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Twilight Vamps Preference: Special Abilities



Edward: You had the ability of astral projection. Basically what is was was that you could project yourself outside of you. You could walk around outside your body for unlimited periods of time. It was like having an out of body experience, and came heavily in handy, especially when tracking an enemy.

Emmett: Your specialty was geokenisis. You could move the earth with a wave of your hand. You could shape the earth to your advantage, almost like an earth bender. One of the great quirks was that you could also create earthquakes at will. That’s something you kept for a rainy day.

Jasper: You, like Eleazar, had the ability to sense powers. You could look at a vampire and sense what abilities they had. When you met Jasper, you told him about it. At first he didn’t believe you, but when you predicted everyone else, they had to believe you. It also worked on humans, which was pretty cool.

Alec: You had the ability to mimic any vampire’s powers. They would have their power still, but you could manipulate that. Once you mimicked the power, you kept it forever, or until you decide you have no use of it anymore. This proved to be very advantageous for Aro, so you stuck around.

Demetri: You were very powerful and dangerous with your power of biokenesis. You could manipulate any moving body with a flick of your hand. Anything that walked or talked could be under your control, even vampires. Humans were the easiest, which is why you were in charge of gathering the food.

Felix: You were never afraid of the dark, which is why you manipulated shadows. You could project shadows of “people” and use them to do your bidding. They would spy, collect information, fight, you name it. It was like having an entire army all to yourself.


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This was it. You were risking your life for a bunch of vampires. Carlisle was lucky you were such a loyal friend.

A bunch of vampires in cloaks approached and you kept hidden behind the giant wolves. You couldn’t see or hear what was going on, but you didn’t really care about the details. If you were going to fight then you were going to fight, if not, you were out of here.

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You nervously stood in between Carlisle and Esme. They had both insisted you stayed there. Insuring that you’d stay semi-safe. Being stuck at the age of 16, they had grown to treat you like the baby.

Esme squeezed your hand once Edward announced that they were near. You gave her a small smile, looking up at Carlisle. “Only use your powers if it gets to bad.” he whispered. 

For a few moments, all you could see in front of you was a large pile of black and red mist. You were slightly terrified once they all evened out to be over 100s of vampires. 

The first person you saw was Aro, followed by Caius, and finally Marcus. Surrounding them was the higher ranked guards. You could slightly pick out who you were seeing. Carlisle had always sent you away when the Volturi came to visit, in fear they’d take you for your powers. So he stuck with telling you about them.

You easily noticed Alec and Jane. The twins who both held dark powers. The two most powerful vampires in the guard. Beside them was Demetri, the tracker. Carlisle had said that he had been the one to turn him. Finally there was a man, who was glaring at Renesmee.

He was tall, easily over 6′5. He had dark brown hair, supported by a strong face. Feeling your gaze, he turned to meet your eyes. His eyes widened once he felt a bond create itself. You heard him growl from his spot, his eyes glaring at Carlisle’s arm that covered your body. He stepped forward from the line, instantly getting pulled back Alec.

You attempted to do the same, but Carlisle held you back.

“Brother.” Marcus stated. “It seems Felix has found his La Tua Cantante.”

Aro gasped. “Oh my.” he said. “How interesting. Alec my boy. Let him go.” Alec hesitantly released his grip from Felix’s arm, who instantly ran across the battlefield. You pushed away from Carlisle and Esme meeting him halfway.

Felix caught you, examining you face. “I’ve waited a thousand years.” he mumbled.


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“What is that infernal thrumming?!” Felix yelled, slamming his hand down on the arm of his favourite chair and crushing it. “I can’t concentrate with that god damned thrumming going on!” 

You looked up from the thick book you were reading whilst lounging on the bed and listened carefully for a few moments. “I don’t hear anything.” You replied, quickly loosing interest and going back to your book. 

“How can you not hear it it’s constant!” Felix groaned, dropping his head into his hands. 

Feeling slightly sorry for your frustrated vampire you rolled off the bed onto your feet and walked over to stand behind his chair, laying your hands gently on his shoulders. “Darling relax. You’ve had a long day, the sound could be miles away the way you vampires hear.” 

Felix relaxed at your touch, reaching one hand up to hold yours and then lifting his and your arm above his head and guiding you round until you were in front of him, he pulled you into his lap resting his chin on your head with a sigh and wrapping his arms around you.

For a few moments, he simply hugged you normally, then he seemed to develop an unusual fascination with your stomach, getting a little wide eyed and splaying a protective hand over it with a smirk before going back to his game. 

You glared playfully at him, making him pause the game again, whizz round (still holding you in his arms) pick up your book and get situated again, until you were curled up in his lap reading and he was holding his arms around you with the controller for his console in his hands playing some fighting game or another. 

It was a relatively peaceful evening after that and you forgot all about the strange thrumming. Until exactly one week later that is. Exactly one week later when your period didn’t come for the second month in a row. Exactly one week later when the pregnancy test said positive. Exactly one week later when you realised it had been a baby’s heartbeat he heard and he’d known but not said a bloody word.