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Mayor Haura update!


☆ kerokerokeroppi pins

☆ bandages

☆ black striped shirt w/ denim skirt

☆ brown bag

☆ white patent shoes


☆ shy, but will be very energetic once she opens up

☆ loves to draw, but never has time since she became mayor

☆ loves to help her fellow villagers

☆ likes to plant flowers

☆ is always daydreaming about whatever…


Vicky Holmes Leaves Warriors


What has for some time been a functional state of affairs has today become a somber reality. Vicky Holmes, one-third of the original Erin Hunter Warrior Cats team, has officially announced that she will no longer be writing for the series. The statement came today, April 24th, by way of Facebook, where she wrote that:

“Warriors has been the greatest blessing, the greatest privilege, the sharpest learning curve of my life. But nothing lasts forever. I won’t be writing for the series again. I will keep this page so that I can update you with movie news (oh please let there be some news soon!). And maybe I’ll pop in to share my new projects with you. But the latest series continues to top the bestselling charts, which proves what a fabulous job the new editorial team is doing (with the ongoing brilliance of Kate and Cherith, of course).”

Vicky has long served as the editor and story architect for the series - while writers such as Kate Cary and Cherith Baldry largely wrote the actual books themselves, it was Vicky’s creative vision that inspired them and much of the series as we know it. She has written much over the years about her inspiration for the series, but I’ve found this post from December 10th of last year to be especially revealing:

“It seems strange to talk as if I don’t have complete control over these cats. After all, I could have typed different words for the storyline … but these characters and their stories often seem to exist independently inside my mind, and my task is to watch quietly from the shadows and record what happens.”

Now, I’ve heard it said that Vicky and the rest of the Erins have only continued to write Warriors books because of money or fame. No doubt the success of the series prompted them to write more for it, but I think it’s clear that Vicky’s writing has always been about self-expression. Vicky’s cacoethes scribendi in many cases seems to come from flashes of inspiration. The character and story of Midnight both came after she decided that ‘Midnight’ would be a cool title for a book. I don’t know about you, but to hear a successful professional writer draw inspiration for an entire book and subsequent arc from merely thinking a title sounded good is really validating to me, especially as someone who’s created more titles than stories. Meanwhile, as I’ve chronicled before, it was a split-second vision of a cat disowning her own adopted kits to save them that gave way to the entire Power of Three arc. Her reverence for books like Watership Down helped to shape the series, while her love of action movies has littered the series with quotes pulled from the likes of Rambo, Gladiator, and The Avengers. And it was her own personal experience with being forced to face her own impending death that inspired the powerful conclusion to Cinderpelt’s character arc.

More so than any other person, the world of Warriors has and always will be Vicky’s creation. That being said, her own role in the series has been largely limited, as she hasn’t contributed to the main series since 2014. The latest arc, A Vision of Shadows, has earned much acclaim from the fandom, especially myself, despite being under the control of a new creative team. Her main contributions lately have been novellas, the most recent of which were Pinestar’s Choice and Spottedleaf’s Heart. Her decision to call it quits comes in the waning days of the controversy surrounding the latter’s inclusion of a Spottedleaf x Thistleclaw romance. The new plotline was poorly received as some fans disapproved of additional romantic interests by both characters, since it would seem in principle to cheapen their motivations and feelings in later books. Additionally others were put off by what to them seemed to be an inappropriate handling of a predatory relationship between a child and adult. I myself haven’t read the book, so I’ll refrain from any sort of formal judgement on these matters. I will however commend Vicky for the way she has faced this barrage of criticism. Staying as professional and thoughtful as always, she welcomed and responded to the criticism openly. Vicky thanked the fandom for their passion and thoughtfulness, stating that “Warriors has the best fans in the world - with the loudest voices and (sometimes) the sharpest claws!” Vicky is a class act and here demonstrates the virtues of love and humility, even in the face of opposition, that are all too necessary for this generation of readers to embrace.

Additionally, Vicky’s departure comes after criticism surrounding her personally anointed ‘super-fan’ Su Susann’s role in communicating Warriors information hit a crescendo. Many have taken issue with her ideas being considered series canon, claiming that they contain contradictions and baseless, needless assertions about the characters. I personally haven’t given her too much thought since I rarely use the Warriors Wiki and focus more on the text of the books themselves and my own reactions to it than any other source, but if you’re interested in learning more, my friend butterflyidentity has written a heavily-detailed piece about her on Warriors Amino.

Despite these recent controversies, Vicky maintains that they were not the reason for her sudden announcement. Quote:

“I’m not leaving because of the Spottedleaf furore. I won’t deny it’s been painful, but I’m tougher than that! I would know when I had written all the cat stories I had inside me. That time came with Pinestar’s Choice. I know there are a thousand more tales from the Clans to be told, but other people are doing a great job of that.I had hoped to go out with a triumphant bang rather than a clatter of outrage, but I guess we don’t always get what we wish for.”

Regardless of the quality of this series, nobody can denounce the content of Vicky’s character. I hope all of you make her exit as graceful as she offered it; leave her all the kind comments on Facebook and Twitter that you’ve ever thought and wish her the best on her future writing endeavors. She’s currently working on a new adult book series called Hope Meadows, with the first book Summer at Hope Meadows scheduled for release this June.

Vicky has already received many gracious and grateful comments from fans. Among others, butterflyidentity stated:

“I would like to thank Vicky for her tireless work on the series, running around the world on book tours, signing books with her iconic purple pen, and bringing joy and happiness to the fans.”

Blixemi, my friend and co-founder of Epic Rap Battles of Warriors, said:

“I’m so incredibly appreciative of her time she dedicates to her work and her fans. It is the most surreal experience to have spoken to someone who’s, quite literally, shaped and inspired all that I’m doing today. Her love and passion will be passed down through those she continually inspires.“

Tom, my occasional CatCast co-host and other good friend, added:

“Through the writings of Vicky I was able to establish dear friendships, some of which have lasted well over 10 years. I’m forever indebted to the joy I get from not only her creativity, but the creativity that she has inspired in others.”

Fellow Warrior Cats analyst Tennelle Flowers remarked that:

"I can’t thank Vicky enough for the world she has created and fostered through years of love and hard work. Warriors has shaped who I am as a person, and I would not be the same without her writings. In many ways, Warriors has given me more inspiration than any other form of media, and continues to inspire me to this day as an artist, and I hope Vicky knows that she has raised generations of artists who have found their calling through her books. I wish her the best in life and look forward to seeing where she goes next.”

And finally, fandom animator and comedian Moonkitti said:

“There was a time in my life when all I needed to hear were Midnight’s words of reassurance to three cats who had recently lost their abilities. I want to thank Vicky for not only Dovewing’s Silence, but every warrior cat book she’s worked on, because without them I would be a completely different person. I wish her all the luck in the world as she moves on to "adult books” from one of the most mature and thoughtful children’s series I’ve ever read.“

Personally, I owe Vicky a great deal of gratitude for creating Warriors, a series that got me through some of the loneliest years of my childhood and today has served as the basis for my current YouTube channel and more importantly many wonderful friendships. Going forward, this decision likely won’t have much of an effect on the books themselves, but now is as good of a time as any to reflect on the series and to share your gratitude and prayers with a person who has given us all so much joy.

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Someone made a joke about asexuals being plants n honestly love the thought of being associated w fellow flowers 💕

👩🏻‍🌾🌸👩🏽‍🌾🌵👩🏿‍🌾🌷The whole ace community could really be just one big garden with loads of different plants, that would be cool🌻👨🏿‍🌾🌱👨🏽‍🌾🌼👨🏻‍🌾

☀️To be real, I would really love to be an aloe plant ☀️

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Hey I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE flowers so when I found you I just freaked out and now i'm lowkey stalking your art and I love your work. Thank you for creating.

Stalk away, my fellow flower lover.

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might I request a threesome fic where killian has a split personality so (emma+killian+captain hook)

Hook x Emma x Killian is my actual favorite thing in the world and it is TRAGICALLY underutilized. Thankfully, all of my fellow gutter flowers have also noticed that we now have SCIENCE! on our side to make this 100% fully possible. I started writing this before this post happened, but now there’s visuals. And science.

And 3,500 words of pure smut. Enjoy.

Emma licked her lips, shifting slightly as two pairs of hungry blue eyes raked over her. She didn’t know where to look first: Killian with his long mussed hair and modern clothes or Hook with his sea-swept short hair and the pirate’s blouse that cut down practically to his navel. It felt like the second she focused too long on one, the other would make some sort of noise, a little sound of protest, commanding her immediate attention and starting the cycle over again. This was such a bad idea – horrible, really, absolutely awful idea to magically modify Jekyll’s serum for her own perverse pleasure. But it would wear off eventually and, until then, Emma planned to enjoy the hell out of her terrible idea.

Even if she didn’t quite know where to start.

Hook decided to take the initiative, ending their little standoff and making up Emma’s mind for her. “Well, well, well… where should we start with you, love?” he murmured, stalking around her slowly, plucking at her sleeves. He pressed up against her back, his hand moving to cup her breast, his grip just the right amount of rough. His breath was hot on her ear as he growled, “Such a wicked princess to have such a sinful fantasy, don’t you think?”

“Aye,” Killian agreed.

He, too, walked towards her, his steps slow and measured. Emma’s pulse hammered in her throat as she watched him. She stood tall, her chin jutting up in defiance as he stepped close. His chest brushed against hers, effectively sandwiching her between himself and Hook.

She could think of worse places to be right now.

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I'm just looking at your tags on all these flower-related posts and giggling because you and I are the same person. "Do you ever just get in a really good mood and wanna smile at everyone and say hi to strangers and frolic in some flowers" #this is like my constant every day state ???

Aweee ahah that’s so amazing and yes like literally!! 🙈🙈 I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend and fellow flower lover hehe 🌸💓✨

my blog, xpsychopathphoenix is been deleted not purposely or accidentally but the characters and stoyline were out of character to the ones that I make , for now the blog is deleted and never comeback again . No worries I keep the design and this character of mine 70% appear in tsen veltn . so it takes time to set up the story and connection to this blog I recently made, @meet-the-watchers . is still coming soon , but ’s ok to follow it

I won’t delete it , I guess

2 mi fellow flowers ( to my fellow followers )