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5x09 review-One Fettered Slave

I can’t believe we’ve come to this point.

One episode before the final epilogue and it feels so surreal-i can’t even begin to imagine  how it must’ve been for the people that have sticked to this show for 4 years.

Ep 9 was what i imagined it to be: quick paced, action packed and extremely emotional.

I was scared about the analogy between the Helena moments and the general mythology arc cause they had to show a lot of things- especially after Siobhan’s death- but they balanced it well.

let’s analyze the different thematics:

  • The Funeral

Siobhan’s funeral  started with Sarah speaking . In an episode that is focused on another character i think the writers did a good choice not showing Sarah’s vulnerability.

She’s suddenly the pillar of the family and eveyone is expecting directions from her. She has to be the strong one there’s no other way. Her grief and feelings are not her priority right now  so she won’t break down. Not in front of Kira, not in front of everyone.

Sarah’s grown so much.This moment says it all

what am i supposed to do?

she can’t afford losing her child as well. She’s the reason she’s keeping it together after all. So she stays with her and comforts her. Something Ms S had done all those years when Sarah was absent.

I also adored the symbolism of her wearing her mother’s jacket.

Sarah taking responsibility, lifting the weights of this family

also congrats for letting Tatiana without make up in her  portrayal of Sarah (or rather the “no make up” makeup ya know) cause it made her emotional chaos more humane… her eyes said it all..

also about her breaking down- i believe we’re gonna see her grieve the way she’s supposed to after everything is finally over. Last episode is Sarah centric so it totally fits to have her moment in the epilogue.

What i didn’t like from the funeral scene was the singing at the beginning, which i found anticlimactic..it would be much better if we could just hear Sara and Felix speaking with no other sound in the background..

Also the fact that 4 days after S’s death they could walk and talk in a house that is a murder scene was totally unrealistic..Police had to be all over the place investigating and all…

Unless Art handled the situation in a way..but still a plot hole is a plot hole

  • Team working together

Cosima,Felix, Art, Hellwizard, Scott, Rachel ok what a pleasant suprise to see everyone working together. I loved the fact that supporting actors got the chance to actually help the ledas and be useful. Each one helped in their own field.

Cosima helped with the Dyad information and Scotty-Hell with the security system (even if it was kinda weak to hack the security system with such convienience-i’m bypassing that lol)

Even Rachel helped!! Rachel!!! My only complaint was Alison’s minimum participation in this but i get that given the circumstances her involvement  would be extremely difficult

Should i talk about Art??

Cause everything



and all this time i ‘ve been crazy rambling about how his chances of surving are veeeery  low…. ep 9 built his exodus cause the final episode will be Leda/Sarah Centric…so be prepared guys…

i get Ebro’s schedule..i trully do..and i was fine with Sardinia..i was fine with Geneva as well cause there was a reason behind it plotwise but we’ve come to the point where there isn’t even an explanation about this…

they didn’t clarify the reason she left… cause it doesn’t make sense when Siobhan’s funeral was 4 days after the gallery party…there wasn’t a reason good enough to justify her absence that’s why the writers didn’t give one…they prefered to let the fans decide which reason was good enough…let’s be real though that was sloppy..and as much as i love orphan black i’m gonna point out  it’s weakening points as well.

  • Coady+ Mark

So Mark died absolutely clueless…his death matched Ira’s death, both manipulated by their creators, hoping for a cure that never existed in the first place.Too bad that there wasn’t any building up to bring tension and to make us care about those characters… so this scene felt kinda flat at least for me…i believe the reason behind this was cause ob writers didn’t want to make Coady a grey character…. well i for once celebrated her death after this scene

wait it is confirmed that Coady is dead right? I mean Helena beat the shit out of her so it would be  impossible to zombie out ?? or should i be worried??

  • PT + Rachel!Sarah

oh god PT without his wig is like a bulb with ears lmao

anyway so i loved these 2 together…this is the first time Sarah meets John am i right?

also congrats to the props team and the level of detail they use in each scene…i liked that Sarah didn’t wear the same patch Rachel wears…

a++ to the dialogue about PT perving out on Rachel because in that way Sarah put herself on Rachel’s shoes and actually saw for the first time how they were monitoring her sister and what actually means complete lack of privacy…

also both Susan and PT seem to have a perplexed image as to what a father/mother figure looks like

you don’t fuck your ‘son’/ or watch you ‘daughter’ masturbate and then call them “son/daughter” lol

but it gave me pleasure that Rachel never actually called PT “father” and that’s how Sarah got exposed..

the moment she cut him with the knife i was like “yaaaas finish him lol”




don’t get me wrong the kid was very good/ super talented and all

but how could they do this???

i mean it was SO.FUCKING.OBVIOUS that this isn’t the face of a leda clone you couldn’t concentrate on anything else!

at least i couldn’t! Especially when 2 episodes before they used canonically Cynthia!

i mean


it defies logic?? there’s no excuse??

they could have dubbed the ukranian parts i don’t care if little Cynthia couldn’t play that good that was so wrong in so many levels… it had the “Spongebob takes a bath in the sea” logic lol

and it was really such a shame cause the flashbacks were so amazing..

first of all i loved the whole “pleasures of the flesh are unacceptable in a religious environment” thematic cause it adresses real social issues like the austerity and fake puritanism of social institutions.

the reason behind Helena’s bleached hair was a nice touch even though little Helena should also have some  burn marks after this…we got to know why she has those pink shades under her eyes as well so that was good..

as far as to why her hair is still blonde after all this time…well i choose to patch this plot hole by believing that Helena did this to herself again and again..she bleached/dyed them as a sign of punishment, self harm  and guilt cause that was the way she was raised- a mouthpiece and killing machine of others..

the art department did a brilliant job with the dollhouse and the correlation between Helena’s fixation with dolls back in her Rachel assassination attempt

Tomas took her and hide her the fact  that she’s a copy..she grew up in the illusion that she was special..that she was the original..in fact Rachel and Helena fantasized about the same thing and it is so fascinating to see how they are 2 different sides of the same coin…

  • Most Heartbreaking moment

Oh god this moment…

what kind of mother could you possibly make?

jesus Tatiana each time you give more and more, i haven’t seen an actor as committed and devoted as you are, you deserve all the praise girl woah

Coady found Helena’s weakness and it is not how she smells, looks or talks…it’s about her capacity of giving a future more bright and beautiful to her children than the one her younger self  had to endure…

and at the end of the day she’s willing to take the bait..  it’s either freedom or death…exactly like Rachel..there’s no middle ground..she won’t leave her children become experiments so that’s why i find super important that we finally get a Rachel Helena scene…there’s a high probability Rachel won’t make it in the finale so at least lets have a last glorious scene with the 3 of them as they try to escape…or so i hope…



all this crazy rambling about this being a Sarah-Helena season finally came true! Everything came full circle and this moment was SO important like you guys don’t understand…

Sarah finally made up for Helena..she gave her her blood to keep her alive…she put each and everyone of her friends and family searching for her, she made her a priority- drowning her grief -cause she couldn’t lose another one..especially Helena.

And now she will help her give birth..she will be there for her, protect her, give her life even..even tho after the obspoilers fiasco my theory now is that Art is gonna save Sarah…because it is super symbolic .. it would be his second chance and his redemption after losing Beth.. now he’s gonna do it right. Idk it is so foreshadowing… i wonder what Rachel’s role is gonna be..i sure hope she’s the one that’s gonna kill PT but who knows at this point.

Ep 9 set the mood for a very powerful ob series finale..Helena’s inner world was raw and pure and it’s going to  parallel  Sarah’s  final  gut-wrenching episode.The twins are going to set the epilogue and i trully hope their journey will be as magical and  satisfying as this show was  for all of us.

A little drinking game

Takes place after Helena’s baby shower.  This assumes that the conversation in “Talk to Me” happened, but you don’t need to read that story to understand this one.  Also posted here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11829417 

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anonymous asked:

could you write some Cophine smut? make it detailed?

Characters: Delphine//Cosima
Plot: Cosima tries to get Delphine to watch her favourite movie series but Delphine has other plans.

Delphine stroked Cosima’s hair, intrigued by how something she once saw as matted and undesirable was now beautifully intriguing.
“Dude, stop” Cosima giggled, her voice rough and raspy from her illness that encompassed her body.

Delphine rested her chin on Cosima’s shoulder, planting a kiss on her cheek along with a few trailing down her neck.
Cosima groaned as her head fell lightly against the back of the couch, her plan to convert Delphine into a Star Wars fan had already started to fail as Delphine was already interested in something else.

Cosima kept her eyes on the TV, she would not cave in to Delphine this time. She was going to get her way, all she had to do was…not think about Delphine and herself naked, legs entangled, a loud orgasm ripping through Delphine’s body beneath hers. She felt herself dampen as she quickly crossed her legs fixing her dress to brush away the thoughts, she was winning. Cosima focused on the movie determined to get through without interruption from Delphine.

Delphine rested her body against Cosima’s dragging her hand seductively against her body slowly. She rested her hand on Cosima’s knee and dipped her head lower on Cosima’s neck, she then dragged her hand back up Cosima’s thigh, hearing Cosima’s deep breath she looked up to check wether she was ill only to see Cos’ head back against the couch. Even the slightest touch Delphine had made on Cosima, made her weak, Delphine was her weakness.

Delphine smiled innocently then continued dragging her hand towards Cosima’s hip where her hand gently caressed the sensitive heated skin and tugged at the elastic of her lingerie. Delphine kissed her neck again slowly raising her lips back to Cosima’s cheek speeding up ever so slightly as their lips met; slow at first but soon enough the were engaged in a fierce battle for dominance.

Delphine sitting on Cosima’s lap started to roll her hips as she passionately kissed Cosima, she caressed her face in her hands, one left cradling her face, the other working down her body.
Cosima’s plan had failed as she kissed back with as much passion as Delphine had. The friction Delphine had caused between her legs had started to cause the clothing between them to be irritating. Cosima gripped the hem of Delphine’s shirt, raising the fabric their lips ceased as Delphine raised her arms. Next were the pants, a difficult item to remove from their positions.

Once they were both in their lingerie Delphine smiled as her movements came to a halt.
“But what about the movie?” Cosima looked up at Delphine with lust filled eyes.
“Fuck the movie.”
She moved her head towards Delphine’s as she swiped her tongue against her lip asking for entry, Delphine willingly accepted as their tongues danced to a symphony of their crazy love for each other.

Cosima felt Delphine lower her hand beneath the waistband of her underwear lowering her finger to circle her clit.
Cosima whimpered into the kiss as she slightly raised her hips, Delphine placed her unoccupied hand on her to lower her hips, her cold hand leaving invisible prints on Cos’ sensitive fiery skin.

Delphine circled her finger, the sensation forming a knot in Cosima’s stomach. She removed her hand as Cosima mewled at the loss of contact, Delphine once again rolled her hips causing friction between both of their legs, she let her head drop back as an easy smile set on her face before standing to remove her and Cosima’s lingerie.
They were both naked, a silence settled before them as Cosima looked Delphine up and down her smile contagious.
“All I wanted was to make crazy science with you.”
Delphine smirked before she slowly sat down as she started rolling her hips against Cosima’s for the last time, she slowly massaged Cos’s clit before sliding one of her fingers in slowly, Cosima gasped as her breathing became ragged.

Delphine continued to slide her finger in and out taking pleasure in the effect her movements were having on Cosima.
She then slipped in a second finger, and then a third followed as her actions became more rigorous as Delphine started whispering a string of indecipherable words spoke in French, Cosima only catching the word “fuck” a few times, when spoken by Delphine in French, “Merde” had an embarrassing effect on her that made her hot for Delphine.

Delphine was in complete awe of Cosima coming apart at her handiwork that she almost didn’t realise the tightening around her hand. She continued to vigorously pump in and out of Cosima. Cosima grasped onto Delphine’s hips as she bit her lip to silence her arousal.
“I’m about to-”
“Shhhhh love,” Delphine silences Cosima as she waits for the build up of her orgasm, her moans becoming more frequent. She wanted to see and hear it tear her apart before her eyes, this was all her. She fastened her pace, her arm getting tired quickly as she watched Cosima intently her face began to contort in pleasure as she felt a tightening around her hands. Cosima raised her hips and moved with Delphine’s hand, a loud moan erupted from her mouth forming a perfectly shaped ‘o’.

Delphine smiled and slowed down removing her hand and lying her body across Delphine’s. Her vision briefly hit the TV before she said,
“Would you like to watch the movie again?” Delphine smiled at herself, she was definitely ready for round 2. Cosima smiled back before she replied,
“Your turn to pick the movie.”


Sorry if this is horrible but I tried.
Not too good at writing smut.

- I


The only thing I don’t like about Orphan Black is that it has just 10 episodes per season.

Helena, Cosima, Kira, Felix, Alison, Scott, Delphine, Rachel, Art, Donnie and Sarah better survive.

Yes that is everyone. Yes they all BETTER survive. Except PT and his followers. Y'all can choke