fellow fashionista


1500 Follower Giveaway!

Just…… how?

Well, fellow fashionistas, I’m not gonna question it. 

Last round was all stuff out of the game, so this round is going to be things all inside the game! (Plus I’m not sure I’m ready to subject anyone else to my mediocre art.)

  • Third prize: Pick a minion, any minion, that is for sale on the Mog Station!
  • Second prize: Pick a minion, and pick a 5-pack of your favorite dye to look pretty too!
  • First prize: You’ll get a minion, a dye pack of your choice, AND you can choose from any other one item on the Mog Station, whether that’s a Sleipnir mount or Minfilia’s outfit or a vial of fantasia!*

So how do you enter? Like and reblog this post! 

On or about January 22nd, I will randomize the names of everyone who liked and reblogged, and pick three winners at that time.  

Thanks for all the support over the last year, everyone. 

Good luck, and STAY FASHIONABLE!

(*Fantasia will be a single vial only, not the five pack. Prizes will be delivered via the gift function of the Mog Station.)