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Headcanons #1 Part 2/2

-has been cutting Bruce’s hair for him since he was a child
-his favorite brand of cologne has been discontinued for years and he dreads the day he runs out of his last bottle
-his pet peeve is when someone leaves the scrub brush in the sink after they’re done using it
-has made a game of hiding secret cameras for Dick to find
-only likes his pasta al denté style
-knows of hidden passages in the mansion that even Bruce isn’t aware of

-has a belly button piercing
-her favorite shoes are her second generation Jeremy Scott Adidas wings
-is allergic to strawberries but only mildly
-her favorite candy is red hots
-refuses to use short hand text while messaging people
-will speak in front of large crowds all day but absolutely will not sing for them out of fear

-snuggles with her skates at night like they’re stuffed animals
-only wears high end, name brand clothes and jewelry that she modifies herself
-has a collection of her best ‘wanted’ posters that she shows off to fellow villains
-is one inch taller than Joker and holds it over him constantly
-prefers most hot foods to cool to room temperature before she eats them
-once wore her jacket into a pool because she bet Joker she would wear it for an entire week

Revenge: A Dish Best Served Cold (Because They're Dead) - Chapter 1 - Clueingforlooks221B - Villainous (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/5
Relationships: Black Hat/Dr. Flug (Villainous) 

Summary: A fellow villain is terrorizing Flug, and Black Hat gets revenge. He isn’t jealous, he just doesn’t want someone else to scare Flug more than he does.


First chapter is up now! I didn’t spend as much time editing as I would have liked, but I see this chapter as more of a set up for the rest. 


Sofia the First Challenge
4 of 5 Characters → Cedric

Cedric: When I first got to school I couldn’t do the disappearo spell either. Or most of the other spells, come to think of it. But then my teacher taught me the sorcerer’s secret.

anonymous asked:

I have a question, if you don't mind. I know that you don't think that Lana plays the Evil Queen well anymore. So I wanted to know what you thought of Colin's performance of Captain Hook in Dark Waters with Nemo. Was it as good as when Colin was only playing Hook, to you? Just curious, you're free to ignore this and I don't want to start any hate stuff. Just wanted to know cause I know that you are a Killian/Colin fan! :)

Yes, he was absolutely fantastic in the scenes with Nemo in Dark Waters. In the initial scene aboard the Jolly Roger, you can see how frustrated Killian is to still be stuck in the Enchanted Forest. He has his revenge to get to, his purpose to fulfill, and after being trapped for 28 years, now Cora’s telling him to wait some more? He’s angry and that shows. And then on the Nautilus, you get a mix of that anger and a bit of his snark… and then Nemo brings up family, tells Killian he knows the pain he’s feeling…

There’s a reason I made this line my tag for this scene. All that anger, all that frustration, came exploding out of him there. And it was visceral. You could feel it. That’s not a performance that’s lacking or has lost any of what’s made Colin’s performance on this show so damn phenomenal.  

There’s several reason why I think the interactions with Nemo play differently than his other Hook villain scenes from past episodes. First of all, Nemo isn’t a fellow villain, and Nemo has Killian pegged even before Killian interacts with him. Nemo comes in with the upper footing and knowledge and it’s clear that Killian senses that he’s outmatched by a far more honorable man (at least more than he was in that moment). You can see it in his face here:

His usual tricks aren’t gonna work with this guy. So it plays differently. They also clearly want to establish a far different rapport between these characters than Killian had with Rumple, Regina, or Cora. Nemo is a man we’re meant to respect, not as a villain we’re meant to enjoy. It’s also important to note that Killian, all through the flashbacks in Dark Waters, isn’t portrayed as a villain in any real sense. He’s portrayed as the hurting lost boy seeking a family (which is juxtaposed by the present day scenes where Killian now has a family). They weren’t going for a ‘oh, this is suave, sexy villainous Hook’ that they originally sold him as when he came on the show - they wanted us to feel for Killian, now knowing everything that we do about him. And Colin portrays that so well - this was a unique encounter for a lot of different reasons. 

Besides, we know Colin has absolutely zero difficulty playing the old, sassy Hook when he’s called upon to do it. He was doing it just a season before in the flashbacks in Swan Song…

Colin is an actor whose performances are all very nuanced. It’s all about the subtle changes he makes to help portray a specific emotion or sentiment. The looks in his eyes, the minute changes in expression, how he stands or carries himself. There’s not a lot overacting with Colin. Even as Dark!Hook - to me, it never came off as Colin trying to ‘sell’ crazy but rather the crazy was a byproduct of the darkness running rampant inside Killian. Colin is someone who seems to deeply understand his character and how to make the right adjustments to him when it’s necessary. 

Lana, on the other hand, seems to be trying too hard to portray the EQ in a very deliberate and specific way and she misses all of the nuance that should be going into that character. She’s trying to sell her instead of just letting her come naturally and it’s cringeworthy to watch. It takes me right out of her performance - I don’t see the Queen, I see Lana pretending to be a character, trying so hard to capture what she once had and falling so short of the mark.

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I recently found out about the Rogue Gallery (still new to DC) and couldn't help but wonder, what would they do if a villain other than them had hurt Bruce far worse than what they done. Do you have a head canon for that?

I think a few of them have some remaining standards and morals left, so they would be at least a little alarmed about the amount of damage their fellow villains had inflicted on another human being. And I know it isn’t Bruce, but when the Robins were younger, many of the Rogues had issues about hurting the kid too severely (like when Harvey almost killed Dick in Robin Year One way back when, they had major issues with that because Dick still was a child even if he’s fighting crime and trying to lock up the Rogues). There would definitely be a lot of infighting within the Rogues when it comes to the batfamily because while they do hate Batman and all of his assorted children, they kind of make the whole crime thing worth doing. And I know that the Rogues are evil villains that typically don’t have morals like most people, but I feel like there are at least a few that would have issues with critically maiming other human beings just so they can get what they want.

Choose my next paperhat fic.! (VOTING NOW CLOSED)

In celebration of 150+ followers, and because I can’t decide, I’m letting you all choose the next fic. you want to see from me! I haven’t started drafting any of these, and only have a broad basic idea for what I want to do for each of these. But eventually I am going to complete all these.

To vote just comment the number the broad summary is besides! (I tried to keep it vague because I don’t want to give a lot away..)

These are all for the ship paperhat.

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WonderBat Spotlight: LOTSLOVER

Having seen many posts about great WonderBat fanfiction, I noticed that one of my favourite authors was missing and decided to make a list of her wonderful series and a handful of one-shots that she’s written to celebrate the Bat of Gotham and the Amazonian Goddess. Please note that the stories take place in the animated Justice League universe. (Posted with permission from LOTSLover!)


Mended Hearts Series (My Personal Favourite!)

- Mended Hearts https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9754621/1/Mended-Hearts

Wonder Woman is severely injured in an attack forcing Batman to finally face his feelings for her, but how will Superman react? (Rated M for Mature)

- Tried and True https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10050508/1/Tried-and-True

Sequel to my fic Mended Hearts, Bruce and Diana’s relationship is put to the test when Luthor enlists the help of a fellow villain in an effort to take down the Justice League starting with Wonder Woman. BM/WW. (Rated M for Mature)

- Father of the Bride https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11023334/1/Father-of-the-Bride 

Sequel to my fic Tried and True, Diana continues to struggle with the aftereffects of Luthor’s brain chip as her wedding to Bruce approaches, but things don’t go as planned when an unexpected visitor threatens to destroy their happiness as well as their future. BMWW. (Rated M for Mature)

Baby Makes Three Series

- Started With a Whisper https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10674878/1/Started-With-a-Whisper

One-shot prequel to Baby Makes Three and Raising Nicholas. It all started with a whisper, but quickly escalated from there and ended with Batman’s jealousy getting the better of him, forcing him to finally admit he’s in love with a certain Amazon Princess. Title for fic taken from “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees. (Rated M for Mature)

- Baby Makes Three https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9741653/1/Baby-Makes-Three

Diana has some news that she’s not so sure Bruce is going to like to hear. Nothing but BM/WW FLUFF! (Rated M for Mature)

- Raising Nicholas https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10313309/1/Raising-Nicholas

Sequel to my fic Baby Makes Three, Bruce and Diana learn firsthand the ins and outs of marriage as well as raising a baby. Humor/Romance/Family BM/WW (Rated M for Mature)

- The Wayne Family Chronicles https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11086642/1/The-Wayne-Family-Chronicles

This is a series of one-shots based on Raising Nicholas. These are just some family moments that I didn’t have time to put in my fic or suggestions by readers. It immediately follows Raising Nicholas. Rated “M” for later one-shot updates. BMWW

Lazaretto Series

- Lazaretto https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11538389/1/Lazaretto

After being exposed to an experimental bioterrorism agent during a mission, Batman and Wonder Woman are forced into isolation together on the Watchtower, but will they be able to find an antidote before it’s too late? Pre-BMWW. (Rated T for Teen)

- Lazaretto: The Addendum Chapter https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11874241/1/Lazaretto-The-Addendum-Chapter

Steamy BMWW addendum chapter. You don’t have to read Lazaretto to read this. BMWW FLUFF (Rated M for Mature)


 -  Just Breathe https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9720620/1/Just-Breathe

Wonder Woman and Batman both struggle with their growing feelings for one another. (Rated M for Mature)

- Alone https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10048081/1/Alone

Batman battles his thoughts and feelings for Wonder Woman. Which side of him will win out? Written from Bruce’s POV. (Rated T for Teen)

- Just One Night https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10476161/1/Just-One-Night

Against her better judgment, Diana reluctantly agrees to be auctioned off for a charity benefit. Who will be the highest bidder for just one night with the Princess? BM/WW One-Shot. (Rated M for Mature)

- More Than Enough https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10857910/1/More-Than-Enough

Diana struggles to deal with her failure after a mission goes terribly wrong. Will Batman be able to help her through it? One-Shot. BM/WW (Rated T for Teen)

- Smile Again https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11058335/1/Smile-Again

One-Shot set sometime during Season Two of Justice League. Batman tries to comfort a depressed Diana who misses her home. BM/WW fluff. (Rated T for Teen)

- Date Night Disaster https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11115220/1/Date-Night-Disaster

Batman decides to give in and take Diana out on a date, but will it turn out like she had hoped? BMWW Fluff. (Rated T for Teen)

- Calendar Girl https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11269293/1/Calendar-Girl

Wonder Woman tries to talk Batman into doing a Justice League calendar for charity. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into. BMWW Humor & Fluff. (Rated T for Teen)

- Healing Touch https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11437898/1/Healing-Touch

After suffering a traumatic event on patrol in Gotham, Batman goes to the one person he knows who can help him heal. BMWW. Written from BM’s POV. (Rated T for Teen)

- CPR https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11776393/1/CPR

Batman makes sure that he is Wonder Woman’s partner for CPR training. One-Shot. BMWW Fluff. (Rated T for Teen)

 For more wonderful stories, please check out LOTSLover on ff.net and enjoy! If you have any recommendations for someone who deserves a WonderBat spotlight, be sure to let us know!

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virulentbunny replied to your poston that note like. if you catch yourself always…

it’s bc mentally ill villains are “edgy” ick

i think i just sliced myself on the edge. but yeah it’s honestly so uncreative, to me it just signals that a creator can’t imagine anyone having any actual motivations for being a villain like.

give me a neurotypical villain that thinks that their plan to take over the world is necessary to protect people from themselves.

give me a neurotypical villain who just wants money. money galore. money everywhere. their actions are totally calculated and not a product of mental illness, just a product of being a greedy asshole.

give me a neurotypical villain who started as a “nice guy” hero, got pissed because he didn’t feel like he was being rewarded enough, and decided that he’d rather reap the rewards of villainy instead.

give me a neurotypical villain who took to crime to pay off college debts.

give me a neurotypical villain who was taught that their way of life was right and is willing to punish anyone who doesn’t follow their beliefs. somebody who doesn’t really believe they’re a villain at all.

or like. if you’re gonna do a mentally ill villain:

give me a villain that suffers from PTSD. can rob banks but would turn against their fellow villain if they found out another villain was a rapist. give me a villain whose trauma history keeps them from committing certain crimes, or even makes them fight for the victims of those crimes. give me a villain whose mental illness has more to do with the goodness in them than the evil in them.

give me a villain that suffers from schizophrenia and isn’t for some reason hearing voices that tell them to murder everyone or w/e the neurotypicals think a schizophrenic villain should be doing. maybe instead of their schizophrenia being voices that tell them to murder people, it’s in the form of a distracting auditory hallucination that sounds like somebody trying to get their attention while they’re really fucking focused on stealing this jewel, go away i’ll deal with hearing shit later. stop giving me villains whose auditory hallucinations are telling them to commit murder, what the fuck, why is that such a common trope.

give me a villain that suffers from depression and sometimes has trouble getting out of bed to bother doing awful things. the awful things they do are driven by something other than their damn inconvenient depression that gets in the way of their energy to commit crimes.

give me a mentally ill villain who took to crime to pay for their medications bc they can’t afford the medications and don’t want to relapse. give me a villain whose mental illness is a factor in their crime, but in an unexpected way, and not because people believe that mental illness makes someone bad.


for fuck’s sake.

give me something other than “schizophrenic villain hears voices that make them murder things” “villain with ASPD lacks empathy and for some reason this makes them murder things” “villain suffering from depression turns evil to make other people also feel miserable” “villain suffering from dissociative identity disorder has a personality that for no explained reason just really likes to be horrible”

i could go on about this shit forever.

i’m so fucking tired of how mental illness is used in terms of protags vs villains.

Black Hat: welcome my fellow but lesser villains this is black hat here. I will be trying a more interactive way of reaching you so that perhaps you will actually manage to acquire the skills to beat your goody goodys, send all your asks to me. We are open for business.

Demetia: are we rolling?! Yay! I’m going to kiss you.

Black Hat: No! Now go play or something!

Flug: h-hi everyone.

Black Hat: *Sighs* You too Flug.

Recommended Reading: WestAllen Edition Part Two

Here’s another quick list of some WestAllen fics to help us survive the hiatus. Enjoy! You can find part one here

3AM by enefasparable Iris. He said it like the word was water in the middle of a desert. Like the word was the sun shining on a barren planet. He said it like the air around that word tasted differently, balancing it delicately on the tip of his tongue and making her think, think that maybe…                

A Brighter Day  by LadyGambit Inspired by a post by barryalin on Tumblr: Flash AU: Where Iris thinks everyone’s teasing her when they say the world is only black and white until you meet your soulmate, because she’s been seeing in color since she was a child, and when she asked Barry, he said he’d been the same. A short look into the Iris West journey into discovering her soulmate.

 A cup of sugar  by MiriRainbowitz 5 times Barry asked Iris for some cooking ingredients and 1 time he actually asked her out (the rating is only because of the last chapter)

Burying the Lead  by  mosylu  Iris is trying to be a good, supportive friend and hear all about the new woman Barry’s in love with, but it’s awfully hard when she wishes it were her.            

But I won’t lie to you  by mmtion When Iris thought about how she’d spend this weekend, she certainly did not imagine: a) infiltrating a couple’s retreat to save her fellow super-villain colleagues; or b) doing so with her brother’s best friend whom she recently slept with.

It’s all rather stressful, really.

Catch Me by the Chin  by mosylu He’s allowed to say please, thank you, and his safe word.If Iris does her job right, he won’t need his safe word.

Come Undone by enefasparable Barry Allen and Iris West getting it on in Star Labs. Prompt for Day 1 (Masturbation) of Westallen Smut Week!      

Did You Ever Love Them? by withaflashoflove Iris feels a little insecure about Barry’s past relationships, especially after a run in with a certain someone.

Drop your holster  by mmtion  Where everything is the same except Joe lost the battle over Iris joining the police academy and Barry regularly drops f-bombs.                      

His First…Everything? by Lspark High School AU. Barry Allen during his second year of High School, has Iris West move next door to him, and he is struck by her, and how different she is to anyone he’s ever known before. What is it about her?

Home by Irissswests  Iris realizes Barry is her home too. Set during and after 2x20. Part 1 from Iris’ POV. Second part from Barry’s POV.

Organic Chemistry  by iriswesttt In another Earth where Barry is a professor and Iris is a grad student and his best friend, of course.

Over the Edge  by mistressbabette51  The Second Annual Westallen Smut Week begins today. For the next seven days, each chapter will have a different prompt (the same as last year), but to keep things somewhat cohesive, they will be connected in some way. Earth 1 and Earth 2 Westallen will be the focus of these chapters, although separately! Read on!

Something Great: The Bluest Blaze by quickwest  What makes Iris love Barry the way she does?    

She Said No…? by withaflashoflove   Linda and Wally have been dating for the past year. Wally decides he wants to ask her to marry him, and he goes to get Barry’s advice as to how. Quickly, he realizes Barry is having his own problems when it comes to proposals.              

Spin Cycle by mosylu  Locked in the basement laundry room on a Saturday night with her hot new neighbor, Iris finds a few ways to pass the time.

Sweet Talking by thisslatina  There are two main things that the world doesn’t know about Barry Allen:
1. He’s The Flash.
2. He’s pretty amazing in bed.                

To Iris, With Love  by Zesty Bod  Earth-2 Barry and Iris accidentally make a sex tape, and Earth-1 Iris accidentally watches it. Twice. Set after 2x15. One-Shot.

what a feeling to be right here beside you now by whenzombiesattack Barry runs faster knowing she’s got his back in everything he does. Barry runs faster knowing he can go home to her. Barry runs faster because — I love you, Barry. I love you.                

What’s in a Name? by  ArgentLives There’s a reason why the late shift at Jitters is Iris’s favorite. And sooner or later, her favorite do-gooder customer is bound to tell her who he really is.       

anonymous asked:

Hello, I am here because I am a huge pile of trash, and I need to stop existing XDD. (Lovely blog, it made me really happy :)))

Now now, fellow villain, don’t be afraid. We’re all trash here. ;3

We’re so glad you like it here, and I hope you (and the other 163 of our followers) enjoy the ride!