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Imagine One Shot -- Just Some Casual Stalking.

Tom HiddlestonxReader

Summary: Tom tells the story of how you get on a talk show.

Graham leaned forward, “So, Thomas,”

Tom laughed immediately, “Oh dear, this is going to be a big one,” he turns to look at the audience, “he only calls me Thomas before the really big questions.”

Graham laughs and nods, “It’s true, very very true. Speaking of True, is it true that you stalked your fiance on set before you met? ”

Tom made a face, “It was just some casual stalking,” Graham and the audience start laughing,

“No, no, Let me explain myself, you see, as you all know (y / n) was the screenwriter of (Romantic Movie Title). We spent hours talking about the script, my character, emails, texts, phone calls. All of that. But never met in person. So, it’s the first week of shooting and I see this girl. This absolutely adorable girl talking to the director. I think, ‘Okay, go get introduced.’ I got grabbed by wardrobe because there was some last minute change and by the time I get back. She’s not there. We start the scene. I think that was when we filmed the wedding scene, and I look out and there she is again, this time over clearly whispering to someone from production, and forget my lines. Totally gone. ”

There is another round of laughter and Tom laughs as well, adjusting a little awkwardly in his seat.

“Yeah, so there I am, speechless,”

Graham laughs, “Was that a first?”

“It was new.” He joined in the laughter and continued. “I shake my head and apologize and get back to filming. When it was a break to change the setup, I just instantly start looking for her again, I need to know who this girl is. I was a man on a mission and I found out" he had a pause for effect, “nothing, she was gone. So I figure, okay she must be involved with the film somehow right? She was talking to some important people. She had to come back. So by this time I was texting (y / n) pretty often, sometimes about the movie and sometimes just to say hello, I call her to save time in texting, she picks up and I say, Oh my God (y / n), I think I fell in love with someone on set today. So, she starts grilling me, what did she look like, who is she? and I start describing this girl,“ anotjer pause "and I hear her laughing,in stereo, turn around and there she is… that adorable girl. So yeah, a little bit of stalking and I found my best friend.”

Dear Journal,

I’ve never been this scared in my life. This morning I woke up early to go get Teddy and we watched the teletubbies. We were cuddled on the couch and Teddy was sipping his chocolate milk when Sirius woke up. He came through the door looking really tired… and pale.

“Goodmorning honey… You look pale, are you okay?” I said, siting up.

Sirius opened his mouth to talk but he instantly fell to the floor.

“Sirius?!” I yelled, running to his side.

He was unconscious. I tried to shake him but he wouldn’t wake up. At least he still had a pulse.

“Sirius.. Babe wake up please! Sirius wake up!” I said, shaking him.

“Dadda?” Teddy said, worry in his eyes.

“It’s okay baby.. Can you get me my wand please?” I said as Teddy grabed my wand that was resting on the table.

“C'mere baby, it’s okay.. do you have your plushie with you?” I asked him.

He nodded and held the stuffed animal close to his chest.

“Okay hold me close alright? We need to get Padda to the hospital.. Can you do that for me honey?” I asked, feeling my heartbeat quicken.

He nodded again and i held him close to me. I took Sirius’ hand and the next thing I knew, we were in St-Mungos.

“I need help please!” I yelled so someone could take care of him.

A lady and a man ran to me and put Sirius’ unconcious body on a barrow. The lady asked me some questions while she took his pulse and they left in a hurry, pushing my husband away from me. The next thing I knew, I was alone with Teddy in the waiting room.

“Dadda?” Teddy asked, tears running down his cheeks.

“Oh it’s okay baby. I’m here.. Padda will be okay alright?” I said, my own eyes getting teary.

“But.. why are you crying?” Teddy said with his little baby voice and his shaking bottom lip.

“I just got scared that’s all honey.. Everything will be alright..” I said, not even believing my own words.

I gave a call to James and Lily so they could come and get Teddy. I didn’t want him to stay here, traumatized. James and Lily arrived a few seconds after our call. They both looked so worried. James was holding something in a blanket and I assumed it was Harry.

“Where is he? Is he okay?” James asked.

“I-I don’t know..” i said, trying not to cry.

Lily took Teddy in her arms and tried to calm him.

“He’ll be fine.. He’s strong.” James said, hugging me.

“I’m s-so scared..” I cried.

“He’ll be fine.. He’s in good hands..” James said.

“Lily.. Can you take Teddy home with you? I don’t want him to see all of this..” I asked her.

“Okay.. but call me when you have any news..” She said, taking Harry in her other arm.

“Dadda?” Teddy said.

“It’s okay honey. I’ll stay here with uncle James and we will wait for Padda okay? I’ll come and get you the minute I can my love.” I said, giving him a kiss on the forehead.

“No.. I want to stay with you..” He said, his eyes getting glossy.

“I know baby.. I know.. I’ll be with you soon I promise.”

“And Padda?”

I took a deep breath and looked at his sad little eyes. He was asking for hope without knowing it.

“Yes.. With Padda..”

“You promise?” He asked, his small hand in mine.

“I promise. I love you my little angel. Now go have fun with Lily and Harry.” I said, trying to cheer him up.

“Okay… but can you give Padda my plushie? It will keep him safe and give him courage.” Teddy said, handing me his stuffed puppy.

“I will baby. He’ll be happy to have it with him.”

“I love you Dadda.”

“I love you too Teddy.”

And then Lily, Harry and my little Teddy disapeared. I colapsed on my knees and started crying uncontolably. James took me in his arms and whispered in my ear, that everything was going to be alright. My Sirius. My love. I just wanted to hold him…

Once I calmed down, he called Regulus to let him know what was going on. He also came rushing in a few minutes later. When he saw me, he hugged me close to him. I felt like I was hugging Sirius in some way.. They look so much alike..


After about 3 hours of waiting and stressing out, a lady came in with a note pad. James, Regulus and I instantly stood up.

“Are you all related to Mr.Black?” The lady asked,

“I’m his husband..” I said.

“And I’m his brother..” Regulus said.

“Well.. I’m his best friend..” James added.

“Okay.. He just woke up, he’s doing good. You guys can go see him in a few minutes.”

My heart started beating again. He was okay. I sighted and Regulus and James both hugged me.

“I need to tell Teddy.. He must be so worried..” I said.

“I’ll go get him, don’t worry about it… Go get our Padfoot.” James smiled, his hand on my shoulder.

“Thank you Prongs..” I said.

The lady came back in and told me to come in.

When I walked in, Sirius was there. He was laying on the bed his eyes half opened. The machine was beeping to the sound of his heartbeat and he had and I.V. In his hand. When he saw me, he smiled.

“Hey..” he said, his voice raspy.

I walked up to him and gave him a kiss. I brushed my hand on his cheek, as if I needed to know this was real.

“I was so worried..” I said, tears rolling down my cheeks again.

“I’m sorry.. The doctor said I got dehydrated and my bloodpressure went down really quickly so I collapsed..” He said, talking really slowly.

“Are you in pain?” I asked.

“No.. I just feel really tired.. Where’s Teddy?” He asked, looking around for his son.

“Lily took care of him. He’s on his way with James.. He was so scared for you.. Oh, he told me to give you this..” I said, handing Sirius the stuffed puppy Teddy always loved.

“He said that it would protect you and give you courage..” I smiled.

“Merlin he’s adorable..” Sirius chuckled.

“I love you.. You scared me.” I said, kissing his lips once more.

“I love you too.. I’m sorry.” He said.

We then heared small steps coming into the room.

“Padda!” Teddy said, running to the bed.

I picked him up so he could sit on the bed and hug Sirius.

“You Okay Padda?” Teddy asked.

“I’m okay baby.. I’m sorry I scared you. Your little Padfoot puppy gave me some courage, thank you for letting me keep it.” Sirius smiled.

“You needed him more than me.. i love you Padda.. You too Dadda..” Teddy said, smiling to both of us.

“Oh we love you too baby bear.. We love you so so much..” Sirius said.

Regulus, James and Lily got their turn to talk with Sirius. They were all relieved. The nurse asked us to stay until next morning so they could check on Sirius.

“You can go home babe, I’ll be fine..” Sirius said.

“For the number of times you stayed with me at the hospital wing, You should let me stay..” I smirked.

He smiled and kissed me.

That night, we watched a movie all cuddled in Sirius’ hospital bed. Sirius and I were side by side, and Teddy on my chest. I got Sirius some flowers from the gift shop. He liked them a lot. He fell asleep with Teddy cuddled against him when night came. I watched my two loves cuddling and smiled to myself. I got scared today, but everything was alright.

We were together.

May 24th 1998


Believe it or not, this is what my local movie theater looks like!!!!!

This looks amazing and my jaw fell to the floor when I saw this!!!!!!

This is not the only movie theater I go to, but the whole design of the theater is gorgeous!!!!

The designs on the walls that show famous characters from movies, cartoons, television, are so inspiring to look at! I love those characters and they made me who I am today! And I still love them! 😘😊😍😁

I saw the sci-fi movie, “Life”, in this theater. And it was really good! 👍🏻

And uh… yeah! That’s pretty much it!

That’s my take! (TRADEMARK)

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Dear Anton

Dear Anton.

It’s been too long since I saw you. To be honest, I wanted to know you, I really did, and I miss you so much. I don’t like talking about you like you’re dead. It feels strange even now, and like something I’m being forced to accept.

I started a blog about you. It’s gotten fairly popular. I can’t help but to think, I wish I didn’t have this blog. I have all these followers because of you, I have people giving me messages, telling me they miss you too, and how they wish you weren’t dead, like I led them to some comfort and honestly I’m glad I can help them in the wake of your memory.

But that’s just it, Anton, the reason I have this blog is because you died. I wish you were still here, I wish it so much. It hurts every time I say or do something for you, and I need you back here.

I was just thinking, as I went for a walk in the snow, I’m so sorry you can’t see this anymore. I look outside as I’m riding in a car and music in my ears, and I think, “I am so goddamn happy to be alive.”

But then, I remember, what about those people that aren’t? You’re missing so much, every day, and I kept on living and seeing these things because I know if you aren’t here, someone else has to see them. You’re an intrepid, amazing, kind soul, and I am so sorry I couldn’t make it to your photo gallery.

Your photo gallery. It killed me, knowing I couldn’t make it. I’m so caught in the middle of school, keeping my grades up so maybe, just maybe I can make valedictorian so I can feel a bit better about myself and the way things are.

But that doesn’t matter. I feel as if I’m trying to talk myself up and I’m really not. I say “I miss you, I miss you” so much that it almost seems like it’s trying to form a moot point, a horse that’s long been beaten into the dust.

You’re a really amazing person. I think, if we were just trying to be basic, that’s what I’d say. You’re amazing. An amazing actor, photographer, person that I never got the privilege to meet, not really. What I had with you wasn’t enough to say I even remotely knew you.

I wish I could admit these things to anyone else. You know they won’t listen. I can barely listen myself. I’m trying to distance myself, you know, and it didn’t work. Actually, I’d be lying if I said I tried to distance myself completely.

So, we all decided to do this thing, giving you letters on your birthday, sending them out on helium balloons or posting them, or even just writing them, keeping them. I’m going to write a handwritten one too. It’ll probably be considerably shorter, but I’m sure you have enough letters on your plate, in your hands, right now.

It breaks my heart, what happened, and I wish more than anything that you were still here. God, I want to see another movie with the casting decision of Anton Yelchin for the lead role, the side role, any role at all.

I’ve loved so many things since you went away, like the sky and the snow, even though I’m horribly sick of it by now. Do you remember the way it looked when the sun hit it, or maybe snowflakes when the moonlight fell through the night air? It was like we were in a snowglobe.

I want to tell you so much about the world today. There are also things I don’t want to tell you, because a shit ton of bad things still happen and you don’t need to worry about those anymore. The sun comes out more and more each day, it seems, and the trees are starting to bud.

I wonder, what is it like for you now? Are you there, Anton? Ground control

I wish so much for you to be here with us today and now and here, so so very much. Happy birthday, and I hope the rest are happy too, even though they aren’t your birthday. I hope each day you had wasn’t harried or harsh on you, I hope you lived so many happy days with amazing people that love you so much.

I really do wonder what’s going on where you are. Is it pretty? Is it blank? Can you hear me? What can you see?

No, don’t answer that. I hope it’s so wonderful.

I wrote you a letter and buried it in the snow next to your grave. You know what I mean. I won’t bother to clarify. I hope you see it too.

I miss you so, so much, Anton, more than I can really explain.

I promise I will never forget you. 


“With all the love that I possess,”


The Oscars

Summary: The night of the night takes a rather unexpected turn. (Words : around 2350)

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: F L U F F !!!!!

A/n: probably everything about this is not so overwhelmingly awesome but I just wanna rase awareness of the fact that the speech the reader gives is something I’m really sorry for ! 😅😅😅

Requested: by @sebatianstanisbae

The academy awards were always a really big deal.
Everyone dresses up nice, looks nice, feeld nice. It was by far one of the most popular and greatest event when it came to award shows.
So of course your answer was not long considered when your boyfriend asked you if you would go to the Oscars with him.

Both of you had a part in it this year anyway, Sebastian as nominated and you as a presenter.
So when the day came you were all excited and totally impatient, however you saw Sebastian being all nervous all day long but you didn’t think much of it, assuming he was just freaking out about the fact that he was nominated as best actor in a leading role.

You didn’t question him about it, you didn’t confront him about it you were just there for him.

So the morning was mostly spend cuddling and stealing kisses from one another.
Both of you didn’t leave the bed since you woke up, Sebastian only left once to get some breakfast for both of you but came back quickly.

There was a movie playing on TV but neither of you paid attention to it as you were preoccupied with each other.
You looked into Sebastian’s eyes deeply with a smile playing on your lips, and he glanced right back at you looking worried and overwhelmed.

Your hands were on each other without a pause, whether it was him caressing your cheek or pushing your hair out of your face, or you running your hand through his hair or drawing patterns on his arm, you would always be in touch. Still you weren’t able to get the frown off his face, no matter what you did.

You couldn’t see him like this anymore and so you decided to offer him to talk about it.
Your hand went up to cup his jaw and he leaned into your touch, closing his eyes.

“What is it ,seb?” You asked softly, your gaze never once leaving his furrowed brows, which only frowned deeper at your question.
“You’ve been nervous and worried all day long, are you okay?” You questioned and he leaned his head back to the other side so he was now in the position he was in before, opening his eyes and looking at you with deep adoration and love.

“I am just nervous I think” he frowned, looking at you deeply.

“Its gonna be fine” you told him, capturing his lips in a soft , tender kiss.

Sebastian wished he could stay like this forever, just being with you ,seeing you, feeling you, hearing you. He wished he could take this moment and live in it forever.
Because here, with you, he felt at ease even if there was something bothering him, he would always feel comfortable and safe around you and it was just the exact same the other way around. This sort of comfort was one that made it seem like you have been knowing each other for years but instead it was just the love you felt for each other that made everything so much better. And every single day both of you would be surprised that this wasn’t only a dream, because it felt so surreal even if it was reality.

He never wanted to let you go again but you pulled away from him eventually, getting lost in his eyes as always.
Seeing the ocean in them, the stars, the sky, everything.
He eyes were all you wanted to see, at once, they shone so bright every time yours met his.
It was the thing you loved about him the most, that you could look at him and get lost for days.

You managed to come out of your haze and stroked his cheek and jaw “we gotta get ready” you told him in absence, your eyes still looking into his and you gave him a last small peck on the lips before turning around and leaving the bed.

Sebastian stared after you, watching you leave the room and once he was sure you were far away enough, he got the box from his night stand.

He opened the little velvet box to reveal a beautiful silver ring with a diamond placed onto it.
It was the ring your mother told him to buy, it was one of his favorites too, yet he was very insecure when he stood in the shop, but your mother , who was with him to help and support him, just like his mother, telling him to buy it finally convinced him.

He was worried about it all day long, he wanted to propose to you today.

He started doubting when he woke up, scenarios came to his mind, images of how you said no , one worse than the other. He thought of stuff he did making you want to turn him down, he counted the cons of himself and that didn’t really made him feel good but he couldn’t stop himself.

But this moment right now, this moment he shared with you gave him New strength, new confidence.

He’d propose, no matter what ,that was sure all the time ,but you somehow made it clear to him that there wouldn’t be a no.

You took all his fear away and he was so amazed at how good you made him feel by just being there for him.
He smiled down at the ring in contention and thoughts about how good it would look like on your finger.
He loved that imagination, somehow, he just loved it.

He closed the box again, put it into his sweats and stood up from the bed going to get ready for one of the most important nights in his life.
He smiled at himself as he thought about it, this was going to be the best night of his life.

At least until he’d marry you.

Both of you stood in the living room, being all ready and cleaned, your stylists left about twenty minutes ago and you looked amazing.

Sebastian wore an all black tux and his short hair was nicely styled to the back.
You thought he looked incredibly handsome.

You had a long, black, mermaid kinda dress which hugged your curves perfectly but loosened up from your thighs on and flew down to the ground nicely.

You said you wanted to match Sebastian’s outfit, even if it was a little cheesy, but they gave you an all black dress anyway.

Your hair and make up however made up for the plainness of the dress. You looked great, without being arrogant.

Your eye make up was intense, it was very dramatic with the black catwing eyeliner and the voluminous mascara, your eye shadow however was in golden tones, making your eyes sparkle and shine even brighter.

You loved all of your make up, from the lips to the eye-shadow but your hair was incredibly awesome too.
It was in loose waves, falling over your shoulders in voluminous manner and some were loosely pinned up. The Jewelry was a nice TouchUp to the amazing rest.

Your first glance to the mirror was supported by a gasp, you didn’t recognize yourself as you slowly looked over the person in the reflection.
You looked amazing and if you’d have to you couldn’t find one single thing that you liked the most because everything about it was so amazing that it took your breath away, just as Sebastian’s.

Both of you made your way down and into the almost luxurious black car.
Sitting inside, Sebastian’s hand found yours immediately and you looked at him with a smile playing on your lips.
The drive was spend in silence, only the touch of each other bringing both of you comfort.

Once there, both of you exited the car and walked down to the red carpet,Sebastian’s hand on the small of your back, leading you and protecting you from whatever may be.
You took some photos, gave some interviews, shared hugs with friends and finally made your way into the building, searching your seats.

“Are you okay?” Sebastian asked concerned as both of you sat down. You looked at him with a smile and nodded “are you?” You asked, a frown taking over as you rested your hand on his arm.
He smiled back at you and nodded as well, he then leaned over to you, capturing your lips in a sweet kiss.

The night went out better than you thought it would, and it wasn’t even nearly over. You just loved everything about it, being joyful and cheery the whole time.

Suddenly a woman came over to you telling you it was your turn to present and you smiled at her before looking at Sebastian, laying a hand on his cheek and getting lost in his eyes for a moment before pulling him in for a short kiss.
“See you in a minute.” You told him with a smile and stood up, walking to the stage as the woman took a seat in your place.

You went backstage and another woman checked your make-up and a man, a staff member, gave you an envelope and you suddenly felt the nervousness hitting up as your stomach turned, this was a huge deal, you’d be presenting best actor in a leading role and that was not nothing, but you took a deep breath and decided to push that feeling to the back of your mind.

Someone waved you over, signaling it was time for you to get on stage, you closed your eyes for a second before opening them and walking out on stage with a tight smile.

You immediately searched for Sebastian, knowing it would be easier to talk when you looked at him.
You could talk to him about everything, his calming eyes were all you needed to feel better.
Once you found him on his seat looking at you with a smile, you started talking.

“We are here today to celebrate movies and films.
But what would movies be without their actors?
The actors are the ones who bring the movie to life, who make us feel with the characters, who make us fall in love with them through their movies, whether they are actresses or actors, they are the most important persons”

You began having to smile a little wider at the ridiculousness that your boyfriend was an actor as well and you fell in love with him through a movie

“They make us laugh, cry or even shout at the TV.
Without the great job of the actors, a movie wouldn’t be a movie.” You finished your speech, a little insecure since you didn’t even know if it was good or made no sense at all.
“I’ll present the best actors in a leading role, and the nominees are:” you stopped letting the computer voice introduce all the actors as your eyes stayed on Sebastian’s the whole time until he blushed and looked down with a smile after hearing his own name as a nominee, making you grin at the adorable sight.

As the voice muted you stepped a bit forward again talking in the microphone “and the winner is…”
You started as you opened the envelope, immediately breaking into a big smile as you saw the name

“Someone who deserves 20 Oscars but who am I to judge” you shrugged with a giggle before turning the envelope to the cameras “Sebastian Stan” you cheered looking to him seeing his head shooting up to the mention of his name, seeing you smiling at him and he didn’t know what was happening until it clicked and he shot up from his seat going on stage to you, pulling you in for a kiss which was probably to calm his nerves but you didn’t care as his hand found yours before he pulled away receiving his academy award looking at it in disbelief.

He turned to the microphone and started talking
“Wow…” he started with his eyes fixed on the Oscar in his hands but then turning to the audience wide eyed “I never thought this would happen, that’s crazy” he said receiving a few laughs and giggles “ but I really really wanna thank my family and friends for supporting me in every situation, I wanna thank my fans for everything and of course I wanna thank y/n y/l/n.” He said looking back at you and signalling you to stand next to him as he took your hand in his and looked into your eyes.

“you are here for me whenever I need you, you support me in every way possible and you help me in everything” he started and your eyes started to get watery already “you are the love of my life and I want to thank you for everything you’ve done, without you I wouldn’t be here.” He told you adoration sparkling in his eyes before he gave you a nervous smile and handed his award to the woman standing behind him and took your other hand in his now as well.

“y/n I love you so much and I want to love you for the rest of my life, I want us to grow old and I want us to be together forever.” He told you a spark in his eyes and you already had tears streaming down your face, you smiled at him a nervous laugh escaping your lips every now and then to hide your excitement.

But then he went down on one knee looking up into your eyes as your hand flew to your mouth in disbelief
“Y/n will you do me the honor, of marrying me ?” He finally asked and you zoned out now, happy tears streaming down your face as you chocked on a ‘yes’ but you knew he understood when he broke into a huge grin and got a ring out of his pocket to slide it onto your finger.

The whole room erupted in cheers, whistles and claps but none of you noticed as you were too lost in each other.

You pulled him up to you in a salty yet emotional kiss full of love. Your hands on his cheeks just as your tears which he felt wet on his own skin as his hands rested on your hips rubbing circles into the fabric of your dress with his thumb.

He deepened the kiss and you wished you could stay in this moment forever but you pulled away after a moment or two and looked at him with a tight smile that matched his and both of you had a glow in your eyes showing all the love for each other.

He pecked your lips one last time before taking his Oscar and turned to the microphone, his arm found its way around your shoulders and he held his award up in the air
“Best night of my life” he cheered into the microphone making the whole room clap and cheer again as he lead you backstage, his arm around your shoulders and yours around his waist and when you finally arrived he pulled away and turned capturing your lips in another loving tender kiss, knowing this was just the beginning of a wonderful and great life.


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My Muse

AN: Namjoon has his faults, he sometimes lashes out, ignores you- and that makes you think he doesn’t love you. He does, and he’ll go to the ends of the world to show it. After all, you are his muse. 

Genre: Angst/fluff

4,000 words 

Originally posted by byulhoseok

“Morning babe.” You said, kissing Namjoon’s cheek. No response. He was sat down at the dining table, a bunch of papers in hand and his notebook with his eyebrows furrowed. He was probably looking over lyrics, but his ignorance towards you hurt. 

You put the kettle on for your morning coffee, but was instantly met with a growl from Namjoon.

“Can’t you wait till later for your coffee? I’m writing here.” He said, annoyed by the bubbling sounds the kettle was making. His voice was sharp, to any other person who didn’t know you were together- it would sound so rude. It was rude. You lived under the same roof and this is the type of attitude you get from someone whose supposed to adore you. 

You turned it off in annoyance, and decided to have some cereal first instead. You fixed a quick bowl and decided to take breakfast upstairs, since your boyfriend was being an utter ass hole. 

You were confused about him. He’s either all over you, adoring you or he’s like this. Cold and distant, not wanting to be bothered. You got that he was an introvert, and so were you- but introverts let other introverts who loved them in, right?

Maybe that was apart of the problem. Namjoon didn’t know you were in love with him, and from what you guessed- he certainly wasn’t in love with you. 

From his behaviour, you wondered if he’d ever love you. 

You sat down on the floor, a book in hand as you munched on your cereal alone. 

You felt horrible and pathetic, all you wanted to do was have breakfast with your usually busy boyfriend and he shut you out like you were a bother. 

You were nearly finished with your bowl and starting to just spoon drink some of the left over milk, when you heard Namjoon’s footsteps come up. The door was open, so he could probably see where you were. He had probably come up to get something from his storage space, but noticed you sitting on the floor.

His face still looked angry and worried. 

“There’s a table downstairs, go eat on that.” He said, even ignoring any chance you had to respond by continuing his walk down the hall to get into his storage space. 

Tears welled up in your eyes- gosh, did your boyfriend hate you so much? 

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I fell in love with The Beauty and The Beast

So today I went to the cinema and now I’m full of feels, I want to watch it again

Every detail about this movie was really beautiful and touching

Belle’s past and Beast’s past, the new songs and the classic songs, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And what really enchanted me was (I know it will sound corny) the way Beast’s eyes light up everytime he looks at Belle

Avengers Assemble

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

summary: After a whole week of craziness, there is nothing like a team movie night!

length: 780 words

note: happens in the timeline of Avengers 2012, pairings include Stony and Bruclintasha

a/n: I feel awkward today in terms of tumblr and fandom stuff, so decided to write something short to make myself feel better and remind myself why I fell love with Avengers in the first place. inspired by this prompt. big thank you to @amazingmsme for suggesting to write it as a team movie night!


Avengers Assemble

“Excuse me, coming through, oops, sorry, better watch out with that soda — hey, handsome!”

Steve chuckled, as Tony wiggled himself all the way in the narrow space between the couch and the coffee table, bumping knees with Nat, and making Clint spill soda all over himself, until he reached his destination and planted himself in Steve’s lap, grinning happily when his journey ended.

“Hey, Tony,” Steve replied, wrapping arms around his boyfriend’s waist, and holding him close.

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bts - you wear a saree.

Request:  Hello, I’ve scrolled through your blog a lot and I love your reactions! Can you please make a “BTS reactions as to when their crush wears a saree” (I’m from India, please Google up what a saree is if you’re confused). Thank you so much for taking up my request 😘 love your blog! 

i did as you were already a couple, that’s easier for me. I hope you like it, I’m sorry if something didn’t make so much sense. (。・ω・。)ノ♡


To him, you were even more perfect. He had never seen you wearing this before. Well, in Korea, no one wears such clothing, so when he went to India with you, you dressed in one of your sarees for him.


“What is it?” He asked when he saw you with the saare. “Saree, did you like it?” “Are you kidding? You look even more beautiful wearing this!” I’m feeling like a teenager in love. “AW! I love you, baby.” “Okay, stop.”


He would be all excited. “BABY! THAT’S SO BEAUTIFUL” He smiled as you showed him. “Oh really?” “Here, let me take a picture of you, I’ll send it to my mother.” “You’re an idiot!” You laughed.


You usually never wear a saree, only on occasions that ask for it. Today you had a family dinner and they would all use one, so you put yours on. “Oh my god …” He said looking at you. “What, i look so ugly?” “No! you look wonderful!” “Thank you baby.” You kissed him.


He had never seen a saree in real life. Only in photos and movies. When he saw his girlfriend dressed in one, he fell in love even more! “JAGI! Oh my god, how can you look so beautiful?” I can’t believe it. “You’re so cheesy!” You said laughing. “And you’re so beautiful …”


At first he would be confused to see you wearing it. But then he’d remind that you’re Indian and would laugh at himself for having forgotten that. He’d already seen you wearing sarees for pictures, but never in person. He found it even more beautiful. “Can we take a picture together? You’re so beautiful and I need to record it!”


He was certainly going to be shocked. Not because it is weird or ugly, he would be shocked by how beautiful you looked wearing it. You were embarrassed and afraid he didn’t like you wearing it, but he loved! He took hundreds of pictures and send the members saying “look at how beautiful my girlfriend is.” And that sort of thing. So in love.

requests are open! feel free to ask.  ♡

BBRae Week: Day 6

Beach vs Rainy Days

Hahaha, I’m not late. I still have a half an hour before today officially ends for me. Bet you thought I forgot. NOPE.

Garfield Logan could pinpoint the exact moment in which he fell in love with Raven.

It hadn’t been like anything the books or the movies quite described. It hadn’t even been anything like what he’d experienced before.

The feeling had come sudden and strange, both foreign and familiar, as if it had been but a shadow, clinging to his heart all along. His feelings were a genuine paradox, but he couldn’t have been any more certain. If anything, he should have berated himself for taking so long in the first place.

She’d stood in the centre of it all, oblivious to every living thing around her, including him.

The rain came down from the heavens in angry sheets, the thunder roaring through the darkening sky. Lightning crackled in the distance, illuminating the encroaching bleakness of the day. The black clouds rolled in, hovering precariously over the roiling waters. Wave after crashing wave, matching the quickening of his own pulse.

It was the thunderstorm, as predicted, with the two of them caught in its menacing winds. The same winds that had effectively ruined Beast Boy’s weekend trip he’d so meticulously planned. He’d never have thought it would also have been responsible for such a wonderful discovery. It was like inhaling the first breath of a crisp, winter day; an icy, cold shock to the system.  

The difference was, he hadn’t minded in the slightest…

[folloooooww the cut~]

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Boyfriend Mark pt.2

for my one and only @zxtlx akksksbsjs

  • we’re such trash for mark i cant even
  • and who isnt tbh , mark lee is just wonderful
  • im about to kill myself and y'all with this post ,
  • lots of fluff coming up , dont cry im warning you
  • okay let’s start

  • like taeyong , he’d probably all you his princess/baby

  • and he treats you like one too
  • your contact name on his phone is saved as “ my jagi 💜💜💕❤ /inserts 828292 more emojis/ ”
  • and likewise , he asked you to save his as “ babe 💜💜💕❤ /emojis everywhere / ”
  • one time haechan caught him texting you ,
  • he almost puked when he saw the convo because it was too sweet and corny
  • “ princess i miss you :-( ”
  • “ babe i miss you too , how’s practice going ? ”
  • “ pretty good , but it’d be better if you were here though ”
  • /haechan starts puking at this point of time/
  • he loves you so much he set the password on his phone lockscreen to your birthday
  • and probably every other password he has too
  • he writes/sings/raps songs for you
  • and asks you for your opinions on them
  • he’s so clueless and confused all the time he often asks you stupid questions
  • “ wait why are you giving me a gift suddenly ”
  • “ it’s your birthday today … ? ”
  • “ oh really , i didn’t know ”
  • “ babe i wished you last night at 12am sharp ?? ”
  • “ you did ? im sorry i think i fell asleep during the movie ”
  • “ oh my god , mark you even replied me ”
  • “ you serious ? but thanks anyway , i love you so much ”
  • and you cant help but pinch his cheek because he’s too adorable
  • sleeptalking mark acting up
  • talking about sleeptalking he often hugs you in the middle of the night
  • and mumbles something like
  • “ i … sarang you ”
  • “ you are my jagi ”
  • “ Y/N’s so cute ”
  • and you’re just there beside him blushing and hugging him tighter because his sleeptalk is always a form as entertainment for you
  • he makes weird noises and background noises when y'all have conversations
  • be it together with the other members ,
  • or just the two of you alone
  • “ okay guys let’s meet up next week ”
  • “ alrights , im looking forward- ”
  • “ yes !!! ”
  • “ woo !!! ”
  • “ yeah … ”
  • “ mark … stop what are you doing ”
  • he’s so sweet and nice he actually got you a guitar ,
  • so he could teach you how to play it
  • and also another reason was because he wanted you to sing songs with him next time
  • he stares at you from afar when you have events/performances
  • and everytime he has that proud motherly smile on his face
  • and he’d always give you two thumbs up to cheer you on
  • one time you accidentally fell down on stage ,
  • he got right of his seat and ran forward to the stage to help you up
  • all within like 0.292993 seconds
  • he even piggybacked you down
  • and obviously the whole school saw so there were lots of cheering over mark’s actions
  • that’s how y'all became the popular couple in school
  • even the teachers are supportive of the relationship and lowkey ships the both of you
  • like how they always make the both of you to pair up to do work/projects/presentations
  • one thing he really hates though ,
  • is when you get really sad and emotional ,
  • because he feels like he isn’t doing enough to comfort you and he starts blaming himself
  • but when you tell him all you need is a hug from him ,
  • he gives you the tightest and warmest hug you ever received
  • and he also gave you a small peck on the lips after
  • he smiles a little because he’s glad he’s able to help you
  • he brings you out on food dates almost everyday
  • and instead of you , he’s always the one getting fascinated by the variety of different foods
  • he also loves sharing/complimenting you on social media
  • there would always be a long paragraph of words for his captions for every picture of you
  • and on every single one the members wuould comment and tease him
  • “ ‘jagi i love you’ why do you never say that to your hyung here ” - taeyong
  • “ lee donghyuck error 404 not found ” - haechan
  • “ mork hyung and y/n so cute !! ” - chenle
  • “ why is mark never like that to us /tags the other members/ ” - yuta “
  • on the bright side, the other members really support your relationship and are always there for the both of you
  • my mind’s blocked now so i’ll stop here im sorry
  • in conclusion , date mark lee , he’s boyfriend material af
  • also a clueless little bean
  • i hope you liked it !!
Loud Whisperer (Louis Tomlinson Imagine)

Originally posted by 2tiedships2

(not my gif! credits to owner)

REQUEST: (from anon) If you are still doing requests, can you do one where Y/N and Louis are best friends but Louis secretly has feelings for Y/N and tells Liam that he has feelings for her but she over hears? Sorry I’m really bad at making requests!

My first imagine got a lot of great feedbacks! Thank you so much! I’m so sorry that this one took too long… I kinda fell and hit my bum so I had to rest and do nothing for a few days…

Anyways… Enjoy! Requests are still open. 

Masterlist here (x)



One may ask how I started feeling differently towards Y/N, my best friend. You can try asking, but even I don’t know the answer. All I know is that after that one night, I finally knew…

I fell in love with my best friend.


We were at Y/N’s place for our movie date night.

Before, it was just something that Y/N and I did ever since we were 12. Every Friday, our parents would allow us to sleep over to each other’s house and finish homework together. We’d then eat dinner and watch a few movies until we fall asleep on our sleeping bags laid on the living room floor.

With One Direction, we seldom have the chance to do so. And when we do it, the lads usually tag along with their girlfriends. Luckily today, we had the night to ourselves. It’s been awhile since Y/N and I had our movie date to ourselves. It was a refreshing feeling, to be left alone with her like old times.

“Hope Chinese is ok? I ordered our usual.” Y/N said to me as soon as I get pass the door.

“You actually read my mind. I was just about to ask if you wanted Chinese.” I said, directly making my way to the living room to set up my sleeping bag. As I was about to unzip my sleeping bag, I felt a pang of nausea, making me sit down on the couch. Y/N entered the room, seeing me collapse on the couch.

“Lou? You ok?’ she asked, checking to see if I was ok.

“Gosh Lou! You’re burning up!” she exclaimed.

“I woke up with a headache but thought nothing of it. Didn’t know it’d end up this bad.” I said in all honesty. Y/N sighed.

“Alright. Put your arm around my shoulder. Let’s get you to the bedroom.” She said,

“But what about the movie night?” I asked, the feeling of guilt and a mix of nausea overtaking my body.

“Who cares! Your health is more important.” She explained.

The whole night Y/N took care of me. She wiped sweat off my forehead and rubbed my back when I felt the need to puke. The feeling of her that close from me… it felt comforting, familiar. It was that kind of feeling that made me want it more and more. It was the feeling that I didn’t want to let go.

The next day I woke up with a sleeping Y/N beside me. The first thing that caught my eyes were her lips. My mind immediately thought about how it would’ve felt with mine.

After years of pushing the feeling away, I admitted to myself. I’m in love with my best friend.


Tonight was the first time in months since we’ve had our movie night. Unfortunately, the lads along with their girlfriends tagged along. It was my turn to host, so everyone was now gathered inside the mini theater I had in the house.

“Lou! Could you get more beer and popcorn? We’re all out from here.” Niall shouted from the mini bar inside the theater room. I groaned and stood up.

“And maybe bring in those prawn crisps from the Philippines in your pantry?” Y/N asked with a pouty face.

“No one’s touching my prawn crisps. Eat what’s being served.” I said. Those prawn crisps are my guilty pleasure. I don’t know why, but they’re addicting.

“Please!!!!!” Y/N begged, giving me those pouty eyes and lips once more.

“Ugh! Fine! But just one pack.”

What else can I do… that pouty face got me.

“I’ll go with you, lad.” Liam said.

We went down and got everything we needed. As we were waiting for the popcorn to finish, Liam asked out of the blue, “So, no plans on making a move?”

“A move on who?” I asked.

“You know who.” He said, winking.

“She’s my best friend. What can I do? I can’t lose her.” I said, with a ‘duh’ tone.

“But you do love her right? You’re so whipped.” He said, picking up the beer from the fridge.

“I am, mate. I really am… and I really do. I care for her like no other. She makes me feel special and I hope I can make her feel half as much as she does me.” I said, smiling like an kid who was just given candy.

When we turned around to get back inside the theater, we were surprised to see Y/N by the door, eyes wide open. Nervousness started filling my entire body.

Did she hear us?

“I heard.” Y/N said, reading my mind once again. I was stuttering, trying to come up with an excuse.

But I wasn’t given the chance. I was about to open my mouth to say something when I felt a pair of lips connect to mine.

Y/N’s lips.

And just like how I knew that I love her, I knew that she loved me back.

Something looked… off.. about Red today.

Maybe it was the way his posture was slouched forward or how his eyes dipped in and out of sleep. A gentle nodding of his head would stir him suddenly awake and the cycle would continue. Since the monster had come to visit he hadnt been up for any of their usual games, refused to smoke, fell asleep during movies…

Stretch felt it would be impossible to ask Red what was wrong, the monster had issues with sharing personal ‘feely emotion shit’. So he went to Blue and asked him if he knew. Somehow his younger brother was able to get Red chatty, so if anyone knew it would be him .

“ Oh, Red? ” Blue stirs a bowl of something unidentifiable that would no doubt become breakfast.

“ Yeah, has he said anything to you?”

“… Hmm nope. ” He goes back to stirring his pot but with a whick of excitement flings the spoon in the air in triumph, the answer coming to him and sauce splattering on the ceiling. “ Oh! WAIT! I know! Red is prego! ”

Stretch nearly spills his coffee. “Shhhh! Blue you shouldnt say that! What if he overhears you!”

“Well, he should already know hes prego right?”

“ Hes definitly not… Prego. Hes just chubby Blue. I mean… We’ve only been dating for a little while sex is… ” he stops himself midsentence, realizing hes telling all this to his baby bro. The innocent bundle of joy still trying to get Edge to fingerpaint with him. “… sextant is an instrument to measure ocean altitudes… “

He stumbles through the sentence with some difficulty but the look on Blues face, the wonder of new facts, makes him feel acomplished as an older bro.

” Oh! So Fell wanted to go on a boat ride… “

” Dont you dare go on any boat with Edge!!!“ Stretch slaps his face with the flat of his palm. He didnt have time for this. Right now, in the living room Red was fast asleep, exhausted from magic overuse. Something odd had to have been going on in his universe for him to get like this.

Stranger yet, he didnt come visit with his brother. He just walked through the machine and crashed on their couch.

Stretch grabs another mug of coffee and the morning paper and flops down onto the sofa cushion beside Red. The monster stirs awake at once and Stretch offers him coffee as an apology. The two sit in silence for a while, Stretch patient for Sans to wake wirh his morning joe.

” Something happen? “

” nah. “

” You’ve been sleeping since you got here… “

” ’m always sleeping. Nuhhbigdeal. “

He takes another sip of his coffee.

“i noticed… Your brother didnt come today.”

“nupe. ”

Stretch sighs, weight shifting from toe to toe. He brings a knee up to his chest and hugs it close to himself, wanting instead to hug the other. He knows by now to give him his space. That ‘touchy feely bullshit’ was something their world didnt do.

“… Is it uh… Is it because of the human? ” he feels awkward to talk about the resets. He knew Red went through them, the same as he did… But since opening the door to other Aus the human hadnt returned. At least not in underswap. He waits with baited breath, hoping the same was true in other universes.

“ nah. Nothing new. Tired iz all. ”

“oh..ha.” Stretch sits in more awkward silence. Sans, blissfully unaware, sips his coffee eyes blank turned at the falling snow.

“ its peaceful here…” he says. “ Boss , says to stop coming here . ‘This place makes monsters soft.’ … I think he just doesn’t want to admit he likes Blue . I dont want that either…”

Stretch is quiet. Rare was it, to get Red talking. Rarer still to hear his opinion on anything. Sometimes it felt like their universe had beaten submission into Red. Some weeks hed come over just to have a panic attack, curl into a ball by the foot of the machine and cry without anyone knowing how long he was in the basement. Stretch had caught him once, asked him why he didnt just come upstairs, apparently he just needed the alone time. A moment to lower his guard without that fear of someone dusting him. He didnt want to be seen so weak.

“ Boss ‘n I were having a fight. He is captain of the royal guard…. Worked hard to get there. He doesnt want to compromise it.

He waits patiently, sips his cofee, and slyly looks at Reds stomach. The monster was chubby but Stretch starts to wonder if his form looks fuller. Rounder. Was Red actually -

“ I hate going there… Now that I got our machine to work, ive seen countless of aus. I know its not always kill or be killed… Its just ours thats fucked up.so when I come visit your shitty world it always feels like-fuck… Ya know? Sorry. I didnt mean that. Im just tired. Boss has been pushing me to lvl. Made some progress… Not much. Look. 4 hp. ”

At once, Stretch feels uneasy. Even before looking at Reds stats he shifts away on the sofa.

LOVE was dangerous. Extremely so. He didnt know what it was but the human always had too much LOVE and Fell was right up there with psychopaths. One time he brought Blue a sword as a present. Another time he’d try and dust the mailman for stepping over his and Blues snowmen.

Sure enough, Stretch spots the change in lvl. It boosted his stats. Not by much… But defense and health were higher.

“Thats uh… Cool. Red. ” He tries to stay a bit positive. But now his mind raves with so many questions. No, scratch that, only one question sits in his mind and thats… “Who.. Uh. … Who did you dust for that?”

“ no one ‘mportant.” Red turns his head, clearly avoiding eye contact. Stretch wants to be more understanding. He wants to be a goodboyfriend but it was so hard to wrestle out information from Red. If he pushed too much, the other would shut down or start yelling. If he said nothing Red would sometimes talk more. Nervous about the silence, he would ramble on and on…

But. This needed to be adressed. “It doesnt look like nothing. You don’t look like youve gotten alot of rest at all… Is the guilt keeping you awake?”

“ Its fine… ”

“ Its not fine! Your brother needs to stop pushing you to murder! It’s never okay! There are other options… You could live here! With me! And Blue. ”

Red looks hopeful for a moment. There is a shimmer in his eyes that look like the glint of tears when he looks over at Stretch but just as suddenly he turns his head away. Shaking it furiously from side to side. “Im not leaving Boss.” “I know. Hes your brother… Youd do anything for him. ” Stretch sighs.“ He can stay too… Just… Keep him away from Blue. ”

“Hed never agree to stay. So I wont stay. Simple.”

“You can visit him… Right? What about us?”

“ What, us? ”

“ … ”

Stretch takes a long breath. “ I know its hard for you to understand but… There are different kinds of Love. Its not all… Murder and hurting people.”

“I understand that shit. I love my brother, he loves me. Its not so different in our world… Stop trying to push your moral shit. Your not a saint. Im sure youve killed more than your fair share of humans. Just cuz a reset makes it 0 again doesnt mean you can lecture me. I said ‘what, us?’ Not ‘whats love?’, okay? Im not an idiot. ”

“… ”

Stretch nods his head. Only a moment later responding with a small. “yeah…oh. Okay.”

Stretch gets up, berrated for trying to show a little concern, now he just turns tail and heads back to the kitchen.

Blue had been watching the encounter. He pats his brothers arm when he enter the kitchen and slouches at the table, head burried beneath his arms.

“what us.. ” he mumbles. He bites into the fabric of his sweater. “… like fucking strangers.”

Blue takes a seat across from him and affectionately pets his brothers skull. He doesnt offer much in words. Its not his place, and theres so little advice he can give on the subject. But he knows its hurting his brother… So he takes it upon himself to find a solution.

He marches out into the living room against Papyrus’s unenthusoastic protest and stands tall in front of Red, pointing an accusatory finger at him. “You!” he shouts , deafening in th early morning silence. “Your being mean! And you need to apologize!”

Red looks up at him for a moment, thoughtful. He could yell out and curse like he always did at home… But he was weak when he set eyes on his twin. It always seemed unfair, hed have to tipe toe around the innocent copy. He puts down his cup of coffee and shrugs on his sweater.

“Didn’t want to be here anyway. ’m goin home.” He walks past Blue and heads outside, callously leaving the two brothers in silence.

But for Papyrus, it wasnt the end. He had to get Red to talk… Had to save his relationship with Red from dying alltogether. … He mignt not see him again.

Stretch slides out the kitchen chair, knocking it to its side and chases after Red. “ Ill be back in a ten mintues Blue! ” He yells out before swinging open the front door and bracing himself against the cold wind that pours into the house and against his bone.

He turns the door shut and stomps jeavily in the snow, rounding his way to the back of the house and throws open the lab room. Red is still there, and Stretch breathes a sigh of relief. The monster is at the console, ready to punch in his code to go home when he spots Stretch panting hard in the doorway.

“ What? You want an apology still? Im sorry. Okay? Now go away. ”

Stretch closes the door behind him and spins around the small desk chair to sit and face Red properly. Face to face , without his height making the other feel insignificant.

“ Red. I dont want this to be goodbye. So I have to say something to get it off my chest. Red I love-!! ”

Red holds up a flat palm, stopping Stretch from anything he might say. His other hand dips under his shirt and pulls it slightly up to show the mix of red tubby magic of his belly. “ Look. ” Red says. Though Stretch fidnt need any direction.

His eyes immediately follow Sans as he began his strip, dissapointed when the shirt only reveals so little. But he sees it now. Clearly , among the hue of magic churning… A small soul beside his own.

“I cant be with you. Okay? I cant stay here!So stop trying to convince me! “

Papyrus is stumbling for words. His attention hasn’t shifted from the fluttering baby soul the other carries. “Your! Thats… His…?”

“Yes. Im gonna lvl up this way! Ill get strong enough that Boss wont have to protect me!”

Stretch gulps, eyes meeting Red. “ What do you mean your going to level up?! Your going to kill it?!!!”

Sans flinches back. “ Dont try to talk me out of this! I told you im going back home. You dont have to keep pretending your worried about me.”

The machine hums to life the moment Red puncbes in his code. He turns his back on tje other heads through the portal that opens.

Stretch sits there.

Blank expression on his face as he watches the lights flicker on the console. The small green light fades to red… Something happened on the other side that made the machine unusable…

Red had destroyed it.

Here’s what I think the critics are missing about Beauty and the Beast (even though most seem in favor, just not over the moon about it). They’re reviewing it like its a remake for a new generation. It’s not. It’s a remake for the generation that loved it in the first place. From 3 to 13, a generation of girls (and some boys) fell in love with a girl who loved books. 

And now? Now we’re a generation who grew up wanting a bit of a Han Solo and a bit of a man who would give us a library like Belle’s. And like Belle, if the perfect suitor didn’t come along, we’d get the library by ourselves. We wanted “adventure in the great wide somewhere”. 

Today we have the spending power. And we spend a lot of our disposable income on our fandoms. On movies and music and art and books and fan-related things about them. 

Beauty and the Beast has already been and will continue to be enjoyed by many. But acknowledging that LeFou is so completely gay, having more of a vehemently feminist Belle, not offering any redemption for the eternal fuckboy that is Gaston, keeping books magical, snide remarks about Romeo & Juliet, snarkiness, sarcasm, and that FUCKING GROWL HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER DAN STEVENS WHO GAVE YOU THE FUCKING RIGHT…this is a remake for the original fans. 

And for us, it’s pretty damn close to perfect.


*I let out an inhumane screech as I’m dragged into another fandom against my will and feel myself geTTING FEELS FOR THIS AMAZING SHIP—WHY HAVENT I SEEN THIS MOVIE SOONER???*

Okay, that aside; I saw Strange Magic for the first time a couple days ago and I FELL IN LOVE!!!  SUCH A GOOD UNDERRATED MOVIE!!!  So here are all my doodles for it so far, hehehe.   

Srsly, these babies are so awkward and adorable and *short circuits from the feels*

The Human AU sketch was drawn during my morning class today (mostly to keep me awake). I wasn’t looking at any references and I know I messed up Marianne, but even so I’m happy with it :D

(Oh, in case you can’t read what Roland is saying, it’s just the little scene where he’s making fun of Bog and imitating cockroach noises. Hence Bog’s reaction XDD) 

Okay, so I watched the 3 episode of Andi Mack today and I gotta say I’m LOVING the show even more, like today’s episode had me laughing at some parts, especially the part where Andi sneezes and the librarian just goes “Shhh!” Just like in the scary movie Andi had previously watched and she just fell to the ground and started screaming and holding her neck, oh lord that scream was great!

It was nice to see that you-know-who didn’t show up in today’s episode. She annoys me so much..

And oh god when Cyrus was helping the team and he started staring at Jonah with these very obvious heart eyes- that if you say they were not heart eyes then idk what it was- had my heart fluttering. It made my heart melt. This just made it clear that Cyrus is definitely the gay character- but if it turns out that he’s not then I’m going to be extremely dissapointed.

As for the promo for next episode, props to whoever made it cause it made me want to watch next episode even more. Now I can’t wait for next Friday!

I’m not a huge Star Wars fan but I used to be. So I decided to watch the movies today because why not? Well, I’m babysitting my four year old cousins and they fell in love with Princess Leia. I was telling my mom about Glitter for Carrie Fisher and they overheard and one INSISTED that they put glitter on to be like Princess Leia. So I put a little body glitter on her and her brother is watching me the entire time. When I ask him if he wants some he just starts nodding his head like crazy. So now I have two energetic four year olds running around with glitter all over them all excited because they’re just like Princess Leia.


Request for @tveit-for-me
Warnings: none
*announcing your pregnancy*

Matthew’s POV:
I was so excited today. Today was the day that Y/N and I are going to announce that we are going to have a little baby. We had just found out a few days ago. I was over the moon excited and happy. I love kids I love her. Its so perfect. Y/N and I were just sitting around today. We were watching Halloween movies and I was rubbing her tummy. Soon there would be a little bump where our baby would be growing. She fell asleep on the couch. I soon grew bored with her asleep. A thought popped into my head and I smirked mischievously. I went to my art room in our house and grabbed some paint. I grabbed the orange and the brown and some black. I then grabbed a few paint brushes and headed down the stairs again. I quietly went over to Y/N and lifted up her shirt. Good thing she was a heavy sleeper. I got the orange paint and dipped my brush in it. I started painting on her tummy a circle. I filled in the circle with orange paint and got some brown and started to make indentions on the circle. I then drew a little root from the top of the circle. I took the black and painted the words ‘We are with child’ I laughed to myself almost crying from laughter that she hasn’t even woken up. I snapped a little picture of her tummy and waited for it to dry before putting her shirt back down. I got behind her on the couch and cuddled up to her and fell asleep also.
I woke up and Y/N wasn’t there. I got up and rubbed my eyes and called out her name “Y/N? Where are you babe” I said yawning. “I’m in our room!” She yelled. I smiled and got up and walked up the stairs to our room. She was in front of our full length mirror looking at her painted tummy and smiling. “I love it Matthew its so cute!” She said excitedly. I laughed “I’m glad you like it, I got bored so I just kinda did that.” “I have an idea Matt I was thinking, since we haven’t told our friends and families yet that we could just send a picture to all of them in a mass text of my tummy.” She lifted up her shirt more and pointed to the little pumpkin I painted. “I love that idea babe” I smiled “I already kinda took a picture though so yeah” I blushed a little and rubbed my neck nervously. She laughed and smiled. God I loved her smile. “Okay baby will you send it to me so I can send it to my family and friends and you can send it to your family and friends?” She said all in one breath. “Yes babe I will.” I kissed her cheek then lips and I took out my phone and pulled her into my lap as I sat on the bed. I sent it to her and then she sent it to her friends and family and then the same for me. We suddenly got bombarded with text after texts of “Oh my gosh are you serious!” And “Congrats” and “I’m so happy for y'all!” We were both so excited. I kissed her cheek again and held onto her tightly not hurting her stomach though. “I love you and our little baby so much”

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