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Sofia the First Challenge
4 of 5 Characters → Cedric

Cedric: When I first got to school I couldn’t do the disappearo spell either. Or most of the other spells, come to think of it. But then my teacher taught me the sorcerer’s secret.

5928. Kyd Wykkyd is the anti-Raven. He was the son of an angel and raised by demonic cultists. He was taught never to speak, as his very voice spoke praise to God. Where Raven struggles to rebel against their natural leanings toward evil, Kyd Wykkyd fights the same battle from the opposite side of the field. He dresses like a bat-like demon because he wants to be demonic, rather than angeleic. Although rotten to the core, Wykkyd has been unable to completely shake his angelic heritage, as demonstrated by his enjoyment for building sofa forts and his friendship with fellow villain Angel

Submitted by lifescythe

Oh my god. My favourite kind of villain. An intelligent opportunist, who is good at his job and ruthless to get to the top, but also really likes the hero and wants to turn him to the dark side, because he a) wants to be together with him b) really wants to help him have a great life for him and his family c) while he isn’t blinded by worship of ideals he knows how to make the best out of a situation. When he gets betrayed by fellow villians and knows that he is a lost cause he actually helps the hero, because he really wants the best for him and wants to see the people who failed him played. Like revenge from the grave to his fellow villains and a last farewell gift to his friend. He determines his own downfall and turns it into an opportunity. The heroic villain, that didn’t turn to the good side or despises his actions, but where the heroism is totally in line with the previous character. Basically the mirror to an anti-hero. Perfect!

Time to Pay the Piper

I got inspired by this post and scrawled out this drabble. Probably not my best, but I am on such a Hartmon high and need to let it all out. Vice is just a random name. I just needed a villain name.

Vice strolled into the backwater bar, observing the grimy counter and dark people.
Snart had suggested he drop by, as many of the regulars were in a similar business to their own. The fellow villain had been helping him adjust to the workings of Central City since he moved there.
The bar seemed to be a bit rundown, but Vice was sure they would have the nicer stuff he wanted to celebrate with that night. He may not have defeated the Flash, but he had definitely doled out some pain. He swaggered to the counter, grinning in delight.
He suddenly broke out of his smug trance when he realized that every person in the bar was silently staring at him. His eyes narrowed. “What are you all looking at?” He snarled, his good mood temporarily dashed by his peers’ odd behavior.
Snart stood up from within the crowd and spoke, “You injured Cisco Ramon?”
Vice snorted. That’s what all this was about? His smug smile returned as he boasted, “Oh yeah, I did. Plenty of bruises, and at least a broken leg if not more. The Flash should keep stronger company.”
Snart’s eyebrows rose, and he spoke again, “Well, nice knowing you.” He sat down and chugged his drink. There was a chorus of calls for a check. Vice whipped his head back and forth in confusion. “What are you all–”
“I don’t think I need to explain why I’m here.” A new man in a green cloak cut him off as he stalked into the bar, a bulky gun-like device in each hand. “Now, unless anyone feels like being extremely stupid right about now…” The man trailed off. There was no one left for him to speak to; the bar had cleared out in seconds. He leveled his guns at Vice, who was frozen in shock. “What–wh–who are you?” Vice stumbled over his words. “I’m Cisco Ramon’s boyfriend,” the man’s lip slid into a smirk as he spoke, the guns in his hands making a whirring noise, “and it’s time to pay the Piper.”

WonderBat Spotlight: LOTSLOVER

Having seen many posts about great WonderBat fanfiction, I noticed that one of my favourite authors was missing and decided to make a list of her wonderful series and a handful of one-shots that she’s written to celebrate the Bat of Gotham and the Amazonian Goddess. Please note that the stories take place in the animated Justice League universe. (Posted with permission from LOTSLover!)


Mended Hearts Series (My Personal Favourite!)

- Mended Hearts https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9754621/1/Mended-Hearts

Wonder Woman is severely injured in an attack forcing Batman to finally face his feelings for her, but how will Superman react? (Rated M for Mature)

- Tried and True https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10050508/1/Tried-and-True

Sequel to my fic Mended Hearts, Bruce and Diana’s relationship is put to the test when Luthor enlists the help of a fellow villain in an effort to take down the Justice League starting with Wonder Woman. BM/WW. (Rated M for Mature)

- Father of the Bride https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11023334/1/Father-of-the-Bride 

Sequel to my fic Tried and True, Diana continues to struggle with the aftereffects of Luthor’s brain chip as her wedding to Bruce approaches, but things don’t go as planned when an unexpected visitor threatens to destroy their happiness as well as their future. BMWW. (Rated M for Mature)

Baby Makes Three Series

- Started With a Whisper https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10674878/1/Started-With-a-Whisper

One-shot prequel to Baby Makes Three and Raising Nicholas. It all started with a whisper, but quickly escalated from there and ended with Batman’s jealousy getting the better of him, forcing him to finally admit he’s in love with a certain Amazon Princess. Title for fic taken from “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees. (Rated M for Mature)

- Baby Makes Three https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9741653/1/Baby-Makes-Three

Diana has some news that she’s not so sure Bruce is going to like to hear. Nothing but BM/WW FLUFF! (Rated M for Mature)

- Raising Nicholas https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10313309/1/Raising-Nicholas

Sequel to my fic Baby Makes Three, Bruce and Diana learn firsthand the ins and outs of marriage as well as raising a baby. Humor/Romance/Family BM/WW (Rated M for Mature)

- The Wayne Family Chronicles https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11086642/1/The-Wayne-Family-Chronicles

This is a series of one-shots based on Raising Nicholas. These are just some family moments that I didn’t have time to put in my fic or suggestions by readers. It immediately follows Raising Nicholas. Rated “M” for later one-shot updates. BMWW

Lazaretto Series

- Lazaretto https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11538389/1/Lazaretto

After being exposed to an experimental bioterrorism agent during a mission, Batman and Wonder Woman are forced into isolation together on the Watchtower, but will they be able to find an antidote before it’s too late? Pre-BMWW. (Rated T for Teen)

- Lazaretto: The Addendum Chapter https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11874241/1/Lazaretto-The-Addendum-Chapter

Steamy BMWW addendum chapter. You don’t have to read Lazaretto to read this. BMWW FLUFF (Rated M for Mature)


 -  Just Breathe https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9720620/1/Just-Breathe

Wonder Woman and Batman both struggle with their growing feelings for one another. (Rated M for Mature)

- Alone https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10048081/1/Alone

Batman battles his thoughts and feelings for Wonder Woman. Which side of him will win out? Written from Bruce’s POV. (Rated T for Teen)

- Just One Night https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10476161/1/Just-One-Night

Against her better judgment, Diana reluctantly agrees to be auctioned off for a charity benefit. Who will be the highest bidder for just one night with the Princess? BM/WW One-Shot. (Rated M for Mature)

- More Than Enough https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10857910/1/More-Than-Enough

Diana struggles to deal with her failure after a mission goes terribly wrong. Will Batman be able to help her through it? One-Shot. BM/WW (Rated T for Teen)

- Smile Again https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11058335/1/Smile-Again

One-Shot set sometime during Season Two of Justice League. Batman tries to comfort a depressed Diana who misses her home. BM/WW fluff. (Rated T for Teen)

- Date Night Disaster https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11115220/1/Date-Night-Disaster

Batman decides to give in and take Diana out on a date, but will it turn out like she had hoped? BMWW Fluff. (Rated T for Teen)

- Calendar Girl https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11269293/1/Calendar-Girl

Wonder Woman tries to talk Batman into doing a Justice League calendar for charity. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into. BMWW Humor & Fluff. (Rated T for Teen)

- Healing Touch https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11437898/1/Healing-Touch

After suffering a traumatic event on patrol in Gotham, Batman goes to the one person he knows who can help him heal. BMWW. Written from BM’s POV. (Rated T for Teen)

- CPR https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11776393/1/CPR

Batman makes sure that he is Wonder Woman’s partner for CPR training. One-Shot. BMWW Fluff. (Rated T for Teen)

 For more wonderful stories, please check out LOTSLover on ff.net and enjoy! If you have any recommendations for someone who deserves a WonderBat spotlight, be sure to let us know!


After reading Kiss and Spell I developed this headcanon that Faybelle secretly wants to be friends with Ginger again. That’s why she sort of forced her to be her lab partner for ‘Science and Sorcery’ and why Faybelle ends up kinda bullying her. She wants to rekindle their friendship but on the account that Faybelle has high expectations set upon her as a future villain doesn’t know how to actually be nice to her anymore. So she thinks the only way she and Ginger can be friends again is if Ginger embraces her destiny as a fellow villain. That’s also why she’s kind of bossy towards Ginger in regards to her destiny.

Also I just want it to be known that I totally ship these two cuties together.

Okay, because I’m having so much trouble posting my fanfiction on an actual fanfiction site, I’m just going to post the (mini) first chapter here! I’ll add it to the actual account when I get back.

This is a Jaylos (Carlos and Jay from the Disney movie Descendants) fanfiction, posted in honour of Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day (sorry I keep forgetting the “writers” in the title)

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Disney - Viva La Vida

I’ve seen The Force Awakens and I loved it!

For now I will continue to only post and reblog things that have been officially released (like gifs from trailers/tv spots and articles), but if there’s anything that’s a major spoiler, I’ll tag it as #tfaspoilers 

One final thing I want to say…

~Not really a spoiler but under a Read More just in case~

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Years ago, there was a little girl. She didn’t have many friends, so her most constant companion was her imagination.

This little girl also happened to be obbsessed with Pokémon.

She was enraptured with the vibrant world wherein kids could roam the region with companions like no other, take down villains, battle fellow trainers, and eventually earn the prestigious title of Pokémon Champion. She watched as her loyal Treecko evolved into a Grovyle, and eventually a Sceptile. She eventually became Pokémon Champion, and captured the legendary Pokémon available. She continued playing even if all she did was just roam around Hoenn with nothing plot-related left to do.

Why? It was the closest thing she had to getting her greatest wish—for Pokémon to be real. They only existed in the game, unfortunately, but that didn’t stop her from trying. After school, she would run around the garden area, which was where the great beasts dwelled. No one could see them, though—she was the chosen one, the only one aware that so many amazing creatures surrounded them.

She would play with them. She would train them for contests and raise them. She even brought some of them home sometimes, talking to them in her head, smiling as the littler ones poked her legs when she was in class or doing work. At the same time, she would stare at the syllabus written out on the board, thinking wistfully how much more fun things would be if they studied battle techniques and type matchups instead.

Back at home, she would make cutouts of Pokémon, tediously drawing them and coloring them in. She would store these in a cardboard box, which had “Pokémon Box” messily written on the top in colored markers. For what reason? She had devised a game she could play with her cousins—they’d ask an adult to hide the cutouts around the house, and the players would go looking for them. Finders keepers. After all the Pokémon were found, they’d meet each other again to battle with the Pokémon they had “caught.”

One day, her parents got her a Bulbasaur top, complete with a Pokéball shell that exploded after a few seconds of spinning. It was her most prized possession, and she brought it with her all the time, along with her Pokémon Handbook. She also always ignored the pink section of the toy store for the second shelf near the entrance, where she would gaze at the Pokémon figures and the digital Pokédex for sale.

She had a notebook she would write her post-game adventures in. It was mostly dialogue, and she would write about how the Pokémon Champion roamed around the Hoenn with her powerful Sceptile, Rayquaza, and Kyogre, eventually running into Ash Ketchum, a newbie in Hoenn who was awestruck upon learning of her identity. Little did she know that that was the first fanfic she had ever written.

She dressed up as May for Halloween. She filled a notebook with Pokémon Sapphire tips. The few friends she made back then were Pokémon fans themselves. In fact, the first thing about another girl that caught her attention was the fact that she was playing Pokémon Sapphire. That girl eventually became her best friend.

Fast forward to the present. That little girl’s not so little anymore, and she’s blogging right now, emotional after the Pokémon Go! trailer. She sees how technology is bringing the world so painfully close to what she yearned for so much. It’s so surreal for her, to have her childhood dream just within reach.

And she’s forever thankful to Nintendo for it.

About Legends of Tomorrow - I don’t even care about them stopping Vandal Savage or the Time Masters. I’m just in it for the team visiting various time periods and having adventures and generally hanging out together. That’s it.

Gimme Captain Cold and the White Canary in a 20s speakeasy. Gimme Martin Stein at the Chicago World Fair meeting Nikola Tesla. Gimme Ray ending up in a suit of armor on a horse at a rousing round of medieval jousting. Gimme Kendra having to fight in Roman gladiatoral games.

And gimme the lot of them going back home to 2016, having become friends and more than friends, and everybody else, fellow heroes and villains and friends and relatives trying to cope with that.

And then off for more adventures, yes?