February 22nd 1943: White Rose group executed

On this day in 1943, three members of the peaceful resistance movement in Nazi Germany, the White Rose, were executed. The White Rose, comprising students from the University of Munich and their philosophy professor, began in June 1942. The group secretly distributed leaflets protesting against the regime of Adolf Hitler and the war being waged in Europe, highlighting the repressive nature of the Nazi police state and drawing attention to the mistreatment of Jews. The group took precautions to avoid capture by keeping the White Rose group very small. However, on 18th February 1943, the siblings Sophie and Hans Scholl were discovered distributing leaflets by a university janitor, who informed the Gestapo. Hans and Sophie were arrested and immediately admitted guilt, hoping to avoid being coerced into implicating their fellow members of the White Rose, but after further interrogation were forced to give up the names. Four days later, the Scholls and Christoph Probst - some of the founding members of the group - were put on trial and found guilty of treason; they were sentenced to death. That same day, February 22nd, the three were executed by beheading at Stadelheim Prison. After their executions, the remaining members were arrested and killed, thus ending the White Rose resistance movement. The White Rose, alongside other groups like the Edelweiss Pirates, are an important example of Germans speaking out against Hitler’s regime, and their deaths are yet another in the litany of Nazi crimes.

“We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will not leave you in peace!”

Happy birthday Ret Marut aka B Traven, anarchist revolutionary, novelist and international man of mystery, born 23rd February 1882

Along with fellow anarchists Erich Muhsam and Gustav Landauer he played a leading role in the the Bavarian Soviet Republic of 1918 before evading arrest and escaping to Mexico, where he changed his identity and wrote many great novels including The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, which became a John Huston movie starring Humphrey Bogart

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I got written up once along with a fellow employee because we were both looking at the schedule for 10 seconds, but neither of us had a customer. Apparently you're supposed to sign your write up and return it? I dead ass looked at my manager like he said something stupid when the next day he asked for a returned signed slip. Am I back in elementary school, you want my mom to sign it or something? I just had accepted I got written up and threw it away and moved on. Whoopsies.

Oscars Week 2017: The Complete Party (and Protest) Guide
From the Spirit Awards and the Night Before Party to Elton John's major milestone and Vanity Fair, get the scoop on all the A-list parties happening in Hollywood to celebrate all things Oscar.


12th annual Oscar Wilde Awards
Bad Robot, 1221 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, 6:30 p.m.-11 p.m.
Put on by the nonprofit U.S.-Ireland Alliance in an effort to recognize the contributions of the Irish in film and on TV (even if they aren’t Irish), this yearly Oscar week event is always a hot ticket. Why? J.J. Abrams is the emcee and this year’s roster of talent includes honorees Ruth Negga, Caitriona Balfe, Glen Hansard, Zachary Quinto and Martin Short. Chris Pine has RSVP’d to present to his Star Trek mate Quinto while Catherine O'Hara will do the honors for her fellow Canadian Short and Cameron Crowe presenting to Hansard.


Vanity Fair
Custom space next to the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, 9390 N. Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills
The mag is back once again to host its ever-hot post-Oscar party. Last year, making the rounds while toting their Oscars were Leonardo DiCaprio, Sam Smith and Alicia Vikander along with host Chris Rock, Sylvester Stallone, Amy Adams, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Serena Williams, Matt Damon, Jared Leto, Jennifer Garner, Nick Jonas, Margot Robbie, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. Even Elton John made an appearance after his own party.

2017 Melbourne World Cup Day Two Recap

Todays session began with Beam and Mens Vault. Beam was headlined by Olympic Champion Sanne Wevers and Vault by Olympic Medalist Kenzo Shirai. Beam was, as usual, the battle of who could stay on the apparatus. Five gymnasts fell of the beam and four girls stayed on. Unsurprisingly the girls that stayed on the beam are ranked in the top 4 going into finals on Saturday. Liu Ting Ting led the way on beam with an amazing routine with lots of intricate mixed and acro combinations which gave her the highest difficulty score of 6.2 (which is huge in the new code of points). She scored a 14.666 with an 8.566 E score, she had a neutral deduction of .1 for going over time. 

Second place in qualifications was fellow countrywoman Luo Huan who also showcased beautiful lines and skills to score a 14.366 (5.9). 

Olympic Champion Sanne Wevers of the Netherlands qualified in fourth with a 13.866. She had a couple of breaks that resulted in missed connections which lowered her D score from 6.3 (which she showed in training today) to a 5.4. This kept her score below 14 and well behind the Chinese today. 

Emma Nedov of Australia qualified in fourth place with a solid routine, she had a couple of balance breaks but nothing too major.

Alternating with beam was the Mens Vault which I had trouble watching because it was on the opposite end of the arena. Despite this I witnessed some amazing and terrifying vaulting. Kenzo Shirai of Japan qualified in first scoring 14.549 with an amazing triple twisting yurchenko and unveiling a new second vault that is now the Shirai III (full on double full off). Ahmet Onder was in second with a stuck tsukahara two and a half twist. He struggled a little on his second vault but was overall really impressive. Wataru Tanigawa of japan was in third place with one messy and one pretty clean vault. Chris Remkes had a great first vault almost sticking his Dragalescu but fell on his second vault. If he hits in finals he could be a really contender for the podium.

Up next was parallel bars which once again was the battle of who could have the least amount of scary mistakes/fall. Zou Jingyuan of China qualified in first with a huge 15.433 (6.6), he had great handstands and stuck his double front half dismount. Ferhat Arican was in second with a 14.833 with a great routine with a basically stuck double front half dismount as well. He was the silver medalist on this event at the Rio Test Event last year so has excellent potential for the podium come Saturday night. Kenzo Shirai was in third with a 14.200 (6.0), overall he had a pretty clean routine with great form and amplitude. He had a couple of little struggles throughout the routine but stuck his dismount as well.

The next event up was floor which featured Wang Yan of China who qualified in top position with a  13.433 (5.4). She showed a new double layout but was a bit short, this was followed up by her trademark triple full to punch front. She also had some great new sassy choreography which featured a couple of cleaning the dirt off her shoulder moves. Liu Ting Ting of China was in second with a 13.400 (5.1) with beautiful leaps and great dance. Her deductions mainly came on her tumbling which could use some work to help improve her score. In third place was Emily Little of Australia who showed an amazing double layout that had a near perfect landing. She only scored a 12.633 but had fantastic tumbling and was just lacking a bit on the dance side. 

Tracie Ang of Malaysia had a really great routine to qualify in fourth position.

High Bar was the final event and after this high bar competition I think high bar should be renamed Splat City because only three out of the eight gymnasts managed to make it through a routine without falling. Japan’s Saito Yusuke qualified in first with a 14.366 (6.7) he had a huge laidout Kolman to Kovacs combination which made the crowd roar with excitement. Devy Dyson of New Zealand qualified in second with a really secure and solid routine that which had by far the best execution (8.433) of the entire high bar competition. Ahmet Onder of Turkey had beautiful form on high bar but a couple of struggles on his routine let him qualify in third to Saturday’s final.

Today was quite a rough day for most people on every event so hopefully we see some improvements for finals. It was also super exciting today because I met Aly Raisman and Kenzo Shirai which was amazing. I can’t wait for the finals to start tomorrow and to continue covering the event for you all.

As Any She Belied By False Compare

So this is a beloved writer’s work that I highly recommend…she expressed to me some discouragement and I’m now asking(pleading/begging) for you to hop on over to her fic and give it a read or a kudo or better yet, a comment!

Because it’s super original and creative!

On 23rd of February 664, St Boisil, second prior of Melrose Abbey, died.

He followed St Aidan as prior and was succeeded by St Cuthbert. As is usual with ancient dates there is some dispute over when the Feast of St Boisil is celebrated. But in most early calendars, it was assigned to February 23rd.
Despite Cuthbert being the more well-known of the three, Boisil was ‘famous’ enough to have the Roxburghshire village of Saint Boswells named after him.

Boisil was originally based at a monastery at Lindisfarne, where a group of monks grew tired of life by the sea. In search of forgiveness for their tiresomeness, they travelled north along the River Tweed after convincing themselves that relocating would solve their problems, with Boisil one of them.
The group landed at ‘Old Mailros’ in Tweeddale, and acted as missionaries for the locals. Boisil became well known for his healing powers, impressing his fellow monks and the community alike.

Boisil became Prior, or Abbot of the Abbey at Old Mailros in 659, and healed his pupil Cuthbert who was struck down when a plague struck down the monastery’s inhabitants.

Incredibly, Boisil also foretold his own death - from a later outbreak of the plague. On his deathbed, he is said to have predicted Cuthbert’s rise to glory.
St Boisil was buried at Melrose Abbey but his relics were removed in 1030 and taken to Durham, where St Cuthbert is also interred.

The pic shows a depiction of Cuthbert’s meeting with Boisil at Melrose

My fellow Starco Shippers! Listen well! Your Rebel Princess has News! Starco is not dead! Rumor has it that there may be a season four of SVTFOE! And in that season a possible Starco! Starco is stronger than ever! Believe in Starco always! Jarco Shall not Win! We must stay Strong in this battle!!! NOW WHO IS WITH ME IN THE BATTLEOF STARCO VS JARCO!?!?!

empty eyes - 3/? [KHR]

- Promise -

“Tsuna-kun, where did you get this jacket?” Nana lifts the jacket Ricardo gave him the day before up. Tsuna pauses mid-bite, suddenly remember he hadn’t given the man his jacket back before rushing inside yesterday. He should fix that today.

“A friend gave it to me yesterday,” Tsuna says. “His name’s Ricardo. He’s nice, Mom!”

“Well, I’m glad to hear you made a friend, Tsuna-kun. I’ll dry the jacket, and you can return it later on once you get Ricardo-san’s address, okay?”

“Okay!” Tsuna agrees. “I can ask him.”

Iemitsu, previously absorbed in his food, seems wary of the jacket as Nana tucks it over her arm and walks out to the clothes line. “Say Tunafish, what’s this Ricardo fellow like?”

Tsuna ponders the question. “Well… he’s really tough-looking. And he does this a lot,” he arches an eyebrow in an imitation. Iemitsu’s mouth twitches and he hastily covers the smile.

“What’s he look like?”

“Tall, long hair, pretty red eyes–”

“Red eyes?” Iemitsu interrupts, and there’s alarm in his voice. “Tsuna, are you sure?”

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I'm a 5'6" 110 lbs,hetero woman of colour with black hair and eyes. I'm shy and take a while to warm up to people but once you know me I'm crazy,energetic and loyal, I'm also very sassy i will (verbally) fight anyone who hurts anyone close to me. I can get aggressive when angry.I like reading, writing and acting. I'm a bit of a dreamer and a outcast,I tend to fall for fellow loners. My favourite colour is blue and I enjoy listening to classic rock, video game/movie sound tracks. Thanks😊

I ship you with; Howard

Your best friend is; Peggy