“Sherlock’s actually a girl’s name.”


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My way to celebrate my anniversary on tumblr (1 year), my 2000th post (this one) and over 200 followers (you’re awesome) all in one go. :D

Thank you!

okay but peggy!cap being found out in the u.s. and then the"she’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s miss united states" becomes the song that the public assigns her until one day her and howard decide to film a propo and peggy sings it in a soft british lilt but she changes the words to “she’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll punch you in the face" ♡♡♡

hi friends and strangers and anyone in between!

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i need your help! something pretty exciting happened this week, and me and my co-creators are looking for some lovin’ and support. 

basically what is going on is that me and some of my best pals have been trying to crank out film ideas over the last year, and just yesterday we jumped over a pretty big hurdle! we’ve been granted permission from the film union to go ahead with production on our screenplay, and so now…we need to pay for it. 

we’re a group of four young women who are passionate about creating genuine, inclusive, and enjoyable films that showcase our compassion and humour. 

the project we’ve just receive the go-ahead for is still untitled, but in a nutshell, it is a deconstructed romantic comedy that questions modern romance in Western media and society. we’re also working on getting merchandise made with our production company logo, and so anyone who donates above $100 will be getting some cool stickers/t-shirts etcetera, and anyone who donates above $350 will be credited as a producer of the film. 

please know that you will have my personal utmost gratitude, and the unyielding love and appreciation from the rest of my team. 

please donate if you can, and all reblogs are infinitely appreciated.

endless thanks and much love,
female fight club productions

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