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About Last Night // The Preacher’s Daughter Part Two [A Mitch Rapp Smut]

Author: @minhosmeanhoe

Series: Part One

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader / Mitch Rapp x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Public Fingering, Public-ish Oral (Female on Male), Sinning, Thigh Riding, and Swearing.

Word Count: 6,283

Song: Slow Hands (Acoustic) by Niall Horan

A/N: Thank you to my favorite @stilinski-jpeg for proofreading and editing this. I love you!

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Throwing my hat into mermay!

“I don’t think Bucky likes me,” Tony said quietly, watching a crab skitter over his toes.

Steve frowned, looking up from braiding some kelp together. “He likes you, he’s just… Ever since he was attacked by that sea monster, he’s been… suspicious.”

“We were basking and he almost drowned me, Steve,” Tony sighed, then bent down, hand dipping into the water to scoop up a starfish. He flipped it over to look at its mouth. “Not to mention all the times he decides I’ve been hogging you and just… takes you.”

“He’s getting better about that! And he didn’t mean to almost drown you. He didn’t know you couldn’t breathe underwater!” Steve insisted, and then scowled and smacked the brunet’s hand when he started poking lightly at the starfish’s mouth. “Quit it. You’re freaking it out.”

Tony obediently tossed the starfish back into the water, curling his toes into the sand. “If you say so, Steve.”

Steve sighed. “He is getting better.”

“I believe you,” Tony lied, shifting his feet so the sucker-marks that curled around the back of his left leg weren’t as visible.

Steve noticed anyway, and his face twisted into something terrible. “Tony—ACK!”

“Well,” Tony mumbled, leaning his elbows on his knees as the blond was yanked under the surface of the water. “At least the noise you make every time doesn’t stop being funny.”

It took several minutes, but eventually, Steve resurfaced. He lifted his hands to shove his wet hair out of his eyes and sighed loudly, annoyed. “Sorry. Bucky, say you’re sorry.”

Bucky surfaced so just his eyes were above the water. He glared at Tony suspiciously.

Say you’re sorry,” Steve repeated icily.

Bucky ducked back under the water before popping back out just long enough to blurt out, “Sorry, I guess.” Then he disappeared under the surface again, probably to sulk.

Steve made another annoyed sound and rolled his eyes, then looked up at Tony earnestly. “Listen, okay, we’re friends. I’m not going to stop being your friend just because Bucky gets jealous sometimes. Do you understand that?”

Tony curled his toes in the sand again, nodding. “Yeah.”

“I’m a person and I get to decide who I spend time with. And I wanna spend time with you.”

“Okay,” Tony agreed obediently. He stood. “Would you be offended if I said I have to go now? I have to get ready for a business trip.”

“No,” Steve answered, swimming closer to him. He put his hands on Tony’s shoulders, stretching up, and placed a chaste kiss to his lips. “See you soon.”

“Yup,” Tony agreed. “Won’t be more than a week.”

“’kay.” Steve smiled at him before flopping backward into the water, splashing him.

Tony squealed, skittering backward. “Steve!

“Adorable,” Steve said, grinning at him, then yelped and ducked under the water when Tony threatened to throw a rock at him.

“Jerk!” Tony yelled at the water, but he was smiling.

Steve’s smiling face poked out of the water. “See you in a week!”

Bucky frowned. “Maybe his trip got extended. He said that happened sometimes.”

“Maybe,” Steve mumbled, laying his head on his arms.

Bucky sank in the water so just his eyes were visible, staring balefully at the rocky little cove where Tony always met them—met Steve, anyway. It was going on the third week.

Steve sat up suddenly, turning to scowl at him. “You really hurt him last time, you know?”

“I’m sorry,” Bucky muttered, more sincerely than he’d ever said it to Tony’s face. “I didn’t think I had him that tight. I’ll apologize when he comes back.”

Steve wasn’t finished. “He thinks you don’t like him!”

Bucky grimaced. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Tony, he just… he just didn’t know how to deal with humans. Especially when Tony had very blatantly stared at his left arm—he was already self-conscious about how it looked, he didn’t need someone judging him for it.

“I’ll apologize when he gets back. For real this time,” he snapped, then ducked under the water petulantly so he couldn’t hear what Steve said next. He curled his tentacles anxiously. He would apologize.

He wouldn’t apologize.

Bucky snarled as he crawled up the beach. Sand was getting in his suckers. He hated dry sand. It was itchy and gross. He was chafing. He hoped Steve appreciated what he was doing! And he hoped that Steve kicked Tony’s ass when he dragged him back down to the beach! Who the hell says ‘I’ll be back in a week’ and then just fucking leaves for six months?!

Tony’s house was locked up tight, but there were lights on.

Bucky muttered to himself and squeezed one of his tentacles through the keyhole, slapping around until the tip of it caught the deadbolt and unlocked it. He fell through the door with a yelp and dull ‘splat’ as his tentacles spread out to try and catch him but didn’t do it fast enough. “God fucking damn it.” He paused when he saw what looked like an aquarium nearby, emptied of fish and water. He sneered at it.

He’d barely crawled his way through the living room when he heard footsteps. He stopped, curling down into the floor, tentacles shifting and changing color to match the wood beneath him.

Tony came stumbling out of a hallway, wild-eyed. “Bucky?!”

Bucky would have asked how he knew it was him, but how many people with tentacles did Tony know? “You said you’d be back in a week,” he said accusingly. “Steve misses you.”

“I miss Steve,” Tony blurted out immediately, looking confused. “But—you should be happy. Because I’m not hogging him anymore? You don’t—you don’t like it when I spend time with Steve.”

…Maybe he would apologize anyway. But only for making Tony think Bucky didn’t like him, not for accidentally hurting him!

“It’s not that I don’t like you spending time with Steve,” Bucky told him icily, and did not expand that he was suspicious anytime Steve spent time away from him. “And anyway that doesn’t matter. He’s been waiting at the cove every week for six months to see you and what—you just couldn’t be bothered?!”

“I can’t,” Tony said, and if Bucky hadn’t been so angry he might have noticed the way the human’s eyes went round with fright.

“You can’t or you’re just tired of us? The novelty wore off of actually knowing mers?” he spat, and waved around at the human’s big ugly house. “What, are you looking for something new now? Something more interesting?”

Tony took a step back, hurt. “It’s not—I want to come see Steve-!”

“Good,” Bucky snapped, reaching out a tentacle to wrap around the brunet’s wrist. “If we leave now he’ll probably be there.”

Tony stumbled a few steps, clawing at the tentacle around his wrist. “No-! Bucky, I can’t—Let me go!”

“Do you know what all you’ve even put Steve through?!” Bucky asked, dragging him out the door and to the stairs carved into the rock leading down to the beach.

“Let me go, Bucky, I—” Tony shuddered as he heard the waves brushing up against the sand, tugging more insistently. “I can’t, I can’t—BUCKY I CAN’T!”

Bucky yelped as Tony tore his wrist free, falling forward, but he caught himself this time. He turned, frowning in confusion, and made a concerned noise when he saw Tony curled up on the ground. He shuffled over to him. Tony was trembling and making the same terrible noise that he’d made when Bucky hadn’t known he couldn’t breathe underwater, like he was drowning. But he couldn’t be drowning, they hadn’t even made it close to the water—

Tony gasped in a big breath, then went back to that terrible wheezing noise.

Bucky began wrapping his tentacles around the man, trying to uncurl him. “Tony, you need to breathe!”

“I can’t-!” Tony choked out, tears clinging to his lashes. “I can’t.

Bucky got the unsettling feeling that Tony wasn’t just talking about being able to breathe.

“They… drowned him?” Steve asked, brows furrowed together in confusion. “But you said he was still alive.”

Bucky held his hands out helplessly. He didn’t really understand the explanation he’d been given. “They drowned him but they made him breathe again afterward?”

“That’s horrifying.”

“Yeah, well,” Bucky muttered, crossing his arms with a scowl. “I guess they only had him for three months. He tried coming down after he got home because he knew you’d be worried but as soon as he saw the water he… like an anemone, when you scare them? Just—” He gripped his hands together into a ball. “—Schlp. There he went. He did that when I was trying to bring him down.”

Steve’s lips moved silently, copying the noise Bucky had made. “I never would have described anemones like that but okay.”

“You know what I meant,” Bucky snapped.

“Okay, but, how am I supposed to see him if he won’t come down?” Steve asked, frowning, and crossed his arms. “I’m glad he’s okay. …Ish. But I’d still like to see it with my own eyes.”

Bucky did not say that seeing him with his own eyes probably wouldn’t help him decide that Tony was okay. Instead, he silently held up the three buckets he’d dragged down the stairs with him.

“…What… what are you even planning with this?” Steve asked suspiciously. “You’re not gonna try to carry me, are you?”

Bucky rolled his eyes. “I can’t carry you; we’ll both fall down the stairs. But I can keep you wet. Do you think you can make it up the stairs?”

Steve turned to squint at the carved stone steps. “…If you keep me wet enough, I should be able to.” He yelped when Bucky immediately threw one of the buckets of water on him. “I’M NOT OUT OF THE WATER YET YOU ASSHOLE.”

“I’m practicing.”

Steve was tempted to tackle him into the sand because he knew how much Bucky hated getting sand in his tentacles but he was too worried about Tony to follow through.

“Oh,” Tony said, hopeful and sad all at once.

Steve looked up from where he was sprawled out on the wood floor in a large puddle. “Sorry about your floor.”

“What are you—That’s not going to be comfortable!” Tony exclaimed when he noticed Bucky dumping a bucket of water into the empty aquarium.

“Well he’s gotta stay wet somehow,” Bucky reasoned. Steve wasn’t like Bucky, who could do well out of water for a time because of his slimy mucus. His scales and gills dried out. His chest was already heaving with effort.

“What happened to your wrist?” Steve asked, concerned.

Tony moved to hide his wrist behind his back, then stopped. It was too late anyway. He looked down at his wrist, frowning, and rubbed the bruises from Bucky’s suckers gently. “Bucky was trying to take me to see you. I—I panicked. I couldn’t get the right words out and I couldn’t say the right thing. So I just. Um. Yanked.”

Steve held his hands out and made a quiet noise when the brunet obediently offered him his arm, thumb trailing over the little round bruises. “Ouch.”

“It didn’t hurt that bad,” Tony insisted.

“Yeah, because you were a little busy trying to breathe,” Bucky muttered.

“ACK!” Steve exclaimed when Bucky’s tentacles wrapped around him and lifted him off the floor.

Tony couldn’t help a smile. “That’s never not going to be funny.”

Steve yelped as he was dropped into the aquarium. It was true—it wasn’t comfortable. His tail curled up at the end awkwardly and the glass dug in under his armpits. Still, he already felt better with his tail submerged, and he felt almost normal when he splashed water on his gills. He accepted the bucket Bucky handed him and shoved his head into it, taking a few deep breaths so he could wet the insides of his gills as well.

When he pulled his head back out, he saw Tony hadn’t moved, and was instead chewing on his bottom lip anxiously. “…Even this amount of water bothers you?” Steve asked sadly.

“I can’t, um—I can’t even shower,” Tony admitted quietly, shoulders hunching with shame. “I just. Use a damp washcloth. To get clean.”

“It’s not your fault they made you fear the water,” Steve insisted when the brunet’s shoulders hunched even more.

Bucky couldn’t help but curl a tentacle over Tony’s shoulders, he looked so sad. “Yeah, that’s on them. Any human would be afraid of the water after drowning.” When the human didn’t look convinced, he grumbled and muscled him down to coil the rest of his tentacles around him.

Tony let out a slightly hysterical giggle. “I’ve seen porn like this.”

“Well, if you want me to fuck you with my sperm tentacle, you have to say please.” Bucky smirked when the human choked. “And then don’t be mad about the mess. I know Steve was mad the first time I came in him.”

“It was slimy and everywhere!” Steve exclaimed indignantly. “And inky. Oh my God. You stained my scales. The other mers laughed at me all week!”

Tony giggled again, flustered. “Oh my God.”

“Don’t laugh!” Steve whined. “This asshole wasn’t even sorry!”

“Why would I be sorry? Everyone could see that you were mine.” Bucky loosened up his hold on Tony when he felt him relaxing. “Plus it’s not like I’m the filthy one here. You’re the one that asked me to ink on your face while we were above water.”

“Shut up!” Steve shrieked, flushing pink, and shoved his head back into the bucket.

“He’s just embarrassed because he doesn’t want you to think he’s a deviant,” Bucky whispered, smirking.

Tony tilted his head. “Is he? A deviant, I mean.”

“Well, octo- or squid-mers and fish-mers are kind of odd couples. We’ve been more accepted in recent years,” Bucky added thoughtfully. “The older folks might think he’s deviant. I don’t know why. Who would willingly pass up tentacles? I can have one in his mouth, one wrapped around his dick, and another inside his—”

“Yup,” Tony cut in quickly, squirming. “I can see how the older generation would find that deviant.”

Bucky looked at one of his tentacles, twisting it this way and that. “Also the texture is way different than a dick. It’s squishy. I mean, I squeezed it through your keyhole.”

“Yeah, I saw the video, that was kinda gross not gonna lie.”

Steve lifted his head from the bucket. “Yeah, it takes a little getting used to, but Bucky’s really good with them.”

Tony buried his face in his hands. “Can we talk about literally anything else because I didn’t actually plan for that to be anything but a joke.”

“A shame,” Bucky sighed. “But if you ever change your mind—”

“I’ll let you know,” Tony squeaked, cutting him off.

They eventually got Tony to be willing to come close to the aquarium after a couple weeks. But that might have mostly been because it took Bucky a hell of a lot more effort to carry a fresh bucket of water to Steve to breathe through.

“I’ll probably never be able to approach the waterline again,” Tony admitted miserably instead of accepting their praise. “Just thinking about it—”

“Hey, no, that’s fine,” Steve hurried to say. “You bought a bigger tank just for me. I don’t mind coming up here. Especially since you rigged that basket so we don’t have to climb the stairs anymore.”

“Not that Steve actually minded the stairs,” Bucky added in a drawl. “‘Buck, look at my triceps! Buck, look at my shoulders!’ I wanted to push him down the stairs but he would have just crawled back up saying ‘extra reps!’”

Steve stared at him, disappointed. “Why must you constantly embarrass me in front of Tony?”

“I think your biceps are amazing, Steve,” Tony offered.

Steve pointed in Bucky’s face smugly. “HA.”

“Don’t encourage him!” Bucky exclaimed, betrayed. “I have to go home with this guy! I hear enough of him being a smug asshole without you helping!”

“…I find it hard to believe that you are not also a smug asshole,” Tony said after thinking it over. “Otherwise you wouldn’t be friends.”

Bucky opened his mouth, then closed it thoughtfully. “…Well. You’re not wrong, I suppose.”

“The sex is good too,” Steve added helpfully. “I’d stay for the sex.”

Tony snorted. “A ringing endorsement.”

Steve hummed, smiling, and ducked his face into the bucket to wet his gills before he sat back up. “Would you ever get in the aquarium with me?”

Tony’s grip immediately tightened around the glass, knuckles going white. He closed his eyes, visibly trying to ground himself as his breath caught in his throat. Steve would have touched his hand, but he was wet and he didn’t want to make it worse for Tony.

Bucky frowned, concerned. “Hey, you don’t have to get into the aquarium. Steve was just wondering. I mean you made really good progress already, you can stand next to it!”

“I just… I really miss hugging you, is all,” Steve admitted quietly.

Tony’s hands were shaking, but he eventually wheezed out, “I can try.”

When Tony curled up on the ground trying to wheeze in a breath after trying, Bucky’s tentacles curled around him, Steve gaped at him. “I didn’t believe you.”

“Why wouldn’t you believe me about this?!” Bucky snapped.

Steve curled his hands into a ball. “Schlp. There he went.”

Bucky’s lips twitched with the want to smile, but this was really not the time to laugh.

Tony did eventually get in the tank with him. There was barely enough water to keep Steve’s tail damp, but Tony was already shaking when Steve wrapped his arms around him, so he didn’t say anything. He’d missed this—Tony always felt perfect in his arms. He ignored how slight and fragile Tony felt, ignored the thought that maybe Tony didn’t eat enough or was so anxious all the time living by the ocean that he could hardly keep food down. Instead he curled his arms tighter around him and lifted his tail so Tony’s pants stopped soaking up the minuscule amounts of water, so he’d stay drier.

“’m sorry,” Tony mumbled into his shoulder. “I used to be able to swim. Now I can barely sit in an inch of water.”

Bucky curled his tentacles over the side of the tank. “Don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault that other people hurt you.”

Steve stroked a hand through his hair. “Besides, this is fine. I… was starting to think I might never see you again.” He pressed his nose into Tony’s hair and took a deep whiff. He still smelled the same, human scents that Steve couldn’t name that made up a scent purely Tony. “I don’t know what I thought had happened to you, to be honest.”

“Whatever you think of will probably never be as bad as what actually happened,” Tony croaked, shivering.

No, Steve and Bucky agreed silently. They supposed not.

They got Tony up to three inches of water. He still trembled with fear, but seemed to do alright if he was clutching onto Steve or if Bucky had his tentacles wrapped around him.

“You know we’d never let anything happen to you, right?” Bucky asked one night. “I know I was an asshole when we first met—I didn’t know you couldn’t breathe underwater. But after I learned that you couldn’t, I wouldn’t have let you drown.”

“Yeah, you’d just grip him too tight,” Steve muttered into Tony’s shoulder. The bruises around his wrist had healed, but here were still some vaguely sucker-shaped prints on the back of his left leg.

Bucky glared at him. “What if I just wrapped one of my tentacles around your neck?”

Tony giggled just a touch hysterically. “It’s hard to focus on being scared when you two are bickering like an old married couple.”

“We wouldn’t survive marriage,” Bucky said. “Or, well. Steve wouldn’t survive marriage. Because I’d murder him.”

“How do you know I wouldn’t murder you, huh?!” Steve exclaimed, clutching Tony tighter. “Tony could be my new husband then!”

Bucky scoffed. “Don’t be stupid, Steve. I’ve seen the way he looks at my tentacles—”

“—With terror?”

“—With curiosity,” the brunet added, glaring at him. “I bet he’d love to have my tentacles in him. Besides, I can survive longer out of the water than you.”

Steve scoffed back at him. “Please. Tony could make a nice big tank for me. And even if he didn’t, I’d figure something out.” He gave the human a pat on the butt, making him squeak in surprise. “My husband would need me, after all.”

“You guys are too much,” Tony giggled, hiding his face in Steve’s neck.

“I think we’re just enough,” Steve teased, smiling, because the brunet had stopped trembling as much. “Don’t worry, Tony. I’ll let you know when I’m going to kill Bucky so you can at least say goodbye.”

“What!” Bucky squawked indignantly.

Steve tilted his head. “Although you really should try out the tentacles at least once before he dies. It is certainly something.”

“Listen you piece of shit,” Bucky began, crawling up the side of the tank and looming over the blond. “If anyone is getting murdered here it’s gonna be you for your smart mouth!”

“Boop,” Steve said, poking his nose, because he was ridiculously unafraid of everything.

Bucky snarled. “Steve!

Tony threw his head back with a bark of laughter. Even though he really missed the sound Steve made every time Bucky yanked him under the surface out of jealousy, he much preferred this bickering to Bucky mulishly glaring at him from under the water.

“That’s it,” Bucky snapped, and then Tony yelped as a pair of tentacles wrapped under his arms and lifted him from the tank. “This is mine now.”

“Noooo Bucky come on!” Steve whined, making grabby hands.

Bucky dumped an empty bucket onto his head with a clang.


Tony laughed again. “I missed that noise.”

“I will make sure he makes that noise often,” Bucky promised, cradling the brunet in his tentacles. He smiled smugly at Steve when the blond pushed the bucket up and glared at him balefully. “It’s the same one he made when I first penetrated him.”

Steve slung the bucket at Bucky’s head with an angry screech. “Stop embarrassing me!

Bucky tipped backward from the force, stunned. “Ow! What the fuck, Steve?!

Steve reached out to try and grab Tony back. “He was mine first!”

“Hey!” Tony laughed as he was tugged up against the tank, but Bucky’s tentacle around his waist held fast. “Come on, I’m a person! I only belong to me!”

“…No,” Steve and Bucky told him, then began tugging again.

Tony squawked, then went back to laughing. “You guys are impossible!”

“Tenacious,” Steve corrected, giving a mighty tug that brought his feet up off the ground.

“Yeah, that,” Bucky agreed, then jerked back, more tentacles flying up to wrap around Tony for a better grip.

The squabble eventually ended with Steve and Bucky violently making-out in the tank. Tony clutched his chest because those kisses looked like they hurt.

(They did hurt, but just the right amount, he learned later.)

jungkook; morning kiss(es)

❝there’s no such thing as singular in jungkook’s book of kisses. only plural.
►1870 words // scenario
♡ this is for @cno-inbminor​ bc we reached our 200th day snapstreaksary (it’s a word i swear) and this is a little overdue but here it is i tried my best and it’s short but i LOVE YOU KAREN

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

Jungkook was a person who could be satisfied (and happy) with the littlest of things in life or, could find significance in anything he came across with. 

One, you (not to be taken literally but hey, he does use the benefit of being taller and you know when you’re shorter you have a better aim at his di-). Two, discounted prices on set meals he wants to eat. Three, finding a dollar lying on the floor and claiming it as his even though he knows damn well it fell from your purse but finders keepers losers weepers. Four, Jimin and Taehyung messing with Hoseok, only got get a beating after and his devil ass is watching from the side the whole time. And last but not least, sleeping until the sun breaks through the window and rakes his ass awake.

He was a heavy sleeper and that, ladies and gentlemen, was not a surprising thing at all. God no. Almost everyone around him had experienced troubles waking him up at least once (thrice) in their lifetime. As quoted from none other than Kim Seokjin and editing from Kim Namjoon: “That boy can sleep until the world burns down and he’ll wake up being alone.” (end scene)

It was all about getting used to, in your opinion. You’d gauge around the time he’d wake up and plan your day on from there. See, if you can’t change the boy’s habit, change the way you work things around. Simple. (unless you’re living with six other guys who gives no shit with your sleeping habits then kudos to you, good luck chap, better luck next life)

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Love Game

Summary: You’re participating in a high stakes tennis tournament for your college team and Peter, being the supportive boyfriend he is, attends it to cheer you on in his own little way.

Warnings: Peter Parker x Reader, light smut, admiration and appreciation of tennis, fluff 

A/N: I feel a little weird writing underage characters so I’m going to make Peter of age (18+) for this.

“You really don’t have to come, Peter.” You flung your dresser drawers open and searched for your tennis attire. “I promise, tournaments really aren’t that fun to sit through unless you’re a die-hard tennis fan.”

“I’m a die-hard you fan, (Y/N).” Peter wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his forehead on the back of your head. “Besides, I’m not going to lie, I don’t hate watching you kicking ass in your tennis clothes. I’m a big fan of the skirts.”

“Skort.” You reached a hand up and tangled your fingers in his hair. “It’s not a skirt, it’s a skort.”

“Ah, skorts.” Peter chuckled and kissed your cheek. “You should wear the black one, it’s cute and pleated.” 

“Anything for you, Mr. Photographer.” You dropped your hand back into the drawer. “I just have to find it first.”

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Panic // Colby Brock

Request(prompt): You’re in suicide forest with your best friend and his friends. You are scared the whole time but Colby keeps you by his side the entire time to ensure your safety.

Warnings: Swearing

Tag: @hunterbunter123

Word Count: 741

“Colby, I don’t want to do this.” You said, grabbing your bestfriends hand as you began your way into the forest. You have only done the intro and you were already done and over this.

“Oh I don’t like this at all.” Brennen said as we walked slowly. You nodded into agreement and squeezed Colby’s hand. “It’s okay.” he said reassuringly, pulling you closer to him. If Colby wasn’t here with you there’d be no way in hell you’d be going into this forest.

It’s only been 10 minutes and you couldn’t handle it. You just wanted to be at home watching videos with Sam and Colby. Stupidly Colby was leading which also meant you were as well. You didn’t even want to speak.

A little while in after a bunch of scary shit happened, Brennen decided he wanted to play some stupid Japanese Ouija board. He was currently filming the intro. There was no way they could get you to play so you just stood quietly next to Colby’s side.

“Colby, can you guys like walk me back or something?” you turned to him. “We can’t leave you out there alone.” he shook his head and you sighed, lacing your fingers back into his. “Alright I’m playing first.” Colby turned to me and you nodded, mumbling an ‘I’m fine’.

//I’m going to write about kinda what happened behind the scenes, or well what I think happened. If you want to hear everything or see then go to TFIL, Brennen Taylor, or Colby’s channel. Crazy shit happens so I advise maybe not watching alone and be prepared…. -k//

After you all completely booked it from a bug Brennen began freaking out about the coin he had lost. “Can we just go find the fucking coin. Jesus.” You said and everybody turned to you nodding and turned back to where you were before. That was the first full sentence you’ve said it quite awhile so it surprised everyone.

You ended up not finding the coin. You just wanted to leave.


“What the fuck was that?” Elton stopped us all and turned his camera in the direction. “The fuck was that actually? That was ground level.” Everyone was silent as you and Colby directed your lights at it.

There was a growl and your heart skipped a beat. “Fuck.” You said and began running, dragging Colby behind. When we stopped running Colby spoke up. “Just wait, what was that?” “You heard that right? What’s that.”

“It’s a god damn bug.”  There was another noise and Colby pulled you closer and you all began into a sprint. “Where are the ribbons?” you whispered to yourself but continued to run.

“Stop for a second.” Colby said. “We did not go off the fucking path.” You were strong most of the time but this was when you broke. Your eyes began to water and your breathing got heavy. It felt like the forest was closing in on you. Nobody seemed to notice as they searched for the ribbons.

Your small hand slipped from Colby’s and you fell to the floor, gasping for air. “Y/N!” Colby knelt next to you. “C-Colbs I can’t breath.” you grabbed onto his arms, as if it’d help. “Shit she’s having a panic attack!” Brennen stated the obvious.

“Hey, hey. Y/N it’s okay. I’m right here.” he rubbed your back. You struggled and fought for air. “Look at me.” He put two fingers under your chin and forced you to look at him.

You looked back down and closed your eyes. “Y/N. Look at me.” He placed both hands on you cheeks. You focused on his eyes and tried to steady yourself. “Elton, stop recording.” Elton put the camera down and started searching for a bottle of water for you.

“Y/N.” Colby said again and you looked back into his eyes, struggling to keep your eyes open. Your head felt so light and you were dizzy. “sh look at me.” That’s when he kissed you. At first you were caught by surprise but you kissed him back.

He pulled back as you looked at him speechless. “Did you just do some Stydia Teen Wolf shit on me?” you said, finally able to breath. He laughed and helped you up. “It’s okay. Only a little longer.” he said and you nodded.

You still wanted to leave but you knew you couldn’t so you just latched onto Colby and followed them all around.

//Part two POSSIBLY…..Also I hope this wasn’t complete shit…. It’s hard to write something based off a video and stuff. but I hope it was decent?//

anonymous asked:

I would just like fluff. Them chasing each other around the loft & him catching her and them laughing and it ending is smutty goodness of course. Just chasing and laughter and smut. Maybe he has something she wants or vice versa and that prompts the chasing? Tickling in there too, would be awesome. :D Thank you! :)--Gretchen

Stupid Damn Duvet Cover (Olicity, Early Season 6ish)

(A little domestic!Olicity fluff set in the domestic-af Season 6 I see in my head before tonight’s episode. 

Does include some spoilers based on recent photos from the set.)

Soft curses greeted him when he opened the front door.

Oliver chuckled.

“I can’t believe how bad these directions are. This is YouTube voodoo.”

Balancing the last box in one arm, he closed the door behind him with his other hand, quietly, not wanting to disturb her. More cursing drifted from the far corner of the loft. Their loft, now. His heart warmed, just like every other damn time he’d walked into their house today.

Their home, for their family.

Setting the box on the ground with the others, Oliver went to find his wife.

“Why. Aren’t. You. Working?”

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legendarydragondefender  asked:

Bae, gimme some lance hcs. Of him being awesome and strong and shit. I need to talk about my boy Lance. Feel free to include klance lmao ugh no but for real. I love lance he gives me life 💙💙

you: sent this 4 months ago

me: is it… too awkward for me to answer this now

also me: lol its never too late to talk abt lance

  • i love that it’s fairly widely accepted that lance will just casually latch onto anyone, at any time, ever. hunk could be cooking and lance is like “yes hello i am here to be a koala on your back, deal with it”
    • it is less known that lance loves it when people use him as a pillow. being trusted and liked enough that someone will willingly lay on him? that’s his kink
    • one time, keith fell asleep on his shoulder, and lance literally cried. pidge and hunk try to use this as blackmail but it doesn’t work because it turns out lance is incredibly unashamed.
    • lance: “yeah i cried ‘cause keith fell asleep on me he smells nice what do you want from me” pidge: “well i was hoping i could blackmail you into helping me do the cleaning coran’s forcing me to do but this is sickeningly sweet so you’re off the hook this time” 
    • and oh my GOD in the battle simulator hunk got launched into lance and they both fell to the ground, and lance gets the breath knocked right out of him when he hits the floor but he hears hunk say “aw dude your tummy is like, super comfy” and just beams because hell yeah it is hell yeah fuckin right he cant breathe but hell yeah
  • lance may not be the best with hand to hand combat, but as we know, he is a damn incredible shot. with nearly anything.
    • he made a slingshot out of an altean pen coran had laying around, one of keith’s elastics he found, and a stick he found on a planet they stopped on.
    • he’s sitting there and says to pidge “hey bet you i can hit shiro’s butt with this” *holds up tiny piece of rolled up paper*
    • pidge, glancing over to where shiro is pacing, talking to allura: “uhh huh okay let’s see it hotshot”
    • lance does it, first shot. 
    • shiro, turning around: lance i swear to GOD 
    • lance and pidge: LOOOOLLLL
    • he’s also that kid in middle school that would throw stuff into the garbage at the front of the classroom and he never missed so the class was always screaming OOOOOOOOOHOHHOOOO the teachers were Tired™
    • his aim is so good it’s eerie. there’s a galra sentry hidden in a dark corner, up high, and lance is the first one to notice it; he barely has to look before he takes a breath and shoots and hits it dead centre.
    • hunk, completely serious: that was the sickest thing thing ive ever seen dude
    • pidge: honestly? no hetero but same
    • hunk: king of my life
    • pidge: i’d die for u lance
    • keith: retweet
    • lance.exe has crashed
  • lance… has a strange obsession with mittens?
    • they went to another space mall and there was a pair of mittens?? in one of the alien clothing stores??? lance squeaked and grabbed hunk’s sleeve and pointed wildly and hunk was like “oh man are those MITTENS” and lance was like “HELL YEAH THEY ARE”
    • he proceeded to impulsively spend all of their money on seven pairs (one for every member of the team)
    • keith, flatly: and i’m the impulsive one who makes stupid decisions?
    • lance: um, excuse me, this isn’t stupid, what if we get cold hands? 
    • keith: gloves. we wear gloves, lance.
    • lance: i didnt come here to be ATTACKED. also youre wearing the wrong ones, those are allura’s, these ones are yours ‘cause they’re red, like you :)
    • keith, flustered: oh, okay
  • he really loves to make up expressions on the spot (this is canon tbh this boy coined “shut your quiznak”)
    • shiro is like talking about how theyre gonna infiltrate this galra ship and “it’s gonna be hard, but just stick to the plan and we’ll be fine” and lance is just like “well that really startles my hens” and everyone is like what does this mean
    • pidge and hunk finally manage to find a way to set up the game pidge and lance bought at the mall in that one episode
    • lance, with tears in his eyes: you guys are the best succulent cucumbers a guy could ask for
    • everyone: ???????????
  • bonus: lance knows every lyric to every britney spears song, ever. don’t test him
    • hunk: yeah he had a phase 
    • lance: …had? bitch ill have u know,
The swing of your hips

Prompt from @ididntasktogetmadedidi : The reader is an actress working on the set with Tom for the new movie and the director keeps getting annoyed because she naturally sways her hips a lot. Tom decides to help out, because god damn those hips of hers and what they do to him.

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Word Count: 2512

Warning: Smut, language

You slammed the door of your apartment.  It was late and you had just had a long “discussion” with Tom about the status of… well whatever the hell this was.  He did not want to pursue a relationship with you even though there was definite chemistry between you.  The excuse was “it is too difficult to maintain a work relationship with a romantic one.  Perhaps when we aren’t working together.”

If that was how he wanted it, fine.  You would maintain a strictly professional relationship with him while filming.  After filming you would go on to your next project and not have to deal with seeing him every bloody day.  If you were not good enough for him to be with now, then he did not deserve to have you anytime.  That was the thought you went to sleep with that night.  Though your heart was still hurting.

Getting ready the next morning for the early call, you tried to keep your positive attitude.  With coffee in hand, you walked towards your trailer determined to smile and greet every person who crossed your path.  Even Tom, as he stood talking to one of the producers.  They both looked up as you walked by; you shared that determined smirk with them.  “Good morning boys.  Lovely day isn’t it?”

Tom nodded his head in your direction looking as though he was trying to gauge your mood.  Expecting to see a sad, emotional woman, he got quite the opposite.  You looked bright and happy wearing a pair of jeans that hugged your curves in all the right places.  When you were younger having curvy hips and ass had been somewhat of a problem for you. It had been one of your insecurities. However, since becoming an actor you embraced it.  Especially now when Tom could not take his eyes off your hips as you walked by.  Putting an extra swing in your step, you winked at him over your shoulder as you passed by.  He huffed a moment, before shaking his head and returning to the conversation.

Preparing for your morning call, you reread your lines ensuring you had everything memorized as your hair was being done. Stepping out of the trailer in your costume, you made your way towards the set.  Half way there, Tom had caught up with you whispering in your ear.  “What are you playing at?  I thought we had settled things.”

Settled things? Really? Idiot…  “I am not playing at anything.  You don’t want a relationship with me.  So I am going about my life and my job.  What, did you expect me to do?  Sit home, crying?  Sorry Hiddleston, that ain’t me.”  You left him to stare at you as he tried to figure out what the hell was going on.  The rest of the morning passed quickly with the cast and crew finishing two important scenes without an issue.  Both you and Tom were complete professionals acting as though nothing was bothering you.  Though you could tell, he was having difficulty maintaining his composure between scenes.  Before the previous night’s “discussion”, you would spend time together during breaks, running lines, eating and just enjoying the other’s company.

Today that did not happen. You went back to your trailer a few times; made sure your makeup and hair were perfect and even ate at one of the tables by yourself as you played on your phone.  On the outside to everyone, you looked perfectly fine.  On the inside, you missed being around Tom terribly, but this is what he wanted.

Tom was not faring any better.  He did not think in his attempt to keep a professional manner with you that it would also entail losing any personal contact.  Not hearing your laugh at one of his lame jokes or you stealing a piece of his lunch caused an ache in his chest that he was not enjoying.  Perhaps he had been hasty in his decision to distance himself from you.  So many times in the past, relationships started on set had come back to bite him hard on the ass.  Now the only thing he wanted to do was the same thing to you.  

Twice during the break for lunch, you had caught Tom staring at you.  You would smile sweetly at him and go back to doing whatever you were doing. It was driving him crazy.  The afternoon scenes did not follow the same trend at the morning.  Several times the director had to stop the scene to tell you to stop swaying your hips. In the scene your character was supposed to be devastated over the loss of her sister and Tom’s character was supposed to be comforting you.  But whenever you walked away, your hips would swing portraying something completely different than what the scene required.

Tom would rub his face after the scene was stopped and the director by the third time was growing aggravated.  You apologized profusely and promised it would not happen again.  Somehow, you were able to finish the afternoon without his head exploding.  Though perhaps just barely.  Leaving the set as quickly as possible, you wanted to get home to have a glass of wine before you irritated anyone else.  The director sat in his chair replaying parts of the scenes to decide if they would need to be reshot the next day.  As Tom walked by, he grabbed his arm lightly.

“Tom, man talk to [Y/N]. She needs to tone it down so we can get this finished.  I don’t have the time to keep stopping because she doesn’t know she is doing it. She needs to focus.”  Tom agreed, telling him he would talk to you this evening.

You were leaning back on the couch with a glass of white wine in hand.  Staring up at the ceiling now for a good thirty minutes, you replayed the day in your mind.  Tomorrow you would have to do better before they remove you completely from the film. A knock on the front door pulled you from your thoughts.  Glass in hand you looked through the peephole seeing Tom there.  You sighed loudly before opening the door.  “I know, I will try harder tomorrow.  You could have just texted me instead of driving all the way over here.”

Tom frowned looking down at you.  “I’d rather tell you in person.  You are supposed to focus and tone it down, I believe it what he said.”

Rolling your eye you leaned your head against the door.  “Yes. I will focus and tone it down. Happy?”

“Not really.  Can I come in?”  He actually wanted to come in?  What for?  Groaning internally, you stepped back allowing him to move past you.  Closing the door quietly you turned back towards him.  Completely not expecting to be pushed up against the door with a heated kiss.  The glass in your hand fell to the floor, forgotten for the moment.  “I wanted to forget this, forget what is building here. But you won’t let me.”

He kissed you again, his tongue pushing and playing against yours.  His body pressing further against you.  It felt like there was no air to breathe but him.  Your arms slid around his neck as you leaned against his chest.  “Those damn hips of yours, I swear to God I am going to leave my mark all over them.” The threat caused a shiver to run down your spine.  You had to pull back and push him away from you, walking past him.  Your fingers on your lips, feeling the burning heat he had caused.

“You came here to what? Fuck me then go back to ‘just professional’?  As much as I want you, and oh my God do I want you, I don’t sleep around.  It isn’t worth the heart ache.”  The pounding of your heart made it hard to breath, as the throbbing between your legs made it hard to think.

“You think I came here for just a roll in the sack?  I cannot bloody stop thinking about you.  Do you know how frustrating that is?”  

Rolling your eyes again, you crossed your arms over your chest.  ‘Oh no I have no clue what that’s like.’ You thought, sarcastically to yourself.

“And if you actually think I would let anyone else touch you in the way I plan on touching you, you have gone mad.  You are mine.”  That was it, you were lost.  Two steps was all it took and you were in his arms again, kissing as though your lives depended on it.  “Where is your bed?”

You giggled as he nipped down your neck.  “Second door after the kitchen.”  Tom picked you up, threw you over his shoulder before walking towards the bedroom. You squealed your delight as he slapped your ass once to calm you.  Of course it did not work.

“Quiet it before I have to do something drastic.”  Laughing this time, he threw you down onto the bed.

“I think I like drastic.” Tom smirked as he laid beside you on the bed.  Kissing you deeply and running his hand over your hip.  It was not long before your clothes were strewn about the room.  He still had his clothes on which was starting to frustrate you.  You wanted to feel his bare skin against yours.  Pulling his shirt over his head took little time but as you tried to remove his pants, he stopped you. “Oh no darling that is as far as you get for now. Until I get what I want.”  He pinned one of your hands to the bed as he traveled down lower.  Stealing a kiss from your lips before running his warm wet tongue down your neck.  

He nipped at your collarbone leaving a pink mark before traveling down to your breasts.  The torture he inflicted there had you swearing all sorts of colorful words at him.  He teased first with his tongue, letting it swirl around lightly before taking the nipple into his mouth.  Sucking gently before increasing the pressure to bring all the blood and color to it. Then he bit lightly causing you to moan. He repeated that on the other breast while still pinning your one arm down.  Your free hand ran through his thick hair, he was going to make you cum just from that if he continued.

After finishing his fun with your breasts his mouth traveled even lower.  Tom let go of your hand to grip your hips with a bruising force. His fingers dug into your skin and you could not wait to see the marks in the mirror in the morning.  He sucked and bit, leaving dark marks over each hip ensuring the it would be days before they faded away.  “You don’t know the thoughts I’ve had of these being wrapped around me.  Of marking them and fucking you into oblivion.”

“Just do it, all of it. Don’t stop.”  You words were breathless as you pressed your hips against his face.  Tom laughed a low, dark laugh.  The sound was pure sex in itself.  Pushing your thighs wide, he gave one last bite to your inner thigh before concentrating on more sensitive places.  That evil tongue of his circled your clit in a way, forcing you to call out his name as your hips pressed against his mouth.  He smiled increasing the pace and the pressure, eliciting more of the sounds that were causing his cock to harden into steel in his jeans.  Enough so that he had to unbutton them, and pull it free before he caused himself pain.

That only took a moment before he went back to teasing you to no end.  He slipped one finger into your pussy feeling just how wet you had become for him.  “Oh darling so ready for me.”  Sitting back, he grabbed your hips again to turn you over.  It happened so quickly and you were prepared to let him do anything he pleased.  Tom pulled your ass high into the air as he pressed your head down against the bed.  One thumb went to rub over your clit as his tongue slipped into your pussy, moving in a circle tasting you.  “You taste so sweet.  So very sweet.”

All the movement and the words, the sensations were getting to be too much.  You were not going to be able to last for much longer.  “Tom… fuck… I’m going too…”

“Shhh, just feel it.” His thumb had picked up pace, as his tongue went deep.  The feeling started to build deep in your belly until it reached that point of no return. You screamed out his name as your body shook against him.  He grinned wickedly a moment before sitting up and moving behind you, slamming his cock deep inside you as you came.

“Fuck Tom…”  You could feel his jeans brushing against your thighs as he moved within you.  Oh, the sight it must be, his naked ass, with his jeans pushed down enough so he could fuck you.  What had you gotten yourself into?  Whatever it was, you were so glad you did.

Gripping your hips tight, he slide himself in and out of you.  Thrusting at a pace that would probably have you screaming again in the not far future.  “[Y/N], how is it… you feel so damned   good?”  You pushed back against him wanting to feel every bit of him.  For that, you were rewarded with a slap to one of your ass cheeks. The handprint now flaming on your ass stung but it only turned you on further.  When you pushed again another slap to the other cheek.  “I told you I would mark you all over.”  

Tom had bent low to growl into your ear.  Then he bit hard onto your shoulder causing you to cry out.  “That’s my girl.” A lot of makeup would be necessary to cover that mark tomorrow.  His thrusts quickened as one hand returned to grip your hip.  The other slipped into your hair to grab a handful, pulling you back further onto his cock.  Damn the man, he knew how to drive you crazy.  It would not be long now.

You gripped the sheets of the bed as you arched your back letting him slide as deep as he could.  That wonderful sensation building again, though far quicker this time until you screamed out, shuddering against him.  Tom was not far behind as your release fueled his own, especially feeling your wetness trickle down between your cheeks.

“Fuck, [Y/N]… Yes…” He groaned, his thrusts slowing but harder, wanting to draw out the feeling inside you as long as he could.  When he had finished, both of you fell onto the bed, breathing hard.  

“Yeah… I am yours. Sure as hell not letting you go after that.”  Tom grinned with a half an attempt at a laugh.  You lifted your head to look at the half-naked man on your bed.  Fuck, it really was sexy as hell, with his ass hanging out of his jeans.  

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Dirty Thoughts

A/n : This is my first smut ever. Also I am Indian and we don’t actually get sex ed in general so all my knowledge comes from smut fics and porn( which i find scary af cause god that looks painful). 

Thanks to @the-resident-wallflower for encouraging me to do this <3

Also credits go to @reidbyers aka the queen of nsfw head cannons. Thanks for being kind enough to let me elaborate on this idea. 

Also @sassygeek77 who was a darling and edited it <3

Pairing : Luke Alvez x reader

POV: Third but it shifts occasionally

Word count : 1104 words of hotness and sin

WARNING :  Sexual themes and well sex.

Originally posted by sensualkisses

All he wanted to do was sleep. He was gonna take his shower, and sleep. Simple plan, right? It would have been if he hadn’t heard her voice. It was when he stepped out  of the shower. Wet and half naked, nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

It was only then could he hear her moaning : sweet soft and breathy. He could tell she was trying to be quiet. His face heated up and he backed into the bathroom, slamming the door shut and turning the sink on to let the water run. He rubbed his hand over his face and paced the floor.

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First Kiss | Jeno

A/N: Hello, thank you for your request :-) I had to do this in the midst of my revision and I didn’t really have much inspiration for this (and i had no idea what to name this scenario) but I hope this scenario is okay :^) Enjoy reading!

Originally posted by randomnctgifs

Word Count: 1,118

Style/ Genre: Scenario/ Fluff

Date posted: 10/08/17

It was your typical lazy Sunday, and you were huddled with Jeno on the couch at your house. You yawned drowsily, further burying your head into Jeno’s chest as he had his arms slung around your back, holding you closer to him. You could stay like that forever. 

Jeno had been your boyfriend for almost 2 months now, but both of you had been taking it slow with the relationship. You appreciated the gentlemanliness coming from Jeno for not rushing you while in the relationship, but you know, it could be frustrating sometimes, when all you wanted was maybe like, a kiss,, from him? Your lips were a virgin, however, you were more than willing to let Jeno take that virginity away. You had been giving plenty of hints, but let’s just say that Jeno is one dumbass.

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anonymous asked:

Hey ladies! Hope you had a great Easter holiday. Was wondering if you know of any Sterek dancing fics. Either professional or stripper or just out dancing in a club. I read a great one the other day of them meeting in college while dancing in bar and got hooked. Thanks :)

  ….I may have gotten a little carried away with this.  lol  -Emmy

Originally posted by gabbythegiraffe

We Held Fast by GotTheSilver 

(1,439 I Explicit I Complete)  *boyfriends fluff

Because apparently Derek Hale can slow dance.

On the Right Track by HalfFizzbin

(1,577 I Teen I Complete)   *party dancing

Stiles is stuck on a broken-down train instead of dancing with Lydia at a swanky New Year’s Eve party, which sucks. OR DOES IT?

(Basic premise blatantly ripped off from Boy Meets World 3x10, “Train of Fools.”)

The Panty Thief by bleep0bleep 

(2,725 I Explicit I Complete)  *stripper!stiles and stripper!derek

Stiles undulates, slowly unzipping the leather crop top, teasing the crowd with a peek at his nipples, and finally he shrugs out of it, glancing coquettishly over his shoulder.
He falters and misses a step.
What? Why is Derek sitting in the audience? In the front row, too?
Stiles recovers quickly, getting right back into the dance. Fine. Derek wants to be a customer?
Stiles can play.

Grind on Me by pyrodaggers

(2,960 I Teen I Complete)  *party dancing

Lydia forces Stiles to go to a black light party. She says it will loosen him up.
Stiles bumps into Derek and well…shit happens.

Turn Me On by rispacooper 

(3,021 I Explicit I Complete)   *bar dancing

The air feels like it’s carrying the music with it, like a girl’s sweet voice is touching him along with the carefully encroaching press of someone’s fingertips at his back.

Plus One by eeyore9990 

(3,073 I Teen I Complete)   *wedding dancing

When Derek receives an invitation to what should have been his ten year class reunion, he panics a little.  He’s barely got his life together and the invitation specifies a plus one.  Thankfully, Stiles is there to help him out.

The Pickup Line I Deserve by hannah_baker 

(4,227 I Explicit I Complete)  *bar dancing

Derek Hale has a type: tall, lanky, pale, brunette, passive. Stiles Stilinski is nearly all of those things - but not quite.

Or, The Time Derek Hale’s One Night Stand Was More Than He Bargained For.

You Can Leave Your Hat On by forpony 

(4,864 I Explicit I Complete)  *stripper!Stiles

“You have got to be kidding me,” Derek mutters, closing his eyes and pinching his nose in frustration. “Laura!” He yells.

“Oh, is the stripper here!?” Laura thumps over from the party area as she’s dubbed it, and skids to a stop next to Derek, throwing an arm around his shoulders. “Heeeey, Stilinski. Looking good, kid.”

“Uh,” Stiles, the Sheriff’s son, blushes. “Laura, you said this was for a friend of yours.”

To Get Used By You by the_rat_wins 

(4,956 I Explicit I Complete)  *stripper!Stiles

“Laura would kill you if she knew you were hiring strippers,” Derek said, looking at the website Peter had pulled up.

Thinking About You by OkyDokyPoky 

(6,025 I Teen I Complete)  *gay bar dancing

Stiles and Danny go out to The Jungle together. It’s not long after they got inside that Stiles notices a handsome guy in the corner staring (more like glaring) at him. (Inspired by the song Thinking About You - Calvin Harris. I recommend listening to the song before/while/after reading!)

The Happy Ending (Costs Double) by kaihire 

(6,146 I Mature I Complete)  *stripper!Derek

It’s Stiles’ birthday, and his friends decide to surprise him with a visit to a strip club. Unfortunately, Stiles doesn’t realize that the stripper they’ve chosen is less of the buxom, curvy sort and more of the glaring, broody variety.

Red Wolf by LadyLazarus 

(7,728 I Mature I Complete)  *pole dancer!Stiles

Loup Rouge is the best act at Beacon Hills’ seediest strip club, and who should be there for his cousin’s bachelor party? Only Derek Hale himself of course.

Things happen man, and springtime is the best.

Laying Groundwork by LunaCanisLupus_22 

(10,930 I Explicit I Complete)  *club dancing

His expression isn’t much to go by but the entire clubs howling gets louder at his appearance and Stiles literally pops a boner watching the guy’s big hands wrestle with the microphone stand.

Or the one where Scott and Stiles go clubbing and there’s this broody Bouncer out to get Stiles-

Or get into his pants. Thank God it’s the latter.

Touch Me, Set Fire To My Mind by orphan_account 

(11,163 I Explicit I Complete)  *stripper!Stiles, nerd!derek

When Erica drags Derek to a strip club, he never expects to fall in love with one of the strippers, so of course that’s exactly what happens.

Feel The Magic Between You and I by stilinskisparkles 

(11,432 I Mature I Complete)  *dirty dancing fusion

“See?” Derek holds his arms out, “Everything’s working out great for you, and I still have no dance partner,” he turns to Erica, “Face it, no one is as good as you.”

“We still have one more,” she sing songs.

Derek peers over to the list, flinches when he sees Stiles’ name, “No.”

“You haven’t even seen me dance, and you’re already dismissing me?” Stiles sails into the room, tossing his bag in the corner as he does so and doing a dramatic spin to face them. “I got moves.”

The Junk Drawer by Stereksale7 

(12,363 I Explicit I Complete)   *college au, stripper!derek

“He texted me and said he only had the cop costume on hand and that the rest were back at the club which doesn’t open until 8:30 tonight. I told him that was fine.” Erica whispers.

“What?! Oh god he’s going to dressed as a cop? There’s no way that’ll be hot for Stiles his dad’s the freaking Sheriff and he’s in the academy!” Scott franctically whispers back.

“I know that Scott but what was I going to do?! I don’t want to wait that long, Stiles’ll probably be drunk off his ass by 8:30! Just believe me okay? It won’t matter what he’s wearing he’s 100% Stiles’s type and he won’t be wearing the outfit very long anyways.” Erica whispered with a smirk.

Or in which the stripper Stiles’s friends hire for his birthday has very familiar looking eyes.

This You and Me Thing by Cousin Shelley (CousinShelley) 

(14,083 I Explicit I Complete)   *club dancing

Stiles is perceptive, Scott is a mother hen, Erica dances, Boyd is Zen, Danny is smitten, Matt is nervous, Jungle staff really need to learn to spot fake IDs, and Derek absolutely does not dance.

Stiles’ mouth fell open. What was all this bossing him around and treating him like a kid? “Yeah? Well … okay, I’ll go. On one condition–dance with me first.”

“Hell. No.” Derek crossed his arms. He stood in the middle of a pulsing throng of hot men on a dance floor and crossed his god damn arms

Wolf Boy by SarkaS 

(20,812 I Explicit I Complete)   *stripper!stiles

He told everyone that he works for a big IT company. When they asked about it and he pulled out all those IT terms and strange words, they never asked again. If he said “work is good”, they believed him, except for Lydia. She would have definitely known what he’s saying, but she didn’t really care. So, win for him. Again.

But now he’s staring at his phone with desperation written on his face and doesn’t know what to do.

I’m going to NYC for my new internship. Spare me a room. L.

He is so fucked.

Birds of a Feather by calrissian18, maichan808 (maichan)    

(26,144 I Explicit I Complete)  *ballet dancer!Stiles

Laura is a crusader without a cause, Stiles dances like the whole world’s betrayed him and Derek’s having trouble getting both feet outside his door.

Hale Yes by Stiles_Hale_38 

(34,325 I Explicit I WIP)  *stripper!stiles, stripper!derek

Stiles has been needing a job, and asks his friend Cora for help. She tells him her brother owns a strip joint, and that she’s sure she can get him a job.

Stiles has no experience, but needs a job desperately, and knows strippers can make pretty good money, so, Cora tells him to do a little try-out for her, and to both of their shock, he does great. She calls up Derek, who gives him the job, though reluctantly, as he has no experience.

Stiles soon meets Derek, “The Alpha,” as they call him. Derek isn’t rude, but he isn’t exactly enthusiastic, but, he’s the best stripper there, and the owner of the club, so he ends up helping Stiles out with everything.

With Derek’s help and hard work, Stiles quickly becomes the most popular stripper there, apart from Derek.

It’s the biggest night of the year for Stiles, a partner strip . . With Derek. They have a planned routine and it’s hot, but while on stage, they go a little off track. The crowd doesn’t seem to mind, and neither do they.

Restraining (Jungkook)

Wolf Au
5098 Words

Summary: A week before the full moon, Jungkook becomes an untamed beast. He hides in fear that he’ll hurt her but this time he caves in…

“You know I can drive myself right?” Jungkook snapped as he slammed the car door. “Like I trust you to do anything at this time,” Namjoon muttered and started the engine, “Also could you like not destroy my car please?” Jungkook ignored him and leaned back against the passenger chair, sighing loudly as if to showcase his displeasure. The full moon was arriving in a week making Jungkook’s senses more heightened, his ache for power more desirable and his lust for her uncontrollable. And that was just this week leading up to the full moon.

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Noodle Boy [Matt Holt/Reader]

Summary: When last you saw him, he was but a wobbly noodle boy in a strainer. Life as a rebel had certainly made miracles for him.

a/n: so, this isn’t a product of a convo i had earlier where life as a rebel worked out pretty well for him physically. ayyyyy. so, support ya gal and lemme know if you like it!

If it were possible for a day of reunions to peak for Matt, it was as the metallic doors hissed apart and you strode through the entrance, something of a distant and weary expression marring your face. Your name jumped to the forefront of his mind instantly yet the words snagged in the back of his throat, emitting but mere airy breaths.

You hadn’t noticed him, nor fully comprehended the situation at hand until he had jostled through the Paladins, darting across the room to envelop you in an embrace tight enough to evoke a cry of pain from you. He held you flush against him, certain that you could feel his heartbeat.

“I can’t believe it! You’re here, too?!” he laughed jovially, lifting you from the ground to twirl in a full rotation. “Pidge never told me you were here! Oh man, oh man, I am so glad to see you!”

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What have you done? (1/?) (Justin Foley x Reader)

Summary: You’re the new kid in Liberty High, and everybody is freaking out about some tapes from a girl you never heard of. You start dating your neighbor, Justin, that goes to another school. Everything is going just fine until you finally find out what the hell happened to Hannah Baker.

Warnings: there is a spoiler from episode 9.

It’s not finished btw. It will probably have a part two :)


It was still early when you heard a knock in your apartment’s door. You lived alone, so you had to answer yourself. Your hair was still wet from the shower and you had only a black bra and blue jeans on. You didn’t mind. It was a weird time for anyone but Justin, your boyfriend and neighbor, show up. Leaning your ear against the door, you asked who was it for precaution.

“It’s me, babe” Justin’s voice answered. You let him in, and the first thing he did was check you out with a smile on his face. “Okay, you’re teasing. Just admit it. You enjoy my pain”

“I’m not teasing. It’s your fault. If you had arrived just two minutes later, I would be fully dressed” you laughed softly, then turned your back to him, going back to your room. Before you could take a single step, Justin pulled you back by the waist.

“I like it better when you’re shirtless” he whispered, then put his hands on your neck, gently pressing his thumbs on your throat. You felt his lips against yours and what started as a sweet kiss suddenly turned into an intense make out session. Which turned into sex.


“GOD DAMN IT” you yelled, scaring Justin so much he almost fell out of bed. “Shit, shit, shit” you mumbled as you picked up your clothes from the floor and graceless put them on.

“What’s the matter? Why are you yelling?” He covered his face with a pillow.

“Justin, the third period is almost over. I’ll have to hurry if I wanna make it to the fourth” you realized your shirt was inside out, so you had to take it off and put it back on properly.

“I don’t wanna make it to the fourth” he said with a grin.

“Your school doesn’t call your parents when you miss out too many classes. Liberty High does and this is, like, the fifth time this year I skipped school to fool around with you. They will call my mom and she will drag me back to Arizona!” you were totally freaking out, so much you couldn’t even remember where you left your backpack.

“I’m sorry, did you say ‘fool around’? Am I just an object to satisfy your sexual needs?” he pretended to be crying, which made you look at him and laugh. He pressed both hands on the left side of his chest, faking a heart attack.

“God Justin, you’re an idiot”

“Yeah” he said, and got up from the bed too quickly for you to run away. He picked you up by the tights and put you on the table.

“Not agaaaaain” you sighed before Justin could kiss you. “I have to go to school and satisfy my learning needs”

“Okay, okay” he was about to let you go, but that grin suddenly showed up again on his handsome little face. “Oh, wait. I think I can change your mind. I have something to tell you and you won’t be able to resist”

You rolled your eyes.

“You wish”

“Are you ready? Here it goes” he breathed in and out, but the grin disappeared just as fast as it came. Justin looked serious. He coughed a few times, ran his fingers through his hair, then looked away from you and stared at the floor. “Okay, no, you go. I can’t tell you like that”

“Tell me what?” You asked, but he simply put you back on the floor.

“Text me when you get to school and I’ll tell you by message. I can’t do it looking at you. It’s… well… I don’t… Jesus, I can’t even talk like a normal person. Just go away and I’ll let you know in a text” he just went on like a machine gun, so fast you barely understood. You didn’t had a chance to ask again. He picked up his clothes and left the apartment with only his underwear on. Luckily, his place was just next door.


[You | 11:04 A.M.] I’m at school. tell me now and hurry bc the bell is about to ring
[You | 11:04 A.M.] come onnnnnnnn
[You | 11:04 A.M.] babe I’m waiting
[You | 11:04 A.M.] if it rings before I hear from you I swear to god justin foley
[You | 11:05 A.M.] i will MURDER you
[You | 11:05 A.M.] jussssstinnnnnnn
[You | 11:06 A.M.] you’re dead. seriously.
[You | 11:06 A.M.] damn justin. the bell rang. now I’ll have to wait till noon!

You put your phone on your bag angrily. You didn’t reacted well to curiosity, especially when it came from Justin. You cared too much about him and you needed to be in control all the time, otherwise it just felt like you might lose him. To hell with cared too much. You loved him. You started to think maybe he wanted to break up or maybe he cheated, and you were glad you hadn’t told him you loved him yet. Then you remembered whatever was it that he wanted you to know was supposed to make you want to spend more time with him, so your paranoia went away.

“Miss (Y/L/N), do you mind answering the question I just asked the class?” Mr. Hoechlin called you, and you felt your face burn.

“Well, of course, my beloved teacher. The answer is… uhhhh… no. Definitely no.” you said, jokingly, hoping it was the right answer even though it was absolutely clear you had no idea what the question was. You barely finished your sentence when the whole class burst into laughters.

“Very well, miss (Y/L/N). You’re truly a prodigious child. The future of our nation” the teacher said, which made people laugh even more.

You turned around to a familiar face, Clay’s, and saw a shy smile on his face. He wanted to laugh, but he was your friend so he tried really hard to conceal it.

“Okay, Argila” you called by the nickname you gave him, which was portuguese for clay/loam. He didn’t even frown this time. He was too busy laughing-without-laughing. “What was the question anyway?”

“He asked how much…” Clay started, but then he interrupted his sentence. He was looking at something right behind you. You were about to turn around and look for whatever caught his eye, but he talked again. “Huh… who’s Justin, Y/N?”

“My boyfriend slash neighbor. I told you about him” you answered and turned around. Your phone was lighting up with texts from Justin.

“You never told me his name… but, uh, he isn’t by any chance… Justin Foley… is he?” Clay sounded a little upset, but also something else. Almost like he was worried about me.

“You know him?” you asked, surprised.

“God damn it (Y/N). Out of every asshole in this freaking city, you had to be Justin Foley’s girlfriend?!” He was a little loud, but thankfully no one heard.

“What are you talking about?”

“Wait until this period is over” Clay was somewhere between crazy angry and crazy worried.

It felt like ten years passed by till that bell rang. You and Clay got out of the class faster than anyone else, and he pulled you into an empty room. He sighed loudly and heavily.

“Okay, shoot” you said, anxious. The whole thing got into your skin so badly that you even forgot to check Justin’s messages. You had a bad feeling about whatever was it that Clay wanted you to know. You didn’t want to hear it but you wanted it to be over asap. He didn’t spoke a single word. “Clay! Seriously! Tell me now!”

He looked into your eyes, and all the anger was gone. You realized he wasn’t just worried, he was sad. He knew he was about to shatter your heart into a million pieces. And so he did.


You knocked in Justin’s door with so much strength that your hand started to hurt and bruise. You knew he was home. He was probably procrastinating on his couch like he did everyday after school. That fucking idiot. That fucking, fucking idiot.

“JUSTIN OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR RIGHT NOW” you yelled so loud your throat burned. You heard his hurried footsteps and the noise of the keys while he gracelessly unlocked the door to let you in.

You didn’t even look at him. You were so mad that your whole vision was red and blurry. He reached out for you quickly, tried to touch your arm and desperately checked out if you were hurt or something. You pushed him and, since he wasn’t expecting it, he did move a few inches back.


“You shut up and listen!” you weren’t screaming anymore, but your voice was filled with hate and anger. He shut the door with his foot and walked towards you, but you backed away.

“Babe I’m sorry that I told you by text, but I didn’t had the guts to tell you in person”

“I didn’t even read your text, that’s not what this is about”

He seemed a little hurt.

“You didn’t read it” you couldn’t tell if it was a question or an affirmation. You didn’t care either.

“I was too busy finding out you spread out lies that lead a girl to kill herself and, oh, also you let a guy RAPE your last girlfriend!” your throat ached. Justin looked like he was punched in the stomach repeatedly. His eyes filled with tears immediately. “Oh stop crying, it’s too late for that”

He didn’t move or say anything. He just stood there and cried, not much at first, but then his silent tears turned into sobbing and it looked like he was hardly breathing. Still, he didn’t move a finger. Neither did you.

It just went on and on. He wouldn’t stop. It was so horrible, the whole thing, that you started crying too. The second he noticed, he forced himself to stop crying and ran to you.

“No, no, baby please don’t cry” Justin said with a broken voice. He tried to wipe your tears but you didn’t let him.

“Why, Justin? Why would you do that?” you asked, so low he barely heard. He breathed heavily.

“Bryce… he gave me everything. He was all I had. Since we were kids he and his family, they knew… they knew things about me” he looked away.

“This is not the time for secrets” you spoke more fiercely now.

“I’m sorry. I mean- Bryce and his family knew about the things that happened in my house. My mom took a lot of guys home and they were all just… animals, you know? They would choke me, beat me, kick me, punch me, and my mom would just stand there and watch. They didn’t give me food and didn’t give me money to buy it myself. They let me starve for days. Sometimes there wasn’t even water, just their vodka and their whiskey. It was hell, (Y/N). All the food I had, Bryce was the one who gave me. All my clothes. All the pain killers. It was all him, always. He was a brother to me. I let him share Hannah’s picture, but I hated myself for it. Unfortunately I wasn’t man enough to stop him or even apologize to Hannah. And I let him inside the room with Jessica, yes, but I didn’t want to. I tried to tell him she was my girlfriend and I didn’t want him to touch her. He didn’t listen. When I tried to stop him he pushed me out and locked the door. I could have done more, I know that. I could have screamed and called the cops, but I couldn’t do it to either of them. Jessica would be exposed, Bryce would go to jail. I loved them, both of them. I just couldn’t”

You listened to every word in complete silence, your eyes widened. You didn’t know about any of the things he said about his house situation. He never told you. Also, he never even mentioned Bryce or Jessica. You didn’t even know he used to go to Liberty High until Clay told you.

“I don’t know you at all” you whispered. “I have to leave. I need some time to think… to figure it all out, I mean”

Justin nodded, looking heartbroken. You quietly made your way to the door and left, stopping only to give him a sad glance before closing the door behind you. You entered your apartment, ripped off your shoes aggressively and lied down on the carpet. You felt your phone buzz inside your jeans’ pocket and slowly reached out for it. You saw lots of notifications, the most recent coming from Clay.

[Argila | 3:32 P.M.] Hey
[Argila | 3:45 P.M.] I’m worried about you
[Argila | 3:57 P.M.] Did you talk to Justin?
[Argila | 4:01 P.M.] (Y/N) please answer me
[Argila | 4:01 P.M.] if I don’t hear from you until 4:15 I’ll send the police to your building

You checked the time. 4:13 p.m., still on time.

[You | 4:13 P.M.] chill

You checked your other notifications and saw the texts Justin sent you while you were at class. You knew you would regret it, but you opened his chat.

[Justin | 11:27 A.M.] Okay here it goes
[Justin | 11:27 A.M.] I’m sorry I only said it once in my life and even then it ended up badly
[Justin | 11:27 A.M.] I’m afraid and I’m sorry, I wish I could tell you like a normal guy would… looking at your beautiful face and holding your hands
[Justin | 11:28 A.M.] but I can’t so you’ll have to settle for this
[Justin | 11:28 A.M.] I love you
[Justin | 11:28 A.M.] So much it aches
[Justin | 11:29 A.M.] You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and I don’t ever wanna lose you

Behind Silence and Solitude (Negan x Reader) - Part 4 (Final Part)

Summary: You find yourself kicked out of Negan`s place and find a friend in Simon. But what do Negan think of your new friendship?

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

Warnings: A lot of Angst, Jealous Negan, Possessive Negan, Usual Swearing, Suicidal Thoughts, Suicidal Attempt, Unrequited Love, Kind of fluff, Love Confession. 

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Pretty Little Black Dress
Request-Dean or Sam lose to a drinking game to their siblings and have to wear a dress.

Warning- Underage drinking 

Word Count- 776

Tag- @evyiione  @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish​    (if you want to be tagged send me a message!)

Masterlist  Mobile Masterlist  Prompt list   Request a story or drabble

It was around 11 at night in the bunker and you, Sam and Dean were sat in the kitchen. Bored. “Seriously how is there no hunts?” You mumbled and putting your head on the table.

Both your brothers sighed and shrugged. “Apparently everyone has it covered.” Dean says going to get another beer while Sam closed his laptop.

As Dean went to sit down you looked at the beer bottle and smirked. “I don’t like that look (Y/n). What you thinking?” Sam asked curiously.

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Brawling Love Part 15

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearin’, angst, crying

A/N: here ya goooooo, probs already used this gif buuuuuuuttt :D

And it went back to not talking. He ignored you, you ignored him and the team watched how broken the both of you were. When you and Bucky were in the same room, you wouldn’t even glance at him.

Today you had to go on a mission with Tony, Steve, Wanda, Natasha and Sam. Steve said the mission wasn’t a big one, you were just clearing out a small Hydra base nearby and grabbing some documents they had. Steve suggested Bucky stay home for this one. You got ready, getting your gear and meeting the others outside. You passed Bucky, not bothering to look at him as you joined Wanda and Nat in the quinjet.

Bucky stood there talking to Steve before he had to leave for the mission. He saw you pass and paused mid sentence, watching you walk towards the quinjet. He sighed, not taking his eyes of you as he spoke.

“Make sure she stays safe.” Bucky murmurs to Steve. “I don’t want her to get hurt.”

“Don’t worry, Buck, she’ll be fine. I promise.” Steve pats his friend on his shoulder.

“Hey Cap,” Sam grabs his attention. “time to go.”

Steve turns back to Bucky and sighs. “I gotta go. Don’t get in too much trouble with Clint and Thor, alright?”

Bucky only nods. The two super soldiers hug before Steve joins the others on the quinjet. Bucky stood there, watching the quinjet take off and he hoped and prayed that you would be alright. I didn’t matter if you two weren’t talking, he still cared for you. He just wanted you to come back in one piece.

“Alright, Nat and I will clear out the ground floor, Sam and Wanda you got the second floor and Tony and Y/N, you got the roof. There’s not a lot of agents that work at this base so clearing it out shouldn’t be a problem. Once we’re done Sam and Wanda you grab the documents, they’re on the second floor and meet us back out here.” Steve explained and you all nod. “Alright, let’s go.”

You all got off the quinjet and Tony flew the both of you up to the roof of the building. You load your gun as you landed and Tony cursed.

“Steve,” you grunt, taking one agent down. “You said there’s not a lot of agents working here.”

“You lied.” Tony adds a couple of feet away from you.

“When we discovered the base there wasn’t a lot.” Steve’s voice comes through the small earpiece.

“And how long ago was that?” Wanda questioned as you shot an agent.

Steve sighed. “Two months ago.”

“Two months ago!?” you all shout at once.

“We had to do research on it and make a plan! I didn’t think they’d recruit so many agents within two months!” Steve defends.

“If my suit gets ruined it’s your fault.” Tony huffed.

You both continued to clear out the roof, successfully taking everyone out in an hour or so. Tony had your back and you had his. You looked around the roof, making sure you got everyone that was up there. Bodies were scattered, some dead, some unconscious.

“Wanda, Sam, statues update.” Steve’s voice calls.

“Second floor clear, Wanda and I are going to get the documents.” Sam responds.

“Good. Tony, Y/N, status update.” Steve says.

“Clear up here, we’re keeping a look out.” you reply.

“Alright. Once Wanda and Sam have that document we can get out of here.” Steve says.

You walk close to the edge of the roof, looking out just to be sure there were no agents as you waited for Steve to give you the green light to head back to the quinjet.

“I can’t wait to get home and eat!” you shout into the air causing Tony to laugh from behind you.

“I can’t wait to - Y/N watch out!” Tony shouts. You turn immediately. It was a blur. Three shots were fired and you fell to the floor. There was ringing in your ears, you could hear Tony shouting.

“Y/N’s down, I repeat Y/N’s down, god damn it!” he drops to his knees next to you, after taking out the agent who shot you. “Y/N, stay with me.”

Your vision was blurry but you could see that Tony had removed the top half of his armor. You gasped for air as Tony put pressure on your wound, you felt fuzzy.

“Tony, what’s going on?” Steve’s worried voice called through the earpiece.

“She’s bleeding out Steve, I’m taking her home.” Tony responds, picking you up.

“Alright drop everything guys we’re going home.” Steve says. Tony brought you to the quinjet, meeting everyone on it. “Keep pressure on the wound.”

Tony kept his hand on your abdomen as your vision got even more hazy. “Hey kid, stay with me alright? Focus on my voice, we’re gonna get you out of here.”

“Tony?” you murmur. You felt cold.

“Yeah?” he responds. He tried his best not to cry. You were like a daughter to him. You tried to speak again but it was too late, everything went black. “Kid? Y/N answer me.” he shook you a bit but you stayed unconscious.

A gurney was waiting for you when the quinjet landed. Bucky heard the commotion and went out there only to be horrified when he saw you. “What happened!?”

“She got shot, it was a surprise attack, I didn’t know he was there!” Tony exclaimed.

Bucky rushed over to the gurney that you were on, walking with the nurses that were wheeling you to the infirmary. Tears blurred his vision as they made it to the room. He should have been there to make sure you were safe.

“Sir, you’re going to have to wait out here.” the nurse says.

“No I’m not, I need to be in there with her.” he sobbed, letting his tears fall freely. He tried getting into the room but stopped when Steve pulled him back. “You.” he pushed Steve away from him. “You promised me she’d be okay, you fucking promised me Steve!” hot tears fell from his eyes.

“I know, Buck, I know.” Steve sighed.

“Which one of you was her partner?” he asked, wiping the tears that fell from his face. “Huh!?”

Tony stepped forward. “Calm down frosty, it was me.”

“You son of a bitch.” Bucky shoved Tony. “You’re her fucking partner, you’re supposed to have her back!”

“I did!” he replied.

“Then why the fuck is she in there!?” Bucky pointed to the room in front of them.

“Bucky come on.” Steve placed his hand on his shoulder but he shrugs it off.

“No. I’m staying here.” he responds.


“I’m not leaving her, Steve!” Bucky snapped.

“And I’m not leaving you here alone.” he says.

Bucky sat on one of the chairs outside the room, letting his head fall in his hands as he shamelessly cried. He could lose you at any moment and the last time you two spoke, it was horrible. It was the argument.

Bucky sobbed and Steve wrapped his arm around his friend after dismissing the others. “She’ll be okay Bucky.”

“That’s what you said last time and look what happened.” Bucky replied, lifting his head as he stared at the wall in front of him.

A/N: sorry not sorryyyyy *evil laugh*



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“Fuck….shit, Y/N can you fucking reach her?”

You grunted flinging your hands up on the shelf your fingertips just grazing Lucille’s teeth. “Shit, she’s just out of reach…can you lift me any higher?” you heard a litany of curses and grunts underneath you.

“I swear to God Negan, you’re like a fucking grown ass Denice the Menice”

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Lost and Found (Part 1)

Prompt: Imagine finding a lost dog, but it’s not just anyone’s lost dog. Who will show up at your door to claim the pup?

Warnings: language, lost dog…

Word Count:

Note: My precious doggie went missing on 6/10 and no one has spotted her or turned her in to the local shelters or anything (Believe me, I’ve looked everywhere and done everything). I miss her so much, but it inspired this fic. Thanks to my darling beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes


A normal day. Just a normal day of you heading into work, but out of the corner of your eye, you saw a furry being crouched in the alleyway beside your apartment. You decided to take a detour. Heading down the alleyway, you saw the form was a dog. A medium dog with dark brown, light brown, and white markings. He reminded you of a shepherd dog.

“Hey, buddy,” you said sweetly as you crouched in your black jeans and red and black shirt. “Hi, sweetie. Are you lost?” you asked as he crouched and you inched forward, trying to ease him. “It’s alright, I won’t hurt you.”

Once you got closer, you saw he had a collar but no tag.

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