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46 Facts About Aileen Wuornos

Considering Aileen died at the age of 46, here are 46 facts about her & the life she lived. 

1. Aileen was born in Rochester, Michigan, on February 29, 1956.

2. Her father, Leo Pittman, was incarcerated at the time of her birth. He hanged himself in prison in 1969. 

3. She had a brother, Keith, who died in 1976 & left her $10,000 from his life insurance. 

4. Diane Wuornos abandoned both of her children, Aileen & Keith, when they were just toddlers. She left them with their severely abusive grandparents, who soon adopted them. 

5. Aileen was sexually abused by her grandfather from a very young age; Lauri Wuornos would force her to strip naked before beating her. 

6. She did not discover that her grandparents were not her actual parents until the age of 12; the discovery made her distraught. 

7. Before she was even a teenager, Aileen started to participate in sexual acts at school in return for food, drugs, and cigarettes. 

8. She engaged in sexual activities with her brother during their childhood.

9. When Aileen was 14, she became pregnant as the result of rape by a friend of her grandfather’s. 

10. Aileen gave birth to a baby boy at a home for unwed mothers in March of 1971 (the baby was immediately placed for adoption). 

11. She dropped out of school shortly after childbirth. 

12. Not long after Aileen dropped out of school, her grandmother died of liver failure, leaving her & Keith alone with their abusive grandfather. 

13. At the age of 15, she was thrown out of the house by her grandfather, Lauri. 

14. To support herself after being thrown out, Aileen became a prostitute. 

15. For many years she lived in the woods near her old home, sheltering in makeshift forts. 

16. Aileen was arrested for the first time in March 1974 for DUI, disorderly conduct, & firing a .22 caliber pistol from a moving vehicle in Colorado. 

17. In the year of 1976, she hitchhiked down to Florida. 

18. Aileen married 69-year-old Lewis Fell in 1976; their marriage was later annulled after she hit Fell with his own cane. 

19. During & after the marriage with Fell, Aileen was arrested multiple times for assault due to altercations with locals at bars. 

20. On June 2, 1986, she was detained & questioned after a male companion accused her of pulling a gun on him in his vehicle, demanding $200. 

21. Before the murders, Aileen had been arrested a total of 7 times; she had also been detained twice for questioning, was once suspected of firearm theft, & had even received a restraining order from her own husband at the time, Lewis Fell. 

22. She met her future partner, Tyria Moore, at a gay club in Daytona in June of 1986. 

23. Eventually Aileen & Tyria moved in together, being financially supported by Aileen’s prostitution earnings. 

24. On the fourth of July in 1987, Aileen & Tyria were detained for questioning about an incident that involved assault & battery with a beer bottle. 

25. Aileen shot & killed 7 men in total. 

26. The body of one of her victims, Peter Siems, was never found.  

27. Aileen murdered all of her victims with a .22 caliber revolver. 

28. On January 9, 1991, Aileen was arrested for the murders. 

29. Tyria Moore drew a confession from Aileen during a phone call in exchange for immunity from prosecution. 

30. Aileen was arrested on an outstanding warrant at the Last Resort bar in Port Orange, Florida on January 9, 1991. 

40. For her crimes Aileen ultimately received 6 death sentences. 

41. She was executed in the Florida State Prison on October 9, 2002 by lethal injection. 

42. Aileen’s body was cremated; her ashes were given to a childhood friend named Dawn Botkins, who spread them beneath a tree in Michigan. 

43. Aileen declined a traditional last meal (anything she desired under $20) and instead requested a cup of coffee. 

44. Her last words were, “I’d just like to say I’m sailing with the rock, and I’ll be back Independence Day, with Jesus June 6. Like the movie, big mothership and all, I’ll be back.” 

45. Aileen requested that the song “Carnival” by Natalie Merchant be played at her funeral.  

46. Up until her execution, Aileen proclaimed her love for Tyria Moore. 

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I really don't think it comes down to the fandom, though. Harry put in massive US promo with SNL and Rolling Stone, and his song still fell to number 22. The thing about SOTT is that outside of the fandom, it's not the type of song you're going to put on repeat and stream constantly. It's long, it's kind of sad. It's spring break and people want bops, you know? The fandom division exacerbates things no doubt, but I think there's miscalculation happening beyond us. Hopefully the music video helps

i think this is exactly where fandom comes in though! that’s the intersection if you will. we are supposed to make people excited for this. we sure as hell made people excited for an EDM song on christmas, you know what i mean? i’m gonna repeat what i privately said in a message just now: we were moaning that there wasn’t enough “professional” promo for louis and now we’re moaning that there isn’t enough fandom engagement for harry. which are both very justified in my opinion. but as far as these things go - and because we’re obviously on one certain end of the spectrum - it definitely feels stranger not to get that fandom appreciation/engagement.

i think a certain balance between promo and fandom hype could do wonders. and so far we’ve only seen both ends and no middle ground.

They Found Out (Vernon)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Vernon secret girlfriend and child being founded out by the media please! 

Hansol could say he had a thing for older woman. Not too much older, 22. He fell in love with her and not just her. A sweet little boy who just turned 1. Ajax. He wasn’t very open about the relationship not that he was embarrassed by you and a baby. He was scared about how rude people would be to the three of you.


“Ah I’m glad your mama told me where you keep the ready-to-go stuff or I’ll be making it all" he said to Ajax who was strapped to his chest in his baby carrier. He as he watched Ajax reach out. “I know you’re hungry” he said as he started shaking the bottle before screwing the cap on and heading to the couch.

He smiled as the he got Ajax properly positioned and brought the bottle to his lips. Half way through the bottle the front door opened “mommy’s home” he cooed as you came in with a panicked look. “They know” you said as he gave a confused look “they know about us” you continue pointing to the three of you. “No” he comments in disbelief as you pull your phone out and show him a recent article about you three. “We went out what 3 times. We were even dressed to hide us” he said as he sighs patting Ajax’s back.

“What are we gonna do?” you asked him as he sighs. “Nothing because it’s life” he said smiled down at the small boy who smiled back behind his bottle. “I love you guys” he said as you took a seat beside them. “I feel you guys are gonna be judged so much though” he continues as he pulled the empty bottle from Ajax’s lips and sat him up beginning to burp him.

“I’m ready if you’re gonna be there” you say as he nods. He leaned over pressing a kiss to your lips giving you a sweet kiss. He gave you a sweet smile “of course I will” he says as a loud burp leaves Ajax before and a warm feeling covered Hansol’s hand.

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So let me get get this, if pallet is younger than Goth by 8 years and Goth is 22… does this mean Fell Pallete who's properly 12 rapes fell Goth who's about 22?? … WHAUHshhcdahbicwdhdjkxns

smol chart for everyone about poth’s age;

Goth: actually 20, looks 10
Palette: 12

Cupcake: actually 16, looks also 10
Rurik: 14

yay??( ゚∀゚)

Spuffy Appreciation Week!

In light of the “I love you” line in the BtVS comics, I’m hosting a Spuffy Appreciation Week happening from Dec 18-24, 2017. We’ll be celebrating our love for Cookie Dough Buffy and Captain Peroxide with gifsets, meta, aesthetics, fics, videos and more!

Dec 18-Day 1: Favourite Episode

Dec 19-Day 2: Favourite Season

Dec 20-Day 3: Favourite Quote/s

Dec 21-Day 4: The Moment You Fell in Love

Dec 22-Day 5: Favourite Parallel

Dec 23-Day 6: An Underrated Moment

Dec 24-Day 7: Free Day (This can be anything from gifsets to meta to crackposts to crossover/au fics. I’m personally a fan of Fem!Spike and BtVS/Gilmore Girls crossovers!)

You can choose anything within the Buffyverse! (Ats/BtVS/BtVS comics)

I will tracking the tag #spuffy appreciation week and @starshollowisonahellmouth. Make sure #spuffy appreciation week is within the first five tags, otherwise I will not be able to see it! I will not accept reposted gifs or other stolen work, under Tumblr’s policies.

Mamo Blog - 2017/8/22 (Eng. Translation)

Mr. Daruma Fell Down

2017/8/22 23:33


There was “Namako”

Today as well, with Takagi-san and Shunly-kun,

We played a lot

With only two people,

We played “Mr. Daruma Fell Down”

It was fun

Other things as well,


We played lots of games!!

It was fun

Once again,

I want to play lots with Takagi-san and Shunly-kun,

Is what I thought.

                                                       Miyano Mamoru

For anyone who doesn’t know, Jessie Graff just shattered the record for the furthest a woman’s ever gone on city finals course in American Ninja Warrior.   She fell at 22 feet on a 35 foot on the final obstacle, the elevator climb, going further than most other competitors all night.

Maybe I’m on the wrong side of tumblr, but why don’t we talk more about the actual superhero we have walking among us?


I wat to start doing some drabbles because I need something to do which short just to get me into the writing mood. So please choose up to three of the statements and any member from BTS, GOT7, BigBang, Astro, SF9 and Monsta X.

1) “Miss me with that warm shit”

2) “In the immortal words of Mark Tuan, “Why you gotta be like this?””

3) “And muscles on muscles, yay!”

4) “Physical contact is the best”

5) “Can we do it quietly?”

6) “I don’t quite know how to say how I feel”

7) “Why hurt a girl who never hurt you?”

8) “Don’t touch me”

8) “Maybe I came on to strong”

9) “Are you sure you’re okay?”

10) “Please stay”

11) “Why pickles?”

12) “You’ve lost me”

13) “Just turn around”

14) “I may have accidentally brought a dog”

15) “Don’t kill me”

16) “They made me do it”

17) “Don’t call me baby unless you mean it”

18) “Talk me down”

19) “You cause so much pain”

20) “So you just get up and leave!?”

21) “We were just kids when we fell in love”

22) “Am I being spontaneous?”

23) “Just kiss me slow”

24) “Dance with me at midnight”

25) “You’re a bad liar”

26) “You’re not the same person anymore”

27) “You looked so beautiful in that dress”

28) “All I want is her”

29) “I would kill to go back to that night”

30) “I’m in the same place but it looks so different”

31) “You are the human version of the sun”

32) “Happiness must be contagious”

33) “Your smile makes my day”

34) “I would do anything for you”

35) “I love you so much”

36) “No body hurt you like I did and I’m sorry”

37) “You look happier now i’m not with you”

38) “Everything you do is cute”

39) “You’re good at pretending you care”

40) “I knew you’d find someone new but that doesn’t stop the pain”

41) “I’m sorry for everything”

42) “Of all the things I’ve learnt to fear, I’ve learnt fear me the most”

43) “You can’t drink away the pain”

44) “Can we at least stay friends?”

45) “Love always finds away”

46) “Sometimes things don’t always happen how we want them too”

47) “Puppies and kittens are better than you anyday”

48) “Your child wants you”

49) “How did it get stuck to the ceiling?”

50) “Remind me why I married you”

Please request thank you!

-Admin Kira

I'm fucking elated.

So the gun I learned to shoot on as a kid was an old Norinco copy of a Browning .22 takedown and it inexplicably quit working around a decade ago. About 2012 my grandfather, the man who raised me and taught me to shoot gave it to me. I’ve since been trying to make it work again. In a fit of desperation this morning, I pulled the receiver and mag tube out of the stock and very seriously damaged .22 fell out the end of the tube. I reassembled the gun and loaded it very hopefully. Lo and behold, it works again. I’m incredibly happy that the gun I learned to shoot on and made so many memories with as a kid will be around for me to teach my children on.

Also, I may have just spent 20 minutes shooting .22s at absolutely nothing out of sheer joy.

Favorite actor//Dave Franco

Me and Dave we’re watching tv on the couch and watching tv . The movie we were watching ended he got up and headed to the bathroom. I graved the control and put on scrubs . ( if you don’t know what the tv show scrubs is your not a true Dave Franco fan😂) whe a he got out of the bathroom and came and got on the couch. He hadn’t realized what was on the tv intill he heard someone yell
“Don’t puching me” .
“ what the fuck ” he said laughing “ why are we watching this ” he said
“ do you want me to change it ” I asked giggling
“ yes please “he said
I graved the control and was gonna put on x men but then I got a good Idea I put on 22 jump street.
” there I put something else on” I said trying not to laugh .
“ babbbbbeeee why ” he said giggling
“What its not my fault your my favorite actor” I said laughing and we fell asleep watching 22 jump street

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Jays Anatomy

^yall saw what I did there ;)^

you should do an imagine based on grey’s anatomy, like y/n is a doctor and Justin is the patient, he fell off the stage and needs brain surgery and he’s only doing it if y/n accept going out with him. he’s all flirty with her and stuff.


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“Is it true?”

“You’re so lucky”

“I can’t believe he’s here”

“Why can’t I be a doctor?”

I furrow my eyebrows at the nurses who whisper things as I walk by, going to the front desk and grabbing my folders.

“Morning Mrs. Y/L/N” the chief of surgery says, as he walks past me.

“Morning chief, what’s all the hype about?” I ask, reading through my charts for the day.

“Oh you didn’t hear? Justin Bieber is in this hospital.” He says, and I arch a brow up.

“Oh brother, on what call?” I ask, looking up at the group of nurses starring at me.

“Fell of the stage last night, thought it was a concussion but it’s much worse. He’s gonna need surgery but the kid is refusing.” Chief says, and I bite my lip.

“I feel sorry for whoever is on his case.” I mutter, and the chief looks away from me, pretending to focus on something else.

“Chief.” I ask, afraid of his answer to my question.

“Yes?” He says, a sheepish smile on his face.

“Who is on his case?” I cross my arms, but before he could answer, an intern runs up to me.

“Justin Bieber is your patient!! Oh please let me be your intern for the day? I love him so much I’ve been a fan since my worl-” i watched as the chief quickly slips away, and I roll my eyes.

“And he’s so hot and oh my god I love him so-”

“Hey!” I cut her off, glaring at her.

“I can’t have any distractions on my team so no, you can’t be one of my interns” I smile politely at her and then walk away, mentally cursing.

I look back at the nurse at the front desk.

“I need Bieber’s room. Now” I demand , and she quickly looks it up.

“He’s on the private floor, room 516” she stutters, and I nod, turning to get on the elevator.

“Who here knows Bieber’s case?” I say before I enter the elevator, and all the interns raise their hands excitedly, making me sigh.

“You, you & you” I point to three random faces.

“Come with me”

“Okay, 1, 2 and 3” I point to each of them.

“Those are your names for the day. I say your number, you tell me what I want to know got it?” I speak loud and clear, and they nod quickly.


I wait till the elevator sings before we all get off, 1-3 following behind me as I reach his room.

“Listen, I know he’s a celebrity and all. But he needs to be treated like a normal patient. No special treatment okay?” I look at them, and they shake their heads.

“Alright, let’s do this”

I open the door to find Justin laying in bed, remote in his hand as he watched the T.V.

“Finally, some faces. You know I’m not used to being stuck in a room for a whole day.” Justin says, a smirk on his face and I prayed my interns didn’t react a certain way.

“Good afternoon Mr. Bieber. My name is Doctor Y/L/N, I’m the head of neuro surgery.” I introduce, and Justin smiles at me.

“You might just be the most attractive Doctor I’ve met.” He says, and I smile.

“2, would you like to present?” I say, and 2 stumbles foward, opening Justin’s folder.

“J-Justin Bieber, age 22. Fell off the stage last night at a concert and hit his head. Damage on brain close to fatal, vitals are good.” She says all in one breath, and Justin smiles at her.


“T-thank you Justin- Mr. Bieber” she stutters, and I sigh.

“Mr. Bieber-”

“Call me Justin” Justin interrupts, and I look up at him.

“Mr. Bieber, you’re brain took a pretty hard hit when you fell, if you don’t get surgery soon, you might start bleeding internally.” I say, my eyes scanning his MRI.

“I don’t need surgery. I just need some medicine so I can go and continue my tour.” Justin says, and I sigh.

“ I wish it were that simple Mr. Bieber. But the damage won’t go away. If you don’t get this done, you will die within a weeks time.” I say, trying to get through to him.

Justin looked at me, straight in the eye, and I fought to not become flustered under his gaze.

“My fans need me. I can’t leave them hanging.” He says quietly, and my heart pangs slightly.

“I think they’d rather you leave them hanging for a few weeks than for good.” I say, and he looks up at the ceiling.

“Fine.” He says after a moment, and I perk up.

“Yeah?” I ask, and he looks at me once more, the smile back on his face.

“Yeah, I’ll do the surgery.”

“Great! 3, set up an OR to prep Bieber for surg-”

“On one condition” Justin adds, making me look up at him.

“You have to go on a date with me when I get out of surgery” he says, and my mouth drops.

“Um, mr Bieber there is a strict policy-”

“Hey come on, I could die from this. The least you could do is promise me a date.” Justin grins, and I can’t help but feel a bit giddy.

“Fine. One date” I say, playfully rolling my eyes as he smiled.

“One date”

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We go back and forth
Just looking for a life line
Nothing more than hours
Just waiting for a phone call

These are the nights
When nothing’s gonna break me more
Just please come soon
This afternoon

These are the nights…