This post goes to @angexci. She hasn’t been feeling inspired lately and I saw a post between her and @nateev and I saw her talking about how drink is dying and that’s not true. I honestly prefer drink over cream.(but that’s just my opinion) and I’m one of those people who see someone feeling down and I just want to do anything I can to help so I drew this to try to make her feel better and to let her know she is loved.
Fell palette and palette belong to @angexci
Pass on this message to help her feel better. I’ll start by tagging some people. @nekophy @nateev @nelly-the-dog

  • What if Tweek actually calms down with any physical contact in general but Craig was just the first person to bother approaching "that weird twitchy kid"

ive been seeing this man on my dash and honestly i cant help but love him



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i kinda had an adorable outfit the other day

ive had this idea for a couple of weeks now and i feel like it could make a neat show or whatever. so basically its a harem show, but the plot twist is that the main guy is asexual and already has a romantic crush on some other girl. 

so the main guy just becomes best friends with all of the schools hottest girls and they can feel free to be as comfortable with their own bodies as they want to be (wearing pajamas without bras, wearing short-shorts, etc.) around him cause they know that hes a respectable guy who wont go all pervert on them. 

and of course all the other guys at the school are jealous cause now theres this rumor that hes dating all these girls at once and he cant dispel any of these false rumors so he becomes simultaneously the most popular and most hated at the entire school. except that his best friends (his “harem”) tell all the girls that hes a cool dude so most of the girls start to be pretty chill with him too further making all the boys hate him even more. 

and the girls can go to him to ask him questions like, “hey, theres this boy i have a crush on, can you tell me if hes a good guy?” and he’d be like,” actually i talked to him before and hes pretty weird. he talked about what he imagined touching boobs felt like when a girl passed us in the hallway. and then he asked me what it was like. he made me super uncomfortable” “ew gross, thank main character. im glad i dodged that bullet, im so happy to have you as my friend!”

so basically it takes the male power fantasy and turns it into a female power fantasy kinda i guess. idk i think its interesting and at least explains why all the girls flock to him. cause he really is a nice respectable guy who treats them like an actual human being

Without context, he just looks very uninterested. His eyes just scream “dead inside”.