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under the cut, you will find #130 hq, small/medium gifs of model and victoria’s secret supermodel angel, taylor hill, as requested by anonymous. none of the gifs are mine and some are those of fellow helpers, sam and ellie’s so thank you to them too. i apologise for any duplicates, non-hq gifs and the lack of gifs (there isn’t much out there but photoshoots). this hunt was compiled by abbey. please reblog or like if using !! 

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LUCY HALE GIF HUNT; Below the read more you’ll find around #157 small to medium, hq and of course textless GIFs of amazing actress and singer Lucy Hale. This is more like a mascot GIF hunt, since there are many smiley, happy and talkative GIFs and barely any other reactions. This was made for roleplay purpose only and the credit still belongs to the makers. Enjoy, my fellow roleplayer and helper!

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Today, you get to have a very special edition of Love In Panem.

Today we share the love we have for an amazing person, someone a lot of us can call our friend, who has done so so much for the fandom - and still gives a lot.

Today is @titaniasfics birthday.

So let’s join in the cheers and Birthday wishes !


Happy birthday my dearest Cynthia!

I can’t even start telling you how much important you are to me. You are a precious gift that happened to my life and I’m so grateful to call you my friend!

You not only are a wonderful human being, you are also the heart and soul of this fandom.

You do so  much for everybody, all the time, without asking nothing in return and made and still make the fandom a better place.

Your stories make my life better! You know just how much I love everything that comes out of that beautiful mind of yours! Again, happy birthday sugar! Te quiero mucho! 



I want to say a huge thank you to you, both on a professional and on a personal level. Your kindness and encouragement shine through so much on this website, and it’s entirely because of that encouragement and kindness that I’ve decided to continue with and finish certain stories. And what can I say about your own talent? It really is outstanding. You blow me away with every one of your stories, which are all rich in both description and emotion. Thank you so much for everything, my lovely! You really are an outstanding friend, and I wish you every happiness possible on your birthday! Jess xx


Happy birthday!!!! I hope you have an incredible day, I don’t know how you do it but your stories are amazing, I always get excited when you update, thank you for everything you do for the fandom, you deserve the best :)) *hugs*



Happy Birthday Titania!!!! I just want to let you know I love your stories. My favorite is Run To You. Please have a wonderful birthday day and enjoy Cinco de Mayo! That holiday is for your b day right?! ;) B-boop5


Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with sunshine, smiles and love! You’re such a sweetheart, a true gem and so crazy talented it hurts! You’re such a gifted writer with extraordinary mind. Without you this fandom wouldn’t be the same. Wszystkiego najlepszego :)


Happy Birthday, Titiana! Thanks for sharing your talent and being such a big supporter of the fandom!


What a great opportunity to tell you how amazing you are. It’s absolutely obvious that there is talent in you, and not only for your writing abilities but also for the way you make every post and commentary so awesome. Let me remind about the grace that exists within you. It still feels unreal how to today, you still so willingly let people have a taste of it. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for this fandom. Really, you’re so brilliant in your works as a writer but above all, you keep being a genuinely good person and that’s an admirable thing. There’s no doubt that you’ll have a blast with your family and I hope you do, because you deserve every single drop of happiness. Happy birthday Cynthia!


Cynthia, You’re such a lovely person and a gift to this fandom. Not only are you an extremely talented writer, you’re always so supportive of others. Thank you for all you do, for sharing your wonderful stories and inspiring others to do the same. Happy birthday! I hope it’s as awesome as you are! <3


To Cynthia, with deepest gratitude. You contribute your unique talent, you offer encouragement and support to others to develop their own, and you bring a passion to THG and Everlark fandom that inspires. Thank you for your generous and kind mentoring and for sharing your imagination with us. I am grateful for your friendship. Happy Birthday! <3!



I just want to say How much I love you. I came to tumblr less than a year ago and you’ve made such an impact on me. Other than the fact that we share many things in common like our names. You’ve made me feel so welcome. You have such a busy life and yet you still took time to talk to me and Beta one of my fics. You’re such an incredible and sweet person. You’re always there to hear me ramble and fangirl. You’re honestly the kindest and most supportive friend I’ve ever met. I only hope I can be as good a friend as you. You’re also an amazing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious writer. You’re work Is incredible. I highly respect and admire you. I love you girl. If you ever need anything, I’m here 24/7. Happy Birthday and I hope that you have a wonderful year. Besitos.

From a Cinthia(Your Cholita)


I have been very lucky to call Tit many things in my just over two years here on Tumblr. A mentor, a guide, a beta, a helper, a fellow evil mastermind, and finally, my friend. So many times she has reached out when I needed it most, but hadn’t told anyone. Gave me advice when I hadn’t said I was searching. And given me the kick in the ass I needed with every message she sends my way. She is the reason I finally said, “So what?”. People are going to act however they want, and I can’t change that. But I am in control of me. I am in control of what I put out there, and there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t put anything out there. So, my friend, thank you. Thank you for reminding me every day that no matter what, so long as I take care of me, I’m doing just fine. Thank you for helping me find my voice again.


Birthday message for Titania: Happy Birthday, you beautiful human! You bring a smile to my face daily with your stories, blog and unending support of this fandom. I started following you because I enjoyed your writing only to discover that you’re a kind, caring person as well. Thank you for that, and I hope that you have the wonderful day that you deserve. 💕💖💕


Dear Tita: Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.. Yes! You! You are sweet, talented, funny and kind. You’re generous and supportive, and you’re always willing to help. I know we don’t talk much but you keep popping up on my dash, always encouraging and positive. Feliz cumpleaños, linda! I hope you have a wonderful day ❤


Dearest Cynthia, I’ve been following and appreciating your writing for a few years now and my awe for you skyrocketed after this past winter’s Secret Snowflake reveal! You were incredibly sweet all month long with holiday song recommendations and thoughtful messages. Then you wrote me The Perfect Storm, a meaty argument to sexy resolution Everlark fic! My squeal of surprise and delight echoed through the house and was a little hard to explain to my in-laws, lol. You are a wonderful, generous woman and I know you’ll be celebrated on your birthday! Feliz Cumpleaños!! With love, Jackie


For Titania, “Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for being such an enthusiastic, encouraging, and supportive writer and friend. You gave this baby author the courage to not only write something, but to post it and see what happened. I’m excited for you forging out into the waters of original fic writing and can not wait to see what you do! You are a beautiful writer and you bring your stories to life with such vivid description and such heart and soul. I hope you have a great birthday <3”


Dear Cynthia,

Ever since I landed in the THG fandom, you have been one of my favorite fanfiction authors. And over time, behind the prolific writer, I discovered an immensely  friendly, caring, generous and intelligent person.

Thank you for your writing, for your kindness and for your advice. It has been an honor to translate some of your stories and I hope to find the time soon to translate more, if you’ll allow it.  

I wish you a very happy birthday!


Julie aka lefeedesmots


Hi, Cynthia truly is a wonderful friend. She is writer, who truly understands how real people interact with each other. She is a friend and a mentor to blossoming writers. She has a wicked sense if humor. She loves her family. I am grateful for her kindness, encouragement and her genuine friendship. I hope the fates continue to look kindly upon her. Happy Birthday Cynthia!


Happy Birthday my sweet friend Cynthia. I’m so grateful for the day. Then this day brought you to us. I’m so lucky to call you friend. I wish you have an amazing day filled with so much love, happiness and a lot of Everlark porn. I love you ❤


Happy birthday to you, dear Cynthia! May your day be full of love and joy and kisses from your family. I am so happy you found your way to THG fandom. Thank you for so many beautiful stories! Love from your first follower ;-)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I consider you more than a mentor and more than just friend.  Thank you for all that you do not just for me but for all of us kids.  I hope you enjoy my small gift…yours truly Rachel…aka -@mega-aulover…


To Titania, you have warmed my heart, and reached so many people with your gift of writing. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a blessed birthday! Everlark love and Toast baby feels to you all week! Love, my lionskitten.


Happy birthday! Not only are you a wonderful writer and beta, but you are so kind and supportive, a true friend. ILY! Enjoy your day.


T- Truly

I- Inspirational

T- Totally

A- Authentic

N- Not

I- Irrelevant

A- Always


F- For the Fandom

I- Intelligent

C- Creative

S- Super

No one is more supportive of writers, meme makers, gif makers, thought makers, or anything creative makers, than C. She pushes, cajoles, stretches, and always encourages. She is a gift to everyone who knows her, and I am proud to say she’s my friend.

Happy Birthday to one of the best people around!


Happy birthday, C! I hope you have an amazing day. <3 C.


Happy, happy birthday, T! You are the backbone of this fandom. I have no idea how you find the time to do all you do for it and still have a life (sleeplessness, I’m betting) but you are an inspiration to us all! I hope the next year if your life is the best on yet. Pbg


Wishing you a beautiful birthday. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Have a wonderful day xo


I want to thank you for not letting me give up on my writing even when I wanted to. Every phone call when we did nothing but squeal about Everlark or fanfiction means to world to me. I know how much hell I put you through when I send you one of my horrible, messy chapters but you’re always so encouraging and I think you love my original characters as much as I do. Thank you for always being the one I know I can trust. Thank you for trusting me with your ideas and always being there to reel me in when I get too excited. But I do love the times when we become out of control together. I love you, Cynthia! You will always be my Everlark sister. The wise voice in all the shit and trash of fanfiction. Happy Birthday!!!


My dear C,

You were the first writer in the fandom I had an actual conversation with. I am so glad we became friends. You are so talented and I can’t wait to see what you come up with in the future. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! émoticône heart




Dear Titania, Wishing you a happy birthday. May you be blessed with health and happiness. It’s said that every passing year brings something new to learn and many little things to give us hope. May you have them both. You gift us with joy and inspiration all year round with your stories. I hope you can feel some of this love back in this special day. Love, Ana


Joyeux anniversaire ! You are an amazing person, so kind and giving, and let’s not get started on your writing :)It’s a privilege, an honor, to call you my friend. Thank you for everything you do for the fandom, for every single thing you do, selflessly, just because you want it. You are awesome, I am so so grateful for your friendship !!


For T: Happy Birthday Cynthia! I hope your day is full of awesomeness and everlark! P.S. I’m still going to read your stuff ;)


Happy Birthday to one of the best authors in the Everlark fandom, and one of the most talented writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. It’s borderline criminal that I can’t buy you an actual gift, so an emoji with a stupid hat will have to say all the things I can’t say with money *<)8}


What can I say about the birthday girl? She is the backbone of this fandom, and not just because she’s insanely prolific. She is so incredibly supportive of everyone, happy to talk to and encourage other writers, to share resources, to offer praise and assistance.  She betas, she reblogs, she creates safe spaces where we can share and grow.

And on a personal level, she was my gateway first into fanfiction with her incredible stories, and then into Tumblr with her fascinating page.  So thank you, Cynthia, for opening my eyes to this wild and wonderful world, and for everything that you do to keep this world vibrant!  Happiest of birthdays!

Feel free to continue ! it’s her special day :)

* ★ : .。 * NEW TAG PROPOSAL !!

if you’ve even run a fandom blog, you may have noticed that content creators eventually branch out & make a new tagging system for original content only — i believe that’s what the rpc needs. it can get a little stressful when you set out to look for resources, but you’re only met with rants, shout-outs, reviews/opinions, and a whole lot of negativity instead. therefore, i’m proposing a new tagging system.

please keep in mind that this only works out if you’re mindful & keep your self-promos, opinions, rants, and everything not mentioned in the description of these tags OUT.

  • #rph:rec — a place for all resources. ( manips, psds/cpsds, templates, tutorials, themes/pages, fc help, icons, gif icons, dash icons, guides, masterlists, etc. )
  • #rph:codes — a place for all themes/pages created with roleplayer’s use in mind.
  • #rph:fcs — a place for faceclaim advice/help & fc packs. ( name suggestions, name masterlists, family trees, label help, etc.
  • #rph:graphics — a place for all graphic-related resources. ( manips, psds, cpsds, templates, textures, tutorials, borders, etc. ) NOT icon/gif icon related.
  • #rph:icons — a place for all icon/gif related resources. ( icons, gif icons, gif hunts, icon tutorials, gif tutorials, icon borders/textures, etc. )
  • #rph:help — a place for all guides, tutorials, and masterlists.

i one-hundred percent encourage the rpc to go back & tag some of their old recourses with these … visit the tags every now & then !!  show some appreciation to your fellow helpers.

The following people can help you with homework as well!





CHEMISTRY (Regular/Non-AP)





  Hey guys! So, in the honour of Chinese new year, @torihelps and I are hosting this Chinese New Year event for the roleplay community!

  For the CNY weekend, Jan 27 - 29, different helpers and creators will be sharing their resources with all of you! This event’s main purpose is to bring focus onto the lack of Chinese face claims used, and of course, to celebrate Chinese new year!

This is how it works:

  ANYONE can join the event as a creator, as a receiver, or both! There is no signing up required or anything like that.

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