fell in the bay

the joseph agenda:

  • Parrothead™ Location™ date
  • joseph’s church is gay affirming obvs
  • (kicking the bad cheating plotline to february 31st) perhaps…………….polyamory??????? (or an amicable agreement that mary and joseph arent right for each other + a proper separation w/ their young kids loved and considered)
  • amanda loves her four new autistic/rambunctious step-siblings

i don’t think i’ve made a post about this yet, but i find it fascinating how MHA is kinda the story of a next gen shonen story, only the audience has never seen the previous generation.

All Might was the protagonist of his story, and now he’s reaching his limit and needs to retire. the story focus is on the new generation surpassing the old, and learning from their mistakes. All Might doesn’t want Izuku to experience the same pain he did, by losing his master. instead, he’s focusing on helping Izuku become the next Symbol of Peace.

Izuku is learning that self-sacrifice isn’t the end all, be all for heroes. that you can’t just wreck your body to save someone else, because sooner or later it’ll catch up with you.

Endeavor is what would happen if a shonen rivalry continued on into adulthood without ever resolving itself. he’s the logical conclusion of an unresolved rivalry of someone who couldn’t take being left behind. Bakugou’s development is in direct contrast to Endeavor’s, because Bakugou is learning and growing and slowly letting go of his spite and frustration and need to be number one all the time, unlike Endeavor

Toshinori made himself the Symbol of Peace, and as a result he was the only thing keeping society on it’s feet. once he fell, so did everything keeping the villains at bay. the new generation are all going to learn from this and become more symbols, holding up the peace together instead of just relying on one person.

the next generation is all about Teamwork, not just working as individuals.

Toshinori lost his place as a hero after he went after All for One in revenge those 6 years ago. he lost sight of his heroism in order to avenge Nana. that’s the moment he fell. that’s why he can no longer be a hero anymore, because of the injuries he sustained from that fight.

Nana gave up her child and cut herself off from her family because she couldn’t take the pain of it anymore. she likely kept herself emotionally distant from Toshinori because of this, during their short time together, and Toshinori is doing the complete opposite of what she did; Toshinori is getting close to Izuku and they’re both emotionally supporting each other.

there’s so much about Toshi’s life that we don’t know about, and it’s his life that would’ve been the star of the previous generation. how he was quirkless, how he wanted to become a hero, and a symbol who could stop crime, how he met Nana and earned her trust and gained her powers, how he lost her and trained under Gran Torino, how Endeavor met him and sparked that rivalry, how he eventually became All Might and how his reputation alone nearly stopped crime (something no hero in any previous generation was able to do). 

his whole life could be told in it’s own series, but we, the audience, aren’t privy to that information. we just know the bare bones, and occasionally we find out more as the story goes on. little hints of what happened before. but that’s all in the past–it’s all about helping the next generation grow now. All Might was a legend in his own time, but he’s old and injured and has to retire from hero work. instead, he’s helping a new generation of heroes grow; he’s helping Izuku become the next Symbol of Peace in his place. 

the story of MHA is a next generation story without the previous generation being shown, and i think that’s fascinating.

Sneaky bastard - Bruce Wayne x Reader (NSFW)

Since I have no shame, yet another smutty story (it’s been a while). It’s not just smut though, there’s a plot, and there’s lots of fluff@whovianayesha hope you’ll like it and don’t think it’s total shite, because as usual, I feel like it’s pretty badmaybe I rushed things a bit too much ? I mean, actions gos by too fast and don’t make sense ? EEEEEH I’M ALWAYS SO STRESSED YOU GUYS WON’T LIKE MY WRITING WHENEVER I POST SOMETHING, sorry for being such an annoying angsty woman, I just hope you’ll like  :

WARNING NSFW (smut, don’t read if it makes you uncomfortable, go read my other very safe for work stories instead ;)), LANGUAGE. It’s long, sorry.

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If someone would have told you a few weeks ago that you’d save the goddamn Batman, you’d probably would have laughed in their faces. It seemed so ridiculous, that a rookie such as you, who literally joined the forces not even a month before, would ever save a man like the Dark Knight. 

And yet, it happened. And it was wicked awesome.


He was fighting a bunch of thugs in a back alley, when you came by. You weren’t even gonna intervene, you knew the man, you already saw him roaming Gotham City before you became a cop, he could definitely handle himself…But then, you noticed one of the guy he was fighting take a few steps back, and draw a gun. It was pointed right at the bat’s head and he was going to pull the trigger in a matter of seconds ! 

You didn’t think, you acted. You jumped in the alley, surprising all of them, and with an expertly done high kick, you got the gun out of the man’s hand, knocking him down with a mean left hook. Damn, you turned into a total badass under the adrenaline ! 

Batman quickly got rid of the las few thugs, and turned to you. Suddenly, you didn’t feel that excited anymore, the man was impressive. So tall. Large. Muscular. Yeah ok, he was totally sexy. 

He turned his weird glowy white gaze on you, and, with a voice too rough and low to be human, asked you : 

-Are you alright ? This was very foolish to jump in like that, I didn’t need your help. You could have been very hurt. 

-Yeah I’m alright, and like Hell you didn’t need my help, I totally saved your life dude, be more thankful ! Jeez louiiise. 


-Wow. Ok. So you’re an ass. 

-The ass can give you a ride to the nearest hospital, you’re bleeding. 

-What ? 

He pointed to your arm, and…oh. Yeah. You got shot. Damn. 

-I didn’t even feel it…

-Must be the rush of epinephrine in your blood. Come on, follow me. 

-Wow wait, you’re gonna give me a ride…in the batmobile ?! 

-Do you see any other car ? Climb in, and do not touch anything. 

You tried to keep your cool. To act like it was no big deal…but the adrenaline in your veins doubled in volume as you sat in the car you so often dreamt of riding when you were a child. Fuck this was great ! 

He drove you to the nearest hospital, without saying a word, and almost threw you out of the car. Ass. 

Your wound wasn’t deep, a bullet just grazed you and you only needed a few stitches, you were out two hours later. You went home by foot, because walking always cleared your mind, and damn it needed to be clear right now. Anyway, you weren’t living too far away. 

You just saved the Batman ! YOU JUST SAVE THE BATMAN !! 

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I wrote a story for a friend as a birthday present, and since she likes gothic fantasy, I thought Elsewhere University would be a good setting for it.


You weren’t sure what to do when your six choice universities all rejected you. You’d expected at least one of them to accept you, since your grades weren’t bad and your student record was clean.

But none of them did. The day you got the last polite form rejection letter, you set it down and sat there, staring out the window. What went wrong?

Elsewhere University offered you an opportunity, one you thought was a joke. But you took it anyway.

And they took you.

Not Them. That would be a different kind of Taken. But you went to Elsewhere.

Move-in day was normal; the dorm was nice, and while it looked old from the outside, the rooms were spacious and comfortable, and you only had one roommate. Yours was a young, rather timid girl named Melanie. She didn’t talk to you much, though you and her were both fans of the same shows and generally had the same sleep patterns, hence the match.

She was quiet. She put up some posters; you put up some posters. Your stuff stayed in boxes for the first few days.

There were immediately meetings. Your parents weren’t invited; no one’s were.

Your RA was a tall girl with an incredible afro and a few jangling silver necklaces that didn’t match her outfit. “I’m Kiera,” she said, standing on a rock and gesturing with a packet of papers. “I’m your RA for the northern wing of the third floor. The southern wing belongs to Jordan.” She indicated the young man standing next to her; he waved, hand half-buried in the sleeve of his blue hoodie.

“First things first,” Kiera started, “welcome to Elsewhere University! You’re very brave.”

What? You wished you knew someone well enough to make confused eye contact. As it was, most of the freshmen looked a little baffled.

“A couple of notes about common courtesy. One, no extraneous loud noises after ten PM on weeknights, except for Fridays. The curfew for Fridays and Saturdays is midnight. Don’t run or throw things in the hallways, it might hit the fire extinguishers. Also, don’t touch anybody else’s bowls or cups that they leave in the hall. If you find a piece of lost jewelry, don’t touch it. If you see anything that isn’t yours, don’t touch it. Don’t run out of salt and don’t take it out of the kitchen. Don’t eat food you find in the kitchen.”

And on and on and on. You were baffled by a few of the rules, but most of them made sense (be careful about who you accept food from, be careful about going places with strangers, et cetera. You weren’t sure why they stressed it so much. That was just basic college knowledge – hell, basic life knowledge.

It got weirder when you noticed that most people seemed to leave bowls of milk by their doors, and seemed to have salt spilled under their windows. Metal jewelry seemed popular; iron necklaces and earrings, dark metal rings, silver studs and bangles.

After a month, you’d started to make some friends, and you and Melanie were comfortable being around each other. And you’d started learning about Elsewhere, and what Kiera had meant by brave. Extra footprints in on the pavement. Strangers at parties, queens striding past robed in shadow, parts of the campus where time didn’t pass or parts where it went too quickly.

Another month, and your delusions were dispelled. You bought iron jewelry, learned how to scrawl sigils on paper and pin them on doors and windows, ran a thin line of salt on the windowsill. Melanie didn’t complain.

You sat on the quad on sunny days, because in early spring (and it was always early spring, somehow) those days were nice, and it was good to be outside.

There were sculpted gardens to sit in, but those were more dangerous. You were playing with fire if you stayed there until nightfall. You came perilously close a few times.

The first time, you found your way out. The second time you did not.

The gardens held such strangeness, and were absolutely a fascinating place to be. Horticulture students set up projects here, taking care not to disturb the ones they didn’t make. So it was usually safe.

But you were caught wandering after dark. And you didn’t realize, marveling at a rose-vine and honeysuckle trellis, that the sunlight was fading until it was nearly too late.

You tried to follow the path out, but it led you in circles, and to places you didn’t know existed. This is how people get Taken, you thought desperately, hoping and praying that somehow it would be okay.

As if it were answering your prayer – and perhaps it was – the cat appeared. You froze at the sight of slitted eyes, but realized it wasn’t one of Them when the eyes leaped down and came over to rub against your leg and stare upwards.

Green Eyes, the cat was called, because that’s what it had. Green eyes set deep in its long face, sandy fur with black hints at the ears, paws, and tail-tip. You didn’t learn its name until later, and you never really figured out if it was an ordinary cat, or one of Them, or something else entirely.

“Can you lead me out?” you asked it, and it stared back. Your heart was pounding; you had no other lifeline.

It flicked its tail in the air like a banner and trotted away through the dusk. You followed it (because you had no other choice) and like a charm you found yourself stumbling out onto the quad. A few surprised upperclassmen watched, and when you looked for the cat, it was gone.

You tried to figure out how to repay the cat, if in fact you could. Next time you saw it, you promised yourself, you would give it something.

And you did see it again. Quite often, in fact. It was skirting the parking lot behind the biochemistry building, and when you crouched down and held out your hand, it came over and sniffed at your fingers before rubbing on you.

Then it was over by the dining hall, then walking alongside you on your way to one of your classes, then to all of them. Eventually, it came up to you while you were on the quad.

Melanie was there (though, like most other students, she’d quickly adopted a pseudonym and now went by Melody), and a few other friends you’d made, including a couple of upperclassmen. At Elsewhere, for some reason, the classes mixed a lot more than they did at other colleges. You weren’t sure why.

Green Eyes trotted up to you while you were sitting on a blanket in the grass. The upperclassmen stopped talking entirely and tried to avert their eyes, but when you reached out your hand and let Green Eyes sniff it and rub against you, they couldn’t help but stare.

“How are you doing that?”

You glanced up, at Shine, a girl with spiky white hair. “Doing what?”

“Green Eyes. You…” she paused, indicating the cat. Green Eyes looked to her – she shuddered – and lay down next to you, allowing you to stroke its fur and play with its ears.

The other upperclassman looked you in the eyes. “What did you do?” they asked, dead serious.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“It’s claimed you.”

That you didn’t understand. You didn’t know how to ask if it was one of Them, but you said, “In… what sort of way?”

“I’m not sure.”

That answer wasn’t good.

Green Eyes didn’t interact with others much, and seemed to seek me out often. It always rubbed against me – I knew that’s how cats designated things as theirs, but I didn’t realize the full extent of Green Eyes’ claim.

During a party one night you found yourself stepping outside with a handsome boy, a soft-spoken boy with white hair and the whisper of fall wind (you missed fall, here in this place where the seasons never seemed to change properly) in his voice. You saw Green Eyes watching from the top of a fence, and the boy excused himself after a moment and didn’t come back. Your hands itched under the skin where he’d held them, but looked no different; your lips remained numb for days until you shook off the longing, kept inside by the memory of lantern-green eyes in the night air.

Labs never ended after dark, but your study session did, and when you braved the night (because the library closed, and you did not want to interrupt any of the Courtly business that goes on there) and the sound of baying hounds and the fell piercing blasts of hunting horns, when you stepped along the solid concrete while the rest of the world shifted and you passed the student center and the native plant garden and the towering trees that dropped leaves like silver and shadows like blood, Green Eyes went with you. You felt it join you when you walked outside, and it brought you to safety, tail held high.

You saw it everywhere. Legend said Siamese cats had kinked tails because they’d once held rings for royalty. You wondered which royalty; tall tales said Egyptian, but Green Eyes felt like something Else.

It’s hard to remember when you graduated. A lot of your time at Elsewhere is blurry, indistinct, like a fogged glass. But you have never forgotten Green Eyes, and when you return to Elsewhere – because all those who love Elsewhere come back eventually – you see it waiting for you on the sidewalk next to the drive, tail curled over its paws, the stream of students dividing gently around it.

You don’t lean down to pet it, because that’s not what you’re supposed to do right now. But it does rub against your leg again when you get out of the car, and when you step inside your new (old, very old, old enough to have memories and old enough to act on them) house, it waits patiently for you to invite it inside.

Its motives are mysterious. The aura it gives you is one of fear and mystery. The librarian who hunts monsters eyes it occasionally, but never makes a move; she doesn’t understand it either.

But you go into the sculpted gardens, and you go there at night. Green Eyes is always with you, to lead you out. Someday, you fear, Green Eyes will abandon you in the lilac labyrinth and you’ll finally be Taken; but it doesn’t feel like that’s what it wants to do.

You asked it one night, sitting on a bench surrounded by fireflies and watching shadows silently pass by with no people to cast them. Green Eyes sat on your lap.

“Why do you help me?” you asked it, glancing down. “Why did you do all of this?”

Green Eyes stared back up, and flicked its ears back and yawned; a smile, you recognize, from reading its behavior over the years.

“Is it because I asked for help? What did you want in return?”

Silence, but Green Eyes bumped your hand and began to purr loudly enough to shake. There’s something about Green Eyes that resists Them and Their works; its ability to navigate the gardens, and its aid to you over the years, has proved that. It does not need  your companionship; it does not need you as you needed it.

You look up. Green Eyes flicks its tail back and forth and you realize that while you are its companion, now, and it wouldn’t leave you, you don’t actually need it to get through the gardens. You know them in your mind, like a house you’ve lived in for a long time. When you step through the flowers and topiary you go where you want to go, not where anything else wants you to go. Green Eyes has taught you how.

When you walk through the gardens sometimes you see lost students stumbling under the trellises, eyes haunted, breath rasping in their mouths as they struggle to get out. You approach them.

You look about their age (Age is funny at Elsewhere; when you came back, you seemed to return to who you were when you left. The rest of the world is all iron and highways and radios, and you remember the things you learned here when you came back) and you realize now that they are too scared of Green Eyes to ask for help.

But they don’t need to ask you. You can offer. And when they see your human features and Green Eyes at your feet, they accept.


Bucky Imagine

A Bucky x Reader where the reader falls into really really cold water during a mission, and later at the Avengers tower she gets so sick she faints and Bucky takes care of her?

You ran after the agent as quick as you could through the 2 inches of snow that covered the ground. “I’m following the agent West towards the water,” you spoke into your comm.

“Y/N, keep on his trail,” Steve’s voice rang in your ears. “Bucky is coming from the North and Natasha is on your heels. They’ll be there for backup. He cannot leave, we can’t risk him spreading the information to HYDRA.”

“Copy,” you said short of breath and kept after the man. You continued to follow the man until he stopped at the edge of a small cliff. “There’s nowhere to go now,” you told him. He suddenly pulled a knife from his pocket and went after you. You blocked his attack and reached for the gun you had in your tactile belt. Before you could get a shot off sudden kick sent the gun skidding against the snow. “Y/N, I’m close by,” you heard Bucky’s voice come through.

You got a couple hits to the agent before you could grab your knife and go after him with it. You swiftly cut his arm and thigh as you fought the skilled agent and heard Bucky’s footsteps coming towards you. You flipped away from him, reaching your gun from it’s spot near the side of the cliff, and aimed at the target.

You shot at the man but it was dodged you had to block his feet as they came after you. The man heard Bucky approaching and got his knife ready to throw at his chest. “Bucky,” you yelled a warning and punched the agent who turned and, with a swift kick, sent you flying over the cliff towards the icy water.

You heard a shot as you fell just before you crashed into the cold water. You sunk quickly from the weight of your weapons and struggled towards the top of the distancing top. A crash from the water caught your attention and you saw Bucky swimming down towards you. He grabbed you around your chest and swam with you up towards the water. You gasped for air as you two broke the surface.

“Damn heavy snow boots and dumb Stark tech,” you said kicking off your shoes and tossing your weapons as soon as you were dragged to shore.

“Y/N, are you ok,” Bucky said looking over you with worry written on his face.

“I’m breathing so that’s good,” you said breathing heavily. “Hey,” you said looking at his worried demeanor, “I’m ok. You saved me. Thank you.”

“I’m your boyfriend, and your teammate, it’s my job. Come on,” he lifted you up and put an arm around you for support. “Let’s get back to the quinjet.”


You shivered again which made Bucky immediately jump to your side. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Just cold still,” you told him. As soon as boarded the jet you stripped off your wet clothes and put on an extra shirt and jacket that Bucky found on board.

“We’ll get you in front of a fire and get you some warm clothes when we land, ok?” You nodded with your clattering teeth.

Once the jet landed Bucky walked beside you as you shivered down the hallways, heading towards you and Bucky’s shared room. Your shivering worsened and you felt like your legs were ice blocks, barely carrying your weight. “Y/N, maybe we should stop a second,” you heard Buck say. “Or I could carry you.”

“I’m fine Buck,” your voice came out slower and quieter than you thought.

“You’re shivering a lot worse now, ba-”

“I’m fine Bu-,” you said before your vision disappeared and you felt unconscious.


Bucky caught you as you fell and felt just how cold you actually were. He took you in his arms and ran towards the medbay as fast as he could. “Cho,” he yelled as he carried you into the bay.

“What happened?”

“She fell in cold water on the mission. She’s ice cold and shivering really bad!”

“Get her over here,” she commanded and guided him over to a bed. “Bucky, we need to get these clothes off her, they’re wet. Take off the clothes while I get some supplies.” She ran out of the room and by the time she came back the clothes you had on were thrown on the floor in a damp pile.

“I gave her those on the jet, shouldn’t they be ok?”

“The water on her skin and hair seeped into them, she can’t wear them. I need to put her hair in this warm towel. I need you to take those warming packs and lay them on her back and near her feet,” she said flipping you over.


You woke up sweating in a medbay bed with Buck rocking back and forth in the seat next to you. “Y/N,” he jumped forward as he saw your eyes open. “Are you ok? How do you feel?”

“I’m ok.”

“You said that before and look what happened.”

“What did happen?”

“You fainted walking to the room. I ran you here to Cho. You had hypothermia. You’ve been out for a day and a half.”

“You saved me again Buck,” you weakly smiled. “You’re my hero,” you grabbed his hand.

He squeezed your hand and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “It’s my job, babe.”

Everything comes back to you - Archie Andrews

Summary: Archie realises he has made a mistake. 

If Archie sang to me I would probably also cry.

Originally posted by archic-andrews

Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there
The smell of your perfume still stuck in the air
It’s hard
Yesterday I thought I saw your shadow running round
It’s funny how things never change in this old town
So far from the stars

When you broke up with Archie his world fell apart. His first love decided to shatter him though not without reason. He knew that. That probably also made it worse. The fact that it was his fault you left felt like karma slapping him in the face. He thought back on how most mornings were rushed as you slept too long and had to hurry to school. Although they were lovely, he cherished mornings where you slept in cuddled almost impossibly close. Small kisses were left on whatever space free; knuckles, noses, foreheads and lips. Today however the space next to him was cold and the smell of your perfume was still stuck in the pillow tormenting him further. 

And I want to tell you everything
The words I never got to say the first time around
And I remember everything
From when we were the children playing in this fairground
Wish I was there with you now

That summer he made the greatest mistake of his life. Mrs. Grundy with her desirable lips and sinful eyes made it impossible for him to think of anything else. Even you were forgotten. Her hands running down his body made him think of nothing but how to please her. How to make her sigh and moan. These thoughts were usually reserved for you. When the summer came to an end and he had to go back to school- and you- guilt filled his body. Mainly for betraying your trust but also for not wanting to stop. How could he when he had Mrs. Grundy? Her expertise and the forbidden nature of it excited him. He had never felt this way with you. You were innocent, calm and soft while Mrs. Grundy was danger, uncertainty, excitement. You were the safe choice - the girl next door. And you really were the girl next door. That’s how you met; growing up next to each other formed a strong bond between you two. Or so you thought. 

If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you

You had suspected something was going with Archie ever since his messages got shorter and the phone calls grew nonexistent. Excuses like “I’m busy working for my dad, so I can’t text you all the time!” were sent and you stopped trying after getting similar texts 4 times in a row after a simple “Hi, how are you? I miss you.” Before this summer he would be to one to be considered clingy out of the two of you. He was always touching you in someway whether it be by holding your hands, slinging an arm around your shoulder or a slight hand on your waist. When he met you this morning the hug you gave him was awkward. His body was leaning away nothing like the usual hugs you shared. When the others joined they also felt the awkward tension between you two. Betty caught your eye and you simply had to shrug no wiser. 

After his confession you had expected to fall apart, cry into your pillow at night, feel angry at him or just something. Instead all you felt was numb. Utterly and completely numb. No tears escaped the corners of your eyes. No angry punches were thrown into your pillow. But also no smiles appeared, no laughter sounded at your favourite tv-shadow, nothing at all. Your face was as blank as a canvas that had yet to be painted. Betty, Jughead and Veronica took it upon themselves to care for you while also knocking some sense into Archie. When they discovered his escapades, disbelief was the main emotion. You and Archie were endgame. 60 years from now you would be sitting in your garden watching your grandkids run around. That was the belief of the entire town. Was

I saw that you moved on with someone new
In the pub that we met he’s got his arms around you
It’s so hard
So hard

Months after the break up Archie felt like he finally would be able to move on. Well, until he saw you again, holding hands with someone new. Someone that wasn’t him. The slight caressing with the thumb was something he used to do absentmindedly and when he caught sight of the slight pink tint in your cheek he vowed to himself to keep doing it, so he would never forget the look of you blushing around him. Now he instead had to watch someone else make you blush, the adorable pink tint, he loved. He had to watch you smile lovingly at them while they looked away. You probably did that when you were together. The sound of your laugh was probably the hardest thing to hear again. He remembered being the one to make both giggle but also let out the ugliest cackles at his antics. He felt proud every time he made it happened knowing it meant you felt completely safe and relaxed around him. 

And I know that it’s wrong
That I can’t move on
But there’s something about you

Even after everything he had done, the thought of you still circulated in his head at every hour awake or not. His attempts to justify his behaviour all fell to the ground the same day he realised the scent of your perfume was gone. His pillow no longer fooled him long enough to sleep anymore. You were gone. You were actually gone. Everything crashed upon him that day. How could he let you go for a moment of danger and excitement. How could he let the one he loved slip away, willingly watching from the sideline. His first heartbreak hurt more than he could have imagined. An ache that was simultaneously unwelcome but welcome. The ache he knew you had gone through made it an easy decision to let it overpower his senses. He deserved to feel bad. 

If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
You still make me nervous when you walk in the room
Them butterflies they come alive when I’m next to you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
Everything comes back to you

The last line rang clear and through the completely silent room. The sentimental meaning was not lost on you and the tears you had kept at bay finally fell. His gaze that hadn’t left since he began was still trained on you, not once wavering. Well, until the tears fell. Tears of his own gathered but slight hope grew inside of him. Maybe this broken love could still blossom. Maybe he could fix this. 

Why Are You Looking at Me Like That?

Anon Request: I like your imagines! Could you possibly write me a Paul Lahote where he imprints on you, but he doesn’t tell you for a bit because you guys have a great friendship, but you both have feelings for each other anyways.

Paul Lahote x Reader


A/n: Hope you enjoy this! Let me know what you think! Much love anon!

“Paul! Hurry up before we don’t have anything left to eat! We were supposed to be there 5 minutes ago.” You hollered at Paul, he kept going down different isles of the store instead of getting ready to leave.

“Hang on a second, y/n, I’m looking for something. I’ll grab some snacks here, too, before we leave because the foods probably already gone. Sorry about that.” Paul said, barely looking at you, trying to find whatever he was looking for.

“If you tell me what you are looking for I could help. And I get to choose the snacks because it is your fault we’re late.” You said glaring at him, he turns around and laughs. He wraps his arm around your shoulders and drags you around the store, eventually he picked up lighter fluid. “Is that all you were looking for? We have been here and picked that up God knows how many times, yet you take 15 minutes to find it?” He just shakes his head and laughs at the face you give him, you enjoyed hanging out with Paul, but sometimes he just drove you crazy.

After you grabbed some snacks you guys were headed to the beach, and, of course, when you got there all of the food was gone “What took you guys so long, there’s no food left. I tried to hold the boys back, but it’s been 30 minutes.” Emily informed us.

Once you all got to the bonfire, everyone began telling their stories, you sat between Paul and Seth. The fire felt nice, you leaned over on Paul and he wrapped his arm around you. You and Paul spent most nights like this, yet you both didn’t take it any further even though it was obvious you both had feelings for each other. It was the thought of ruining the friendship which kept you both at bay. Eventually you fell asleep on Paul, but he gratefully picked you up and carried you to Emily’s. You woke up in his arms and looked up at him, but he was staring at you.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” You asked, but he just laughed. He shook his head, but quit looking at you with a smirk on his face. You guys got to Emily’s house and you went upstairs to get ready for bed, Emily was there.

“Hey, y/n, can I ask you something?” Emily asked with a soft smile.

“Sure, ask away.” You told her.

“You like Paul and Paul likes you, but you two won’t be in a relationship with one another, why?” She asked, but you just stared at her with a look of shock on your face.

“I honestly don’t, um, I don’t know what to say, Emily. I don’t know why… and I don’t think he honestly likes me that way anyways.” You replied, she just shook her head and bid you goodnight. You stood there for a minute, but then went back downstairs to your bedroom. Paul was still there and he smiled up at you, after the conversation you had with Emily the smile made you blush.

“Are you not going home tonight?” You asked Paul.

“Nah, it’s been a couple rough nights, so I figure I’d stay here, Em and Sam said I could, do you mind?” Paul asked.

“No! I don’t mind at all, I actually have the pullout bed in my room if you would like to use it.” You told him, and he followed you to your room. He began to drag the bed out, but you stopped him, “You can stay in here, it’s not going to hurt anything.” So he stopped and fixed the bed then laid down.

You had weird dreams that night and the next couple of days Paul started acting a little weird around you, he was more defensive with people around you, too. For example, you both went to the store and this guy began talking to you, but Paul was not happy about it. He got in the guys face and told him to leave you alone. That’s how the whole week went and you caught Paul staring at you several times, but with a different look in his eyes.

One day you finally got aggravated with his staring, “Why are you looking at me like that?” You asked him, and you know he could hear the agitation in your voice.

“Sorry, I just. I have to tell you something, but I don’t want it to ruin our friendship, I don’t want it to ruin anything.” He said and his voice was a lot softer than usual.

“What’s the matter Paul? You know you can tell me anything.” You replied to him.

“Okay, so you know the whole wolf thing right? Well here’s the thing. It seems that I might have imprinted on you,” You just stared at him with your mouth wide open, “but let me tell you, I liked you before I ever imprinted on you, but I never said anything because I know you didn’t feel the same and I didn’t want to ruin the friendship.” You stopped him there when you pressed your lips against his. At first he was shocked, but then he began kissing you back, but it was short lived because Sam, Quil, Jake, and Embry walked in. They all started shouting stuff and laughing and picked on the both of you. After a while Sam told them all to stop, and you were thankful for that.

From that day on the only thing that changed between you and Paul was how close you were. You didn’t grow apart as you both feared, but you guys grew a lot closer, you were inseparable.


 Pairing: Bones x Reader

Words: 3,912

Warnings: Alcohol, Cursing, Smut, NSFW, Fluff, a little Angst I guess?

I’m kinda nervous about it because I changed it soo many times and had some situations in between…

Summary (It’s bad): The Reader gets drunk and acts on the previous established kinda wonky relationship she has with Bones the next morning.

Have fun! I guess? 


Tonight was just a relief after the last few weeks. Because the group of biologists you had sent down didn’t have enough intelligence to keep their distance to the population on the planet who, of course, didn’t like them snooping around and taking pieces of plants and earth with them. The end of it? A group of whiny biologists in medbay, one of your best colleagues dead, Bones and you lecturing them and the Captain having a serious chat with you. No fun. Which means that this time you would join the others at the bar while you were docked in one of the Federation’s snow globes in space. What could go wrong, right?


“Y/N! Come on! Show him!”, Jim cheers loudly and you roll your eyes at him, he already made his way towards you as you took another sip of your beer.

“Jim, I’m not going to drink Pavel under the table! The poor boy already is a heavy drinker, he doesn’t need encouragement.”, you protest, one of your hands pulling the strapless top of your dress into place as Jim just links his arm with yours and tugs you into the direction of the table.

“Stop complaining, this is going to be fun, Y/N. You ready Pavel, because she’s got some training!” Jim is already slurring and you sit down, shaking your head slightly before you pin your hair back with another needle so nothing falls into your way while drinking. “I’ll go easy on you, kid.”, you remark with a hint of irony and wink at Pavel who doesn’t really seem that intimidated by you. Seeing the vodka bottle for shots you can already tell why.

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Vans Girls’ Catskills Moto Diaries // Babes Ride Out:  Nina Kaplan 

Look up the word “wanderlust” in the dictionary, and we’re pretty sure you’d come across a photo of moto-babe, Nina Kaplan. Her infectious smile, and adventurous spirit make Nina the ultimate road warrior to add to your travel crew, and time-and-time again she has proven to be one of the most adventurous women we’ve ever met. Just like us, Nina traveled from California to attend Babes Ride Out East Coast, and we were excited to catch up with this ball of positive energy in the humid heat of Catskill, New York. Get to know more about Nina, and learn how motorcycles have changed her life, and the advice she has for girls interested in riding. 

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Hide and Seek


Klance fic

Hide and Seek

Smooth dark hands, slapped away the pail fingerless gloved ones. The bitterness in his blue eyes, the anger. All Lance could do in that moment when he saw Keith try to explain that he was still “human” yet part “Galra” was futile. That his transformation was accidental and he didn’t mean to lash out.

“How could you possibly help?” Lance grimaced as he pulled his hand back to his head, to stop the blood flow from a gash above his left brow while sparing with Keith. “You’re the enemy!”  

Keith pulled his hand back, his violet eyes wavered for a moment before he looked away. He felt a pressure rise inside of him, as his heart started to race. He let out a deep breath, trying to calm himself, but nothing seem to relieve it. Those words Lance said, really hurt. It struck a chord so deep, he had to leave, otherwise he would lose it right then and there.

“I’m sorry…” Keith turned to leave, looking down at the ground as Lance didn’t reply back. The door opened, leaving Keith to enjoy his escape. Enjoy that he didn’t have to be around people he hurt. Enjoy that he could leave without anyone telling him to wait.

He left Lance as the man continued to look for some medical supplies, pressing hard so the blood flow wouldn’t reach his eyes.

Lance gave an annoyed sigh, as he pulled out a med-kit. He turned around, expecting Keith to be there, but he was gone. With dark eyes, moved his way over to a wash station to clear away the wound and patch it up himself.

He turned on the water, washing away the blood down the sink. The cut wasn’t as deep as he originally thought, but it still hurt. He took a small vile, snapping it between his fingers and the healing medication did it’s work. It stopped the blood flow, slowly rebuilding the skin tissue. He next reached for a bandage and placed it over his left brow.

Once he was satisfied that the wound was properly taken care of, he went looking for Keith. He walked out of the room, peeking his head out of the door. He looked left, then right. The halls were empty, not a sound could be heard.

“Keith?” He called down. His voice echoed down the empty corridor. He gave a frustrated groan, placing his hands in his pockets, figuring he better find the man. “Always something…”

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Angel Squad

Title: Angel Squad

Characters: Gabriel, Castiel, Lucifer, Balthazar, Y/N (no pairing)

Word Count: 1,132

Warnings: Angst

A/N: I was having a rough day yesterday, but I wrote this for Satan Sunday. If enough people like this, or request it, I can do a part 2. I left it open for that purpose, JUST IN CASE. It could go many different ways. So I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

Being in the bunker while Sam and Dean were off on hunts was usually your time to relax.  Most of the time it gave you a sense of freedom.  Today was not one of those days.  Today you were miserable and lonely.  When you woke up, you didn’t expect to be hit with a wave of depression that would knock you on your ass.  You felt drained; you felt empty.  You knew today was just another bad day, but that didn’t make it any better.

You thought maybe if you had Castiel around, you wouldn’t feel so awful.  Anything was worth a shot at this point.  You knew four angels; one of which you hoped wasn’t too busy saving Sam and Dean’s ass.  Closing your eyes, you prayed for Castiel to come to you.  When you heard a flutter of wings, you opened your eyes.  You quickly spun around, wrapping Castiel in a hug, confusing the angel.

“[Y/N] are you okay?  When I heard your prayer, I sensed something might be wrong,” Castiel asked.  He wrapped his arms awkwardly around your body.  He let you stay in his arms for a few minutes before breaking away.  “I’m sorry [Y/N], but I have to go for now.  I’ll come back later and check up on you.”

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Dick Grayson/ Nightwing X Reader X Jason Todd/Red Hood- Love Toxin (Part 2)

I am on a roll! Since it’s Spring Break for me, I’m planning on writing at least one fic per day, so I might be able to open my requests soon!! YAY!!

Part 1

You cringed at the smell of over intoxicating plants that littered the streets of Gotham.  Obviously you were dealing with the one and only Poison Ivy, who was currently making plants swing at you.  Dick and Jason were right behind you taking care of all the civilians and plants while you were attempting to deal with Ivy.  It had only been a few weeks since your leg had healed and you could join the family on patrol again, but you still held a grudge against Poison Ivy for making the boys act like lovesick puppies when you still had time to recover from your broken leg.  You still wanted to test out your new taser on Killer Croc for making you go through that.

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Mr. Cuddles | RL

Word Count: 2,105

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀❀ ❀ ❀ ❀❀ ❀ ❀ ❀❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

Lucas walks through the hallways at school, maneuvering around the sea of students as he tries to make it to his locker before the bell for last period rings. Today was the last day before spring break and his only goal was to make it through today so he could relax after school without any worries or cares and with his beautiful girlfriend.  

He quickly put in his locker combination, grabbing the rest of his things so he wouldn’t have to make another trip later, and begins to stuff his belongings into his backpack. The feel of someone sliding their finger down his spine catches his attention as he hears an all too familiar voice whisper in his ear.

“Hello gorgeous." 

He smiles and turns to see Riley standing before him. "Hello to you too.” He chuckles, kissing her on the cheek. Suddenly getting to class on time was no longer his first priority. “I missed you today.” He links their fingers together, swinging their hands back and forth as they make their way down the hall. 

“I missed you too.” She sighs, leaning her head against his shoulder as they round the corner. 

12th grade was proving to be their hardest year yet, in terms of their relationship. Unfortunately they had no classes together this time around and because of that they saw less and less of each other. However, because they rarely saw each other during school hours they always tried to make up for it by spending all their free time together when Lucas didn’t have practice and Riley wasn’t working at Topanga’s, that is.

“Practice today?”

“Coach Keller is out sick so, no.” He says, “Although I’m sure he’ll kick our butts and make us do double once he is back.”

“So you’re free today after school?” She raises her eyebrows hopefully. “Because I also happen to be free.”

“Really now?” He smirks, looking around before pulling her into one of the empty halls. He gently pushes her against the lockers, softly kissing her on the lips. “Is that your way of asking me to come over?”

“Is kissing me your way of saying yes?” She giggles, kissing him once more before playfully shoving him away before their caught.  

“I’d love to.” Lucas laughs, wrapping his arm around her shoulder as they continue their trek to class.

“Good because I have a surprise for you.” She teases.  

“What kind of surprise?” He perks up an eyebrow, more intrigued than he was before.  

“Guess you’ll have to come over and find out.” And with that she kisses him on the cheek and slips into her class.

Lucas smiles to himself until the late bell rings and he realizes he was all the way on the opposite side of where his class is. “Shit!”  

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I’ve never loved someone (as much as I love you)

aka First Platonic “I Love You”

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Cassian x Reader

Words: 1932

Series Summary: Cassian and Reader Firsts – from meeting each other to the first time, first kiss, first fight, first “I love you”, to their (first) last breaths (maybe…that might be too depressing)

Time Cassian and Reader have known each other: 7 months

Prompt: Anonymous- “firsts” for cassian x reader please?!? (like first date, first kiss, first fight etc) :-))

Chapter: 5/20

Author’s notes: Always say I LOVE YOU to your friends. My best friend and I say it everyday :D Hope you enjoy!!!!

It had been rough since your return. You had severe flashbacks from your past mission that caused you to constantly feel on edge. Though your time with the rebellion’s psychiatrist helped you were still skittish around others. Because of this your first few weeks back were spent avoiding others. You’d camp out in your room during busy times. You’d eat in the mess hall after hours (thanks Alfi for the food). And you’d immediately turn on heel when you saw someone walking toward you.

Loud noises would startle you and you didn’t like people near you. A gentle brush against your arm would send you hurtling into a defensive position against the wall.

The only person you were okay around was Cassian. He would be a comfort next to you.

He would sit with you in your room when you didn’t feel comfortable leaving. When you walked through the hallway you would feel his warm hand on your back, anchoring you to the ground. He would consciously place himself between you and other people and glare at anyone who was coming too close. He became your shadow in more than one way.

As the weeks passed you were surprised that you didn’t get called for any missions. You were beginning to get antsy. You would ask your supervisor over and over when your next mission was; however, you were always sent away. General Draven finally informed you that you were grounded for the foreseeable future.

To say you took that badly would be an understatement. General Draven still hadn’t regained full hearing in his right ear.

It wasn’t till a week after being grounded (1 month after you had returned) that the rebellion realized they had no one like you. You had somehow become their only bounty hunter. You were one of a kind. The rebellion had never had an issue finding stranded and missing rebels, because you were always there. But now that you were grounded, they had no body. Because of this Draven decided that the new recruits that had just landed would be trained. By you

After the first day of training you were ready to give up.

“They’re incompetent, Cassian. Positively incompetent” You groaned falling back dramatically onto his bed.

“They have no idea how anything works. Marcus couldn’t even hit the target from five feet away, Liana took an hour to pick a lock, and don’t even get me started on Tibbeo, I swear that boy couldn’t replace a light bulb if I asked.”

You looked over to the silent Cassian, bent over his desk scrubbing away on his data pad.

Casssssssian. Stop ignoring me.” You whined.

Cassian snorted, “Now I know how you feel dealing with those bratty children.”

“You shit.” You gasped, taking off your shoe and lobbing it at his head. 

Without even looking he dodged it and looked back at you over his shoulder giving you a loving smirk.

After two months of torture with the thoroughly incompetent children, okay maybe some of them weren’t


bad, you were finally assigned on your next mission. Draven ordered you to take along one of your trainees. You took your top student obviously (though that didn’t mean much). She was decent at fighting and flirting. However, her skills at interrogation and stealth were pretty much non-existent. Her voice squeaked when she would try to yell and one time she knocked over four trashcans, two racks of equipment, and smashed a chair when trying to be “stealthy”.

To say that you were nervous would be an understatement. It wasn’t just that you would have to keep an eye on another living breathing person, but you were worried about getting back out there. Though you had been begging to go back on missions, now you weren’t sure you were ready. Cassian promised that you would be fine and that he would check in on you. And if anything went wrong he would be there in a heartbeat, rules be damned.

After you landed the tension flowed out of your body. You were back in your element. You had nothing to worry about.

The mission began relatively normal. It wasn’t meant to be a difficult one. You just had to locate a stranded rebellion and bring him home. He wasn’t even on an imperial occupied planet. The probability something would happen was slim to none.

What happened next was a freak occurrence. You swear that even if there had been a sign you wouldn’t have seen it.

You’re not really sure what happened, but long story short you got shot. 

It was a scratch.

“That is so not a scratch!” Mila screeched yanking you up off the ground.

After taking care of the problem (yes Mila sometimes you have to “take” care of imperial agents) and finding your rebel, who thankfully was being held by those exact imperial agents, you were able to stumble back to your ship.

After giving Mila directions to fly back to Yavin 4 and making sure your rescued rebel was alright, you went to collapse on the bed in the back of your ship.

Just as you closed your eyes, your comlink rang. Pulling it out you let out a long groan just thinking about the dreaded conversation you were about to have.

“Hey! Fierabrás, how did your mission go? Hopefully Mila is still alive. You didn’t leave her behind, right?”

You took a deep breath, “Before you freak out, just know I’m alright and it’s barely a scratch.”

What happened?”

“I may or may not have gotten myself a little bit shot? 

Cassian cursed.

“I’m fi-“ You started, but Cassian cut you off.

The next ten minutes were full of reprimands, questions, and curses.

When you were finally able to squeeze a word in there, you told him that you had to go.

He grumbled in reply telling you that you had better be in one piece when you get back.

“Hey. Listen, I really need to go check on Mila. Poor kid is probably freaking out. I’ll see you tonight, alright? Love you. See you soon.”

“Love you too,” Cassian said without missing a beat and then the call cut off.

It didn’t take long before you realized what you had said. And then you proceeded to stare at your comlink for the next hour wondering what the fuck had just happened. Little did you know, Cassian was doing the exact same thing.

Had that really just happened?

You should have assumed that this would’ve happened sooner or later. It wasn’t a rare sight to see the affection you two showed each other. From long hugs to kisses on foreheads, pet terms of affections, and lounging together on each other’s beds.  You guessed that this was just like the physical affection, but finally vocalized. However, figuring out what this meant wasn’t exactly coming easy.

You and Cassian had both grown up without family. The rebellion was all you knew for most of your life. Just because the other rebels had become a sort of family didn’t mean that you received the same love and affection you would receive from true family.

However, that had all had changed when you met Cassian. He had become your family. Truthfully, you had been saying “I love you” in many different ways for a long time.

The next few hours of your flight went by too quickly for your liking. As you were landing you were tense. Usually Cassian was waiting on the tarmac for you. But what if he wasn’t this time. What if what you had said caused a rift between you two?

But there he was. You quickly let out a sigh of relief before you hobbled down the ramp. Cassian quickly walked up to meet you, taking off his jacket and draping it around your shoulders.

As he reached up to place his arm around your waist, you flinched away and began to stagger off to the med bay. Cassian fell in step beside you and you both remained tensely quiet for the next few minutes. You weren’t sure what to say and you were still freaking out in your head.

Cassian on the other hand wasn’t as freaked out. After his initial freak-out he had realized that there was nothing wrong with saying “I love you”. He had memories of his sisters and parents saying it. It had been a normal tradition he had missed over the years. A tradition that he planned to keep going with you.

“I can hear you thoughts from over here. Listen… I love you.” Your head snapped up and you backed away from him a little. He put his hands up, “I love you. You’re my best friend. You’re my family. That’s a normal thing to say to family isn’t it?”

You nodded your head.

“Good. Then I’m going to continue saying it. If that’s alright.”

You smiled slightly, your racing thoughts finally slowing down, “I love you too.”

And thus began the tradition of saying, “I love you”.  

 Cassian was usually the one to say it first. Usually it was said in privacy, but as the weeks passed, it grew so comfortable that you would say it wherever you were.

You would say it in the packed hallways when you went your separate ways. He would leave you a note on your workshop’s door. You would scream it across the hangar as you went off on a mission. He would tell you every night before you went to bed.

Like everything else, it soon became a competition on who could outdo each other.

Cassian had a 15 foot banner printed and hung it on your ship.

You made the chef’s and rebellion jazz band sing and play him a love song in the mess hall.

Cassian convinced Draven that if went up to you and said, “Cassian loves you” that he would turn in all his future reports on time for the next four months.

That was not something Draven was going to pass up. So he did it.

Of course, like it usually did, the competition went a little bit too far when you set up 500 candles in the intelligence center. And right there in the middle, red flames spelled out  “I love you”.

It was impossible to move an inch into the room. Let’s just say that seeing the best intelligence agents play “the ground is literally lava” is way more entertaining than you would think.

You were then prohibited from huge spectacles of your love.

However, that didn’t stop the tradition and you said, “I love you” every day.

To the both of you, “I love you,” meant many different things. Stay safe. I’ll see you when I get back. I hope you sleep without nightmares tonight. I picked you up a book from this obscure bookshop on Tatooine. But most of all, it meant I love you, even if you weren’t ready to admit it yet.

I love you became something easy to say for you. However, the lingering uncertainty cowering in the back of your head grew more and more each day. Did you mean more by it? Did Cassian mean more by it? Did you love each other more than family?

Then one day all those feelings you had repressed all those months ago came flooding back. And they were stronger than ever. However, instead of pushing them back this time you let them flow throughout you. And you realized…

You loved Cassian.

Fuck. That was going to come back to bite you in the ass.

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Next up: how did I live so long (without your lips on mine) aka First Kiss


Isharay - Chapter One

Sequel to The Fisher’s Lure (fReyder).


Sara and Reyes will probably never have an idyllic relationship. The Initiative’s a pull that’s always pulling her away from him, and the Charlatan’s burdens aren’t ones that are easily shared. The moments in between, though; they’re beautiful - and they’re enough to keep Reyes hoping that those opposing pulls might one day go away.

Conflict between Andromeda’s allied factions might finally see him get his wish - but there’s an old Earth saying about wishes.

And neither of them are ever careful enough.

(Can’t link to AO3 because of stupid tumblr tags. Please find me anyway?)

Chapter One - Six Months

“I’m not sure about this,” Sara muttered.

The lake wasn’t sapphire blue anymore. It wasn’t cloying and thick, either - at least as far as she could see. It was a wash of delicate teals and greys, lapping at the base of the rock platform quietly. It looked so peaceful.

“You’re sure it’s safe, SAM?”

The sunlight was warm on her neck and shoulders, though a chill still clung to the rest of her. Valley walls loomed around her, the sheer slopes rising steep towards the sky; cradling the glassy tarn between swathes of green-streaked rock. Kadara’s jagged mountains fell away beyond, even if Sara couldn’t see the crags right now - and something about the knowledge caught and buoyed her soul on updrafts.

She was almost literally on top of a world.

SAM sounded like he would have rolled his eyes, if such a thing were possible. “My spectroscopic analysis has a 0.02% margin of error, Pathfinder. If you desire independent corroboration, Dr. T'Perro can conduct additional water quality tests in the Tempest’s med bay.”

Reyes’ shadow fell over her, hands settling heavy on her hips. “Trust me, Sara. We’re completely safe.”

Even after all this time, Reyes’ voice in her ear still sent shivers down Sara’s spine - but they were warm shivers. They chased pirouettes around her vertebrae, gathering around her lungs to turn every breath sweet. His palm smoothed over the small of her back, warmer than the sunlight on her skin.

His touch suddenly firmed -

And he pushed her into the water.

Sara had time to yelp - and flail wildly, spinning on her heel - but she was utterly beyond saving. She hit the water with a splash, icy colour rushing over her while her skin flashed suddenly cold. The water was deep. Momentum carried her down further, sunlight dimming and sound fading; the faint bark of Reyes’ laughter still reaching her in the depths -

A kick, and then another - and Sara broke the surface again, spluttering indignantly. Sopping hair was plastered to her face. She pushed it back out of her eyes, still spitting errant strands and lake water.

“I swear to god, Reyes, you’re going to pay for that.”

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Who is the real traitor in Legends of Tomorrow?

I saw an interview a little bit ago. (I think it was Marc but I’m not sure) that said that there was gonna be a traitor this season. I don’t think that it’s Mick because next episodes promo showed Mick helping the Legends. I think the traitor is Nate. Here’s why. Nate was introduced relatively innocently right? Showed up to Oliver’s office and said that the Legends were in trouble. Without him the Legends would still be scattered and Mick would still be in stasis. BUT the question here is: How did Nate know that the Legends were in danger? And even bigger questions. 1. How did he know they called themselves Legends. 2. How did he know all their names and all their superpowers or talents? How did he know it was those specific people messing with time. How did he even know time travel existed in the first place? If he’s supposed to be this normal average historian human then how does he know about all this? The Legends don’t go around advertising it to everyone they know. So how did Nate know all this? How did he know what to look for? How did he know the time aberrations were created by the Legends? I mean his only explanation for how he knew all this was because his “friend” was a Quantum physicist. Who is this friend? How did they know about the Legends? How did THEY know what to look for and about time travel and about the Legends? Why didn’t THEY come to see Oliver about it? Do they also know Oliver is the Green Arrow? There are so many unanswered questions here. Also if you think about it a lot of things that have gone wrong have been because of Nate or involved Nate. He and Nate fell out of the cargo bay into Japan where Ray’s suit was destroyed. (Or almost destroyed? I don’t remember and I don’t feel like looking back at the episode right now) Nate was the reason Amaya looked at her future in Moonshot and was so upset in this last episode. Nate extremely selfishly wanted to change his past and somehow didn’t get why he couldn’t do that even though he’s a Legend and a historian. Then there’s the thing with the medallion. Nate somehow didn’t notice that they all fit together to make a medallion? Even though he’s an extremely smart historian trained to look for this stuff? When Amaya noticed in a few seconds? Also I’m thinking POSSIBLY Nate started dating Amaya cause he saw her as a threat to him and he thought that maybe if he developed a relationship with her then she would be more likely to trust him and he could mess with her. Also it would make the whole him having sex with Amaya at a really inappropriate time make more sense. (Still doesn’t make sense for Amaya but still) Plus everyone has gotten the opportunity to change their past at some point and bring back their loved ones. But each character who gets this temptation only thinks about it for like a very short while and then straight out says no. Nate however has gotten chances to change his past. And he’s gone straight out to try and take them. And it wasn’t to save someone’s life or bring back a loved one like everyone else. It was just to get a nicer dad. That’s all. And he was willing to alter the course of history to do this. And when he was called out on this he didn’t even think twice about it. He wasn’t even ashamed about it. He told Amaya that she would do the same thing. (Which she does not) Then you have the whole thing where Ray straight out tells him that he cannot date Amaya because she has a destiny Nate doesn’t really even care that it could possibly affect the future in a negative way. He just goes and sleeps with Amaya at the end of the episode anyway. Not worried about the timeline at all. Maybe he even purposely is in a relationship trying to mess up the future. Yeah I know there’s the whole *why send the hemophiliac on such a dangerous mission if he dies they lose their inside man.* BUT. What if Nate becoming Commander Steel was planned? I mean Eobard’s a scientist so I bet he would have been able to tell that Ray was making changes to the chemical thing that made super-nazis who were friggin huge. I’m thinking that Ray and Amaya were specifically kidnapped because they knew that if they threatened Amaya then Ray would go into hero mode and offer to help them. But since he knows that the Legends would never help the Nazis he probably figured that Ray would modify the formula in some way. And since Ray is slightly like Eobard but a hero instead of a villain Eobard could have guessed that Ray would make something for himself to possibly help himself somehow. And then when Nate got injured Ray used it to help Nate. And then Ray gave him the serum which gave him Steel powers. (Totally possible this was just luck) BUT I think that maybe that was planned from the beginning. Specifically so Nate would get Steel powers. Then he would become more useful to them. Also….last episode I feel like he got the blood of Christ destroyed on purpose. Because he’s made of steel so he could have just steeled up and grabbed the vial and then ran to the ship steeled up. But instead he just stayed on the ground and let the vial be destroyed and then stayed on the ground for a few seconds afterwards. All of this just makes me think that Nate is going to be the traitor. Anyone have anything to add? Or any thoughts on this?

Requiem: Part Twelve


“What the hell is going on?” Blake demanded, pushing past a few others. If Cassian saw them all gawking and not training they all would  be running laps until they couldn’t keep themselves elevated. Blake pushed passed Adrien and Zev. He stopped short at Aurora in Dacia’s arms. “Aurora?”

His attention snapped to his cousin and his bruised body. “What happened to her?”

Ash unhooked his arm from Dacia’s shoulder and stepped forward on shaking legs. Ash met his stare and his voice came out hoarse. “We went to the Dawn Court.”

“Why were you in the Dawn Court?!” Blake snarled at his cousin.

Ash didn’t back down. His finger pressed into Blake’s chest, “She went for you! She wanted you-”

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What can I get you? Part 6 (Yondu x Reader)

Part 6!!

Yondu sat in his room staring at the wall. He couldn’t get you off of his mind. He knew he should be more focused on something else but all he could think of was the way your hips swayed when you walked and that grin you gave him. He grinned to himself as he thought about the way your hands always went to his chest when you would kiss him. He looked around the empty metal walls and the plain bed. He imagined what you would look like laying there or what you would decorate the room with. He was snapped out of it when he heard a knock on the door.

“Captain! We’re almost there!” Kraglin informed him .

“Got it.” He yelled back.

Yondu shook his head trying to snap out of it. He ran his hand over his face trying to get you off of his mind. He was getting soft. He needed to focus on his job not you. He grabbed his arrow and his guns walking down to his control room. A wide grin crossed his face as he and the crew touched down on the ancient planet. They were after the sacred relic inside of the temple. A certain person had offered over 4 million units for it. No way was he turning that down.

What he hadn’t been told was that the planet wasn’t abandoned. As they fought off the natives, he couldn’t stop the thoughts of you that ran through his mind. What if he never made it back? He’d never see you again. When Kraglin managed to get his hands on the relic Yondu gave the order to go back to the ship. He was running back to his ship when he got hit. There was a flash of light when the shot his leg. He almost went down but he forced himself to keep going. He managed to get back onto the ramp of his ship when he was hit again. This time it hit his side and he was glad he was on the ship as he fell to the ground. Kraglin helped him up carrying him to the med bay. They fixed him up as much as they could but he shrugged them off going back to the control room.

There was one place he wanted to be right now and he changed the coordinates in his ship. He sat back in his chair holding his side. He fought the pain not wanting to show his crew any weakness. He stood after a minute standing in front of them all despite the searing pain in his leg.

“Ya did a good job. Specially you Kraglin. So we’re takin a leave. ” he announced and the crew cheered already ready to hit the bars.

When the ship docked he made his way to your house. He knew you were already off work. He knew your schedule by now. He knocked on the door his side and leg giving him more pain that he could handle. He gave a small smile as you opened the door standing there in your pajamas with messy hair.

“Yondu? What are you doing here?” You started before seeing him holding his side, “ You can come in.”

He gave you a weak grin as he limped in. You led him to your couch helping him sit. He watched you glad that he had made it back. Yeah you were making him soft all right was all he could think as you stared down at him.

“What can I get you? Are you okay? Do you need like more bandages or anything?” Your worried voice made the pain worth it as he stood to kiss you.

Losing Your Memory 1/2

Summary:  Post Season 2- Amaya saves the Leonard Snart who died at the Oculus, but his rescue comes with an unexpected price to pay. (Mick x Amaya, Captain Canary)

AO3, Fanfiction

               A time storm had been what they were calling it. Temporal energies that had been thrown into a chaotic mess by something- a change in destiny, an unexpected outcome, a severe time aberration. Unless the catalyst of the event was dealt with, a time storm could gradually expand out of the temporal zone until it pushed into time and history itself to create a destructive event in order to neutralize itself. According to Mick and Rip, the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been the results of a time storm that hadn’t been contained in time.

               Now, the Waverider had come across a large one. They had been prepared to extinguish the threat until Gideon detected signs of life within it. Sara had stopped the planned destruction and directed the attention towards the center of the storm, the catalyst of the madness. Suspended in the temporal zone, surrounded by thick bands of chaotic time energy, was Leonard Snart. The very same Leonard Snart who had given his life up at the Oculus. His sacrifice had been the event to create it, since Ray was the one who was supposed to die there. With the knowledge that their formerly dead teammate was at the eye of the storm, wiping him out was no longer an option.

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