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Some less often asked questions

1: Would you prefer a large home or a small home?

2: If you could convert a decommissioned missile silo / underground bunker into a home, would you?

3: If you had the money to buy a private island and build a custom castle on it, would you?

4: Have you ever attempted to start a micronation?

5: Would you ever wanna start a micronation?

6: Do you like to dress fancy?

7: Have you ever considered running for office? Either on a national or subnational level.

8: Do you have any famous family members? What are they famous for?

9: Favourite James Bond film?

10: Where’s the most “exotic” place you’ve been to?

11: Have you ever voted in a national election? What about local?

12: What do you identify as, politically speaking?

13: Would you move to another country if you fell in love with someone from that country? What about state (or other national subdivision)?

14: Do you wear hats often?

15: Would you ever enlist in your nation’s armed forces?

16: Would you ever consider mercenary work?

17: When you go to a sandwich shop (such as Subway), what do you normally get on your sandwich?

18: What would perfect date be for you?

19: What do you like in your coffee?

20: Have you ever been to a formal party, other than prom, a wedding, or homecoming?

21: Of the many obscure languages of the world, which would you most like to learn?

22: How many children do you wish to have?

23: Have you ever been arrested? If so, what for?

24: What is a show you love that not many people would know you love?

25: Have you ever jumped out of a window?

26: Do you like to dress fancily?

27: If you could bring back any style of fashion from history, what would you bring back?

28: Do you like to dance?

29: What is your favourite style of architecture?

30: Do you have a favourite flag?

31: What is something you like to eat that others might find odd or gross?

32: Have you ever fired a gun? If not, would you like to?

33: Do you like to cook?

34: Do you keep a journal?

35: Linux, Mac, or Windows?

36: What does your ideal house look like?

37: Do you prefer playing on a computer or a console?

38: If someone offered you a secluded cabin in the woods, with all modern conveniences (such as internet and running water), with no strings, would you accept the offer?

39: Have you ever accidentally left the house without an article of clothing?

40: Do you enjoy documentaries?

41: Do you have a favourite letter (of any alphabet)?

42: Where is a place you’d like to visit that people don’t generally think of as a big vacation destination?

43: Prefer you the City, Suburbs, or Country?

44: Do you collect anything?

45: What is the worst injury you have ever received?

46: Do you have a favourite coat of arms?

47: If you could have your own coat of arms, or flag, what would it look like?

48: What is one food that everyone loves, but you hate?

49: What sort of car do you drive?

50: Who is your favourite historical figure?

also, the great thing abt wtnv that im rediscovering is that it does not ever, ever let you forget that cecil is gay and it doesnt make his attraction to carlos into a gay joke. its funny, sometimes, but in a more honestly comedically written way. like “i fell in love instantly” is funny in its abruptness but not funny because its gay. u feel me??

im trying to say that the show establishes how cecil feels abt carlos from ep 1 and doesnt ever let u forget abt it or sweep it under the rug and i love it. every “carlos” is followed by “perfect carlos” or “handsome carlos” or “beautiful carlos” and it genuinely hits a point where its sweet and funny all at the same time and the joke is never the gay attraction itself.

so. thanks night vale for that really really good writing, especially bc i listened to some episodes in the car with my mom and she laughed the first time it came up and then realized it wasnt actually a gay joke but rather, actual good writing and i love seeing straight people thrown for a loop like that

Carmilla fell in love with the victims her mother sent her to retrieve like, that is a cute ass trope she went to follow & befriend these girls (Ell & Laura specifically) and is just like immediately smitten with how beautiful they are because Carmilla is such a romantic gay deep down and some dramatic part of her sees so much beauty in the fact that it’s forbidden but she also just wants to be loved back and I just REALLY CARE ABOUT CARMILLA KARNSTEIN

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…..It started as a warm up doodle but she’s my fave SU character so I had to finish it q-q

I’m not too happy with how it came out, but I love her expression so I wanted to post it anyway!

[Yellow Diamond belongs to Rebecca Sugar!]


I’m Leo and I’m a dazzlingly good looking once-in-a-lifetime dog who somehow, through a series of highly unfortunate circumstances, ended up a starving puppy living on the streets!!!!! #tragedy

Well, you can imagine how glad I was when a nice lady stopped her warm car and took me out of the cold and to the vet doctor, where I was all fixed up and got to eat all the food I needed. #blessed

Then my savior named me “Leo” and took me to meet nice new friends at Adopt-a-Dog in Armonk, New York. Everybuddy there fell in love with me – who could resist? I was the staff favorite, sweet and adorable to every person who met me, and VERY smart! #overachiever

But somehow the days have become months and now years – for two years I’ve been waiting, longer than any other pet in this shelter. #theremustbesomemistake

I can understand some people may not think they’re worthy of me. THIS IS NOT TRUE! You are! I can see into your heart and I know it’s full of love! #knowallseeall

My shelter friends think I should be an only pet, but maybe we can discuss this. The thing is, when you’re as amazing as me, it’s hard to see why people would want another pet! Trained, healthy, loving… gosh, I wish I could adopt myself! #justtellingitlikeitis

If you already have pets or live really far from me, maybe you could reblog me? See, I spend a lot of time dreaming of my new home, and how can people know I’m looking for them if they never see my post? #inarguable

So please, call 914-273-1674 or email adoptions@adoptadog.org and tell them you want to meet Leo… and then just casually say, “What do you think of him?” if you want to know all about me! #onlygoodthings

Love forever,


When We Got Scared

Here is Part Five of “Our Love Story”  

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words:   1123

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Read When We Fell In Love

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        It had been almost six months since you had been dating Jared. You had clothes and things at his place. He had clothes and things at yours. You never really knew who’s place you would be at, so you were always ready no matter what.

           You slid out of your bed, out from under Jared’s arm, to get ready to go to work. He apparently didn’t have to film, or at a late call time, because he hadn’t stirred when your alarm went off.

           You walked into the bathroom and stood at the sink. Jared’s toothbrush was next to yours in the cup. His razor was on the edge of the sink. One of his t-shirts was in the floor behind you. His shampoo and soap was in the shower.

           All of a sudden, it was a little too much. And you didn’t know why or how you felt that way. And it scared you.

           You hurriedly got dressed, wanting to get out of the apartment before Jared woke up. You needed to think and clear your head.

           You were heading out the door when you heard Jared’s alarm. You closed and locked the door before he could even get out of bed.

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