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They Found Out (Vernon)

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Request: Vernon secret girlfriend and child being founded out by the media please! 

Hansol could say he had a thing for older woman. Not too much older, 22. He fell in love with her and not just her. A sweet little boy who just turned 1. Ajax. He wasn’t very open about the relationship not that he was embarrassed by you and a baby. He was scared about how rude people would be to the three of you.


“Ah I’m glad your mama told me where you keep the ready-to-go stuff or I’ll be making it all" he said to Ajax who was strapped to his chest in his baby carrier. He as he watched Ajax reach out. “I know you’re hungry” he said as he started shaking the bottle before screwing the cap on and heading to the couch.

He smiled as the he got Ajax properly positioned and brought the bottle to his lips. Half way through the bottle the front door opened “mommy’s home” he cooed as you came in with a panicked look. “They know” you said as he gave a confused look “they know about us” you continue pointing to the three of you. “No” he comments in disbelief as you pull your phone out and show him a recent article about you three. “We went out what 3 times. We were even dressed to hide us” he said as he sighs patting Ajax’s back.

“What are we gonna do?” you asked him as he sighs. “Nothing because it’s life” he said smiled down at the small boy who smiled back behind his bottle. “I love you guys” he said as you took a seat beside them. “I feel you guys are gonna be judged so much though” he continues as he pulled the empty bottle from Ajax’s lips and sat him up beginning to burp him.

“I’m ready if you’re gonna be there” you say as he nods. He leaned over pressing a kiss to your lips giving you a sweet kiss. He gave you a sweet smile “of course I will” he says as a loud burp leaves Ajax before and a warm feeling covered Hansol’s hand.

Hey Taylor i’m just letting know that Haley @championstonightt and i have the same birthday (FEBRUARY 13TH)

*Haley will stop felling 15 and she will turn 16

* And I will stop felling 22 and i’ll turn 23 

Isn’t that cool? plus we were  born on the 13th aka lucky number

Stars Are Falling (Niall/Louis)

Stars Are Falling
3k words; rated t

Louis bites the corner of his lip, wondering what’s the best way to put to this.

“I think Niall has wings.”

It’s definitely not the best thing to say, apparently, because Liam’s face falls back into a scowl and he groans again, flopping back down onto his pillow.

“Goodnight, Louis.”

Or in which Louis thinks Niall might be an angel.

A/N: This was supposed to be a fic for Niall’s birthday based on a Tumblr post that read “I can’t believe Niall fell from heaven 22 years ago,” and turned into something that’s…not that. Hope you enjoy anyway!

Thanks to Husky for being a wonderful beta as always. All other mistakes are my own.

I do not own One Direction and this is clearly fictional (except for the part about Niall possibly being an angel - that’s probably true). Title is from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ “Your Guardian Angel”.

My Name Is Oliver Queen, First Thoughts

It’s been a long season. Although we had our usual 23 episodes, the emotional strain we were put through during 22 of them made it feel like a lifetime. At the same time, it feels like it was just yesterday that Oliver was babbling like a cute idiot while asking Felicity out. For the past 8 months, hell for the past 3 years, we’ve suffered, we’ve laughed and we’ve rejoiced with these characters. This year particularly, the pain dominated a large part of the experience. Things started out sunny and bright but quickly everything fell apart. Through 22 episode, we tried to climb back up from the darkness that was thrusted upon us, much like the characters on the show. This week we did. With My Name Is Oliver Queen, Arrow delivers a perfect finale to the journey we’ve been on. Now, I know this is not over. We’ll be back next year but like Marc Guggenheim said, this really feels like the end of a trilogy.

And what an end!

I still can’t quite believe everything I watched really happened. Did Oliver really kill Ra’s Al Ghul? Did Felicity really save Oliver while flying in The Atom suit? Did Malcolm really become the new Ra’s? Did they really freaking drive off into the sunset?

I’m still high on all the emotions but right this moment I can say that I couldn’t have asked for more perfect finale. Every bit of it. In case you need me to spell it out for you, I adored this episode. Somewhere in the middle, I stopped and thought that maybe I should keep a count of how many times I said “Oh My God!”. But then I realised that I would have to increment that counter every 5 seconds. If I ballpark it, I think the final count is around 100 times.

I’m going to try and focus on this episode rather than give my thoughts on the whole season. It’s going to be difficult so you may find me going on a tangent about how the characters have evolved during the past season. I’ll try to leave all the big stiff for the Quiver though.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

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