but guys. role-swapped mercs. just like how everyone thought it would go down before the Betrayal, with felix as the asshole with a heart of gold, and locus as the heartless killing machine.

but locus develops an obsession. wants to see felix break because mercenaries fight for the highest bidder, not for their own beliefs. gets serious with the feds, who have all this superior technology, and demolishes the new republic, heartlessly kills the men and women felix have been fighting for the entire time. doesn’t relent until felix is left staring down kimball’s corpse.

and it breaks him. he has nothing left.

so locus takes him in. tells him he needs to be a soldier, that emotional attachment has no place on the battlefield. makes this worn out shell of a man completely dependent on him, has felix becoming an unquestioning machine. felix becomes the manipulated, locus the manipulator. locus tells him that the only reason he’s still alive is because he’s stayed with locus, and after seeing the demise of everyone else who has gone against him, felix believes it.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the toddlers so far?

I know they’ve been out for months but with the Greene family, it’s really my first time playing them (especially with the Parenthood game pack!)

I really enjoy toddlers! They’re super fun to play with and they seem a lot more interactive and realistic than toddlers in TS3, but along with that they’re also REALLY hard, lmao. I can’t count the times I’ve been playing with the Greene family and having two toddlers with low needs and just like, wishing I was back in TS3 days when toddlers skills were easy to grind and they were just boring cute machines. 

Felix in particular has been a really difficult toddler to play - he’s constantly in a bad mood or misbehaving, and god it’s been super tough. He’s aging into a child in my game soon and honestly I can’t wait, lmao.