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Can I ask what your warden/hawke/inquisitor look like in game? <3

I sadly didn’t take any picture of my Warden! But she looked nothing like my drawings. I tend to get a little frustrated with game character creators because I rarely can do everything I want with them

I wanted Elaheh to have a flat nose (because I REALLY love elves’ nose in DA2) and her hair is pretty specifc too (the right side of her head is shaved too). I would have needed to create my own mod so it would fit what I had in mind but I don’t know how to do that so…

As for Hawke, no problem! I went for default male Hawke (I totally fell in love with him the moment I saw DA2 trailer where he fights against the Arishok)

The only issue I had with him was his body but you can only change his face in character creator mode

It made me laugh to make him that way because mages are always pretty thin so there were a lot of jokes about him not looking like one. AT ALL. He was always mistook for a warrior or nobody would realize he was Garrett Hawke because they only heard about him and MAGES AREN’T BUILD LIKE BRICK SHITHOUSES?

So yeah my Hawke is default male Hawke + fat + muscle + some more inches (I’m talking about his height here)

As for my Inquisitor, ALLELUJAH! I have a LOT of pictures of her because she was super cute and lovely to look at!

I don’t have much to say about Oshalia since I’m satisfied with the result. Cheers, girl!

The Legend of the Faerie Wife

This is a ditty that came to mind as I was reading @takemeawaytocamelot ’s wonderful Red Jamie and the White Lady story. I’m honored that she’s let me in on some of the development of RJWL and that I get to share this companion piece with all of you!

You can find RJWL HERE.


An excerpt from “History of Clan Fraser”

The Legend of the Faerie Wife

This story begins over two hundred years ago, with a Fraser of Lovat. He was traveling alone, away from his home and kin. He came upon a faerie hill and stopped to rest amongst the large stones that circled its crest.

It is said that suddenly the wind rose and howled; the stones cracked as if the world opened up around him. Terrible things tried to escape the mouth of the earth as it opened. Then, silence fell and there before him, lying asleep in the smooth grass, was a beautiful woman; a faerie from the hill.

He gathered the woman in his arms, carrying her away from the hill in fear that it would swallow her again. She awoke then, lost and confused, unable to say where she had come from. He brought her home to heal, not knowing that this choice would forever alter the future of his line. Time passed and the pair became friends.

She became a healer, performing miracles to the awe and disdain of those around her. A village girl, who was jealous and wanted the Fraser man for herself, spread hateful lies about the new healer, declaring her a witch in whispers behind her hand. While other folk began to fear the woman, the Fraser man grew to love her; his faerie from the hill.

One night, under a rowan tree, he confessed his love, offering her his beloved mother’s ring as a symbol of his loyalty. It is said that she warned him of the danger in loving a woman such as she, but his heart was already hers. Confessing her own love for him, she gave the only gift she possessed; a kiss. They were hand-fast there, under the moon and stars, and the man and his fairie were one.

More time passed and the love between them only grew stronger but, while their hearts were full, their arms were empty. Months passed, and still they were not blessed with a child. Despite this trial, their passion for each other never dwindled. The man continued to care for his home and tenants and his wife continued her healing.

One day, the jealous village girl saw the Fraser wife dancing in the forest, calling upon nature to bless her with a child. Angry and spiteful, the village girl spread new rumors about the strange healer and her witchcraft. The villagers, fearful of evil demons coming upon them, began to shut their doors at the woman’s arrival. Shunned, she returned home, seeking solace from her husband.

It is said that the Fraser wife received messages, warning her to flee before her day of judgement. It was believed that she had cursed her husband, deceiving his heart and mind so that he would take her to wife. Unless she released him, they would kill him to fully rid the world of her dark influence.

Fear for her beloved husband gripped her heart and she made preparations to return to the stone circle. Although her mind was set, her heart and soul cried out for him; her lover and friend. She sought him out, aching for one last moment. Her husband, unaware of her machinations, guided her to the rowan tree and they were home in each other once more.

The Fraser man woke, cold and alone. Fear gripped his heart, for his wife was gone. Mounting his horse, he searched high and low, finding the villagers doing the same. Realizing where she had gone, he rode for the faerie hill with all due haste, praying that he would be in time. His wife foremost in his mind, he did not see the village girl watch him ride away.

He reached the hill, crying out as he saw his wife approaching the tallest stone, prepared to disappear back into the earth. Seizing her hand, the man pulled her away and into his arms, shaking with fear. Their lips met, their tears mingling as they professed their love again, at the place of their first meeting.

Then, angry cries rose up as the village men with the fastest horses arrived, dismounting and drawing arms to take the witch they sought. The Fraser man drew his sword, gladly willing to give his life to see her safely away. She turned, trying to reach the stone, but the way was blocked.

Then, a great stramash erupted. Her husband guarded her, twisting and parrying, taking down each man who tried to harm his wife. Unarmed, the woman could only watch. Suddenly, the three remaining village men attacked at once, and her husband cried out. He stood again, taking down another. Then another. Then, after felling the last of the attackers, the Fraser man reached for her as he fell to the ground.

The woman held him as his life’s blood left him, crying out as words of love and tenderness left her lips. He kissed her ring, the symbol of his loyalty, promising to find her again. He smiled, the knowledge of her love and safety enough for him as he passed from this world into the next. It is said that the place the Fraser man fell, high up on the fairy hill, is covered with blue flowers; the color of his eyes.

News of the man’s death spread quickly and the truth of the jealous village girl’s lies became known. Many mourned him, for he had been a brave and kind man. Despite this, the healer was still looked upon with judgement and mistrust.

The Fraser wife had her husband buried under their rowan tree before she disappeared. Legend has it that the woman roamed the world for a time, living in solitude until she should also pass from this earth and join her husband in the world beyond.

Then, just as heartache and despair became too much, the touch of her husband’s life resounded within her womb. It is said that the woman and the Fraser man’s love was so perfect that the child was gifted with the magic and knowledge of the faeries. As winter turned to spring, the Fraser wife gave birth to a son with eyes the color of the flowers on his mother’s faerie hill.

Lovelorn || pt. 1

Member: Jung Hoseok 
Genre: some fluff and a whole lotta angst
Summary: Jung Hoseok is your brother’s best friend, and he’s changed his life for the better. Along the way, you fell in love with him. He fell in love with you, too. But is it worth possibly hurting Min Yoongi?
Word Count: 5k

You loved your brother.

Min Yoongi had been the best brother he could, considering the circumstances. You knew he suffered and that he had his own troubles. You knew it wasn’t in his nature to share his feelings with other people. And you never pushed him to. He had a strength to him that you’d never seen in other people. You’d seen a will to fight against the dark that left an impression you unlike anything before. If anyone asked you who you admired, you would always answer with ‘Min Yoongi’. He was unlike anyone you’d ever met. You knew depression was a beast, but he never truly succumbed. He still pursued his ambitions, even though sometimes he just wanted to lie down and let the world wash over him. Even though he could feel so numb, he still tried with you, to make you feel loved. He fought against everything that his mind tried to make him. And you admired him deeply for that. But he fought against it so well, sometimes, that other people forgot that he was suffering.  

You were the only member of your family to see him cry. You’d seen him break down, you’d seen him at his lowest moments, sobbing quietly on the floor when it all became too much. You’d seen him draw into himself after that. You knew he felt guilty about it; he was fifteen at the time, and you were thirteen. A thirteen year old shouldn’t have to see that; but a fifteen year old shouldn’t have to deal with it, either. You always felt bad about not being able to help him; you loved him more than anything. Your brother understood you better than anyone else ever had. He always made time for you, even though you knew he was going through a tough time. He was melancholic by nature, and you knew that he felt so alone sometimes. By the time he was sixteen, it seemed like he felt isolated from the rest of humanity.

Jung Hoseok had been one of the best things to happen to your brother. Jung Hoseok was one of the best things to happen to your entire family. He seemed to bring light with him wherever he went. Whatever he touched seemed to become blessed. It wasn’t that Hoseok “cured” your brother, or anything that your parents claimed; you knew that he’d just helped remind him of the good in the world. You couldn’t have thanked him more for being there for Yoongi. It was through Jung Hoseok that you truly understood what unconditional love was. He seemed to love so purely, so wholly, and so passionately. And that love wasn’t exclusive to Yoongi; he’d spread that love to all of you. Everyone in the Min family was subject to Hoseok’s warmth and kindness. You were sure your mother thought he was an angel. Maybe he was.

Falling in love with him seemed completely natural to you. You hadn’t known that at fifteen, though.

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We were really good friends when he was a sophomore and I was a freshman. I completely fell in love with him. His junior year he started dating this girl, and she made him completely cut me off. I still loved him and it killed me to see them together. This past summer (I’m now a senior) he started secretly messaging me, he told me they weren’t going to last and that he didn’t love her anymore. I stupidly believed him. We kept talking and hung out a few times, he ended up taking my virginity. His girlfriend found out that we had been talking and that we kissed, rather than tell her the complete truth he begged me to leave it at us messing around. I agreed, this message was yesterday. Right before that he told me she was considering taking him back, but I couldn’t say anything. I’m so lost and broken.

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Now it's clear that Jake fell in love with Amy the bet night, but what about Amy? If she hadn't fallen in love with him that night too...why did she go to the roof before the exam? I've always though she began to feel something after the romantic stylez thing

i definitely think the romantic stylez thing was a turning point for her, but if it wasn’t the bet i would say operation: broken feather was a huge thing for her bc he proved that he really cared for her as more than just a partner, as a close friend and she was so happy to hear him say all that great stuff about him that i kinda consider that to be The Time She Fell In Love With Him

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Danse, obviously. Fallout was a fun escape for me when life got hard. Often it still can be. It was weird, but Danse made me smile through the worst times. He could be a pain, but in his own awkward way he was incredibly protective and affectionate. His seriousness in everything made me laugh too. It was weird how a fictional character could make you feel better. Since then I became very attached to this awkward but adorable tin man who follows me everywhere, even if it kills him lol.

This is so sweet to read. I hope you are doing better now, and I’m glad Danseypants was there for you when you needed him most. I’ve often felt that way about the Fallout games as a whole and I also fell in love with him as a character! He has so much more complexity than I first thought and the cutest romance lines!

“i fell in love with him that day” + danny rand

ask: Anonymous “ cool ! can you do number nine with Danny :)) ?” 

a/n: i’ve only seen two episodes of iron fist so this is based on what i’ve seen + comic!danny ehe

warnings: minor injuries (word count: 783)

   “Sir, are you okay?” You ask, as you hear loud swearing coming from an alleyway. Usually, cursing from an alleyway in Hell’s Kitchen meant ‘do not under any circumstances go in’, but these cries seemed like it was someone in pain. Ignoring your best judgement, (but still making sure there were people nearby), you called out to him.

   “Never been better,” they rasp back, a hint of sarcasm laced in their voice despite sounding like they were in lots of pain.

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Bellarke police/spy/fugitives? If you prefer canon though, Clarke gets sick and Bellamy looks after her (those tropes are endlessly satisfying hahah).

I have no knowledge of anything in that area so probs wouldn’t be able to do it justice

Let’s go with Clarke gets sick (it’ll take place after 4x12) sorry it’s crappy, short and took so long!!

She knew there was a possibility that the nightblood solution wouldn’t work, yet in the heat of the moment she took her helmet off anyway. It was the least she could do really after nearly testing the solution on Emori, and maybe this would fix the remaining conflict between her and Murphy - or maybe not.

To say Bellamy was angry at Clarke was an understatement, however, he didn’t let her know this; particularly when she fell ill.

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Marichat May Day 11: Age-up Marinette

Poor kitty is having a mental breakdown after being hit by an akuma that made him travel to the future and made him fell into Marinette’s arms (literally). And altho she is kind of enjoying seeing him like this, she knows that if a younger version of Chat is in her time, that means her own Chat is in the past and she needs to save him (and also prevent him to say something to her young self that revels information that could change the future)

I’m not saying he was perfect.  He was far from it in fact, but he was something that I couldn’t resist. We never dated, though at times I wish we would’ve. At the beginning, I wasn’t trying to let him in.  I didn’t want to, but somewhere along the line, I fell for him. Hard.

Then, he left.

Like it was nothing.

Like we were nothing.

Like I was nothing.

I don’t necessarily think I was in love with him, but oh, I could’ve been. I really really could’ve been.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
voltron characters and how they sleep

lance: like sleeping beauty, straight as a rod, face turned up, hands folded perfectly so he doesnt ruin his nightly face mask. He silently snores but will deny it. the first time hunk ever saw him sleep, he swore it was like watching the sleeping beauty scene from th emovie, he even swore that lance was sparkling… but that might have just been his imagination. He also is one heavy sleeper, nothing can wake him up, unless you slap him. But lance is generally an easrly riser, always the first one up unless of course pidge just never went to bed. This is due to the fact that he had to get up really early in his house hold to get all the chores done

keith: he sleeps all curled up ina smol ball with his hand under his pillow, he’s got a knife under there…just in case. He is a very loud snorer, also a very light sleeper, the slightest sound will wake him up… except for his own loud ass snoring. Usually the second or thrid one up in the morning, generally greeted with lance’s face waking him up because “god mullet head, its 10:30 already get up!” 2 words BED HEAD keith has the worst bed head known to anyone, his hair is sticking up all over the place and it’s basically untamable until he showers.

Shiro: he just collapses in his bed, sprawled out like a damn starfish. The poor dude is fucking exhausted from running this choatic space family. jyst let the poor guy sleep. He is also a really loud snorer and a hella heavy sleeper. usually he doesnt even get the chance to crawl under the covers, he just flops onto the bed and is out. Shiro often shifts in his sleep and has nightmares, bc of the whole “champion” ordeal, it really gets to him. He is usually the 2nd one up in the morning and has some nice bonding moments with lance

pidge:  they dont sleep at all, like they’re up 24/7 in the science lab thingy. Sometimes they’ll fall alseep and Lance will find them early in the morning and bring them to bed. Pidge knows this but doesn’t say anything, neither does lance. And if Lance doesn’t physically take them to bed, pidge will just stay up, they run on coffee and science. Sometimes Lance will stay with them early in the morning just so they have company, pidge will never admit it but they enjoy it. But when they do happen to sleep, its for like 4 hours and they too are sprawled out

coran:  sleeps in the weirdest positions. you can find him upside down, curled in a ball. for quiznaks sake Allura once found him standing up dead asleep. He doesnt snore.. too loud and he doesnt drool either. But he’s a sleepwalker/singer/talker. He just basically does everything asleep. Allura has gotten used to is, but it freaks the fuck out of pidge and lance at like 3am in the morning when they’re up and suddenly coran pops out from no where. The paladins are slowly trying to get used to it. 

Hunk:  he lays on his side all curled up, like ahuge soft teddy bear. Suprising to most, hunk doesnt snore at all. Always the ;last one to get up but no one scolds him bc how can you be mad at an angel. Hunk does drool in his sleep, its actually kind of nasty. Lance found that out the hard way when hunk fell asleep on him in the garrison and found a pool of drool on his shoulder. Hunk aften tosses and moves around in his sleep, always trying to find the most comfy position. He also sleeps under a nest of blankets and pillows, he gets really cold in his sleep

allura: she sleeps like a literal princess cause she is one. She’s flawless while asleep and awake. She is the loudest snorer and drools as well. She doesn’t fall asleep easily but when she does shes out. but like pidge, she doesnt sleep very much, maybe like 4-6 hours. and sometimes allura doesnt sleep for a solid 36 hours. its not good for her but some days when she’s really tired she and lance will have a spa day to relax and take the edge off.