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Pete's Coffee

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader 

Summary: In which a boy orders coffee and a girl makes them.

Part 3: Cappuccino

Side Note: This is a story that will have five parts. Therefore, welcome to Pete’s Coffee.

Friendly PSA: Please do not steal my writing without my permission, or flat out steal it at all. It’s super disrespectful and 100% plagiarism. So, if you’re someone who does steal other peoples’ work, think about what you’re doing before you hit that copy button. Thank you!

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It was a slow day at Pete’s Coffee, you weren’t sure if you were thankful for that or not, sure you didn’t have to rush around and try not to screw up orders, but at the same time you weren’t making that much money.

You were saving up every cent to put towards your own college fund, going to a well known school was a dream of yours, and you were determined to make it there someday.

You tapped the pen against the counter, bored out of your mind, you were working a solo shift today, and your coworkers hours since they were sick.

These kinds of days were the worst, you wished you could leave and go home and just relax, but you couldn’t.

You leaned against the counter, pulling out your phone, turning on your music that way you wouldn’t be that bored.

You started to think, you never got a phone call today from your favorite customer, Caffé Parker.

It was unusual, he normally called everyday, ordering some new drink, and then rambling as he always forgot to choose a milk and then order a breakfast sandwich.

You weren’t going to lie, you were starting to have a thing for the coffee boy, your eyes would light up when he’d enter the shop, and the same shy smile would appear on his face as he saw you.

Where was he today?

Did I give him too much milk?

Was the breakfast sandwich not the right one he ordered?

You just couldn’t place where you had potentially went wrong, but then again, you did overthink a lot.

You decided to start cleaning up the shop, you didn’t have any customers and it was close to closing time anyways, so you decided to get a head start.

You started by cleaning the counter and counting all the money inside the cash register, then organizing the menus and napkins.

For the next hour or so, you spent cleaning the machines and the area around them, a smile of satisfaction on your face as to how spotless you made it.

You then walked into the backroom, grabbing a mop and went to start cleaning the floor, until you heard the bell above the door ring.

It was literally five minutes to closing, you groaned, resting your head against the tip of the mop, “I can do this, it’s okay, just give them their coffee and they’ll leave.” You talked to yourself quietly, taking a deep breath before walking back out to the counter.

You put on a fake smile, getting ready to greet the customer at the counter, “Hello, welcome to Pete’s Coffee-” You stopped, your eyes widening slightly as you saw the one and only Caffé Parker standing before you, a guilty smile on his face.

“I-I hope I’m not l-late.” He stuttered, looking at you nervously, as your fake smile turned into a genuine one.

“You just made it.” You winked, making him smile nervously, but you could see his shoulders slightly relax.

“Not going to lie, I was surprised I didn’t get a phone call from you today, I was wondering where you were.” You teased, making him chuckle quietly, your heart beat increasing.

“I got caught up with something this morning.” He shrugged, his confidence peaking through, probably since it was just the both of you in the shop.

You nodded understandingly, bringing your notepad and pen out, waiting for him to tell you his order.

“-OH, r-right, sorry!” He rushed out, his face becoming flustered, making you smile and motion for him to continue.

“Uhm, lets see, I’ll have a small Cappuccino please.” He smiled, seeming confident with his order, making you bite your lip slightly.

“What milk would you like?” You questioned, making him groan as you laughed.

“I knew I was forgetting something, how do I always forget the milk?” He asked, making you shrug in response, a smile on your face.

“Lets see, since I keep changing every thing up, I’ll try the soy milk today.” He smiled, nodding as you wrote down the last of his order.

“Is that all for today?” You questioned again, as he nodded in response, handing you the money.

“You know Caffé Parker,” You started, “Peter,” He coughed, making you roll your eyes playfully as he gave you a small smirk, your heart beating rapidly, “I WAS going to say that you keep giving me such huge tips, you don’t have to do that.” You smiled softly, making his heart this time beat rapidly.

Peter knew he gave the girl bigger tips each time he saw her, he just couldn’t help it, she was beautiful, and she put up with him and his rambling.

“I know, but you deserve it.” He smiled, making you smile back, before creating his drink for him.

“You want to see something really cool? I love making Cappuccino’s for this reason.” She grinned excitedly, as she motioned for Peter to come behind the counter, his nerves raising in anticipation.

He wandered behind the counter, he couldn’t help but observe her, all of her, he realized how he was actually taller than her by a few inches, how her hair fell to the middle of her back, how she secretly wore boots instead of sneakers, all these little quirks made him even more intrigued.

“Alright ready?” You smiled, as he walked closer to you, waiting to see what you were going to do.

You grabbed the soy milk, and then created the shape into the Cappuccino, a smirk on your face as you noticed Peter’s eyes widen.

“Whoa.” He breathed out, making you laugh slightly, before finishing the design, and setting it on the counter.

“Neat right?” You smiled cheerfully, as Peter walked back to the front of the counter, handing you the money, which you put into the cash register.

You expected him to leave after that, but he didn’t, instead, he took a seat at one of your tables, scrolling through his phone.

You decided to make yourself a latte, before cleaning up your work space once again, then taking your drink and wandering over to him, taking a seat in front of him.

“Do you mind if I join you?” You smiled, making his eyes light up at your presence, his head shaking.

“N-No, I’d love for you to, -I mean,” He stammered, making you giggle quietly, sipping your latte.

You both sat there for a few minutes in silence, it wasn’t awkward though, it was actually really peaceful, you both were just enjoying each other’s company.

“You know.. I’ve been coming here for a while now, and I realized something.” Peter brought up, raising an eyebrow at you, making you curious.

“Hmm?” You hummed, watching as his lips formed into a smile, creating butterflies in your stomach.

“You know my name, which is Peter by the way,” He chuckled, making you shyly smile at the table before looking back up at him, “But I never got yours.” He bit his lip slightly, a nervous habit he had.

“It’s Y/N.” You smiled, glancing at your drink before looking back up at him.

“Well, it’s nice to officially meet you, Y/N.” He grinned, making you smile and shake your head at him.

Indeed it was.

Dangerous Woman-Part 3

A/N: Ya’ll are just too much. I love each and every one of you!

Warnings: Fluff and adorable little girls

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down.  

Bucky x Reader

Part 2

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I feel selfish sending a prompt lol biadore but instead of Ru calling Michelle during Danny's meltdown in AS2 he calls Roy

Thank you darling! Currently not taking requests
Don’t feel selfish hun! I was the one that asked for them! I’ve weirdly missed writing Biadore…what’s happening to me?!

All Stars wasn’t anything like Danny thought it would be. He’d thought it would be a breeze. He’d found his style since leaving the show last time and he was much more confident in his drag. More confident than he’d ever been. But then Michelle Visage had ruined everything.

He felt like he could have been on season six again when Michelle laid into his drag like that. He felt like that fresh faced queen he had been back then, with no idea of what he was doing. He didn’t think it would be like this. So for his sanity’s sake he’d decide to leave, to walk out of the competition. Before he was allowed to do that though Ru had told him he’d called someone he wanted Danny to talk to before he made his final decision.

Danny leant up against the wall outside the studio, tears filling his eyes. He felt weak. He felt defeated. Things he hadn’t felt in a really long time. He had nothing but good memories from Drag Race but that had all been changed now.

When he saw him approach Danny’s first tear fell.
‘This better be good, I had to fly in from Florida!’ Roy clucked as he approached. Danny laughed a little as he fell into the older mans arms.
‘I can’t do it. It’s too much for me. If I stay it’s going to break me.’ He wrapped his arms around Roy’s neck and buried his head in his shoulder. Roy held Danny’s waist tightly.
‘It was just one critique baby. You stuck out season six with all the bad things Michelle had to say. What’s changed?’ Roy pulled back so he could look at the younger man. Danny’s tears were cascading down his face.
'I needed that kind of critique back then, that’s what has helped shaped me into the queen I am today. But I’ve worked so hard to get where I am and for her to just write me off like that? It killed me Roy.’ Roy cupped his face and stroked at his tears with his thumbs.
'So you pick yourself up and you keep trying.’ Roy told him softly.
'I don’t think I can.’ Danny sniffed. 'Ever since I left the show I’ve been defending my style of drag to people. I thought Michelle got it, she was so complimentary to me during BOTS but now it feels like it was all lies you know?’ His tears kept coming and Roy kept trying to bat them away as he held Danny’s face.
'She’s just doing her job sweetie.’
'No.’ Danny shook his head. 'She was unnecessarily harsh on me. Why should I put myself through that again? Why does she get to dictate if my drag is valid or not?’ Danny stepped back out of Roy’s hold and ran his fingers through his messy hair. 'I’m over it! I’m not strong enough to deal with it.’
'Yes you are.’ Roy stepped closer again and took hold of Danny’s hands. 'You are stronger than you give yourself credit for.’
'I don’t feel it.’ Danny sniffed again. 'I like my drag Roy. No, I love my drag. I’m not going to fucking crowd surf while wearing a corset am I?’
His words made Roy chuckle a little.
'No that would hurt.’ Roy agreed.
'I like wearing sneakers and looking rough around the edges. I like showing off my boy body because guess what? I’m a fucking boy!’
Roy laughed a little again and squeezed Danny’s hand.
'Michelle was just doing her job baby.’ Roy reminded him softly.
'I know.’ Danny sulked a little. 'But she didn’t need to be such a bitch about it.’ He fell into Roy’s arms again and Roy cradled him while he finished crying. Roy hated seeing him like this, it literally broke his heart to see him so sad. He knew the struggle Danny had gone through better than most to get people to take his drag seriously. But Danny was a sensitive soul, he always had been. And his drag was the biggest soft spot. Eventually Danny’s tears subsided and he wiped his eyes on Roy’s shoulder.
'Whatever you decide to do baby, I’ll support you. 100%.’
Danny looked at him through watery eyes. On the one hand he wanted to stay and stick this out. He wanted to storm back in that werk room with his middle fingers in the air and scream, ’fuck you Michelle I’m still here!’ He wanted to rock every challenge thrown his way, get to the top three again and maybe even win this time. That would be a massive fuck you to Michelle. But Danny’s skin wasn’t thick enough for this cut throat competiton. He wasn’t even sure how he’d gotten through season six, maybe it had something to do with Roy. If it hadn’t been for Roy, Danny probably wouldn’t have made it through the first time around. Danny weighed up his options for a moment. He wasn’t a quitter but he really did feel as though this competition would destroy him. Eventually he sighed; he’d made his decision.
'Roy?’ He mumbled.
'Yes baby?’
'Take me home. For the love of god please take me home.’
Roy smiled at him a little and cupped his face before kissing him softly. He threaded his fingers through Danny’s and the two of them headed away from the studio.
'Anything you want baby. Anything you want.’

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max and nathan snowball fight? pleaseeeee

The last time it snowed in Arcadia Bay was nearly 50 years ago. But today, it finally happened. The snow seamlessly glided in the winds, and when a single snowflake sprinkled the edge of the windowsill, Nathan’s head shot up from his notebook. His permanent frown faded into a soft smile as he watched the snow drift across the sky until it hit the window once more. It was so close. He could almost touch it. He tapped his fingers rhythmically across his knees in perfect beat with the snow. Max smiled at him from across the room.

           She didn’t know how she felt. It was something she couldn’t really describe…a beautiful feeling that made her heart beat a little faster as she watched the boy who was always cold show warmth. It was the feeling she got when opening presents on a Christmas morning, the feeling when she grabbed the keys to drive in a car for the very first time, when you finally do something you’ve always dreamed of…

           But then she saw Jefferson scowling at Nathan. Her eyes flickered between the two, wondering why he was staring so intensely at the boy from behind his glasses. A chill crept up her spine as Jefferson caught her eye. She quickly grabbed her pen and went back to taking notes.

           When the bell finally rang, she exhaled a small sigh. It was her last class today. She slowly packed her bag until she made sure that Jefferson, and her classmates were gone. Only Max and Nathan remained.

           A smirk replaced her smile as she crept behind him. He thought he was alone. She flung her arms around his neck in an attack hug and laughed as he let out a loud shriek.

           “Who the fuck-“  

           Before he finished his sentence, Max placed a soft kiss on his cheek. He breathed out a small laugh when he realized that she was the perpetrator. He slightly tilted his head and caught her by surprise when he grasped her lips with hers. She pulled away and smiled.

           “Let’s go outside”

           He furrowed his brows, unsure of her sudden notion. “I-isn’t it cold outside? You don’t even have a coat.”

           “I don’t need a coat mom,” she tugged at his jacket. “C’mon. I really wanna pummel you with snowballs.”

           “Pfft, it’s so on.”

           The moment they set foot outside, Max made (or tried to make) a snowball. She patted the snow into place while the cold bit the edges of her fingertips, slightly turning them a light shade of blue.

She was so busy trying to construct the perfect snowball that she didn’t have time to react when an explosion of snow collided with the side of her head.

           She shook the snow off of her and frowned. “A head shot’s just plain dirty.”

           Nathan smirked and gathered a ball of snow. “I think everyone here knows that I never play nice.”

           “We’re the only one’s out here idiot,” she rolled her eyes, but smiled anyways.

           “Exactly. That’s what makes this even better.”

           Just as he was about to throw another snowball at her, she ducked behind her favorite oak tree and landed face first in the snow.

           “You’re gonna pay for that Prescott!” She shouted.

           He tried to hide behind a bench, but not before she relentlessly threw an armful of snowballs at him. The first hit the back of his head, the second hit his chest, and the third missed.

           He threw his hands in air in surrender and fell to the ground.

He always said he hated his laugh, but every time that Max heard it, she fell a little more in love with him. He let out a small snort that turned into a strained sound; almost as if he was chocking. She shuffled through the snow in her sneakers and collapsed into the pile of snow next to him.

           “I love the snow,” she said.

           He rolled over on his side to face her and whispered, “Me too.”