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Deadly Secrets

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Part One

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Pairing: Jared x Reader
Word Count: 1,026
Warnings: language, death, homicide
A/N: Here’s the first part of my new Jared series! Just a fair warning that this is very dark and angsty, if you feel like that is too much for you then I would skip this. I am super proud of this story and I am so happy it’s finished and I can finally start posting it for you guys. Italics are flashbacks. If you’d like to be tagged let me know, in an ask (it’s the best way for me to keep track)! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is crucial! :)

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Being an outsider was what Misha was used to; feuding with the norms of society, going against the grain of what was right verses what was wrong, being socially accepted. So one day, he said fuck this, he went to the tattoo parlor and spent months of paid internships on ink, he stretched his ears holes, plugs and gauges galore, he exercised his right to freedom of speech by creating a unified front on his bare skin. He was a punk in every sense of the definition, however he wasn’t. He wasn’t a hellion, deadbeat, brat, but he was rebellious. He rebelled against the discord, disfranchised, and weather brow beaten fellow men and women. Misha was a punk god and he felt damn good to finally be able to come into his own.

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FRIENDLY REMINDER that September 18th is here!

AKA the day when Supernatural officially gave us the angel Castiel.

AKA the day when the miracle that is Misha Collins was brought into our lives. 

AKA the day when Castiel and Dean first met while sparks were literally flying.

Happy anniversary to all my lovely fellow Castiel, Misha Collins, and Destiel fans!


jensen, misha & the new kid on the block alex  😀 👍

they sure know how to pick them 😄 👌 congrats to the casting director ✌️👏

funilly the kid has jensen’s colors & kinda looks like misha, could pass as his son or little bro. the only think to know is how is he character wise, cause from little i remember him in arrow, looks like he has acting chops. has long way to go to reach jensen’s & misha’s level though

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Dear Destiel or Wincest Lube Prankers


Think of all the outcomes!

They could make Supernatural conventions extra careful with gifts and stuff.

You could ruin a convention for a hell of a lot of people.

Whatever ship you’re shipping will most likely NEVER happen because now Jensen is uncomfortable.

YOU MAKE JENSEN ACKLES UNHAPPY, UNCOMFORTABLE, AND UPSET. It’s taken him some time to come out of his shell and be comfortable around all of us and this stupid prank would no doubt send him back!

Jensen takes time away from his family to come do things like this for us and for some of you to want to go and pull this idiotic prank is rude and insulting. If you have any amount of respect for the cast and crew of this show you will NOT do this. Please guys. You might think it’s funny it just out of love but it could cause a REALLY bad outcome. Again I beg you not to do this!


“Why are you smiling like an idiot today? I mean, yes you are but- ow!” Jensen started speaking only to be cut off and exclaim as you hit him rather hard on the shoulder.

“Just kidding, you know I love you” he winked at you as you glared at him, but couldn’t help a small smile either.

A smile spread on Jared’s face, eyebrows raised in astonishment as he looked at Jensen who only turned his head, eyes a little wide as he shook his head- you missing all of that. Jared rolled his eyes, hardly keeping himself from throwing a feat on his fellow actor.

“Morning!” Misha suddenly joined you “Hey, (Y/n) wanted to ask you. Did you and Jensen finally hook up or something? You’ve been smiling like that all morning!”

You rolled your eyes, laughing “Shut up Misha. No, it’s not that or anything. My managed called last night and he told me a few things about my next album and-”

“And?” Jared asked interested.

“And Fall Out Boy is going to be featuring in one of the songs I wrote!” you tried to keep yourself from squealing.

“Oh (Y/n) that’s great! Finally getting to meet your crush huh?” Jared grinned widely at you “I really wanna be there to see that” he chuckled.

“Oh me too! Imagine- Just imagine her. ‘H-hey Pa-Patrick I-I am s-so ha-happy to m-meet you!’” Misha quite exaggeratingly pretended to be you.

“Hey!” you exclaimed.

Jared laughed as well “Oh gosh yeah! And ‘I-I ‘ve had a crush on you forever- No wait I am not supposed to say that! Oh dear!’” he said in quite fakely girly voice.

“Guys! Stop!” you exclaimed, feeling the heat rise up your cheeks- you didn’t want to imagine how it would be when you finally got to meet him. You groaned “You are the worst. I hate you!” you grumbled, tryig to hit both of them- or do anything for that matter to stop them from teasing you any further.

…And therefore missing Jensen’s clenched jaw, pursed lips and deep frown at the thought of the future collaboration. It was a love song, right? And… you were going to make a video for it at some point?… How was he going to deal with all that?

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anonymous asked:

I feel so weird about it, but I've got the biggest crush on misha Collins and i'm a 20 year old guy. I feel weird because I think I'm the only guy who finds misha attractive (well besides Jensen I guess).

Oh gosh, I’m sure you’re not the only dude who likes him, I mean look at him. *_* 

But I guess there are a lot more dudettes in this fandom than dudes, so maybe this is why you don’t encounter that many? 

Maybe it would be cool if any guys following me who have a thing for Misha as well, could reply to this post or reblog it? That way you could find more fellow Misha fanboys to follow! :)