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Gemma Arterton and Eva Green have been cast in a movie about the lesbian romance between Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West.

The film Vita & Virginia wil focus on the relationship between the Bloomsbury Group novelist Woolf and fellow writer/gardener Sackville-West.

Arterton will play Sackville-West while Green will take on the role of Woolf, according to The Guardian. The movie will be directed by Chanya Button and adapted from a play by Eileen Atkins.

Woolf was married to Leonard Woolf when she met Sackville-West, the wife of Harold Nicolson, in 1922. Their relationship continued into the early 1930s and inspired Woolf’s 1928 novel Orlando.

Dear fellow witches,

May your garden be fruitful,
Your water sweet,
Your shade everlasting.

May your day be filled with love and light;
The blessings of a forest sprite.
May your sky be filled with twinkling starlight
And soft, glowing moonlight.
May you get lost in the wonders of your magick tonight
May mysterious forces guide you in your rite.
Hold crystals tight and leave behind your plight.
May you move with the tides
As you take daring strides.
May you practice your craft with pride,
May pesky, prying eyes look aside.

May you charm and enchant with all your might,
May you find solace in a gentle breeze tonight.

A harmless lie (Newt)

A/N: Frankly I don’t know why I’m posting this. Ugh well forgive my fifth grade writing skills.

Summary: Gladers annoy the reader, reader decides to screw with them. Gladers take it a little too seriously :P

Main characters: Newt,Gally, Minho mentions of the other guys too!

Spoilers:…You’ve see Maze Runner right?

 You had this vague memory of a person saying guys don’t grow up till they’re sixty. After spending two months in the glade you could say you 100% agreed with whoever said that.Sure the glade was full of teenagers, and they were quite mature given the circumstances y’all were put in, but when it came to you that maturity just crumbled down and they all acted like they were Chuck’s age. Except Chuck was an angel compared to them.

 Being the only girl in Glade had first caused a lot of awkwardness and suspicion among your fellow gladers , but with the help of Newt. Minho and Thomas they all eventually warmed up to you within two weeks and now you kinda missed the days where they were a little cautious around you.

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flashback ;; love is honesty || oliver & lucy

( x. @lucyives​ )

The series of rainy days England had unsurprisingly experienced had felt quite peaceful to Oliver, considering he appreciated the gray skies and cool, wet raindrops that decorated the pavement with shades of black, but the unexpected sun that welcomed him through his bedroom window when he woke up that Saturday morning was not something he opposed. He had known from the second he looked outside that he needed to take advantage of this day, and he knew exactly who he wanted to accompany him. Which was precisely why he was now strolling through Clare Fellows’ Gardens with no other than Lucy, a smile on his face as his light green-gray eyes scanned the beautiful foliage around them.

They had been conversing about all sorts of things, ranging from school to literature to fond memories they held, but the deeper the conversation became, the more he felt himself holding back– especially when it came to their personal lives.

As far as Lucy knew, Oliver was raised in a wealthy family with business people as parents– it was a bit of a stretch, yes, but the more time he spent with her, the more guilty he felt. She was his girlfriend for God’s sake, and quite honestly, he knew that he loved her. He had known she was special since the very first day they met, and the more he thought about it, he decided that perhaps he was ready to tell her his secret.

He suddenly stopped walking, biting his lip nervously as he turned to face her, looking down at her with a serious expression. “Lucy, I, er.. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something,” he confessed, his heart pounding. He knew she would not betray him by telling other people, but he was worried– what if she saw him as someone completely different? Or even worse, what if she wanted nothing to do with him? Would this be too overwhelming? Of course it would be overwhelming; what exactly was a girl supposed to say when her boyfriend suddenly informed her that he was part of the Royal Family and in fact extremely closely related to the Queen herself?

“It’s not bad or anything,” he quickly added, not wanting to make her nervous. “It’s just.. Something about me that I’ve never really shared with anyone, and I want you to know. Because I trust you.”


I am so righteously pissed!

Look at the size of this gorgeous tomato!!! I have been keeping my eyes on her for weeks now, but then in an instant, muthafuckin squirrel completely defaced the pride of my summer! All that water, nutrients, weeding, and whispers of sweet nothings…GONE. Alas my caged defense system were not foolproof enough. What bothers me most is that the fur brick doesn’t know how to appreciate it and did even have the decency to finish the fruit!

I need a drink…

Reblog if you are over 25 and care way too much about cartoons meant for children

I know I’m not the only one but dang I’m not even that old and I feel old sometimes, someone ease my insecurity.


Look what The Huntington’s Tumblr caught on its morning walk around the gardens.

(P.S. A friendly reminder that if you’re on the prowl for Pokémon here at The Huntington, please stay on the paths and keep an eye on your actual real-world surroundings so you, your fellow visitors, the gardens, art, and wildlife all stay safe!)

Signs of the zodiak

Element:  earth
Body:       knees, bones, skeleton, skin (blood circulation)
Inner life: straight forward! Care about values. Even unpleasant actions may be                   solved today! Beware of being covetous or critical! 
Garden:   root plants, weeds, compost heap

Element:  air
Body:       lower legs, veins, ankles, central nervous system
Inner life: community spirit. Contacts, friends, social aspects. Improve your                           responsibility with idealism.
Garden:   blossoming plants, hacking, fertilizing

Element:  water
Body:       feet, toes, aura
Inner life: creativity and social engagement. Open to spiritual experience. If you                   keep your sense of reality you will find it easy deepen your spiritual                       experience and have the opportunity to affect your personal                                 development.
Garden:   foliage plants, water, pond plants, cut grass

Element:  fire
Body:       head, brain, eyes, nose, teeth (sense organs)  
Inner life: enthusiasm, enforcement, spontaneity. Will to innovate things.                             Attention: Act accordingly to your fellow men today!
Garden:   quickgrowing seedlings, fruit plants

Element:  earth
Body:       throat, teeth, jaw, tonsils, ears (circulation of the blood)
Inner life: patience. Think over decisions you are about to make today. They                       might be difficult to change.
Garden:   root plants, fight vermin

Element:  air
Body:       lungs, shoulders, arms, hands (adenoids)
Inner life: changeable. Many (impulsive) thoughts. Some decisions made today                   might not be long-lasting.
Garden:   blossoming flowers, vines

Element:  water 
Body:       breast, stomach, lungs, pancreas, liver (peripherial nervous system)
Inner life: emotions over intellect! Sometimes hypersensitive. Creative.
Garden:   foliage plants, cut grass, water

Element:  fire
Body:       heart, diaphragm, circulation, arteries, eyes (sense organs) 
Inner life: always forward! Self-confidence or overestimation of your own                             capabilities? Care about the feelings of others. 
Garden:   fruit plants, seed grass

Element:  earth 
Body:       heart, blood pressure, digestion, circulation, nerves (blood circulation)
Inner life: balance reasons and responsibility. A day for sensible not sensational                 actions! 
Garden:   rooting plants, repot, cuttings, compost heap

Element:  air
Body:       kidneys, bladder, hip joint (adenoids)
Inner life: not a day to make decisions. Searching for harmony.                                             Attention: jealousy!
Garden:   fertilize flowers, blossoming plants

Element:  water
Body:       urinary bladder, sexual organs (peripherial nervous system)
Inner life: sensuality. Lust and sorrow seem to be close to each other                                   sometimes!
Garden:   foliage plants, pluck medicinal herbs, fight snails, cut grass, water

Element:  fire
Body:       thighs, veins, pelvic bone, liver (sense organs)
Inner life: reach for new aims and directions! Restlessness may lead to wrong                     decisions! Think about it and… go for it! 
Garden:   fruit plants, fight vermin, cut fruit trees in spring! 

curiositykilledthefaux  asked:

Out of curiosity, what do you anticipate the nature of Rize and Furuta's relationship being?

Thanks for the question, @curiositykilledthefaux.

Well, firstly I think it might be intesting to point comparisons and differences between them so people might understand what I think of their relationship.

One similarity is the fact that both of them lived in Sunlit Garden and were possibly raised their with no parental authority figure in sight, regardless of blood relation or no.

Here we see two major plot points that probably define Furuta to a certain extent. I think it is safe to assume that Furuta had little contact with his father, if at all, and therefore there is a loss of security and belongingness as well, something children, especially in their younger years, desperately need. Needless to say, that need was never satisfied. Then we have the piece of trash comment and in my view, we can take this literally as well. 

Garden children, as seen with the Zero squad, are fairly disposable, sharing the same fate namely obedience and servitude until death. The invisibility and disposability as well as the lack of freedom of these children are prevalent as well, if we take a closer look at how they are pushed in the background and to be never mentioned again, also not by their superiors.  Considering that their only worth, in this case prowess, is limited and has actually an exparation date, one can assume that this affects their self-worth and confidence greatly. Furuta, scheming against V for a good amount of time, refuses to see and be treated as such, as a commodity, that is. Furuta’s actions, like stepping on Kijima’s corpse or cossing at Kaiko reinforce this as they are an act of defiance and that is something which most children due to their strict education are not allowed. He is also focused on controlling events and people, like serving Eto’s friend (which was also done for his plans) and mocking Matsumae’s sense of honor shortly before she died or displaying the V sign to let Rize know that V managed to get her in the end (which, of course, wasn’t the case, but that was Rize’s last sane memory) and in controlling such he gets the illusion of freedom. 

Then we have Rize who paralells him a great deal. Rize, too, grew up in the Garden, but managed somehow to escape it prior Kaneki’s introduction. Nontheless, while we know little, for now there’s no indication that she had a parental figure looking out for her or even any loving connection at all. Then I want to point out  this post here, by @floppyamon, seeing that Rize was probably conceived in a rather… unconventional manner. And that is where my very first point comes to play. Shachi.

Unlike Furuta, who possibly experienced no parental love, Rize did and this was thanks to Shachi. He is, or was, without a doubt one of the most balanced characters in the ghoul universe as he not only took Rize in, but treated her as an equal, as a fellow family member and taught her fundamental things for Rize to grow (aka parenting), like knowing her weaknesses but also reinforcing her strong traits. (ch. 64)

Rize, without a doubt, loved Shachi as a father and saw him also as someone she could return to when feeling completely helpless, where she could feel security and belogingnes. (Looking at them, their whole relationship and Shachi’s impact on Rize is hugely underrated). This is especially evident in this panel here. (ch. 106)

There is so much to say in regards to this. Not only is this is an introduction in a new stage of life, just like her encounter with Shachi, but this also the moment where she allows herself to cling onto someone, trusting this person enough to have phyiscal control of her, that is essential as Rize, as we found out, is someone who is usually strongly opposed to be “one-upped” by someone and greatly values a life as a lone wolf. What I also want to mention is how the Garden must have terrified her and it might have probably one of the most gruesome experience in her young life. 

Rize’s one shot is only reinforcing this. The whole chapter only shows how much she tries to distance herself from her previous life, but also revels in her chauvinism in order to regain some sense of confidence. When we take a look at the zero squad again, this is rather “understandable” as they are bound to life-long servitude and Rize killing countless human male didn’t only serve as an act of defience to this idiology and lifestyle, but her almost borderline obsession with individualism and the need to overpower them is her own way to grasp freedom as much as she can, just like some… (ch. 46.5)

Last but not least I want to emphasise this panel here because this might be the key in understanding their relationship. Rize, as mentioned above, is a great chauvinist and believes in the superiority of ghouls. She enjoys overpowering people of all kinds, but gets overwhelming pleasure of torturing humans. Humans are not only the majority (as in quanity) but are also the ones who hold great power in society. Due to the established hiearchy humans are allowed to have a superior role towards ghouls and this is also reinforced by V’s, and the Washuu’s involvement. Rize is also a special case because she might be an actual full-fledged ghoul, or pretty close to it and needless to say, she views herself as such (and looks like one, too!). I think Rize’s attitude and actions are a big “screw you!” to everything that holds and gains power due to social order, like killing the leader in the 11th ward as well as expelling Nishiki from the 20th ward and targeting humans is Rize’s way to revoke their role. Furuta is very similar in the sense that he enjoys manipulating people and events form the shadows and watching the results from “above.” He, too, likes to tear people down (in a metamophroical sense) like Matsumae, Eto and Kijima and then deconstruct them to their basic traits (honor —> pride, power —> helplessness, importance —> disposability) and let’s not forget that he actively works for V’s destruction for quite some time.

Furthermore, Furuta, just like Hairu and Arima, was a half-human, neither full ghoul nor full human and considering that he is rather evasive when it comes to the Garden, I can imagine that he doesn’t really identify with his fellow Garden mutuals at all and that’s where we finally come to his relationship with Rize.

There are theories that Furuta tried to prolong his life in transplanting Rize’s kagune and for quite some time I belived it it, too, but now I see it completely differently. Not only did people here establish nice parallels with Kaneki and Furuta, but I think if we look at the Kaneki-Rize parallels, we might find out more in regards to Furuta’s feelings as well.

Firstly, let me use the Ghoul Restaurant as an example. (ch. 37)

We know two things in regards to him and the Ghoul Restaurant. He is not only a regular there, but he also clearly enjoys people getting butchered. So what does this tell us? Well, to me it shows that Furuta fully embraces his ghoul side. And mind you, this probably happened after his transformation, although I can imagine that he was a customer slightly before the operation so all in all I believe that he planned to implant Rize’s kagune into him long ago. To me, it shows that he decided to live as a ghoul for quite some time, that he enjoys the power ghouls hold, Rize held. He revels in people getting butchered, gets almost a kick of it and does this as on a regular basis. I am sure sacrificing Ami gave him a great pleasure. And to me at least this gesture does parallel this scene here.

In fact, there are definitely more parallels between them, but I will maybe do it in another post. 

But I think that he does view her as a source of power and strength. (ch. 82)

Rize is violent, she is strong, she appears as a confident person, she managed to escape a fate of servitude and lived a relishing life of freedom and pleasure, that are all aspects I think Furuta might admire her for, as we can also see here how he praises Rize’s kagune. And Kaneki was the same. (ch.63)

Both, in a way, absorbed Rize to gain might in subduing others, in Kaneki’s view it was people who disturb Kaneki’s friends and for Furuta it was not only a sense of imitation, but also in dominating others, in regaining freedom and he might have associated freedom with strength and violence. So yeah, all in all I think Furuta holds a great admiration for Rize and agreeing with implanting Rize’s kagune on himself might be an act of “reverence” and establashing a new connection with her.

But I also admit that it might be not only due to Rize, but also due to his family relations. While he does despise the hypocricy and the power imbalance in regards to the Washuus, I believe Furuta harbors a subconsciouss need in getting closer to them, possibly his father, as we know and as he knows, they are all ghouls. Considering that most of his connections are ghouls, I can imagine that is what he strives for as well.

Furthermore, I believe that Furuta considered Rize as a a significant person, a friend. We very well know that Furuta knew Rize as they were not only both in the Garden, but probably shared the same purpose as well (i.e “breeding” whatever that means). It wouldn’t surprise me that Furuta got curious and tried to befriend her, especially because we can clearly see how Furuta respectfully asks and positions himself when asking her that question. In fact, I strongly believe that Rize might be Furuta’s biggest connection to an actual person.

For example, we see here that Furuta affectionately kisses Rize’s kagune. One might consider this an almost romantic gesture, but I tend to see this differently, especially because Furuta is, and I know this sounds harsh, socially inept (meaning he has no idea what is considered appropiate or inappropiate). Him kissing Rize’s kagune is an interesting way of establishing a connection in a moment of glee, triumph and at the same time exhaustion. To me, it looks like he is almost celebrating his achievements with someone and he does that with physical interactions (like friends hugging each other or also giving kisses on a cheek).

This strong connection with hers is also visible… in less affectionate moments.

I think there is no need to say that Rize suffered horros in the laboratory. There is definitely something that drove them apart, forcefully or not as well, possibly shorty before Rize’s escape. What she did, what he did or what he thinks she did or what happened or what he thinks he happened is still a mystery but it led to Furuta retorting with cruel means, laughing at her misery and placing her in such a disgusting manner. I think illsuion!Rize put this in an interesting way, though. (ch. 62)

Furuta chose to throw her away no matter how one might see it and I think he knows that it’s his own fault but he certainly can’t give up his memories of Rize, just like Kaneki couldn’t give up Hide, but the contrast is is fascinating. Hide, in Re, became as a source of stability and through discovering his unwillingness to give up to his illusions, he managed to let go of his traumatic past for good. That can’t be be said about Furuta. I think his view of Rize, his complicated childhood and his complicated family relations are the reasons why he can’t give up his past.