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1- About Tony being the Villians' Favorite: CW happened and they get access to footage of the Siberia fight and they realize that cap could have killed Tony and they're like "how dare you???? Who do you think you are???" and at this point it's not even about who is going to kill Iron Man anymore, it's because Tony is the only one able the keep up with them, he gives them a good challenge, he has the best sarcastic answers for all the villian monologue, they don't even want to harm people anymore

2- they want to fight Tony to see who has the best weapons, who is smarter (it’s always Tony) so the rogues come back and they realize something: the bad guys barely attack Tony, they go out of their way to avoid attacking Tony and antagonize team cap and when confronted with this they say “well someone has to defend Mr Stark since all his supposed friends wouldn’t hesitate on turning their backs on him for some spoiled hydra agent who doesn’t know how to control their anger but sure knows how

3- how to control their anger but sure knows how to fuck up people’s mind” (and they keep getting her name wrong, they call her wilma, wendy, marta omg i love this headcanon where no one gets her name right)

Why thank you for this brilliant headcanon, darling! (I love that mixing up Wanda’s name post too, wasn’t there one where Thor always got it wrong and played stupid? It’s brilliant)

I just really like that the villains enjoy fighting Iron Man because he’s as much of a drama queen as they are–he knows how to put on, and more importantly how to appreciate, a good show, you know? Fighting Iron Man is like playing a really challenging game of chess, where they take each other’s weapons and minions out without hesitation, but even when the king loses, he’s never actually taken off the board (yup that metaphor sucks, I apologise to every chess player out there). 

And well, of course it’s also about pride. Everything is about pride. The villains who most frequently engage with Iron Man in combat obviously keep a score. They keep an eye on who gets the most hits in, who deals the most damage, who does a strategical retreat and so on. They also keep track on which Avenger is the most likely to interrupt their fun, so they know whom to take out in the beginning of a fight.

Only then one of them gets their hands on footage of a certain Siberian bunker and this shit suddenly gets serious. Iron Man could’ve been taken out (worth 150 points) by someone who isn’t even recognises as an official player and THAT CAN NOT STAND. 

(It’s got nothing to do with the fact that maybe Tony Stark isn’t all that bad, you know, for a superhero. Nope. It’s all about the game and wanting those 150 points to themselves. Their professional pride is on the line here, okay. It’s not because of feelings. Feelings aren’t a part of the villain manual.)

So, they adapt. They’re villains, they’re used to it. Admittedly usually because the hero pulls some impossible stunt at the last second because they stubbornly refuse to die, but that’s neither here nor there.

First, they assign someone to keep track on Stark. It’s not a protective duty. It’s just…an insurance. To make sure no outside influence becomes a serious threat to their fun. Besides after all this time they’ve invested into fighting Iron Man, should he ever actually lose, they all agree they have earned this honour. Not some lucky upstart or fucking turncoat.

Second, certain forces need to be taken out. Officially it’s destroying the competition–a perfectly acceptable, villainous goal–, unofficially some people take their hatred for Iron Man a little too far. And when you already have to watch out for the supposed heroes, you can’t afford some crazy nutcase to pop up every time you turn your back on Stark.

Then the Rogue Avengers come back. The villains have dragged it out for as long as possible, an obscene amount of bribes have gone into ensuring the Congress isn’t too forgiving too quickly, but Stark is determined to get the Rogues pardoned for whatever reason, and that’s not a battle they can win in the long run.

And that’s a problem. The Rogues have access to Stark in ways they have not. Thankfully at least Stark doesn’t stay at the Avengers’ compound anymore. That gives them a small reprieve.

(They don’t worry. Villains do not worry. It’s not in their genetic code, nor their moral codex for that matter.)

There’s a very serious discussion about grazing the stupid compound into the ground, but in the end they decide not to do it. For one, the risk of the Rogues being granted access to the Stark Tower is just too great. For another, it’s convenient to have a return address they could graze into the ground, should the Rogues ever cross a certain line.

Next, the villains create a time table. Whereas the media used to joke about the ‘weekly villain attacks’ back in the day, there are now carefully scheduled weekly attacks for real. It helps them to vent some of their frustration, at the right target no less. It also has the added benefit of keeping the Rogues busy.

Of course Iron Man joins in on the fun more often than not, but he isn’t the main target like he used to be, isn’t singled out. If anything it’s the Rogues that are being singled out, and they always bear the brunt of the fight.

(They do not go easy on Iron Man. They do not. They have simply shifted the focus of their game. Damage dealt to the Rogues is now worth way more points than before, and since every villain wants to take the lead, it’s only rational they concentrate on the most worth-while targets. That’s all there is to it.)

The first time one of them makes Wanda Maximoff scream in rage is an accident. To their great shame it’s not even a real villain who accomplishes it, it’s a fairly new minion who interrupts the shouting match between his boss and the witch with an annoyed, “Oh, shut up, Wen–Vick–Wally, whoever the fuck you are, I’m trying to concentrate here!”

It becomes a running gag then, to never call the witch by her name, and the longer they keep the joke alive, the more frustrated the witch becomes.

(The minion gets a well-earned raise.)

Eventually the Rogues catch on. Eventually they begin to ask questions. Giving them more ridiculous answers every time becomes another running gag. Inevitably though Rogers eventually runs into Cross Bones who has a tendency of taking his fights with Captain America too personal.

“Well someone has to defend Mr Stark since all his supposed friends wouldn’t hesitate on turning their backs on him for some spoiled hydra agent who doesn’t know how to control their anger but sure knows how to fuck up people’s mind!” he snaps. Then uses the frozen state of the stunned Captain to his advantage to break the man’s nose with a very satisfying crack. Because, hello, villain.

(He then promptly dives to the side to push a crying kid out of the way a crumbling building. Not because he cares about who gets hurt of course. Villains don’t care about this stuff. But everyone knows Tony Stark cares about it.)

He gets twenty-five points for breaking Roger’s nose. He also gets a “I don’t know why, but if a guy like Cross Bones decides to save a kids’ life I’m not gonna sit around complaining about it.” and a thumbs up from Tony Stark in that night’s talk show. 

(He does not care more about the thumbs up than about the points. His fellow villains are not jealous.)

There are a lot of villains-saving-civilians-and-innocent-bystanders incidents after that.

(Not that anyone cares what Tony Stark thinks. The saving people thing simply earns them bonus points. Bonus points are important.)

Oh, Darling

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Prompt: What happens when the daughter of Wendy Darling and the son of Captain Hook meet? Chaos ensues.
Rating: T
Warnings: None, but does Harry Hook being a major flirt count?
A/N: I thank my friend Ella for helping inspire me to do this! This one’s for you, ya dork. Italics is Harry Hook’s point of view.

“No. Absolutely not.”

Three of the infamous villain kids and one feisty daughter of Mulan stood in front of you, swords in hand and dressed in their old clothes from the isle. “Why would you ever want to go back to the Isle? And why me?”

Lonnie rolled her eyes before tossing you a sword, which you swiftly caught. “Y/N, why wouldn’t we ask you? You’re one of the best people in the school who can actually handle a sword!”

The sword’s metal gleamed in the light and you remembered it all. The secret “dance” classes and sneaking out of your home to escape your mother’s wrath and embrace the exhilarating feel of a sword. It was better than any feeling you had ever felt and you never wanted to let go of it. All the years of training and running led up to this. You could finally prove to your mother that you didn’t need a prince or a saviour. You wanted to become the saviour.

Against all judgement, two words escaped your mouth and it was set.

“I’m in.”

The ride to the Isle of The Lost was a jungle of nerves. What if you were caught? What if you got killed? What if?

You were shook out of your thoughts and questions when Evie squealed. “We’re here!”

The moment you stepped out of the limo, you immediately wanted to get back in and go back to the safe comforts of your dorm room at Auradon Prep. But then… what kind of hero backed out of an adventure like this? It was the chance of a lifetime.

You hesitantly took another step forward. It wasn’t as bad as you thought. It was the feel of the place that gave you chills. Shadows lurked everywhere and somewhere off in the distance, you swore you heard screaming.

Jay saw you gawking at it all and laughed. “Welcome to the Isle, Y/N.”

You smiled back and laughed as well. Excitedly, you took your sword back from Lonnie as she passed around the weapons. You knew you shouldn’t be this excited about an impending fight but you couldn’t control yourself. Finally, a chance to prove yourself.

With one last look at the gleaming island of Auradon, you ran off with Evie, Jay, Carlos, and Lonnie. The party was about to start.

Harry Hook’s P.O.V.

Uma’s loud voice boomed as she yelled orders at the rest of the crew, her menacing tone encouraginng the rest to work even faster. No one wanted to face the wrath of the sea witch’s daughter. Even Gil seemed to scrub at the planks faster.

Harry glanced one last time at Auradon’s very own Prince Ben and growled. He wanted nothing more than to slaughter him already, but alas. Uma’s orders.

“Harry!” Uma called you over as a familiar band of misfits entered. They were here. Finally. Now the real fun can start.

“WELCOME!” Harry shouted, excited and grinning maniacally. He scanned over his former fellow villain kids and spotted a couple new kids. Must be some of those prissy, pink students from Auradon. He was about to go forward, but then he saw her.

She was stunning. A look of bravery and fiery passion was in her eyes, and he was intrigued. A sword was in her hand and she looked as ready as ever. For a moment, he felt as if his heart was taken by the Queen of Hearts herself.

He wanted to have her.

The ship was actually very impressive. That wasn’t what attracted her though. It was the crew. Now he knew why Evie, Mal, Jay, and Carlos were somewhat worried. They looked threatening. You held a tighter grip on your sword. You weren’t taking any chances today.

A guy in a red leather jacked and a striking red hat displayed his arms out and grinned at them, like a shark waiting to bite. “WELCOME!”

He looked familiar… as if you’ve seen him from another world. Suddenly, you remembered who he was.

Captain Hook’s son.

The hook. The red. The hat. It was him. The son of the man your mother oh-so-loathed. Your mother’s stories were true. You never fully understood why a simple sea captain scared her, but now you knew. The insane glint in his eye, the pure determination. Hell, you would’ve run out of there if it weren’t for your friends. You quickly recomposed yourself, unaware that the son of Hook was staring at you as well.

Mal and Uma kept negotiating with Ben and the wand, and every minute you were there you grew increasingly uneasy. You just hoped Uma wouldn’t notice that it wasn’t the real wand.

You gasped out a sigh of relief when Uma accepted the wand and Ben was traded for it. Now it was time to go. The next thing you knew, Uma was angrily yelling and you all booked it out of there.

One minute you were running, then suddenly, a hook was placed against your throat. “Not so fast, Darling.”

You examined your options then drew your sword, quickly elbowing him then pressing your own sword to his throat. “Not so fast either, huh, Hook?”

Chaos ensued around you, the rest of Uma’s pirate crew battled it out with the other VK’s and Lonnie. You focused on your opponent in front of you, and leaped forward for another attack.

He quickly dodged it then smirked, “You’re quite feisty for a Darling,” he lunged forward for another blow, then knocked your sword to the ground. “I like it. The name’s Harry Hook.”

You rolled your eyes at him then took your sword back. “I’m not really in the mood for introductions. We’re kinda in the middle of a fight, if you haven’t noticed.”

Harry chuckled as he tried to land another blow on you, quickly whisking his hook away from danger as you tried to knock it off of him. “The only thing I’ve noticed so far is how beautiful you are. No wonder Peter Pan took your mother.”

“Flattery won’t get you anywhere, Hook.” You finally managed to get the infamous hook and dangled it in his face for a few seconds then threw it somewhere around. “It’s Y/N by the way.”

Laughing, you ran off to your other friends as the confused lieutenant jumped into the water in search for his hook. You felt guilt for a moment then shook it off. He deserved it!

You took a smoke bomb from Evie and smashed it on the ground then ran for it, never looking back. You thought about Hook’s son though. Maybe someday…

Harry jumped out of the water, in search for you and eager to get revenge (and maybe your number). All he saw, however, was Uma’s angry form and the rest of the pirate crew defeated. He growled to himself then stared at Auradon.

“We’ll meet again someday, Darling.”

one of my favorite things about my hero academia and mob psycho 100 is that they subvert the “children aren’t seen as children” trope

it’s a popular cliche in action/drama manga for adults to involve what are essentially still young adolescents and teens in very dangerous, very heavy situations and expect them to just…not cry, not feel anything, not be fucking kids about it. these middle school and high school children are supposed to risk their lives, watch their friends die, fight enemies much older and more experienced than themselves, all with dry eyes and a solid resolve

mob psycho and my hero avoid these tropes with characters like arataka reigen and inko midoriya. 

in mp100, during the first major arc of the series, the esper kids were in the middle of facing a team of adult espers. reigen was the one to step in and basically say, “you guys know you’re fighting fucking children, right? like…you grown-ass adults are having a serious fight with middle school kids.” and he assures the young teens that he should be the one to take care of things bc he’s the adult.

in bnha, deku’s mom is seen as comically overprotective, but like…she’s just being a mom?? like i’m sure a lot of people were annoyed that she almost prevented izuku from dorming at UA because she was too worried about him, but if you really think about this, she’s completely justified. she’s seen her 15-year-old son break his own limbs, rendering his body bloody, bruised, and completely uselesstime and time again, as well as a fellow child abducted by villains while under the supervision of that very same school. what fucking mother in her right mind would allow her child to move out and permanently dorm at UA after experiencing all that??? she eventually concedes but like!! still!! she’s totally right! she’s a mother! she’s supposed to be concerned about her son! 

it’s crazy how desensitized we’ve become to parents not acting like parents in shows like this (or parents being absent altogether, ‘cause, y’know…angst and whatnot). like, yeah, i get that a large portion of it is wish fulfillment aimed specifically towards adolescents who want to escape the mudanity of dealing with nosy, overprotective parents and get to see themselves as heroes who don’t cry and blah blah blah, but still. 

it’s just really refreshing to see parental figures in anime actually…be parents once in awhile, y’know?

Out Of The Woods--Harry Hook x Reader

Request-Request for harry hook x Oc Bailey bad 🐺 daughter of the big bad wolf leaves the woods for the first time. In nothing but ripped clothing nearly covering her body. She bombs into none other than harry hook while sniffing around. Someone around their meeting could you have a scene where… Harry: “don’t worry love I don’t bite” Bailey: “ oh? But I do”

Thanks again to @carmen12053 for requesting this, I hope you like it!

Disclaimer-I don’t own any of the Descendants characters all credit goes to the creators and producers of Disney Descendants.

Summary- You, daughter of the Big Bad Wolf, have never been outside of the Dark Woods before, but decide to explore the village, and meet a certain hook handed pirate.

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It was official. You were lost.

You sighed as you look at any possible signs or hints to tell you where you were, but everything looked the same. There was nothing but alley ways and hanging drapes, nothing like the molding trees of the Dark Woods.

You continued your search, only to still find nothing.

Well, you thought, this bites.

You sniffed around, trying to get some type of scent to guide you in some way, but still no help. All you could smell was the stomach wrenching odors of sweat, smoke, and…..dead fish?

You shook your head, the nauseating scent making you dizzy for a moment. This place was so closed up and musty, walls of metal towering over each side of the road. The different explosions of darkened colors made your head hurt, the new smells only making the experience worse. The change of scene wasn’t much of a surprise to you. This wasn’t the Dark Woods anymore. This was the village of the Isle of the Lost.

Old buildings with broken windows, stoned paths that were unstable to walk on. And the unwelcoming, and most certainly petty, fairy tale villains. You could sense the evil all around, it polluted the air like a plague. You had seen new villains come in over the years, all different, and ridiculous, in their own special ways. But being the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf, it was only natural that you lived in the Dark Woods, away from civilization. However, as years went by, you thought it was about time you “bonded” with your fellow villainous neighbors.
And so, you left the Dark Woods, and started your journey to the village, with nothing but your ripped clothes, and your scruffy appearance.  

But this was nothing you were hoping for, let alone wanting to conquer. In all honesty, this place was a dump!

No one seemed to fear you, or even acknowledge you.

You continue your path through the town, taking a turn onto a dirt path, surrounded with wooden structures, unlike those from the other parts of the town.

Too fascinated with the strange and sudden change of the Isle, you didn’t pay attention to your surroundings, bumping into a stranger, a minion of some type, you assumed.

“Hey! Watch where you’re-” With a low growl, you cut him off immediately. Then with a bark, he ran for his life. You chuckled, that never got old.

“Wow,” you heard someone say. “That was quite a show.”

You turned to the voice, meeting the eyes of a figure in the shadows. His scent was one of a male’s, but it was the thick accent and broad outline that proved your inference.

The look of him alone made it evident that he was nothing but trouble. You didn’t mind a little trouble now and then, but right now wasn’t one of those moments.

You backed away from him slowly, hoping to avoid the hidden stranger, but he caught on to your plan.

“Aw ye scared, love?” He snickered. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite, most of the time.” He smiled, showing his straight, white teeth.

“Really,” you smirked. “Well, I do.”

“Oh, feisty little thing, aren’t ya.” He slowly emerged from the darkness, standing at his full height. He was tan and tall, with eyes blazing blue. His features looked deadly enough to cut through bark, more efficiently than the hook he carried in his left hand. His hat was one you recognized as a pirate’s hat: triangular, with a small, white feather. But what gave it away the most was the abnormally large coat, which hugged his frame with red leather, and followed him like a broken kite, unable to gain enough air to fly.

He smirked again, his piercing eyes staring right into your, compared to his, dull E/C eyes. His index finger slowly stroked the interior of his hook, as if trying to intimidate you with his puny weapon.

You grinned, but only enough to show what little effect he had on you.

It seemed to work.

“I don’t believe I’ve seen yer face around this part before,” he said, examining your torn attire as he spoke. “I think I would have recognized someone with such a…..unique sense of style.” He cackled at his own joke.

“Yeah I’m not from around this part of the Isle,” you countered. “You see, where I come from, we don’t need to pretend our limbs are missing in order to scare others.”

The comment seemed it hit a sensitive nerve, as his laughter halted instantly, only to cradle the hook close to his chest.

Then, with a killer look, he pointed the tip of his hook towards your throat, thinking of the many ways he could dispose of you, most likely.

“I can hurt ye, little girl,” he hissed, tilting the hook toward the center of your neck.

You had to admit, you were a little scared, but you refused to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he had an ounce of control over you. You glanced at the hook and lifted your head to see his serious expression.

With a long, sharp fingernail, you gently lowered the hook from you neck, never letting your eyes wander away from the stern look he held. You watched as his anger melted into complete awe, flashing your award winning, sharp tooth smile.

“That’s Y/N Wolf to you, Pirate.”

His mouth hung open, eyes wide, as if trying to put the pieces together in his head. He fumbled with his words, stuttering, and breathing heavier than normal.

“Aw, you scared, love?” You taunted, using his own words against him.

His features turned grim, knowing he had just been outwitted by a newcomer.

“So seen as how I’ve got your attention,” you spoke, tracing along his defined jaw with the tip of your claw. “Why don’t you lend a helping paw and let every pathetic, no good citizen on this Isle, know that I, daughter of Big Bad himself, has come over for a little…..visit.”

He gulped, and waited until you lowered your finger to catch his breath.

“What’s your name, Pirate?” You smiled with a voice that made the poor boy shiver at your words.

He looked at your small frame, and frowned, “Harry Hook, son of Captain Hook.”

With a nod, you turned on your heel and walked back the way you came.

As he watched you disappear from his sight, Harry thought about how easy it was for you to make him feel so helpless, and with nothing but a smile and a slight touch of your claw. He smiled and chuckled to himself.

Just wait till Uma hears about her!

Okay, I just need to thank you all for all the amazing support I’ve gotten on Night Owls! I am so blown away with how much love and compliments I’ve received from it already, it’s utterly INSANE! Sorry for any spelling errors I may have missed, I made sure there wasn’t any in this, but I’m not the best with grammar and spelling. lol. Thank you all again, I love you all. Hope you liked this imagine!

- imagine-publisher


Sofia the First Challenge
4 of 5 Characters → Cedric

Cedric: When I first got to school I couldn’t do the disappearo spell either. Or most of the other spells, come to think of it. But then my teacher taught me the sorcerer’s secret.

I met a fellow villain today while out for supplies; He seemed just as lost as me after creating a sentient being. Do robots even need diapers? He offered me his number for professional networking reasons, but the offer to meet for coffee later made it feel like more so a friendly gesture. We’ll see.

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19 with Paperhat please?

“I’ve missed this.”

Blackhat glanced up from his newspaper to look at Dr.Flug, who was standing by the kitchen stove, stirring a pot of pasta.

“You’ve missed cooking?” Blackhat asked. Flug snorted and shook his head.

“No! I’ve missed it being just you and me having dinner and getting a chance to talk, sir” Flug said while giggling. “I’ve missed us spending time together.”

“We spend time together everyday, why is this different?”

“‘Cause it’s just us, Blackhat! No Dementia and no 5.0.5 since she decided to take him along on her date with her new girlfriend.” Flug took the pot off the burner and grabbed two plates from the cupboard. As Flug laid everything out on the table Blackhat set the paper down and really looked at his scientist.

“So you’re saying that you’re glad to have me all to yourself?” The mischievous grin inching it’s way across the eldritch’s face made Flug snicker.

“Yes, that exactly what I’m trying to say,” the doctor stated jovially as he pulled out the chair opposite of his boss. “‘Cause that mean I can do this.” And with that, Blackhat’s breath hitched as Flug removed his bag and goggles. Deep green eyes pinned him down from across the table, and a sharp toothed smile flashed.

Without a sound, Blackhat stood up and moved around the table to kneel by Flug’s side. No matter how many time he’d seen the man without his bag, he was still awe-struck by his beauty every single time.

Blackhat reached up to run his thumb along the burn scars covering the left half of Flug’s face; then through soft and curly, chestnut colored hair. The doctor covered Blackhat’s grey hand with his own when it returned to his cheek.

“Do you see why I miss this?” Flug whispered.

“Definitely,” Blackhat mumbled. Then suddenly, the eldritch was snapped out of his reverie and he stood quickly, pulling his hand away as if it had been burned. His cheeks began to darken as Flug beamed up at him with a knowing twinkle in his eyes.

“Let’s just eat,” Blackhat grumbled, and then stormed back this his side of the table and sat down with a huff.

The two ate in relative silence, pausing only to glance up at each other from across the table. Flug seemed to always be smiling, his eyes crinkled into half moons, whenever Blackhat looked at him, and Black hat always seemed to turn a darker shade of grey everytime Flug looked at him.

Once they finished, Flug cleared the dishes away and went to wash them. Blackhat volunteered to help dry, but Flug said he could handle it. When he was done, the doctor returned to the table and leaned on it.

“Do you want put a movie in?” Flug asked. Blackhat looked like he wanted to say no for a second, but then he sighed and rolled his eye.

“Why not, at least we can pick something decent without Dementia around,” he said. Flug grinned evilly. “WE ARE NOT WATCHING THE IRON GIANT AGAIN!”

In the mansions large living room, under a maroon blanket, Flug burst into quiet tears as the iron giant bent down and said,

“You stay, I go. No following.” Then Hogarth’s quiet ‘i love you,’ made the doctor’s heart clench. He turned to Blackhat, who was obviously trying to hide his own emotional conflict, and threw his arms around him to press his face into the eldritch’s chest. Blackhat stiffened, but then quietly put his arm around Flug, and patted his back gently.

As the movie credits rolled, Flug cuddled into Blackhat’s side and said,

“You know that since we’re dating, Blackhat, there’s really no reason to hide your emotions when no one else is around.”

“Flug…” Blackhat said warily..

“No really, sir. You don’t need to act cold around me when we’re not on camera, and nobody’s around.” Flug shifted to stare Blackhat down.

“Flug…You know I’m not good at expressing human emotion, right?” Blackhat slumped in his seat, and pulled back his arm that was around Flug so he could cross both of them in front of his chest. “You remember when I first started liking you, I thought I’d become sick with some virus or another because the feeling was foreign to me?” Dr. Flug nodded. “Well, I’m still learning how to express my emotions, and I get flustered or overwhelmed by them sometimes. You humans… you’re used to wide ranges of emotions, but I’m still trying to figure out why sorrow can be expressed in 50 different ways! All that said I also… well…” Blackhat grimaced, sighed, rubbed at his arm, and then looked Flug in the eye.

“I don’t want to express the wrong emotion at a time when we are under public eye, and then for someone to realize how much you mean to me and use that to their advantage. I don’t want you to end up hurt because a fellow villain decides to use you to get to me.” Blackhat gazed at the now dark T.V. screen. “And so I need to learn to control my emotions before I learn to express them, or I might end up doing something stupid.”

The feeling of chapped lips against his cheek startled Blackhat out of his brooding thoughts. He turned to find Flug smiling fondly at him, his eyes filled with love.

“When you put it that way, it make a lot more sense,” he said softly. Flug reached out to cradle Blackhat’s cheek. “We’ll work on it together then, okay? If you need help, I’m right here.” Something in Blackhat’s chest squeezed.

“I’d appreciate that, Flug.”

“And that’s all I could ask for.” As they sat, curled up on the couch in the dark, 4 words escaped into the night before they both fell asleep.

“I’ve missed this, too.”

Here come that good fluff cause apparently that what I feel like writing! I hope this is to your liking anon, and this was good for me to write! Thank you for the request!

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I do wonder though - a lot of the villains that love/not-love Tony are those that are not directly involved with him, like Stane or Killian or Vanko etc. (Not sure if count the Mandarin) What would Tony's newly-emerging/resurrected nemesis(es) say to the Villains having this game of going easy on Tony/trying to get on Tony's good side/becoming Tony's favorite? What would they say to the game when really what they're trying is to kill Iron Man? And most importantly, what do the Villains say?

Good questions, very good questions. Okay, the most important part to remember is that there is a fine distinction to make between villains and enemies. (In case you weren’t aware that this distinction existed, don’t feel bad, the Council of All That Is Evil And All That Spreads Evil only came to that conclusion in an emergency session a couple of weeks ago, the news haven’t spread that far yet.)

Villains are bad people who do bad things in their single-minded quest to–total world domination/revenge/take your pick. Enemies are people with a personal vendetta against a specific superhero.

So while villains will normally fight Iron Man because he’s in their way, they aren’t necessary his enemies. That title belongs to Stane, Killian, the ringleaders of the Ten Rings and lots of other very dead people.

Or at least they should have been dead. But when is the world ever as it should be?

Now, as much as the villains are slowly growing fond of Tony (shhh, don’t tell them that, they will shoot a Stark jet from the sky just to prove you wrong [after checking that Tony is on board and has access to a suit and ideally a couple of parachutes of course], villains are stubborn like that), that doesn’t mean he leads a peaceful life.

He’s still Tony Stark, and new enemies show up every once in a while. Some of them are probably not even aware of the villains’ games. They are just personal enemies of Stark, often even live a fairly legal life and just want to pay him back for some real or imagined slight. Those are the least of their worries (not that villains’ worry) because they are unlikely to try kill Stark and even less likely to succeed.

Then there are the stupid enemies. They’re aware of the villains’ game and they take it as a challenge. Since all these other villains (often more feared than they are) are apparently incapable of taking Iron Man down, they will do it and earn eternal respect. Or they simply hate Stark so much, they insult the other villains and are forever frustrated with and disgusted by the ‘game’–usually another villain takes something they say personal, and the quest for revenge ends before it has the chance to start.

And finally, there are the smart enemies. Those are the ones that on first glance can’t be told apart from your usual villains. They may participate in the game as far as anyone is concerned, and they’re clever enough to hide their real goal: to kill or destroy Tony Stark.

But as dangerous as smart enemies are, they tend to operate on limited time only. Because villains are naturally suspicious folks and it’s almost impossible to hide your hatred or your personal connection to Tony Stark for very long. Also, because of the point game, available villains tend to watch an ongoing fight with hawk eyes, so it will quickly become obvious if you focus too much on Iron Man.

There were a couple of close calls in the past. Once, an uninvolved villain–in civilian clothing, because it had been his off-day no less–even had to evaporate a fellow villain who was about to literally crush Iron Man. The poor guy wasn’t recognised as a villain either, and was promptly hailed a hero. On the other hand, he got personally thanked by Tony Stark.

(Not that anybody is jealous of course.)

After that particular incident the villains have become a lot more careful in whom they let join on their game. Nowadays it’s almost an exclusive club of sorts, where you have to prove that you’re evil AND that you hold no grudge against Iron Man, to be granted membership.

(No, the villains are not protective of Iron Man. Don’t be silly. It’s simply that, as long as they haven’t found a decent replacement for him should he die in a fight, he is not allowed to die. Really, it’s all a very simple and non-emotional business.)

[On an unrelated side note Fury and associates are getting more and more nervous about that wildcard army that Stark seems to have a lot more control over than most people realise. More than anything they fear the day Stark realises it.

After all the villains might just be able to offer him what the Avengers failed to become…]

Headcanons #1 Part 2/2

-has been cutting Bruce’s hair for him since he was a child
-his favorite brand of cologne has been discontinued for years and he dreads the day he runs out of his last bottle
-his pet peeve is when someone leaves the scrub brush in the sink after they’re done using it
-has made a game of hiding secret cameras for Dick to find
-only likes his pasta al denté style
-knows of hidden passages in the mansion that even Bruce isn’t aware of

-has a belly button piercing
-her favorite shoes are her second generation Jeremy Scott Adidas wings
-is allergic to strawberries but only mildly
-her favorite candy is red hots
-refuses to use short hand text while messaging people
-will speak in front of large crowds all day but absolutely will not sing for them out of fear

-snuggles with her skates at night like they’re stuffed animals
-only wears high end, name brand clothes and jewelry that she modifies herself
-has a collection of her best ‘wanted’ posters that she shows off to fellow villains
-is one inch taller than Joker and holds it over him constantly
-prefers most hot foods to cool to room temperature before she eats them
-once wore her jacket into a pool because she bet Joker she would wear it for an entire week

just wtf how the hell does someone ‘accidentally’ kill all their fellow students plus their school (and no, he never helped anyone in his life let only the people he freaking killed on purpose not accidentally)


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Pairing: Carlos De Vil x Evie’s Little Sister (Eva)

Word Count: 1,402 (hohohoho)

Warnings: Really cute boys with freckles, I don’t know if it’s angst, slight profanity, possible fainting from all the cuteness, chocolate, gets KINDA steamy, there’s a small hickey on your neck in the end

A/N: Hohohoho it’s hereee I didn’t proofread it cuz i was excited but here it is and shit and pls leave a nice comment and i still have the jazzy fic and the tommy fic to write so ya

Tags: @obiwan824 eyy its here and @kimmy-h-life woohoo!

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Paperhat Month Day 1: How They met/First impressions

The Inventor


The door slammed behind Dr. Flug Slys after he was shoved out of it unceremoniously. Next to him, his recently created experiment, Dementia, was huffing and snarling with rage.

“How dare she  throw you out like that!” she growled. “I’m gonna tear out her throat! I’M GONNA RIP HER LIMB FROM LIMB! I’M GONNA-”

“Dementia…. Please calm down…” The lizard girl turned to see her creator curled up on the steps with his knees tucked to his chest. The defeated slump of his shoulders caused her to pause in her rant and kneel my his side.

“Master are you-”

“Please, call me Flug, Dementia. I created you but I don’t own you. You’re your own person…”

“Fine! Flug, why are you not angry too! Whats going on?” The scientist curled into himself even more and  stared forlornly at the cement.

“The Mistress is right, Dem, I’m useless and incompetent! I’ve been kicked out of 3 different villains lairs because I can’t give them what they want with my inventions!”

“You created me through? Doesn’t that mean you’re pretty smart?” Flug stopped his brooding to stare at the lizard like girl he had brought to life less that 6 hours ago. He thought of all the calculations he had had to perfect, and all the risks he had taken in the formula possibly not being right, or the machine he had used malfunctioning. He watched as Dementia’s chest rose and feel with breath, and how she blinked every few seconds to re-wet her eyes.

“I-I guess so…” Dementia bared her sharp teeth in a crooked grin.

“I may have been only born today, but it seems like you’re problem isn’t that you’re a failure, but rather that no one appreciates you’re genius if you don’t do exactly what they tell you to do like a little robot. You’re not a robot through. And from what I understand, The Mistress only kicked you out cause you created me instead of creating a disintegration gun, right?”


“But I’m so much better, aren’t I?” At this, Dementia stood suddenly and then swung around to slam her fist into one of the wooden pillars holding up the awning. There was a sickening CRACK, and the awning began to creak as the pillar splintered. Hefting Flug over her shoulder, she then lashed out with a quick roundhouse kick and the pillar was snapped in half.

Dementia was cackling madly as she ran Flug away from the collapsing porch. As Flug watched The Mistress yell at them from a far up window, he felt a new emotion flooding his veins to replace his despair. When the lizard girl set the scientist down, she found that his bag was pulled up just enough for her to see the deadly smirk twisting his lips.

“You’re right, Dementia.” he stated. “I think it’s time I show these villains just how smart I am.”

“Dementia hand me the pliers!”

“Got ‘em!”

“The broken fuse box?”

“Here yah go!”

“Carbon monoxide canister?”

“Hehe, this is gonna be fun right?”

“If you hand me that timer its sure is.”

“Should I grab the camera?”

“Well how else are we gonna show the world what were capable of?”

Flug stood outside of The Mistresses manor with a smug smile on his face. As Dementia clambered out an upper level window and crawled down the siding, he squeezed the microphone he held in his hand tighter. The lizard girl sprinted to his side, and then manned the camera set up facing the manor. When she gave the scientist a thumbs up he began to speak.

“Hello fellow Villains! Dr. Flug Slys here to bring you a very important announcement! As I speak, the mansion of the one and only Mistress is being flooded with the poisonous and flammable gas Carbon Monoxide! Now you may be asking why this happening because if I am a villain, and she is one too, why would I do this too her?” Flug let the question hang heavy in the air for a few moments.

“I’m sending a message; to all those that have kicked me out onto the streets for not being a ‘good enough inventor.’” The sarcasm dripping from Flug’s voice could’ve caused chemical burns. “I’d just like to say to those villains that it’s not my fault they kicked out, but rather, their inability to see that I have more potential than what they believed me to have simply because I appeared anxious and fearful of everything they said and did.” as he said this, alarms began to blare in the manor, and a cacophony of screaming erupted. Flug lifted his paper bag just enough that anyone watching could see the vile grin splitting his face.

“Well I’m going to show you just how much potential I have. Then he flipped the top of the microphone off to reveal a small red button underneath. There was a soft ‘beep’ and then greens, reds, and purples filled the air as the manor exploded from the inside out. Caught up in his own adrenaline rush, the doctor let out a crazed laugh, and doubled over with it. Dementia joined in while refocusing the camera to view both the evil scientist, and the crumbling mansion.

“To everyone who ever doubted me, this is for you!” Flug shouted. “I’m coming for all of you!”

Blackhat sat at his computer with a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth. The video series of an inventor methodically destroying other villains was pulled up in front of him, and he had watched every one of them.

The man, Dr. Flug, had impressed the eldritch with his level of creativity and inventiveness. So when he heard the doorbell from downstairs, he stood up and rushed out to answer it. Before opening the door, Blackhat composed himself by taking a breath and straightening his tie. Then he opened the door to find his guest waiting on the other side.

“Dr. Flug! Come in, please!” Blackhat announced. The bright haired girl that followed the doctor was unexpected, but the eldritch let her pass figuring she was some sort of helper for the scientist. “Please, follow me to the dining room.”

Over dinner, Blackhat talked about the possiblity og a business deal, and the idea of hiring Flug on as an inventor so business could start. Flug had mentioned his uncertainty about being forced to create, but when Blackhat had assured him that what he invented would be entirely up to him the man had warmed up to the idea.

“I think I could work with you Mister Blackhat,” Flug stated confidently. The eldritch extended a hand towards the man in invitation.

“If you agree to this, then you can start right away, and you can take any of the guest rooms you want.”

“Sounds good to me.” Then Flug took the hand proffered and shook it hard. There was a horrible screeching noise that echoed around the room, and Flug found he couldn’t let go of Blackhat’s hand. Then the eldritch leaned forward with a evil grin and whispered in the doctors ear,

“I hope you know this is forever.” Then he pulled away. Flug stood frozen for a moment, fear rooting him to the spot. But as his panic overtook him Flug felt the need to run, and so he blurted out,

“I’m gonna go find a room!” and then he was gone. Blackhat chuckled to himself and was about to leave when a hand punched against his chest violently. The lizard girl from earlier was standing in front of him, a fire burning in her eyes. Blackhat was about to brush her off when she grabbed the lapels of his suit coat and dragged him down to her level.

“Let me make one thing clear, Blackhat,” she hissed between clenched teeth. “You hurt one hair on my friends head and I will tear you limb from limb before you can even say sorry.”

“Trust me, I’d rather avoid hurting such a valuable asset!” Blackhat growled back.

“Congrats then, I’ll spare you unless you change your mind.” Then Dementia let go and stalked out the room to go and find her friend. As Blackhat brushed the wrinkles out of his clothes, he found himself thinking,

Well the doctor is quite brilliant, and the lizard girl is extremely protective of him… This is going to be an odd partnership, but one I think will come to benefit both of us, and be quite profitable.

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can I request headcanons of villain deku with his short gf like 4'8 thank you friend​! I love villain deku!

I love me some villain Deku! 

Originally posted by noodlerama

Villain Deku:

-Loves your height no matter what; loves you no matter. He would think you’re incredibly adorable and may tease you a tiny bit. Nothing to harsh, just some sly comment that’s easy to forget.

-If you’re a fellow villain, he looks out for you a lot. Villian Deku is evil, but isn’t unnessarily cruel, he does what he has to do. He is a little decisive, so you may have to watch your back a little bit. He would probably ask you to join his team, if you’re not already. Durriing battles he looks out for you as best as he can.

-If you’re not a villain, he doesn’t want you to know a lot about what he does. He may tell you he’s a villian ad a few other vague details, but nothing to deep. He doesn’t want you to be scared, but he also doesn’t want you carelessly talking about his next villinous plan. Deku loves you, so he wants the best for you, meaning it’s probably best to try to be as normal as a couple the two of you can possibly be.

-He’s on the shorter size for a male, only reaching 5′5, so the two of you can struggle to get to the top cabinet together. Sometimes, you two have to do some type of stunt to get your cereal, it may look cute, but it can be a pain in the neck if it’s early morning.

-The two of you wake up fairly early, around 5:00 am, so that you can see him off to his hideout base. 

-The two of you have matching fitbit type things that track your location just incase if something bad happens or you lose each other. You know he can hold his own, but if worst comes to worst, you would want to know where he is. (This also allows him to see find you if he lost you in a big crowd)

Thank you SO much for being my first ask! I had a lot of fun writting this, especially since it was about villain Deku (who doesn’t love that?:D) Any ways. Thank everyone so much already! It hasn’t even been 12 hours and I’ve already gotten so much love! Thank you guys so much! Ask box is open!

-Admin A

Bruce Wayne/Diana Prince or Wonderbat FanFiction

Bruce Wayne/Diana Price or Wonderbat is one of my favorite pairings along with Brutasha, Matt Murdock/Natasha Romanov, Cole/Cassie and Shoot to name a few.  I have already shared some of my favorite Brutasha FanFiction, so I thought it was time I did the same for Bruce and Diana.  I am sure there are many Bruce/Diane FanFiction stories I have not read yet, but so far the stories below are my favorite.

Empathy by The-Lady-Isis, Rated T:  Diana’s greatest strength is being used to destroy her - and the only one who can save her is the League’s resident emotional black hole…but the problem is falling in love with her was not part of the plan. And could cost Diana everything.

The World of an Amazon by Coldbee, Rated T:  Batman deals with mortality issues while Wonder Woman’s Gods gather to decide if he truly deserves her love or not.

Heart of Darkness by theamerican91, Rated T:  After Batman and the Justice League cut ties with each other, a vengeful enemy returns and cripples him. Now it is up to the Founders to save their former friend. But to do that, they will have to undergo a journey like no other where they not only discover the buried secrets of the Dark Knight, but find their own weaknesses and strengths being tested. 

Doomsday Sanction by BruceDiana, Rated T:  What happened after Diana turns off the light in Bruce’s room in the Watchtower Medical Bay? 

A Wonderful Woman by Richie Cunningham, Rated M:  Diana visits Bruce in the Batcave and he seems more than a little wound up. How can a gal relieve all that tension? 

Trials and Tribulations by preston-gal, Rated K:  Its not easy living with Bruce Wayne, even harder living with the Batman. 

Just Breathe by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Wonder Woman and Batman both struggle with their growing feelings for one another. 

Mended Hearts by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Wonder Woman is severely injured in an attack forcing Batman to finally face his feelings for her, but how will Superman react?   

Not So Blessed by R-dude, Rated T:  For some, immortality is a wistful dream, a fantasy. For others, it is an ambition, an unattainable goal. For Diana Wayne, it is nothing but a bitter reality. 

All You Never Say by BruceDiana, Rated M:  Diana wants Bruce to just tell what he really feels for her, but will he ever? 

Baby Makes Three by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Diana has some news that she’s not so sure Bruce is going to like to hear. 

Just One Night by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Against her better judgment, Diana reluctantly agrees to be auctioned off for a charity benefit. Who will be the highest bidder for just one night with the Princess? 

Kiss and Make Up by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Superman gets fed up with Batman and Wonder Woman’s constant arguing and decides to do something about it. What happens next is not exactly what he had anticipated. 

Started With a Whisper by LOTSlover, Rated M:  One-shot prequel to Baby Makes Three and Raising Nicholas. It all started with a whisper, but quickly escalated from there and ended with Batman’s jealousy getting the better of him, forcing him to finally admit he’s in love with a certain Amazon Princess. 

Morse Code by annaoi, Rated K+:  ONE SHOT. Green Lantern sees that two of his colleagues/friends are sending secret messages to each other. 

Smile Again by LOTSlover, Rated T:  One-Shot set sometime during Season Two of Justice League. Batman tries to comfort a depressed Diana who misses her home.

Letting Go by LOTSlover, Rated M:  “If you love something, let it go.” Unfortunately, whoever wrote that never had to give up an Amazon. 

Healing Touch by LOTSlover, Rated M:  After suffering a traumatic event on patrol in Gotham, Batman goes to the one person he knows who can help him heal. 

Eye Spy by annaoi, Rated K+:  The Justice League has a habit of spying on two of its members 

Yearning For the Real Thing by AlwaysMoreMe, Rated M: “At first, it was just on the security cameras. But after awhile, watching him through a camera, it wasn’t enough. I needed to watch the real thing.” Diana has always had feelings towards Bruce, but when a mission doesn’t go as well and Bruce seeks release through work outs, can Diana just sit by and watch the show?

A Time of Mourning by batwheelsz350, Rated T: Purely from the JL/JLU setting. This story takes place during Amanda Waller’s flashback with the Royal Flush Gang and Ace’s untimely demise. 

Tried and True by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Sequel to my fic Mended Hearts, Bruce and Diana’s relationship is put to the test when Luthor enlists the help of a fellow villain in an effort to take down the Justice League starting with Wonder Woman.

Father of the Bride by LOTSlover, Rated M: Sequel to my fic Tried and True, Diana continues to struggle with the aftereffects of Luthor’s brain chip as her wedding to Bruce approaches, but things don’t go as planned when an unexpected visitor threatens to destroy their happiness as well as their future.

Raising Nicholas by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Sequel to my fic Baby Makes Three, Bruce and Diana learn firsthand the ins and outs of marriage as well as raising a baby. 

The Wayne Family Chronicles by LOTSlover, Rated M:  This is a series of one-shots based on Raising Nicholas.

Family Matters by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Sequel to Raising Nicholas, Bruce and Diana have their hands full with two toddlers, but matters only grow worse when Sienna plots to get revenge on the Wayne’s.

The Bats and Wondy Smutabet by SinisterScribe, Rated Explicit: Apocalypse,
and Home is coming soon…The long awaited repost from ffnet (dicks, the lot of them).Basically a collection of smutty oneshots in which Bats and Wondy have a ripping good time (sometimes literally, that poor uniform). Will be posted all as one work on this site but all previously posted chapters shall make an appearance.I own nothing, no suing.

Revenge: A Dish Best Served Cold (Because They're Dead) - Chapter 1 - Clueingforlooks221B - Villainous (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/5
Relationships: Black Hat/Dr. Flug (Villainous) 

Summary: A fellow villain is terrorizing Flug, and Black Hat gets revenge. He isn’t jealous, he just doesn’t want someone else to scare Flug more than he does.


First chapter is up now! I didn’t spend as much time editing as I would have liked, but I see this chapter as more of a set up for the rest. 


After 3 weeks of work, the cosplay is complete! I’m super glad to have attended Indy PopCon this past weekend as Dr. Flug! It was very exciting and I met many amazing people (as well as some fellow Villainous cosplayers)!

Although, this con wouldn’t have been as great without my awesome friends who went with me! Shoutout to @mike-the-anime-guy for the killer Black Hat cosplay on Saturday and @thejaratelady who is PaperHat garbage and took that picture of us! Love you!!

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I have a question, if you don't mind. I know that you don't think that Lana plays the Evil Queen well anymore. So I wanted to know what you thought of Colin's performance of Captain Hook in Dark Waters with Nemo. Was it as good as when Colin was only playing Hook, to you? Just curious, you're free to ignore this and I don't want to start any hate stuff. Just wanted to know cause I know that you are a Killian/Colin fan! :)

Yes, he was absolutely fantastic in the scenes with Nemo in Dark Waters. In the initial scene aboard the Jolly Roger, you can see how frustrated Killian is to still be stuck in the Enchanted Forest. He has his revenge to get to, his purpose to fulfill, and after being trapped for 28 years, now Cora’s telling him to wait some more? He’s angry and that shows. And then on the Nautilus, you get a mix of that anger and a bit of his snark… and then Nemo brings up family, tells Killian he knows the pain he’s feeling…

There’s a reason I made this line my tag for this scene. All that anger, all that frustration, came exploding out of him there. And it was visceral. You could feel it. That’s not a performance that’s lacking or has lost any of what’s made Colin’s performance on this show so damn phenomenal.  

There’s several reason why I think the interactions with Nemo play differently than his other Hook villain scenes from past episodes. First of all, Nemo isn’t a fellow villain, and Nemo has Killian pegged even before Killian interacts with him. Nemo comes in with the upper footing and knowledge and it’s clear that Killian senses that he’s outmatched by a far more honorable man (at least more than he was in that moment). You can see it in his face here:

His usual tricks aren’t gonna work with this guy. So it plays differently. They also clearly want to establish a far different rapport between these characters than Killian had with Rumple, Regina, or Cora. Nemo is a man we’re meant to respect, not as a villain we’re meant to enjoy. It’s also important to note that Killian, all through the flashbacks in Dark Waters, isn’t portrayed as a villain in any real sense. He’s portrayed as the hurting lost boy seeking a family (which is juxtaposed by the present day scenes where Killian now has a family). They weren’t going for a ‘oh, this is suave, sexy villainous Hook’ that they originally sold him as when he came on the show - they wanted us to feel for Killian, now knowing everything that we do about him. And Colin portrays that so well - this was a unique encounter for a lot of different reasons. 

Besides, we know Colin has absolutely zero difficulty playing the old, sassy Hook when he’s called upon to do it. He was doing it just a season before in the flashbacks in Swan Song…

Colin is an actor whose performances are all very nuanced. It’s all about the subtle changes he makes to help portray a specific emotion or sentiment. The looks in his eyes, the minute changes in expression, how he stands or carries himself. There’s not a lot overacting with Colin. Even as Dark!Hook - to me, it never came off as Colin trying to ‘sell’ crazy but rather the crazy was a byproduct of the darkness running rampant inside Killian. Colin is someone who seems to deeply understand his character and how to make the right adjustments to him when it’s necessary. 

Lana, on the other hand, seems to be trying too hard to portray the EQ in a very deliberate and specific way and she misses all of the nuance that should be going into that character. She’s trying to sell her instead of just letting her come naturally and it’s cringeworthy to watch. It takes me right out of her performance - I don’t see the Queen, I see Lana pretending to be a character, trying so hard to capture what she once had and falling so short of the mark.