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When Your POT Doesn’t Show

How annoying, right? You drive completely out of your way for a POT date for him to completely bail. I will say though, this is a first for me but this does happen to the best of us. Here’s how to help. 

1) Try and get there first and say you need a table for one. 

When you do this, they’ll only set up a table for one, not two. Meaning, you won’t sit through your own lunch or dinner by yourself. No one would ever guess. :) If he does come, getting another table setting is no big deal. 

2) Don’t be discouraged. 

This happens to us all the time. Think positive. Today was such a beautiful day in Arizona that I actually truly enjoyed sitting outside eating my bowl of strawberries. 

3)Try and find a last minute replacement whether it be an SD or just a friend. 

I actually tried calling one of my other ones, or even a friend who lived by to come and join me las minute. “Hey, I’m actually at _______ and was thinking of you, you’re more than welcome to come join.”  

4) Make the day about you. 

After him not showing up, I browsed the mall, got a real lunch and took time for myself. I was even happier knowing I could get to go home and do extra homework I needed to make up before the break ended. 

5) Don’t put your eggs in one basket. 

When I first started SA I only wanted one guy, but then shit like this would happen and I would freak out because I needed cash. Today, wasn’t the story because I’m like eh, I have three others. (AND FELINE FELIX IS TOMORROW! :D)

6) If he contacts you…  

Finds out his friend was in a legitimate motorcycle accident. Picture included of his friend and Reverse Google Image site verified. He said he was extremely sorry and that he would make it up to me. USUALLY I wouldn’t give this guy a second blink but we have conversed, he’s very kind and respectable. He also bought me lingerie off of Yandy.com prior to meeting me. 

However, be warned if you do give a guy a second chance he may end up doing the same thing again. I’ve totally been there. If you want, tell him be better wire some money to your pay pal to make sure he’s actually going to come if you do give him a second chance. 

Hope this helps
- (sbmisstaylor)


Unwilling Bride Pt1

Unwilling Bride Pt2

Unwilling Bride Pt3

Unwilling Bride Pt4

Unwilling Bride Pt5

Unwilling Bride Pt6

Unwilling Bride Pt7

Unwilling Bride Pt8

Unwilling Bride Pt9

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Unwilling Bride Pt11

You woke up to an empty tree house meaning that Peter was probably traveling between worlds like he usually did.

You got up and headed out, deciding today would be chill day, so no training.

‘Boys! Front and center!’ you yelled as you entered the main camp.

‘Yes Mother!’ they all greeted as they lined up.

‘No training, consider it a reward for how well you guys have been doing lately. I know I’m not the easiest trainer to deal with.’ you announced.

The boys all cheered and you couldn’t help but smile at their excitement.

You sat on a log and watched as they all chattered about what games they would play today.

Sparring, Wrestling, Foot Race, Knife Throwing…they couldn’t decide.

‘What game do you want to play mom’

You looked around for who he was talking to, before dumbly realizing he couldn’t be talking to anyone but you.

‘Uh…’ you froze.

‘Let’s play a game called Make Mother Laugh. Rules are you can’t touch her, whoever makes her laugh the hardest wins. Winner gets a pass on all duties tomorrow.’ Felix said.

The boys all seemed excited and immediately agreed to the game.

‘Me first, me first!’ one of the youngest boys said excitedly.

He stepped up and did this adorable little dance, which sure isn’t that funny, but the determination in his face made you giggle.

Boy after boy they all tried to make you laugh, doing dances, making faces, telling jokes. And while some were funnier than the others the most you had done was a hearty chuckle.

Felix came to the circle and stood in the center confidently.

‘Once, I was following Peter while he was flying…and he crashed into a tree and got stuck.’

You burst out laughing, the thought of the Powerful Pan dangling in a tree had you clutching your stomach.

‘I-I ah ha ha ha! Oh god, my stomach hurts.’ you laughed.

While you try to gather yourself the Lost Boys realize what makes you laugh.

‘He sings when he bathes, sounds like dying toad.’ another said.

‘I caught him picking his nose, three times!’

‘I caught him struggle to tie his trousers because they were too tight for him.’

‘He is also going to turn all of you into goats.’

Everyone turned and saw Pan standing behind them, red in the face from either embarrassment or anger.

The camp fell silent, that is until your eyes landed on Peter and you burst out laughing all over again.

You stumble up from your seat and caught your breath as you walk over to your husband.

‘You win.’ you said before your laughs continued.


                                                                                                 (— Art  Credit


hey you know what was a cool idea

[this] was a cool idea.  tattoos appearing spontaneously on the body as life goes on and events impact you?? heck yeah

I actually drew Locus first but i got distracted and I finished Felix first so… uh yeah.  i am weak.

i kind of feel in an au like this, Felix is ironically a little more blank than expected because very few people in his life impact him significantly?? and once he’s done with people those marks quickly fade because he honestly doesn’t care too much about them.  idk i may be interpreting this au wrong, plz feel free to correct me.

anywho, so like we have the unsc logo for military service, scarred out but stubbornly remaining still bc he left the service buut the war and everything was probably a terribly lasting thing influencing his life thereafter.  we got the green star for locus, the butterflies for kimball (bc she’s still alive), and i took some liberties with some ambiguous red-black mark for his job for charon, the name his mother gave him in faded gold on the back of his neck, and the ugly crack on his left that he hates bc like it or not i guess the captains made their mark on him.

im not creative enough for tattoo design and stuff, so i’m gonna ambiguously say he probs has more of his life story told in tattoos on the unseen side of him.  imagine things, go wild. tell me what else you’d think he would have - and what others would have on them?

also wanted to try a different drawing/colouring/arting style different from how i usually drew things?  no heavy lineart this time and everything in grey. eyy

inevitable downward spiral into some sort of series of drawings?


also: warning, potential freelancers inbound, but like, weeks later bc i am slow and easily distracted.


Yesh, I and my family will be going to a place, namely Baile Felix, starting by tomorrow. It’s a thermal spa resort, actually, but to me I sometimes call it as aquapark. Not as qualified as others outta our country but quite reasonable, super relaxing and satisfying, at least for us!

It’ll take a week, which after that we’ll be staying at granny’s place for another week (more ”terror” for me XD bleh…)

So… Considering that, my artistic activity is going to be a lot strained. Which means no new Timetale pages till in August. However, instead, I’ll be still around if you need to contact me, or answer asks. 

Have a PUNderful weekend~  ^___^

Merman!Sean x Vampire!Felix

+ Felix killing a fisherman and seeing Sean stuck in the fishermen’s net.
+ He can’t help but tease him just a little bit.
+ “Awe little fishy stuck”
+ Felix lets him out back and Sean jumps back into the water
+ “Thanks sparkles”
+ “I don’t fucking sparkle”
+ Felix leaves not thinking about the merman until he’s out by the docs again enjoying the moonlight hoping some stupid teens will go out for late night swimming that he can get.
+ Sean sees him and says hi to him
+ Sheepishly Sean asks for help with something and Felix tries to refuse but Sean shows him the plastic pop can ring stuck on his fin.
+ Felix helps him out and they talk for a bit.
+ “See you later Sparkles”
+ “I don’t fucking Sparkle”
+ Felix ends up going back to the doc and not seeing Sean for a bit, he’s worried some fisherman caught him or something bad happened until Sean shows up again.
+ “In trouble again goldfish?”
+ Sean pouts and says he just wants to talk to someone who won’t talk about how strong the current is.
+ Felix and Sean talk till Felix knows the sun’s going to come up soon
+ Sean makes him agree to meet him there again tomorrow.
+ Felix ends up doing research on Sean that day.
+ The next night he keeps his promise after feeding
+ “Is it true your kiss can make people live under water with you?”
+ “Why you wanna kiss?”
+ “I can already breath under water I don’t need your kiss to do that”
+ Sean pulls him under with a small giggle.
+ Felix pops out when he can’t see a thing and Sean moves close popping out of the water too.
+ “I can breath but I can’t see”
+ Sean kissed Felix
+ “Maybe that will help”
+ Felix his a bit flustered and gets out of the water running away from what just happened.
+ He goes back the next night after pacing in his room for about half the night.
+ Felix hopes that Sean will come
+ Sean does and apologizes but Felix does the same.
+ “I didn’t actually mind the kiss”
+ “Shut up Sparkles”
+ Felix and Sean end up going this for awhile, they start dating after awhile.
+ Felix says the four letter words first
+ “I love you goldfish”
+ “I-I love you too Sparkles”
+ “…I don’t fucking sparkle”


Diary Pt1

Diary Pt2

Diary Pt3

Diary Pt4

Another night full of world rocking dreams starring Peter and Felix.

You freshened up and exited your tree house, doing your usual quick scan of the camp to see where Peter and Felix were before you decided where you were gonna sit for breakfast.

They were sitting together on their usual log, and you decided that you’d take the tree stump that was a few feet away, not too far or too close and with a group of other boys you could use as cover. 

Now as an expert in the art of watching from afar you were able to keep up with the conversations you were having with the lost boys and watch Peter and Felix out the corner of your eyes.

At first it seemed usual, talking about the training plans and the games they’d play today. But you noticed that they were sitting much closer than usual, leaning in to whisper, despite having nothing to hide and no one close enough to hear them even if they did.

You brushed it off as just them being weird, and continued with your day. You trained and played like usual, but still you noticed the subtle closeness shared between Felix and Peter.

The whispered conversations and the subtle touches.

What if they had…?

No way, they aren’t. Are they, after all, sex is sex when it comes down to it. And they recently had began to show they were interested in the activity, and they both would like to do it with you as their partner.

But you had left both of them with no response for too long, so maybe they decided to pair up instead.

The second you finished that thought you were red in the face and rubbing your thighs together.

That moment of unawareness resulted in you getting hit by a leather hacky sack some boys had been tossing around.

‘Ow!’ you groaned.

‘You OK (Y/N)?’ Peter said appearing out of nowhere, like he often did.

‘Yeah, they clocked you pretty good.’ Felix said as he walked over, like a normal person.

‘I-I’m good.’ you said shocked by the sudden double attack.

‘Maybe you should head up to your tree house, just in case.’ Felix suggested.

‘Maybe we will follow you up.’ Peter smirked as Felix put his arm around him.

‘We?’ you asked dumbly.

‘Yeah, we.’ Peter said as he leaned into Felix’s body.

‘Um… you know what that uh thing hit me harder than I thought, I should probably go lay down. So bye.’ you stuttered before high tailing to your tree house.

‘You know this is crazy right?’ Felix said once you was gone.

‘It worked.’ Peter smiled.

‘Same thing tomorrow?’ Felix asked.

‘I never do the same thing twice, I make it more interesting.’ he grinned.

Nether seemed to notice that they were still holding each other, and if they did notice they didn’t mind

oh boy



he must have developed this habit after years of dealing with Felix.  Can you imagine, years listening to and being on the wrong side of Felix’s rapid-fire snark and wit in all sorts of circumstances, you’d need to develop quicktime sass response as a skill to stay sane

i’m so glad Locus responds like this.  In combat situations he’s all ‘would you be quiet now’ but in these situations he just fires right back and throws shade all over the place

i love it

Often P.2

Pairing: Peter Pan x reader

Fandom: Once Upon a Time

Warnings: none

Rating: cute

Pan’s POV

Since Y/N and I had our little moment, we’ve been repeating it often. At first I just used her to please myself, and I think she got used to it, but as soon as the days passed, I realised that I felt something for Y/N, something that was normal as she is a really attractive girl, but I never thought that I would fall in love, me, Peter Pan.

I needed to tell Y/N, but how could I tell her that at first I used her, but I developed feelings for her?

 It was early in the morning, and I woke up the first in the camp, and went to wake up all the lost boys that were still sleeping, but I didn’t see Y/N. 

time skips

It was already midnight, and no sign of Y/N. All of my boys were looking for her. I was more than worried for her, though she could perfectly take care of herself, she would never go for this long without telling anyone.

“Pan, she is nowhere to be seen, we should continue tomorrow.” Felix said

“NO! We need to find her! You don’t understand Felix… She means the world to me” I said raising my voice

“It sure doesn’t look like. Some days ago Y/N came to me and told me she was tired of all this, of you using her, that she thought that at first you loved her, but that she was too stupid to even think about that. Oh god…”

“What?! Don’t you think she can have…” I said covering my mouth with my hand, but Felix just nodded. 

I quickly ran, not knowing where she could be, when suddenly a bulb turned on inside me, and I remembered that when she first came here, she used to hide in the top of my thinking tree, so I inmediatly flew there.

As soon as I got there, I climbed to the top, and there she was sitting over a branch, looking nowhere.

“Hey Y/N, are you okey?” but nothing, she didn’t even look at me. “Y/N…” and I tried getting closer, but I couldn’t as she pulled a sword from her side.

“What do you want Pan?” she said, tears filling her eyes.

“Love… I want you to come back…” I answered trying to take the sword out of my way, but all she did was press the blade to my neck.

“To come back! And then what! Continue using me as your fucking toy! I’m not going back to that, I prefer killing myself than act as everything is okey between you and me! I was this stupid, that I even thought that you loved me back, but how is Peter Pan going to love someone!”

“Please love, put the sword down, let’s talk, please love…”

“Don’t you dare calling me that again!”

As I could see where this conversation was going to end, I clasped my fingers and we were in my tree house once again, and Y/N’s sword had disappeared.

“Let me go please…” and she started crying and sobbing falling to the cold floor

“Shh… It’s okey… I’m such a jerk Y/N, and I’m so sorry for everything. Now I’ll let you alone, so you can calm down and recompose yourself.” I said approaching the door

“Peter? Did you ever love me?” she questioned looking down

“Hey, look at me” I said going again by her side and lifting her chin up so that I was looking at those y/e/c eyes of hers “I do love you, I was just blind and stupid to see how beautiful and smart you are, sorry.”

Maybe I was just an illusion of mine, but for a second Y/N’s lips seemed to curve into a small smile, and then I left, and when I was at the door I made a wish.

“I wish that you can forgive me Y/N, my princess.”

Weekly themed Jelix

Eyyy I finaly got to write something for this weeks theme, which was “rain/ Rainy mood” :D

This short story plays in my “Who we are” universe, ergo both of them are still in their teenage years and such.  It’s abit angsty but fluffy too :3

I’ll keep it short, enjoy~


The sound of raindrops bursting on the ground was almost deafening, smothering any sound that might would pierce through the darkness. It was late, a bit after midnight, the streets were quiet and deserted. The streetlights were blurry in the heavy downpour, and it didn’t took five minutes until his clothes were completely soaked, down to his skin. Water was running down his face, dripping from the streaks of blonde hair as the boy walked his way, hands in his pockets and hood pulled over his head. Not that it would do anything to shield him from the rain. It was cold, he was trembling slightly, but didn’t care. It was soothing in a way. How the only sound in the world was flowing water, washing over him like a river. He wasn’t even sure where he was going, just mindlessly walking in an aimless direction. More or less at least, he already knew where his feet would carry him, and didn’t make an effort to change it. There was only one safe haven for him, so he would go there.

Jack meanwhile was sitting with a cup of coffee on the couch, listening to the rain in the background while working last-minute on a paper he was supposed to submit in two days, and didn’t even start until a few hours ago. He was always procrastinating, and cursing over it afterwards. A loud knock on the door let him look up, confused. Who would visit him after midnight? Irritated he got up, marching to the front door, unlocking and opening it. Felix was standing there, dripping wet and shivering in the cold. “Oh my god are you okay? Are those bruises?” the Punk sounded worried, and even a bit shocked, quickly pulling him inside to close the door again. “No, I’m not”, Felix responded, sounding dull, tired, “not at all.” For a second there was silence, hesitation, until the Blonde gave up the resistance and broke into tears.

Jack was quick to catch him, carefully guiding both of them on the floor where he pulled Felix in a tight hug. The Swede had his face buried in his chest, hands clutched at his shirt as if he feared he would get taken away any second. The Punk stayed quiet, not really knowing comforting words, and just started stroking his boyfriends back and hair, letting him cry. “It’s okay. I’m here. I’m here”, he mumbled, adding soothing words and holding him close.

By the time Felix calmed down again, eyes and cheeks flushed red, Jacks clothes absorbed from the rain too, leaving wet patches on the fabric. “Sorry”, Felix whispered, voice sounding sore. “It’s okay, don’t worry. C’mon, let’s get you some dry clothes before you catch a cold.” The Punk helped him on his feet again, motioning him to take a hot shower first. Felix didn’t protest, but stayed quiet.

Later on, now in fresh, warm clothes borrowed from Jack he was sitting on the counter next to the sink in the bathroom, letting Jack take a look at the bruises and smaller cuts scattered across his face and chest. “You gonna tell me who did that?”, he asked, after he was done cleaning the scratches and cooling the dark bruises with a cream for it. He could imagine pretty well who was guilty of it, but still, wanted an answer from Felix himself. “Can we talk tomorrow please?” Felix gave him a pleading look, and Jack nodded. “Okay, if you want.”

Felix was glad he didn’t dug deeper and just accepted his wish. As if he could sense how exhausted the Swede was, Jack pulled him into bed after turning the lights off. Draping the blanket over them Felix thankfully cuddled into his opened arms, facing his chest as he was pulled in another comforting hug. Face buried in the crock of Jacks neck he soon started to relax, focusing on the sound og his heartbeat and rain hitting the window. “Try to sleep, okay? I’m right here, I’ll keep you safe”, the Punk murmured softly, stroking his hair. “Thank you. I love you”, Felix responded, a light smile hushing over his lips as Jack kissed the top of his head. “I love you too.”

The rain kept washing away sound and sight, but Felix didn’t mind. He was here in Jacks arms, and felt right at home.