SO, I TRIED. Figured I’d take this chance to push myself a little in terms of composition and detail. Since I didn’t have a sterek scene in mind that I wanted to illustrate, I figured I’d just go with I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Frank Sinatra and see what happened. Turns out that sterek + tuxes and/or deep, soulful looks via profile view are in this week so I should fit right in! 8D


so, sorry for the unannounced hiatus 

things in my life have been a little weird 

but I wanted to announce a few things for my followers:

  1. I am still working on The Need to Be Loved Can’t Be Wrong! After fretting over the fact that I might be misinterpreting the characters, I finally decided to go forwards with it regardless. So yaaaaay~

  2. I am also still working on You Can’t Take the Sky from Me, but I need to work out a few kinks in their relationship and how it meshes with the story so far. I was also thinking of renaming the fic since I used lyrics from the Firefly title for a Star Trek AU… (yikes!)

  3. I will not be working on Monster. That series is complete and done with. However, if you are curious about the universe I created for it, please feel free to shoot me some questions! I have a ton of little factoids I never published and am more than willing to share. 

  4. For the high school AU that Where’s Wally originates from, I was thinking of posting a small snippet about the AU for those who are curious. It will include facts about Wally’s illness as well as who will be staring in the fic and what Dick and Wally’s home lives are like. I can’t say for certain that I will ever write it, though.

  5. And last but not least, for anyone who cares, I am putting Airspeed Velocity on hiatus indefinitely until I can muster up some inspiration for it.

and that’s it! 

thanks for following me and I’m overjoyed if you’re still interested in reading what I’m going to write~!

another practice sketch. cropped out the bottom b.c the bottom of the pants look dumb and i didn’t want to look at the shoes anymore 

they say that standing in Wonder Woman pose for ten minutes a day is scientifically proven to improve self esteem

side note, i was using forever 21 for her ‘teen’ fashion and i found that tank and just had to use it even if she’d probably never wear it