When the Moon: Chapter 14 Writing Check-Ins - Lovebirds in a Cuddle-Nest
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I rock back a little and nuzzle at his curly head till we’re aligned, brows to nose tips, and sigh across his lips. “Silly gander,” I tell him, combing my fingertips gently over his ribs. “My fat, foolish, golden goose: this is no good; no good at all.”

“What’s no good?” he wonders, tilting his head delicately to pip the very tip of his nose against mine, and the drowsy contentment in his voice melts my resolve like sunlight on a honey-pot. “Tell me what you want and you’ll have it, vixen mine.”

I want you! cry my heart and my hot, hollow belly all at once. I want your downy warmth over me, bare and musky and pressing into me with gentle eagerness, and your babes – oh, how I want your babes, be they furred or feathered, hooved or human-kind.

I want you all, and all of you.

“I-I mean,” I fumble out, “this business of cuddling is wondrous fine, but we’ll never get anything done if…i-if we keep carrying on in such a fashion.”

He tips his head back to meet my eyes, his own heavy-lidded with sleepiness and sheer bliss, and smiles slowly. “And what else is there,” he wonders, “my stubborn little songbird, that so presses on our time at this moment? We have enough food to outlast a month-long blizzard without ever stinting on portions, and I can make fresh bread and cakes at the drop of a hat. What am I forgetting?”

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August 18 marks the 4th anniversary of When the Moon - in particular, of the day I uploaded the first two chapters to FFnet and all the madness began, so in honor of the occasion, I thought I’d share a longer excerpt from the (still in-progress) chapter. (The full scene clocks in around 6500 words and can be read here.)

Note: All previous Ch 14 writing check-ins can be found as chapters of this “story” on AO3, including a couple (here and here) that were not posted to Tumblr.

One of my favorite things about the Partners in Crime mv is the fact that her hair is two-toned like Neo’s

Had to redraw a scene from it with these two eventually~ 



Surprise! Posting the first page to Part 2 a little early!

Part 1 (whole comic)…..Page 2

So UF Frisk is quite taken by the ‘nice’ Judgement Hall…Flowey realizes almost right away that they’re not in the right place. So he’s more scared of that than Sans….

anonymous asked:

I am a huge larry shipper but I stopped trying to keep up w/ Larry moments after they became less & less frequent watching them not interact hurts. I stopped completely when I saw a video of when Harry fell during Better Than Words 8/20/15 and (c)

Louis just walked by w/o helping him up or even looking the tiniest bit concerned. I know some will say he didn’t help because of management but if they were friendly wouldn’t he have helped him up no matter what they said?? I am just heart broken and I’m starting to believe antis that say they hate each other now. Please show me moments after that concert I want to believe they are AT LEAST friends.

Okay first of all, I’m not going to compose any kind of masterpost of Larry interactions after this date, of which there were many. I really am not here to try and reassure or convince anyone of anything. I’m just here to point things out and reblog funny dogs. But try googling it. Like, “larry stylinson + mitam promo + tumblr” will probably find you a day’s worth of stuff to look at. 

So here’s what you’re talking about:

Personally…I think they both look amused. 

Probably because it came like a couple weeks after this massive fall:

And I think better context for their attitude towards how much Harry the baby giraffe Styles falls would be when they watch both of these falls on the Ellen Show, during which Louis enthusiastically offered his commentary and opinion about how Harry “almost pulled it back”. 

But that’s just me.

Speaking from personal experience in terms of working with someone you’re dating or sleeping with, which I have done, sometimes things happen, and in the moment you have to make quick decisions. A good example from my own experience was that I used to be a coxswain on a men’s rowing team. For many years. To a very high level. The coxswain steers the boat and is the one talking to all the athletes through a microphone that is setup to speakers throughout the boat. So basically I was driving a huge carbon fibre shell powered by eight men down a 2000m course. A lot of things can go wrong because you’re basically trying to keep the boat straight whilst relying on eight people doing the exact same thing at the exact same time repeatedly for six minutes. Have you ever seen what rowers look like? Go google the GB team or something, they’re some of the most attractive people ever so it should shock exactly no one that at times I had someone I was dating or sleeping with in the boat with me. That detail went out the window the moment that boat went on the water because everyone was there to do a job. If someone does something wrong, you have to tell them immediately how to correct it, sometimes the oar can get caught on the water and whip past someone quickly and if you don’t duck it hits you smack in the face. In those instances I can’t stop doing my job to climb across the boat and make sure someone’s okay. 

Bringing this back around to Louis’ reaction, the thing I noticed was that immediately after he walked past his own solo started. I also used to play in my university’s symphonic orchestra and that’s essentially like counting beats and rhythm in your head constantly. If I had a solo and someone next to me messed up or dropped something I’m not looking at them, I’m counting the bars until I start. 

Think what you will about that video. I have no idea what it is like to play a concert as One Direction. They might just look like they stroll around and sing their songs, but I’m not under any illusion that it’s as easy as they manage to make it look. I think that’s testament to how talented they are that they can come across as aloof whilst playing a pretty massive setlist. 

One of the reasons I went into men’s rowing as opposed to women’s (I did both and chose men) was because when it came to the sport nothing but rowing mattered. I’m not saying that men are more driven, I just think that they are better at compartmentalising and monotasking. Like “okay now I’m rowing” and nothing else matters. They could hate the guy in front of them and still get the job done (I saw a fist fight on the dock moments before we got into the boat and managed to put that aside for the 90 minutes we had to train). Louis not stopping to help Harry up really doesn’t register as anything but him assessing how much time he had before his solo to me.

And that’s how I see it.