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might I request a threesome fic where killian has a split personality so (emma+killian+captain hook)

Hook x Emma x Killian is my actual favorite thing in the world and it is TRAGICALLY underutilized. Thankfully, all of my fellow gutter flowers have also noticed that we now have SCIENCE! on our side to make this 100% fully possible. I started writing this before this post happened, but now there’s visuals. And science.

And 3,500 words of pure smut. Enjoy.

Emma licked her lips, shifting slightly as two pairs of hungry blue eyes raked over her. She didn’t know where to look first: Killian with his long mussed hair and modern clothes or Hook with his sea-swept short hair and the pirate’s blouse that cut down practically to his navel. It felt like the second she focused too long on one, the other would make some sort of noise, a little sound of protest, commanding her immediate attention and starting the cycle over again. This was such a bad idea – horrible, really, absolutely awful idea to magically modify Jekyll’s serum for her own perverse pleasure. But it would wear off eventually and, until then, Emma planned to enjoy the hell out of her terrible idea.

Even if she didn’t quite know where to start.

Hook decided to take the initiative, ending their little standoff and making up Emma’s mind for her. “Well, well, well… where should we start with you, love?” he murmured, stalking around her slowly, plucking at her sleeves. He pressed up against her back, his hand moving to cup her breast, his grip just the right amount of rough. His breath was hot on her ear as he growled, “Such a wicked princess to have such a sinful fantasy, don’t you think?”

“Aye,” Killian agreed.

He, too, walked towards her, his steps slow and measured. Emma’s pulse hammered in her throat as she watched him. She stood tall, her chin jutting up in defiance as he stepped close. His chest brushed against hers, effectively sandwiching her between himself and Hook.

She could think of worse places to be right now.

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So Emma’s outfit,

  • Crocodile vest (brought up by a fellow shipmate)
  • An eyelit flower shirt (Killian’s flower shirts)
  • a belt with what looks like buttercups (her father’s crest)
  • gloves with what looks like swans on them 
  • two different earrings (It’s sort of interesting)
  • a cutlass to complete everything (not a two handed sword, a cutlass)
  • Me when Naruto the Last came out: Eh, i dont really care about NaruHina, i just like every Naruto Movie.
  • Me when Naruto the Last came on our movies: Eh, it's my duty as a hardcore fan to watch it, i already saw a lot of gifsets ont tumblr i already know what happens.
  • Me buying Naruto the Last Tickets: Eh, i heard Sasuke cames out two times. Also hello Sai.
  • Me watching the Movie: Ngh...
  • Me coming out of the movie: That was...beautiful.
160212 - JYJ’s Jaejoong Rocks Out in “Love You More” MV

Even though JYJ’s Jaejoong is currently in the army for his mandatory military service, he’s still thrilling fans with new music!

Jaejoong’s second full length solo album entitled “No.X” was released on February 12th at midnight KST, along with the music video for the title track “Love You More.”

The album was recorded prior to his enlistment, and is comprised of 12 tracks that cover a diverse range of genres from hard rock to ballads to blues. Two of the songs were composed by Jaejoong himself, and he also participated in writing the lyrics for nine of the others. The track “Do You Know?” was pre-released on Jaejoong’s birthday, January 26th, to get fans excited for the upcoming album.

The composer of his title track “Love You More” is R&B singer-songwriter Tae Wan, who wrote a song for Jaejoong’s first album, as well as JYJ’s “Backseat” and fellow JYJ member Junsu’s “Flower.”

Meanwhile, Jaejoong enlisted on March 31 2015, and is expected to be discharged from the army on December 30 of this year.

Source: CJESJYJ via Soompi
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