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Hermione x Reader

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“Can I have your attention please.” Dumbledore called out and the great hall fell silent. “I understand that it is rather unorthodox but we have a transfer student.”


“Please step up to the stage.” Professor McGonagall said as she held the sorting hat and encouraged you to take the seat.

“That’s (Y/N) (Y/L/N) He’s an amazing Quidditch player!” Harry gasped.

“Yeah he aced all of his tests and has been the top of his year since he started at his old school.” Fred muttered and Hermione jerked around to face them.

“Wonder why he changed schools?” George asked and everyone at the table shrugged.

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Have A Ball

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The noise of the Great Hall was pleasant, welcoming, as it drifted through the corridor. Students chatted happily and professors looked on contently as the scene, bathed in the warm glow emanating from the candles suspended in their rightful place, reminded them all of the coming festivities. Christmas crackers were strewn around the tables, each one marked with the Hogwarts crest and colored to match the respective houses, and fingers were itching to reach for them but the festivities could not begin until the headmaster had spoken.

“It is time, once again, to enjoy the company of our guests and for us all to enjoy socializing with one another,” began Headmistress McGonagall as a hush fell over the Great Hall. “The Yule Ball is quickly approaching and I wanted to take this moment to remind you all of certain rules that come with such an event.”

Headmistress McGonagall had been repeating the rules for the Yule Ball, the Triwizard Tournament, and general etiquette like a mantra since September. She had been adamant on her stance that the students must be reminded lest they forget. The students could very nearly repeat them back to her and many of them figured that by the time their guests returned to their own schools, they would be able to.

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So I was scrolling through @incorrect-overwatch-quotations and decided that this gem needed to be drawn. The dialogue (since my handwriting is eh in this):

Junkrat: Whatd’ya want dickbag? (Tinkering with something while Mei was skating in the halls and fell into the Common Room)

Mei: Tell me, do you just pair random obscenities with equally random nouns? Cocklamp? Asscarriage? Shitrooster? Is that how it works? (She gets up quickly to rant ._.)

Junkrat: Note to self: Call someone shitrooster. (*Incredible realization*)


(Not My Gif)

As you were walking through the halls something fell out of Peter’s backpack as he was walking ahead of you.

“Hey Peter you dropped…” As you went to go pick up the mysterious object that had fallen of the boys bag you realized it was a mask… A mask that you recognized.

You looked up to see that Peter turned around to face you. He must have realized that you knew what you were holding because he seemed horrified.

“Er… It’s not what you think” Peter stammered.

“Really Peter?” You said slowly.
There was silence between the two of you for a moment as you handed the mask back to Peter.
“Does that mean… That you’re…”.

Peter gulped.
“Ah… Yeah. Yeah I’m Spider-man”.

Oops {Wonwoo}


Genre: fluff

Word Count: 636

Wonwoo sprinted into the Emergency department, breathless with eyes darting from face to face. Where the hell were you? He was in the On-Call room when Joshua texted him and Wonwoo sprang up from the bed, eyes glued to the message received. 

Bro you need to come to the ER. Your girlfriend’s here.

It was 1 in the morning, no way were you at the hospital to visit him. You knew he didn’t work at the ER. Something must have happened to you and Wonwoo was visibly shaken as he grabbed his phone out of the pocket of his navy-coloured scrubs, nodding in acknowledgement when nurses greeted him as they passed. He was about to call Joshua when he heard his name. Wonwoo spotted Joshua waving to him by the receptionist table.

“What happened?” Wonwoo asked, following after Joshua as the pair went down the hall.

“She fell down the stairs.” Wonwoo winced. The amount of pain you must be feeling.

“How is she? Did you take x-rays? Results?” He was firing away, a question a second and Joshua had to hold up a hand to stop him. It was like he forgot that Joshua was a doctor as well, but Joshua didn’t blame him. Wonwoo was worried, after all.

“A few bruises on her arms and face but nothing serious. She did say her leg was in pain so we took some x-rays. Turns out her leg’s fractured so Mingyu put a cast on her and we moved her to a bed.” Joshua filled him in as the two rounded the corner.

“You know it’s against protocol to put her here, but you’re lucky I’m on call today. I’ll take this as you owing me a favour,” Joshua mused as he drew away the cubicle curtains, revealing you. Joshua patted Wonwoo’s shoulder before he left. “I’ll leave you two alone.”

“Hey,” you tried to say nonchalantly, but your awkward smile betrayed you. Wonwoo came closer and sat on the side of the bed. His hands gently cradled your face, concerned eyes trailing over your features.

“How are you feeling?” Wonwoo asked. His hands had left your face and now held both of your hands.

“I’m sure I look pretty beat up,” you replied with a quiet laugh, “but I’m fine.”

“You had me so worried…” Wonwoo brought your hand to his lips, mumbling against your knuckles.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized.

“I can’t believe you fell down the stairs.” And so the teasing begins.

You rolled your eyes. “Listen I was holding a pile of clothes and I couldn’t see that there wasn’t a step, okay?”

“You’re a danger hazard,” Wonwoo said with a shake of his head. Pushing up his glasses, Wonwoo glanced at his wristwatch. He stood up.

“My shift’s over in 5 minutes so I’m gonna go change. You stay here. Don’t wander around.”

“I didn’t say anything!” You exclaimed, offended.

He gave you a pointed look. “We both know you can’t stay in place, and with your leg looking like that already, you’ll probably injure it even more. I won’t even put it past you to break your other leg.”

You crossed your arms, giving him a dirty look. Wonwoo, however, was unfazed as he added, “oh, and you’re staying home for the next month. You’re not going anywhere, so you better cancel any plans you have.”

“Wonwoo!” You gasped at his words.

“No buts. You’re gonna rest and let your leg properly heal,” Wonwoo said sternly. His face softened as he then kissed your forehead. “I’ll be back soon.”

You sighed, watching him leave. There was definitely no arguing or compromising with your doctor boyfriend. You sank further into the bed, your mind occupied with what you should do for the next 4 weeks as you waited for Wonwoo to return.

OLDCODEX Artist/Lyricist Yorke Recovers From Losing Consciousness in Concert

YORKE. fell off stage during encore performance on Monday

During the encore performance of the song “kick out” at the Yamaguchi Civic Hall, YORKE. fell off the stage and lost consciousness. He underwent a CT scan and other tests at a hospital emergency room, and he was diagnosed with a contusion. YORKE. regained full consciousness, and he was set to return to Tokyo on Tuesday to undergo more advanced examinations.

Suzuki expressed the band’s regret for the trouble caused and for worrying the people who attended the Yamaguchi concert. He discussed with the band’s staff about possibly returning to Yamaguchi for another concert. He added that as soon as there is more information, he, or possiblyYORKE. himself, will relay the news. Suzuki once again apologized to the band’s fans and asked them to keep supporting the band in the future.

*I hope Yorke himself tweets and tells us he’s ok!*

#4: Are you being serious right now? & #10: Fighting. Young Sirius Black

You were deep in a conversation with your friends when the entire great hall fell silent. Your boyfriend Sirius and his best friends James Potter had just walked in. They were significantly late, hence why everyone turned around to see who had entered. Moments later, the hall was filled with noise as everyone returned to their conversations.

        “Where have you been?” You asked as Sirius sat down next you. You noticed James had a huge grin on his face and Sirius was trying to hide his from you. You knew they were up to something. “What the hell did you two do now?” Your friends, who were paying close attention to your conversation, now focused their attention to the professors table. Professor Slughorn had just took his place at the table. You shot Sirius a look, who now could not contain himself.

        “Are you serious? You don’t even have him as a professor!” You whispered.

        “I’m always Sirius,” He replied, barely holding in his laughter.

You rolled your eyes and continued to finish your meal. Instead of staying behind and waiting for Sirius, you headed back to the Gryffindor common room with your friends. As you were nearing the corner, you felt someone grab your arm. When you turned around, you were shocked to see Severus standing next to you. You wouldn’t consider yourself one of his friends but you were an acquaintance who occasionally heard him out, especially when it involved Sirius and his friends.

        “Can we talk?” he said quietly. You nodded and told your friends you would meet them in the common room in a bit. You followed Severus to an empty corridor and gave him a questioning look. Even though you knew what the look he was giving you meant, you didn’t want to jump to conclusions. You really wanted to ask him what James had done this time but you decided to let him speak first. While he was explaining what had happened just before dinner you started to feel yourself getting angrier and angrier by the minute. Normally it was James who was being the asshole but this time it was Sirius. Apparently Sirius had been taunting him throughout class and then him and James hexed him. He explained that Slughorn was the one who had found him and that’s why he was absent for the majority of dinner. You couldn’t believe what he had just told you.

You rushed back to the common room hoping to get Sirius alone. This wasn’t the first time that him and James had done something to Severus, but you had asked him time and time again to cut it out. You felt bad for Severus and you hated seeing people hurt. As soon as you walked in Sirius jumped to his feet. Your friends had already told him that you were having a conversation with Severus. The grin that was spread across his face throughout dinner was now gone. He seemed nervous and embarrassed. Once everyone moved out of the common room you snapped.

        “I can’t believe you! You promised you would lay off him!” You yelled. You started to pace back and forth. You were trying to fight the urge to slap him across the face. You were so angry.

        “It’s not my fault the kid is a loser!” Sirius spat. You couldn’t believe he just said that. You kept shaking your head trying to think of what to say. All your previous fights started to rush to the front of your mind. They all revolved around Severus and how much they bullied him. You knew Severus wasn’t the nicest person in the school but he was always nice to you and he always seemed so defenseless when it came to James and Sirius. It always irked you.

        “You have got to be kidding me Sirius. Just because he isn’t like you or your oh so wonderful friends doesn’t mean he’s weird! Not everyone is like you!” Your face was now turning red.

        “If you fell that way then why don’t you date him then!” Sirius yelled back and then turned away from you. Before you could say anything, someone walked into the common room and Sirius headed up the stairs to the boys dormitory.

we are the poisoned youth 01

“Tsunayoshi Sawada!” McGonagall called out. 

Harry watched as the one of the exchange students nervously shuffled forward. He was tiny teen, despite being the same age as Harry. Looked rather twitchy and nervous, like a strong wind could knock him over. 

“Totally Hufflepuff,” Seamus whispered. 

He wasn’t the only one who thought so. There were similar whispers throughout the hall. 

Privately, Harry agreed. The brunet didn’t seem like the studious type, questing for knowledge like a Ravenclaw. Nor did he have the desire for bravery, the fearless confidence that a Gryffindor would have. Everything about him screamed future victim for the Slytherins, one of the few who would easily walk into the many cons Slytherins would pull. He did seem to rely on his friends, given the way he shot the black haired boy a look. The last exchange student smiled at him, giving him a thumbs up. So most likely a Hufflepuff. 


The hall fell quiet, stunned into silence. They all stared at Tsunayoshi who gently pulled off the Sorting Hat. 

Then chaos broke out. 

AN: If We Weren’t Born to Follow was canon and this was a HP crossover fic… or a fanfiction of a fanfiction. >> Just a series of drabbles, in no particular order with no particular plot. FYI is this fifth year. 

Check Poisoned Youth AU tag for more of this particular story.

Check wwbtf AU tag for more of this universe. 

Imagine raising Harry with Remus (book 2)

You were throughly enjoying seeing Molly looking so flustered as you waited to get Harry’s books. Harry and Ron looked completely unamused at the situation as the witches went crazy when Gildroy Lockhart finally appeared. You rolled your eyes at the situation until the Daily Prophet photographer grabbed Harry and tried to drag him forward.

“Let go of my son,” you commanded, but it fell on deaf ears. You seethed at Lockhart’s display. You had never allowed anyone to treat Harry differently than anyone else. “They’re allowing this idiot to teach? Merlin help those children,” you murmured to Remus who had to stifle his laughter.


Ron sat shocked as the Howler tore itself up. The hall fell silent again an owl dropped a red envelope in front of Harry. Harry gulped before slowly opening the envelope.

“Harry James Potter,” your howler voice yelled. “That was bloody brilliant!”

“No, y/n, you’re suppose to be scolding him,” Remus’s voice said in the background.

“What are you talking about? You were much worse. Harry, you are just like James! He would be so proud of you! And tell Snape he can bite me!” Remus’s sigh could be heard before the howler tore itself.

The hall immediately broke into laughter as Harry tried to hide his red face.

Andrew had been chatting with a few of the other Ravenclaws, laughing even, when it happened. A rush of silence fell over the Great Hall, causing people to look around. That’s when he saw it, Professor Longbottom slumped over, foam spilling from his mouth and wine pouring from his goblet. Andrew stood up in a rush, wanting to do something, but he froze in place, his eyes wide.

No, no, not again. this can’t be happening again, He thought. Every bone in his body cried out for Professor Longbottom. As soon as the bezoar was in his mouth and the professor was breathing normally again, Andrew let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. He has a second chance. He won’t end up like Simon.

Furious, and wracked with emotions that came on so quickly, Andrew stumbled away from the table. He ignored the sound of someone calling his name and ran from the room, straight down to his tree by the lake. “I’m sorry,” he muttered once he reached the tree. They struck again and I froze… “I’m sorry.”