sweden #stockholm #summer #fun #work.” -thedrewolff instagram

3. “YAS! Philip Skarsgård. Tough day at work, working outside with this fellow! #alexander skarsgard.” -philipfohlin instagram

4. “Best buddies!#Alexander Skarsgard.” -simhoppers instagram

Okay I mean I still don’t really like Bella Thorne that much like I don’t have anything against her I just don’t think she’s THAT great y'know? But I mean… she just came out as bi by dumping her boyfriend to start dating her best friend. That is the work of a TRUE bisexual goddess and I’m happy for her. Yay to one more celeb added to our beautiful community!

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Click here to support JKI 2016 by Mars Lauderbaugh
Hey everyone! I've been in taekwondo for almost 6 years--the last three years I've spent competing all over the west coast, from local state tournaments to USAT National Qualifiers and Championships. I've trained with a handful of Masters and Coaches, but the school I call home is quickly comin...

Hi guys! Please check this out/share if you can! For those of you who’ve been around me for a while or have seen how much I love Taekwondo and Martial Arts, this won’t really be a surprise, but I’ve set up a fundraiser to help me get to competitions. The Jimmy Kim Invitational, specifically. 

The Taekwondo school I work in/call home is coming under new management, and myself, current Master, and fellow instructors won’t be sponsored by the school anymore. Meaning that I have to come up with the money for competition fees myself. Being in school kind of drains all my income, so any kind of support or donation will help me tremendously. 

Thank you!

Sagittarius sun, Capricorn moon, Aries rising

Aries- Immensely selfish and always got their own back(not that it is a bad thing, I find it very self sufficient). They can be naive at times, and adventurous, loud, and very hot headed( meanwhile the fellow Cardinal sign Capricorn freaks out behind him deeming him “immature to the highest degree” Aries retorts by flipping him off while walking off into the distance). Moreover, having an Aries rising, I can be very obnoxiously angry for absolutely everything, even though I usually get over it in 3-4minutes. Many times I have tried to keep grudges but it has always proved literally impossible, it was always something about being too bored to keep the grudge going on or being too over it and onto the next to keep obsessing. Overall, Aries natives love to look ahead, they hate looking back into the past and contemplating; They feel they will get nowhere this way. I have found they need a great amount of mental and/or emotional stimulation to keep them coming back to people (much like Scorpio), they tend to like being independent more and don’t really know how to deal with a partner(s).

Taurus- Extremely chill. Obsessed with luxury and comfortable lifestyles. So comforting. Hell, even complete strangers would be fine hanging with these guys. I see this sign as the most earthy sign there is; Fixed signs tend to portray the highest form of the element so since Taurus is a fixed sign they would exhibit the highest form of earth compared to the other earth signs Capricorn and Virgo. Taurus Venus tends to be beautiful af like Lana del Rey for example and Taurus Mars tends to be overly sensual and obsessed with good clothes( not too gaudy, more traditional), good food, and getting reactions out of love interests and just straight up messing with them so they can replay their little darling’s reaction in their head over and over again. Overall, Taurus tends to make an object out of everyone and everything in their lives and treats the world as if it was their own shopping mall or trading center, maybe even they are their own object in their own eyes….who knows???

Gemini- SO CURIOUS!!! Yet they have an attention span of a 4 year old. I love Gemini natives because they are so open minded when it comes to learning unlike most other signs. My best friend was a Gemini sun with a libra moon so I am usually get along very well with them. I really appreciate how mentally stimulating they are, I tend to enjoy roaming around and talking with them. Usually guys with Gemini Venus tend to like girls regardless of looks making them pretty real despite Gemini stereotypes of being fake.

Cancer- C for Comfortable much like Taurus natives; making cancer and Taurus my second favorite zodiac couple. Though personally one other adjective I would use to describe them would be adorable. Cancers are fucking adorable in my opinion, then again that might just be because of my Capricorn moon and cancer IC. Cancers usually try really hard to feel comfortable and bring a sense of home to any enviornment you put them in. They are manipulative however when they feel insecure, much like their fellow water sign Scorpio. They also are obsessed with their emotions aka moon sign so if you find a cancer with say a Virgo moon you will find this person to exhibit the deepest most organic traits of a Virgo. But on a more negative note, because I have a Capricorn moon I tend to find them to be overly emotional and highly impractical at times, I usually obsess over protecting these frail nymphs for this reason, especially if they have their moon in a water or earth sign.

Leo- LEOS ARE SO MUCH FUN!!! Most find it annoying how self centered they are but i just find it really funny. They are like a bundle of sunshine. They can light up the day of even some emo dude sitting in the corner complaining about the world. They are fun as long as you don’t burst their bubble: their super ego. Their ego might not be as big as a scorpio’s or as small as a Pisces’s/Virgo’s but regardless it is still there and it is highly sensitive. Leo natives might hide their vulnerability and fragility but it is always LITERALLY ALWAYS there and conveniently it is all surrounded by their giant bulb of ego light from which they shine through.

Virgo- I love Virgo’s, they are all hot to me regardless of how they look like. They are so cute and nitpicky. I have a Virgo Mars so I am usually ok with any sort of nagging. I hate to admit it but many times I find myself nagging about absolutely everything. I don’t usually do it to annoy others however, i usually do it to help them become better. Virgo’s are obsessed with retaining their purity at all costs. Why? It makes them feel clean. They tend to get disillusioned and addicted to the details, unlike Pisces who gets disillusioned by the big picture.

Libra- THEY ARE SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!! They are the most harmonizing people you will ever meet. Most have beautiful features and are complemented or don’t get complimented enough and have an inescapable need to gain more compliments. They are frustratingly indecisive however. They can also be artificial when they obsess over pleasing others too much; They usually do this when it gets harder to make friends or partners. They can also suffer from laziness such as the other Venus ruled sign: Taurus. Yet regardless, I find them immensely beautiful, even if not physically.

Scorpio- I love scorpios, almost as much as I love capricorns and Virgos. I love them mainly because of their lack of superficiality. They have so much depth and I always find myself lost inside it yet undeniably chained to it. Although that may be because of the fact that I have Venus Conjunct Pluto with orb of 0 and not to mention my Sun, Venus, and Pluto all in my 8th house ruled by Scorpio. Regardless, I find them all curious about others yet retaining their subtlety by being immensely hidden regarding their curiosity and what they find mentally and emotionally stimulating. Overall, Scorpio natives are sexy af the end.

Sagittarius- Sag natives are all extremely attractive to me. They have an insatiable sense of adventure that I just find exhilarating. It is any Sag girls dream to find a Sagittarian man who is willing to take them on a long adventure across the world. Sagittarius’s are blunt, yet I still fail to see anything wrong in that. I find them to be honest. I also find them having a habit of trying to look bigger than they are, making them seem ambitious. They love to act grandiose like a leo and jump into life like an Aries but unlike those other fire signs, Sagittarius natives tend to be much more optimistic and patient to go through the hardships of life. They lack the Leo super ego and the Aries “bitch get out the way” rudeness. Ultimately, I love how they obsess over adventure and I can relate, being a Sagittarius myself.

Capricorn- Capricorn’s I feel most comfortable with and used to. That may be because of my capricorn moon that I can’t help but find their pessimism and practicality almost soothing like a lullaby. I also find myself uncontrollably attracted to them. To me, every aspect of them is beautiful in the most purest way. I idealize their structure and wish there was a way I could heal all of their sorrows. I would gladly give myself to help any Capricorn, that is my weakness. Regardless, I cannot deny that I tend to find them intimidating, I find their demands to be harsh at times (moon square Saturn). But I nevertheless, love them immensely, I find them to be perfection in every way. However, that all may be because of my moon Neptune conjunction in Capricorn.

Aquarius- I find them strange. I find scorpios most unique with Aquarius making a close second. They are all fun to hang around and I really REALLY appreciate how detached they are. They don’t smother you yet sometimes I must admit I find their detachment somewhat cold. Aquarius is a super chill sign though. They never take things to heart and always put faith in humanity no matter how incompetent they may feel them to be, they make it almost a responsibility to care for them, much like Capricorn takes responsibility to care for their family and themselves. My father has an Aquarius moon and he is the most chill guy when it comes to dealing with people. He never gets too attached to anyone and never once obsessed over gossiping about others, he likes to spend his time elsewhere learning random and shocking things on national geographic or perusing criminal minds instead. But when he does get asked his opinion regarding gossip he is able to give a full analysis on the psychological situation and motives of all people involved. (which I find literally psychic, almost like a water sign.)

Pisces- I find them fragile and in a constant state of euphoria, looking at the rest of the signs and world with a compassionate and “I’ve been there before” look in their eyes. Whenever I see a Pisces native they are always fighting for something bigger than themselves much like Sagittarius. The only difference would be the emotionally surrendering way they flow through life. They are extremely tolerant with pain, yet unlike a Scorpio who would immediately shut down and become suspicious of everyone, Pisces tends to take it all in, making them the most tolerant sign in the zodiac. They will tolerate anything you throw at them and only give you love in the end, making them the hands down perfect soulmate for a Scorpio, Capricorn, and any other sign that wears thick and rough skin around their sensitive hearts.