fell off the tree

So, I saw Dear Evan Hansen, and I think I must inform all of you about somethings (part three):

• In Disappear, Connor’s ghost gets realll close to Evan and sounds desperate for Evan’s help.
• Alana, somewhere in there, sings her own tiny reprise of Waving Through A Window and it’s beautiful.
• In You Will Be Found, it shows Connor’s baby pictures and pictures of Connor before he grew out his hair. Turns out, it’s ALL of Mike Faist’s actual pictures. Some of them are recognizably from when he did Newsies!
• Zoe, before To Break In A Glove, warns Evan about the incoming Dad Talk that Larry is gonna give Evan. To which Larry responds, “women, right?” and no one in the theater looked happy with that comment.
• Evan’s voice cracks a LOT during the show and he looks down a lot too.
• Ben Platt does this really cute thing where he lifts his leg, squeezes his fingers together, and closes his eyes when he hits a high note.
• Only Us is in Evan’s room.
• Evan wears ONLY blue the whole show, but he wears tons of different shirts.
• Everyone changes clothes a LOT. Especially Jared. And Zoe is Very Fashionable.
• In Good For You, Jared and Alana stay close as if to protect each other, like Evan is some kind of monster.
• Before Words Fail, Connor’s ghost goes, “listen, you can get rid of me whenever you want, but do you think you’re suddenly going to go out there and tell everyone the truth? You can’t even tell yourself the truth. How did you break your arm, Evan?” Evan doesn’t respond. “How did you break your…” Evan cuts him off and goes, “I fell out of a tree! I slipped off!” To which Connor says, “Did you fall? Or did you let go.”
• After that, there’s a *deafening* silence, then a shattering lightbulb sound and Evan runs away.

i had the weirdest dream so obviously i had to write a fic about it


They met at the park. It could have been a meet-cute, except Derek doesn’t do cute so it ended up just being weird.

Derek was taking Nora for a walk like he always does when she decided it would be a good idea to chase a squirrel and practically dragged him around, only stopping when another dog got in her way – probably chasing the squirrel too – and they started growling at each other.

“Hey, man. Control your dog, I’m not ready to be a grandpa!”

“My dog is a female.” Derek said, tried not to stare at the other guy’s hands as he struggled to hold his dog back.

“Well,” the other guy said, “how can you know under all – that.” He gestured towards Nora.

“She’s an Alaskan malamute.” Derek took a step back, dragging Nora away from asshole-guy and his dalmatian. “Much better than a dog that you don’t know if it’s white or black.”

The other guy stopped, looked between Derek and his dog. “How dare you.” He narrowed his eyes. “Leia is beautiful.

“Leia?” Derek asked, smirking. “What happened to creativity these days?”

“I’ll show you creativity.” The guy growled, much like Nora was doing, then took Derek’s hand, dragged him towards a bench and started to list all the reasons he named his dog after Princess Leia.

Nora and Leia ended up getting along fabulously, and as fate would have it, so did their owners.

“Unfair.” Stiles mumbles, watching as Derek heads to the bathroom. “I’m supposed to be going to work. Stop teasing me.”

Derek smirks over his shoulder. “Are you sure? I was going to ask you to join me in the shower.”

Gah.” Stiles says as his dick responds to Derek’s smile. “I hate you.”

Derek laughs. “I know.” He walks into the shower, moans purposefully loud when the hot water hits his body. Stiles yells at him to shut up and seconds later he’s joining Derek under the spray.

“You’re gonna kill me.” He leans in for a kiss, nips at Derek’s bottom lip as he runs his hands over Derek’s wet chest. “Fuck,” he moans when Derek presses him against the wall, rubs their dicks together, “you’re awful.”

Derek bites softly at Stiles’ pulse point, enjoys the moan it elicits from him. He’s always talking, moaning, yelling, seriously, Derek is the one who’s going to die here.

It’s been two months and they aren’t even close to getting tired from each other. It’s still hot, fun and - even more - exciting. Sometimes, in between fixing a car or two, Derek checks his phone, sends messages to Stiles, some of them explicit others just telling him about his day, the awful clients that destroy their cars and ask Derek to perform miracles. Other times, it’s Stiles that calls him, rambles about his dad and Leia, about his friends and what he ate that morning.

They haven’t talked about what they are – if they are something – but Stiles doesn’t seem in a hurry, so Derek isn’t going to force him, as much as he wants to.

Really, Derek’s got it so bad even his boss noticed and he’s seventy.

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Maguuma Jungle - Brisban Wildlands - Mrot Boru
Bachlag: Look out, sir! There’s a charr nearby!
Eblo: Don’t worry, sprout. Charr may look tough, but it’s an act. All roar, no claws.
But they’re monsters! They’ll eat me, won’t they? Do they eat vegetables?
Meat, vegetables, fruit, catnip—but I don’t think they’d eat you.
Eblo: What? Did you fall off the tree yesterday?
Bachlag: Certainly not, sir! I fell off the tree five days ago! I fell off a turnip cart yesterday.

You Deserve Happiness

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader, God!Chuck

Word Count: 956

Warnings: angst/fluff

Requested by anon: Fic where Luci and reader are together, and a rogue angel stabs her with an angel blade so Luci tries to save her but he couldn’t because it’s an angelical injury kind of thing. Reader is brought back by Chuck bc he thinks Luci deserves better?

It was almost dark out and you and Lucifer were walking through the park.  As an angel you found the night sky to be one of the most beautiful things about Earth, next to the humans that populated it.  It was fair to say that you weren’t like the rest of the angels in heaven.  Not only because you actually liked humans, but because you were in love with Lucifer.  It was one thing every other angel in heaven couldn’t understand, and never would.

“[Y/N] why do you like it here,” Lucifer asked impatiently.  “These humans…  They don’t care about you or I.  They hardly care about each other.  Not to mention they’re incredibly flawed.”

“I find beauty in flaw,” you answered simply.  “Humans can change and so can we.  No one is perfect, not you, not I, not anyone.”  You laced your fingers with Lucifer’s, nodding up at the sky.  “Look at all those beautiful stars.  There are too many to count.  Not even I could count them all.”

“Why would you want to,” Lucifer scoffed.  “They’re just gaseous blobs.”

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Here’s the opossum that was rescued from a puddle today. He played dead for awhile, my mom was convinced he was actually dead a few times. But once he got dried off he relaxed a bit and livened up. Lol

He’s dry and cozy in the box with some food and water now getting some well deserved rest.

Chosen (Death Angel au)

Part One

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 4665

Warnings: mentions of death, mentions of blood, eventual smut

Summary: You’re Jimin’s Taker, assigned to watch over him until just the right moment. When that moment comes, you’re instructed to kill him. But what happens if he lives?

Lmao I’m on a roll and posting two parts of two different fics in one night. It’s a Christmas miracle. Anyway, here is the first chapter of this Jimin fic. :’) 

For @inktae and her consistantly painfully beautiful fics. 

Some may say that life is far more lonely and tiresome than death. In life you face loss, and tragedy, and betrayal, and heartbreak. You build a life and knit a name for yourself out of the yarn made from circumstance and opportunity, only to have an Angel of Death slither behind you and unravel everything with just a light tug on a single thread exposed at the seam–your entire being slowly unravelling under their fingertips. In life, all of your work and suffering is for naught, because your Angel of Death is always a breath away.

Some may say that life is more lonely, but the Angels of Death begs to differ.

Contrary to popular belief, the Death Angels are not heartless and cold demons sent to steal your essence as you draw your last breath. Oh, no, they’re hauntingly beautiful and immeasurably troubled by the weight of their duties. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that they’re probably the most empathetic and caring of all the angels. There’s a whole fleet of them–thousands of Death Angels assigned to care after their Chosen until their End Day, all of them kind and caring individuals, though some are more attached to their Chosen than others.

They see everyone in their weakest moments, our true selves appearing as the light slowly leaves our eyes. They know the cowards from the bravest souls. The heaviness that their supernatural duty entails makes it nearly impossible for them to spread their silky black wings and soar to their next Chosen. The job is tedious and painstaking, having to watch their Chosen for the entirety of their lives, until just the perfect moment when they’re designated to be taken.

None of them enjoy stealing humans away from their lives on Earth. Honestly, who would? Hearing them beg and plead for their lives back after their spirits leave their bodies and see the Earthly shells lying motionless and unattended. For the first hundred years or so of being an Angel of Death it might as well be torture, growing so close to their Chosen only to separate them from everything and everyone they love.

Everyone is assigned a Death Angel. A Taker. They have all of your information–your name, blood type, the way you’re meant to die and when. You don’t always see them, and if you do, you probably don’t realize that they’re your Taker. But they’re always there, that tiny inkling inside your mind telling you that something is dangerous. Rerouting your way home if they spot someone in your path who is unhinged with a gun and the intention to kill.

Takers do the unthinkable–even if it means being painted as the villain–just to keep the world turning. Because an Angel of Death is an angel nonetheless.

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And we swam in sunsets,
Jumped off of cliffs together,
Flew in the freedom,
And fell into happiness.

Trees flew past us,
As we left behind our problems,
We kicked our feet up on the seats,
And let the music take over our thoughts.

Rain drops danced on our skin,
The sun tinted our skin,
But also healed our minds,
And our bodies.

We sat on the bench on our balcony,
That held many early morning talks,
Many night silences,
And lots of laughs.

We lived and we felt.

—  N.C. // too special for words.


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dear evan hansen
evan hansen/jared kleinman
1755 words


suicide attempt mention
panic attack (really just one sentence that goes “evan has a panic attack.”)
post-canon, canon compliant


they tip each other and pour it all out / they talk about the forty-foot oak tree

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Probably Tuesday: hot, flies. Dinner: honey ants. Attacked by honey ants. Fell into waterhole.
Wednesday, with any luck: hot, flies. Dinner: either bush raisins or kangaroo droppings. Chased by hunters, don’t know why. Fell into waterhole.
Thursday (could be): hot, flies. Dinner: blue-tongued lizard. Savaged by blue-tongued lizard. Chased by different hunters. Fell off cliff, bounced into tree, pissed on by small grey incontinent teddy bear, landed in a waterhole.
Friday: hot, flies. Dinner: some kind of roots which tasted like sick. This saved time.
Saturday: hotter than yesterday, extra flies. V. thirsty.
Sunday: hot. Delirious with thirst and flies. Nothing but nothing as far as the eye can see, with bushes in it. Decided to die, collapsed, fell down sand dune into waterhole.

–Rincewind’s journal | Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent

A series of 13 reasons why poems

Roses are red
I put on a sweater
Jeff Atkins and Hannah Baker?
They deserved so much better

Roses are red
I put ice in a pail
My only ship at the moment?
Bryce Walker and jail

Roses are red
I fell out of a tree
As Ryan once said
“Fuck off Courtney”

Roses are red
Alex Standall might die
“You can’t love someone back to life”
“You can try”

Roses are red
I hurt my wrist
“Clay. Helmet.”
“Your name does not belong on this list”

Everything that happens is from now on. | R.M.

Words: 5114
Warnings: genderbend or female archie, love triangle, childhood, angst


“Just for the record,” she breathes near his ear, five foot on tippy toes as he grips her arm closer. 

“This is a one-off thing, never to be spoken about again.“

"Obviously. I know your shit about Wednesday Addams,” he curls his lips mockingly.

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Hiding Secrets and Making Amends - Peter Parker x Reader


The day when my life changed drastically seems to live again each and every day of my existence.

What I’m saying is, when I’m walking home from school and my eye catches a glimpse of an Olaf plushie in a store window, I get a vivid flashback to when I nearly turned my bathroom into a meat locker. Or when my sister comes running into the living room singing the infamous lyrics to Let It Go, my hands feel like I am dipping them into a frozen lake.

Yes. I have freaking ice powers. Just like Elsa from the overplayed Disney movie, Frozen. How I managed to contract said powers is a great question and I wish I had an answer to. If you know somebody that knows, please tell them to call me because I’d like to not make anything I touch into a huge ice cube, thanks. Anyways…

The only reasonable explanation that I reassure myself with when I’m loosing my wits, which is almost everyday, is, ‘Y/N…it’s probably karma for constantly nagging about how annoying that movie is.’

It was cute the first two times, third replay and on, I’m was more surprised when I didn’t tear out my hair or roll my eyeballs to the back of my head than I was when I found out I had had these powers. Seriously, I’m not even joking.

I wish I was though.


School let out and I was walking towards my home. Kids my age would pop in their music and walk home but I don’t trust those around me enough to do so. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear the sounds of taxi’s blasting their horns or find happiness in a fight between two business men about taxes and promotions.

Gotta love Manhattan.

When I approached my front door, I wiped out my key and unlocked the door and giving it a good shove to open it. I nearly fell pushing in, but was ok because the smell of my mom’s homemade spaghetti sauce filled my nostrils.

“Mom! That smells amazing!” I shouted at her while walking the opposite way, down the hall, to throw my school things in my room. My book bag fell to the floor with a loud thud and my shoes skidded across the floor making a few more thudding noises.

The smells of the sauce that made my mouth drool, pulled me towards the kitchen. I entered the kitchen and hovered over my mom getting an even bigger wiff of the dinner when I caught something in the corner of my eye.

It was a man. He wore glasses with colored lenses and had a some facial cut in a way I have not seen before. My eyes stared at him curiously.

“Oh! How rude of me! Y/N, this is Mr. Stark. He says he knows you and would like to talk to you.” My mother told me over her shoulder.

When the word ‘Stark’ entered my ears, my mouth dropped a little. Everyone knows who Tony Stark is. He’s like the richest man within a thousand mile radius, maybe more, and not to mention, but I am anyway, he’s Iron Man.

Mr. Stark sat up from his seat at the dinner table where no one else was, and held out his hand.

“Nice to see you again, Ms. Y/N.” I took it warrior and shook it. Still keeping my curious eyes on him. “Can we talk outside?” He asked gesturing towards the back door.

“Uhh…yeah. That’s fine.” Mr. Stark turned on his heels and followed me out. When we’re out of hearing range, he began to speak. Much differently than how he introduced himself moments ago.

“Alright, let’s cut to the chase. You’re weird.” His voice was serious but with a hint of sarcasm. My lips formed a frown. “But you’re not alone.” Mr. Stark pulled out a tablet from the inside of his blazer coat and held it out for me. My hands grabbed it before I could process was happening.

My eyes watched was showing on the screen. Each clip that played was a clip of me. A clip of me going about my everyday life. But every clip wasn’t of me just in school taking notes or walking home or sitting in the park. Each clip shared one thing in common. My powers. I shifted uncomfortably on my feet and bit my lip.

A clip showed up of me sitting in my history class. I was taking notes feverishly and within my grip, the pencil began to frost in my touch. In the video, I quickly noticed and grabbed another pencil. Which, in my book bag, I had three make packs in there.

“Is…is that me?” My voice was louder than what I wanted it to be. “Are you stalking me?” I said quieter.

“Yes and yes.” Mr. Stark pointed down the screen again telling me with no words to continue to watch.

The next clip was of me walking home. My head was held up high and my hands were in my coat pockets. I followed myself on the screen with my eyes and saw that I was walking into my favorite no name coffee shop. When I grabbed the door handle, it froze under my touch. , and I slipped inside. I gulped and blinked a few times.

“Ok. I get it. You know my secret…” My head lifted up and I looked over Mr. Stark’s shoulder. He clicked off the tablet and stuck it back into his blazer. “Please don’t tell mom…or dad.” He let out a sigh that blended with a chuckle.

“Relax, I don’t plan to tell anybody.” He looked me in the eye and crossed his arms. “How long did you know about your powers?” As a force of habit, I bit my cheek in thought.

“Uhhmm…almost a year…?! Yeah…yup. Almost a year.” My eyes observed as he simply nodded not taking his eyes of me. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

What was I suppose to do?

“Look. You are capable of something powerful. It could saves life and it could take them.” He walked around slowly on the back porch where we stood. On the railing, he flicked off a leaf that fell from a nearby tree. “If you come with me, I could help you control them.” Mr. Stark stopped where he was and turned towards me.

“Uh…me? You help…me?!” I stuttered.

“Only if you want me too. Although, if I was you, I wouldn’t pass up on this offer.” He rubbed another lead he found between his fingers. It was now my turn to not take my eyes off of him. My eyes searched for a sign of dishonesty. I couldn’t find any.

“What about school? About my family? I can’t leave the-”

“Gosh you’re just like spidey. What’s up with kids questioning a once in a lifetime chance?” His eyes were furrowed and his head was tilted off to the side. Mr. Stark was truly curious.

“Maybe because this…what’s happening now…isn’t…normal.”

“Look, I came here to recruit you. Not have a causal conversation. So are you in or not?” He huffed in annoyance. “Don’t you see what your capable of? You could do some great things! But if you don’t let me help you, you could hurt those you love.”

I bit my lip again ,which was bleeding, surprisingly and after making a quick decision. I nodded. “I’ll do it.”

Mr. Stark smiled and dug for something in his coat pocket. It was a business card.

“Call me when your ready to train.” He walked back to the door but turned around. “And please don’t loose that. I don’t need my phone being blown up by immature teens trying to prank call me.” And with that he escaped back into the house, leaving me alone with his card.

“What just happened?” I said out loud.


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😊Forehead Kisses (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: You’ve had a bad day and all you want is for Grayson to 

Warnings: None

A/N: This blurb is for @dolan-twins-fics since she’s had a bad day. Love you bb

You haven’t been feeling very well. You just failed one of you finals so you landed yourself a C in the course. You also just found out your car won’t be fixed until next week and you card was declined at lunch. You honestly just wanted to go home and cry. As your walking you got a text from your boyfriend Grayson.

Gray 💕: Hey baby come home I miss you!

You smiled at your boyfriend’s text as you unlocked your door to see Grayson had a pillow fort built in the living room and Beauty and the Beast was playing on the TV. Grayson also had cookie cake, milk, and chicken strips on kitchen table. Grayson walked in from the living room and he had icing all over his face which caused you to laugh.

“Hey babe. I originally had plans to make a cake, but I can’t bake so I sent E to get you some cookie cake.” He says trying to lick the icing off. You walked up to him and kissed his cheek taking some of the icing off.

“I love you babe. This is perfect. I’ve had such a crappy day and all I want to do is just cuddle you and listen to your voice.”

“Well good because that’s exactly what is going to happen.” Grayson says as he gently kisses my forehead.

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 “I love you too. Come on. I’m hungry and tell me about what got you in such a rotten mood.” He says as he takes your hand in his and you two sit at the table. You start off with professor Aiken’s life science final and how hard it was and how you made a 42%. You then told him about how your car is still in the shop and how you looked dumb at In N Out because your card was denied. He was holding your hand and kissing you every time you got a little tense. After you finished your story he picked you up and walked you into the living room and lied you down on the pillow fort. He pulled you on top his lap as you just stared into each other’s eyes. You started laughing and kissed him which he toppled on top of you and attacked you with kisses.

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You and Grayson started cuddling. You head was on his chest as he would kiss your forehead every so often. You were too happy and couldn’t believe such a wonderful human was all yours.

“Hey Gray?” You asked as he was gently playing with your hair which made your eyes grow droopy.

“Hmm?” He hums.

“Do you think you could tell me a story? I just want to hear your voice.” You said which made him smile.

“Sure Y/N. I’ll tell you my favorite story. Our first kiss.” He starts the story how you two were in the park. You were all nervous and so was he. It was your first real boyfriend. You two had such a great day and decided to watch the sunset. Gray had climbed up in a tree, but you were left on the ground since you didn’t know how to climb. Gray of course picked you up and you two sat down on a branch. It just felt right. His lips were inches from yours. You two were in an intimate position already. Everything was perfect. He leaned in and kissed you which caught you off guard and you fell out of the tree.

“I’m such a dork!” You whined which made him start laughing. 

“And a trip to the emergency room and three stitches later, I gave you plenty more kisses and now here we are.” Grayson says as his kisses your temple. You crossed your arms which Gray decided to give you more scattered kisses which tickled and made you laugh.

After watching an hour of Beauty and the Beast you start to feel tired. Maybe it’s from all the stress from your day or from food. You decided you wanted to nap. You cuddled into Grayson’s chest which he knew what was happening.

“I love you babe.” He says giving you another kiss.

“I love you too Gray. I wouldn’t want anyone else right now and too be honest, you made my day so much better. You’re the best boyfriend ever.” You said as you snuggled into him as you started to drift off to dreamland.

“Glad I can make you happy.” You heard him mumble which made you smile.

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doekyungsu  asked:

hi!! can i get some witch au's please?? 😙

here you go!! sorry these are taking long we’re all swamped with life /cries an ocean

  • I’m still a witch in training so please forgive me for accidentally giving your cat the ability to speak and turning all your clothes a shade of yellow
  • you came into my apothecary and you sprayed what you thought was perfume on your skin, but was actually a potion that gives people blue hair

  • regular people can’t see familiars but for the past hour you’ve just been staring at my shoulder looking really concerned and you’re making me and my cat extremely nervous

  • I fell off my broom and into the tree in your backyard and I’m stuck and everything hurts and you came out screaming because you thought I was stealing your oranges

  • I accidentally left my spell book on the bus and I was freaking out but then I saw this massive purple explosion and shit I’m sprinting there to stop whoever found it

  • you hate witches because you’re family blood line was cursed by one of them hundreds of years ago, which is too bad for you because I’m your next door neighbour

  • I run a tea shop and shit I accidentally dropped in magical flowers that look a whole hella lot like chrysanthemums and now you can’t stop speaking in rhymes

- jo

insulting sentence starters.

“Is your ass jealous of the amount of shit that just came out of your mouth?”
“I bet your brain feels as good as new, seeing that you never use it.”
“I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers to let you know how I feel about you.”
“You bring everyone a lot of joy, when you leave the room.”
“If you are going to be two faced, at least make one of them pretty.”
“You’re so ugly you scare the shit back into people.”
“Two wrongs don’t make a right, take your parents as an example.”
“I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than that.”
“If I wanted to kill myself I’d climb your ego and jump to your IQ.”
“You shouldn’t play hide and seek, no one would look for you.”
“I don’t exactly hate you, but if you were on fire and I had water, I’d drink it.”
“Maybe if you ate some of that makeup you could be pretty on the inside.”
“The only way you’ll ever get laid is if you crawl up a chicken’s ass and wait.”
“What are you going to do for a face when the baboon wants his butt back?”
“I may love to shop but I’m not buying your bullshit.”
“If I were to slap you, it would be considered animal abuse!”
“You have two brains cells, one is lost and the other is out looking for it.”
“What are you doing here? Did someone leave your cage open?”
“Why don’t you check eBay and see if they have a life for sale.”
“You look like something I’d draw with my left hand.”
“Please, the only dates you get are on a calendar.”
“If I wanted to hear from an asshole, I’d fart.”
“You get as much action as a nine button on a microwave.”
“Looks like you fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.”
“It’s hard to get the big picture when you have such a small screen.”
Teardrops On My Guitar

My Master List

A/n: So I’ve been on an angst kick. Sorry, Darlings :(

Warnings: Angst

Reader is in love with Dean

Feel free to let me know what you guys think!

Dean looks at me,
I fake a smile so he won’t see.
That I want, and I’m needing everything that we should be
I’ll bet she’s beautiful, that girl he talks about
And she’s got everything that I have to live without

   “You should have told him” my friend whispered in my ear as we sat across from Sam and Dean at the local bar. Dean was filling us all in on his new girlfriend, and I could barely stand to sit here and listen. That should’ve been me that he was talking about. It should’ve been us, and it’s because I never had the balls to tell him how I really feel.

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